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[E18] Minor Errors

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Totodile going right through player, even if on exact tile it's diving into, not really a problem for us but annoying enough to report

Both my and my boyfriend run we started this episode have the same problem hoever will upload mine if anyone want to check it out, just let me know cause doing stuff in the mean time

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Route 4 Surfing error. Directly beside Glass Workstation. Can still only move in tiles where I could normally walk. Found water pokemon in the grass, though I also found a wailmer on a tile with no grass on it. Walk again by either entering a building or surfing on and then back onto the rock with the miniature stairwell. Yoiu can aslo surf off that rock and onto that patch of land in the middle of the pond to start walking again. Don't know about resetting... I don't want to save my game like that.





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