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(E11 Spoiler) Labyrinth Quest

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So going through the Labyrinth I have only found 1 of the Crests, being the Seviper one. My questions are, how many crests are there? and how do I get the other one(s)? I got all the other pokeball items from the labyrinth, saw the red laser wall but don't know what to do with it, and saw the inscription on one of the walls of "prove your strength to the king". Any help would be great!

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Don't know how many of them are there but probably a lot because the girl in front of the ladder said that *it's endless* but that it also has an end. From what I experienced on each floor there's a lot of things like door, big stone blocks with inscriptions on them, and a crest is in one of them. so you gotta find the correct one. The *prove your strength* is like a requirement for the laser red door to open, once you find the first stone wall that says, like in this one *prove your strength* so you probably gonna need strength or something i think. Each floor probably has different requirement, then the laser doors opens and you can enter the next floor by a ladder. You have limited steps so you gonna memorize where each thing is.


Oh, I looked up a bit longer in there and it looks like there can be more than 1 crest on 1 floor. Figured 1 crest per 1 floor because i found a few rooms with no crest and only 1 with crest but on later floors that changed. 

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There's usually 3 or 2 crests per floor.

List of Crests in the Labyrinth:



'Skuntank' but its bugged and its name is also Magcargo









Some people have said they're randomized slightly, though there's debate on that.

For more help, this is a good thread for advice:


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