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Mr. Finn

Breeding Probability Calculator

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Hello, there! This time, I'm bringing to you a Breeding Probability Calculator for competitive breeding. I didn't make this calculator, so I disclaim it, I just found it somewhere in the internet.


NOTE: This executable file only works for Windows and Linux, so I'm sorry if you use a Apple computer and you want to execute it. It does NOT contain virus.


So, basically you should press "Enter" to begin the application. Then, a new message should appear:




It should appear a text of the item and IVs for the first parent. Press "0" to change the item and then, there will be numbers from 0 to 7. Number 0 is for no item, number 1 is for the Destiny Knot and from 2 to 7 are for the Power item. As you can see, I did press "1" for Destiny Knot and it appeared in the text. Now, for IVs, to choose the IVs one Pokemon have, press the number of the IV and it will appear 1 in the side. That 1 means one IV the Pokemon have. The 0 means that the IV is not full. Sadly, there is no way to put different IVs and Natures, since the person who made this program isn't a Pro in programming executable files.




I put a IV in Speed by pressing "6" and then "Enter". To go to the second parent, press "7" and "Enter". There will appear the parameters for the second parent.




Note that this "*" in the side of Attack is because the Power Bracer keeps the Attack IV for the eggs. I've put random IVs and then, when I continue to the next step, this will appear:




It will appear the parameters for the desired child. Ignore the Gender, Ability and Shiny, since it won't work and you can't select the Pokemon you're using to breed. Once you choose the desired IVs, press "0" to continue.




I've chosen all the six IVs. And then, I press "1" and "Enter" and this will happen:




The egg have 0.35% of chance to get all the 6 IVs, or 1 in 284.444 eggs, with these conditions. There are also the other probabilities for the egg in this calculator.


I will give you here the link of the place in which I found that calculator and its download link. And again, I'm not the creator of this program. The creator is Matthew Hakes, so instead of giving me credits, give them to him.


Thread: https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/187276-pokemon-sun/74791267

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2BIF7vX2CQ2VTQ0UERtVHdhTTQ/view?usp=sharing


I hope it helps you to know the chance of getting certain IV spread eggs.


Thanks and enjoy! :)

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