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I really do enjoy the game. The story is interesting and I'm liking how many things look so far. The battles are fun and engaging, and the dark storyline has me intrigued.


With that being said, I'm doing my best here. I'm researching and trying everything I can, but I can't seem to beat Shelly. I'm about as high as I am comfortable training, and no matter what I do she just keeps wrecking me. I'm tired of having to grind up other pokemon I wasn't planning on using, just to see if they'll maybe give me the edge I need, because nothing gives me enough edge. This is the third badge (fourth gym technically) and not even anywhere near halfway through the game for gods' sakes. How am I supposed to see the rest of the game? I feel stuck.


I've looked over forum threads on how to beat her, for ideas, videos for tips and such, and the only answer I keep coming to is to just get lucky. I feel like I'm being punished for wanting to enjoy a new game. I went into this expecting difficult, but not "I'm at 58 hours and can't get the third official badge no matter what i try" difficult. There's way more than the standard eight in this game, that much I know, but I feel like I'll never be able to see the rest of it no matter what I try. The Anorith outspeeds everything on my team because of Rain Dance, which means I get hit by rocks before I can do anything. And if I'm particularly unlucky, then I will flinch even if I live.


I feel like I'm only going to get flamed for this, or told to "git gud" or what have you, but listen. I've already restarted once because I needed to try having a different starter. That's obviously not the issue here. Like, I could go to cap if I wanted but I doubt that would make that much of a difference at this point.


For the hell of it, I will post my current team, which I have tried to structure to beat Shelly (the keyword is tried):

Delphox (LV34)

Mystical Fire
Flame Charge




Zebstrika (LV32)




Flame Charge



Unfezant (LV32)

-Super Luck

Air Cutter

Air Slash


Quick Attack



Emolga (LV32)




Double Team



Slugma (LV33)

-Focus Sash

Flame Burst

Rock Slide

Ancient Power

Nature Power



Persian (LV34)


Fake Out


Pay Day

Feint Attack


I'm going to give it another go, instead opting to maybe use the mareep for electric terrain and hopefully stacking those things will help? I just dont see how this is okay. My team looked totally different before I tried the strategy of burning the forest field, but I can't kill the araquanid before it just puts the rain back up. bye bye slugma. I should not have to restructure my team for every single gym battle. grinding is  a pain in the ass, and some lesser rpgs use it for padding. there's more than enough content in this game, so i know it's not padding. however I just am unable to access the rest of the game at the moment because of how many resources are locked behind this, to say nothing of the obedience bullshit and the level cap.



Taking in everyone's advice, I'm really thankful for the calm way everyone who replied handled my frustration. It's refreshing to be a part of a nice community. I've taken the sash off maggie, as she didnt even need it during my initial tries with that strategy. I'll add another edit once I've given it another go!



Shelly's down! Everything paid off and i didn't even need to try twice or more because of potential bad luck. She sent out the Anorith to knock off my twistedspoon instead of trying to put the rain back up. Shrugs? Oh well, I did it! The advice was the biggest thing that encouraged me to give it another go, so thanks to everyone who commented!

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i think you have trained urself a good team so you might be able to do it with them.


The most important thing for me was to not let the Illumise set up rain. Since you have a fake out Pokemon in Persian you should start with it and a Pokemon that can take the remaining HP of Illumise. This will help a lot. You should use a move like Flame Burst or Fire Pledge to destroy the field, turn it into the burning field and then be able to go through the gym with your flying and fire types.


I dont know if it helps for sure but this should deal with most of her team. You could also equip your team with Elemental Seeds because in the Burning field your Pokemon will get boosts in Sp.Atk, Atk, and Speed and applies Fire Spin to the user.


Hope it helps and dont let that discourage you!

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Game offers you enough shards (hidden and not hidden)  till that point to be able to learn at least one  of the pledge moves from an npc in a house in Lapis.    So you can teah fire pledge to delphox.  Then  use fake out with persian on the illumise,   and fire pledge it with delphox.  

The result will be no rain, and the field will become burning.  Have fun after that.  Be careful of her Araquanid because it has Rain Dance  so dont let it set it

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Along with what others have said, train any Pokémon that you are using to the level cap, it helps a lot.

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Araquanid also has a ton of Special Defense, so take care of it with physical moves. Emolga's Acrobatics is probably your best option.

If you have any Pokémon that can learn Nature Power you can use that to use Flamethrower once you've changed the Field to Burning.


Make sure to remove the Focus Sash from Slugma too; you won't get another one for a long time and there's better uses for it.


Shelly has a reputation for being one of the leaders that gives people the most troubles, so don't worry too much about how it'll go afterwards.

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Remember: since pokemon won't disobey if they level up in battle anymore, you're safe to train to the cap for any leader that increases your level cap. This turns your level 32s and 33s into 35s, which seems minor, but makes a HUGE difference in being able to 1HKO/2HKO certain things.


One thing I've learned about Shelly in my playthroughs of Reborn is to not get stuck on trying to abuse her weaknesses, especially Fire. If Rain gets up, abuse it better than she does. Or just load up on bulky 'mons which prey on the secondary types of Shelly's team - Electric types are particularly effective. Burning the field and throwing birds at her can be very effective, but if it's not working, try something different.

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Thanks to everyone for all the replies! I'm adjusting my strategy thanks to the advice, so I'll be sure to post an update! Wish me luck, the helpful comments have really inspired me, as i just sorta had to put the game down angry last night. I'm just glad Reborn has a community like this.

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