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Pokemon Reborn Guide [2.0]


Hi, sparsyle-0 here (you can call me Sophia). I'm new to the forums, but I just wanted to help some people out that enjoy the game! I've seen Nickaboo's old Reborn Walkthrough / Guide and because there have, since recently, been updates to the game, I wanted to add onto that! I credit him with the idea completely, this is just me trying to honor him. I hope this will help players new to the game!

I'm hoping this can work as a community effort. I am human, thus certain to miss numerous important details. If you notice something I left out, please inform me in my separate discussion thread, and I'll be sure to add it in as soon as possible!

The Beginning

The moment you reach Reborn, it's clear that there are many problems plaguing the city. There was a bombing before you even pulled into the station!! You are adviced by Ame to make your way to the Grand Hall, which is a direct east from your current location.

Here's my biggest tip for getting through this game: talk to EVERYONE. Pokemon Reborn is unlike any game you've tried thusfar. It is incredibly advanced, not only in difficulty, but in plot. It's a really good idea to talk to everyone you see, as many of them have important items/information to help you out later in the game. Plus, the dialogue of reborn is interesting compared to that of a regular pokemon game... You'll see what I mean.

This lady, for example, will give you a potion:


Anyways, at the Grand Hall you'll meet Victoria, an amicable girl who'll later be your rival. She'll take you inside to Ame at the front desk. You get first choice at your starter pokemon, and boy do you get a choice.


The Pokemon of Reborn are different from those of regular regions... Many wild pokemon have their dream world abilities. There's also an increased chance of getting shinies throughout the game (some of these shinies have been recolored, and they look reallllly nice. For Windows users, you can check out some of the new colorations in the "graphics / battlers" folder of the game).

The starter pokemon available are the starters from every other region: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos alike.

Here is a visual representation of the options:




Out of these, the easiest type to start with would probably be a fire type. Type-wise, they just have a clear advantage at the start of the game. The hardest is definitely water. The first two gyms have a type advantage against it, and it just makes things so much harder. However, it is doable.

Some great choices would be any fire type (especially Torchic, for it has that killer speed boost), Snivy (for that Contrary, or that Coil later on), Bulbasaur (because its adorable it has those precious status-inflicting moves) or, if you're going to try a water type, Mudkip (because it's second form achieves a partial ground typing), or Froakie (for that broken Protean).

So, after you choose your pokemon, Victoria will get her turn. While you're waiting, you'll be introduced to another lovely character named Cain (and, yes, he is of the male sex). He will be your first opponent in battle.

"Pretty Boy" [i kid you not] Cain


Nidoran (m) nidoran_m.giflevel 5 / scratch, leer

Whether you win or lose, the game continues. Cain will take you to another part of the room to get your pokemon healed up. You are then reunited with Ame and Victoria. Cain and Ame leave, and Victoria challenges you to a battle. Unlike every other cheap rival known to Pokemon, she will choose the same pokemon no matter what you picked: a Tepig.

Apprentice Victoria


Tepig tepig.giflevel 5 / tackle, tail whip

Again, whether you win or lose, the game continues. You and Victoria head up to the front desk to meet with Ame and register for the Reborn League. You recieve a Pokedex, a Pokegear, and Running Shoes [score!]. Ame leaves. Victoria gives you five pokeballs. She then gives you your first objective: find the Peridot Gym.

The Opal Ward

So you've finally been freed to go on your own! The first thing you'll want to do is probably to catch another pokemon. The thing about reborn is that pokemon are not exactly the easiest to find. Talking to people (again) and scouring the region with the utmost care is crucial if you want to build a decent team. BUT! Before you leave the Grand Hall you'll probably want to buy some wares from the small store on the right. However, do take care of your money. It's very easy to run out of it, and without healing items you're toast. Be frugal.

After you've gotten that taken care of, feel free to exit the grand hall (you might want to chat with some people first to get some info about the game).

There's some patches of grass right outside of the Grand Hall.


In it you can find:

day: bidoof.gifekans.gifmeowth.gifpatrat.gifpidgey.gifrattata.gif

night: ekans.gifhoothoot.gifmeowth.gifrattata.gifspinarak.gif

...Yeah. Not exactly the most colorful assortment of pokemon, BUT, they all have potential if you're willing to train them. I'd at least pick up a Bidoof or Rattata for HM moves. Also, Bidoof learns headbutt through level up, which, via the dark trees, gives you access to:

headbuttable trees: combee.gifpineco.gif spearow.gif

So, when you leave The Grand Hall and grass around, you'll see a girl with a Snubbull in your way. She'll gripe about how the Snubbull doesn't listen to her before she walks away. This will come back later; once you have the first gym badge she'll offer the pokemon to you to keep.

When she leaves, you're free to go. After you go down the stairs, there will be another large staircase to your right. There, a trainer will block you. You'll have to beat him in battle to continue on.

As you make your way up the bridge, you'll notice a number of trainers there. Some will battle you, some will wait until you have more badges. Some police will be blocking your way further east. Eventually you'll see a trio of kids corning a Pachirisu, Panpour, Zigzagoon, or Wingull.

You'll have to battle them to save the pokemon. HAVE 2+ POKEMON ON YOUR TEAM before you challenge them for they will engage you in a double battle. When you beat them, Pachirisu, Panpour, Zigzagoon, or Wingull will request to join your team.

Pachirisu pachirisu.gif level 3 / growl, bide OR Panpour panpour.gif level 3 / scratch, play nice

Zigzagoon zigzagoon.gif level 3 / tackle, growl OR Wingullwingull.giflevel 3 / growl, water gun

*****You can get another pokemon... One you didn't get will appear in an apartment in Peridot****

Continue around the bridge for a couple of more battles.

Now, after you've finished with the trainer bridge, the only thing left to do is to venture left towards the Peridot Ward.

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I'm back for part two! If you have anything to add, please put it in my separate discussion thread.

Peridot Ward

Peridot Ward is... quite large. There are so many opportunities to catch pokemon here, that I'm just going list all of them before progressing with the walkthrough portion of the guide.

So you'll probably meet "'Am not a hoozin' whats-a-bunker lucious" guy first. He'll ask for $50 four times (for a total of $200) before he moves.


Beyond him you can find a house with an Espurr inside. Give it Pokesnax. You can find them hidden around the ward, or buy some from this guy:


Espurr espurr.gif level 5 / scratch, leer, covet

Southwest of that is the fisherman's house.


This guy set up a small aquarium in the back room of his place. You'll have to battle him to get in. There's nothing to do there unless you have a fishing rod [you can get one from the guy on the southernmost house on the west shoreline]. Once you make it in, you can fish there to find:

finneon.gifgoldeen.gif...nope, no magikarp!

You can also fish in the grimy lake water and catch:


In the large apartment building on the coast is another pokemon reserve


Again, you'll have to battle the owner for passage. In the garden you can find:

morning: caterpie.gifcherubi.gifledyba.gifwurmple.gif

day: caterpie.gifcherubi.gifwurmple.gif

night: caterpie.gifhoothoot.gifspinarak.gifstunky.giftrubbish.gifwurmple.gif

headbuttable trees: burmy.gifpineco.gif

There are numerous alleyways throughout the city. You need to battle someone to get into them, but they have a fair amount of pokemon/items within.

South Peridot Alleyway:



There's also a Tynamo there.


Tynamo tynamo.giflevel 10 / tackle, thunder wave, spark, charge beam

North Peridot Alleyway:



The girl in this house will give you a Kricketot.


Kricketotkricketot.giflevel 5 / growl, bide

When it's thunderstorming, you can find an Blitzle outside of Julia's gym.

Blitzle blitzle.gif level 15 / thunder wave, shock wave, charge, tail whip

Also when it's thunderstorming, you can find a Pansear taking refuge under this bridge


You need Pokesnax for this guy too.

Pansear pansear.giflevel 5 / scratch, play nice, leer

If you keep going right, you'll wind up in Opal ward, then in the Underground Railnet.


In the cave itself you can find:


In black patches you can find:


Another rain event is Surskit's.


When it's raining, check this fountain and a surskit will pop out and attack!

Surskit surskit.giflevel 10 / bubble, quick attack, sweet scent

Talk to this girl after you battle her and she'll give you a rose incense.


After you obtain that, on clear or sunny days you can find a Budew wandering around north Peridot. It will jump in to your arms [AWWWWWWW *cries*].


Budewbudew.giflevel 5 / absorb, growth

Before you get your badge, go to this house to find a Whismur.


There should be an abandonded Whismur in there.

Whismurwhismur.giflevel 5 / pound, echoed voice

If you check this dumpster, a Gulpin will jump out at you.


Gulpingulpin.gif level 10 / sludge, poison gas, yawn, pound

On rainy/thunderstorming days you can find a Numel outside the old train station.


You'll need pokesnax.

Numel numel.giflevel 15 / focus energy, magnitude, flame burst, EGG MOVE

egg move: body slam, iron head, stockpile, growth

At night, talk to the lady that lives in this house:


Then go straight to this apartment:


There should be two Meteor goons muttering about a mission. Return to the lady's house to find the Meteor Grunts cornering her. Defeat them in battle, and the lady will give you her precious pokemon.

Igglybuff igglybuff.giflevel 5 / charm, defense curl, pound, EGG MOVE

possible egg moves: perish song, misty terrain, ?

In this house you can trade a Bibarel for a Munna


The only way to get a Bibarel at this point in the game by training a Bidoof to level 15.

Munna munna.gif level 15 / imprison, psybeam, yawn, lucky chant

In this apartment you can get either a Pachirisu, Panpour, Zigzagoon, or Wingull depending on which pokemon wasn't at Opal Bridge.


It will eat your pokesnax and immediately attack.

