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Okay so this starbucks girl

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She legit just keeps giving me tea and water instead of what I want like if I want some coffee she gives me water if I want a lemonade she gives me tea like what in the world am I like suppose to do like who does she think she is, she keeps charging me for the coffee to like what in the world is wrong with her like I just want my stuff and leave like that was a really bad day. THEN ( JUST RANTING I KNOW WHAT I DID WRONG) I get WARNED for putting something in the wrong section but like I am SUCH an airhead because when I saw ask a question I thought it meant ask any questions turns out that is not the case but like that was another thing. AND THEN like turns out like there is this REALLY like REALLY REALLY cute guy that likes me but like I just like do NOT think he would like me but he IS SO CUTE OMLLLL. Another thing that keeps happening is I keep like forgetting where I put my money but other than that its been a LONG week but still I really wanna date that guy tho like HE SO CUTE 10/10 LIKE I KID YOU NOT he is FINE and his butt looks so good when he wears his football outfit MAN I just wanna melt he is SO nice too I am sorry I got a little carried away anyways I am going to go and drive to starbucks and get a COFFEE instead of water

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