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Reaching Out For Help For My Rescue Bird

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I volunteer at a horse rescue, and an elderly lady recently willed all of her animals to the rescue, consisting of 6 mini horses, 1 donkey, 1 full sized horse, and about 65 parrots and ~15 doves.

We are a horse rescue, not a bird rescue. But fortunately myself and my two best friends are all bird people, so we've been spearheading the effort to find homes for these guys. Along the way, we each fell in love with some of the birds and were allowed to take them home. Among these birds, one in particular is breaking my heart. I call her Ame, for Ametaseru, and she is one very sick little sun conure.


Despite being extremely active, Ame was severely emaciated, weighing only 90 grams (these birds average 100-130, and healthy, she is a larger specimen) and with an upper respiratory infection. Honestly, I thought I was going to have to put her down when I managed to squeeze her in with my avian vet the next day. But my vet thinks we can save her, it'll just be a long, hard process. As weak as she is, we cannot run any blood tests on her, so my friend is using her new baby, a blue and gold macaw she named Kaijuu, as our baseline, his results should be in early next week. In the meantime, I just have to do my best to fatten Ame up. I've already switched her from a seed diet to a pellet diet, though she isn't too sure about these funny fruits and veggies I keep putting in her dish. Her URI is being medicated, and despite everything, Ame is extremely friendly and outgoing!


Unfortunately, however, the biggest obstacle to Ame's recovery is money. I've already spent $120 on her vet bills, and to get her fully tested I'm looking at another $400-500, and then there's treatment! To that end, I've set up a GoFundMe, with all donations going to Ame's care. If you can, would you consider please donating anything? My friend has offered custom pet portraits for donations of $10 of more. If we are lucky enough to get more donations than needed, all extra money will go to the rest of the birds, primarily my other intakes, a Half Moon Conure named Tsukiyomi (Kiyo), an African Grey named Dwayne The Flock Johnson, and a one legged Indian Ringneck dubbed Caaaarrrrl. Even if you can't donate, do you think you could spread the word?


Donate To Help Save Ame!

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