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From Everland to Reborn ~ A fairytale themed run [Last defeated: M3G4T3RR4WR]

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15 hours ago, Q-Jei said:

--- During this time, Flannery is still crawilng through the rubble of Grandview Station in ruins. ---


And wow! Vanilla has clearly more guts than I thought. Kicking Titania to defend Candy is dare, and I largely understand her acting. As we might say, blood is thicker than steel 😉

Seen under this perspective, I could almost compare her to Saphira (don't set fire to me for this comparison ಸ_ಸ), except she seems to be less harsh than her. Also, it's nice to see Candy again. I remember when it was mentioned somewhere in the sanctum episodes that she once was the Champion of Hoenn, but I would have never expected to see her riding Rayquaza either! She must be an impressive trainer if she's able to do this! I wonder if she won't help Vanilla to get stronger later, or even have a fight with her further in the story ◕ ‿ ◕


Good job for this episode! 😄


PS: For some reason, the arrival of Candy in the circus reminded me a bit of the acrobatic scene of Winona from my own tale. Additionally, the couple of Samson and Ciel kind of reminds me of Wallace and Winona. I don't know why, but I like spotting details like these just for fun ^~^

When you put it like that, I feel like in that episode where I had multiple Vanillas and some other Reborn characters appear in the "twisted dimension" of the cave underneath the Grand Stairway, I should've instead had Flannery, James, Bonnie and Matthew traveling in their own timelines make a cameo. That'd have been epic but I'm ~ a year too late to think of that haha


Tania was already stepping on quite a few landmines within Vanilla and her doubting Candy's nature only set them up to explode 😂 at least Vanilla's a bit more reasonable than Tania and didn't kill her on the spot 🙄 and luckily Tania is starving and weak or a catfight might've ensued 😂 

Vanilla def categorizes in the character archetype that Tania and Saphira- tough shells to crack but once you crack them they're rather soft. Tania is soft to Amaria, Saphira is soft to her sisters and Vanilla is soft to Candy, Pikachu, Shelly maybe Cain and Charlotte are close too. The difference mainly lies in what they want to accomplish in life and why, more than personality, I'd say.

Candy, if I may say so myself, is a fun character because she just surprises Vanilla and maybe the audience. She surprised Vanilla when she revealed she'd married off, that she was acquainted with 7th Street and was rather welcomed as family there, and now this dramathicc entrance. She keeps surprising because she looks like an airheaded energetic young woman, but actually is badass and I personally like that dichotomy. Js head canon is that Candy went through the main story of Pokemon Emerald and became Champion defeating Wallace 😉 I wonder if Vanilla will fight Candy tho... heh


Tbh I hafta catch up on Flannery's adventure (ngl you taking long to update actually makes me feel better uwu) but I can totally see Winona doing acrobatics. Ciel being a aerial ballet performer would def get along with her... or maybe they'd become rivals? xD


Bonus: actual footage of Candy jumping off Rayquaza 




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4 minutes ago, J-Awesome_One said:

Hey! Heard my story people being mentioned. I miss anything?

you didn't miss stuff but your reaction placed me in the B1G 1300s uwu

and yah I was just telling Q-Jei that my dumb brain should've thought of that idea so that the navigation through timeline-crossing catacombs became even more epic. Tho I'm not complaining cause even though I thought that part of the story was meh, more people liked it than I expected haha

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tumblr_lp0mal7AcQ1qg3clto1_250.gifFrom Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 61tumblr_lp0mal7AcQ1qg3clto1_250.gif

Warning: contains some tacky dramathicc scene, proceed with caution.


The inside of the Water Treatment Center would’ve made you think that it was instead a Water Pollution Center. The point of at least part of the place was to clean the sewage water from cities into something that wouldn’t bite us in the ass once it was released into Azurine Lake, if what Candy told me was correct. Yet, the stench, though not as terrible as in either factory in Peridot Ward which I had the misfortune to visit, was still there in here too. Every pool of water was also a dull color, further inciting my disgust.

“Looks like our intuition was correct. I wonder why we couldn’t find out about the WTC being in this condition earlier,” Candy commented.

On our left, Titania was pointing her aegislash’s blade at a Team Meteor grunt, whose partner was quite literally frozen with fear.

“If you don’t want me to slash you into human sashimi, run. And don’t come back. Ever.”

Titania threatened this time, instead of actually putting the sword to bloody use. The two grunts ran out of the door that we had just come in from.

“Are you satisfied?” Titania asked Candy as we approached her.

“Yes, very much. Thank you,” my cousin replied.

“Let’s continue forward then.”

However, Titania only went a couple of steps forward before partially collapsing over some handrails. Candy touched her on the shoulder and asked her if she required assistance walking, but Titania shrugged her concerns off.

“I’m just starving and the terrible smell of this stupid place isn’t helping me,” she said. “But I’m not so weak as to give in just now.”

Her mention of starving reminded me of a pint of ice cream that was likely melting or already melted in my bag.

“Hey,” I said, and pushed the container into Titania’s hands. “I don’t have a spoon with me, but I’m guessing you can figure it out if you’re really that hungry.”


“Ice cream? I’d have made a pun about it, but I see it’s not vanilla flavored,” Candy chuckled.

“It’s a friggin Blue Moon Ice Cream. Come on. Thanks but no thanks.”

Titania held the container to me, but I did not take it back.

“What do you mean thanks but no thanks. Eat up so that you can stop waddling around. There’s a lot of pools of water in here, and I would hate to have to go into that stinky water to fish you out of one of them.”

“This stuff is rare. You should keep it for yourself.”