Pachirisu pachirisu.giflevel 10 / charm, quick attack, growl, bide OR Panpour panpour.gif level 10 / play nice, leer, lick, water gun

Zigzagoon zigzagoon.gif level 10 / sand attack, tail whip, tackle, growl OR Wingullwingull.giflevel 10 / wing attack, supersonic, growl, water gun

You can get the Snubbull mentioned in the last guide from the girl in this apartment


*****NOTE: you need your second gym badge before she'll give it to you*****

Snubbullsnubbull.giflevel 20 / charm, bite, lick, headbutt

Another event pokemon is Teddiursa, though you'll have to work for it. This little guy likes to play hide-and-seek with you, so you'll have to run around Peridot awhile. Here are the locations:








Teddiursa teddiursa.gif level 14 / baby-doll eyes, lick, fake tears, fury swipes

Inconveniently enough, you can only achieve this one after you get the first badge. Find this hiker:


He'll ask you for a place to stay. Then find this house:


Go inside, then exit and talk to the hiker again. After, return to the empty house once more, and there'll be a man inside. Talk to him, and he'll ask for possible tenants. Return to the hiker and tell him about it. Then go back to the house one more time, and the hiker will be inside. He'll give you an Onix.

Onix onix.giflevel 15 / curse, rock throw, rock tomb, rage


NOW THEN. Back to the guide. So after you exit the Opal Ward, you'll want to take an immediate turn north, and you'll find yourself at Julia's gym. You'll find that the door is locked, with a note attached.

Fern and I will proceed to the target headquarters. Objective confirmed to reside within Factory. Investigating West Peridot Factory first. Join immediately.

~ F

So one would probably gather that this note was left for Julia to find. And, since you're planning on taking on her gym, you'll want to find it's leader. Venture around Peridot until you find this factory (make sure your pokemon are all healed up before doing so):


It should be on the far northwest section of the ward.

Talk to the green-haired guy to meet pretty much the most unpleasant individual of the game: Fern. This douchebag seems to think pretty lowly of you from the get-go, but he challenges you to a battle anyways.

"Swag Jockey" [shudders] Fern


Lotad lotad.gif level 10 / growl, absorb, astonish, bubble

Snivysnivy.gif level 12 / wrap, tackle, leer, vine whip

Budew: budew.giflevel 13 / stun spore, water sport, growth, mega drain

After you beat him, and he continues refusing to admit your dominance, he says that he is required elsewhere and leaves. Return to the gym and you'll bump into Julia. She'll tell you to meet her at the Mosswater Factory to beat up some wrongdoers (apparently the people that blew up the train station).


Julia will greet you there, and blow up the door for entrance [there seems to be a lot of explosions at this point in the game...]. A duo of green-haired people will join you, one a [unfortunately] familiar face, and the other is Fern's sister, Florinia. "Flobot" is pretty much the most down-to-earth character in the whole game, very technical in her language and precise in her actions. Julia mentions that a 'Team Meteor' is supposed to be behind the bombing; it's their lair that you're currently raiding.

You can pick up an ability capsule from this barrel here. Unlike the regular games, these capsules allow you to convert a pokemon's ability to their dream world one.


When you enter the base, it's shown to be clearly disgusting. It's said to smell terrible, and the lake is purple with pollutants. Florinia even says that its estimated toxicity is 90+% (yuck!). Julia declares that Team Meteor must be stopped. Florinia says that the group should split into two teams, and, sadly, this means you'll be tagging along with Fern for awhile.

So, it's a pretty clear route. You'll be engaging in some double battles with some Team Meteor goons along the way.

The only good thing about having Fern with you is that your pokemon will automatically heal after every battle. Also, your pokemon get double exp. from the battles, since you're facing two pokemon at once. However, be careful not to overlevel them or they won't listen to you. Don't go past level 20.

This is a great place to train electric pokemon, because the field increases the power of your electric moves. Do mind all of the rock/ground types, however.

After you beat the first two guys, take the path on the left first so you can disengage the lock on the door. Then backtrack and take the right route to enter the next room. After you battle the first two grunts, head straight down so you can unlock the next door. Then, go up, right, and down to enter the next room.

There you'll find Julia and Florinia waiting for you. Meteor Headquarters is just ahead, but there's a big gating blocking the way. Julia suggests explosives, but Florinia thinks that she can hack into Meteor's "substandard" security system. Julia says that that'll take too long, and commands you to go find some explosives. So, now go to the room south of your position.

[but really, couldn't Julia just use her own demonstratedly explosive pokemon to knock the wall down...?]

Head through the maze of a room; you'll have to battle a couple of Meteor grunts before you find the box of bright red explosives. Take them back to Julia and Flo.

And, right as she's about to blow up the wall with a big kaboom... Florinia breaches their security.

It's probably a good idea to save the game before you enter into their headquarters. Also, if you want, you can travel back through Flo/Julia's route to find a rare candy.

When you enter the room, youI'll meet two Meteor grunts and an important looking man. Julia confronts him. He claims that he let you all in here his mission was already complete. The grunts are revealed as Aster and Eclipse. You and Fern engage in battle with them.

Team Meteor Grunts Aster and Eclipse


Magby magby.gif level 16 / ember, smokescreen, feint attack, fire spin

Elekidelekid.giflevel 16 / thundershock, low kick, swift, shock wave

After you beat them, "???" complains a bit, then, in a flash, they're all gone. Julia blows up the factory (because that was totally and completely necessary). Fern and Flo head off (hallelujah), but not before Julia mentions some cryptic comments about someone named Titania who traumatized Flo... Hm... Anyways, Julia heads back to the gym, and the only thing left is to battle her!

Gym 1: Julia

I recommend that your pokemon to be somewhere around the level 15-18 range before you try to battle her. In pokemon reborn, all gym leaders have six pokemon, which is rough-going in the beginning. You'll need some healing items and strategies to be able to go very far.

Notes about Julia:

  • You'll definitely need some sacrificial meat on your team. Her pokemon love to--you guessed it--blow up. With two Voltorbs and an Electrode, you'll need something that can either take them out in one move, or take their hard-hitting explosive moves.
  • I personally like to hit her with a Toxic Spikes from one of the Trubbish you can find in the alleyways; status moves are incredibly helpful.
  • Watch out for her Voltorb's Sonicboom, which always deals 20 hp in damage. That thing can crush you easily.
  • I'd say the best place to train for this battle would probably be alleyways; they have the highest leveled pokemon.

Julia's gym is a pretty fun place. The puzzle is easy, just blow open the doors with the Voltorb you find along the way. Julia will be in the back room waiting.

Cheer Captain Julia


Helioptile helioptile.gif level 12 / thundershock, glare, charge beam, mud slap

Emolga emolga.giflevel 13 / acrobatics, charge beam, quick attack, tail whip

Voltorb voltorb.gif level 12 / sonicboom, spark, charge beam, explosion

Voltorb voltorb.gif level 12 / sonicboom, spark, charge beam, explosion

Blitzle blitzle.gif level 12 / quick attack, tail whip, flame charge, charge beam

Electrodeelectrode.gif level 15 / spark, charge beam, rollout(?), explosion

****I AM UNSURE ABOUT A LOT OF THE MOVESETS if I got something wrong please let me know in the discussion thread!!!!*****

After you beat her, you'll receive the Volt Badge. Now your pokemon will obey you up to level 25 and you can use HM Cut outside of battle. Also, Julia will give you TM75 Charge Beam.

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The Obsidia Ward [pt 1]

So when you exit the gym, Victoria should be waiting for you. She'll inform you about some terrible, plant-related disaster that went down in Obsidia. [Good lord, first a bombing and now man-eating flowers? What's next, a suicidal gym leader??]

Victoria leaves, and it seems like you're expected to check out Obsidia. It's just a hop, skip, and a jump away; located past where the police had been blocking you on the Opal Bridge. Don't forget to heal your team in the Pokemon Center before you leave! And be prepared for more trainer battles on Opal Bridge.


You should find Florinia there waiting for you. She'll have the police let you inside the ward. She tells you that you need to meet her and some others at Obsidia Park, in the center of the ward.

...So let's explore Obsidia a bit.

In this house, the girl will trade you a Castform for a Furret.


At this point in the game, a Furret is unobtainable, so you'll have to wait until later to make the trade.

Castform castform.gif level [depends on level of traded Furret] / [depends on level of pokemon]

If you enter this house and go downstairs, you'll be back in the Underground Railnet


You won't be able to go far, as you'll need strength to progress, but you will be able to catch:


and, in the dark patches:


In this building, you can buy "treats" for your pokemon, such as vastly important common or rare candies. Note: You'll be battling a lot of trainers at this point in the game, and your team is probably not that large. You'll be gaining levels fast, and when you have a level cap of a mere 25, common candies are hugely important for you to invest in.


You can also complete a puzzle by talking to the lady on the far northwest corner of the shop. The completed puzzle should look like this:


If you get it right, she'll give you a free Skrillex Swirlix. You can play it as many times as you'd like.

Swirlix swirlix.giflevel 10 / tackle, fairy wind, play nice, fake tears

If you talk to the kid in front of the vending machine, he'll express his desire for an ice cream. On sunny days you can go to the Great Hall a girl selling this ice cream in the front.


Bring some back to the kid, and he'll say thanks and leave.

Now you'll have access to the vending machine he was standing in front of. If you buy a vanilla, you'll get a Vanillite.

Vanillitevanillite.giflevel 15 / icy wind, uproar, astonish, harden

In this apartment, you'll find a man with a Lillipup. He'll give it commands, but it just runs away.


So, as it turns out, this is another hide-and-seek event. You won't be able to find it again until the Coral Ward.

Lillipup lillipup.giflevel ? / ?

So, after asking around for awhile, it'll become clear that the only way to reach the other side of Obsidia is through the Slums. As you make your way there, you'll be stopped by Victoria. Make sure your team is healed up before talking to her.


