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My Awesome Pokemon Adventure

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1 minute ago, Candy said:

Ooh dis smol candy prolly missed that xD Well then gud luck and enjoy the writing~

(nah boi I'm afraid I'm gonna break Vanilla's character - it hard when yaw a lucky privileged hooman writing an edgelord lel)

Lol. Yes probably but it's cool. I expect a lot of people to miss it. And I shall! And break her character how? o.O

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1 hour ago, J-Awesome_One said:

Lol. Yes probably but it's cool. I expect a lot of people to miss it. And I shall! And break her character how? o.O

Well now I'm one of the party that knows what's up so that's good yay~

Characters are a product of their background environment and personality, so they'll act and react certain ways, which aren't the same for every character.

Vanilla tends to react by snapping at ppl (like she did with Adrienn recently) but also there are times when she doesn't... but I dunno if that's just me being Candy and not Vanilla, or Vanilla just being that way with specific people. That was my dilemma with her encountering Radomus. She should've perhaps snapped at him when he suddenly said he wasn't going to rescue gardevoir (but I thought Vanilla would think it as convenient, since she doesn't want to involve herself needlessly, especially if Team Meteor isn't involved). Perhaps as Jess said, she should've snapped at Radomus for fooling with them in the end when he could've just summoned gardevoir (but I felt girl would've been too emotionally tired to do so, and she I felt she had been totally taken by Radomus' rhythm of life (after all, Radomus is a manipulator)). 

With my other characters (Natasha, an anti-social traumatized girl; Gloria, the epitome of logic and reason; and Brenda, the always cheerful but careless trainer) I had some of myself in them, so I could relate to them in someway and write them following "what I would do in this situation", which I think made them realistic. Vanilla is the first character that I'm writing blindfolded, which makes me afraid I'll break the character and expose her as a "fake", you see? Tl;dr sorryto dorito cheeto

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3 minutes ago, Candy said:

Well now I'm one of the party that knows what's up so that's good yay~

Characters are a product of their background environment and personality, so they'll act and react certain ways, which aren't the same for every character.

Vanilla tends to react by snapping at ppl (like she did with Adrienn recently) but also there are times when she doesn't... but I dunno if that's just me being Candy and not Vanilla, or Vanilla just being that way with specific people. That was my dilemma with her encountering Radomus. She should've perhaps snapped at him when he suddenly said he wasn't going to rescue gardevoir (but I thought Vanilla would think it as convenient, since she doesn't want to involve herself needlessly, especially if Team Meteor isn't involved). Perhaps as Jess said, she should've snapped at Radomus for fooling with them in the end when he could've just summoned gardevoir (but I felt girl would've been too emotionally tired to do so, and she I felt she had been totally taken by Radomus' rhythm of life (after all, Radomus is a manipulator)). 

With my other characters (Natasha, an anti-social traumatized girl; Gloria, the epitome of logic and reason; and Brenda, the always cheerful but careless trainer) I had some of myself in them, so I could relate to them in someway and write them following "what I would do in this situation", which I think made them realistic. Vanilla is the first character that I'm writing blindfolded, which makes me afraid I'll break the character and expose her as a "fake", you see? Tl;dr sorryto dorito cheeto

Naw I get what you mean. It's difficult when you're doing it like that. In my James playthrough, sometimes I wanna do what I would do but then I have to remember that it's James I'm playing as and not me. (Hence why I started another run but as me this time. I can do what I wanna do and more if I want which I have) Sure I mess up sometimes but I'm not a perfect writer when it comes to this stuff. All you can do is do your best and try to catch yourself at times. I think you're doing a great job. There have been a couple parts where I thought "Ehh. She should have went off." or "She shouldn't have gone at them THAT hard." but there hasn't been that many, which to me, is pretty good. I know I'm just 1 person saying this but I think you're doing seriously really good at your run. :) Btw, who are Natasha, Gloria and Brenda? I feel like I should know them but I feel soooo bad for not. Haha.

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9 hours ago, Candy said:

Boi Matt looks buff and mean but he good guy as hecc xD

I know, I could not resist to give Matthew some badass style. It was more enjoyable ^_^

Edited by Q-Jei
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I accidentally dozed off and when I woke up, it just turned nighttime. I got up, stretched and decided to go outside and explore this Ward before going up to see if the police officers moved or not. It was still foggy but it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t see what was in front of me. There wasn’t too much to this Ward however. A couple of docks, some sheds and buildings. I assumed this place was used mostly for ships and boats and the like. I went up to 1 of the docks and saw a young woman standing at the end of it. As I got closer, I could tell her hair was a blueish-green aqua color and she was wearing mostly blue. I looked the way she was and saw a Popplio on some sort of platform that held a lighthouse.



Matthew: Hey. What are you doing?

???: Ohh. That Popplio is trapped there. The water here is badly toxic to any Pokemon and if they touch it, they’ll be seriously hurt.

Matthew: Ohh. That is bad. How can we get the Popplio over here?

???: I don’t know. I’ve been here for a couple of minutes trying to figure that out. I’m a Water Type Pokemon Trainer so none of my Pokemon can help.

Matthew: Hmmm.


As we were thinking of a way to rescue the Popplio, I heard a familiar voice call my name.


Cain: Oh my Arceus! Heyyyy Matthew!~

Matthew: Ohh. Hey Cain. Fancy meeting you here.



Cain: Oooo. Making friends in high places hmm?

Matthew: What do you mean?

???: I wouldn’t say high places but…

Cain: Wait. You really don’t know Matt?

Matthew: Know what?

Cain: This girl right here is Amaria. She is 1 of the highest-ranking Gym Leaders in Reborn.

Matthew: Wait. Really?

Amaria: Yes but that’s not important right now.

Cain: Ohh. And here I thought you 2 were staring off into the sunset.~

Matthew:… It’s 10 at night Cain. There hasn’t been a sunset for a couple of hours.

Amaria: I don’t mean to break up this… whatever it is but we still need to find a way to save that Popplio?

Cain: Popplio?

Matthew: Yea. It’s stuck over there and if any Pokemon touches the water, they’ll be seriously hurt.

Amaria: This is troubling.

Cain: Hmm. Nah.

Amaria: I beg your pardon?

Cain: ~You’re not alone, so have no doubt, we’ll put our heads together gonna figure this out~

Matthew: Umm… Are you singing Cain?

Cain: Mhm. Let’s go Grimer! I choose you!



Amaria: A Grimer?

Cain: ~In no time, we’ll be at your side! We’re a team on a roller coaster ride~

~Each 1 of us knows just what to do~

~And we’re never gonna stop-- gonna stop-- searching for you~


Me and Amaria watched as Cain’s Grimer swam through the toxic water towards the Popplio. Since Grimer was a Poison Type, the water didn’t hurt it.


Cain: Hey Popplio, hop on!



Matthew: Well, well, well. You’re a smart dude Cain.

Cain: Oooo!~ Thanks Matt.


He grabbed my arm and leaned onto me. I gently pushed him away.


Matthew: Doooon’t push it.


The Popplio hopped onto the Grimer and it swam back, successfully rescuing it.



Cain: ~Ohh, baby, listen to me~

~We’re gonna-- gonna-- gonna set you free, yeah~

Amaria: That was… Amazing!

Matthew: While I don’t understand why you had to sing while doing that, you got a nice voice.

Cain: Well thanks. Grimer, return! Well, your Popplio is ok now. Later you 2~


As Cain was walking away, the Popplio dragged itself towards Cain chasing him.



Amaria: Hey! That Popplio seems to have taken a liking to its hero.

Cain: Hmm? Well he is a cute little guy. You wanna come with me Popplio?

Popplio: Poppop! Popplio!

Matthew: I would have to say that is a BIG yes. Haha.

Cain: I’d have to agree with you Matt. Haha. Alright~ From this day forward, I’ll keep you safe from now on.

Popplio: Poppop!

Matthew: What’s wrong with it?

Amaria: Haha. I think I know. It doesn’t want to be protected anymore more.

Matthew: You mean…

Amaria: Mhm. It wants to return the favor. Hey. You’re name’s Matthew right?

Matthew: Yea. Why?

Amaria: Why not give the little guy a spar?

Matthew: Well… I’m alright with it as long as Cain is.

Cain: Well, I’ve heard of worse ideas~ This is our rematch!




Amaria: Oh my goodness! I didn’t expect Popplio to be on the losing side in this battle.

Matthew: Wait… Did you just imply that you thought I was we-

Cain: Wellllll Matthew is full of surprised and in all of the right ways.~

Matthew: On 2nd thought, I’ll let you keep that thought Amaria if it prevents him from making anymore jokes like that.

Cain: Who said I was joking.~

Matthew: Cain.

Cain: Ok. Ok. I’m kidding~ I have to go to the Wastelands.

Matthew: Where’s that and why?

Cain: I told my sis I’d meet her out there and it’s not far from here actually. See you guys around!


Cain then took off. I was relieved but also kind of sad that he left. His smartness with how to save Popplio actually impressed me. I turned to Amaria.


Amaria: I’m sure those 2 will be a great match.

Matthew: I think so too. But I should get going. I have to meet up with someone.

Amaria: Wait. Do you mean Florinia?

Matthew: Yea. Why?

Amaria: So you were the 1 she meant when she told me her sneak attack on Team Meteor in the Mosswater Factory! She’s at the Obsidia Park right now. I’m gonna go there. I’ll meet you there, along with Florinia.

Matthew: Alright. I’ll be fast. We can’t let this get any worse than it is!


Amaria ran up to the stairs and climbed up them. I looked out to the water and up in the air. I stood there for a couple of minutes, trying to psych myself up for whatever could be coming up. My stomach grumbled as this happened. Something told me that this was gonna be another time that he takes over my body. But I trusted him. I walked out of the Coral Ward and walked up to the Obsidia Park. Luckily, the cops had moved. I found Florinia and Amaria and walked up to them.



Amaria: Matthew! I’m glad you found us!

Florinia: Greetins again Matthew.

Matthew: Sorry if I made you 2 wait long. I was just… Trying to psych myself up.

Florinia: Hmm.

Amaria: You gonna be alright Matthew?

Matthew: Yea yea. Don’t worry about me.

Amaria: Me and Florinia will go in and then after a couple of seconds, you come in. Sound good?

Matthew: Yep.

Florinia: Let us proceed then.


Florinia and Amaria walked into the park as I stood there. A couple seconds passed. Suddenly, I heard Amaria and Florinia. It sounded like they were gasping for air. I was now almost fully scared for my life. I knew they needed my help though, so I worriedly walked into the park. It didn’t take long for me to spot a person in black and Florinia and Amaria snared up in vines by their necks.



Matthew: Amaria! Florinia!

???: I told you they’d get here too soon! If you had made this machine go faster- You don’t understand! Tangrowth wouldn’t be able to take anymore! Be grateful that this Pokemon was able to capture these 2 girls. Tangrowth, you’re so strong to be able to do everything so well! Are we gonna keep ignoring the other problem at hand here?!


I was getting really confused. This person seemed to be talking to someone else but only me, Florinia, Amaria and that person were here.


Matthew: Who are you?

???: Well my name is Lumi- Only 3 had arrived? We expected more. 2 are simply easy to deal with. It’d be more polite if we introduced ourselves. I’m- You already introduced yourself Lumi! I, however, am Zero. And I am Eve. Collectively, we are referred to as ZEL.


I was still confused as to why this person was talking among themselves but then I had an idea. They had 3 names and in 1 body. Could this possibly be multiple entities chosen to be inside this 1 body? And somehow they had taken control of it?


Matthew: You… Do you have multiple souls inside of you?

zEl: What do you mean by that?

Matthew: Are there multiple entities inside of your body.

Zel: This is rubbish! Such non-intelligent talk! You will shut your mouth unless you wish to be killed!


This really got to me. I didn’t know what was going on but I knew 1 thing. Whatever this person was definitely had something more going on inside their body. But that threat. That threat did the trick. As it did last time, my body went limp for a second but I caught myself before falling fully to the ground. The person looked at us in confusion.


zeL: Are… Are you ok?

Wehttam: YeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeSsSsSsSsSs. I have been awakened again and have been sent out to DELETE you.

zEl: What… What is going on?

Wehttam: That machine behind you 3… I would assume that that is what’s making these plants move and wiggle as if they were alive yes?

zeL: Umm… Yes.

Zel: Lumi! You do not give them answers… But you are correct.

zeL: S-Sorry!

Zel: I assume you intend to shut down this machine huh? Well we aren’t going to let you!

zEl: The Link System is a simple hybridization-amplification mechanic.

Zel: So with this machine, it can amplify a Pokemon’s abilities. For instance the Tangrowth here. It can now manipulate a single root into a massive arbor wrecking ball!

Wehttam: Is that so? WONDERFUL! That makes me and this vessel want to take it down even more now! Ahahahaha!

zEl: You act very strangely.

Wehttam: You have threatened this vessels life. I shall protect it. Just like I’ve done with others for the past 1000 years!

zeL: This is… Too freaky.

Wehttam: Ahh. You there. I believe they call you Lumi. Out of the 3, you are the kindest of them all. HOWEVER!… You are also the weakest.

zeL: What?

Wehttam: Now then. Prepare for the infernal machine to be… DELETED!






Wehttam: Yeeeees. We are VICTORIOUS!

zEl: Next time, use our own Pokemon instead of the mission’s keystone!

zeL: Tangrowth… I’m sorry. I should have intervened.

Wehttam: The 1 called Lumi. You are the purest out of the 3 that possesses that body.

Zel: Shut up! You don’t ever talk to her!

Wehttam: You have the darkest heart and seem to have affiliated with the other 2 beings inside that body. Intriguing.

Zel: Whatever. Anyways, Eve, you said that this machine was supposed to make it stronger!

zEl: Your misjudgment was the key factor. Doesn’t matter. Now that Tangrowth is gone, the plants will recede back.

Wehttam: Grand. Then everything shall go back to normal. Wonderful. WONDERFUL!

zEl: Hmph. There’s no longer any reason to remain here. Get the machine and we’ll retreat.


ZEL looked back at me with a nasty look.


zEl: Matthew right? Trust me when I say this isn’t over.


ZEL then quickly rushed out of the area. The vines let go of Amaria and Florinia’s necks and they dropped to the ground taking in breaths.


Wehttam: You 2 seem to appear alive enough. Florinia and newly met Amaria. I hope to meet you 1 day again.


My body went limp again and the normal me returned. Unfortunately, I came back when my head had just hit the ground. Amaria looked at me weirdly.



Matthew: Ow! Can’t you find a way for me to come back without me going limp and banging my head of the gr- Uhh… Heeeeey Amaria.

Amaria: What was that?

Matthew: Umm… My crazy personality side.

Amaria: Well… As long as it’s on our side, I’m ok with it. But Arceus. Those vines grabbed us as soon as we got close. I’m sorry I wasn’t much help but you clearned the whole thing yourself Matthew? Well I mean… You know what I mean. I’m impressed either way.

Matthew: Thanks Amaria.

Florinia: That person, if they can be referred to as a single subject, was an operator of Team Meteor.

Matthew: Yea. That’s probably not a good thing for us but for now, everything is fine.

Amaria: I agree. A lot of bad things have been happening lately. The Jasper and Beryl Wards, Azurine Lake, Grandview Station and now this…

Matthew: They seem like a big threat. We should be careful. Hey Amaria. Why not go report this to Ame. She might have an idea of what to do next.

Amaria: Good idea Matthew! I don’t know if we could have defeated them if it wasn’t for you. Well, I’m going now. Bye Matthew! Bye Rini!


Amaria left for the Grand Hall. Florinia and myself stood there for a couple of more seconds. Again, she was looking at me like she was analyzing me. Finally, she spoke.



Florinia: Very well. The immediate crisis is resolved. I will be returning to my gym in the Onyx Ward. Your attendance will be accepted at your leisure.

Matthew: Uhh yea. Sure. I’ll challenge you tomorrow. I need some sleep.

Florinia: Very well.


Florinia was about to leave but then she turned around to me.


Florinia: Matthew… The other you… Although I do not understand or cannot explain how or why it comes out, it is very helpful. Thank you. Farewell.


Florinia walked away up to the Onyx Ward. I was kind of shocked that she would thank me but maybe she was just trying to be nice? I didn’t know but I wasn’t going to think on it for long. I needed to find a place to sleep. I searched for a place and finally got lucky. I went into an apartment complex and a girl behind a desk was there.


Matthew: Excuse me but is there an empty room here and if so, may I just use it for the night?

Girl: Sorry but only residents may go beyond this gate.

Matthew: I understand.


I was about to walk out when I saw couches in the lounge. I went back up to the desk.


Matthew: Would you mind if I slept on 1 of the couches at least?

Girl: Well… I suppose that wouldn’t hurt. But you have to leave tomorrow.

Matthew: Deal. Thank you so much.

Girl: Let me get you a pillow and blanket.


The girl went into another room and walked out with a pillow and blanket and handed it to me. I laid down on the couch, covered myself up, laid my head on the pillow and fell fast asleep.




Pokemon Team



Ekans (Jessie)/Female/Level 21

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Poison Fang/Bite/Poison Tail/Glare



Goomy (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 21

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Bubble/Dragon Breath/Protect



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 22

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Knock Off/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clauncher (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 21

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aqua Jet/Bubble/Bubble Beam



Dartrix (Link)/Male/Level 21

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leafage/Razor Leaf/Peck/Astonish



Koffing (James)/Male/Level 21

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Assurance/Destiny Bond




Amaria (7/10) - She seems like a nice person and she tried to help with the plant life situation as well as try to save Popplio. But if she is a high ranking Gym Leader, shouldn't she be able to breeze right through this Team Meteor? Plus, she thought I was weak!


Cain +2 -1 (7/10) - Really pushing it with the hitting on me stuff, even if he doesn't mean it but he saved the Popplio and also has a really nice singing voice.


Florinia +1 (6/10) - She actually thanked me. That's shocking. Is that bad though?


ZEL (3/10) - Obviously an important member of Team Meteor. Gonna keep an eye out for this 1... Or 3. Does this person possess other entities as well? I'll have to ask Wehttam whenever I get the chance.


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Matthew: Mmm. Hmm? Wha- Ohh. I must be dreaming again.


I stood up and looked around. All that there was was darkness and fog. I looked down to what I was standing on and was quite confused why I was standing on a tree. Then I heard a familiar voice.


Wehttam: Ahh Matthew. Here you are.

Matthew: Umm… Any reason you decided we’d meet on top of a tree?



Wehttam: Why not? It’s not like you’d ever do this in reality with someone else.

Matthew: Hmm. True.

Wehttam: I brought you here for a reason.

Matthew: I think I know why. That ZEL person right?

Wehttam: Yes. I wanted to get your thoughts on that person.

Matthew: Well… That person definitely seems like it has an entity in their body but it’s multiple entities. And somehow they’re able to talk to each other while inside. Is that even possible?

Wehttam: The only person I have seen for these 1000 years is the person that chooses where my soul will reside in. We entities do not see each other ever.

Matthew: Well that’s not much to go onto. Do you at least have an idea if that ZEL person does have entities inside of them or not?

