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[IC] EXTRA=STELLAR [Stage 1 - Meracus]

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Richard let out a slight grunt as he jumped away from the Iron Titan, letting loose gouts of steam at the titan's eyes and knees to blind and distract him a little before he jumped up, and attempted to tear apart a piece of the roof large enough to slam the titan down on the floor below him.

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Julianne holds onto her hat and just backs the fuck away, aiming to get further down the carriages back onto the next carriage even and crash inside, using as an opportunity to loop around and hopefully change the relative positioning of herself and her foe. From where she could try luring her into the line of fire of an ally on the way back.


That's Plan A.


Plan B? That consists of a few wires, a hat, and pretty damn good idea of how to strike. Here's how that goes: As Juliane's heading backwards, she's leaving wires behind, wires that should be near-invisible to the assassin, they'll be scattered wide so that they don't get clipped by the claws. More distance she can get, the better, gives her more time to build up steam. If or when the assassin goes for a lunge, three things will happen almost at once: Julianne will disengage the magnets on her hat if only for a moment before hurling it forwards to bait an attack or obscure her assailant's vision, her quick reels will engage slingshotting herself forwards and throwing any incoming attacks off-timing with some sidesteps and whatnot as necessary to help parry and avoid the attack, and of course she'll add her own counter to the mix, a trip or shadowless kick to the lower leg as she passes by to throw her foe off-balance, keeping her arm close to protect herself with the plated sleeves and the threat of a hard elbow strike.

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