She tells you that it's unsafe, and battles you in attempt to stop you [d'aww <3]

Apprentice Victoria


Ralts ralts.gif level 15 / lucky chant, double team, disarming voice, confusion

Makuhitamakuhita.giflevel 15 / arm thrust, force palm, sand-attack, fake out

Pignite pignite.giflevel 17 / arm thrust, flame charge, defense curl, odor sleuth

After you defeat her, you agree that you'll be alright. You promise her that you'll be safe, and she leaves. Head south, then east to find the entrance to the slums.

Pokemon Available:


On windy days you can catch Hoppip right outside the slums.



In the first room, just go straight forward and up the staircase (you can heal with the Light Shard if you want, but remember it's one-time use only).

Up the stairs, you'll have to make your way through a maze of small platforms. You'll notice the trainers mumbling about an enlightening box of some kind... It'll come back up later. You'll realize that they're not all delusional when you see the box move with your own eyes.

In the next room, you'll see the box again. Your path diverges, and the box goes through one of the options: a cave-like opening in the wall. Follow it.

Inside the wall, you'll see the box lying there, empty. Keep going. Upstairs will be a dead end, but it contains TM60 Quash. Return to the room where your path diverged, but this time go up the stairs. You'll probably want to heal with the Light Shard.

As you make your way through the next room, you'll see a tiny cutscene, where the wearer of the box is revealed to be a Scraggy. When you reach the box, just spam the "c" key. The box will eventually run into the next room.

You can find a zinc on the rock to your far left.

Your road will diverge once more. You can't do much in the room straight ahead, so you'll have to go down the stairs. Make your way through the room. When you get to the door at the end I highly recommend you heal up your team with the Light Shard before you enter. Also be ready for a double battle.

In the next room, you'll be challenged by:

Pokemon Gang


Scraggy scraggy.giflevel 14

Scraggy scraggy.giflevel 15

Scraggy scraggy.giflevel 16

Scrafty scrafty.gif level 18

When you beat them, Scrafty leaves, and you're able to continue. This will be your last room before you exit the slums AT LAST.

So, the police are blocking your way to the Obsidia Ward, so the only place left to go is to the Coral Ward, south.

The Coral Ward

The Coral Ward is the smallest ward in all of Reborn. There isn't much there, but it does have a pokemon you can obtain.

In this house you'll find a boy desperately trying to revive a Skitty.


The grandmother claims that the pokemon requires an Ultra Potion [even though the pokemon center is literally next door...]. You can find an Ultra Potion hidden in this rock:


When you give her the potion, she'll heal the Skitty, and offer it to you to keep.

Skittyskitty.gif level 15 / foresight, sing, attract, disarming voice

You can also continue your game of hide-and-seek with Lillipup.


Though it'll run off again, just like before.

On rainy days, you can find a lotad chilling on the pier.

Lotad lotad.gif level 15 / absorb, bubble, natural gift, mist

Alright, so to continue the plot, heal up your team, then talk to the turquoise-haired girl at the end of this dock.


She explains that the Oshawott across from her is trapped, and she can't save it because, even though she's a water-type trainer, the lake is too toxic for even her pokemon to touch.

Enter Cain.

He explains that the girl you've been casually chatting with is actually Amaria, one of the highest-ranking Gym Leaders in Reborn. The posse returns their attention to Oshawott once more. Cain saves the day [not without singing pokemon-related song lyrics] by providing his Grimer as a vessel for the Oshawott to travel through the lake. He's about to leave, but Oshawott insists on joining his team. You two battle.

Pretty Boy Cain


Grimer grimer.giflevel 16 / sludge, mud-slap, disable, harden

Nidorinonidorino.gif level 20 / poison sting, focus energy, fury attack, double kick

Venonatvenonat.gif level 16 / confusion, supersonic, poisonpowder, foresight

Oshawott oshawott.gif level 15 / focus energy, water sport, water gun, tail whip

After you beat him, he'll leave to go back to the Byxbysion Wasteland to meet his sister. Amaria mentions that she has to go back to the Obsidia Ward to meet "Rini" (Florinia). She invites you back to the park, and leaves.

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The Obsidia Ward [pt 2]

So, now all that's left is to head back up to Obsidia. It's a straight north from the Coral Ward; the police should no longer be blocking your way.

You'll see this building first. It's another Pokemon Salon, a competitor with the one you saw previously.


If you talk to the lady inside, she'll inquire about the prices of the other breeding salon. Go check out the other salon and report back to her. She'll not only lower the price of her massages, but she'll offer you a Glameow as a "souvenir."

Glameowglameow.gif level 15 / fake out, scratch, growl, hypnosis

As you continue upwards toward Obsidia Park, you'll see a Spoink in your path.


If you talk to it, it'll yell at you for awhile before it runs off.

You can find it again in the Coral Ward, in this building


In this box. (It might be random, so don't be concerned if you find Spoink in a different box than I did).


Spoinkspoink.giflevel 15 / psych up, psywave, odor sleuth, psybeam

Anyways, continue north, then west until you reach Obsidia Park. You should see Flo and Amaria waiting for you.


They'll give you HM01 Cut so you can gain access into the park (and to the other side of Obsidia). Enter the Obsidia Park.

When you first arrive, the gym leaders will decide that it's best if you all split up, as the roads diverge.

There are random patches of grass around, containing these pokemon:



Night: bellsprout.gifbonsly.gifhoothoot.gifoddish.gifvenonat.gif

Headbuttable Trees: pineco.gifslakoth.gif

So, the path is pretty straightforward. There's only one way, so just weave your way through the overgrown forest for awhile. Eventually you'll run into a Team Meteor Grunt [i mean, who else would be behind this garbage?]. There should be a Light Shard right by him. Continue through, battling more Team Meteor Grunts as you go.

Now, you should come to see a hooded character before a fancy-looking Tangrowth machine. I highly recommend that you use the Light Shard and save the game, as the battle ahead of you is not easy.

When you approach the scene, you'll meet my personal favorite villain of the whole game. You'll notice that their speech is a bit nonsensical, scattered and distorted. This is because they have multiple personality disorder, with three distinct personalities shining through: Zero, the violent one; Eve, the logical one; and Lumi, the sweet one. Collectively: ZEL. Their speech is much easier to follow when you realize that the text capitalizes the letter of each personality speaking at a given time [creating Zel, zEl, and zeL]. ZEL explains that this Tangrowth "Pulse" machine is the source of the rapid burgeon of plant life in the area. They'll then proceed to challenge you to a battle with it.

Meteor Admin ZEL


Pulse!Tangrowthtangrowth.giflevel 22 / mega drain, acid spray, vine whip, growth

When you beat them, ZEL will have a bit of an internal struggle between personalities. They'll reveal that Obsidia should return to normal, now that the PULSE has been destroyed. They retreat.

You'll meet up with Flo and Amaria, and they'll commend you before discussing Team Meteor for awhile. They'll both then leave, with Florinia invited you back to her gym in the Onyx Ward.

Before you advance to the Onyx Ward, there's some more pokemon available in Obsidia.

...Now that you can catch a Sentret, you can level that up to a Furret and trade with the girl in west Obsidia for a Castform. [mentioned in the previous post]

You can also now reach one of the two alleyways of Obsidia.

Obsidia Alley:



Litleo litleo.gif level 15 / noble roar, headbutt, work up, ember

This guy is now a hide-and-seek event. I should have screencaps for this up soon!

You can also find an Electrike being bullied by a couple of Mightyena (level 25). If you beat them, Electrike will request to join your team.

Electrike electrike.gif level 18 / quick attack, spark, odor sleuth, EGG MOVE

available egg moves: crunch(~50%), ice fang(~40%), flame burst(~10%)

Also, if you have pokesnax you can lure out a Minun here:


It'll be willing to go with you afterwards.

Minunminun.giflevel 15 / helping hand, spark, encore, switcheroo OR Plusleplusle.giflevel 15 / "

You can also access the Day Care Event, in this house.


Go inside and talk to the Day Care Couple. They'll seem a little suspicious in behavior, somehow recognizing you from somewhere. Continue talking between the two before they'll engage you in a double battle. They'll reveal themselves to be Team Meteor Grunts.

After you beat them, they'll claim that the actual Day Care Couple is "somewhere far away." AKA, The Coral Ward. But first, you'll need to pick up the key, in this house:


And, in the Coral Ward, this warehouse:


Inside, you'll find the couple. They'll thank you and tell you to drop by their Day Care Center at any time.

Also, if you talk to a girl in the Onyx Ward after completing this event, she'll give you a Cacnea egg.



On sunny days in Obsidia Park, you can find a Petilil soaking up sunlight. Give it Pokesnax, and it'll join your team.


Petilil petilil.giflevel 15 / growth, leech seed, sleep powder, mega drain

Also in the Coral Ward you can unlock this warehouse:


Inside you'll find yet another Meteor Grunt, grumbling about relocating something. He leaves the warehosue. In the corner, you can find a scared-looking Happiny.

Happiny happiny.gif level 10 / pound, charm, copycat, refresh

You can continue your game of hide-and-seek with Lillipup here:


In North Obsidia, you can find the Department Store. There isn't much available to you now, considering that you don't have any stickers on your member card, but as you meet new people throughout the game, you should wrack up some stickers gradually.

And that should pretty well sum up the rest of Obsidia! Now you're set to head north to the Onyx Ward.

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The Onyx Ward

Alrighty, then, so you can reach the Onyx Ward by heading straight north from Obsidia. When you reach it, the first building you see will be the Game Corner.


You can't do anything there until you get your Coin Case, which you can find on the second floor of the trainer school:


You can exchange your coins for not only prizes, but pokemon (and some pretty nice ones to boot!)