“Rare ice cream that is probably half-melted and which I was forced to receive,” I said, omitting that Terra had been the one to give it to me. “I’m not going to eat that sickly sweet thing.”

“Don’t insult yummy ice cream like that, Vanilla,” Candy scolded me.

“Fine. If you’re that desperate to get rid of the thing, suit yourself. I’ll take it,” Titania said.

She yanked the lid open and plunged her un-armored arm into the softened ice cream without a hint of hesitation.

“I’m not going to say thanks,” she clarified, as she gulped down the treat. “Even if this is... actually really good.”

She continued eating out of the container with her bare hand, until she finished the whole thing by herself.

“I’d have saved some for you to taste, but I couldn’t stop myself and besides I don’t think you’d want to eat out of the same container I stuck my fingers into.”

“You’re right about that,” I said. “If you’re done with it, dispose of the waste and let’s go.”

I turned and was ready to lead the herd, when Titania stopped me.

“Wait, I, uh… Thanks. There, I said it. Sue me.”

Candy apparently found something funny and went on a fit of laughter, but I just shrugged and resumed walking.

“You know, once we get to know each other a bit more, I’m sure we’d get along pretty awesome,” I heard Candy said to Titania.



The WTC itself was a maze of smelly pools and solid waste that accumulated so much that it formed thick patches on the water. Moreover, there were a few gates that only allowed passage in one direction, and others that appeared to have been left on just for one passage, which set us back a couple of times when Titania passed and we were stuck on the other side. On such occasions, Candy briefed me on what had been going on in Reborn City since I had left, as we looked for alternative paths in the WTC to rejoin Titania.

“Adrienn and Ame teamed up to turn the city pretty, and they’ve done a damn good job so far,” she said. “Places that just required some extensive cleaning, like Opal Ward, has been cleaned up and some pretty trees and flowers were planted for aesthetics. Other wards, like Jasper and Beryl, which suffered a lot of damage from Team Meteor’s plant attacks, needed to be rebuilt anew.”

“I don’t believe that could’ve had much progress.”

“That was much more tasking, yes, but Adrienn was able to encourage like 90% of Reborn’s population to join in every shape and form to help out. A lot of people and corporations donated to renovating the city, and even more joined the workforce as constructors. The wards are actually pretty advanced in terms of completion.”

“Sounds like Adrienn turned out to be the magical leader,” I rolled my eyes.

“Xe is certainly an outstanding spokesperson. I greatly admire xyr eloquence and passionate way of speaking. I don’t blame the citizens for being moved by xyr words.”

“Was that what you wanted to tell me in private?” I asked, referring to what she whispered to me when she arrived to Agate Circus.

“Oh, no. That’s no secret at all. I have one thing I need to tell you, and it’s the reason why I’ve come to bring you back to the city.”

“Then, let’s hear it.”

“Um, it’s actually something to do with Team Meteor, so I don’t think it’d be wise to talk about that inside a place infested with them. Once we get back to Reborn City, Ame will call us to talk about it together.”

“I see.”

“Oh, but there is something else that I meant to tell you as well. Something kinda unexpected, and potentially awesome news, so that you don’t feel sad about having to wait a bit to hear Ame’s talk.”

“I don’t feel sad, but carry on.”

“The truth is, sometime two weeks ago or so, Jasmin visited my shop!”

Candy seemed amused by her own confession, but it took me a great deal of control over my face to not wrinkle it into a frown.

“Jasmin, from Everland, yes that’s the one. She told me that she was visiting Reborn and looking for you. You can hardly imagine how surprised I was, because she came in alone, and I don’t think high school classes are over yet, so it was definitely a strange time for her to be visiting. Besides, isn’t graduation season right on the corner? I asked her about exams, but she evaded my question…”

“Did you tell her where I was?” I said, trying not to sound defensive in vain.

“Well I didn’t know where you were at the time when she visited, unfortunately, so I didn’t. When I heard from Ame that you were here, I then had no idea where to find Jasmin,” Candy said. “But is something the matter? You don’t look as happy as I expected you to be.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Oh, maybe I should tell you the bigger, bester news! This will definitely raise your spirits,” she smiled. “Aladdin! Yep, your boyfriend’s also in Reborn! If he was going to come here himself, he could’ve said so in his letter-”

Candy placed a hand over her lips and looked a bit bewildered, but I didn’t heed the latter half of her speech.

“Candy, you don’t know a lot of things and you can blame me for not telling you, but please. Don’t ever refer to Aladdin as my… that. He’s too far from the meaning of that word.”

“My, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you, um, broke up? It seems I’m not giving you good news after all.”

“Don’t worry. Aladdin and I already met in Ametrine. That was only a few days ago,” I said, paying attention to my uneven breathing.

“Is that when you broke up? It’s okay though if you don’t want to tell me, but I think you might not have anyone to vent to, since Wolfie isn’t in Reborn as far as I know.”


I could no longer hold it together. Not when I heard Candy pronounce her name, and when it dawned to me that I would have to tell Candy the wretched news. However much I would’ve rather not, I closed my eyes and told her the truth- that Wolfie was no longer among us. Candy was shocked speechless, which allowed me to give her a brief, half-true half-fake narrative leading to Wolfie’s passing, about Aladdin’s betrayal, about the Everland police kinda low key being after me, and then as bonus, that Jasmin being up to no good. It was a difficult thing to do, because by default I am not a smooth liar. I don’t think my narrative even made sense, and Candy could probably tell that I was making most of it up on the spot, but if she did, she didn’t inquire into it unnecessarily. When I was done speaking, Candy pulled me into a tight embrace.

