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The hell will come to Aevium - Nuzlocke Intense run (Lost...)

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Hello everyone,


This will be the topic for my nuzlocke Intense run(Yeah I will do this^^).

I choose this, cause I want a real challenge and want to see my limits by Pokemon.

I hope you guys will enjoy it and fever with me to win this challenge. 🙂




- I can only keep the first Pokemon of an area that I will find or are given.
- I must nickname all of my Pokemon.

- The challenge will start, when I get Pokeballs. 
- If a Pokemon is fainted in battle, it must be boxed and never used again.

- Dupes/Species Clause: If I encounter a Pokemon I've already caught, I may find another one.

- Losing Clause: The game will be over, when I lost all my Mons(Team and Pc Box).

- Shiny Clause: If I encounter a Shiny Pokemon, I can catch it and can also use it,

Impossibility Clause: I am safe from any battles that are meant to be lost(example Madame X).

-  I can catch/use Eggs/static/gift Mons


Table of content:


So let's rock this 😉 

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Part 1: The longest intro ever




If somebody is interested in the intro of the game, he can watch it 😉

Next part will I start thegame with getting my first Mon


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Part 2: A heart attacking start




For all non Video watcher:


Our starter is:


Mumble the Piplup



My first choice was Mudkip or Rowlet

But in the and I choosed Piplup, cause I wanted to use a Mon, which I never used so often.


Our fight vs Amanda:


Well her Litten was a bit to strong for Mumble and we lost the fight...

BUT the challenge didn't started in this moment, cause it started as we get the Pokeballs right after the battle. 


Our fight vs Ren:


Frogstar  His Froakie wasn't a really problem for Mumble 🙂


Our first encounter in Gearen City:


Bugsy the Paras




I hoped here for a Poison Mon(Nidoran, Stunky, ...), but I will  try it with Bugsy 🙂


At the end of the part had we already a heart attacking battle, cause a girl with a Fomantis appeared, but I had a bit of luck and my 2 Mons beated it.


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3. Venam is addicted to berries




For all non Video watcher:


Well I really must say that travelling with an Paras in the team is hard, cause this thing is slow and weak... Hope it will get stronger soon


Our encounter in Gearen Park:


Salad the Pansage



Normally I wanted a Pansage, cause Salad is not a really help for the upcoming fights 😕


Next we met an inresting new Person, Veronica Venam a girl who likes Poison and a lots of Berries ^^

She will also be the first gym leader, but more of this the next time...


On more exploring the city, we found Ren and Venam again. Ren told us, that the train to Route 1 is closed,

so we must go to the sewers and turn on the power for that.


Encounter for the Sewers:


Cid the Alolan Rattata



Well, there are better options as this... it seems that I don't have so much luck with my encounters at the moment ._.


We explored with Ren a bit the Sewers and stopped in the middle of it till the next part.


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Part 4. Garbage & no money




For all non Video watcher:


I trained offscreen my team a little bit.

And after one fight happened this:




Hope my team will get now stronger with you Prinplup Mumble.



We travelled a bit more with Ren in the sewers till we found Venam and Melia. Suddenly also appeared the Garbage crew, which attacked us.


Well it was a hard fight against this crew. the Garbodor was a bit to strong for us.

Saldy I had to sacrified Salad here, cause I couldn't take the risk to lose all my Mons while switching directly into Mumble...


In the end handled Mumble this big Garbage and we won the batlle.


After the battle was our way free to Route 1, but before we go there. I decided to do some other things first.



We caught one of the Fletchings at Occeana Pier and called it Birdy 🙂


Also we did some Help Requests to get money 🙂


Next part will we travell to Route 1.


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5. New friends




For all non Video watcher:


I found offscreen some Irons in the city, and sold it with the Nugget which we got in the last time for a Help request mission.

After that bought I some Goument Treat and some other important items.


So now we can finally got this little buddy 🙂


RescueMen the Buizel



next we could finally travell to Route 1, where we also found some new friends 🙂


encounter for Route 1:


Elegance the Scatterbug



I wanted this little buddy so much *-* Thank you game



BoomBox the Whismur (static Mon on Route 1)



Could be helpful in the future


encounter for Goldenwood Forest


Wuffles the Rockruff



Very very nice *.*


After that helped we Melia by some stuff in the Forest 


And we also tested our new friends against the wild trainers there


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6. I hate caves




For all non video watcher:


Our encounter for Goldenwood Cave:


BatWoman the Woobat



Nice *.* Can be very helpful against Venam in her gym.


Also we fight together with Melia against the wild trainers in the cave.


I also decided to train my Mons now, cause as you can see on the K/D list, Mumble is doing the most of the kills on his own and the others not.


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7. A picnic with shadow Mons




For all non video watcher:


I updated here from V10 to V11.


I trained offscreen my team a little bit (damn this was a hard and long work...)

The result is this:



Beautiful *-*




Now it was time for our lovely picnic with Melia,

it felt good to rest the team a little bit, we were surrounded by a lot of Vivillion's which was very peaceful.


After sometime wanted Melia a battle with us, and we definetly doesn't say no to this...


Well... better I said no to this battle

I had more as one heart attack in this battle...



After the battle heard we a Big Boom from the Forest, so we run asap back to it and found some Team Xen grunts, with...



the most painful thing in this run for me...




So I decided me to catch the Shadow Mons (I doesn't want to use them) to make sure they will not kill my entire team...

