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A wild fanart appeared!

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my favorite disaster child/pc


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had these put up on my sketch thread after not being able to find a rejuv centric fanart topic but mb it's okay here?? just some aeros....






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Has anyone here with even novice Animation Skill (like Egoraptor when he first made Metal Gear Awesome level of skill) considered making an Anime Opening for Pokemon Reborn?


If someone does consider this Idea, make Alice the main protagonist.


If considered, Rise by Origa should be the song. And style it after the second "Ghost in the Shell, Stand alone Complex opening."


...Just an Idea. Not a request.

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My Reborn Protagonist, Deezy, who definitely does not belong in Reborn City. Very nervous, constantly gets lost when left to his own devices. Good with music. Very trusting.






And then the train got blown up




"physically, mentally, or emotionally? because none of them are good"




Apparently, the nice silver-haired lady can't find any information on Deezy, no medical records, nothing. To the whole of Reborn, he doesn't exist. This is a very stressful thing to think about, so he goes on a walk to clear his head.






Who knew people that held you at knifepoint could be so nice?





Oh hey, a little bit of kindness. I mean, Deezy owes the man a favor, but he said that can wait for later, so all is fine.




Enter Ziptie the blue alligator thing. Deezy still doesn't know what it is, but it hasn't tried to bite his face off so that's working out all right.



Edit: found another one I forgot to post




Oh hey I actually followed up on posting some fanart since I asked, it only took me a year.

This was just going to be a few quick sketches, but I just kept adding to the story and...I don't know, I still consider it fanart, and future posts would be more about Reborn characters than just mine, but if there are any objections to me posting it in this thread and potentially more stuff like it in the future, please let me know! 

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