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Pokémon Miracle [Updated November 24]

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Pokémon Miracle development topic


* Introduction

Hello, everyone! I’m Amanojaku, and I’ve been lurking around the forums for some time without much activity. Miracle as a project has been planned for quite a long time, but I’ve been ironing out some kinks to make the story flow better. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the game.


* Plot
Atlas is a region known for its rich mythology. While some tales resisted the test of time, others have been buried into obscurity. It’s the duty of an explorer to investigate those legends and bring the truth to light.


You are a talented student at the Sigma University, one of the most prestigious in the region. The local professor, Alexander Cercis, has heard about your accomplishments and invited you, along with some of your fellow students, to be his assistant. Now, you’ve been tasked with gathering information from myths all over the region.

In fact, you already have a mystery to work with. In your dreams, a person named Vega appears and claims to want to give you their assistance on your mission. Who are they and why do they want to help you? The answer might be related to the same legends they want to help you research.


* Features

- Gen 4-styled graphics and tilesets

- 14 Gym Leaders and an Elite 4

- Following Pokémon

- IV/EV checker

- Advanced Pokédex

- All 721+ Pokémon, starters included

- A morality system that completely changes the course of the story

- Changes in some Pokémon’s movesets, abilities and typings

- Custom terrains

- Difficulty modes

* Characters








Player Characters





Laura and Emil Altimari – The Fighters

Canon age: 17 (Born on September 25)

The player characters and Angelo’s older siblings. Due to their skill in battles, they were chosen to be the professor’s assistant. Recently, they’ve been having strange dreams about a person named Vega, who claims to want to help them on their journey.

Like all Pokémon player characters, Laura and Emil don’t have a set personality. However, some actions you take during the game might make them a nice, polite peacekeeper, a pragmatic detective or even a complete bad apple, among other options.







Thomas Drake – The Mediator

"When hard times come, I don't want to be a burden. I want to help!"

Age: 15 (Born on September 4)

Thomas is a childhood friend of yours and Angelo’s best friend. He’s a compassionate boy that believes everybody has the potential to be a good person and, as such, can make friends with anybody. He’s very shy, has self-esteem issues and isn’t much of a fighter, traits that he believes make him too dependent on his friends and that he wants to grow out of by exploring the region.

Fittingly, as the mediator of the group, Thomas tends to balance out most of the other members’ bad traits, such as Angelo’s impulsiveness and Iris’ pride. So, while he doesn’t look very important, he’s the team’s keystone.



Iris Belmont – The Leader

"As long as we stick together and keep fighting, I'm sure we can do anything!"

Age: 18 (Born on August 15)

Iris is another childhood friend of yours. While gentle and levelheaded, she’s also strong-willed, assertive and a little prideful. A natural-born leader, she treats her friends’ well-being as her responsibility and always makes sure everyone’s doing their best. Threatening the group’s stability is an easy way to anger her.

Due to her role as the leader, Iris feels like it’s her responsibility to make sure nothing goes wrong. As such, she can be an overbearing perfectionist at times, needing support so she doesn’t burn herself out from stress.



Blake Walton – The Strategist

"It's a beautiful world out there, but you won't ever get to appreciate it if you let fear dictate your life."

Age: 17 (Born on November 5)

One of the professor’s assistants. A reliable and hardworking young man, whose cleverness and calm, unflappable behavior make him an excellent planner. Blake isn’t the best conversationalist, due to his reserved personality, but his dry wit might catch you by surprise.

Due to his role as the strategist and direct, efficient approach on issues, he quickly gets a role of leadership on the group, becoming Iris’ unofficial second-in-command.






Angelo Altimari – The Empath

"Dreams are things to be made into reality!"

Age: 16 (Born on July 18)

The player character’s younger, more down-to-earth brother. He’s talented at picking up subtle cues in others’ behavior and understanding how they feel, also being the center of jokes about being a psychic. This talent, coupled with his inquisitive nature, makes him a living lie detector.

He shares many hobbies with Thomas, so they’re very close friends. Angelo’s assertiveness balances out Thomas’ meekness, while the latter’s compassionate nature keeps the former’s curiosity from going too far.


