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My Pokemon Team

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 Level 100 Braixen                            Level 85 Gardevoir                          Level 82 Sylveon                Level 83 Kartana               Level 87 Silvally                      Level 100 Reshiram

Name: Serena                                  Name: Gardevoir                             Name: Sylveon                   Name: Kartana                  Name: Silvally                         Name: Reshiramu(Japanese)

Type: Fire                                          Type: Psychic- Fairy                         Type: Fairy                          Type: Grass- Steel              Type: Normal                         Type: Fire-Dragon

Ability: Blaze                                     Ability: Trace                                    Ability: Cute Charm           Ability: Beast Boost            Ability: RKS System                Ability: Turboblaze

Held Item: Firium Z                         Held Item: Gardevoirite                 Held Item: Fairium Z          Held Item: Steelium Z        Held Item: Normalium Z       Held Item: Dragonium Z











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I’m sorry, can you specify which tier this is for?


If this is just random Pokémon to play online with random people I suggest six mega Rayquazas.

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Right... what is this team for? I see you are using my trusted buddy Silvally, that's a very good thing. For any suggestions, I'm here to help you

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