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Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions (IC)

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"You're certainly taking the goodwill of those around you for granted! You insult me, you insult Shin, you insult Lizaveta, but somehow you expect me to believe you're 'just telling the truth?' You're a sad, angry little man who refuses to accept that he's not any better than anyone else. You accuse me of being blind but you can't even take a moment to consider that maybe everyone here has their own story. As soon as someone confronts you with that you withdraw into your pathetic shell and insult anyone who says there's more to the world than what you can see through the cracks, yet you claim that this gives you a better view than everyone else. No, I will not excuse you, because your behavior is inexcusable. How dare you act like you're in the right?"

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