Wehttam: I’ll be honest my dear friend, I do not know. But I know this. That person most certainly has more than 1 soul in it. However, I’ve never heard of 2 or more souls chosen to put inside 1 vessel. That would screw things up for the vessel and well… You don’t wanna know the rest.

Matthew: You’re right. I don’t. But they definitely have more than 1 soul yes?

Wehttam: Correct… And 1 of the 3 souls actually belongs in that body.

Matthew: Wait. What?!

Wehttam: Yes. There is certainly something going on in that one’s vessel. But I am not sure of what. Yeeees.

Matthew: Is there anything we can do to find out what is going on with them?

Wehttam: Just continue with your journey. Eventually, we’ll get more information.

Matthew: Alright. That does sound like the best plan for now.

Wehttam: Quite. Hmm. Something troubling you Matthew?

Matthew: Well I suppose it’s not a big deal but isn’t there a way we can switch without me going limp? Haha. I mean, my head still hurts.

Wehttam: Hmm. I suppose that is quite troublesome. I suppose there is 1 way. But it’s never been done before.

Matthew: What is it?

Wehttam: Well I takeover when I feel you at your top feelings of your life ending. But if you were to call me before that time arrives, then I can just takeover it peacefully.

Matthew: Really? That’s all.

Wehttam: I believe so. It’s never really been done though. At least, I haven’t tried it. So whenever you decide to call me, we shall see what happens.

Matthew: That’s great! I could use less headaches.

Wehttam: By the way, before it is time for you to head back to your physical body, I wanted to ask you something.

Matthew: Shoot dude.

Wehttam: That Florinia girl. She seems quite interested in you. Or should I say, me.

Matthew: Yea. She always stares at me. Maybe she’s trying to figure out why you come out in certain situations.

Wehttam: She’s quite adorable. But, she also seems like she could figure us out.

Matthew: Well so what if she does?

Wehttam: Do you trust her?

Matthew: Well, she’s odd but she seems like she is doing things to help out Reborn. So I would say yes. Why do you ask?

Wehttam: I may have umm… Acquired certain feelings for her.

Matthew: Wait… What?

Wehttam: When I 1st saw her back at the factory, when I came back here, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. That hair, that face, her cute body. Everything.

Matthew: Whoa whoa whoa. Wait. You’re catching feelings for Florinia?!

Wehttam: Well am I not allowed?

Matthew: I didn’t say that. I just… I didn’t think a soul or entity could catch feelings for, as you say, us vessels.

Wehttam: Quite the contrary. We can but it never works out for us.

Matthew: Well considering the fact it’s not the actual me that likes her like that, yea. I agree.

Wehttam: You’re sure are negative sometimes aren’t you?

Matthew: Just being honest. Haha.

Wehttam: Well, your time is almost up.

Matthew: Wait. Before I leave, is something else gonna happen to 1 of my Pokemon?

Wehttam: Do you expect me to spoil EVERYTHING for you?

Matthew: Well I mean… You did for Rowlet.

Wehttam: Hehehe. I was being nice. I’m not going to spoil anything for you. You’re going to have to find out for yourself.

Matthew: Ahhh man.

Wehttam: Now, go to sleep so you can continue beating Gym Leaders for their badge. I believe the next Gym Leader is Florinia yes?

Matthew: Mhm. It’s gonna be an interesting battle. See you later Wehttam!


I laid down on the bushy ground and was fast asleep.




Wehttam (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - Another meeting with Wehttam tonight. Talked about that person ZEL. He seems intrigued by them but also a bit concerned. And NOW, it has feeling for Florinia. Psh. Just my luck for me to get an entity that falls for a robotic like girl for that AND acts crazy when he takes over my body... Buuuut he does good and not only protects me but also the friends I've made through this journey. So that's good.


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What a catchy story! So Wehttam would have a crush for Florinia, that’s quite interesting. He seems to be a kind of omniscient entity like Shade. I liked his way to confess. Go ahead with the crazy talk :)

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15 minutes ago, Q-Jei said:

What a catchy story! So Wehttam would have a crush for Florinia, that’s quite interesting. He seems to be a kind of omniscient entity like Shade. I liked his way to confess. Go ahead with the crazy talk :)

Thanks. But I'll be honest. I kinda just threw that in there to be interesting. Wasn't planned or anything. xD So I can't wait to see what comes up next with that. Although, I'm trying to think when the next time a visit should happen. I mean it makes sense that I would visit him in my dreams after every life threatening scene but I'm not sure if that should be the only time I get to see him or when it's necessary. Like maybe after beating Florinia. But that might be too soon. Then again, it would add more to the Wehttam crushing on Florinia story as well. Ahh! Idk. Haha. xD

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I woke up and sat up on the couch. I felt like I was sleeping on top of a tree. I looked over to the girl at the desk.


Matthew: Thanks for letting me sleep here. It was refreshing.

Girl: You’re welcome. Although, you talk a lot in your sleep. Must have been having a crazy dream there huh?

Matthew: You can say that. Well, here’s your pillow and blanket. I should get going. Gonna challenge the Gym Leader today.

Girl: You mean Florinia?

Matthew: Mhm.

Girl: Ohh. Well good luck!


I walked out of the apartment complex and started to head my way up to the Onyx Ward where Florinia was waiting for me inside her Gym. I walked up to the stairs and looked at the Ward. This seemed untouched from the plant destruction that was happening to Obsidia Ward yesterday. Actually, this Ward looked better than any of the Wards he had seen. There wasn’t that much stuff here though. There was an apartment complex, some ladies house, the Onyx Arcade and the Onyx Trainer’s School. It wouldn’t make much sense for her gym to be in the apartment complex or the ladies house and the arcade seemed way to peppy and lively for Florinia. So I figured I’d go up into the school. I went up to the door but a student was there.


OTS Student: Hey. Are you a new student here?

Matthew: No. I’m here to challenge Florinia for a Gym Battle for her badge.

OTS Student: Ahh. Then you’ll want to enter the door over there. It’s still connected to the school but it’s closer to her Gym.

Matthew: Alright. Thanks.


I listened to the students advice and went to the door on the other side of the school. I walked in and right in front of me was Fern. I could tell he wasn’t happy to see me.



Fern: Matthew.

Matthew: Fern.

Fern: Someone told me that you coming here to challenge my sister to a Gym Battle.

Matthew: Correct. So if you don’t mind-

Fern: Hey! I didn’t say you can go through.

Matthew: Really? Are you afraid I’m gonna beat your sister or something?

Fern: Heh. See Matthew, I know you. Or should I say, I know the “both of you.” You and your crazy side. That doesn’t freak me out anymore. Not that that doesn’t make you a freak but I’ve overcome that.

Matthew: Btw, does your jaw still hurt from that punch?

Fern: Shut it! If there’s 1 thing I know for sure is that right now, you’re the real you. Not crazy. How would you feel if I pummeled you?


I froze up. Even though I knew my entity friend would help me if there was ever a time I felt my life was threatened and he was around, he’d pay for it. But I also didn’t feel like eating another knuckle sandwich. So I shut up and let him speak.


Fern: Good. You know your place. Anyways, you don’t deserve to challenge her Matt. You’re not good enough. This right here is a good example of that.

Matthew: Come on dude. I just wanna-

Fern: Shut it! Trey, tell the other kids not to let Matthew in. And Skye, go hit the switch for the gate.


His lackey’s exited the room, listening to what Fern had ordered them to do.


Matthew: Seriously?

Fern: Hmph. Maybe you don’t understand why I’m doing this Matthew. Not like I’m trying to stick up for the Flobot. But it’s a matter of our family and our school’s pride.


Fern walked backwards, still keeping his eyes on me. I stood there watching. I didn’t want to get hit. When he got back far enough, a steel grate came crashing down to the ground. Fern looked at me through the holes of the steel grate.



Fern: And you, you crazy son of a bitch. You’re not worthy.


With that, Fern stormed to an area to the left. I stood there for a couple of seconds, angry at the fact that Fern had denied me access to Florinia and to challenge her for the Gym badge. I walked outside and started to pound the wall of the school. I was very angry. Suddenly, a Pokemon popped out of 1 of my PokeBalls. It was Jessie, my Ekans. It was slithering around in an angry way. It must have felt my anger and needed to express it. I tried to calm it down but nothing seemed to work. Suddenly, Jessie stopped her slithering around and looked at me. I didn’t know what was going on. Then, to my surprise, she started to glow and change.





I was in shock. My 1st Pokemon was evolving. I know my Rowlet evolved before but this felt different. I had a connection with Jessie. I watched as she got finished evolving into an Arbok.





She looked at me with a happy smile on her face. I leaped toward her and hugged her.


Matthew: Jessie! You… You evolved! Did you evolve for me?

Arbok: Charrrrbok Char!

Matthew: Haha! This is so exciting. I’m so proud of you. Maybe Fern locking me out of the school wasn’t so bad after all. Now, I have a stronger ally.

Arbok: Charbok Char!


I took out my PokeBall and returned Jessie back inside of her PokeBall. I felt much better and much more excited. I decided that I would take on all of Fern’s lackies and take him down at the end, if necessary. But hopefully, he wouldn’t hit me again like he did last time. As I approached the door I was at before, the same student stopped me.


OTS Student: Whoa there buddy. Where do you think you’re going?

Matthew: I’m going inside. Is that a problem?

OTS Student: You’re not allowed in. Fern gave me the heads up about you.

Matthew: Ohh great.

OTS Student: So you gonna leave?

Matthew: No.

OTS Student: Fine. Time to battle.


After the battle, I pushed the dude to the side and walked into the school. It certainly looked nice in there.



There was even a PokeCenter inside. Thank Arceus. Now I don’t have to go all the way back to the Obsidia or Coral Wards and use their PokeCenters. There were a lot of books around as well. But of course there would be. This is a school after all. I walked down the corridor and was stopped by a another student.


Matthew: Ugh. I was hoping I could just slip on by but I guess not.


I battled her and beat her and then another student and went upstairs.



This seemed like the dorm rooms. I decided to look into some of them. They looked nice. Kind of wanted me to go back to school. But of course, there were more of Fern’s lackies to take care of. I battled through them and went down another set of stairs. When I got down to the bottom, I looked at another corridor and saw that it was filled with even more books. But, they were also filled with more of Fern’s goons. I finally had enough and through all of the PokeBalls up into the air and my Pokemon popped out of them.


Matthew: Alright. I’m sorry to all the teachers and counselors and whoever else might work here but I’m tired of having to go through Fern’s group. Everyone that is obeying Fern, send out your Pokemon now and we’re gonna have a battle royal right here, right now!


Some of the OTS students grinned and walked towards me calling out their Pokemon. Me and my Pokemon got ready for the fight and it began. A lot of Pokemon were going after mine but slowly, we started to get the upper hand. Finally, after a long grueling battle royal, my team stood tall in victory. Fern’s goons stood there in shock at what they just witnessed. Before I continued though, I went back to the room with the PokeCenter and rested my Pokemon and myself there. After that, I continued walking towards the room Fern had walked into before. I reached there and saw Fern blocking a door. He saw me and put his hand over his face.



Fern: Ugh! Those kids can’t do ANYTHING right!

Matthew: Well, I’m just a better trainer than them. I’m also a better trainer than y-

Fern: If you plan on finishing that sentence, prepare to feast on this.


Fern clenched his face and showed it to me. But I was too tired to care. He had delayed my Gym Battle against Florinia and had his group try to take me out. I had it with him.


Matthew: Yea. Cool. Still a better trainer than you.


Fern widened his eyes, shocked to hear the words come out of my mouth. He gritted his teeth and threw a punch. But this time, I saw it coming and side stepped him. I stood my foot out and watched as Fern fall onto his ass. I stood there laughing at him. He got up again but angrier than before. He clenched his fist again and was about to hit me once more. But by the time he had tried to throw a punch at me, I already had my Godra Goodra out.


Matthew: Look. I just wanna get this over with. Just send out your Pokemon and let’s battle.

Fern: Grrr! Tch. Fine. But you’re gonna learn that unlike last time, you’re gonna get wrecked scrub!




After the battle was done, Fern looked towards the ground and then back at my face. I was prepared for a punch being thrown at me but he never did. He just stared at me. Finally, he spoke.


Fern: I hate this so much! You’re infuriating Matthew! Seriously! You think you’re SO DAMN COOL, just because you’re taking on the Gym League. Well guess what punk. 2 can play at that game! If a freak like you can do it, I’ll surely have no problem with it. You know, I’d thank you but I’d just be wasting my time. Later loser. I’ve got things to take care of.


And with that, Fern went on his way. I looked as I saw him disappear through the doors. I was relieved. I thought I’d have to fight him which I was not looking forward to, despite my earlier dodge from his punch before. I decided I would just heal my Pokemon at the PokeCenter here and recuperate for a bit before challenging Florinia for her Gym Badge.


Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 23

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Poison Tail/Glare



Goomy (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 23

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Bubble/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 23

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Knock Off/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clauncher (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 23

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aqua Jet/Bubble/Bubble Beam



Dartrix (Link)/Male/Level 23

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leafage/Razor Leaf/Peck/Astonish



Koffing (James)/Male/Level 23

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Assurance/Destiny Bond




Fern -1 (0/10) - Ok. Fern is officially on my shite list. He tried to get his little gang to stop me from battling his sister for the Gym Badge. He even tried to punch me again! Ugh! He's so damn annoying! Hopefully, I don't see him for a long, long, LONG time!


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Matthew: Alright. It’s time to challenge Florinia.


I got up from my chair and started to walk towards the room that I had battled Fern a little while ago. I was looking forward to this battle. I made it to the room and went inside. I looked in front of me and there was some kind of structure in front of the door I presumed to be the Gym Battle Arena.



And old man walked up to me and started to talk to me.



Old Man: Hello there young man. What are you doing here?

Matthew: Well I’m here to challenge Florinia to a Gym Battle but seems the door is closed off.

Old Man: Ohohohoho. Well I know how to get those things to clear the way. Florinia likes people to study in the school. You must answer questions from the computers in the other room. When you get them all correct, the door will be open to you.

Matthew: Ohh. Well than you very much for that information.

Old Man: No problem.


I saw 1 of those computers that were inside Julia’s Gym and decided to go over there and talk to Ame. I pressed the button and Ame’s face appeared on the screen.



Matthew: Hey Ame.

Ame: Is that you Matthew?

Matthew: Yep. I’m here at the Onyx Trainer’s School.

Ame: Ohh! That means you’ll be battling Florinia for her Gym Badge. Unless you decided to become a student there?

Matthew: No. Just the Gym Battle.

Ame: I figured but just wanted to be sure. Hmm. Well she’s not like your ordinary Grass Type Gym Leader.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Ame: Well most Grass Type Gym Leaders would use something like a field or a rose garden as their battle surroundings. Florinia is different. She uses the desert as a battle field.

Matthew: Hmm. That actually makes sense with her.

Ame: Her Pokemon will try to widdle your damage down with status effects and sandstorms and things like that. You need to power through them though.

Matthew: I think I get the picture here. Thanks for the heads up Ame.

Ame: No problem. Good luck Matt!

Matthew: Wait! Really quick. The PokeGear. Does it have anyway to connect to the internet?

Ame: Yes. There’s an option to connect to the internet on the settings there.

Matthew: Alright. Thanks. See you later.


The screen went blank. I figured Florinia wanted me to read the books all around the school but I wasn’t gonna do that. I went to the other room with the multiple computers. I read the 1st question and looked it up on my PokeGear.



I put the answer in and the computer screen said correct and then went to black. I did the same thing 7 more times. I went back to the room with the stuff in front of the door but this time, the door was cleared. I stepped through and entered into the Battle Arena. Florinia was ahead of me but to the side of me were a bunch of students there watching as I walked up to her. Talk about being uncomfortable.



Matthew: Umm… Were you just getting done teaching a class?

Florinia: No. They will observe our Gym Battle here today.

Matthew: Do you do this with all of your challengers?

Florinia: Yes. People should observe a Gym Leader Battle so they know to not underestimate them.

Matthew: Hmm. That does make sense.

Florinia: Anyways, your assistance in Meteor-related affairs is appreciated. However, that alone fails to merit the appropriation of a badge.

Matthew: Well I know that. I wouldn’t wanna be given a badge no other way.

Florinia: Then please take your place on the other side of the field.


I walked over to the end of the field and looked back at Florinia. Again, she stared at me for a couple of seconds. Maybe she was wondering if Wehttam was gonna come out. I felt a rumble going on in my stomach.


Matthew (quietly to myself): Ow! I know you got a crush on her but calm it down will ya?

Florinia: Accordingly, let us begin. Please do not mistake the impartial application of these tests as unthankfulness. Students, please take notes on standard battling procedure. The demonstration will commence. Hypothesis: Subject possess insufficient data for conclusive results. Expected outcome: failure.

Matthew: Wait. Did you just tell me that you’re expecting to beat me? Now I really can’t wait for the battle to begin!

Florinia: Proceed with the battle.




The battle was over and I had come out victorious. The class stood up and clapped their hands for such an incredible battle. Florinia then handed me my badge or as she called it, the Canopy Badge.


Matthew: Thank you Florinia. That was an intense battle.

Florinia: Indeed. Now then, where do you intend to go now?

Matthew: I have no idea. I’d like to go battle my 3rd Gym Battle but I have no idea where to go

Florinia: I see. Well, I do have 1 final request from you.

Matthew: What’s that?

Florinia: Because of my status as Gym Leader and faculty at this school, I cannot stray far from it. At least, for now. However, there is a crisis still happening similar to the 1 you helped stopped just a bit ago.

Matthew: You mean the plant life?

Florinia: Correct. As you most likely have heard, the Jasper and Beryl Wards have been ransacked by the same machine as Obsidia.

Matthew: Actually, I didn’t til now but continue.

Florinia: We caught Obsidia in a budding state but they were not as fortunate. Seeing as you are the only 1 to have successfully terminated the previously active project, I ask that you go into the Jasper Ward and see if the same thing is happening there.

Matthew: Wait. You want me to go into the Japser Ward, which is apparently worse than it was here, most likely take on Team Meteor by myself and try to save that Ward by myself?!

Florinia: Correct. I will make preparations for your passage to Jasper.


Florinia took out her PokeGear and made a call. I stood there frozen stiff. Scared. How was I supposed to do this all on my own? I always had someone helping me but now I’m on my own. Well… I suppose that isn’t true. I have Wehttam. He’s helped me in many situations before and I’ve been at the very least decently ok. I decided I would do it. Apparently, no 1 else could anyways. I might as well try to right? She hung up her phone and looked back towards me.


Florinia: Alright. Everything is set. When you get to the gate, just tell the officer your name and he’ll let you in.

Matthew: Alrighty then. Thanks.

Florinia: I would wish you luck, however, luck is merely an illusory essentialization of statistics, and is neither inherently good nor bad. Regardless, farewell.


My brain started to hurt. I have no idea what she said but I just waved good bye to her as I walked out of the room. My stomach again growled and hurt a bit.


Matthew: I know you like her but we gotta move. You heard her request. You wanna make her… some type of sad?


The pain stopped. I walked out of the school and towards my next destination: The Jasper Ward.


Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 23

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Poison Tail/Glare



Goomy (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 23

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Bubble/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 25

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Knock Off/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clauncher (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 24

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aqua Jet/Bubble/Bubble Beam



Dartrix (Link)/Male/Level 23

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leafage/Razor Leaf/Peck/Astonish



Koffing (James)/Male/Level 23

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Assurance/Destiny Bond




Ame (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - Feels like it's been weeks since I last talked to her. Kind of miss her. She let me in on Florinia's desert plans for her battle strategy and I was able to pull through with the victory.


Florinia +1 (7/10) - Really good battler. I can't believe she basically asked me to take on Team Meteor alone though. But... I suppose I should. People have been helping me here so I am gonna help back!


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As I was getting closer to the Jasper Ward, I noticed it was getting late. Great. Now I gotta go face Team Meteor alone AND do it at nighttime. I was debating whether or not to do this the next time but I didn’t want to take the chance of something major happening while I slept. So I kept on going. I made it to the gate to the Jasper Ward. A police officer was there blocking the path.



Matthew: Hey. Can I get through?

Police Officer: State your name.

Matthew: It’s Matthew.

Police Officer: Ohh! It’s you! Florinia told me to let you in whenever you’d show up. I’ll gladly let you in.

Matthew: Thanks.


The police officer moved to the side. As I was walking up the stairs, he spoke again.


Police Officer: I hope there’s a chance you can stop this mess at its source.

Matthew: Just how bad is it in Jasper?

Police Officer: You’ll see as soon as you get out of this little tunnel kid. And don’t even get me started with the Beryl Ward. That’s even worse.

Matthew: What happened?

Police Officer: Just like what was going on in Obsidia. Except you guys got to it in time. Jasper and Beryl… They didn’t get lucky.

Matthew: Wow…


I was getting scared. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But still. I had accepted to help here. Albeit, was somewhat forced into it but I did want to help. I just wish I didn’t had to do it alone.


Police Officer: Listen. We didn’t have time to even evacuate the citizens from those wards. Some are still trapped there. I know you have a lot of stuff on your mind about all of this but… If you could, would you try to save them?

Matthew: Of course I’ll try.

Police Officer: Thank you. Best of luck to anything you can accomplish in this situation.


I kept on walking up the steps, stepped out and saw the horrific scene. There were plants and vines everywhere. Some going through buildings. Hell. Some of the buildings were cut in half and knocked over. Only 1 building seemed to remain intact. As I was gonna go for the door of that place, I heard a voice coming from the corner of it. I walked over and saw a Team Meteor member.


Matthew: Hey you!

Team Meteor Grunt: Roger, standing by. Hold on, we have a suspicious person in the area!

Matthew: You mean you?


We both grabbed our PokeBalls and began the battle. It didn’t last long though. In a matter of seconds, I beat the grunt. But surprisingly, he didn’t leave. I didn’t know what else to do so I just left him there. I went inside the Police Station and sitting there behind a desk was the Police Chief.



Matthew: Hello there sir.

Police Chief: Greetings, young man. I am the Chief of the Reborn City Police Department.


I looked around but realized that there were no officers in here. Was it really that bad here?


Police Chief: While civilian affairs are of the highest importance to me, I’m afraid I cannot take any requests at this time.

Matthew: Seems like you’ve sent the entire force out there.

Police Chief: Well that’s not completely wrong. Our police force is already highly over-extended, and I’m afraid we can’t spare the man power at the moment.

Matthew: That is troubling news.

Police Chief: The worst part is that we have more turning up missing every day.

Matthew: That’s even worse news!

Police Chief: It is. I just don’t know what else to do.


Just then, a police officer came in reporting for duty. I turned around and he must have recognized my face because he started freaking out.



Police Officer: Oh my Arceus! It’s you!

Matthew: Heeey. Weren’t you the police dude that was blocking the way to Obsidia?

Police Officer: The very one. Florinia asked for you to go through. I’m glad she did. You stopped the destruction from happening at Obsidia Ward!

Police Chief: Wait. You’re saying it was this person here?

Matthew: Yea. Florinia and this other chick, Amaria, went to see what was going on about the plant life but it came down to just me and well I guess I did save Obsidia.

Police Chief: Hmmm.

Police Officer: Wait. Are you here to help out the Jasper Ward too?!

Matthew: Well Florinia asked me to soooo…

Police Chief: Young man, being that you are not officially enlisted, I cannot require you to act on any orders. However, I shall grant you a special permission permit for you to move freely about the area.

Matthew: Really? Thanks!


As I was about to leave, the Chief yelled out to me.


Police Chief: Wait! I have 1 favor to ask of you.

Matthew: Shoot.

Police Chief: As I’ve told you, more police officers have been turning up missing. If you could find them or rescue them or whatever and have them be brought back here, that’d be much appreciated.

Matthew: Well… Yea. I can do that. Do you have at least an estimated number of how many are lost/in danger?

Police Chief: There are at least 5. Thank you for your help.


I walked out of the building and looked up to the sky. Along with taking on Team Meteor alone and saving Jasper and Beryl Wards, I was now tasked with helping civilians and rescuing police officers. I wasn’t scared. I felt overwhelmed. But everyone was counting on me. So I kept on moving. I walked into some buildings and eventually found a PokeCenter. Good. Now I won’t have to travel far when I need to heal my Pokemon. I continued going through the torn down buildings and eventually found myself in front of a path going into some kind of forest. I saw a sign that was broken and covered in vines but I could make out most of it. It said “Malchous Forest.” I took a deep breath and walked the path. I soon started to see loads and loads of trees. It was actually a beautiful scene.



Until I started to see the vines and more Meteor Grunts. That ruined the peaceful moment. I ran through the forest defeating all the Team Meteor Grunts. Then I finally found it. The PULSE Machine and it still had the same Tangrowth in it. I jumped down the ledge and hid behind the machine but apparently must have made too much noise because a voice called for me.


???: Hey. I knew you’d show up eventually. Come over here.


I decided to listen and came out of my hiding location. I stood in front of the young man presented in front of me. He wasn’t wearing the usual Team Meteor uniform. Instead, he wore beige pants, a grayish-blue shirt and a red scarf around his neck. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days.



Normally, I’d feel scared around a higher ranked member of Team Meteor. But I didn’t feel scared of this guy for some reason.


???: You came here because of this machine right?

Matthew: Yea! And I won’t quit til I destroy it!

???: Hmph.


He looked at me for a few seconds and then back at the Tanhrowth in the machine. I didn’t feel threatened. I looked at the machine as well.


??? It’s a real shame huh? Tangrowth’s caused a lot of damage. Both lives and homes have been lost.

Matthew: Yea but I doubt it actually wanted to do that.

Taka: True. My name’s Taka. What’s yours?

Matthew: It’s Matthew. Why?

Taka: Figured. So you’re the 1 who stopped the PULSE in Obsidia huh?

Matthew: Well yea. Don’t think I’m just gonna walk away or anything though.

Taka: I know… Tell me Matthew. How familiar with the PULSE Project are you?

Matthew: Umm… Well I know it makes the Pokemon’s ability stronger.

Taka: So the basics. Well it stands for Pokemon Ultimation Link-System Exaggerata… It morphs the Pokemon and strengthens its abilities.

Matthew: So when it changes form…

Taka: That’s right. Think of it like Mega Evolution. Except any old Pokemon can become super charged thanks to the PULSE.

Matthew: That’s… That’s insane!

Taka: Maybe. But all the destruction in the Jasper Ward is thanks to this machine right here. However, there is a drawback.

Matthew: Yea? What’s that?

Taka: Turns out destroying a whole city region is pretty hard on a Pokemon’s body.

Matthew: Did you think it wouldn’t?!

Taka: I’m not that foolish but… Part of me does want to just set this thing free. It’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

Matthew: Then do it. Join the good side. You don’t even seem like you want to be part of the team.

Taka: Hehehe. Ohh Matthew. If only it were that simple. Unfortunately, I have orders to follow right now. I am with Team Meteor after all. And 1 of my orders is to eliminate you. So please don’t take this personally alright?

Matthew: I know there’s good in you somewhere Taka. But fine. Have it your way. You know, this will be my 1st time battling a higher up in Team Meteor and not needing my friend here.

Taka: What do you mean?

Matthew: Haha. Maybe you’ll meet him 1 day. Anyways, it’s time to battle!




After the battle was over, I could see some of the plants and vines receding back down into the ground. I had saved the Jasper Ward from anymore destruction. I felt happy about it. I turned towards Taka, who also seemed to be enjoying the fact that the plant life was ceasing to exist.



Taka: So that’s that huh?

Matthew: Yea. Seems like it.

Taka: Jasper might actually slowly return back to normal now that the machine is no longer useful.

Matthew: Taka… Join us. Join the good team. I don’t know why you’re with them but I can sense there’s some good in you. Come on. You can help me take down all the other PULSE machines and-

Taka: It sounds simple but really. I can’t. Besides, there’s another machine like this up in the Beryl Ward. I’ll see you there.


Taka then walked out of the forest. I stood there for a few minutes. I looked around the forest and the machine. I was tired and wanted to sleep but I felt good. I saved the Jasper Ward. I decided I should find a place to at least rest for a few hours. I would try to get a full night’s sleep but who knows if it’d be too late by then. I walked the same path Taka did as he left but I saw a little girl with pink hair standing there. She looked really mad for some reason.



Matthew: Umm… Hey. Are you lost little girl?

???: Don’t call me little and just what in the world do you even think you were doing?!


I don’t know if it was because I was getting super tired or her voice was that loud but it scared me a bit there. She was scarier than Taka.


Matthew: Whoa whoa. What did I do?

???: I was gonna mess up those Meteor jerks myself! It’s not fair! It’s not! It’s not! It’s not! I finally get away from my dad so I can stop the bad guys! He wouldn’t let me do it otherwise!

Matthew: Well maybe he’s just trying to-

???: NO! Just shut up! He never lets me go ANYWHERE! I mean what kind of father doesn’t let his daughter to go out and beat up the bad guys!

Matthew: 1 that cares about your safety?

???: Ugh! You know, sometimes I think he secretly trying to punish me… Maybe I remind him of mom or something. I don’t know! Anyways, the joke is on him though. I stole mom’s ring AND I snuck out to beat up the bad guys!

Matthew: I don’t think that’s very-

???: Now that I think about it, there’s another 1 of those machines up in the Beryl Ward where I live. I’m gonna go and blow up that 1. DON’T you try to stop me either! GOT IT?!

Matthew: Look. I just wanna make sure that the Ward’s are ok. Just don’t get hurt alright?

???: Whatever. I’m not gonna get hurt. Alright Salamence! It’s take-off time!


The little girl threw a PokeBall up into the air and out pops a Slamence. I stood there in shock as she hopped on.



How does a little girl like that own a Pokemon like that?! She flew up into the sky and headed up north to what I could only assume was the Beryl Ward. I was about to head back to the PokeCenter when I saw another path leading back into the Ward. I decided I’d head through that direction. I went through and saw that there were 2 buildings still standing up. I was about to go into 1 of them when I heard a commotion in the other. I ran up and put my ear to the wall. I didn’t know what was going on but it didn’t sound good. So I went up to the door, pushed it open and could see a Meteor Grunt holding a police officer hostage. The Team Meteor Grunt turned around and saw me.



Immediately, he threw out his Pokemon. I followed suit and in no time, defeated him. He got a mad look on his face but with no other options left, he stormed out of the building. I ran over to the officer to make sure he was alright.



Matthew: Hey. Are you ok?

Police Officer: Yea. I’m fine. He caught me off guard and cornered me here and I had no way of calling for help. He beat my Pokemon too so I was trapped.

Matthew: Well I’m glad you’re safe. The Chief asked me to find the officers that were missing. He’s waiting for you back at the Police Station.

Police Officer: Alright. Thank you. See you later.


I watched as the officer ran out of the building and hopefully making it back to the Police Station. I walked out and checked out the next building. The bottom floor was all messy and a huge crack on the floor. I went around the crack and went through the door on the other side of the room. It was an elevator. I took it up to the 5th floor. The rest of the floors didn’t work. I looked all around the room. It seemed like it was untouched. As I searched it some more, I saw a couch with a pillow and blanket. At this point, I was horribly tired. I decided I’d get some sleep here for a couple of hours and then resume my mission of destroying the other machine in Beryl Ward.



Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 28

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Poison Tail/Glare



Goomy (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 28

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Bubble/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 28

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Knock Off/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clauncher (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 29

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aqua Jet/Bubble/Bubble Beam



Dartrix (Link)/Male/Level 28

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Pluck/Leafage/Razor Leaf/Synthesis



Koffing (James)/Male/Level 28

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Assurance/Destiny Bond




Taka (5/10) - Out of all the Team Meteor people I've met, he seems to be the less scariest. He even seems like he hates being in that team. It's a shame he's sticking with them for whatever reason though. Maybe sometime down the line he'll change his mind but until then, he's a foe.


Pink-Haired Little Girl (5/10) - She screamed at me for beating up the bad guys, has issues with her father and stole something from him. BUT, she owns a FREAKING SALAMENCE! I'm not gonna get on her bad side. No matter what age she's at.


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I just watched the Episode 11 of your run. I approve the theme you gave for Florinia, Shooting Star is really representative of Matthew’s feelings toward her. And good job with Cradily and Chatot, those mons are still very annoying even if we know what to expect.

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12 hours ago, J-Awesome_One said:

I don’t know why you’re with them but I can sense there’s some good in you.

Does Matthew have psychic abilities? XD

Anyhow noice episode as always~ I presume you're going to find all the officers before the Beryl PULSE?

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Just now, Candy said:

Does Matthew have psychic abilities? XD

Anyhow noice episode as always~ I presume you're going to find all the officers before the Beryl PULSE?

Lol. No. xD I usually can read people decently well though. And already did so. However, in this version it's a bit more happy than the original. :P

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I got around 2 hours of sleep when I woke up. I looked out the window and saw that it was still nighttime. I at on the couch for a couple of minutes trying to wake up but another thing was on my mind. Someone used to live here and they had a decent life. This whole place. This whole Region. I imagined how’d it be like if I was here before the destruction happened. I imagined myself living here. I think I’d enjoy that. I snapped back into reality and got onto the elevator and went down to the main floor. I went through the forest and the knocked down buildings. I was about to carry on when I heard what seemed to be like snoring. I went in between 2 buildings and peeked around the corner. There, on the ground sleeping, was an officer. I slowly went up to him and tried to wake him up.



Matthew: Hey. Hey dude. Wake up.

Police Officer: Huh? Hu- What? Who are you?!

Matthew: Whoa there. Easy buddy. Just a friend. I’m Matthew. The Police Chief asked me to find his officers. Why were you sleeping here?

Police Officer: Well, I was here seeing if anyone needed help and then a vine came crashing up through the concrete. I couldn’t get out. I guess I was waiting for so long, I just fell asleep.

Matthew: Well, I’m glad your safe and I’m sure the Police Chief will be as well.

Police Officer: Yea. I should get back. Thanks Matthew!


The officer walked out of the alleyway and back to the station. I had saved 2. Only 3 were left. I continued my way up to the Beryl Ward. I walked into the stair tunnel and came out on top. To the right of me was a long bridge. The other way had lots of plant life and city destruction. I started walking towards the left side. This ward was a lot more wrecked than the Jasper Ward. So many buildings were crushed or torn down. The road was filled with cracks and vines.



As I was continuing my way to get to the machine, I saw a sign that said “Rhodocrine Jungle.” I continued down the path and again, I was faced with a lush green scene. It was quite beautiful. Although, I was enjoying the scenery too much. I stepped onto a pile of leaves and went straight through.



I hit my head hard off the ground. Before I lost consciousness, I looked up and saw a couple of Pokemon. I didn’t know what they were though. Then, I passed out. When I woke up, I was inside a cage made out of sticks and twigs. It was surprisingly strong though. Then I heard laughter but a Pokemon’s laughter. I looked over and saw 2 Nuzleafs laughing at me.



They must have made that hole and put me in here. But before I could say anything, they walked away. I sat there for a while until I heard someone walking towards my way. I got to the front of the cage and started to yell.


Matthew: Hello?! Can you hear me?! I’m stuck in here!


I would soon regret my decision. When the person got closer, I could see who it was. It was Fern.



Fern: No way… HAHAHAHAHA!


He started to laugh at me and then he walked away. I was furious. Why did he walk away? But then he started to walk back.


Fern: Ohh my Arceus. This is just too funny. Seeing you trapped in a cage. This is PRICELESS!

Matthew: Shut up and just let me out ok?

Fern: You look helpless. It suits you.

Matthew: You gonna keep going or are you gonna help me?

Fern: I can’t believed you were imprisoned by Nuzleaf. Here I am looking for a Gym Leader and all I find is a scrub in a cage. How lame is that.

Matthew: Very. Now please help me?

Fern: Hey. How many badges do you have Matt?

Matthew: 2. Why?

Fern: Turns out the Gym Leaders here are super easy. I tore through 2 of them like they were nothing!

Matthew: You realize 1 of them was your sister right?

Fern: Still tore through her. By the way, you shouldn’t try to be laying smack on me considering you’re the 1 stuck in a cage. But I suppose I can’t TOTALLY blame you. The Nuzleaf around here are crafty. They probably built that trap to keep intruders out. Or in your case, in. No worries though. I, Fern, the top dog, will help you out.

Matthew: Ohh thank Arce-

Fern: If you get on your knees and beg me.

Matthew: Wait. What?

Fern: Get on your knees and beg me to free you.

Matthew: Can you stop being a dick for once in your life and just let me out of here?

Fern: Is that a no?

Matthew: Yes it’s a no. Now pull the lever and let me out.

Fern: Naw. I don’t have time for this.

Matthew: What?


Fern turned around and started to walk away. He was really gonna walk away. He was gonna leave me in the cage and just go along like he didn’t see anything. How else would I get out? Would it be too late to stop their plan when I did? I couldn’t risk that. I swallowed my pride and called out to him.


Matthew: Wait! Fern!


Fern stopped and and turned his body half way and his head the rest.



Matthew: I’ll… I’ll do it…


Slowly, I got down on my knees and looked up at him. He grinned and walked up to the cage.


Fern: Perfect. Now repeat after me. I, Matthew, admit that I am an inferior Trainer, Battler and Person to Fern.

Matthew: I, Matthew, admit that I am… I am an inferior Trainer, Battler and Person to… you.

Fern: Furthermore, I, Matthew, swear that I will never get in Fern’s way again because I’m not worth the time it takes him to step on me.

Matthew: Come on. I said the other stuff. Isn’t that good enough?

Fern: Say it or I’m walking away and not coming back even if you do say all of that.

Matthew: Ugh… Fine. Furthermore, I, Matthew, swear that I will never get in your way again because I’m not worth the time it takes you to… to… step on me.

Fern: And for the finale. I, Matthew, fully embrace the fact that I will NEVER be remotely anywhere as cool, stylish, popular, talented, good-looking or likable as Fern.

Matthew: I, Matthew, fully embrace the fact that I will never be remotely anywhere as cool, stylish, popular, talented, good-looking or likable as… yoooouuuuu.

Fern: Ha! So desperate. I love it dude. No worries. I’ll keep my end of the promise.


