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Pokemon Reborn Redux [Mod][E18.4 Patch Version Released]

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There's nothing really major with this update so I pretty much just am uploading the data file



18.4 Patch Notes


-Kiki's fights recieved some movepool changes

-Added a harder version of the Glass Gauntlet to challenge

-Fixed a couple typos

-Titania's Hidden Mons now give the correct mons


For anyone who wants to do the tougher glass gauntlet you'll need to do the following and it's spoilers


-defeat 12 of the master fights (doesn't matter which 12)

-Do the Redux HQ quest to find all the members

-Talk to a certain white haired man in the desert


If you do all of these things a certain meteor grunt will appear in the healing room. All you have to do is talk to him. Just be warned you cannot undo this change to the gauntlet if you do so.


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