“I’m sorry I didn’t ask anything until now,” she said. “I knew something major had happened to you, for otherwise he wouldn’t have told me to make arrangements to invite you to Reborn. However, when I saw you… much more standoffish and stern than you were while I was in Everland, I thought asking you for details would only make it worse.”

“I appreciate that. To be honest, it took me a long while to digest everything myself, and I think it was best that I was allowed to do so alone. Well, also with some people and pokemon’s help, to be precise, but most of the thinking happened in my mind. I needed time, you knew it, and now I’m better.”

Candy softened the embrace.

“I wish I could’ve been of more help,” she said, letting go of me. “But honestly, I wouldn’t have guessed Aladdin, of all people, could’ve betrayed you or anyone. And on something so significant as to result in someone’s death! Are you absolutely sure about that? I don’t mean to discredit you, I just find it so unbelievable and strange.”

“It’s absolutely true,” I said. “And when I reproached him for it, he said, with all the nerve in the world, that he was only doing what was right. He showed no signs of remorse for what he did to me or Wolfie.”

“I really can’t believe we are even talking about the same person,” Candy exclaimed.

“What is so unbelievable? He’s been playing all of us the whole time. That’s the end of it.”

“Then why help you escape Everland?”

Now it was my turn to be puzzled.

“What do you mean?”

“I keep forgetting that I’m not supposed to allude to that. Err can you pretend that I didn’t say anything?”

“No, Candy. Speak up, and now.”

“I guessed as much. Well, how should I say this. You remember how I sent you an express note inviting you to come to Reborn?”


As soon as an affirmative answer left my lips, I realized a large twisted hole that I had somehow missed until now. I remembered I was not in the right state of mind back then to think much about it, but it was embarrassing, to say the least, that I was only thinking about this now.

“I never told you anything, yet how could you have known that I was in need of refuge outside of Everland?” I formed the question aloud. “You don’t mean to tell me…”

“Yes, I mean to tell you exactly that. Aladdin sent me a letter, a concise one, where he told me that you were in desperate need to leave Everland, that I must send you a message inviting you to join me in Reborn, and to never mention the contents of the missive. For whatever reason, he didn’t sign off with his full name; only with his first initial. However, I didn’t even need to see the missive itself to know who the sender had been, since no one I know other than him could master the art of sending an Everish pigeon holding a note all the way to Reborn.”

At that moment, I unwillingly imitated Titania’s waddle and collapse move. Information overload. There had to be some mistake or a misunderstanding or something of the sort in all of this. Aladdin couldn’t have been the one to arrange my escape from Everland. He just couldn’t have been.

“I’m sorry Vanilla. I kind of slightly expected that you'd have caught the small hint I gave you when I sent you my message. The little bird who told me you were in trouble. I wrote that to make you happy that your boyf- I mean, he had been thinking of, well, you. I didn't think this would turn to this big mess. I really don’t like that I've caused you pain,” Candy said, and sent out her florges again. “Lily, use aromatherapy. The whole place stinks anyways so it might help that a bit as well.”

The sweet smell caressed my nostrils and I felt my mind pausing the high-wired thinking.

“Lily’s aromatherapy has relaxing effects. We should be focusing on finding Titania’s friend and maybe finding a fix for the WTC’s pollution. As for the topic about Aladdin… I think you might need to speak to him again to clear it up and be on the same page.”

I didn't say it aloud, but I had reason to dissent to Candy's suggestion. Aladdin was most likely not going to be able to answer any of my questions, now that he was dead.

Candy pulled my arm over her shoulder and we started walking again. Pikachu on my other shoulder caressed my cheek, which prevented me from falling asleep from the sweet smell.



  • Titania (+1): 2/10 Even if I hate giving points to her, she did stop killing unnecessarily as Candy wished and thanked me for the ice cream.


... And with that, I've answered one of those "think about this" questions I wrote once upon a time: Candy sent a letter inviting Vanilla to escape to Reborn City. How did Candy get to know about Vanilla’s problem in Everland, if she wasn’t there?



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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW I'M SHOCKED! I think he desereves a relationship point now

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Candy's lowkey sly.

Also, I don't know why but for some reason I thought you'd turn Titania's character just a little more tsundere. 

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6 hours ago, Corso said:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW I'M SHOCKED! I think he desereves a relationship point now

Vanilla would disagree cause he might have planned it on purpose (as she said, she might just not have the whole story, and maybe she'll never because boi fell off a cliff)

Also TBH your reaction is everything hehe and I'm glad the episode title wasn't a misnomer thanks to you 😉


12 minutes ago, SilverAngelus said:


Candy's lowkey sly.

Also, I don't know why but for some reason I thought you'd turn Titania's character just a little more tsundere. 

Reborn already maxed out Tania's tsundere level 😂 There's so much I can do

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Dun Dun DUUUUUUUN!!!!!!! A very twisty turn. Very nice episode. Focusing on the events that have happened to Vanilla recently and other stuff! AWESOME! 😄

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tumblr_lp0mal7AcQ1qg3clto1_250.gifFrom Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 62tumblr_lp0mal7AcQ1qg3clto1_250.gif


When we rejoined Titania, she was stuck in a place where water should have been surrounding her. Soon we found out she was not alone, and the one to recognize him first had to be Candy.

“Oh, hi there Taka,” she greeted him. “How are you doing?”

“Average, as always.”

The mutual facial recognition very evidently rubbed Titania the wrong way, but since Lily had also entered the area with us, she was also slightly affected by the smell and didn’t latch onto her throat, at least for now. Candy did notice Titania’s hostility towards her, and in an attempt to clear any misunderstanding, carried on making conversation with the enemy.