Fern walked over to the lever and pulled it. The door to the cage lifted. I was free but I felt bad for begging to Fern like that.


Fern: Now don’t get trapped again Princess. I’m not gonna save your ass for a 2nd time. Later loser!


With that, Fern walked away. I stood there, feeling sorry for myself that I just did that. But then I remembered why I did it. I loosened myself up and continued onwards. As I explored the jungle, I heard a faint voice come from a cave. I listened and eventually found the cave. I went inside and saw a police officer stuck behind a cage door, similar to the 1 I was trapped behind.



I saw the lever, pulled it and went inside to make sure he was alright.



Matthew: Hey. You ok buddy?

Police Officer: Yea. I was walking through the jungle when I fell down a hole. I lost consciousness and when I woke up, I was in here and I saw a couple of Nuzleaf there laughing and then they ran off.

Matthew: I know how that feels. But hey. The Police Chief wants you back at the Police Station.

Police Officer: Alright. Thank you!


The officer walked out of the cave and so did I. I was about to go up when I saw another cave. I decided to check it out. There wasn’t anything there except for a lever at the end of the cave. I pulled it and heard a loud screeching noise come from somewhere outside. I didn’t know what I did but I did something. I walked out and continued to walk up. I came to a point where there were some sticks putting up and they looked very sharp. But it seemed like a row was all flat. I wondered to myself if that lever in the cave had anything to do with this. With no way to continue, I headed downwards. I had to go under a bridge but on a little tiny piece of land, there was another lever. I rushed up towards that area. When I got there, I pulled the lever. I could see that some of the sharp sticks had flipped over to a flat surface.



All I needed to do was to find another lever and I’d be able to cross it. I saw a path that was near the underpass of the bridge. I went in. There was a huge building there but also another small building. I remembered seeing something on the ground through 1 of the broken houses. So I entered. But 1st, I had to battle a couple of the Team Meteor Grunts. Wasn’t anything hard though. I made it to the lever and pulled it and heard the loud screeching noise.



They were all turned over. I walked back out and decided to explore the huge building. I went inside but almost screamed when I saw someone was standing there near the doorway. Although, I didn’t feel scared of him. He seemed like he wanted to help.



Survivor: Hey. What are you doing here?

Matthew: I… just wanted to check this place out.

Survivor: Ahh. Well you may. This used to be a library. But now… Well it’s not.

Matthew: Wow. Wait. What are you doing here?

Survivor: Well I’m staying here til whatever is going on out there stops. By the way, do you or your Pokemon need any healing? I got plenty of supplies.

Matthew: Not at the moment but I’ll make sure to come back if my Pokemon get hurt.

Survivor: Alright.


Nice guy. Good to know that he’s here and I can heal my Pokemon here instead of all the way back in Jasper Ward. I checked out all of the rooms of the library. Lots of debris and books lying around. I went into the last room and found a Growlithe lying on the floor. The floor creaked and it woke up and started to growl at me.


Growlithe: Growl Growlithe!


I could see that it was hurt. I pulled out a couple of Potions and went closer to it.


Matthew: Hey buddy. Listen to me. I’m not hear to hurt you. I just want to make you feel better. This stuff will help you. It might sting a bit but you’ll feel better in no time.


The Growlithe looked at me and then laid on the ground. I knelt beside it and started spraying the potions on it. It cried out from the stinging sensation but in a matter of seconds of finishing, it looked as good as new.



Matthew: You feel better?

Growlithe: Growlithe!

Matthew: Good. Hmm. A Growlithe. You prob belong to a police officer. Do you know where your partner went?

Growlithe (shaking its head no): Growlithe.

Matthew: It’s ok. Why don’t you come along with me and we’ll find him together.

Growlithe: Growlithe Grow!


I left the room, with Growlithe in tow. We walked back to the entrance of the library and exited out. We went back to where the sharp sticks were and they were all turned around. We walked towards another path that seemed to lead toward more the town area. As we walked, we encountered even more Team Meteor Grunts. I had the Growlithe keep an eye around the area each time I faced a Meteor Grunt. I noticed there was another building with an opening bashed into it from the side.


Matthew: I wonder what the odds are of there being a police officer in there being guarded by a Team Meteor Grunt.


I walked in and my suspicions were correct. A Team Meteor Grunt was keeping an officer hostage.



But before I could do anything, the Growlithe jumped up and performed a Flamethrower attack on the Meteor Grunt. The Grunt got caught on fire and ran for it outside to, I presume, try to extinguish the fire. Growlithe chased after him. I walked up to the officer.



Police Officer: Thank you.

Matthew: Well you’re welcome but really, the Growlithe did everything.

Police Officer: Hey. That looked like my partner’s Growlithe.

Matthew: Really? Do you know where he is?

Police Officer: He’s being held captive by these 3 weird people.

Matthew: Alright. I’ll save him and take care of them while you go back to the Police Station.

Police Officer: Alright. Good luck there kid.


The Police Officer left and so did I along with the Growlithe. We headed down south and that’s when I saw the machine through the trees. We hid behind a tree. I looked over to a knocked down building and saw an officer tied up to it.


Matthew: Listen to me Growlithe. I want you to stay behind this tree for now. When I call your name, then you come out alright? Don’t worry. We’ll rescue your friend.

Growlithe: Growlithe!


I took a couple of heavy breaths and walked out into the open. I could see ZEL, Taka and some kind of hooded figure.


Zel: It’s you!

Taka: Ohh hey there Matthew.

???: What is it now? Who is this?

Matthew: My name is Matthew and I’m here to put a stop to all of this nonsense!

Taka: He’s not lying. He’s the 1 that put the PULSE Machine out of action in the Jasper Ward.

zEl: And he’s also responsible for shutting down the 1 in Obsidia Park.

Taka: I invited Matthew over here so we could deal with the problem thoroughly.

???: Hmm. So it was you. Some kind of street rat trying to be a valiant hero. Pathetic.

Zel: He also seemed to have some kind of crazy personality side to him.

Taka: Is that so? He seemed to be pretty normal to me back when I 1st met him.

Matthew: You all can worry about that later. For right now, I’m gonna shut down this machine!

???: Hahaha. You shall soon learn dear boy. You just stepped out of your safety word and into the real world. Welcome to the cold pain of reality.

???: Hold it right there!


Everyone, including me, looked up towards the sky and saw a Salamence flying down towards us. I knew who it was. The little girl with the pink hair. She landed right in front of the hooded guy.


Taka: Wait a second. Isn’t that-

zEl: Heather… The daughter to the Beryl Ward Gym Leader and-

???: Yes yes. I know who she is but WHY is she here?!

Heather: Are all of you bad guys stupid?! I’m here to beat you up! That’s why!

Matthew: I mean it is rather obvious.


Then it hit me. Everyone was focused on Heather. I looked back to the officer and ran over to him. I cut him free.


Police Officer: Thanks. I don’t know what I would have been able to do if you hadn’t saved me.

Matthew: Don’t thank me yet. This isn’t over. Do you know where your Pokemon is?

Police Officer: No. Last time I saw him, we were at the library and we got sneak attacked.

Matthew: Figures. Don’t worry though. Growlithe!


The Growlithe heard me and ran over. It saw its trainer and ran over to him and started licking his face. I could see the police officer was happy to see it.


Police Officer: Thank you so much. If there’s anything I can do for you, just tell me.

Matthew: There is. That little girl isn’t gonna be able to have them all distracted for long. I need you to team up with me and double battle with me.

Police Officer: But… I only have Growlithe.

Matthew: I know. I’m still gonna need your help.

Police Officer: Well… Alright. Gotta help out the civilians.


The police officer joined me at my side as we paid attention to what was going on with the others.



???: You’re reckless. I’m sure you were raised more responsible yes?

Heather: I don’t want to hear that! I came here to beat all you baddies! People always try to stop me from doing things. ALL THE TIME! Their rules are totally stupid though!

???: Just because you do not understand them, does not make them stupid. You shall learn someday.

Heather: Oh my ARCEUS! Shut up already would you?! I’m here to beat you up, not get lectured!

???: Hmph. I don’t wish to do this but so be it. Zel, Taka. Deal with Matthew and protecting the PULSE. I shall deal with the girl.

Taka: You got it.


Both Taka and ZEL turned around expecting to just see me alone but instead, they also noticed the police officer right next to me.



Zel: Blast it all! We got distracted and Matthew was able to rescue the cop!

Taka: Is it really gonna be that bad though?

zeL: I’m-I’m sorry Matthew, but it seems that-

Zel: It’s time for some payback!


Everyone sent out their Pokemon and the separate battles began. A couple of minutes into the battle and the police officer’s Growlithe had fainted. He went over and picked up his fallen companion.


Police Officer: What do we do now?! They’re gonna gang up on you!

Matthew: It’s ok! I’ll have to use 2 of my Pokemon as well.

Police Officer: But you could… I mean-

Matthew: Listen to me! You really helped me out a lot. You 2 helped me bring down 2 of their Pokemon. I’ll be able to take the rest of them down by myself. I still have a full team. Don’t forget that.

Police Officer: Well I mean… If you’re sure.

Matthew: I am! Now listen to me! Go through the jungle to get back to the Police Station! You don’t have to worry about dealing with any Team Meteor guys. I took them all out. I got this. Don’t worry.


The officer looked at me for a couple of seconds and then nodded his head in agreement and ran back the way I came.


Zel: You really think you can still take us on by yourself!? Even if we are down 4 Pokemon, the PULSE will remain here and will continue to do its work of destruction!

Matthew: We’ll see about that!


The battle continued now 2 against 1. But I was able to take down the remainder of their team and came out victorious. If it wasn’t for the police officer there, I don’t know if I would have won that battle.



Taka: Well, that’s not good. And was not expected.

zEl: With the PULSE deactivated, there is no longer any purpose of protecting this location.

Taka: I’m gonna leave then. You coming or what?

zeL: Umm… Sure I guess…


The 2 of them then vanished. The hooded grunt noticed that his companions abandoned him, which seemed to have gotten him upset.



???: Tch. I can’t believe they just ran away.

Matthew: Wow. You can really handle yourself there Heather.

Heather: Thanks. You’re not that bad yourself there.

???: Don’t talk to my… Urgh! Crobat! Return!


He returned his Crobat back into its PokeBall and then made a run for it. Heather did the same with her Salamence and bother her and I made a run for him. We didn’t have to run far though. Turns out saving the missing cops had been helpful after all. Although I only saw 4, I figured that the other 1 that just got away was still escaping through the jungle.



Police Chief: Stop! There’s nowhere to run. We have you completely surrounded.

???: Wait. A police ambush?! What are those idiot Meteor Grunts doing? They were supposed to detain the city officers.

Matthew: Ohh they did. But umm… Well… I MAY have had something to do with that.


The hooded man turned around and faced me. Although I could not see his face, I could feel him giving me a death stare.


???: You…

Police Chief: Now, it’s time to find out who this creep really is!

???: Wait! No!


The Police Chief swiftly took the hood off of the man. Everybody, except for me, gasped with surprise. The man had purple spiky hair and wore mostly purple.



He sort of reminded me of Cain but more evil. I looked over to Heather, who seemed like she was about to cry.


Matthew: Heather, are you ok?

Heather: That’s… That’s my dad.

Matthew: What?!

???: Great. You just had to out me in front of her didn’t you?

Heather: I knew you were a jerk but… I never thought you’d be evil. I just… I can’t… Come out Salamence!


Her Salamence came out, she hopped on and flew off. I didn’t blame her. I have no clue how’d I react if I found out my father was part of an evil organization. I turned my focus back to what was going on in front of me.



???: Well then. This is easier if she isn’t here for this.

Matthew: You’re her dad but… Why would you-

Police Chief: Gym Leader Corey right?

Matthew: Wait. HE’S a Gym Leader?!

Police Chief: Yes. Gym Leader of the Beryl Ward to be exact. But I’m so confused. The Gym Leaders are among the Reborn’s most trusted citizens. Why join with Team Meteor?

Corey: Welcome to reality. It’s cold and cruel. It’s life.

Matthew: That doesn’t explain anything!

Corey: You… I’ll deal with you later.

Police Chief: Hold on. Are you saying there are others?

Corey: You’d be stupid to think otherwise. Everything isn’t so nice and simple. The world you think you’re in is a paradise-candyland. But it’s actually a crack dream.

Police Chief: Some big words for someone who’s gonna be facing the judge!

Corey: Hmhmhm. Do you think so? All you’ve done is unmasked a father before his daughter. Nothing more. You showed her what all girls eventually learn… Pain.

Matthew: What have you done to your daughter Corey?

Corey: I did what I had to do to make sure she knows the truth about the world. The real world. You wanna apprehend me though right Chief? I’ll be waiting at my gym. I’ll especially be waiting for your appearance as well Matthew.


A cloud of smoke rose from the ground up. When it cleared, Corey was no where in sight.



Police Chief: How did he…

Matthew: I have no clue.

Police Chief: Beryl Ward Gym… It’s gotta be a trap but… It’s the only place to go to. Everyone, to the Beryl Ward Gym!


The Police Chief and his men all went running off to Corey’s Gym. I walked to the nearest PokeCenter and healed my Pokemon. I was a little scared of what would be happening next so I decided to train my Pokemon a bit before going inside Corey’s Gym. After training them and healing them, I walked up to the Gym. I stared at the building. I didn’t anticipate a Gym Leader being part of Team Meteor. I stood there looking at the building, wondering what was in store for me in there.



Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 30

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Poison Tail/Glare



Goomy (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 30

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Bubble/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 30

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Knock Off/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clauncher (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 30

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aqua Jet/Crabhammer/Bubble Beam



Dartrix (Link)/Male/Level 30

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Pluck/Leafage/Razor Leaf/Synthesis



Koffing (James)/Male/Level 30

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Assurance/Destiny Bond




Taka (5/10 NO CHANGE!) - Taka still doesn't seem like he wants to be with Team Meteor despite teaming up with another member. I wish he'd join us. But he won't.


Heather +2 (7/10) - Now I can understand why she hates her Dad. And even more so since finding out he's part of an evil team! I feel so sorry for her.


Corey (3/10) - I hate the fact that he's a Gym Leader AND he is part of Team Meteor. There must be a reason why. And I'm worried for why he raised his daughter the way he did. Hopefully, I'll find out more during our Gym Battle.


ZEL (3/10 NO CHANGE!) - ZEL doesn't seem like they've changed. I'm still curious as to what he or they are.


Fern (0/10 NO CHANGE!) - He made me beg to be let out of a prison basically... I can't believe I did that. There's no way in hell that I'd ever be his friend if we were the last 2 people on this planet!


Original Double Battle Video Here!


Now since I changed the way that battle played out, I didn't put the battle video there. But for anyone that wants to see the original battle, please watch and enjoy this battle between me and ZEL & Taka. :)





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I opened the doors and went inside. Before looking around the place, I saw the Police Chief standing near the entrance and he didn’t look too good.



Matthew: Hey. What’s wrong?

Police Chief: Thank Arceus you’re here. My men came in here and were looking for Corey when all of a sudden gas started spewing out of those cylinders and my men started to act weird.

Matthew: Weird how?

Police Chief: They just started ordering their Pokemon to attack me so I hid here. But I don’t know what to do.

Matthew: Alright. Stay here. I’ll figure something out.


I was about to go around looking for the officers when I noticed the computer behind me. I almost forgot that Corey was a Gym Leader. I figured I’d might as well call her up and see how Corey battles. I’d prob have to battle him anyways. I pressed the button and Ame’s face appeared on screen.



Ame: Matthew! How’s it been?

Matthew: It’s umm… It’s good.

Ame: Great! So are you at Corey’s Gym?

Matthew: Yes.

Ame: Ahh. He’s a bit troubling.

Matthew: Why’s that?

Ame: Well he uses something called the Corrosive Mist Field. This scary tactic can poison any Pokemon every single turn.

Matthew: Wait. What?!

Ame: Yea. I hear the same when I tell other trainers this. Actually, this is where half the trainers quit their adventure.

Matthew: Well, that’s not me.

Ame: Good. Anyways, it does have a glaring weakness. The poison is ties to the mist. Which means you can use the air against him! But I think you’ll do good Matthew. Good luck!

Matthew: Thanks Ame… Good luck.


The screen shut off and I continued to look at it. Great. Now my Pokemon will get poisoned. Well… Only half of them. Jessie and James couldn’t get poisoned thanks to being Poison Types and TongueClumsy has Immunity. So that was somewhat lucky for me. I started to look around the place. There were 6 huge containers with some kind of colored gases inside of them.


Matthew (thinking to myself): Those must be the gases that made the officers go wild.


I walked around the place and saw an officer walking around really weird. I walked up to him and he immediately sent out a Pokemon. I did the same thing and quickly defeated him. Afterwards, he fell to the ground but seemed go back to normal.


Matthew: Hey hey. Are you ok?

Police Officer: Yea. Now I am.

Matthew: What happened?

Police Officer: I was looking around trying to find Corey and then this mist started to spray and… I don’t remember anything after that.

Matthew: Alright. Go to the Police Chief and I’ll get the rest of your buddies.

Police Officer: Alright. And thanks for the save again.


The officer went back downstairs and back to the Chief. I looked for the other officers and battled them as well. They returned to normal and went back to the Police Chief. I went back downstairs and joined them.


Matthew: Is that everybody?

Police Chief: Yes. Thank you. I don’t know how to thank you.

Matthew: You don’t have to. But look. I don’t want you guys to get attacked or hypnotized again. I know you all need to arrest Corey but let me handle him.

Police Chief: But he’s dangerous. Now that we know he’s working with Team Meteor.

Matthew: Trust me. I know. I’m gonna try to bring him down to the Station. I just don’t want to see you guys get captured again and for me to rescue you all… again… for a 3rd time.

Police Chief: Well… Maybe you’re right. Alright men. Back to the station. Let Matthew handle things here. Good luck.


The Police Chief and his officers all left the building and now it was just me by myself. I went up to the containers and saw that they all had buttons on them.



I figured that this is what made that mist and I knew that it could happen to me as well but I had no choice. I pressed a button and some containers turned blue and some others turned pink. I went to another container and pressed that button and the rest of the containers turned blue and a door appeared.


Matthew (thinking to myself): Wow… That was waaaaay easier than I thought it’d be.


There was nothing else to do so I just walked in. When I got to the next room, it felt like I was in a house. This is probably where Heather and Corey live. As I walked into the other room, still looking around, I got startled by a voice.



Corey: So, you finally found me after all.

Matthew: Whoa. Uhh… Yea, I guess?

Corey: You 1st destroy all 3 of the PULSE-Tangrowth systems that I oversaw. Then, you revitalize the City Police Department, causing them to ambush me. And out me in front of my daughter no less!

Matthew: I-I didn’t mean to. How was I supposed to know that you were part of Team Meteor or Heather’s father though?


Corey stared at me with the death stare that I saw before. I was starting to become afraid that he’d do something to try to kill me.


Corey: Don’t try to trick me boy. What have you come here for anyways? My badge or my blood?

Matthew: I just wanted to try to take you down to the Police Station in a safe and calm manner… But I suppose that’s not gonna happen is it?

