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The Archetype, Final Battle and Blacksteeple Castle

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According to the story, A being appeared and created the pokemon world. That being was called in today's world of pokemon Arceus. Arceus created Vitus and Nymeria. Vitus left Arceus' side an started the dark side and then Nymeria was left on the side of good and light.


Arceus transformed into an item called the "The Archetype"


So about the final battle I think it's gonna be MC and Melia or maybe only MC fight Madame X and Neved (Double battle I think)

Also, I'm positive the battle will take place in a castle maybe Blacksteeple castle and the Archetype is somewhere deep within the castle 

and I think that Arceus will appear on that specific spot the castle because according to the story the pokemon war took place inside a castle so I think that the castle where the war took place is Blacksteeple castle which also the place where the Archetype(Arceus) is resting.


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