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Willing to listen suggestions for my 4 member poor team

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I been playing for not so long, but with my little lack of time I´ve just made a team with the Pokemon I just found interesting. Warning: My team may be pretty bad, so any suggestion for can help me a lot. Also, I only have 4 Pokemon, and not just me knows that Im gonna need to fill thos two holes.


My team:



Nature: Naive

Ability: Intimidate




Dig (I will replace it for Earthquake)

Aerial Ace

Foul Play



Pidgeot (I think is the worst of the 4)

Nature: Serious

Ability: Big Pecks



Tackle (Just dont ask : ( )

Hidden Power (Psychic)

Aerial Ace

Quick Attack



Blaziken (Probably the best)

Nature: Naughty

Ability: Speed Boost



Bulk Up

Blaze Kick

Quick Attack

Rock Smash (The buffed one)



Magneton (Magnezone pretty soon, maybe)

Nature: Impish

Ability: Magnet Pull



Flash Cannon

Magnet Bomb (I hate minimize)

Thunder Wave

Spark (Discharge in a few levels)









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This is for competitively-built teams, I hope you know. The in-game section is "Team Showcase"

If this is indeed intented for PvP, start up by listing the EV counts, then we will be able to analyze/correct/laugh at/rebuild that team more accurately.

If it is intended for in-game or a roleplay-style league, put it on the appropiate section.

Thank you.

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