Professor Alexander Cercis

Age: 36

The professor who hires the main characters. He studies the myths of the Atlas region and constantly shares his knowledge with Lucina. He has a relaxed, hands-off attitude with his assistants, not really worrying about what they do as long as they get the job done. Professor Cercis is a reasonable and hardworking man, but his superiority complex makes him a little annoying to work with.


Ian Belmont

Age: 22 (Born on January 13)

Iris’ older brother, the Professor’s main assistant, and the person responsible for mission control. Due to his busy schedule, Ian is quite serious, though he tends to play along with his friends’ antics sometimes. Despite having very contrasting personalities, both he and his sister are bossy people with a certain ego. Of course, this means that they don’t get along very well.





Pokémon League




Gym Leaders




Lumi Fiore

"We Gym Leaders have been trying our hardest to protect Atlas. Don't take our hard work for granted!"

Age: 13 (Born on June 26)

The Bug-type Gym Leader, who gives out the Firefly Badge. She’s often underestimated by other trainers due to her age and short temper, but not only is she a skilled fighter, she’s also surprisingly professional. She has a friendly, if competitive, relationship with the Normal and Flying-type Gym Leaders.



Lucina Halcyon

Age: 31 (Born on April 28)

The Psychic-type Gym leader, who gives out the Reverie Badge. She’s a professor with an interest for the occult that studies the myths and history of the Atlas region. Since she teaches at the Sigma University, she’s well-acquainted with the player character and their circle of friends, even being treated as one of their own. She’s gentle and nurturing, at the same time being very strict and expecting nothing but the best from her students. She’s not very confrontational and tends to stay away from conflict.

Lucina is the one who starts your journey, giving her students their starter Pokémon. Overall, she’s a very useful person to have on your side, even if all her jobs make her very busy.


Elite 4




Carina Mont'alverne

"A house divided cannot stand. I entrust you with the duty to reunite this fractured region."

Age: 31 (Born on August 9)

The Fighting-type Elite Four member. Carina is a wise leader who looks out for those under her command. However, she's somewhat withdrawn and rarely interacts with people other than in a superficial level. While this earns her a reputation as a secluded, mystical sage, it also makes her very intimidating.

Carina takes young promising trainers under her wing if they manage to impress her. For example, she's the one who sponsored Lumi's promotion to Gym Leader.


Other Members






Spoiler Characters





"Do we have a deal?"

Vega is the person that appears in your dreams. They claim to be friendly, but their motives for helping you are unknown. They’re talkative, bordering on chatty, and they constantly act smug without realizing it. For all their mysteriousness, Vega genuinely seems to care about the player character, constantly giving them useful advice.



Amber – The Detective

"You can't solve a mystery if you don't take risks."

Age: 16 (Born on April 1)

A mysterious amnesiac girl who joins the group to search for her past. Her talent for investigation is unmatched, but her moodiness and opportunism make her hard to approach. Amber is always alert and never wastes her time with meaningless distractions, but sometimes she might miss the bigger picture because she’s focusing too much on a single piece.

She prizes efficiency over everything else and believes that getting too emotionally attached on issues is counterproductive. However, a lot of her motivation to investigate the region’s mysteries seems to come from pride.




* The Atlas Region

A mountainous region surrounded by the ocean. Atlas is split in half by Mt. Aureum and, as such, the north and south halves are almost like two different regions. The capital, Eridan City, shares traits from both halves.

Atlas has suffered heavy losses from a war that happened a decade ago. As a consequence, the Pokémon League is heavily militarized and its members have important political roles.


* Progress





Sprites: 70%

Vs Sprites: 100%

Tilesets: 80%

Mapping: 65%


Total: 78.75%



V1 story: 30%

Sidequests: 10%

Dialogue written: 80%

Post-episode content: 0%


Total: 30%



Trainers: 70%

PBS changes: 90%

Other changes: 60%


Total: 73.3%


Finishing touches:

Alpha testing: 0%

Beta testing: 0%



Total: 61%


* Beta testers













Azure NightStriker







* Screenshots







* Credits




* Main development


Claus Reiuji


* Essentials







* Essentials scripts

Help-14 (Follower Pokémon)

zingzags (Follower Pokémon)

Rayd12smitty (Follower Pokémon)

Venom12 (Follower Pokémon)

mej71 (Follower Pokémon)

FL (Advanced Pokédex, difficulty modes)

Carmaniac (Speech bubbles)

KleinStudio (Shadows)

Luka S.J. (Title screens, Elite Battle System)



* Scripting


Maruno (Pokémon Essentials scripter)

Amethyst (PBS and field effect concept)


* Generation 6 addition


Pokemon Trainer Jackey



* Graphics




















Calis Projects





Smogon XY Sprite Project

Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project



* Music











* Pokémon tweaks









More to be added later!