“The pokemon you brought to my daycare and shop recently have been recovering well, though that zorua gave me a bit more trouble than the rest,” she said, smiling awkwardly. “For whatever reason, he tries to climb up the fence and leave, so we had to make him a space upstairs.”

“Perhaps he just has somewhere important to go. I found him dehydrated in Tourmaline Desert, so maybe he was traveling north.”

The conversation picked Pikachu’s interest, likely because of the mention of a zorua, though I couldn’t be sure that this zorua was Pikachu’s friend who disappeared without trace. In any case, the chit-chat didn’t last long because of Titania.

“Excuse my intruding in such lively conversation, but are you the commander that the grunts told us about?” Titania asked, directing her rage at the correct target, Taka.

“I don’t know if I’m much of a commander per se, but that’s sort of what I am doing down here, so I guess.”

“Uh huh. And what do you want?”

“Want? I’m just following orders,” Taka shrugged.

“That’s what the other guy said. Didn’t work out so hot for him,” Titania said, sounding ironic. “What do you accomplish by letting us in here in the first place? You could’ve kept us locked in the landing and made off with Amaria and the bracelets. There’s a reason you haven’t done it. Tell me it.”

“I don’t think I’m obligated to answer the questions of the people who are supposed to be my enemies, even more when they can’t even reach me. So long,” Taka waved at her and disappeared through some doors.

Titania complained about Taka not answering her question and leaving for as long as it took Candy and me- though mostly Candy because I was half-drugged with aromatherapy- to figure out a way to get Titania to the other side. When we did, we followed through the door that Taka had gone through, and this time found him gazing at us from a floor above.

“Took you long enough,” he said. “I just passed by because I forgot to say, if you want your friend, come to the Control Room to get her. Not that I think you could come, anyhow.”

Titania was silent this time, and even when Taka left us, she looked like she was quite deep in thought. Yet, she did not rest one bit and continued with us to search for the said Control Room.


Taka continued to prank us a couple of times more, always with witty dialogue that should have bought Titania’s rage, but ever since he told us about the Control Room, she had been quiet and didn’t partake in any of his attempts for banter. At last, when she spoke again, she complained to him not about his pranks, but about his behavior and what it apparently suggested about his agenda.

“You aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. You’re guiding us to the Control Room. Without you, we wouldn’t have found the keys that allowed us to pass through some of the doors down here. We wouldn’t even know which way the Control Room is, given that we don’t know the layout of this place. I don’t know what kind of passive-aggressive game you’re trying to play, but I’m tired of it.”

“I don’t know what you mean? I’m definitely trying to make you all lose time.”

“Drop the act, and answer me. Are you on Team Meteor’s side, or not?”

Taka seemed put off by the question. He scratched his chin as he carefully chose the words to express himself.

“Obviously I am, but… Look, it’s not that simple,” he sighed. “There’s a lot at stake and most of it is not under my control.”

“Choosing which of two sides to give your 100% to is quite simple. Don’t make excuses. That only shows how soft you are to yourself.”

“Titania, don’t be so judgmental,” Candy interrupted. “It does neither of you good. Taka must be acting this way because the decision is more difficult than you imagine.”

“Thank you, Candy, but actually Titania is right. I am weak. I can’t even decide what to do with my life. I don’t really agree with much of what Team Meteor does; however… my father is the leader of Team Meteor. I don’t have a choice. I can’t leave the team.”

“You always have a choice. You’re just afraid to make it.”


“That’s ironic coming from you,” I rolled my eyes.

“Shut… Well, yeah. That’s true. But it’s because of that that I know correct choices have to be made before it’s too late.”

“Taka, your father and you aren’t the same person,” Candy said. “You are two individuals, and as any two individuals, you can have different goals and opinions. If following your father isn’t what you want to do, you should think more about what you would like to do instead.”

“Candy, that’s too rational for a guy like this. It’s almost like you don’t realize what he is trying to do,” I said. “He’s helping us- he’s been helping me at least, since the very first time we met in Malchous Forest- so that we may defeat Team Meteor and set him free. He wants us to make the decision for him.”

“What a great analysis,” Taka laughed, but I could tell that he was wavering.

“Don’t be a coward. Make your own decisions. It’s your life to live,” Titania said.

Taka stopped laughing and his face turned stern.

“Look, I’ve already made my decision. It’s you all who seem unable to digest it. Running from my fate would be the real cowardice,” he said and sighed. “I’m going on ahead, so if you want your friend back, you should follow.”

Taka ran away, leaving me with Candy and an explosive Titania. The latter went on full rage mode, making dents on WTC equipment with her aegislash.

“Calm down, Titania. You will hurt your aegislash,” Candy said, but she dared not get close to the girl that was swinging a sword in all directions.

It was predictable that my cousin would show concern for the pokemon before she did for the owner’s stress levels, but perhaps that was the most effective way to make the redhead calm down. Titania sheathed her aegislash back to its pokeball, and reclined on the equipment instead.

“I’m just tired. So tired, of living a lie,” she sighed. “And it frustrates me when I see someone act so…”

Titania didn’t finish the sentence, and just looked away from us. Naturally, I took the cue and finished it for her.

“So what? So devoid of self-respect? So willing to respond to expectations, at the cost of destroying oneself?”

“Vanilla…” I heard Candy say, but I didn’t find a reason to stop.

“I suggest you find who you are and what you want, before you get angry at others for doing exactly what you are doing,” I said. “Now, let’s go. Let’s wrap the business up before other Team Meteor scum joins in. Taka is one thing, but Solaris, Sirius or that arrogant woman, Lin, might pull a wildcard if they come here.”