Corey: You do have a brain it seems. In any case, I’ll return to the arena. There, I shall show you misery.


Corey walked passed me, bumping into my shoulder with force. I watched as he walked out of the door. Now I was really getting scared. He was really mad at me and pinned everything that happened to him as my fault. I tried to think good thoughts and went upstairs into the Gym Arena. As I was walking up to him, he again gave me a death stare.



Corey: Stop. Take your place at the other side of the field.


I didn’t say anything. I just left my head down and did what I was instructed. I slowly looked back up at him. Just looking at his face made me feel like his stare alone would do me in.



Corey: I bar nothing Matthew. You have FORCED my hand!

Matthew: Corey listen. I didn’t mean-

Corey: Shut it. There’s nothing left for me to lose. The ONLY reason I’ve kept going through the years was for my daughter Heather.

Matthew: I’m sorry about that but it really isn’t my-

Corey: Of course it’s your fault! Everything was going good until you showed up. She was my singular denial… My 1 hope and memory of her. And now thanks to you, she’ll never speak to me again.

Matthew: I’ll… I-

Corey: I mean… Don’t get me wrong. I tried thinking of other reasons but every time I ask myself why, only 1 answer comes up.

Matthew: Please stop Corey. I didn’t-

Corey: You. You Matthew.

Matthew: I’m sorry. I’m really so-

Corey: You ruined the small splinter of like that I had rebuilt!

Matthew: I didn’t mean to-

Corey: So allow me to bring you down with me.

Matthew: Please sto-

Corey: Suffer!


Corey revealed a remote and pressed a button on it. The containers in the room started spewing mist into the air.



Corey: Hmhmhm. While you might be able to battle, your mind will be in a fog. You won’t be able to make all the best decisions. I’ll defeat you and then… Well, you know the rest. But you won’t to comprehend the situation at hand. I, on the other hand, will be able to function fine in this. I forced myself to sit in this mist so that my body could get used to it and block out the effects of it.

Matthew: NO! WEHTTAM!


In an instant, Wehttam had taken over for my body. And it didn’t go limp this time around which was good.


Wehttam: WONDERFUL! I am back to this living reality!

Corey: What? Pipe down!

Wehttam: Why Corey. Please don’t be mean to this vessel. He has done nothing to you. You have brought this all upon yourself.

Corey: What are you talking about? You’re sounding crazy right now.

Wehttam: You wouldn’t be wrong but I also speak the truth human.

Corey: You caused everything in my life to fall apart!

Wehttam: Again, twas not me or this vessel’s fault who had done this to your life. It was your life decision. I, however, have a different purpose. I shall defend this person’s life as long as he feels as if his life is threatened.

Corey: I don’t know what you’re going on about but… Wait. This doesn’t make any sense. Why are you still functioning normally? The mist should have made you feel like you’re in a fog!

Wehttam: When I am the 1 in control of this vessel, nothing can harm me. I can breath in deadly toxins and be fine. I can breathe in water. I can survive being in fire.

Corey: What nonsense are you speaking of?!

Wehttam: Well if you do not like what I am saying, please. Let us get started with the battle. YeEeEeEeEeEeEeSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs!




Corey: Savor this victory Matthew.

Wehttam: As you wish.

Corey: For every joy, bitter misery rushes after. You’re not going to end me, are you?

Wehttam: Noooooo. It was not my intentions.

Corey: I suppose you were telling the truth before. You will just toss me over to the police. I have a better idea. The most succulent idea I’ve had in years.

Wehttam: And what would that be Mr. Corey?

Corey: If you wanna know, come to Beryl Bridge Matthew. Whatever it is you want to know, I’ll give it to you there.


Corey rushed off passed me and presumably to Beryl Bridge. Wehttam put his hands over his stomach as if he was communicating with me.


Wehttam: Well Matthew, it seems as though you feel safer now. Would you want to change back now? Haha. Thought so. Matthew!


And just like that, I was back in control of my own body. It felt good that I didn’t have to almost or actually hit my head off the ground. But still. I was curious as to why Corey wanted to tell his story on the Beryl Bridge. I decided to go there and see what was going on. When I went outside, it was starting to sunrise. I ran to the bridge and saw Corey. As I got closer, I could see that all of his Pokemon were out in front of him. I walked up behind him.



Matthew: Umm… What are you doing Corey?

Corey: Right. You’re all done. You all indeed served me well but now you’re free.

Matthew: Wait… What are you-

Corey: Get lost!


Mareanie, Skrelp, Skuntank & Croagunk all left in sadness. His Nidorina went to leave but then looked back with saddened eyes. It then turned back around and left. His Crobat was the only 1 who stayed behind. Corey seemed to get annoyed by this.


Corey: That means you too Corbat. You’re aren’t special. Go. Get lost now!

Matthew: Corey… No.


A couple of seconds passed and the Crobat finally flew away. Corey breathed a sigh of relief. He walked over to the edge and tossed his PokeBalls. I watched in confusion as he did all of this.



Matthew: Why would you do that?

Corey: So, Matthew, what is it you wanna know?

Matthew: Well I mean… You don’t seem like you enjoy being apart of Team Meteor. Why did you join them?

Corey: Ahh. I should have expected that question to be 1st. I was cursed by my own luck. There was this gorgeous ring. A brilliant Ruby Ring. I purchased it from a collector some time ago. I’m not 1 for jewelry, but it was the most dazzling ring I had ever seen. I decided that I would introduce that ring to what true beauty was. I was in love with this girl. I promised it to her, my love, and she gladly accepted.

Matthew: Corey, that’s sweet and all but what does that have to do with what I asked?

Corey: Trust me. It will. Anyways, it wasn’t long after we were married that my wife became pregnant. We were both very happy. But back then, I was happy but also naive. My wife… She didn’t survive Heather’s birth.

Matthew: Wait a minute. Do you blame Heather for your wife’s birth?

Corey: Of course not! I’d never do that. I was told that she died because of a mechanical error during delivery. But that wasn’t all. The doctor assigned to her had taken the ring. And he would not return it to me. That doctor… I had later learned that he had been dispatched by-

Matthew: Team Meteor…

Corey: Correct. He was assigned to obtain that piece of jewelry by them.

Matthew: But wait. That still doesn’t explain why you’d join them.

Corey: The only way I could keep the ring was if I agreed to serve them.

Matthew:You did it to keep a ring?

Corey: It was the last thing I had of my loving wife! To me… it was the last token of our happiness. I did everything I had to in order to keep it. I admit. I was selfish. I placed my own desires above what was best for Heather. And now because of it, she’s gone.

Matthew: I still don’t agree why you joined them but… I understand why. But still, I’m sure if you just explained that to Heather, she’d understand some of it at least. She’s a good kid. I can see it.

Corey: Thank you for the kind words Matthew. I… apologize for earlier.

Matthew: It’s alright I guess.

Corey: Matthew… Heather now has the Ruby Ring. She will be hunted for it.

Matthew: Well what are you gonna do? You’re her father.

Corey: I know you’re only at least 18 but… I need you to watch over her for me.

Matthew: Why?


I watched as Corey jumped up onto the ledge of the bridge. My eyes widened as I realized what he was about to do.



Matthew: Whoa whoa. Wait. Corey. Let’s talk about this.

Corey: I no longer have the right to call myself her father.

Matthew: Come on dude! She still needs you!


Corey turned around looking at me. For the 1st time since seeing him, I saw him smile.


Matthew: Corey don’t!

Corey: My love, I’ll be with you soon.


I tried but didn’t get there in time to grab him. He fell backwards off the bridge.



I turned around because I didn’t want to see his body explode when it hit the ground. But I did hear a loud thud and some shrieks. This was horrifying. I just experienced someone dying… By killing themselves. It was too much. I was about to head back to the Beryl Ward to try to do something to forget this when I heard a voice and 1 I did not need to hear at this time.



Fern: Wow, what a moron.

Matthew: No please. For the love of Arceus noooooo.

Fern: Did that idiot just throw himself off of the Beryl Bridge. Suckers gone for good. And to think, I came all the way up here to challenge him for a Gym Battle. Weak.

Matthew: Seriously? The man is dead and you’re insulting him? Do you not have a fucking heart you prick?

Fern: Hey. I just see it as natural selection. I didn’t know him so why be upset about it.

Matthew: That’s not… Whatever.

Fern: I bet that you even defeated him and you offed himself before even giving you the badge. I’m right aren’t I?

Matthew: That’s not the fucking point. I don’t care that he didn’t give me a badge after I defeated him. He just… jumped and-

Fern: I really don’t care man. I really don’t. If you’re so concerned about him though, why not go find him. Look, he fell right into the Lapis Ward. I mean, I don’t see the point but whatev-


Suddenly, a huge explosion rocked the entire place. Me and Fern held on to make sure we didn’t fall down. When the shaking stopped, Fern and I saw a plume of smoke coming up into the air.



Matthew: What the… What the fuck just happened?!

Fern: Look at that smoke!

Matthew: Where is that coming from?!

Fern: I think it’s coming from North Obsidia Ward! Right at the Grand Stairway!

Matthew: That’s… This is… Why?

Fern: You stay here being all dumbstruck and stuff. I’m gonna go find out what’s going on. Later loser!


Fern left to go see what happened at the Grand Stairway. I sat there looking at the plume of smoke still rising into the air. Everything was just happening too much right now. Tears started to swell up in my eyes. I slowly started to walk towards the Beryl Ward. I was horribly tired and sad. I made it back to the Beryl Ward and at that point all I wanted to do was sleep but I didn’t know where to go. Then I had an idea. I went back into the Beryl Ward Gym and remembered that that’s where Corey and Heather used to live. Nobody would tell me to leave. So I walked to the Gym, went into the living quarters and laid down on 1 of the beds. I kept crying about Corey and the new bombing until I finally fell asleep.



Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 31

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Poison Tail/Glare



Goomy (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 30

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Bubble/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 30

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Knock Off/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clauncher (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 30

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aqua Jet/Crabhammer/Bubble Beam



Dartrix (Link)/Male/Level 30

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Pluck/Leafage/Razor Leaf/Synthesis



Koffing (James)/Male/Level 30

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Assurance/Destiny Bond




Corey +3 (6/10) - I may not agree with what he had done but I understand why. And now... I'm responsible for his daughter. At least, I feel like I am. He asked me to. So I'm going to. Rest in peace Corey.


Ame (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - She again helped me. I feel bad I didn't tell her about Corey but she has to deal with so much right now and I didn't feel like putting more burden on her shoulders.


Fern (0/10 NO CHANGE!) - He was being a dick to a person who just died. What in the FUCK is wrong with him? He's officially on my shit list. Fuck him.


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Matthew: Urgh… Uhh… What? Why am I movi- WHOA?!


I opened my eyes wide open and saw that I was floating on water and somehow I was on a raft. The water was going on for miles it seemed like. But the water was calm. That somewhat calmed me a bit. It was really foggy though.


Wettham: You alright Matthew?

Matthew: AHH! What the… Don’t do that!



Wehttam: Don’t do what?

Matthew: Don’t do… Don’t… Ugh. Nevermind.

Wehttam: I could feel that you were quite upset with the events that led up to… Well I won’t say it but-

Matthew: Corey’s death. Yes I am. And the bombing at the Grand Stairway.

Wehttam: Yes. That too.

Matthew: Can you tell me why this time we’re on rubber rafts in the middle of the ocean or whatever this is?

Wehttam: I’ve been with you since your birth Matt and I know 1 of the things you really enjoy is being on a rubber raft in that thing you call a pool.

Matthew: Well… That ain’t wrong. This is sort of relaxing.

Wehttam: Exactly. I think you need to talk.

Matthew: About what?

Wehttam: Everything that just happened.

Matthew: Why? I don’t… I don’t wanna remember it again.

Wehttam: I know. I could sense it when it all happened. That’s why I think you should talk about it and get it out of your system and maybe feel better somewhat.

Matthew: I mean… If you feel like it.

Wehttam: So is there a reason you feel so bad about Corey’s death?

Matthew: The man committed suicide right in front of me! Why wouldn’t it make me feel bad?

Wehttam: I’m not sure. That’s why I’m asking you.

Matthew: Well I don’t know what kind of answer you want from me.

Wehttam: I have an idea. Lay on your back and don’t move and feel the waves rock you back and forth relaxing you.

Matthew: Fine.


I did as what Wehttam said. I laid back on the rubber raft and let the waves rock me back and forth. It felt really relaxing.


Wehttam: Now, what’s the real reason you’re sad about his death?

Matthew: He… He left behind his daughter.

Wehttam: So that’s why.

Matthew: I know he did a bad thing and I don’t agree with why he joined Team Meteor and I really don’t agree with how he treated his daughter throughout her years. But I understand why. And he could have told his daughter why. I’m sure she would have understood why. Or at least somewhat.

Wehttam: I suppose I can understand that. Sorry. As another soul, another entity I don’t usually experience these kind of things. But I knew I had to help.

Matthew: Well thanks… I didn’t mean to snap at you earlier. Just… Let of bad things just happened at once. And Fern didn’t help much.

Wettham: Ahh yes. That Fern character. It’s rare but I know what hatred feels like now thanks to him. Hopefully, the next time you 2 encounter each other, I’m the 1 that’s in control and lay a whopping on him.

Matthew: Well honestly, that would be truly amazing and kind of awesome.

Wehttam: I quite enjoy that word by the way. Awesome.

Matthew: Yea. It’s kind of how I think of myself.

Wehttam: Quite.

Matthew: By the way, I wanted to ask you. What you said to Corey about being able to survive things while being in my body. Was that true?

Wehttam: Indeed Matthew. I can.

Matthew: Can all entities do that?

Wehttam: They can. Although, every entity has a different… timer countdown.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Wehttam: Well, some can only do it for a short time, some can do it for a long time and some can do it for as long as they want.

Matthew: So which 1 are you?

Wehttam: Well luckily for you, I am 1 that can do it for as long as I want.

Matthew: Well that’s great to know for future references. Haha.

Wehttam: You seem to be feeling better.

Matthew: Well yea. Somewhat. But it’s not like I’m gonna magically feel better when I wake up from this.

Wehttam: I know. But this will make you a little better. And that’s better than not better at all.

Matthew: You’re right I suppose. But that bombing at the Grand Stairway… I just hope everyone is safe from that.

Wehttam: I do as well. I assume when you awaken from your slumber, you will be investigating that.

Matthew: Yes. I do intend to.

Wehttam: I think that’ll be a good thing to do.

Matthew: Me too. And… Thanks again Wehttam.

Wehttam: Tis no problem Matthew. I figured these waves would be able to calm thee.

Matthew: They did actually. Well, it’s prob close for me to wake up to continue my journey.

Wehttam: Right. Well, I look forward to seeing you again. Whether it’s me taking control of your body in a dire situation or if it’s back here in the dream realm.

Matthew: Me too. Later.


I closed my eyes on the rubber raft and fell asleep.




Wehttam (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - This is prob the worst night/day/whatever time of the day it was of my life. But Wehttam has somewhat made me feel better despite not knowing much about why I felt that way. It's till weird to have another soul in my body but I'm glad that it's him and not some other soul. He's a good... Soul.


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I woke up feeling a little bit better than I did before I fell asleep. I had Wehttam to thank for that. I got up out of bed and stretched. I had to psych myself up for what I was doing today. And that was to investigate the bombing siting and its surroundings. I started walking to the Grand Stairway. I wasn’t quite sure where it was but I remembered Fern saying last night that it was in the North Obsidia Ward. I figured it had to be the other place that was blocked off by the Grand Hall so I decided to head that way. As I was walking, I was worried what I might find there. Would there be bodies all over the street and blood everywhere? Would the Ward be completely destroyed? But this all happened some hours ago. So the bodies everywhere idea would be gone. They wouldn’t leave the bodies just lay there… Right? I made it to the Grand Hall and walked up the stairs. The area north of me was finally opened so I walked up. I could see people at the end of the big bridge that I was walking on. There were loads of police officers and civilians. I looked passed everyone and saw what I could only assume was the Grand Stairway.



It was… not as bad as I expected. That explosion sounded big and bad but surprisingly, the hole that was there wasn’t all that too big. Which made me somewhat feel better but I still felt bad for the people here. Their lives just kept getting worse. After investigating the hole, I decided to go journey to the Lapis Ward. Thankfully, it seemed like the Ward was untouched by the explosion. As I continued to walk through the ward, I accidentally walked into a girl with hot-pinkish hair. She was standing in front of a door.



???: Today’s your birthday. You can finally escape. Be strong, sister. Vengeance will be ours.


She went to walk away but accidentally bumped into me.


Matthew: Oops. Sorry.

???: It’s ok. Excuse me though.


She walked away. I checked the sign in front of the building. It said “Dr. Connal’s Orphanage And Psychiatric Treatment Center.” Wonder why she’d want to get vengeance on an orphanage/psychiatric center? I continued walking and started to see a little crowd up near the wall. I could feel my stomach turning. I had a feeling what it was. As I got closer, my suspicions were true. It was Corey’s body. It had to be. There was blood splatter on the ground and wall. But what I wasn’t expecting to see was Victoria there with a little girl. She had long purple hair and had green clothing on. The little girl was crying.



???: O-Oh my… That’s-That’s Heather’s-

Victoria: Shelly, honey, step away from there.

Matthew: My god… It’s worse than I thought it’d be.

Victoria: Matt! What are you doing here?

Matthew: Well… I witnessed this actually.

Victoria: You mean-

Matthew: Yea. I saw him fall off the bridge.

Victoria: That’s awful.

Shelly: Ho-How do you know him?

Matthew: Umm… Just from a Gym Battle. You know. Introductions and all of that before a battle you know?

Shelly: Ohh… Yea. I understand that. I do that too.

Matthew: Wait. You’re a Gym Leader?

Victoria: Mhm. She’s the Bug Type Gym Leader.

Matthew: But you’re so young!

Shelly: I know but I was ju-just really good I suppose. But still…

Victoria: No no hun. Don’t cry.

Shelly: I just- Why?


I didn’t have the heart to tell them that Corey was a part of Team Meteor. It seemed like it would just completely DESTROY Shelly’s heart. So I kept it a secret.


Matthew: I have no clue.

Victoria: It’ll be ok Shelly. Come on. We’ll go inside with you.

Shelly: O-Ok.


As the 3 of us were about to walk into Heather’s house, we all heard someone talking from up above.


Eclipse: Aster & Eclipse reporting. Agent Beryl confirmed deceased.


Me, Shelly and Victoria looked up and saw 2 Team Meteor Grunts standing on top of some building.



Victoria: Team Meteor?

Eclipse: You.

Matthew: Ohh. It’s Aster & Eclipse.

Victoria: You know those 2?

Matthew: I ran into them earlier on my adventure.

Victoria: Did they do this to him?!

Matthew: No no. I swear. The 1 is smart and the other is… Well they just don’t have that killer instinct in them.

Aster: Besides, that’s our-

Eclipse: Shut it Aster! Listen here, girly. It’s best for everyone if you keep your nose out of our business. Come Aster. We have more business to attend to. This mission is cleared.

Aster: Right! They’ll need us at the stairway.


We all gasped. Victoria got an angry expression on her face while I was almost kind of laughing.