Slugmaslugma.gif1,000 coins

Nidoran-M nidoran_m.gif 3,000 coins

Shinx shinx.gif 5,000 coins

If you're planning on going for any one of these, I'd try the Voltorb Switch Game. It's very similar to mind sweeper, but a lot more simple in my opinion. I was able to get a Shinx in my first playthrough, and boy was I happy I did!

There are coins hidden all over the game corner floor, too. I'd start there.

Also available are the TMs for Attract, Facade, and Substitute.

Around the corner, you'll find the Lillipup's owner, finally caught up to the pokemon and cornering it. He says he's just too exhausted with constantly chasing his pokemon down. He'll offer you the Lillipup to keep.


Lillipup lillipup.giflevel 15 / bite, baby-doll eyes, helping hand, take down

egg moves: ice fang, thunder fang, fire fang

You'll also see a girl wandering around outside her house. She is the move tutor, but she won't teach your pokemon any moves until you find her key. Don't worry about this now, as you can't actually access the key until a later point in the game.

...So, yeah. That's it. There's isn't much to the Onyx Ward besides the trainer school, so you're good to enter. The east entrance is blocked, so you'll have to go around to the west side.


And who should greet on your first visit but the lovely, admirable, gracious Fern. Ew. And get this: he says that you're so bad that he won't even let you challenge his sister. HE HAS HIS CRONIES LOCK YOU OUT. LIKE, SERIOUSLY, WHO DOES THAT??

But anyways, it seems you'll have to find another way in. If you return outside, you'll see that the east entrance is no longer blocked off. Or, at least, not after you beat the guy standing outside the door.


Inside, you'll find that there's another gate blocking you to the left, so you'll have no choice but to go up. I reccommend you look at some of the books, as they're pretty interesting (especially the diaries of Julia, Florinia, Titania, and Amaria on the second floor).

When reading the diaries, it is revealed that Amaria was really depressed during her stay at the Trainer's Academy. And she wasn't alone. Florinia wrote that she was vowing to give up all emotions, as "they breed scorn in those with whom they are shared." She says that she's lost a lot at the hands of them, including her friend.

Also on the second floor is a spazzy computer.


If you put a computer chip into it, you can catch a porygon.

Porygon porygon.gif

Unfortunately, this computer chip cannot be found until much later in the game.

When reach the end of the hallway on the second floor, there'll be a staircase leading down. Descend it. If you go north, then right at the intersection you can unlock the gate that leads to the pokemon center on the first floor and heal your pokemon.

So basically how this floor works is that there are eight gates, with eight codes to unlock them. Each code has a question for a clue; these answers can be found around the school [or on bulbapedia... heh...]. Here are the codes for the gates:

What level does Starmie learn Rapid Spin?


What number is Huntail in the National Dex?


True or false: areas have field effects that can increase or change the power, accuracy and type of some attacks.


What is Corsola's base stat total?


True or false: field effects can have special characteristics that may dramatically alter a battle.


At what level does Cubchoo evolve?


How many pokemon can learn the attack Lava Plume?


True or false: field effects can be destroyed or transformed by certain attacks


Once you have unlocked all of the gates, you can access one more room before you'll find Fern, blocking yet another literal and proverbial door for you. He, once more, calls you a loser before he challenges you to a battle.

Swag Jockey Fern


Lombrelombre.giflevel 23 / nature power [tri attack], absorb, water sport, fake out

Servine servine.gif level 24 / growth, leaf tornado, mega drain, leech seed

Roselia roselia.gif level 25 / stun spore, poison sting, mega drain, leech seed

After you defeat him, he'll finally let you in to battle Florinia. He also decides to take on the Reborn League, which means that you'll be seeing a lot more of him [spectacular.].

Gym 2: Florinia

Florinia is a toughy. The majority of her team is manageable, as long as you've got a solid fire type on your side. However, she does have one monster of a trump card: her Cradily. That thing is a wall with a 10pp Recover on its side. I'd say the only way to destroy that thing quickly is by giving it an incapacitating status move, or hit it fast and hard with a powered up 1HKO. You'll want a solid fire, fighting, or flying type to help you out.

Florinia also uses a desert terrain. This has a number of effects, which can be seen here. On her team, I put "(+)" by the moves increased in power in a desert field.

  • If you got a Trapinch from the Game Corner, it would be a good idea to set up a Sand Tomb on her Cradily, as it drains a whopping 1/6 of a pokemon's HP per turn. Trapinch is also a great match for her Cradily because it doesn't actually have any grass moves under its belt, rendering Trapinch safe from most of Cradily's damaging effects.

I highly doubt you'll need to grind for her, as in every playthrough I've completed I've had to use numerous common candies throughout this part of the game to keep from overleveling. But, if you must, I recommend either the Obsidia Slums or Obsidia Alleyway.

There are no gimmicks to Flo's gym (though I guess you could call the entire trainer school her gym). Just walk up and talk to her to start your battle.

Head Instructor Florinia


Maractusmaractus.giflevel 22 / pin missile(+), needle arm(+), cotton spore, mega drain

Ferroseed ferroseed.gif level 22 / pin missile(+), nature power (sand tomb[+]), sandstorm, leech seed

Cottonee cottonee.gif level 22 / nature power (sand tomb[+]), protect, leech seed, poisonpowder

Cacneacacnea.gif level 23 / nature power (sand tomb[+]), sand attack(+), pin missile(+), needle arm(+)

Breloombreloom.gif level 23 / mega drain, headbutt, leech seed, stun spore

Cradily cradily.gif level 24 / smack down, sandstorm, stockpile, recover

When you defeat her, she'll give you the Canopy Badge. Now you can train pokemon up to level 35. She'll also give you the TM96 Nature Power. She'll then ask you to check out another apparent plant disaster happening in the Jasper and Beryl Wards.

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So after you beat Florinia there's one more thing for you to do in the Onyx Ward. You can now access Skye's (one of the kids you beat in the trainer school) rooftop garden. He's located in one of the apartment buildings of Onyx.

When you talk to him he'll apologize, and grant you access to the garden. Up there you can find


You can also find a Pichu; you'll need pokesnax.

Pichupichu.gif level 10 / sweet kiss, tail whip, charm, thundershock

So, anyways, on to Jasper.

The Jasper Ward

The Jasper Ward is a direct north from Peridot, so you'll have to head back there. On your way you can battle a trainer on Opal Bridge and pick up a Snubbull from this girl's house.


Snubbullsnubbull.giflevel 20 / charm, bite, lick, headbutt

So, anyways, in case you're lost, Jasper is right up here:


You'll see a policeman blocking your way, but, never fear, he'll let you through without a hassle.

So, when the policeman said that Jasper was worse than Obsidia, he wasn't kidding... The whole place is destroyed, with barely a building standing. There are few survivors, and even officers from the station have started disappearing. Pokemon have run rampant through the town. Here are some that you can catch:


The first place I'd go would be the police station. It's right in front of you when you enter the ward.


Walk in and talk to the guy with a mustache. He'll explain to you that a lot of his officers have been going missing, and he asks you to help find them. If you decide to find all of them, the plot will change.

After you exit the police station, take a straight right and you'll eventually come to a Meteor Grunt huddled in the corner. Talk to him and he'll battle you. So, since there's really nothing else left to do there, it seems you must head left.

You'll have to go into this house to get further into the ward.


I recommend you head straight forward out of the building and find the pokemon center.

On clear/windy days, there'll be an emolga sleeping behind this tree.


If you try to wake it up, it'll attack and you'll have the opportunity to catch it.

Emolgaemolga.giflevel 25 / double team, pursuit, nuzzle, shock wave

Keep heading right and you'll find this house.


The man inside is panicking because he lost his Mareep. This'll come back up later.

So there's nothing else to do down here, so head back to the apartment building you came through, this time heading left. When you exit, you'll find yourself in another alleyway. You'll have to go through another apartment building. And, who else would be occupying this apartment other than Team Meteor? Exit the apartment and continue to head left, into the Malchous Forest. Available here are:




So, Malchous Forest is a bit of a maze. There are many different routes you can take, but I'm going to guide you through the one I like to use the best. When you first get into the forest, head north at the intersection. At the next intersection, head right, and you'll find yourself once more in the Jasper Ward. In this house, you'll find a Meteor Grunt cornering a Police Officer.


Defeat the grunt to save the police officer. There's nothing left for you to do over there for now, so head back into Malchous Forest. At the second intersection you encountered on your first way through the forest, take a left instead of the right you took previously. You'll come across a long winding path with some Meteor Grunts and Light Shards. Defeat them, and make sure you've saved and healed up when you reach this point.


Once you jump that ledge, there's no going back. You'll meet a strange man named Taka. At first, he'll seem to be on your side, remorsing about all of the lives that have been lost at the hands of the PULSE machine. However, it is soon revealed that he is definitely not on your side; he is a Team Meteor Admin!

You'll be battling him on a forest field. The effects of this field are here.

Meteor Admin Taco Taka


Lileeplileep.giflevel 24 / ingrain(+), confuse ray, constrict, acid

Chatot chatot.giflevel 25 / chatter, nasty plot, sing, taunt

PULSE!Tangrowthtangrowth.giflevel 24 / mega drain(+), growth, acid spray, vine whip(+)

After you defeat him, the PULSE machine will break. He tells you that while you might have saved Jasper, the Beryl Ward has yet another PULSE machine screwing with its environment. Great. He leaves, and you're on your own again. As you start to make your way back, you'll meet rather unpleasant girl named Heather. She whines about her father and yells at you for saving the Jasper Ward (seriously??). She tells you that she's going to destroy the Beryl PULSE machine and you're not supposed to get in her way. Right.

So before you'll want to head towards the Beryl Ward, there's some more stuff that you can access in Jasper.

Head back to the pokemon center and continue right. You can now reach a Police Officer (and a paralyze heal).

