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Blacksteam Factory E18.3 Fatal Error

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I was playing Reborn a few days ago, and had just beaten the fourth Gym leader. I was told to go to Blacksteam Factory in Peridot Ward, but as I was conmpleting the location quest, I entered a hallway, turned right to the outside edge of the wall from the south entrance of 4F, and then all functionality of the game stopped completely other than pressing D to quicksave. Is there a fix for this error?


EDIT: For those of you who, like me, are experiencing this error, the only way to bypass it until it's fixed is to add Airondaal's Additional Options mod, enable the Walk Through Walls setting and set it to CTRL, then walk through the black parts of the 4F intersection. DO NOT FIGHT THE KNIGHT IN FRONT OF THE ENTRANCE TO THE FLOOR. OTHERWISE, THE ERROR WILL REPRODUCE.

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