Matthew: You’re my favorite out of all the grunts of Team Meteor Aster!

Aster: Ohh! Umm… Thanks!

Victoria: Wait a min- No way! You’re saying Team Meteor was behind the explosion at the Grand Stairway?!

Aster: No. A freaking Sunkern did it!

Matthew: Can Sunkern even learn Explosion?

Aster: Umm… I don’t think so. But yes! Of course it was us!

Eclipse: Oh my- Aster! Would you PLEASE stop?! Jeez. Why don’t you just tell them everything while you’re at it.

Matthew: You’ll be my #1 favorite if you do that Aster!

Aster: Well, if you say so. And great! So apparently, underneath the staircase, there’s a-

Eclipse: For the love of- That was sarcasm idiot! Catch a clue! Come on!

Aster: So it was.

Matthew: Bye Aster!


Both Eclipse and Aster wandered away as the rest of us turned to each other. Shelly seemed like she was on the verge of tears again.


Victoria: Ohh Shelly. I’m sorry you had to see all of that. Let’s just go inside, calm down, and-

Matthew: Umm… What in the hell is that thing?


We all looked up. It seemed to be some kind of shadow or a ghost. I was a bit freaked out as was Victoria but Shelly seemed not afraid of it at all.



Matthew: What the…

Victoria: Ahh! When did he get here?!

Shelly: Ohh… Th-That’s just Shade.

Matthew: He’s JUST Shade?!

Shelly: Mhm, W-What do you want Shade?


As we all watched Shade, we noticed that the body and also the blood splatter was disappearing. This freaked me the fuck out but the other 2 seemed kind of alright about the situation.



Victoria: He’s… taking the body away?


As soon as Shade had appeared, he then disappeared. We all stood there still looking up. Trying to see any kind of trace from Shade.


Matthew: Why did he take the body?

Victoria: I don’t know but It was strange.

Matthew: Can we PLEASE go inside before anything else freaky happens?

Victoria: I agree. Let’s go inside.

Shelly: O-Ok…


The 3 of us walked inside the building and went upstairs to what was, what I presumed, Shelly’s room. Shelly sat on the couch as Victoria and I stood in front of her.



Matthew: So why were you here Victoria?

Victoria: I came here to challenge Shelly to a Gym Battle. When we were about to battle, we saw the body fall and… Well you know the rest.

Matthew: Wait. That happened like hours ago. You 2 stood there for that long?!

Victoria: It was? Jeez. I didn’t even realize.

Matthew: Yea. So is she ok? She seems to know him.

Victoria: I think her and his daughter are best friends. So yea. I’d say they do.

Shelly: M-Matt, do you know wh-where Heather is?

Matthew: No. I don’t. I’m sorry.

Shelly: Ohh… It’s fine. D-Don’t worry.

Victoria: Matt, I’m really worried about her.

Matthew: Why? I mean yea. She seems a little timid but she’s a Gym Leader.

Victoria: While that is true, she is just a child. You do know she’s 12 years old right?

Matthew: I knew she was young but I never thought she was that young. Jesus.

Victoria: And right now, she seems just so distant.

Matthew: True.

Victoria: Matthew, something’s up. 1st the stairway blows up and then Team Meteor come to look at a dead guy? Perhaps he was an agent of some sort of Team Meteor.

Matthew: I-I have no idea.

Victoria: Well whatever the case, I’m gonna find out. They said Team Meteor is doing something at the Grand Stairway right?

Matthew: Sounded like it. What they’re doing there though is what’s puzzling.

Victoria: Then let’s go investigate!

Matthew: You mean like you and me together?

Victoria: Yes.

Matthew: I’m in!

Victoria: Good. Shelly, me and Matt are going to take off for a bit alright? Is there anything either of us can do for you?

Shelly: No-No thanks. Umm… I’m sorry…

Matthew: For what? You didn’t do anything wrong.

Shelly: I just don’t want you 2 to be worried about me. Th-That’s all.

Victoria: Don’t be sorry. I know we don’t really know you, but we just want to do whatever it is we can to help.

Matthew: Yea. What she said.

Victoria: We’ll be back soon. Just try to take it easy Shelly ok?

Shelly: Al-Alright… See you.


Victoria ran off. It was like seeing a blur just rushing right out of the building. I followed behind but obviously slower. I made it to the Grand Stairway but it was different than the last time I saw it. I went closer to the middle of it and saw a ladder going down it.



With no other option, I climbed down it. Before I could recognized the beauty of the cave, I saw Aster and Eclipse with Victoria tied up behind them. She must have tried to rush passed them but got caught somehow.



Victoria: Matthew! Help!

Aster: Hey my biggest fan!

Matthew: Umm… Hey Aster?

Eclipse: Aster, shut up please. Anyways, there will be no such thing as helping her. You, Matthew, are trespassing on our operation territory. We’re going to you down to the big man missy. Now let’s get a move on.

Matthew: Come on. Just… Just let her go and we’ll leave ok?

Victoria: What?!

Aster: Hmmm. I’m not sure I can believe that Matthew. I know you think of me so highly but still. I AM a part of Team Meteor. Should we take Matthew as well Eclipse? I mean remember what happened last time?

Eclipse: I don’t how you keep falling for… Don’t be stupid Aster. Do you want them to have a chance teaming up against us? We’ll lock up this girl and then use her as bait for Matthew. It’ll lure him in us.

Matthew: Uhhh… I know you’re the smarter of the 2 between you 2 but I’m standing right here. You realized I heard all of that right?

Eclipse: But what can you really do right now? Unless you want her hurt.

Aster: Hear that Matt! It’s lose-lose for the both of you! Sorry Matthew.

Eclipse: Let’s get a move on.

Victoria: Matt!


Eclipse and Aster rushed down further into the cave. I was shocked that all of this was happening. I knew I had to go rescue Victoria but again, I was alone. I was doing it alone again. And last time I did something on my own, someone died. I didn’t know if I could do this or not but Victoria’s life was possibly on the line. So I tried thinking good thoughts and continued on through the cave. The cave looked great though. It was filled with gems and crystals.



The look of the cave was actually calming me down. I went down a path in the cave and came out to another part of the cave that looked really old and antique. There were Unown writings all over on the walls. I continued to walk in awe at what I was looking at. I wasn’t paying attention and then I heard a voice call me over.


???: Come here, trainer.


I walked over to the mysterious man and stood next to him. He had black hair and was wearing a tan coat and black pants.



Matthew: Umm… What do you want?

???: Tell me something. Did you, as a citizen of this city, have any inkling of this place beneath it?

Matthew: Well… I’m not really a civilian here. See, I just came here not too long ago and-

???: Did you?

Matthew: Uhh… No.

???: Doesn’t surprise me. After all, most people do not. A lot of people are ignorant. Ignorant to the centuries of history right beneath their calloused feet.

Matthew: Their what?

???: And also, do you perhaps know what is beyond this gate?

Matthew: I uhh… I have no clue sir.

???: Then I shall tell you. It’s the very core of Reborn. It’s a sacred place. A place… from where the world began.

Matthew: Wait. It began here?

???: Tell me, trainer. How insolent, how utterly ignorant, must 1 be to build such a-a wretched city right over this precious holy land?!

Matthew: I’m not sure but I’m gonna guess and say that it’s Rebor-

???: Reborn! The city of insolence. They, however, did build it from the symbols of that which it occludes, ironically.

Matthew: I don’t know what to say.

???: Ruby, the deal of pain. Sapphire, the deal of love. Emerald, the seal of faith. And last but not least, Amethyst, the deal of the beyond.

Matthew: Amethyst?

???: Each 1 of those are a key. When brought together, Reborn’s true power shall be restored! We will be rid of this malignant junkyard and the beauty can be restored to the world.


We stood there looking at the door for a couple of more seconds. I was afraid if I moved, he would have done something to hurt me. He finally spoke.


???: Do not worry trainer. You will walk away safely. Your friend may leave as well. She’s up ahead, as well as the grunts who keep her. Do as you will with them. But when you leave? Please, take this place with you. In your mind. In your memory. In your heart. In your very soul. And share this place with the world. Remind them of this. The world to which they have undone will itself be their undoing.


As soon as he was done talking, he walked passed me and out of the cave. I stood there for a couple of seconds. I didn’t know what to think about everything that man had said. I wasn’t sure if he was just religiously nuts or whatever. I snapped back and continued down the cave until I ran into Aster & Eclipse holding Victoria in a cell. But now, her hands were free. The 2 grunts looked ticked off.



Aster: Matthew! You’re here! It’s good to see you again! Even though we just saw each other a couple of minutes ago.

Matthew: It’s great to see you as well?

Eclipse: What is the boss doing? He just let you walk away? Tch. I suppose this is somewhat our fault. We shouldn’t have counted on him to do anything. Especially our work. I guess we’ll just have to capture you here Matthew and make sure you can’t do anything to stop us.

Aster: Sorry Matthew but it’s Team Meteor’s orders.

Matthew: You 2 seem to be forgetting that my friend is free form your restraints from before.

Victoria: Exactly Matthew! I got your back! Let’s do this!

Eclipse: Shut up girl!

Aster: Eclipse, be nicer.

Eclipse: What are- Ugh! Shut up Aster!

Aster: Geez. You don’t have to be so mean to me all the time.

Matthew: Umm… Are we… Are we battling against each other or-

Eclipse: Shut up all of you! Prepare to be beaten!




Eclipse: Damnit! What’s even the point of doing this anyways?

Aster: Well, I suppose you may go. The boss did say it was fine if you escaped anyways. Soooo…

Eclipse: We’re leaving now but listen. Just because you beat us, doesn’t mean you won. Ta-ta.


Aster and Eclipse ran out of the room of the cave. Me and Victoria stood there exhausted for everything that had happened recently. Then Victoria spoke.


Victoria: Matthew, thank you for coming for me. I knew you would.

Matthew: It’s really no problem. Are you ok?

Victoria: Ohh yea. Don’t worry about me. I’m not hurt or anything. All their boss did was talk to me.

Matthew: Was it about Reborn and that gate and keys and all that?

Victoria: Yea. How do you know?

Matthew: That’s what he did to me. Except, I wasn’t held captive.

Victoria: How weird. Do you think maybe it’s better for them somehow if people know about this place?

Matthew: I’m not sure. It doesn’t make any sense if that’s the case.

Victoria: None at all.

Matthew: You know, we’ve been down here for so long, I feel like we’re forgetting something.


Me and Victoria pandered for a second and then we both looked at each other with wide eyed realization expressions.


Matthew and Victoria: Oh my Arceus! We forgot about Shelly!


We ran out of the cave together and as fast as we could all the way back to Shelly’s Gym. She was still there luckily but we felt bad for just leaving her there. Hell. We forgot about her.


Victoria: Hey Matt. I wanted to thank you again for saving me down there.

Matthew: It’s no problem. You would have done the same for me.

Victoria: Yea. I got ahead of myself didn’t I?

Matthew: Maaaybe just a smidge. By the way, how is Shelly doing?

Victoria: She’s really torn up about having seen the incident happen… I’m really worried, especially since she knew him. I think she might need some help.

Matthew: Ok but how? Or by who?

Victoria: Hmm… I know there’s a psychiatrist in this ward. He has some notoriety. His name is Dr. Connal.

Matthew: I don’t know who that is but I’m pretty sure I know where that place is.

Victoria: Really? Great! You think you can go find him and see if he’s willing to help Shelly? I don’t want her scarred for life.

Matthew: No no. I get it. I don’t either. She already seems frail. I’ll be back before you know it.


Before I was able to leave for the doctor, Shelly called out to me.


Shelly: Wait! Am… Am I sick or something?

Matthew: No. Why?

Shelly: Well you’re going to get a doctor for me.

Matthew: Well… This is a different doctor. This is a doctor that will help you feel better… emotionally.

Victoria: And Matt is gonna go get him so he can help you feel better.

Shelly: O-Oh… Well if you think it’ll help…

Matthew: It will. I promise. I’ll be back soon you 2.


I walked down the stairs and over to the place where the doctor was supposed to be. As I was about to walk into the building, a woman pushed the door open which made me fall back onto the ground. I looked up at her. She had hot-pink hair and was wearing all green. She looked like she was about 18 years old. And… She was kind of cute looking too. In fact, she was so cute looking, my ears started to blush red.



Matthew: Ow. That hurt.

???: Oh my! I’m so sorry.

Matthew: It’s ok. No problem.

???: I hope so. But if you’ll excuse me, I have to get out of here right now… Finally…


Before I could say another word, she raced passed me and disappeared. I walked into the building and was instantly greeted by a little girl with pig-tails and wearing a purple dress. She was also holding a Jirachi doll. She seemed quite peppy.



???: Hi! Ohh. You’re not Laura. Ohh well. Hi anyways!

Matthew: Umm… Hi random little girl.

???: Who are you and why are you so glowy?

Matthew: Glowy?

???: Anna, no one is glowing.

Anna: But Noel, that person clearly is!

Matthew: I’m not sure how I’m glowing but as long as it’s not a bad thing, I’m ok with it.

Anna: Ohh never mind him. Come on! I’ll introduce you to everyone.


The little girl grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me to the middle of the room.



Anna: Ok! So I’m Anna and this is my Jirachi, Nostra!

Matthew: You named your doll? Haha.

Anna: Doll? Nostra wants to know why you think its a doll.

Matthew: Umm… I don’t… I mean-

Anna: Ohh well! Over there is my twin brother, Noel and his Cleffa, Nomos!


I looked over to Noel. He seemed really depressed or something. Or maybe he was horribly bored. The complete opposite of his sister Anna. But he wore a white lad looking coat and black pants. He also was holding a Cleffa doll like Anna said.


Noel: Nomos and Nostra are just dolls but hi.

Matthew: Hey Noel.

Noel: But I suppose… Nomos says hi too, I guess.

Anna: Noel, why do you lie? They’re not just dolls. You know that! That’s ridiculous to think!

Noel: You’re 1 to talk.

Anna: ANYWAY! Over here is Charlotte. She’s my friend. Even though she has burn scars, she’s seriously really pretty!


I looked at the individual that was introduced to me as Charlotte. Her hair was pink with purple at the tips. Her outfit had red and black all over it. I looked at her exposed skin but no matter how hard I focused, I couldn’t see any scars on her. Charlotte saw me trying to see any and addressed the issue.


Charlotte: Anna, for the last damn time, I don’t have any scars.

Noel: She’s right Anna. There aren’t any on her.

Matthew: Sorry but I agree. I see nothing on her skin.

Anna: But- Ohh! Right! I’m sorry! I’m so insensitive! I won’t talk about them anymore, I swear! I was just saying how pretty you are.

Charlotte: Riiiiight. There’s nothing to talk about. But whatever. Forget about it. Hi. As Anna said before, I’m Charlotte.


Charlotte looked at my arm and noticed the Arbok tattoo. She grinned in impressiveness at the sight.


Charlotte: Nice tattoo. Looks sick.

Matthew: Thanks. I actually do have an Arbok.

Charlotte: That’s pretty cool.

Matthew: Thanks!

Charlotte: By the way, did you see Laura on the way out?

Matthew: You mean the 1 with the hot-pink hair and wearing all green?

Charlotte: Yea. That’s my sister and she’s also 1 of the Reborn’s Elite 4.


My jaw dropped. That cute girl that I saw walk away was an Elite 4 Member? That… was amazing. Charlotte could see the shocked expression on my face.


Charlotte: I know. Awesome kind of runs in our family. No big deal.

Matthew: Well awesome also runs in my blood. But I don’t doubt you.

Noel: Well, since you mentioned that, I may as well mention that Anna is also-

Anna: Oh my Arceus! Laura is so cool! By the way, both Charlotte and Noel here are Gym Leaders!~

Matthew: Wait. What?!

Anna: Mhm. It’s true.

Matthew: But you’re all in this orphanage?

Anna: Yep!

Noel: Anna…

Matthew: I’m gonna miss Laura but I’m so glad she’s finally out of this horrible place.


I was getting so confused. This little girl was going back and forth between so many topics.


Noel: What she means is that since Laura turned 18 today, she doesn’t have to stay here any longer.

Charlotte: I’m sure you know already but this is an orphanage. Til we all come of age, we’re stuck here.

Matthew: That’s gotta suck.

Charlotte: Or the Doctor here decides to let us out.

Matthew: Has he ever done that?

Noel: No. Never.

Matthew: So like forever then?

Noel: Basically. But… The Doctor is scary.

Matthew: Why?

Anna: He has these really strong Electric Type Pokemon! He uses them in his “therapy.”

Matthew: Wait. He uses shock therapy on you all?!

Charlotte: Yep. That’s what the “good” Doctor does.

Anna: Ohh yea! Nostra says that she thinks he’s killed patients in the past. I believe her! If you’re around him enough and listen veeeery carefully, you can hear a voice.

Matthew: Ummm… What?

Noel: Anna, stop that. You’ll scare him.

Charlotte: Besides, I actually still haven’t heard anything like that Anna. So I don’t know about that.

Anna: Well anyways, what are you here for Matthew?


With everything happening, I had completely forgotten about the real reason why I came here.


Matthew: Ohh yea! I completely forgot! My friend saw something horrible and is now really, really depressed. My friend recommended to get the Doctor to help but now… I’m not so sure he’s the best option now.

Anna: No! Trust me! The Doctor is not the 1 for your friend!

Charlotte: That would really fuck her life up. Trust me.

Noel: Charlotte’s right.

Matthew: Well… What do I do now? I don’t have another idea on how to help her.

Anna: Well… Nostra says she can feel your friends sadness. Something terrible must have happened. She says that you should tell her to look out for the 1 that’s truly affected by this. If you tell her that, she’ll have no reason to be sad anymore.

Matthew: Wow… You’re a weird kid but that’s actually really good advice.

Anna: Thank you! You should try to leave before- Oh no!

Matthew: What’s wrong?

Anna: Nostra says the Doctor is coming!


Anna raced close to her brothers side. I looked at the open doorway in front of me and watched as a man in a white lab coat come walking out of it. He truly looked menacing. He stopped outside of the doorway and looked at me up and down.



???: Ahh, a visitor. I was right to wonder about the noise coming from in here.

Matthew: Sorry. If it’s too much trouble, I’ll leave.

Dr. Sigmund: Nonsense. Greetings. I am Dr. Sigmund Connal but you may refer to me simply as “Doctor.”

Matthew: Alright then… Doctor.

Dr. Sigmund: So how may I help you?

Matthew: Well I was just walking around the Lapis Ward and… You know… I uhh-

Anna: Matthew heard that there were some pretty tough Gym Leaders in here and he wanted to challenge them for their badges.

Matthew: Yep. I want more badges.


Thank Arceus for this Anna girl. If it weren’t for her, I don’t know what would have happened or what I would have said. She saved my skin.


Dr. Sigmund: Is that all? Well it is true that there are some particularly gifted individuals in our care. Some were able to inherit or earn high-ranking positions. You must have some confidence in your battling skill if you’re here to challenge them. Hrm. Orderly! Please conduct a brief examination of this challenger.

Orderly: As you say sir.


