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Tempest Blaze

Team Meteor Scientist Trevenant

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EDIT: I cannot find the battles in debuglog even though I know you will promise me until your blue in the face they are there (no rudeness intended.) I also can't post the files as attachments because the file sizes are too large (one of them is almlost 8 MB). Good luck, unless you have suggestion on how to get those to you.



There is a Trevenant of one of the Meteor Scientists that has will-o-wisp and leech seed. Idk the Scientist's name but he is in both the Blacksteam factory and in Tanzan Meteor base. The issue is this:



My Zygarde used substitute beforehand. Leech Seed ofc is blocked by sub just fine, but Trevenant's will-o-wisp is NOT blocked out. I have checked multiple databases. Will-o-wisp is definitely ON the list of moves that are blocked by substitute. I tried to find the battle in debug log but couldn't find it. I know how to use the CTRL + F thing, it just didn't appear in the file. I even switched from search down to up the list and back. I also did the same process for debuglog in my RPGXP w/ pkmnessentials folder. I will post both entire files as attachments just in case I somehow missed something. Note, I may have other files on there. If it helps search, My team is, Zygarde with power construct ability, A-Marowak, Manectric, Alomomola, Charizard with Charizardite-Y, and Celesteela. Perhap power construct interferes. It does change form even behind sub, but it is only graphical. It has alrways at least been functionally unglitched. Besides it wasn't in that form on first instance within blacksteam factory.




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