We passed a few more rooms. I could tell that, despite the constant assurance that she was doing fine, Titania was struggling to keep up. The ice cream helped her regain some energy in the shape of a sugar rush, but it didn’t fill the nutritional gap that a long fast had created in her body. So when we reached one door that was locked shut, I suggested to her that she rest there while Candy and I looked for the key. Titania did not say as much as thanks and sat down on the floor.

The WTC was truly gigantic, yet Team Meteor had done a thorough job of getting rid of the many workers that must at some point have worked in this center. In their stead, there were a mix of grunts and orderlies guarding the key we needed to leave this place. Candy helped me beat them, since she was with me, and for the first time I got a glimpse of her battling in the traditional sense. Unfortunately, I only got to see Azalea in battle, because when she mega-evolved into mega lopunny, she practically swept their whole teams by herself. It reminded me of Charlotte and her ninetales, but whether it was because she was my dear cousin or because she had once been the Hoenn champion, I felt no shame in being so evidently below in skill level.

“You are practically a professional trainer, Vanilla. So much sync between you and your team! I’m proud of how you’ve reached this level since literally zero in so little time.”

Those were unequivocal words of praise towards me, but I couldn’t open my stubborn mouth to convey my admiration.

The area that had the key was particularly foul-smelling, that I almost fainted the moment I opened the door. There was little ventilation, with every window I could see shut closed.

“Candy, send out all your floral pokemon and make this place’s smell a bit more bearable,” I begged, for, although I could see the key sitting on a table not too far away, I didn’t feel capable of spending more than 5 seconds in the concentrated stench of the room.

“It’ll be futile if the thing that’s responsible for the smell keeps producing it. Look,” she said, pointing at some machinery sitting on a lower level, accessible through metallic stairs.

I went down the stairs practically jumping them over, because I was holding my breath a bit to avoid intoxicating myself. The machine was a PULSE, with a large purple goblin attached onto it.

“All right. Let me stop this stupid machine. Meanwhile, get your pokemon to start producing perfume, and if you can, try opening some of the windows.”




The smell didn’t go away completely, but it became a little more bearable once the PULSE was defeated. Moreover, it turned out that this was the thing that was clogging up the water treatment system, which prevented the water from being filtered properly. As such, when we turned the water to fill the pools anew, the water was now pristine.

“This is great! I’ve accomplished my aim in coming all the way to the WTC, and it’s all thanks to you, Vanilla,” Candy smiled.

“It was nothing.”

I grabbed the key, which I had a hunch Taka had placed precisely in that room so that we would find the PULSE and destroy it. I was relieved that Titania wasn’t with us, or she might have had another fit thinking about that.


Once we returned to the locked door, we found Titania almost falling asleep against some large machine. I unlocked the door successfully, and then patted the redhead’s shoulder to wake her up. She woke up in an instant, with eyes widened in alert; however, once she confirmed the patting was just me, she stood up from the floor and stretched her upper body.

“Ready to head in?” I asked her.

“When am I not ready?” was her response.

When we opened the door, we found Amaria lying on top of a table, surprisingly still unconscious. Taka was also inside the same room, reading a book, but when we entered, he looked at us and smiled.

“I see that you made it,” he said.

Titania sent out her sword pokemon again, and pointed it right in front of his face.

“Please don’t kill-” Candy started, but was quickly interrupted by a brusque “I know” from Titania.

“He’s made it painfully clear that he’s betraying Team Meteor without actually leaving the stupid organization,” she said. “But that doesn’t mean he’s on our side either. Until he is, I’ll take my precautions.”

“Leave the guy with his dad issues and let’s leave,” I suggested. “You came for Amaria, and she’s lying on top of that table. You didn’t come here to lecture a young member of the enemy’s team on how to live his life.”

I went over to the table, and slid my hands under her back and legs to pick her up. Then I brought her closer to Titania.

“I see that you’ve taken something from her,” she said as she grabbed her right wrist.


“Oh, you mean this?” Taka asked, dangling a dark blue bracelet from his hand. “I’ll give it back to you. Catch.”

He threw the bracelet and Titania snached it from the air. It appeared to be the sapphire bracelet I had heard of before.

“There’s a small issue with that, though. I radioed my dad and he’s coming this way to collect the bracelet, so you might have to deal with that soon.”

“I’m willing to accept that responsibility.”

Titania took Amaria off from my arms and carried her herself.

“So you’re just going to let us leave this place with Amaria and the sapphire bracelets? Without doing anything?” Titania said with a heavy dose of irony in her voice.

“Go ahead,” Taka replied, moving to the side so we could access the exit.


Titania passed him, and like he assured, he allowed her to reach the exit without complaints or sudden plot twists. However, when it was my turn to pass, Taka blocked my way.

“I do have a favor to ask from you, Vanilla,” he said. “I need you to defeat me in battle. Gotta at least look like I tried.”

“If you’ll give it your all and not half-ass the battle for the sake of losing, then of course I’m game,” I replied.

I was just reaching my pokeball pocket when Titania objected to the battle.

“If she beats you, that’ll be like patting yourself in the back that you’re alright to keep being in the limbo between the two sides, when in fact, no. That’s not alright.”

“Please, I’ve done you every possible possible courtesy down here. Help me out on this one thing,” Taka pleaded with an air of defeat.