The orderly came in front of me and started a battle. It was somewhat tough but I pulled out a victory. The Doctor, Charlotte, Noel and Anna all looked impressed by my battling skills. The orderly then walked back up to the Doctor. The Doctor seemed intrigued with my victory.


Dr. Sigmund: Very impressive Matthew. There is a problem however.

Matthew: What’s that?

Dr. Sigmund: Our battling arena is currently being renovated and the other common areas are unsuited to battle. They also are not allowed to leave. It is not allowed. It’s most regrettable but it can’t be helped. You’ll have to wait until a different time I’m afraid.

Matthew: That’s alright.


I looked over to Charlotte. She shook her head no and then face palmed. Something told me that this Doctor wasn’t telling the actual truth to me but I didn’t wanna find out. He was kind of creeping me out and I wanted to leave. Thankfully, Anna had somehow read my mind.


Anna: Ohh well!~ That’s just too bad. You’ll have to come back another time Matthew!


She again grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me towards the door. Before leaving, she had me kneel down so she could whisper something to me.


Anna: Now don’t forget what I told you to tell your friend ok?

Matthew: I won’t forget. Thanks Anna.

Anna: You’re welcome~

Dr. Sigmund: What in the world are you 2 blathering about over there?

Anna: Nothing! Bye Matthew!


Anna pushed me out of the door and slammed it shut. I heard a “ker-chunk” meaning it was now locked. I felt bad for those kids though. If what they said was true, then they’re in trouble. I wanted to help them but I needed to focus on the task at hand. I went back to Shelly’s Gym and went upstairs into her room. They both looked at me. Victoria seemed confused as to why the Doctor wasn’t there.


Victoria: Matthew! You’re back! But… where’s the Doctor?

Matthew: He’s umm… very busy at the moment. But a girl there told me to say something to Shelly.


I walked up towards Shelly and sat down beside her on the couch.


Shelly: So… What now?

Matthew: I met a girl there and told her what was going on. She told me to tell you that you should think about the person who is really affected by all of this.


Shelly looked at me as if she was in shock. She only kept thinking about how she felt about seeing the dead body but how does Heather feel about this. If she knows about it at all. A smile of some sort appeared on Shelly’s face. I hugged her and stood up. She stood up as well.


Shelly: Wow… You’re right. I mean… What am I complaining about? That was Heather’s dad. She lost her dad. I don’t habe any room to be shaken up with this. Ohh my! I need to find her!

Victoria: I think you should stay here and rest a little more.

Shelly: No, no. I’m ok. Really Victoria! Th-Thanks Matthew.

Matthew: It was no problem.

Shelly: I’m… I’m gonna try to find Heather. She needs to know this. Oh yea. Victoria, you came here for a Gym Battle right? Ohh! I’m so sorry! With everything that happened-

Victoria: No no. I’m ok. I can wait. You don’t have to apologize.

Shelly: O-Ok. Sorry. Oops.

Victoria: I’ll wait til later for my Gym Battle. I’d rather wait til everything is a bit more calm. But I mean Matthew might want to.

Shelly: Ohh. Y-You’re here for a Gym Battle too Matthew?

Matthew: Well yea. But are you sure you want to do it now?

Shelly: It’s really ok… I can do it. I’ll wait in the back of my arena then.

Matthew: Alright. Sweet. I’ll see you in a bit then.


Shelly left her room to go to the back to her battle arena. I turned around to leave but when I did, I saw Victoria had a worried look on her face.



Matthew: Everything alright Victoria?

Victoria: Y… Yea…

Matthew: Alright then… I’ll see you later then alright?

Victoria: Yea…


I walked passed Victoria and down the stairs. I was about to enter Shelly’s actual gym when Victoria came rushing down the stairs to stop me.



Victoria: Matt wait!

Matthew: What’s wrong?

Victoria: Do you really have to battle her right now? I mean she is JUST getting over this.

Matthew: Victoria, she said she was ok to do this. She is a Gym Leader after all despite her being 12.

Victoria: But I don’t want her more stressed out.

Matthew: I’m sure she’ll be fine Victoria.

Victoria: I’m sorry but I just wouldn’t feel right if I just let you go fighting her like that. So… So this is me trying to stop you.

Matthew: This is ridiculous Victoria.

Victoria: I’m sorry but like I said, I wouldn’t feel right. It’s not that I don’t want you to win… I just think there’s more important things to do instead of this right now.

Matthew: She is a Gym Leader Victoria! Plus, this could help her further.

Victoria: Then that settles it! If you’re really determined to battle her, you’ll have to beat me 1st!

Matthew: If you insist Victoria!




After the battle, Victoria turned around facing away from me. I didn’t mean to upset her but Shelly is a Gym Leader and she said she was ok to fight for a Gym Badge.


Matthew: Victoria…

Victoria: Ok… Clearly I can’t stop you anyway. Just promise me 1  thing Matt?

Matthew: What’s that?

Victoria: Just be gentle with her.

Matthew:… Alright. That much I can do.

Victoria: Thank you.


She went to exit the building but then stopped and slightly turned her head towards me.


Victoria: And you had better win, otherwise it’ll all be for nothing.


She then walked out the door. I stood there for a few moments thinking about what just happened. I understood where Victoria was coming from but she had to also understand the kind of position we were in. I decided to heal my Pokemon before going through the puzzle of Shelly’s Gym.


Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 33

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Poison Tail/Glare



Goomy (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 32

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 33

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Knock Off/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clauncher (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 32

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aqua Jet/Crabhammer/Bubble Beam



Dartrix (Link)/Male/Level 32

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Pluck/Leafage/Razor Leaf/Synthesis



Koffing (James)/Male/Level 32

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Assurance/Destiny Bond




Victoria -2 (7/10) - She was trying to help Shelly and I appreciate that. But running head 1st into the hands of Team Meteor and also trying to stop me from fighting the Gym Leader? That's just not good. Shelly is a Gym Leader and she said she was alright to participate in a Gym Battle.


Shelly (6/10) - I feel so bad for her. I witnessed Corey falling off the bridge and she saw him splatter on the ground. And she's only a little girl! But she seems very, very timid which is odd. This wouldn't make her like that. At least I don't think it would. But it's awesome she's a Gym Leader and at such a young age.


Shade (2/10) - What. The. Fuck. Is. That?


Laura (10/10) - She's super pretty. -heart eyes-


Anna (5/10) - She is... out of her mind. But she does give good advice.


Noel (5/10) - He seems alright. Although, the constant depressed or sad looking expression on his face isn't that uplifting but he seems pretty smart.


Charlotte (7/10) - She seems like a pretty cool person. 1st person ever to say anything about my tattoo. And her family is deff made out of awesomeness. And I don't just say that about anyone.


Dr. Connal (4/10) - He seems... Alright? But he does seem evil. I can see it in his face. But maybe I'm wrong? I'm not sure.


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Ermagad, Matthew x Laura when? :3

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7 minutes ago, Candy said:

Ermagad, Matthew x Laura when? :3

Probably when we get to their house in the middle of the cave OR the events leading up to the groups (Anna, Noel, Charlotte and Shelly) capture.

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I was about to go into Shelly’s Gym but for some reason, I got really nervous. Something in my gut told me that Shelly was gonna be the toughest Gym Leader I’d ever face so far. I decided I’d go back to the Grand Stairway and train in the cave under that. It took a couple of hours but when we got done training, my team was stronger than ever. I healed them up and returned back to the gym. I went inside her gym and was quite shocked that her gym looked more like a library. I found the computer and pressed the button. As usual, Ame’s face popped up on screen.



Ame: Hey there Matt! How you been?

Matthew: I’ve been pretty ok-ish. You?

Ame: Don’t even get me started. With the whole Team Meteor bombing AGAIN!

Matthew: I know. I saw the hole.

Ame: Yea. It’s ridiculous. But anyways, you didn’t call me to hear me rant about my job. What you need?

Matthew: Well, I’m at Shelly’s Gym and-

Ame: You made it to her gym huh? Nice job. Ohh yea. I forgot to tell you when I registered you. Some Gym Leaders choose in which style they’d like to battle. Some do Singles and others do Doubles. Shelly has chosen Doubles.

Matthew: Ahh. This should be an interesting battle then. Should I know anything else?

Ame: Yea. She likes to use rain to sweep through challengers.

Matthew: Makes sense. If I was using a Fire Type, I’d be in trouble then because of that.

Ame: Mhm. Well anyways, I’d better be off. Good luck in your Gym Battle today Matthew! Bye!

Matthew: Later Ame.


The computer screen turned off. I started to go through Shelly’s Gym and trying to solve the puzzle. Turns out I had to go to different computers and turn them off and on to make these bookcases rise and fall in order to walk across them to where I presumed Shelly was. It took a while but I was able to do it. The last computer was upstairs and past Shelly’s room. She is a clever 1. Before I crossed the bookcases, I sent out all of my Pokemon to give them all a pep talk.


Matthew: Alright everyone. Listen up. We’re about to challenge Shelly. She’s a Gym Leader here. Despite her being only 12 years old, something tells me she’s gonna be our greatest challenge so far on this journey. Whatever happens, just do your best. All of you!


The team cheered to hype themselves up but Link was going a bit crazy with it. We all stopped to look at him.


Matthew: Link? Are you ok?


He was still shouting but then it happened. He totally stopped saying anything and moving and then suddenly, he started to glow.





This meant 1 thing. Evolution! I watched as my Dartrix evolved into a Decidueye.




The shining died down and there was Link, the Decidueye. The rest of my team ran up to greet their newly evolved friend.


Matthew (thinking to myself): Wow. He must have psyched himself up so much, he evolved from it. That’s awesome!


I returned all of my Pokemon back to their PokeBalls and continued my way to the battle arena where Shelly was indeed waiting for me. I walked up to her.



Matthew: Hey Shelly. So… You sure you’re ready for this?

Shelly: Y-Yes… I am a Gym leader after all.

Matthew: Good.

Shelly: Ohh yea! Matthew! What did you think of my garden library?

Matthew: Wait. You mean the room back there is actually a library?

Shelly: Yes. I’m kind of a bookworm, hehe…

Matthew: I’d appreciate it if there were no more puns.

Shelly: Ohh. S-Sorry…

Matthew: I’m just messing around. Make as many as you want.

Shelly: I won’t. Anyways, I just spent a lot of time reading so I could be good enough for your brother.

Matthew: Who’s your brother?

Shelly: Ever heard of a boy named Bugsy?


My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Bugsy and this girl here are brother and sister? That’s insane!


Matthew: Wait. Are you telling me the Bug Type Gym Leader from the Johto Region is your brother?

Shelly: That’s right.

Matthew: Wow… I don’t know what to say.

Shelly: I wanted to be just like him, so I came here to do this!

Matthew: Wait wait. What? You left your home in Johto to come here in Reborn to be a Bug Type Gym Leader like Bugsy?

Shelly: Yea but no matter what I do or whatever I did, it was never enough for him.

Matthew: What?! You’re a higher ranked Gym Leader than him and plus you’re doing it in Reborn! How can that not be enough for him?

Shelly: He just pretends that I don’t exist.

Matthew: Geez. That’s terrible.

Shelly: It’s fine though, I know my place.

Matthew: What do you mean Shelly?

Shelly: Hmm? Ohh nothing. Ohh my! Sorry. We kind of got off topic here.


I took my spot on the other side of the battle field. I looked back at Shelly who mustered up a half smile.



Shelly: Sooo… Good luck Matthew!

Matthew: You too Shelly! May the best person win!




The battle was done and I came out victorious but JUST barely. All that survived was Link. I’m so lucky he evolved or else I don’t know if I would have been able to beat her. I looked up at Shelly and saw that her head was down.


Matthew: Are you ok Shelly?

Shelly: Yea… I’m fine. I’m just never gonna live up to his expectations.

Matthew: Hey. You’re a great Gym Leader Shelly. I really struggled against you. I didn’t really have a tough Gym Battle til just now.

Shelly: R-Really?… You mean that?

Matthew: Yes. I never lie about the difficulty of a battle.

Shelly: Wow… Thanks Matthew. By the way, you did really well.

Matthew: You’re welcome Shelly and thanks.

Shelly: Umm… Here you go.


Shelly walked up to me and handed me her badge, which was called the Cocoon Badge. I smiled and looked at it. This was my 3rd Gym Badge.


Matthew: Thanks Shelly. Well, I think I’m gonna head out. More Gym Battles to be had you know?

Shelly: Umm… Ok.


I turned around and was about to leave when Shelly shouted out to me.


Shelly: Matthew!

Matthew: Yea? What is it?



Shelly: Because of the incident earlier, I-I couldn’t explain this. The Reborn League has a Reserve Leader for every type.

Matthew: A Reserve Leader? What’s that?

Shelly: W-Well, when a Gym Leader retires, the reserve leader then takes their place.

Matthew: Ohh. Well that’s actually kind of smart. But what’s that got to do with anything?

Shelly: W-Well… Since Heather’s dad… Anyways, maybe the League doesn’t know that yet and well-

Matthew: Say no more Shelly. I’m gonna go to the Grand Hall and tell Ame about it. It’s been a while since I’ve actually seen her. It’ll be good to catch up.

Shelly: Thanks Matthew!

Matthew: No problem. Take care Shelly.


And with that, I walked out of the gym and started walking back towards the Grand Hall.


Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 34

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Poison Tail/Glare



Goomy (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 34

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 34

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Knock Off/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clauncher (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 34

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aqua Jet/Crabhammer/Bubble Beam



Decidueye (Link)/Male/Level 35

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Pluck/Spirit Shackle/Razor Leaf/Synthesis



Koffing (James)/Male/Level 34

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Sludge Bomb/Destiny Bond




Ame (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - Always a delight to talk to her. But now, I'll be able to talk to her face to face. I miss her. Anyways, she helped me with Shelly's strategy.


Shelly +2 (8/10) - Her brother is Bugsy from the Johto Region AND she's a pretty tough opponent. She might be young but never underestimate her battling skills. Oh my Arceus!


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As I was heading down to the Grand Hall, I walked past the Orphanage/Psychiatric Center building. I stopped in front of it and looked up and down at it. I remembered the people inside there that had to deal with the Doctor.


Matthew (thinking to myself): Anna… Noel… Charlotte… I swear, I’ll think of a way to save you all. Just hang in there for a while.


As I started to walk away, I swore I could hear someone from the building yelling thank you. It sounded a lot like Anna which made perfect sense. She was an odd child but it made me smile. I proceeded to walk down to the Grand Hall and went inside. I was looking forward to seeing Ame. But as I got closer to the receptionist desk, I saw a familiar green haired fellow talking with Ame. I was not going to enjoy this. I walked up to Fern and Ame.



Ame: Matthew!

Fern: Matthew?

Matthew: Hey Ame… And Fern.

Ame: How are you doing? It’s been a long time since we saw each other.

Matthew: Feels like it. I’m alright. What about you?

Ame: Same as usual. So what brings you in here today?

Matthew: Well, I don’t know if you know or not but the Poison Type Gym Leader-

Fern: Say no more. I’ve already told her. She don’t need to hear it again from a loser scrub like you.

Ame: Fern, be nice to people. Anyways, yes. I’ve been briefed about this. It’s really unfortunate… I was worried about him for this exact reason…

Matthew: Wait. You knew he was suicidal?

Ame: Well somewhat but-

Matthew: You didn’t do anything to help him?

Ame: He refused any help I offered him. I didn’t know what else to do.

Matthew: Yea well… I had to witness him killing himself.

Ame: Wait… You mean… You were with him?

Matthew: Mhm. We were both on top of Beryl Bridge when he did it. It was so sudden. No matter how fast I moved, I wouldn’t have been able to catch him…

Ame: Matt… I’m so sorry.

Fern: Yea, yea, whatever. Just tell Aya to be ready by the time I get there. Alright Ame?

Ame: Of course! I’ll call her now. Later you 2!


Ame went upstairs to make the call which led Fern and myself downstairs by ourselves.


Fern: You look confused.

Matthew: I’m really no-

Fern: Don’t worry. Let your superior, that’s me, explain it to you. Every gym in the Reborn League needs a back-up right? Like I’m the back-up for the Flobot.

Matthew: Whoa whoa whoa. Hold on. YOU’RE the back-up Gym Leader for Florinia?

Fern: Yea. Why do you sound so surprised?

Matthew: Ever since we 1st met, you have NEVER used a Mono Type Grass Team.

Fern: Looks like you don’t know everything like you think you do. Listen. We have 2 different sets of teams. Our Gym duty teams and the teams we use when we’re out and about. Do you honestly think any of us like just using 1 type of Pokemon?

Matthew: Well… I guess that makes sense.

Fern: Don’t get me wrong. I love my Grass Types. I really do. But when I’m out and about, I’m not about to use just my Grass Type team. I’m gonna use the team that I like the best.

Matthew: Fine. You made your point.

Fern: Thank you! Anyways, since the Poison guy has retired, well, in a sense, we’re now letting Aya know that she’s up.

Matthew: So her name’s Aya huh?

Fern: Yep. Turns out she’s a chick who lives in the wasteland southeast of the city.

Matthew: That… That doesn’t sound like the best place to live.

Fern: Well it doesn’t matter for you.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Fern: You need a key to access it and I have 1!


Fern reached into his pocket and wiggled it in my face. I was getting more mad at the second.


Fern: I’ve already gotten 3 badges already. And pretty soon, it’ll be 4.

Matthew: Wait. You’ve already beaten Shelly?

Fern: Hell yes and she was a TOTAL pushover.

Matthew: What did you call her?

Fern: A pushover. It didn’t even feel like she was trying. She looked like she was gonna keel and cry at any second, but hey. Who’s gonna say no to a free badge right? Hahaha.

Matthew (under my breath): You fucking son of a bitch.

Fern: Anyways, I’d love to keep having this lovely conversation but I’d be wasting my time. Good luck finding the key to the wasteland.


Fern was walking away. I didn’t want to ask him where the key way. It was degrading in a way. For the 2nd time, I would need his help in some way.



Matthew: Wait Fern.

Fern: What is it scrub?

Matthew:… Where’d you get the key?

Fern: Seriously? Like I’d tell you that.

Matthew:… Just freaking tell me.

Fern: You know what Matthew? Battle me. If you win, I’ll tell you. But like that’s ever gonna happen.

Matthew: Fine. Have it your win. Victory #3 coming my way.




After the battle, Fern clenched his fist. I was prepared for him to throw some punches but surprisingly, he unclenched them and looked up at my face in an uninterested way.


Fern: Whatever. Like it matters if you know where it is or not. So I got the key from the Aya’s brother.

Matthew: Wait. Her… brother?

Fern: Yea. He’s a real fruity lookin’ guy. Wearing all purple stuff and wears fishnets too. You could mistake him for a girl.

Matthew: You mean Cain? He has a sister?!

Fern: You know him? HA! You WOULD know him.

Matthew:… I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’d rather hear Cain’s sex jokes than anything you have to say.

Fern: Haha. Whatever. If you want to find him, he said something about going up to the Beryl Cemetery for some reason. I don’t know. As soon as I got the key, I pretty much stopped listening to him. Pretty much how I’m feeling with this conversation right now. Later loser!