And in this house you'll find a substantially disgruntled Mareep (probably the one that the other guy lost).


Give it pokesnax and it'll join your team.

Mareep mareep.gif level 10 / growl, thunder wave, thunder shock, EGG MOVE

possible egg moves: electric terrain, ?

If you head back up through Malchous Forest to the other side of Jasper, you can now go to the fifth floor of the previously empty apartment building.


There you can find a lost girl. She'll head back to her friend's house in Peridot.


If you visit them, you'll get a department store sticker.

But anyways, the Beryl Ward should be straight north from Jasper.

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The Beryl Ward

On the streets you can catch:


Head left until you reach the Rodochrine Jungle.

You catch these pokemon here:




If you continue left, you'll eventually find yourself falling.


Some sociopathic Nuzleaf have locked you in a cage.


Things can't get any worse, right? WRONG. After about 30 seconds, in strolls the last person you wanted to see... Fern. He mocks/laughs at you awhile before he gives you two options: get on your hands and knees and beg to be let out, or do nothing and starve in there for the rest of your short life. DO NOT BEG FOR HIM. I REPEAT, DO NOT BEG FOR HIM. A little birdie will (eventually) help you out :)

Head down the small staircase and then the next one you see.

In this cave, you can find a police officer in a cage. Press the switch to release him.


By the way, in these caves you can catch:


And, in the dark spots:


In one cave, you can free a Nidorina from a cage.

Nidorina nidorina.giflevel 28 / double kick, venom drench, bite, disable

In this cave you'll find a switch. Press it.


After you exit the cave, go up and take a right through the grass. Go down the staircase and continue south, going past the Beryl Ward and around to some more stairs. Ascend and cross the bridge. Press the switch.

Backtrack a little and enter the Beryl Ward. Go into this building.


The guy with glasses will heal your pokemon. If you progress further into the building, you can find a police officer... kinda. He didn't make it, but Growlithe will return to the police station to let them know.

Upstairs is a guide to all of the different types of terrains you can come across. That's all there is, and you can exit.

Now, cut down the tree and enter the apartment on the left. Walk through the room to the outside and press the last switch.

Exit the apartment building and backtrack to here and head right.


Head through the alleyway, battling Team Meteor Grunts as you go.

In this building you can find another police officer.


After you leave that building, continue south. I'd definitely recommend that you heal with a Light Shard and save the game before proceeding.

Heading down, you'll see three people gathered before the PULSE Machine: ZEL, Taka, and an unidentified hooded man. You chat for a bit before the vehement Heather crashes through on her Salamence, claiming heroism. The hooded figure tells her that her father would probably disapprove of this. Heather tells him to stop lecturing her, and the two engage in battle. He leaves Taka and ZEL to "deal" with you.

Meteor Admin Taka and Meteor Admin ZEL


Glaceonglaceon.giflevel 25 / bite, ice fang, ice shard, quick attack

Lileeplileep.giflevel 24 / constrict, confuse ray, ingrain, acid

Espeon espeon.giflevel 25 / future sight, psybeam, swift, quick attack

PULSE!Tangrowthtangrowth.giflevel 25 / growth, acid spray, vine whip, mega drain

Umbreonumbreon.gif level 25 / feint attack, confuse ray, sand attack, quick attack

Chatot chatot.gif level 26 / chatter, nasty plot, sing, taunt

After you beat them, the PULSE is deactivated and the duo retreats. Soon after, the unknown man starts to leave, before he is ambushed by the police. He is unmasked to be Heather's father, the poison gym leader Corey. Heather runs away. He reveals that he is not the only gym leader working for Meteor before he vanishes.

****NOTE: If you did not find all of the police officers, this scene will not happen. Instead, he will simply head back to his gym.

You can now enter the (rest of the) Beryl Ward.

If you talk to this guy, he'll say: "Alms, alms... for a miserable woman..."


The rooftop to this building should now be unlocked.


On sunny days on the rooftop, you can find a Helioptile. Give it pokesnax and you'll be given the option to take it with you.

Helioptile helioptile.gif level 20 / thundershock, charge, mud-slap, quick attack

Also by the Alms guy is another pokesnax seller.

To the left of the Beryl gym is a graveyard and some grass where you can find:



Headbuttable Trees: aipom.gifburmy.gifpineco.gif

If you check this grave at night, you'll be attacked by a Shuppet.


Shuppet shuppet.gif level 20 / spite, feint attack, will-o-wisp, shadow sneak

So there's nothing else to in Beryl but head to Corey's gym.

For those of you with trigger warnings pertaining to depression/suicide, please be wary of this part of the game. I myself, like many others, have been affected by suicide, and this part of the game was... horrifying. I had to stop playing Reborn for awhile, because I could not emotionally deal with it. Even writing the guide might be a bit of a struggle for me. Be warned, it is not pretty.

  • If you had Corey caught by the police, you can talk to the chief and he'll say that the situation has taken a turn for the worse; they can't find Corey. So, what you'll have to do is solve the gym's puzzle, press "c" on certain chemical containers. You can also battle police officers, if you want.
  • If you didn't, the gym will be empty, and you'll still have to complete the puzzle.

You'll want to make all of the containers blue. This will activate a secret door.


When you enter, you'll find what must be Corey's living space. He'll be in the back room. Go up and talk to him. He asks what you're here for. Without giving you a chance to answer, he'll disappear. Head to the back room of his gym to battle him.

Gym 3: Corey

Corey was never too tough of a battle for me. You'll have to watch out for the speed/power of his Crobat, but otherwise it's not too difficult.

If you saved the police, You'll be battling him on a Corrosive Mist Field, its effects are here. Most obnoxious of its effects are that all pokemon are poisioned after each round, so that's fantastic. Some moves will clear away the poisoning mist, such as gust. You'll want to end this battle as soon as you possibly can.

If you didn't save the police, you'll be battling on a Corrosive Field, its effects are here. Pokemon that aren't steel or poison will be damaged after each turn, great.

I'd grind in the grass right outside of his gym.

Agent Corey


Skrelp skrelp.giflevel 26 / smokescreen, water pulse, poison tail, acid

Grimer grimer.giflevel 27 / disable, acid spray, acid armor, sludge

Croagunkcroagunk.gif level 28 / swagger, revenge, feint attack, sucker punch

Nidorina nidorina.gif level 28 / double kick, bite, disable, poison sting

Skuntank skuntank.gif level 28 / acid spray, incinerate, toxic, slash

Crobatcrobat.giflevel 30 / venoshock, venom drench, poison fang, air cutter

****check me on these movesets, especially Croagunk's****

After you beat him, he doesn't give you a badge. There is no increased level cap, hell, he doesn't even hand over a single TM. He just tells you to go to Beryl Bridge. Go there.

He will release all of his pokemon, even Crobat. He then tells you his story. He proposed to the love of his life with a beautiful Ruby Red engagement ring. His wife later died in childbirth. The doctor who delivered Heather refused to give him back the ring, so he thinks that his wife might've been murdered by him. It turns out that it was Team Meteor that had recruited the doctor to steal the ring. Corey agreed to join Team Meteor in order to keep the ring. He tells you that Heather has the ring and asks you to watch over her.

He jumps.


Do you wonder why I hate Fern so much? This is why. The moment that Corey takes his own life, that asshat strolls in like he owns the world and says: "...Wow what a moron." HOW INSENSITIVE COULD YOU POSSIBLY GET?

I omitted a ten minute long rant there just for you guys. You're welcome.

...Anyways, he tells you to head towards the Lapis Ward, which is north of the Grand Hall. There's also an explosion down there. Double reason to avoid go to Lapis.

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So there are some more things for you to do in Beryl before you head to the Lapis Ward.

In the Beryl Mansion, the place where you can find the dead police officer, A Gothitelle will appear, and ask you to clean the place up.


Basically just run around and spam the "c" button. When the whole place is spotless, Gothitelle will give you a soul candle. You can also take one of the Gothita with you.

Gothita gothita.gif level 25 / embargo, feint attack, psyshock, EGG MOVE

egg moves: mirror coat, ?

Recieving the Soul Candle will activate another event in Beryl. If you go to the graveyard at night, check a pumpkin and a pumpkaboo will appear. The candle is one-time use.

If you saved all the policemen and you stop at the Police Station, you can get a growlithe if you talk to the mustache guy.

Growlithe growlithe.gif level 20 / odor sleuth, helping hand, flame wheel, reversal

If you talk to a couple more police officers, you can trade a growlithe egg for a random egg. (?)

So, anyways, on to Lapis!

So, as previously stated, the Lapis Ward is directly above Opal Bridge. (this way)


When you first head up there you'll immediately notice a large crowd gathered around some wreckage.

To the far right, you can find an ability capsule in this rock:


North, you'll find an alleyway. This is the Team Magma hideout.


In Reborn you have the choice between "Magma and Aqua Gangs". They're not the actual evil teams, but a two rival gangs that follow their main principles. The gang that you choose will affect the pokemon you can get later on.

If you join Magma, you'll receive a Buizel, and eventually a Houndour.

If you join Aqua, you'll receive a Ponyta, and eventually a Carvahna.

In this alley, the Magma one, you can find:


If you continue left down that street, you'll find two houses with very informational men giving you the rundown of the Reborn region.

There's also a nightclub. At night, you can find this guy hanging around.


He'll introduce himself as Arc'. He tells you that you need to be an Ace Member to get in. The only way you'll be considered to be an Ace Member is if you beat the Reborn League, so there's not much for you to do here now.

This house holds the Move Deleter.


The man in this house will trade you "one of his prized pokemon" (I don't actually know what this is, help a girl out?) for a sunkern.


So anyways, there's nothing to do at the Grand Staircase itself, so it seems that you'll have to enter the actual Lapis Ward itself, up this stairway.