“I see that you are eager to battle, Vanilla, but if you do, I will not give you a Gym match. Forget about the Reborn League if you assist a Team Meteor Admin. There are no room for traitors in the league, since there’s already enough of those,” Titania said sternly. “And your friend there. If she battles him, I will deem her as part of Team Meteor, despite whatever you or she says. She has already done a lot of suspicious stuff in the span of a couple of hours, and this would top the cake.”

With that said, Titania exited the room.

“You heard her,” I said, placing my pokeball back. “She can go f*ck herself for all I care, but I can’t let go of the opportunity to train my pokemon against the finest trainers in this region.”

I started walking, when Taka grabbed my arm firmly enough that I couldn’t swing it to break free.

“Please, Vanilla. I’m begging you,” he said with knitted eyebrows.


“It’s you or my people in Everland. Don’t take it personally, though I do hate people who half-ass things.”

I then pushed him away and headed for the exit.

“Vanilla, I’ll stay with Taka for a little bit,” I heard Candy say behind me.

“You what? Come on, Candy. You already heard Titania, and I don’t want my cousin to be referred to as a possible terrorist, even as a joke.”

“I know. I promise I won’t battle him. I will only talk to him, I swear.”

I sighed and relaxed my shoulders. I knew that face, and I knew Candy was as unyielding as a rock when she set her mind on something.

“Fine. I trust you.”

“I will meet you in Agate Circus later, okay?”

I nodded and with one last look at Candy and then at Taka, Pikachu and I exited the Control Room.



  • Titania (-1): 1/10 Her threatening me and telling me what to do doesn't sit well with me.
  • Taka (-1): 1/10 Weak of resolve and doesn't give his all to anything. Those are not traits that I can endorse.



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Yay! This is up! That was probably the quickest I've ever seen someone take down the PULSE Swalot. I like how you basically went with both options in some way too with whether or not to battle Taka or not. It was great! Keep up the good work as always! 😄

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9 minutes ago, Majin J-Awesome_One said:

Yay! This is up! That was probably the quickest I've ever seen someone take down the PULSE Swalot. I like how you basically went with both options in some way too with whether or not to battle Taka or not. It was great! Keep up the good work as always! 😄

hehe took me a few tries to find out the best way, because even though I had a ground type, the water surface didn't allow me to use ground moves. but when I realized the dirty water would freeze with blizzard, I said hecc yeah! and the rest is history hehe

I wasn't sure what to do with the Taka fight. I do wanna try the Reshiram path, but as Corso had once said, Vanilla's def the type to not back away from a battle. so I gave Titania the deciding power. Vanini was def not happy.

Next episode will be another detour from the real Reborn storyline. This one I've been cooking for half a year or so, so I hope I'll be able to do it justice hehe 

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Two questions:
1) Does Vanilla know Pikachu's story? I'm referring to "I couldn’t be sure that this zorua was Pikachu’s friend who disappeared without trace".

2) Will you follow the bad path then?

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13 minutes ago, Corso said:

1) Does Vanilla know Pikachu's story? I'm referring to "I couldn’t be sure that this zorua was Pikachu’s friend who disappeared without trace".


She doesn't, but the zorua was the one to guide her to where Pikachu was hiding, so she knows the zorua was friends with him.


14 minutes ago, Corso said:

 2) Will you follow the bad path then?

Lol two reasons: 1. I've never played Reshiram path before, so it's a chance for me personally to play through it, and 2. I hear this is the "truth" path while Zekrom is the "ideal" path, and I'm more interested in Vanilla being grounded to the truth. So yeeeet

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Just started reading this just over a week ago, and OMG this has put me on a whole emotional rollercoaster ride. From when Pikachu died, to his rebirth, to the small details that deviated from the main storyline... I have no words. Please keep doing this, and I will be reading this to the bitter end (Or until I die. Whichever comes first, I guess...)


Vanilla definitely seems to be the type of person that I would rather steer clear of when first meeting her, though... Her outer shell is WAY too intimidating; it lowered my already abysmal Attack stat.

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4 hours ago, Auburn_Ember said:

Just started reading this just over a week ago, and OMG this has put me on a whole emotional rollercoaster ride. From when Pikachu died, to his rebirth, to the small details that deviated from the main storyline... I have no words. Please keep doing this, and I will be reading this to the bitter end (Or until I die. Whichever comes first, I guess...)


Vanilla definitely seems to be the type of person that I would rather steer clear of when first meeting her, though... Her outer shell is WAY too intimidating; it lowered my already abysmal Attack stat.

yay I'm glad you liked the story so far 😛 who would've thought one could write a fanfiction with an edgelord main character in an already edge-supreme world and story haha tbh the only thing standing between finishing this story and me is motivation, and as long as there are peepos reading this and showing interest, I keep my motivations high (cause I like to surprise people, and this story is full of surprises as you prolly saw).

funny thing is that Vanilla is smol and sickly-looking due to her albinism, so you wouldn't expect her to be the type to fite you xD

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18 hours ago, Candy said:

funny thing is that Vanilla is smol and sickly-looking due to her albinism, so you wouldn't expect her to be the type to fite you xD

It still wouldn't give me much motivation to go up and say hi to her, so chances are that we wouldn't even meet unless she had business with me tbh.

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tumblr_lp0mal7AcQ1qg3clto1_250.gifFrom Everland to Reborn ~ Episode 63tumblr_lp0mal7AcQ1qg3clto1_250.gif

Ok I lied again, this episode also goes pretty close to Reborn's story line. It's the next episode that will deviate a tad bit more than usual uwu


I was returning the way I’d come in to leave the WTC, when just as I was going to cross the exit, a dark entity pushed me away. The sudden appearance of Shade, the ghost gym leader, made Pikachu squeal in fear. It seemed that becoming a ghost type himself didn’t change his scaredy-cat nature.

