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The Abravan King Wants You for the Army (you code?)

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The Civil War Team is looking for a coder/scripter to join their ranks. Pokémon Civil War is a fan game still in its infancy, being built with Essentials 17.2. The game includes some major departures from classical Pokémon tropes, a complex plot with deep lore and world building, and some new mechanics that will affect the gaming experience, bringing a fresh new take on the old tried and tested aspects of Pokémon games. As a result, there is major work undertaken on the conceptual design front, and we would like someone with coding/scripting experience to contribute to the game concept, as well as implementing the mechanics listed below. The game is planned to be released in eight chapters.


More information can be found on:


PRIMARY REQUIREMENTS: Game Concept & New Mechanics


This mainly includes scripting and implementing new mechanics that are present either in very few other games, or will be developed for the first time in Civil War. This is the main long term commitment the game requires of a coder/scripter, and it is likely that the coder who deals with these aspects of the game will also contribute to the conceptual design of the entire game. I should note that the below list does not cover everything, new considerations are likely to arise as the game progresses, and each item below is up for debate considering feasibility and improving the gaming experience.


That said, I do not expect one person to do everything listed below. Any contribution is appreciated.


Factions & Relationships: The game includes 13 political factions vying for power, and the players’ choices influence which (if any) of the factions achieve their goals. The game also includes relationships with several major NPCs, making them anything from enemies to rivals to friends/allies to lovers.


I am (planning on) using switches and variables to implement the consequences of players’ choices regarding the political outcomes and their relationships with NPCs. However, this is a bit daunting, especially the players’ influence on the political factions’ goals, as this is likely to get insanely complicated using switches and variables. It also puts me in a hard place of either having to plot out every political detail of the game in advance of actual eventing of anything on Essentials, or not releasing the game until it is fully completed. (Neither of these scenarios will happen, which pretty much guarantees future regret.) Perhaps a new mechanic can be implemented to make life easier?


Field Effects: This is the salt and pepper of any good fan game. Perhaps some field effects can be the same as those used in Reborn, but there will be at least one new field effect. It is likely that we may prefer to have a unique field effect for each terrain/route, even if they are only slightly different from the others. This is also relevant to the below item.


Pokémon Aquaticity: I’m not sure if this can be implemented, or whether it should be implemented to begin with, but I think it could be nice to add an aquaticity division similar to the airborne/grounded division. If this is implemented, the presence of water and land on any field effect will become crucial.


Different Battle Types: Can we implement triple and or rotation battles alongside double battles? The game involves military campaigns, and a variety of battle types can be used to enrich the game – especially in terms of military tactics.


New Battle Engines: There are some large battle sequences planned – including a siege on a fortified city. My original idea was treating the battlements as a Pokémon called “The Wall”, or a unique field effect, but it was later suggested by a contributor that a new battle engine could be designed and implemented. While I like this idea, honestly, I don’t what I could ask for.


Permadeath: I would like to make it so that Pokémon can die in the game, but this would need to be different to Nuzlocke – sometimes a strategy requires a mon to take a hit for the team, and I do not want to disqualify such strategies. I have a couple of ideas floating in mind about how this could be implemented, but I would rather talk this over with a coder/scripter.


Scripted Losses & Starting Over: I would like to make it so that players can walk around with a full team of fainted Pokémon until they walk back to a healing point – instead of being teleported straightaway. Also, you may drop all your money if you lose to a hostile NPC (means differentiating between enemy soldiers, thugs, and friends.)


Pokédex: It needs to give false nesting information for plot and narrative related reasons. We can also make good on the pretension that we are given a Pokédex because we will do field research. Well, let’s get that research done. I remember that Gen 5 may have some ideas to offer on this front.


Banking & Financial System: The economic system of the region has been considered while world building, but I had no ideas regarding how to implement the economic aspect of the world into the game until very recently. It’d be awesome if we can implement a proper banking & financial system. I got a few ideas on this front too.


Flying: Fast travel instead of instant travel. I imagine a cross between panorama graphics used in Rejuvenation and the ‘flying’ Light Platinum.




This mainly includes implementing the scripts and mechanics most games have, but do not come with the Essentials Pack. Most of this stuff will be available out there, and any one on the team can find and implement these, but since it is in the domain of scripting and coding, I’ve included them here as well.


  • Updating the game to Gen 7 Pokémon, moves, items, mechanics, etc.
  • Gen 5 type repel use
  • Weather conditions
  • Minigames (e.g. Voltorb switch)
  • Quick save
  • 3 registered item slots
  • Skip text (I am verbose if nothing else)
  • Mega-evolution
  • …and more…




Gamer: This role is about helping with the gaming aspects and balancing. I.e. competitive boss battle teams, balancing field effects, value of items depending on how the new game mechanics change the environment etc.


Composer: I do not compose music, so the music I have chosen for the game so far is from my own music library, ranging from electronic to orchestral, and from stoner rock to Mongolian folk. All of this is copyright-problematic music, but then again, we all live in the shadow of Nintendo…




Fiasom: Lead Designer and Writer, Eventing, Mapping, Game Concept


Phi-Bi: Game Concept, Spriting, Tiling




You can contact me (Fiasom) on Relic Castle, the Reborn forum, and on Discord.

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