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On ‎10‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 10:08 AM, ProjectIceman said:

@Champion Charmander

Still having issues with the side mission in Fern Cave. Character is frozen after ally throws rock.



It seems like anything that involves Colter freezes the character. I went to Malachite City (is that what it's called?) and my character was frozen when I interacted with the gym leader.


reawakened error.PNG

Very strange. I'll look into it.

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@Champion Charmander ive had the same issue as the above and it was also in the cave where you follow that guy in (i forget their name off the top of my head its been a while since ive played) the same issue in both places and no known way on my end to resolve it............


note i will check again as ive gotten a new computer since i last played and will make edits to this post accordingly with any changes wether anything has happened or not


EDIT: i have checked said issues on my new computer and they seem to persist on the new setup regardless of the game being freshly downloaded on it.....

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Just downloaded and started the game pretty recently and I'm enjoying it so far. I have a few queries though- For one, I'm a little confused about the espurr and whismur. I'd have thought there would be some event with them, but that didn't seem to be the case? I found no way of getting them so far and I'm in fern forest. Otherwise, when you battle the poachers, I noticed the guy that was going for a Sewaddle. I also figured that would be an event, but I wasn't able to even talk to the guy, his poochyena, or the sewaddle. Am I misguided in thinking these are events, or is there some way to complete them that I'm missing?


Edit: Also, right after talking to the teddiursa I heard a sound like something spotted me but it seemed like nothing happened and I couldn't reproduce it. Is that related to the Teddiursa, or what?

Edit 2: Figured out the Teddiursa, I think. I'm guessing the sound I heard was a glitch or totally unrelated, because I managed to find him.

Edit 3: (Geez there are a lot of edits) I'm now inclined to believe that after seeing the poachers near the mansion, the Sewaddle guy was supposed to disappear. Otherwise, I got to the city where you can finally buy Gourmet treats, which I thought would be the key to Espurr and Whismur, *but* whenever I tried to go back to the passage between route 2 and the city it replayed the cutscene in there and then when I tried to go back to route 2 the fairy/dragon leader and the bikers were back where they were originally and I couldn't move or anything. 

Edit 4: Geez, finally figured it out. Again, been a really fun game so far but just needs some more polish to really shine, I'd say. Once you fix stuff like walking through walls, the lightningrod bug where it absorbs the user's attacks, the grammar errors, and small eventing bugs like not being able to return to route 2 for a bit, and maybe touch up the dialogue to make the story more meaningful, I'd say the game will be quite good.


Edit 5: I feel like I'm overdoing it at this point but I don't want to double post. So I was just going back to the TRB to get the Jangmo-o egg and when I try and get it I get an error and the game crashes. 

Error: https://gyazo.com/3b34caa064e6431fb0629586dcfbb5f3


Edit 6: Found another bug, at the candy store https://gyazo.com/e284f5758e4706d40d7ce8c86df33ea7

I also feel like it should be mentioned that it might make sense to add some placeholder thing or make an NPC block the way to route 4 instead of just not having a map and therefore crashing the game and possibly losing data when you try to go there.


Edit 7: In gym 2, the nurse joy that you battle and then subsequently, when you talk to her after battling her, says "Here, let me heal your Pokemon" doesn't actually heal you, even though it does the fade to black and normal healing sound like normal.

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