“Forget not: Four screens foretold four souls’ fortune forsaken,” he said. “For, forsooth, from foreshadowed, only two will be taken.”


He said this much and disappeared without a trace. That was the most I had heard him talk, was my first thought. My second thought was, what the hell was that?

I knew he was talking about the edited videos he had shown in his Gym. There was no other thing that he could be referring to, that I could think of. To be sincere, I had actually forgotten about those videos because I took them for granted: at most, I thought they were spooky videos just to fit the spooky atmosphere of his Gym. However, now that they were brought back to my attention, I tried hard to remember what each of them had shown.

Corey’s death wasn’t a prophecy, for he had already leaped to his end long before I even saw that video. Then, there was an old woman… it took me a moment to remember what she looked like, but the garchomp on the video was so striking that I realized the video had foretold the death of Kiki. It hurt a little, to think that had I perhaps paid closer attention to these recordings and interpreted them as prophecies, I could have warned Kiki or Victoria of it and saved both a tragic separation. Alas, it was useless to cry over spilt milk.

Those must have been the two souls that were taken, according to Shade. The other two videos I barely remembered, but if they weren’t going to foreshadow anything, then I figured they were not important.


I headed out of the WTC, where I found Titania waiting right in front of the cascade. She was still holding Amaria’s limp body in her arms, sitting on the shell of Amaria’s lapras, which I recognized from that time we snuck into an abandoned factory together. I noticed that she was watching Amaria’s sleeping face closely when I approached her.

“It appears that Team Meteor had her stay asleep for this long. I found scars from maybe an intravenous drip or injections. There are no other signs of mistreatment, however.”

“She will probably wake up soon, now that the drugs were suspended.”

Titania looked at me and nodded. Was it my imagination? In the midst of all the exhaustion that was obvious from miles away, her expression seemed to have a tint of fear. However, the suspicion was quickly wiped away, when she shifted her gaze from me to the waterfall in front of her.

“Deliverance will take us up, so you don’t have to send out a water pokemon for us. Yeah, I didn’t need you after all,” she said. “And I’m not even sorry.”

She left me standing and Deliverance climbed up slowly but steadily, against the strong downward current.


Once they were out of my sight, I patted Pikachu’s head.

“I finished my business with Titania. Whatever she says, she cannot complain,” I said. “And now, I think I have a new business to attend to.”

Pikachu tilted his disguise’s head, which I interpreted as a sign of puzzlement.

“I have to… go to Calcenon. I told Shelly I would go once I finished this business. Yes, that’s it. That’s all there is to it.”

I sent Prince out of his pokeball and carefully held on to his back as we also went up the cascade. Once we were at last at the top, I hesitated in front of the entrance to Ametrine Mountain.


Ametrine City… no, Calcenon was there, through the mountain, to the east. When I thought that, I sighed because of my own stupidity.

“No. I shouldn’t lie to myself. There’s no one around that warrants lying,” I shook my head.

Pikachu said not a squeak, and so I confessed what embarrassing thoughts I had bottled up in my chest.

“The truth is, what Candy said about Aladdin has left me with discomfort. Similar to the feeling when you wear a button-up shirt that is too tight around the neck,” I said, but then chuckled. “I guess you wouldn’t have experience with any shirts.”

Yes, and now I was facing the mountain through which I could return to Ametrine City, the place where he had spent his last moments of life, and the only place where I knew I could access his lifeless body from. And yet, I could not deny my apprehension. As long as I did not find him, I could pretend he was still alive somewhere, still looking to hunt me down. The fact I felt such illogical fear made my blood boil, for it was, as difficult as it was for me to accept it, a proof that I still had some attachment to him. Candy’s words in the treatment center had only made that sense of attachment worse.

“But really, whatever the truth is concerning Aladdin and my escape from Everland… it’s no longer something I could figure out, and moreover it’s not something that should change my opinion of him either. He betrayed me in the worst possible manner, and nothing would redeem him.”

Pikachu looked at me and his squeak suggested a question. I then realized that I had been reflecting inside my head all along, so he most surely could not follow my thought process and why I was suddenly so angry. I apologized and patted his disguise’s head again.


Right then, I saw a shadow pass next to me on my left and make a U-turn towards my right side. The shadow’s movement was followed by a loud greeting.

“Vanini! Hello!”

The voice was Julia’s. She was still airborne when she shouted, but damn her voice was recognizable even though I hadn’t seen her for so long. Her ride pokemon, a large dinosaur with leaf-shaped wings, made a nice landing and as soon as she was earthbound, she ran over to where I was reaching the riverside. She jumped and hugged me tightly, almost pushing me to the ground. I was amazed that my back didn’t snap in two in the process.


“How have you been? It’s been so so so soooo long since we saw each other!”

I pushed her away, and agreed that it had been a long while. My eyes focused away from the green-haired cheerleader towards the dinosaur, which was called back to its pokeball by another familiar face. I wasn’t happy to see who it was.

“Florinia,” I said. “Now, what brings you two here?”

Perhaps Florinia sensed the animosity in my tone, but if she did, she showed no signs of it.

“We saw Amy and Tania riding up the waterfall, and so we were filled with big question marks. But seeing you climbing up too was like a giant exclamation point, so we had to come up!”

“It’s a long story, and I believe I’m not the best person to narrate it,” I shrugged, and started walking with them up the hill.

“It’s okee, we’re literally here so I’ll nullify my question marks with Amy and Tania. Oh oh wait! Rini! I think, didn’t Vanini leave the city before the renovations?”