Fern then rushed out of the building. Soon after, I followed suit and walked up to where Fern said Cain was. I was a bit worried though. Why was Cain at the Beryl Cemetery? Did someone he know just die? Was he ok? I was eager to find out. I walked a bit faster and eventually made it to the Cemetery. I slowly walked around trying to find Cain. I finally found him. He was staring at 2 stick crosses sitting next to each other. I walked up beside him also looking at them.



Cain: Oh hey Matthew. Didn’t expect to see you here.

Matthew: I can say the same thing with you. Is everything ok?

Cain: Ohh yea. Don’t worry. No 1 I know died. I came up here because I heard about the passing of the recent Poison Type Gym Leader.

Matthew: Ohh. Is that his grave then?

Cain: Yep. Apparently the other 1 is his wife’s grave.

Matthew: Wow… He really was in love with her.

Cain: Mhm. I mean, there’s nothing anyone can do for him now. But I also heard he left behind a daughter as well?

Matthew: Oh my Arceus! I totally forgot about her!

Cain: You know her?

Matthew: Yea. She actually helped me deal with the Team Meteor business that was going on here and the Jasper Ward.

Cain: You needed help from a kid?~ Hehe.

Matthew: She has a freaking Salamence. Trust me. She’s great help.

Cain: Hmm. Well that’s interesting. Have you seen her since then?

Matthew: No. But I know she has her mom’s Ruby Ring and I uhh… I was put on the spot to look out for her by Corey before he… retired.

Cain: Wait. You mean you saw-

Matthew: Yes. And no offense but I don’t want to relive that moment.

Cain: Ohh yea. Of course. Sorry. Well anyways… I wanna find her?

Matthew: Heather? Why?

Cain: Not having anyone to take care of you when you’re so young? That’s a big thing.

Matthew: That’s true I suppose. This is the 1st time I’ve ever been away from my parents.

Cain: That’s a good thing though.

Matthew: Well thanks.

Cain: So what’s up with you Matthew? What brings you all the way out here?

Matthew: Well I was hoping I could have-

Cain: You know Matthew, if you wanna be with me, you can just say it~ Don’t have to stalk me~ Although, it’s kind of cute.

Matthew: Caaaaiiiiiin.

Cain: I’m kidding. You want the key to the wasteland right?

Matthew: Yes. Exactly. By the way, how come you haven’t told me you have a sister?

Cain: Uhh… I’m not really a fan of hers. She’s like grrrr all the time.

Matthew: Haha. Really Cain? She’s grrr all the time?

Cain: Yea! Haha. Well whatever. I’ll tell you what. Battle me and if you win, I’ll give the key. Kay?~

Matthew: Alright. Let’s do this Cai-


At that moment, James popped out of its PokeBall. Cain and I looked at each other for a second and then back at James. It just continued to float there but it was staring at Cain.


Cain: Umm… Does your Koffing do this a lot Matt?

Matthew: No. This is a 1st.


James floated closer and closer to Cain. This was odd behavior for James. It then started to circle around Cain.


Cain: Well it seems to have taken a liking to me. Haha.

Matthew: Sure seems that way.

Koffing: Koffing Koff!


It stopped in front of Cain and then suddenly, it started to glow. This scared Cain but for only a second. He realized what was happening as was I. James was evolving.





Cain: What the-

Matthew: It’s evolving!

Cain: But why like this?

Matthew: I’m not sure. I mean you do use Poison Types.

Cain: Well yea but most of my Poison Types are back at home.


In a matter of seconds, James the Koffing was now a newly evolved Weezing.





James floated up in the air with a happy look upon its face. It floated back down and started to nuzzle Cain’s face.


Matthew: You sure have taken a liking to Cain huh James?

Weezing: Weezing Weez!

Cain: Haha. Well, I’m glad. You’re a pretty cool Poison Type Pokemon. And you have a great trainer.

Matthew: Thanks Cain. Alright James. Return.


I returned James back to its PokeBall and grabbed another 1 from my belt as did Cain.


Matthew: Now let’s do this!

Cain: Right here in the field Matthew?~

Matthew: CAIN!

Cain: Hehe. Just kidding. Bring it!




Matthew: Ha! Keys please.

Cain: Darn. I thought for once I’d win. Ohh well~ I don’t want to give it out but-


As Cain was handing me the key, we heard some rocks falling down from the hill. As we looked up, we noticed Heather standing there.



Matthew: Heather?

Cain: That’s her?

Matthew: Yea.

Heather: What are you looking at?

Cain: Hey Heather.

Matthew: Hey.

Heather: Hey Matt… But why do you know my name?

Cain: Someone told me. My name’s Cain. I heard some stuff happened and I was looking for you because I was worried.

Heather: Why? You wanna place a bunch of stupid rules on me too?

Matthew: No no. He just wants to help you Heather.

Heather: I don’t mind having any help from you Matthew but him. No. I’ll be fine all by myself!

Cain: No way. I’d never do that. I just wanted to be friends like how you and Matt seem to be. See, I-

Heather: Shut up! I don’t care what you have to say! I don’t need a thing!

Matthew: Come on Heather. Don’t be like that to him. He’s just trying to help. We both are.

Cain: I really think you need a friend.

Heather: Jeez! You’re so annoying! I already have a friend!

Cain: Ohh? Who’s that?

Heather: She’s a Gym Leader and doesn’t ask so many stupid questions!

Cain: Ok. Ok. I’m sorry. But your friend is probably worried. You should maybe go to her.

Heather: If it’ll get me away from you then fine! I will! Come on Salamence! It’s take off time buddy!


Salamence popped out of its PokeBall and flew away to 1 of the Wards. Cain rushed a bit in front of me trying to see where she was going.


Cain: It seems she’s flying towards the Lapis Ward.

Matthew: The Lapis Ward? She must be going to Shelly then.

Cain: Shelly. Got it. I’l catch you later Matt!

Matthew: Wait! What about the key?

Cain: Ohh yea. That. Look, I just wanna make sure that she’ll be ok. I’ll give it to you later. Promise.


Cain went running off. I sighed as I realized I was getting dragged into this mess.


Matthew: Hold on Cain! I’m coming along too!


Pokemon Team



Arbok (Jessie)/Female/Level 35

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Poison Fang/Crunch/Poison Tail/Glare



Goomy (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 35

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Body Slam/Dragon Breath/Attract



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 35

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Knock Off/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clauncher (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 36

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aqua Jet/Crabhammer/Bubble Beam



Decidueye (Link)/Male/Level 35

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Pluck/Spirit Shackle/Razor Leaf/Synthesis



Weezing (James)/Male/Level 35

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Sludge Bomb/Destiny Bond




Ame (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - It's been so long since I last saw her. Still though, I can't believe that she knew about Corey's mental state and didn't do anything about it... But she did say they tried and he kept refusing. I can't blame her.


Fern (0/10 NO CHANGE!) - Took advantage of Shelly's depressed state and beat her for the badge. He's so despicable. And I had to ask for his help AGAIN! But, it wasn't as bad as last time.


Cain +1 (8/10) - I like the fact that he really wants to help Heather out. That's not a bad idea. Although, I dislike the fact that he didn't give me the key before chasing after her. And he's still making sexual jokes about us. But... I'm somewhat getting used to it.


Heather -1 (6/10) - I know she's dealing with a lot of issues right now but the way she was talking to Cain was not awesome at all. I should prob find her, along with Cain, to make sure she's ok.


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Cain was way faster than me. Then again, I am a heavy-set person so it’s obvious he would outrun me. By the time I got to Shelly’s Gym in the Lapis Ward, I was almost out of breath. I stood outside of the gym for a couple of minutes catching my breath. As I did that, I heard yelling coming from within the building and it sounded a lot like Heather. I decided I’d catch my breath inside and make sure no 1 was hurt. I ran upstairs and of course, it was Heather who was yelling.



Heather: Ugh! Why do you keep following me?! I just wanna be left alone!

Cain: Hey, Hey, I just don’t think it’s good for you to be alone right now.

Shelly: I kind of um, I kind of agree with him Heather. I’m really worri-

Heather: Hey! Don’t take his side! You’re my friend!

Shelly: Ohh… I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…

Matthew: I know you’re hurt, confused and scared but I don’t think you should yell at Shelly like that. She’s just being honest with you.

Heather: Hmph!

Cain: Heather, I know how it feels to be alone. But-

Heather: But nothing! PLEASE shut up! You don’t know me at all! You said I needed a friend right? Well guess what! She’s right here.

Matthew: Well… I mean she’s not wrong Cain.

Heather: Exactly! You’re my friend right Shelly?

Shelly: O-Of course… You’re my only friend after all…

Matthew: I don’t know about that Shelly. I mean-

Heather: See?! Now is that good enough for you? Then leave! Shelly, tell the purple haired guy to go away! And Matthew, if you’re siding with Cain, then you go with him!

Shelly: I um… I’m sorry but-

Matthew: Look Heather, we just want what’s best for you. I admit that Cain is pushing it a bit much here but I also just wanna make sure you’re ok.

Heather: Well I am! So-

Cain: You know Heather, most friends don’t boss each other around like that. She seems kind of scared of you. Shelly, would you like Heather to be nicer to you?

Shelly: Umm… Y-Yes… Sorry Heather…

Heather: Ugh! You’re all ganging up on me! I don’t need this! I’m leaving!


Heather pushed both me and Cain out of the way and ran down the stairs out of the building. Everybody looked at each other baffled.



Cain: Ffhbuegwyiqfgyoriwqgfyorwgfuag! Come on guys! We got to go after her and make sure she doesn’t hurt herself!

Shelly: Umm… Wait for me!

Matthew: Don’t forget me! Ow! Man I hate running!


All of ran out of the building to catch Heather before she did anything that could hurt herself. Luckily though, she didn’t get far. Unfortunately, the reason we caught up to her was because of the Doctor.



Matthew (under my breath): No… No. Not him. Not now.

Heather: Would you PLEASE just get out of my way?!

Dr. Sigmund: Hmph. That is absolutely no way to speak to your elders.

Heather: Just shut up and move already! I don’t care what you’re saying!

Dr. Sigmund: You seem unusually animous child. Haven’t your parents taught you any manners.

Cain: Lay off the girl geezer.

Dr. Sigmund: Excuse me but I am not a “geezer.” I am a doctor and I have worked MANY hours to earn that title and in turn, I expect to be addressed appropriately.

Cain: Well if you insist. Back off then, Dr. Geezer.

Heather: Pfft.

Matthew: Did you just giggle at Cain’s joke Heather?

Heather: No! I had something stuck in my throat.

Cain: You had a giggle stuck in your throat?

Heather: Shut up!

Dr. Sigmund: While I do HATE to break up your giddy humor, I’m afraid I must. Little girl, where are your parents?

Heather: Just shut up about that!

Shelly: Her um… They’re um, not here anymore Doctor…


My heart dropped as I heard Shelly say those words. I know she didn’t know the Doctor was really a bad dude but I couldn’t help but be a little upset with her by this. I knew what this meant now. He was going to make her live at the orphanage. It maybe the law here for any children without parents to have to live there but I’d rather them just sleep out in the wild or anywhere than stay here. I looked at the Doctor and saw a grin come across his face.


Dr. Sigmund: Is that so? Hrm. I see. So, who is now your primary caregiver?

Matthew: I-I am!


Everyone looked at me with weird looks on their faces. I didn’t know what I was saying but I was trying to save Heather from having to go into that place.


Dr. Sigmund: Is that so? Then let me see your paperwork.

Matthew: I… I don’t have any. Her father asked me to watch over her right before his death. So-

Dr. Sigmund: I see. While it’s sad that he died and asked you to watch over her, unless you have papers that legally say that you’re her caregiver, then she’s still an orphan.


My heart dropped even lower. I couldn’t do anything to save her right now.


Heather: It doesn’t matter anyways! I don’t NEED anyone! I’m fine all by myself!

Dr. Sigmund: Seeing as you have no guardian, I may have a solution for you. You see, I myself run a service for the children of Reborn. I give homes to those who have none. Food, shelter and even many friends, just like yourself. Does that sound nice to you Heather?

Heather: I don’t need or want anything from you you creepy old man!

Dr. Sigmund: I have no idea why you are being so rude. I am offering you everything you need to get your life back on track. Why do you resist?

Heather: Like I called you before, you’re a creep! No girl would ever want to be around you!

Matthew (under my breath): She has a point there.

Dr. Sigmund: I see. Well, I would say that you leave me with little option. However, it is you who does not have a choice.

Cain: What do you mean?

Dr. Sigmund: Under Article 4, Section 9-


I knew what he was doing. He was gonna read out all this bullshit stuff about how children with no parents were to stay at the orphanage. I didn’t feel like being bored to death listening and I’m sure everyone else felt the same.


Matthew: Can you just cut the crap and just tell us you’re gonna take her? For the love of Arceus…

Dr. Sigmund: Hmm. If that is what you wish, then so be it. Orderlies? Seize her!


The 2 orderlies came up and both grabbed 1 of Heather’s arms.


Cain: Hey. No. Not cool. Back off, Dr. Oldguy.

Heather: Hey! What are you doing?! Get off of me! Let go of me right now!

Dr. Sigmund: Take her to the orphanage. I will be there shortly. And if any of you even think to interfere, we will call the proper authorities which will result in a criminal record and a lawsuit against your name. Now, do have a good day.


Dr. Sigmund and the 2 orderlies, with Heather, walked away towards the orphanage. Cain turned towards me with a somewhat disappointed face.


Cain: Matt, what was that all about?

Matthew: Dude, they were gonna take her regardless. I just… I sped up the process.

Cain: Why?! We could have saved her!

Matthew: How?! You didn’t even try anything except for calling him Dr. Oldguy!

Cain: Do you even care about what happens to her?

Matthew: Of course I do.


As Cain and I continued to fight, we started to hear someone cry. We turned around and saw that it was Shelly.


Shelly (crying): Oh my Arceus… I j-just…

Matthew: Yes Shelly. You are 1 of the reasons this happened as well!


Shelly turned around and ran back to her Gym. Cain then came up to me and pushed me.


Cain: Whoa Matt. Back off. None of us knew the Doctor was bad. Well except for you apparently. Why didn’t you tell us?

Matthew: Well for 1, I wasn’t expecting to run into him out here on the streets and 2, what am I supposed to say when we’re RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE FUCKING GUY?!

Cain: Look, I have no time for this. Do what you want, but I’m gonna go make sure that Shelly is ok.


Cain then bolted up to Shelly’s Gym. I stood there for a couple of minutes. I was angry that Heather was taken in by the “Good” Doctor. I didn’t want her hurt anymore than she was right now. And I took it out on the wrong people. I sunk to the ground and sobbed for a bit. But I knew I had to help out somehow. I started to walk back to Shelly’s Gym. I went inside and climbed the stairs. I saw Shelly on her knees crying as Cain was trying to console her. I came up beside them.



Cain: Ohh. You’re here.

Matthew: Look… I’m sorry. I just… I was just mad that this was happening and I took it out on the wrong people.

Cain:… It’s ok. It’s understandable.

Matthew: And I’m seriously sorry to you Shelly.

Shelly: B-But you’re right… If I hadn’t said anything, he wouldn’t have known that she was… Ohh Arceus… I-I’m so sorry Heather.

Cain: You didn’t do anything wrong Shelly. Don’t blame yourself for what that creep does. He’s his own demon. It’s kind of my fault though… I was the 1 who chased her out of here.

Matthew: Ohh don’t you start that. Haha.

Shelly: She’s g-going to be so mad… I’m s-sorry… I’m such a bad friend…

Matthew: No way! You’re an awesome friend!

Cain: You were there for here and that’s what matters.

~Til the end I’ll be with you, we’ll go where our dreams come true~

~All the times that we’ve been through, you’ll always be my best friend~

Shelly: Wh-What? But we only just met a little bit ago…

Matthew: Well so did we but I consider you my friend.

Cain: Details.~ Point’s the same though.

~Here we are on a new adventure, danger lurks somewhere in the darkness~

~We are set for surprises, even battle! We’re a team, no 1 better mess with us!~

Matthew: Weird. It’s nighttime which means it’s dark and the 3 of us are here.

Shelly: What do you guys mean?

Cain: Well we ain’t gonna leave Heather with Dr. Butt now, can we?

Matthew: In a matter of 15 minutes, you have given him 3 different names that include the word Doctor… But still. He’s right.

Shelly: B-But he said we’d get in trouble. Isn’t that bad.

Cain: Yea. You’re probably right. We might be arrested and put in jail… Big trouble.

Matthew: If this is supposed to be a pep talk, you’re failing at it.

Cain: Ohh shush Matthew~ But I’m willing to risk it all to save Heather.

Shelly: Y-Yea… I hope she’s ok.


At that moment, the 3 of us heard a shriek.



Matthew: What the hell was that?!

Shelly: W-Was that… Heather?

Cain: We have no time to lose. Come on!


The 3 of us ran outside into the now thunderstorm. I hated the rain but now wasn’t the time to complain about the rain. We stood outside the door and talked about what we do before we just tried to ambush them. Suddenly, an idea popped into my mind.



Matthew: I have an idea!

Cain: What is it?

Matthew: There’s 3 orphans in there that seem to be desperate to try to escape that place. I bet if we ask them for help, they will and it’ll make this easier.

Shelly: W-Would they help us get Heather?

Matthew: They hate this place a lot. I don’t think they’d leave anyone behind that didn’t want to escape as badly as them. So yea. I think they will.

Cain: Well, it’s a good of a plan as I think we’ll come up with. Let’s go inside!


The 3 of us barged into the door and it opened up. Just like last time, Anna was standing right in front of me.



Anna: Hi again Matthew!

Cain: I take it you are the 3 kids Matt was talking about?

Charlotte: And what exactly did he say about us?

Matthew: Chill. I told them that you 3 want to get the hell out of here.

Charlotte: Ohh. Well that is true.

Shelly: D-Did the Doctor bring in a girl earlier?

Anna: The girl with the pink hair? Yep!

Charlotte: She was fighting and yelling all the way up to the top floor. Not that that’s surprising or anything.

Anna: Anyways, hi new people! I’m Anna! Nice to meet you!

Cain: Haha. Hey. I’m Cain. You’re pretty peppy especially since you’re in here.

Matthew: She’s a weird 1 but it grows on ya.

Noel: She always is. And always when it’s least appropriate.

Matthew: Well I think that’s a good thing.

Anna: Right Matthew! I think that’s when it’s the most necessary! By the way, that’s my twin brother Noel.

Noel: Hi you 2.

Shelly: H-Hi. My name’s uhh… Shelly…

Charlotte: And I’m Charlotte. Now that introductions are out of the way, what are you 3 doing here?

Shelly: W-We’re here to save Heather!

Cain: Yea. An orphanage bust out.

Matthew: You guys want in?


Anna, Noel and Charlotte looked at each other with smiles on their face. It was weird seeing Noel smile.


Charlotte: Is that even a question? Of course we wanna get out of here.

Shelly: B-But we’re not leaving without Heather!

Charlotte: Well duh.

Noel: But how can we help? Our Pokemon were confiscated, so you’ll be outnumbered.

Charlotte: Alright. I think I can handle a couple of them for ya.


Charlotte went into the other room and started yelling at a couple of the orderlies for her cigs. Then w