The Meowth was easy to catch,



I failed to catch the Finneon, and we also lost BatWoman here... :'(


I also failed to catch the cacnea, but we won the battle without a lose of My Mons



I really can say, that the training for our Mons was very good, Cid, Wuffles and Elegance helped me a lot in this part 🙂




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8. Boss fight after boss fight




It was time to get out of the forest, but for that must we handle the rest of the Team Xen members


vs Sharon & Eli


Well this battle was very easy

Wuffles beated Murkrow with a strong Rockthrow 🙂

then I sented in Cid, cause Misdreavus can't hit him with a single move except Spite,

so I beated Glameow and Stunky easy with Cid before I killed little Mis. 


next comes Zetta, but before I added some Oran berries to my team.


vs Zetta


Wuffles beated Minior with the combination of Howl and Rock Throw


Mumble beated the Shadow Grimer with 2 Bubble Beams


Elegance beated Gloom easily 🙂


RescueMen deleted the fire of Cyndaquil


Well and then comes Type: Null


I beated it with the combination of RescueMen and Mumble

Sadly our lovely RescueMen took his life here, cause I needed to do it to switch into Mumble, otherwise I didn't know how to beat this thing...


I will never forget you my friend... 😢

He will pay for it, I will promise you that!!!



Next is The Dmensional Rift Gyarados


It was a nice animation of the appearing from the Gyarados, nice work here @Jan 🙂


vs Rift Gyarados


I must say, that I was really scared about this fucking badass...

I mean look at this stats:


Also I remembered from my Mono Dark run, that this thing has EarthQuake in his movepool... This can be end very worse...



Mumble survived luckily a Thunder Fang from Gyarados, so I putted a Growl on it to lower his attack stats.

I switched then into Wuffles and well... I won this battle with him. I don't know how, but Gyarados used only Fire Fang on us,

which is weaked by the rain and the Growl from Mumble. 



It was easier then expected 🙂



After the battle went we back to the city and explored the new design of it a little bit.




No... please go, this will be better for both of us... 😢



Yeah, why?



What a trip to Hoenn, yeah why not? :)



Wait what???



"lies within"

Well then NO, I will not let my family and friends behind me!!


Suddenly I found a little lonely Mon in the streets


I tried to catch it, but sadly it run away, so I searched for it...



on the hunt for the little girl found I some intresting other Mons *.*


Meet with me Rose the Budew



after that I ended the part and searched offscreen for the little Nidoran,

while that found we Horizon the shiny Pidgey



and finally Queen the Nidoran f




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Prepare V11 spoilers


I lost the challenge...

I beated Venam and got the badge from her, but right after the gym comes the new Dr. Jenkel mission with Karrina...

And well I run into this mission without knowing, that Jenkel has a Mega Mon on his side, and I know that my Mons from the Box can't beat this thing!!


BUT I am not finished with this project...

What will I do now:

- I will start a new run on Nuzlocke Intense

- I will not upload the parts which I recorded till the game over, I will upload directly now the new run

- I will start recording when I am infront of Venam's gym


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So I am back by Venam, this went faster then expected ^^


My team is:


Well yeah I found another Rockruff 🙂  I will try it with her again



Last time we found the female version, this time I found it too, but also the male version(which got Sucker Punch as an egg move *-*)



I normally don't like this 3 apes, but damn, this shiny blue badass saved me many times my ass with Incinerate *.*



Yeah I caught it again^^



My Mvp this run till yet *-*



with Moxxie a really nice Mon 🙂



Well, was my first Mon which I caught and can only say that I hate his movepool in the beginning...



As I said, I caught it again but will not use it now


@Jess I hope that I will make you proud with this little girl 🙂


Can be very helpful in the future 🙂 



Hope that I can reach this time his true potential



Really like it, can't wait for the evolution


Deaths till yet:


This was sad, cause Birdstar had the move Quick Guard, which was a nice move



Played to risk with her...


I will upload the fight vs Venam later that day

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sry for no updates over the whole week,,, got sadly a bit sick and didn't felt well to play

but now I am back. 🙂

I will upload the next part now 🙂

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9. What a lovely new start




(First of all yeah I forgot to put the border back on, I will add him for the next part 😉 )

(I will also let the K/D list out this time, I wanted to create a new one, but sadly I forgot while creating the progress of the new run more as once to update the list...)


As I sayed some posts above, I lost the challenge and started the run new. 

You also saw the new team in one post


Lets rock the gym 🙂



First we found a little secret in the gym and we got there an egg *.*



It's a Seviper egg, can be very helpful 🙂



Battle vs Venam



great job Flora, you can rest now



Well this was a bad situation for me... I totally thought Pooh can beat it, but Whirlipede was a but to strong for him... Also was there this damn Speed Boost...

So I could switch into another Mon and risk to lose this or let Pooh sacrifice to switch savely into another Mon...

I decided me for the 2nd way... sry Pooh... R.I.P



I switched into Raksha, but this was also near by a death more...



Thanks to Sucker Punch *.*


And now comes the turn from Julliet 🙂









This was it for the part 🙂 Se ya next against Dr. Jenkel


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SO MUCH RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




This shit annoys me...

I lost half of my best Mons already against Nim...

Trained my new Mons up to lvl. 20, just to lose vs Zetta...


I am done with this Nuzlocke shit...


Will start now a Intense Monorun(Your choose was Poison, but well... I already have enough poison right now in this nuzlocke, I will think about it)...

See ya then


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Well played.


I know you're likely to kick yourself for losing but do keep in mind you're playing intense and I'm already astounded that you're attempting a nuzlocke, something that most players won't do. Most of the battles in the game are meant to one shot a lot of the Pokémon used, so you have to come up with really effective strategy beforehand or be really lucky.


I saw your last nuzlocke run and I'm amazed you managed to get as far as Goldenleaf town (I lost it all when fighting Novae for the first time)


Monorun or not, whatever you attempt on the future, I'll be cheering for you! 😄

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