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Rounding out my team

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I'm building up pkmns for my team, right now i've got:


1) Ferrothorn

Trait: Iron Barbs

- Power Whip

- Leech Seed

- Stealth Rock

- Spikes


2) Metagross

Trait: Clear Body

- Meteor Mash

- Zen Headbutt

- Hammer Arm

- Pursuit


3) Gyarados

Trait: Moxie

- Dragon Dance

- Crunch

- Aqua Tail

- Ice Fang


4) Chandelure

Trait: Flash Fire

- Will-o-Wisp

- Shadow Ball

- Clear Smog

- Flamethrower


What could i add to round out my team?



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I'm no expert, so I'm just kind of spit-balling here.


With your current team:

Just to add to metagross, bullet punch with iron plate/metal coat is a really great way to deal with fairies and ice pokemon, as well as take a large chunk out of most other mons. Metagross isn't particularly fast against most fairy and ice mons that could do a lot of damage to it, so having a priorty move to get the KO soon isn't a bad. 


For chandelure, unless you really like having 100 accuracy instead of 90, I would go for heat wave over flamethrower. Because it has base 95 power AND can hit both enemy mons in a double battle. 


Rounding out your team:

It looks like so far you have a good offensive core, so you can fill what's left with defensive type covering, or go for a hyper offensive team.


For defensive, I would go for something like walrein, which can still hit hard but has the drawback of ice typing, leaving it weak to fighting types. Or you can go for a bulky milotic, which has numerous ways of recovery and stalling your opponent, plus it can get scald which is one of the best water moves. opposite of milotic, you can do vaporeon which gets the acid armor move, making it more physically bulky, and you can set up wish with it too. And the wish mechanic changed (gen 5?) so that it grant 50% healing of the poke who used it, and with vaporeon's high HP pool, that can be good for your other pokemon. I would stay away form bulky rock and ground type pokemon, pretty much cause they're all slow, and are (usually) only physically bulky which is useless against the mostly special water type. 




Walrein: thick fat

Item: never-melt-ice/leftovers

-surf/aqua tail or waterfall (if you want the trade off in power for accuracy and that sweet sweet flinch chance), (depending on if you want your poke getting hit by surf or not)


-rest/aqua ring

-sleep talk/substitute


Vaporeon: hydration (only if you use rain), water absorb (which works really well with surf spam, as it gets healed by it)

item: Leftovers

-acid armor





Milotic: competitive

item: assault vest



-icy wind

-you want protect but we don't yet have the TM for it in reborn, so this move is open for something like dragon pulse or whatever you feel like


If you want more offense,

Right now you have no easy way to get rid of fighting type pokemon, which can sort of easily deal with ferrothorn and metagross. I would suggest talonflame, as it brings in a priority (potentially gem boosted) brave bird and flare blitz on a pretty fast pokemon. You could also bring gardevoir, as it gets the fairy typing it double resists fighting and can nail any dragon mons. A physic type that hits hard would also be good, like alakazam or espeon. If you're going to go more offensive, you really need to go for type coverage, so that's up to you what you really want to bring.


Talonflame: gale wings

item: sharp beak or Flying gem

-brave bird

-flare blitz


-tailwind(for team support)/steel wing(for coverage)



Item: choice specs

-moonblast/dazzling gleam



-healing wish/calm mind


Those are just some ideas, hopefully that helps.



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What I'd Do:





Ability: Iron Barbs


Item: Rocky Helmet


- Power Whip

- Gyro Ball

- Curse

- Stealth Rocks / Explosion


2) Metagross


Ability: Clear Body


Item: Choice Band


- Meteor Mash

- Zen Headbutt

- Hammer Arm

- Bullet Punch


3) Gyarados


Ability: Moxie


Item: Lum Berry


- Dragon Dance

- Bounce

- Waterfall

- Stone Edge


4) Chandelure


Ability: Flash Fire


Item: Choice Specs


- Overheat

- Shadow Ball

- Trick

- Flamethrower


5.) Diggersby (Ground Types are Important IMO)


Ability: Huge Power


Item: Life Orb


- Return

- Earthquake

- Quick Attack

- Swords Dance


6.) Sylveon (Something to Handle the Dark Weakness)


Ability: Pixilate


Item: Pixie Plate


- Misty Terrain

- Hyper Voice

- Hidden Power Fire

- Trump Card (Very Powerful Under the Right Conditions)


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Uh, you can only use damaging moves if you're holding an Assault Vest. So if you decide to go for a Milotic to fill out that last slot, i'd recommend getting a marvel scale milotic holding a flame orb(you get it in chrysolia once you have surf and strength) 


Since you're asking what to add and not what to change, i'm just going to act under the assumption that you're keeping the core 4 and tagging on a Milotic. 


In which case, your team now has a crippling weakness to Electric types in generally and kinda gets rocked by Mega Manectric(Assuming it ever gets added to the opponents in the game) 


So i'm just going to spitball pokemon that can potentially cover that weakness while complimenting what the rest of your team offers. 

-Lightning Rod Alolan Marowak

-Levitate Eelektross





Haaaave at it


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