Edited by Amanojaku
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The main post was updated with sprites for the rivals, Angelo, Lumi, Amber and the player characters. Also, I added the region map and some lore about Atlas. I'll add screenshots and more sprites later, so stay tuned!

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I love the map style. Is it custom which you made yourself? Keep up the good work ^^

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I love the map style. Is it custom which you made yourself? Keep up the good work ^^

Thanks! That map style was made by chimcharsfireworkd, you can find him on DeviantArt.

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how did I miss this when this thread came out

The sprites look really nice and I like that map! The plot seems promising, too, so I can't wait to see the game come out~

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Looks nice and interesting so far! I wish you good luck with your game c:

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By the way, in the main post I mentioned that there would be changes to some Pokémon's movesets, typings and abilities, right?

Well, here you can see some of my ideas!

These changes are meant to make some Pokémon more appealing by giving them better niches. I'd love to hear your thoughts about them!

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This game seem interested and I look forward to its release to play it.

The changes to the pokemon in the list is pretty nice. Their are some things in their that should have been made in the actually game

(bulbasaur learns no poison moves except for poisonpowde by level upr)

some of these are quite interesting in ability replacements and type changes. I always enjoy people changing pokemon like this because it makes things more interesting and allows you to change your team building setup, as it shows creativity.

So far I like it :)

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Adding third abilities to the Eeveeloutions is a great idea, and so are your additions to the Kanto starters!

Giving fighting typings to some of the Pokemon seems like a unique change, too, and it's good that you're adding like-typed moves in response. It'd be really cool to see someone in-game explain the type/move changes, like something as simple as "Here in Atlas, certain Pokemon have adapted to their environment by acquiring another type/getting this move/this ability/etc.

Pretty much all of these type changes and move additions make SO much sense - why WOULDN'T Aurorus know Power Gem?


Doesn't it HAVE a gem?

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its reason like these that make me think why didn't the people who created this pokemon realise this. And if they did its not like they can say "oh hey we realise that this pokemon can learn this move so we added it" If they did it, people would be upset that they did that one instead of others.

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Progress on Miracle has been going a bit slow for a while. I spent pretty much the entire last week at school, but this Thursday's a holiday where I live, so I'll have more time to work!

Also, a small art update: All V1 Vs Sprites have been finished! Most of them were finished by the time I made this thread, but Blake's and Thomas' still used their old designs and Lumi's was just ugly.

















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Progress on Miracle has gone quite well on this weekend and most of the V1 content is finished. If you're interested in being a beta tester, please let me know!

Also, you might have seen on the main post that some important characters, like the rivals and Lumi, have their birthdays listed. In fact, today's Iris' birthday. This isn't just random trivia, it's part of an in-game mechanic! You can gather information about important characters and learn about them. This factors in the morality mechanic, because you can use the information you have to know how to make a specific character like you more, for example. Memorizing so many things would be a pain, but don't worry, you have a partner.


Vega isn't the type to just give cryptic hints and let you do all the heavy lifting. They'll help you in many ways, including giving you easy access to all clues you find.

Also, in case you're wondering how knowing someone's birthday can be useful...


Lucina's study of the region's mythology makes her very superstitious. Of course, this is a Pokémon game, so all myths are true.

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I'm interested in being a Beta Tester. I can certainly help if you would allow me to.

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I'd like to help test as well, if that's alright.

This looks really interesting, and I like a lot of the changes made to pokemon. Glaceon, one of my favorite mons, finally gets a decent ability!

The art is really nice as well.

Also I am a big fan of the reputation/morality system and am interested to see how you make it work.

Edited by DragonMasterKrim
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I'd be up to testing as well, if you need any more, this game seems really cool, love the moveset changes btw~ such as making adorable penguin better and more fabulous o/

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Woah, that's a lot of people! The beta release is coming soon, so stay tuned. I'm glad to have you all on board!

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