The Lapis Ward

The Lapis Ward is the richest in the Reborn Region, yet for some reason has the most gang activity.

In this house you can buy a bike for $100,000,000. Considering that you can eventually access a free bicycle... I wouldn't recommend this purchase...


There's not much else you can do before talking to the girl with the crazy hair outside the large, prisonlike building.


You won't learn her name; she'll just announce that it's someone;s birthday and they can "escape." She notices your presence and leaves quickly. The building she was standing in front of will be locked.

This alleyway contains the Team Aqua Secret Base. Remember to choose what team you wish to affiliate yourself with carefully as you can't change your selection once its been made.


The Aqua Alleyway contains:


If you fish, you can catch:

Old Rod: barboach.gif

Good Rod: barboach.gifcarvanha.gif

Also, you can find Murkrow on windy nights.

Murkrowmurkrow.giflevel 25 / assurance, night shade, wing attack, EGG MOVE

egg moves: perish song, brave bird, roost

If you head north from there, people will start warning you about what lies ahead.

If you're like me, and you want to put it off as long as possible, you can visit the Sweet Scent Flower Shop.


There you can get a Wailmer Pail, as well as buy some flower-y items. I highly recommend you buy the Floral Charm, as it will help you in an event later on in the game. You can find Budew's trainer as well, as she'll tell you to keep the pokemon (as you probably already did).

There's also another puzzle for you to complete. When you complete it, you'll get a Spritzee. Here is the solution:


Spritzee spritzee.gif level 15 / round, fairy wind, fake tears, play nice

Like the swirlix event, you can play this game as many times as you'd like.

If you talk to the leader of you respective Aqua/Magma gang, they'll tell you that they're planning something tonight, and to meet them at 4th and Hydrangea. You can find them, at night, in this house:


Talk to your leader, and he'll tell you that the opposite gang is trying to steal a pokemon from Mrs. Craudburry. You're supposed to interfere, and steal the pokemon yourself.

Mrs. Craudburry lives in this house:


Heading in, you'll have to battle your way through some Grunts form the opposite gang to reach the back of the house. You can find a water or fire stone on a desk next to the pokemon you're supposed to steal. If you feel bad about this, listen to me. Mrs. Craudburry is not as innocent an old lady as she might seem. She doesn't deserve this pokemon, and you'll learn about it later in the game.

If you joined Magma: Buizel buizel.giflevel 25 / water gun, pursuit, swift, aqua jet

If you joined Aqua: Ponytaponyta.gif level 25 / fire spin, flame charge, stomp, flame wheel

The gangs will leave. If you visit yours, they'll tell you to keep the pokemon.

In the morning, Craudburry will be talking to a police officer. She'll accuse you of the crime you committed, but the officer won't believe her, as you're the one who saved his life. When you leave, he'll give you a bike voucher. You can now get a bike at the bike shop.

So that's all that you can do at the moment. All you have left is to face the carnage. Walking up to it you'll find Victoria, and a purple-haired girl inspected the scene. Talk to the latter, and her name will be revealed as Shelly, the gym leader of the Lapis Ward. [you might have met her earlier in the Kricketot event in Peridot] She has a bit of a mental breakdown, and Victoria is left to comfort her. It seems that Shelly knew Heather's father. You'll see Team Meteor appear at the top of a building and confirm the death of a member of their cult. They reveal that it was, in fact, Team Meteor that blew up the Grand Stairway in attempt to find something underneath it. Victoria'll notice a shadowy figure. Shelly identifies him as Shade. The apparition takes away the body before he disappears. Victoria will lead Shelly inside.

So if you head inside the gym, you'll find that you need to head up a stairwell to reach Shelly and Victoria. Go up and talk to Victoria. She'll declare that she wants to find what's up with the whole Team Meteor under the Grand Stairway thing, so she asks you to join her down there.

I recommend that you stock up on Repels before you head over there if you're like me, and you get annoyed easily at excessive amounts of wild encounters.

So, at the Grand Staircase there will now be a ladder for you to descend.


The moment you get down there, you'll find Victoria being haggled by some Meteor Grunts, specifically your friends Aster and Eclipse from the abandoned factory back in Peridot. They kidnap Victoria, and it seems that you are expected to be her white knight [or dame, or valiant unisex savior].

So in this cavern, you can catch numerous wild pokemon.

B1F: chingling.gifdiglett.gifgeodude.gifgraveler.gifnoibat.gifsandshrew.gif

B2F: chingling.gifdiglett.gifdunsparce.gifgeodude.gifgraveler.gifsandshrew.gifunown.gif


So anyways, head down the first ladder you see. After you descend that, you'll find yourself in a large, cavernous room. It's a one way road for you, since most directions are blocked off by rocks [you can access these areas when you get Rock Smash]. Head south.

So now you'll be in another large, Meteor Falls-esque room. You can continue by hopping down ledges. There are four routes for you to take.

If you take the far left route, you can head up a ladder. This is pretty useless, as it will only take you up to where you started.

The second to left route will twist left, and let you go up a divided staircase.

Over here you can find TM63 Embargo.


If you talk to this guy, you can get TM94 Rock Smash. Unfortunately, you cannot use it until you obtain the Lapis Gym Badge.


The far right route will lead you on another winding upwards route.

You can find a Focus Sash on this rock.


You can find another Ability Capsule here.


At the end of the route you'll find yourself back where you started.

So, as you've probably guessed by now, the correct route for you to take is the second to right path. Heading down the ladder, you'll find yourself on a long staircase [so many staircases in this part of the game...]. Descend it, and heal your pokemon with a Light Shard, if you wish.

You'll find a dark haired man standing in front of a dull gray door, the same man you met in the abandoned factory way back in Peridot. He tells you that behind the gate is "the very core of the Reborn Region," which he simply explains as some vast power. He further explains that Reborn was built on four key powers:

Ruby, the seal of pain

Sapphire, the seal of love

Emerald, the seal of faith

Amethyst, the seal of beyond

These four overarching themes of pain, faith, love, and beyond will come up again and again throughout the storyline. You've already learned a little about Ruby, remember that Ruby Ring of Corey's? The seal of pain...

He goes on to say that each one is a key that unlocks Reborn's true power. It seems that this man's goal is to get rid of Reborn City by restoring it to its previous form. He tells you that he'll let your friend go free. He leaves.

Prepare for a double battle, with Victoria instead of Fern this time, against Aster and Eclipse.

You'll be battling on a Cave Field. It's effects are here.

Team Meteor Grunts Aster and Eclipse


Lunatone lunatone.gif level 30 / psywave, rock slide(+), embargo, cosmic power

Solrocksolrock.gif level 30 / psywave, rock slide(+), embargo, cosmic power

Electabuzzelectabuzz.gif level 32 / low kick, light screen, thunderpunch, thunder wave

Magmar magmar.gif level 32 / flame burst, confuse ray, fire punch, feint attack

After you defeat them, they'll leave. Victoria will thank you and head back to Lapis to check on Shelly. Go back there.

Victoria will tell you that Shelly still isn't doing so hot. She suggests that she see a psychiatrist, and asks you to go check out Dr. Connal from the psychiatric facility close to the gym. It turns out that this facility was the large building where we saw the mysterious girl earlier. When you try to enter, you'll run into a pink haired girl exiting the building. She mumbles something about finally getting out of there before she leaves.

Well that's promising. Go ahead and enter the prisonlike place.

You'll be instantaneously greeted by a dark haired girl. She'll tell you that the girl that just left the facility is named Laura. The little girl then says that you're "glowing." Her name is revealed as Anna. Note: Anna will have a lot of weird hallucinations about people, however they're usually, metaphorically at least, spot on.

She'll introduce you to her friends: Her Jirachi doll, Nostra; her twin brother, Noel; Noel's Cleffa doll, Nomos; and another crazy pink haired girl, Charlotte. Apparently, Laura is Charlotte's sister, and a member of the Elite Four. Charlotte and Noel are also gym leaders.

It turns out that this place is more of an orphanage than a psychiatric facility. The kids are being forced to remain there until they turn eighteen. (Though, seriously, wouldn't they usually make an exception for such high ranking members of the Reborn League...?)

They suffer under the reign of Doctor Connal, who apparently uses his electric pokemon for some unfounded electric shock therapy.

Anna tells you that you definitely should not bring someone who need therapeutic help here, as it will only make them worse. Enter Doctor Connal.

The kids cover for you by saying that you're here to battle them for the Reborn League. You'll have to battle an orderly before you can leave. After you defeat him, Dr. Connal says that you're not permitted to battle the kids. Anna basically shoves you out the door. Before you leave, she asks you to tell your friend [shelly] "to look out for the one who's really hurt by this," aka Heather.

So, when you return to the gym, deliver the message to Shelly. Shelly arouses from her funk almost instantaneously, and says that she'll let you two battle her before she goes out to look for Heather. Victoria doesn't want you to battle her, so she'll try to stop you with a battle.

Apprentice Victoria


Scraggy scraggy.giflevel 30 / payback, hi jump kick, brick break, chip away

Kirlia kirlia.gif level 31 / double team, psychic, draining kiss, magical leaf

Hariyamahariyama.giflevel 32 / belly drum, knock off, smelling salts, vital throw

Pignite pignite.gif level 34 / heat crash, rollout, take down, smog

After you defeat her, she'll allow you to enter the gym. She asks you to win, but be gentle.

Actual Gym 3: Shelly

This gym's puzzle is actual hell. You can try to figure it out on your own, but I usually use this fantastic video.

Shelly specializes in bug type pokemon, and battles on a Forest field, the same one you had against PULSE!Tangrowth. Its effects are here. A ton of her pokemon have huge power dups because of this field, so I'd highly recommend trying to break it. A pokemon with flame burst would be optimal.

NOTE: this gym is a double battle.