“Oooh yes! Let me tell you all about it! You’ll be sooo surprised when you come back! I’d love to see your face when you see what we’ve done with the place. It’s done a head to toe makeover, except it’s a city, not a person!”

“Hold it. Candy already told me about that,” I quickly said, before I could be caught in Julia’s incessant blabbering.

“Candy! You mean the breeder? I didn’t know you were friends.”

“We’re cousins.”

Julia looked flabbergasted.

“What? I didn’t know. This is such a huge news! Rini! Did you know this?”

“Affirmative,” Florinia replied, but when we saw a helicopter fly by us in the direction of Amaria’s house, we all fell silent for a moment.

“Wow, it’s not often we see helicopters. Everyone being able to fly on top of pokemon and all,” Julia said, breaking the silence.

Florinia squinted her eyes and when she saw what she did not really want to see, she twitched a little- the biggest sign of emotion I had seen her express.


“Team Meteor confirmed,” Florinia said.

“Whaaat? They’re here too? I’m gonna boomboom their faces off if they try and do anything to Amy and Tania!”

Julia shook her pompoms vigorously and started climbing up the hill. Florinia and I followed her closely. I figured they had come to get the Sapphire bracelets that were under Titania’s possession. Taka… that coward must have radioed his father to drop everything and come for them, because otherwise it was way too soon for them to even know that she had taken their precious key. In any case, I wasn’t going to lose the chance to fight Solaris and humiliate him once again.


I reached the house, the air current from the helicopter which was suspended in the air close to the house’s ceiling, blowing up my long hair. I made a mental note of their location, since I presumed they’d have to come in through Hardy’s room and down the stairs.

Julia was already in the middle of alerting Titania about the situation when I entered the house.

“We knew they were coming,” she said with her usual indifferent tone. “I just didn’t expect it to be so soon.”

“I have an idea! Let’s lure them in and blow the whole place up on their faces, so that the rest of us can sneak out unharmed,” Julia suggested, because of course she did.

“Amaria was injured. She’s in the room in the back, but the drugging- I mean she’s still asleep. We can’t move her.”

Julia seemed genuinely concerned for Amaria and inquired after her health so much that Titania had to remind her that she had to focus on the Team Meteor situation.

“Well then, I don’t think there’s anything else to do,” the cheerleader said. “We gotta fight, fight and fight; we’ll win the day! We’ll send those Meteor jerks away!”


“Understood. Analyzing structure,” Florinia commented, and then looked 360 degrees around the house.

“There’s nothing to analyze. Take up defensive positions at the house exits. We won’t even allow them in,” was Titania’s suggestion.

Before I could remind her that Team Meteor was upstairs, Florinia upstaged me.

“Incorrect,” said she, and moved to the north side of the living room. “I hypothesize that Team Meteor will create additional entrance routes.”

“You ever gonna stop talking like that? It’s been how many years, and you’re still overreacting?”

Titania’s allusion to some event in the past that may have triggered Florinia’s robotic ways picked my interest, but I checked myself. It was the definition of not my business.

“Now’s not the time for that,” it was Julia’s turn to say. “Let’s listen to her plan.”

Florinia’s plan was to have her and me take the first line of defense. Since Team Meteor would likely come down the stairs, our positioning ourselves close to the room Amaria was sleeping in was optimal to protect what they were after: the sapphire bracelets. She then indicated to Julia to remain close to the healing room, because the large windows there posed an easy entrance route for the enemy. Lastly, she told Titania to be in the room with Amaria, so that she could be the last resort, in case we weren’t strong enough to stop them. Over my dead body, I thought, would I allow the likes of Solaris to defeat me. It would be unnecessary for Titania to do anything.


Just as we had finished taking our positions, Solaris came down the stairs as I had predicted.



I chose to make a long vid with everything in it, so lemme just cheat and allow the vid to finish narrating the story for me hehe I mean who needs Vanilla's commentary on stuff that happens without her saying a single word, right? (yah, that's actually 99.9% of what this playthrough is, but that's just details, details~) also, forgib me that Pikachu isn’t in the vid cause no follower mod yet for E18 😞








  • Julia (+2): 4/10 I guess I judged her harshly on first meeting her, because I was in a bad mood. She isn't terrible, even if she is too spontaneous for my liking.
  • Florinia (+1): 6/10 She chose loyalty over kinship, even if that may have been a difficult choice for her. Got to give credit where it's due.
  • Solaris (-1): -3/10 He tried to burn down the house with us in it. I don't appreciate murder attempts toward me.
  • Sirius (-1): -4/10 Same as Solaris.
  • Fern (-1): -4/10 Just when I think I can't hate this idiot more, he surprises me by joining Team Meteor.


Heh I wanted to get this episode out before I went to Japan for a week and missed yet another week without uploads 😂

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Yay an update! :lol:


Hmm... at this point Fern is just looking desperate with the façade of being a complete jerk, although I'm surprised that Vanilla's rating of Sirius is on par with him and not Solaris as of now.

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On 6/19/2019 at 4:56 AM, Auburn_Ember said:

Yay an update! :lol:


Hmm... at this point Fern is just looking desperate with the façade of being a complete jerk, although I'm surprised that Vanilla's rating of Sirius is on par with him and not Solaris as of now.

late af because I was in Japan but yah, the point system is a bit non-optimal because it depends on how often you meet these characters in the game. Every time Fern sticks his nose in Vanilla's business, he gets docked a point. Given how often he's seen in the game, it's not surprising he has a rating on par with Sirius who started maybe with a 1/10 or something 😛

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