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As is the purpose of this thread, I’d like someone to rate my team. All the Pokémon are either level ninety or one, two, or three levels under that.


Typhlosion: Moves


Wild Charge


Rock Climb (Placeholder as I don’t know a good move.)

Ability: Blaze


Alolan Raichu: Moves



Thunder Wave

Strength (Needed someone to have it.)

Ability: Surge Surfer


Greninja: Moves



Dive/Waterfall (I exchange them a lot since I have no other Pokémon that can learn them.)

Dark Pulse

Ability: Protean


Chesnaught: Moves


Hammer Arm

Wood Hammer

Poison Jab

Ability: Overgrow


Naganadel: Moves

Dragon Pulse

Poison Jab

Fly (Only team member who can learn it.)


Ability: Beast Boost


Cofagrigus: Moves

Destiny Bond

Rain Dance (For Greninja.)

Shadow Ball


Ability: Mummy


Nidoking: Moves

Rock Climb (He’s normally the one who has this, not Typhlosion)

Sludge Wave

Dragon Pulse

Earth Power

Ability: Poison Point


Simisage: Moves

Rock Smash

Iron Tail


Seed Bomb

Ability: Overgrow


Malamar: Moves

Psycho Cut

Foul Play

Super Power

Light Screen

Ability: Contrary


Donphan: Moves

Rock Smash (Any replacement ideas?)

Iron Tail



Ability: Sturdy


I’m not good with natures, so I opted not to include them and instead ask for what to change them to.


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Typhlosion is a special attacker, so Wild Charge won't be very strong on it. Its biggest strength is hitting hard and fast with Eruption so you'll also want to avoid Wild Charge's recoil.

Nature Power is actually a very good move in Reborn that gets a lo tof use out of. Most of the attacks you get on the various Fields are special-based so Typhlosion can make great use of those. Otherwise Typhlosion's usual coverage moves are Solar Beam and Focus Blast, the latter of which I don't off-handedly remember if it's even available. Burn Up might be an interesting option for typeless shenanigans.


Nidoking works best with a Special Sheer Force-Life Orb build. Its best moves for that are all special-based too; Earth Power and Sludge Wave are its best STAB moves, while for coverage it has quite a wide selection of TMs including Flamethrower and Thunderbolt.


Naganadel is another Special attacker; in particular you'll want to make sure that Special Attack is its highest stat so that Beast Boost furthrer increases its offense whenever it defeats an enemy. Replace Poison Jab with Sludge Wave to make use of that.


For Nature you'll generally want something that boosts your Pokémons' most important stats; in Reborn these don't neccessarily align with what you'd see in competitive play due to the Field effects and generally uneven playing field so you have to whey your options a bit. As long as you don't have a Nature that actively hinders your Pokémon in its role you should be fine though.

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