If you need to grind, I'd recommend beneath the Grand Stairway, or the alleyways, if you want.

A flying type with air cutter will destroy her.

So her Yanmega is pretty obnoxious. You can't battle it with a flying or fire type because it knows ancient power, and it has speed boost. Get rid of that thing ASAP. It might be a good idea to try and paralyze it.

Also watch out if you're planning on beating her with a fire type, she has countless counters to them.

Bookworm Shelly


Illumise illumise.gif level 31 / confuse ray, struggle bug(+), dazzling gleam, rain dance

Masquerain masquerain.gif level 32 / energy ball(+), struggle bug(+), bubblebeam, icy wind

Anorithanorith.gif level 32 / rock slide, aqua jet, bug bite(+), bubblebeam

Yanmega "Heather"yanmega.giflevel 33 / ancientpower, giga drain(+), struggle bug(+), pursuit

Wormadam (trash cloak)wormadam.gif level 33 / struggle bug(+), psybeam, giga drain(+), growth(+)

Volbeat "Bugsy"volbeat.giflevel 35 / struggle bug(+), tail glow(+), moonlight, zen headbutt

After you defeat her, you recieve the Cocoon badge, so pokemon up to level 40 will obey you now, and you can use rock smash outside of battle. She'll also give you TM76 Struggle Bug.

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Before you can leave the gym, Shelly will stop you. She explains that, since Heather's father passed away, you'll need to challenge the reserve leader in his stead. She asks you to go to the Grand Hall to talk to Ame and help get that sorted out.

Now, before you go, there's some more stuff to do in Lapis.

You can access more beneath the Grand Staircase.

If you go down this ladder, you can find a Solrock.


Solrocksolrock.giflevel 25 / cosmic power, rock slide, embargo, psywave OR Lunatone lunatone.gif level 25 / "

You can find the other one later on in the game.

In this cave, you can find a hiker looking at a glowing rock.


Talk to him, and he'll give you a mining kit. These are extremely invaluable as mining these rocks can give you access to all sorts of helpful items, including revives and fossils.

There's a rare candy in this rock.


Outside of the Grand Staircase, you'll find a crowd congregated.


It turns out that Silph Co is selling something called a Linkstone for a whopping $10,000. If you have a pokemon that requires to trade to evolve, this will take care of that. If you have one of these pokemon, and you really need it to evolve this minute, I'd make the purchase. However, if you can hold off for awhile, I wouldn't recommend it. You can find linkstones hidden throughout the region, for free.

So, anyways, continuing on with the plot, head down Opal Bridge, battling some trainers along the way, and make it down to the Great Hall. Head up to the front desk and be immediately disgusted and find that Fern is currently talking to Ame. Go up and talk to him. It turns out that he beat you to the whole reserve gym leader business.

It turns out that this specific reserve leader is positioned in the Byxbysion Wasteland, and you need a key to get it. Fern says he has one, and he'll tell you where he got it if you beat him.

Swag Jockey Fern


Ferroseed ferroseed.gif level 32 / pin missile, curse, gyro ball, ingrain

Ludicololudicolo.giflevel 33 / water gun, mega drain, nature power [tri attack], zen headbutt

Servine servine.gif level 35 / glare, leech seed, mean look, leaf tornado

Roserade roserade.gif level 35 / giga drain, hidden power [fire], sleep powder, extrasensory

After you beat him, he'll tell you that he got his key from the brother of the reserve gym leader, "a real fruity lookin' guy. Decked out in purple, fishnets, looks more like a girl... He wouldn't stop singing, either." Well, that can only be one person: Cain. Fern tells you that he's up in Beryl Cemetary. Head there (it's north of Peridot and Jasper, remember?). You'll find him up here.


He says that he came here to visit Corey's grave. He'll tell you that he's worried about the leader's daughter, Heather, and he wants to find her. Cain says that if you defeat him in battle, he'll give you the key.

Pretty Boy Cain


Dewott dewott.gif level 32 / revenge, fury cutter, night slash, razor shell

Venomothvenomoth.giflevel 33 / gust, sleep powder, psybeam, silver wind

Grimer grimer.gif level 35 / minimize, disable, sludge bomb, mud bomb

Nidoking nidoking.giflevel 36 / poison tail, double kick, thrash, chip away

After you defeat him, Heather will appear on a ledge. Cain will ask her how she's doing, and she responds coldly. She tells him that she doesn't want a friend, because she already has Shelly. He tells her to go visit her, and she leaves. Cain follows her, and, because you never got that darn key, you have to follow him there.

When you get to Shelly's room, you'll find Heather, yelling at Cain again. You guys debate awhile. Heather eventually leaves. You're supposed to follow her, again.

If you take a straight south, you'll find her being cornered by Dr. Connal. He pulls some legal crap and kidnaps her. Shelly has another mental breakdown and you need to follow her back to the gym. You'll find her with Cain; he's trying to comfort her. They discuss heather for a bit. A cutscene ensues of Heather being shocked by Connal. Cain hears her scream and decides that your posse must rescue her.

You can meet them outside the psychiatric facility. The door's locked, but Anna lets you in.

You tell them your plan, and you all join forces. They don't have their pokemon, so you'll be outnumbered. Charlotte decides to create a diversion. She harasses some orderlies, and they take her to "The Circuit," or some sort of isolation cell. They notice you guys, and you battle. After you beat them, they rush off to warn the Doctor. Cain, under Noel's request, will take a defensive position at the door. Noel is then taken, and you and Shelly team up to try to rescue him.

You'll have to head up the stairs and weave your way through some double battles. Before you can reach the second floor, you'll be blocked by a gate. You're supposed to go ask Anna what to do next.

Anna will tell you to go down the hallway before you and try to override the program.

At the end of the hallway, you can check the computer screen to disengage the lock, and find a data chip. You can use this back at the Pokemon Academy and find Porygon.

Porygonporygon.gif level 20 / recover, agility, psybeam, sharpen

Go up a few floors, and you'll get challenged by a few more orderlies. After you beat them, you can unlock all of the patient cells. Head back downstairs and go through Cain's hallway.

Unlock Charlotte's cell. Cain will eventually push more forces back so you can continue forward. After you beat two more orderlies, Charlotte will be a badass force them to open the door to the storage. Charlotte grabs their pokemon and leaves.

Head to the Doctor's office, located in the door across from the other hallway. Unlock the gate in the second room, then head upstairs.

There you'll find the kids battling and Heather being held down by an Electivire. Charlotte will corner him like a badass and burn him with one of her cigarettes. He lets Heather go free. Dr. Connal tells them that he's contacted the authorities and everyone runs.

You're supposed to meet under Opal Bridge, where the train tracks turn off into the Underground.

So, in case you didn't know, this is here.


When you enter, Anna will lead you east. Charlotte will explain that, since the police will probably be looking for you guys, you can head to her sister's house in the Chrysolia Region.

There'll be a cutscene of Dr. Connal on a bridge talking to one of his orderlies. He knows where you are. A mysterious dark haired man will go up and talk to him... He believes that the Doctor has lost something and wants to be of benefit to him.

So, past the rock you can catch:


And, in the dark patches:


Head towards the group, and they'll tell you that the road is blocked. The doorway goes to the old Yureyu building, but a computer system is locking the gate over it. The only way to unlock it is at the old powerplant, Shade's gym. Anna tells you to go ask him for help.

Down here you can find a dull key. You'll need this to unlock [hehe i hate myself] a scraggy event in the Obsidia Slums. If you don't get this now, you can't pick it up until you have strength.


In the slums, you can now proceed through the room in the slums that was previously bolted shut.

You'll find some Scraggy being taken by some Pangoros. Proceed through the door, and you'll have to navigate a maze-like area to reach the Pangoros. You'll have to battle two level 45 Pangoros to proceed with the event. After you defeat each one, the Scraggy will show you a device on the wall. When they're pressed on both sides, you can unlock the main gate. You'll then battle the last Pangoro at level 50. After you beat it, the three Pangoros will corner you like they're about to kill, but then Scrafty comes and saves the day. A Scraggy will then join your team.

Scraggy scraggy.giflevel 30 / brick break, payback, chip away, EGG MOVE

egg moves: dragon dance, drain punch, ice/fire/thunder punch

You can find some other cool items here, like a black belt.

...Anyways, back to the main plot. Shade's said gym is just across Beryl Bridge, so head there. While you're there, you might want to check out Citirne Mountain.


Here you can catch:


In this rock you can find an ability capsule:


In this cave you'll find a Smoochum being cornered by a Beartic.


You'll have to defeat the level 57 Beartic to rescue the Smoochum.

Smoochum smoochum.gif level 23 / powder snow, confusion, sing, heart stamp

Gym 4: Shade

So, anyways, the gym should be unlocked. It is ridiculously dark in here; you'll have to rely on the occasional flashes to make your way through. On top of that, the puzzle of this gym is... well... dark. You have to check four different gates, in which four different death scenes of four different characters will play out. What fun.

There are actually wild pokemon in here:

Wings: duskull.gifklang.gifklink.gifmagnemite.gifvoltorb.gifyamask.gif

Generator Room: duskull.gifelectrode.gifklang.gifklink.gifmagnemite.gifvoltorb.gifyamask.gif

Shade is the ghost type leader. You'll be battling him on a short-circuit field. Its effects are here. Electric pokemon are great in this gym. Also note that this field breaks really easily, and will often shift into a factory field.

I'd grind for this gym in Citirne Mountain.

This gym is pretty straightforward, without many surprises. It's more of an electric/ghost gym in my opinion, so I'd watch for the bzaps.

Entity Shade


Gengar "Corey"gengar.giflevel 35 / thunderbolt(+), hypnosis, shadow claw(+), ?

Banettebanette.giflevel ? / ?

