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Blue Kitteh

Help with Valor Summit fight

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I can't seem to beat this battle which appears to be different (and harder) from V10 ; ; It's versus Geara and Zetta with Melia as your ally. The Volcanic field is really awful to fight on. 


I don't remember who has what but the opponents' Pokemon are 


Starters: Krookodile (Assault Vest) and Minior (Sitrus Berry) 

into Gyarados and Silvally

then Marowak-A and Typhlosion

I can't remember exactly from here but there are also 

Jellicent, Dragonite, Clefable and that's about as far as I've gotten.


My team:

Lanturn w/ Zap Plate - Volt Absorb - Surf/Heal Bell/Parabolic Charge/Cosmic Power

Delphox - Magician - Psyshock/Magma Drift/Will-o-Wisp/Grass Knot

Crobat w/ Poison Barb - Infiltrator - Leech Life/Wing Attack/Brave Bird/Cross Poison

Pangoro - Scrappy - Brick Break/Parting Shot/Bullet Punch/Crunch

Lycanroc-Day - Sand Rush - Rock Slide/Rock Climb/Accelerock/Crunch

Vivillon - CompoundEyes - Quiver Dance/Bug Buzz/Hurricane/Draining Kiss


In rotation:

Magneton - Analytic - Charge Beam/Tri Attack/Discharge/Flash Cannon

Luxray - Intimidate - Crunch/Flash/Spark/Ice Fang

Quagsire - Unaware - Rock Smash/Surf/Earthquake/Yawn

Raichu-A - Surge Surfer - Charge Beam/Psychic/Thunder Wave/Nasty Plot


I have a decent amount of other Pokemon in my box that I can probably train up as well but yeah having a lot of trouble with the battle atm. 


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Did that Battle a long time ago so don't know if I Can help, though here are some generic tips:

In double battles You should try to focus on a single opponent, so that You Can get to a 1v1 Battle. In this case, I think You should focus on the minior team, because iirc that's a Shell Smash minior, so you'll want It ko as soon as possible. I know Melia doesn't help though..

Lanturn with boosted defenses May help a lot, and delfox too once You get minior and krookodile out of the way.

You May Also teach lanturn Rain dance ti change field and get an interesting boost vs your First opponents

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