Trevenant trevenant.gif level 35 / forest's curse, curse, will-o-whisp, leech seed (???????? This is just a guess, idk its actual moveset)

Golett golett.gif level 36 / dynamic punch, gyro ball, magnitude, nightshade

Rotomrotom.giflevel 37 / confuse ray, discharge, shadow ball(+), thunder wave?

Chandelurechandelure.gif level 38 / shadow ball(+), energy ball, flame burst, hidden power [electric]

After you defeat him, you'll get the Omen Badge, so pokemon up to level 45 will obey you. You can use the move flash outside of battle. He'll also give you the first somewhat useful TM of the game, TM? Shadow Claw. He'll also open the gate so your friends can get through. However, in the cutscene you'll see the mysterious black haired man that was talking to the Doctor enter. He and his Meteor cronies will seize your friends. Only Cain manages to escape.

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So, head back to the Underground Railnet. Instead of Cain, you'll see Victoria there, pacing back and forth. She'll tell you that Cain filled her in on the situation. It seems that you need strength to pass through, which requires another badge. Apparently the gym leader in Apophyll Academy, just across Azurine Lake, has the HM. However, you can't use it until you have the Venom Badge, from Cain's sister in Byxbysion. Cain left for Apophyll, and it seems that you need to follow him. Go to the Coral Ward, just south of Obsidia.

Head to the end of the pier and you'll see Cain standing there, looking out into the ocean.


Go up and talk to him. He'll say that he has to go back and save everybody, so he needs the HM from Kiki. The problem is that Kiki lives across Azurine Lake, with a toxicity that will completely demolish any boat that attempts passage. Water types can't even surf on it. He sent out his Muk, and leaves you there, telling you to wait for him.

So just head right, and you'll have another cutscene. Amaria will exit one of the warehouses. She'll tell you that she's been scientifically tracing the pollution, and she's found the source. It all comes from the Blacksteam Factory in the West Peridot Ward. She asks you to come with her to help raid the place. Meet her there.


Talk to her, and she'll figure out a way into the factory, by having her Lapras create an icy staircase. Head up and enter the factory.

So Team Meteor was behind this. No surprise there. You'll enter a double battle with Amaria. After you win, continue through the base. In the next room, you'll find yourself surrounded by Meteors. Amaria seems to have a plan; you'll have to trust her. She creates a path for you... It's up to you now to destroy the factory.

You'll be forced right by some grunts. Continue and enter the small room on the far right. The dark haired guy will find you. Suddenly, the ground will cave in below you and you'll be sent down into a dungeon-like cell. There will be a bunch of pokemon in cages.

So this is a puzzle for you. You'll need to talk to the different pokemon to use their powers effectively. The 22-step solution is in the spoiler.

Talk to:

  1. Loudred
  2. Abra
  3. Cyndaquil
  4. Loudred
  5. Jigglypuff
  6. Cyndaquil, in its new cage, and have it hit the bars with flamethrower.
  7. Loudred
  8. Abra
  9. Cyndaquil
  10. Abra
  11. Vanillite
  12. Loudred
  13. Jigglypuff
  14. Vanillite, in its new cage, and have it hit the bars with ice beam.
  15. Loudred
  16. Abra
  17. Vanillite
  18. Abra
  19. Roggenrola
  20. Loudred
  21. Jigglypuff
  22. Roggenrola, in its new cage, and have it hit the bars with rock blast.

You're free!!

***NOTE: If you put Lickitung under the cage with Ditto, Lickitung will give you a rare candy.

If you put Makuhita under the cage with Ditto, it can break out Ditto and Ditto will join your team!

Ditto ditto.gif 5 / transform

So, when you break the bars, you can escape. If you head through the staircase on the left, you can find a Magnet Powder and TM77 Psych Up.

But, the correct staircase to head towards is the one on the right. Make your way through the room, battling Meteor Grunts as you go. I'd open the gate to the door on the bottom right, if I were you, so you can go back to Peridot and heal your pokemon if necessary.

The door you want is on the far bottom left, but it's blocked by two gates. One you can disengage right away, but you'll need to go straight through the room on the right to get the second one. The computer you need is in the northeast room. Head back to the hallway you wanted. I'd save before you enter.

Inside you'll find ZEL, the dark haired guy [since there's so many dark haired characters in Meteor, I'm going to refer to him as "Trenchcoat" from now on], and some grunts and techies. Trenchcoat will tell you to come observe.

He'll show you another PULSE machine, this one with a Muk inside.

When you're back is turned, he'll use his Garchomp to try to kill you.

Amaria will save your sorry ass you with her Kingdra. She'll hop down and join the party.

Amaria will question the exact point of this slimy [heh] scheme, and Trenchcoat will reveal that he just wants people to leave the city. Amaria will basically tell him that he's detestable.

Suddenly, Trenchcoat will notice the Sapphire Bracelet around her wrist, a gift from "Tania" [hm... what does that name resemble?]. She says she'll defend it with her life. She'll command you to try and deactivate the PULSE while she's busy battling Trenchcoat. You'll be thrown into a battle with ZEL.

Be wary of PULSE!Muk; it has protean. You'll be battling on the same fields as you did against Shade, here and here.

Meteor Admin ZEL


Glaceonglaceon.giflevel 36 / icy wind, ice shard, bite, mirror coat

Espeonespeon.giflevel 36 / psychic, quick attack, future sight, morning sun(?)

Umbreonumbreon.gif level 36 / confuse ray, quick attack, feint attack, moonlight

PULSE!Mukmuk.giflevel 40 / muddy water, discharge(+), mud bomb, sludge wave

After you defeat them, they'll finally reveal Trenchcoat's name: Solaris. He'll be furious, have his Tyranitar use superpower on Amaria. Team Meteor will retreat.

Amaria will tell you she's okay, "Just a little winded..." The water won't be polluted anymore, but at this point it's probably too late to save the lake. Amaria will loan you her boat so you can cross the lake before she goes home to rest.

Exit the Factory and go to the Coral Ward.

Go to the one warehouse that you haven't unlocked yet and enter. Go to her boat, and you head for Apophyll.

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Apophyll Beach

Go ahead and take Amaria's boat and you'll find yourself at Apophyll Beach. There's much to explore here; tons of trainers have stationed themselves around the beach.

In the sand you can encounter:


There are lots of smash-able rocks lying around. You can get items from them, or sometimes encounter wild pokemon.


Smashing rocks in the Training Grounds will give you different selection:


In the water, you can catch:

Old Rod: grimer.gif

Good Rod*:muk.gifskrelp.gif

*not yet obtainable

There's a cavern on the northernmost point of the island.


This is a segment of Pyrous Mountain. In there, and in the other parts of the mountain, you can catch:


Rock smash will find:


There are also some rocks to mine, plus TM41 Torment.

When its thunderstorming, you can find a Corsola on the beach.

If you feed it pokesnax, it'll join your party.

Corsolacorsola.gif level 30 / iron defense, brine, lucky chant, spike cannon

This girl will offer to trade her Darumaka for a Luvdisc.



There's also lots to do inside the academy!

The Hidden Power Guy is in this room:


The girl in this room will ask you to bring her a TV.


You can take one from the front north room, however a lady will try to stop you. After you defeat her, she'll realize that the person you're taking the TV to is actually her roommate, and she'll back off.

Bring the TV back to the girl, and in return she'll give you Department Store Sticker.

The girl on the roof will give you a Meditite.

Medititemeditite.giflevel 30 / hidden power, calm mind, mind reader, hi jump kick

..But that's all you can do for now. Go talk to this girl.


She'll tell you that Kiki can be found down at the Training Grounds. Go there.

You'll find a circle of onlookers surrounding Kiki. Talk to her, and she'll give you a lecture about the important things in life. After the lecture, go up and talk to her again. You'll inquire Strength, and she'll tell you to meet her in the back room of her academy.

As you make your way back there, you'll be stopped by Victoria. She also needs to talk to Kiki, and heads towards the back room. It is revealed that she is actually one of the top students of the academy, and Kiki's personal apprentice.

So, anyways, continue back to Kiki. It turns out the Victoria needed to talk to Kiki about Strength as well. Victoria introduces you.

Kiki says that she can't give strength to anyone but a graduate of the academy, and she's cannot breach this policy. Victoria decides to apply for graduation. Kiki mentions some "condition" of her in passing.

So, since Victoria would need a certain badge to use the HM, Kiki looks to you. This means she must test you as well. She challenges you to climb to the top of Pyrous Mountain to challenge one of greatest students. Victoria reacts strangely to this.

As you begin to exit the academy, Victoria catches up to you. She wishes you good look, and tells you the name of said great student for you to challenge: Cal, the previous fire-type leader of Reborn, who retired after a certain "incident." I turns out that Victoria has a major crush on him. She bids you farewell.

Head to the southern entrance of Pyrous Mountain. This place is a bit of a maze, but you'll just need to empty the lava by using rock smash on cracking columns. You can also encounter Magcargo this way.


On the lowest level of the cave, you'll find Torkoal instead.


On the lowest floor, you can also find a Heatmor. It'll be drawn to pokesnax and attack you. On the rock next to it will be a fire stone.

Heatmor heatmor.gif level 40 / fury swipes, snatch, flame burst, bug bite

At the top of the mountain will be a Light Shard, and Cal. Go ahead and talk to him. He's decently nice. He'll ask about Shelly, who was apparently an old friend of his. He watched over her, and the connected because they both felt like the shadows of their older brothers, Shelly Bugsy and Cal Blake.

However, their friendship was tainted when he had some horrible reaction to something she said. He regrets hurting her. You'll then commence battle. You'll be battling on a superheated field.

Ex-Leader Cal


Infernapeinfernape.giflevel 36 / close combat, mach punch, swords dance, flame wheel(+)

Delphoxdelphox.giflevel 36 / psyshock, shadow ball, mystical fire(+), light screen

Typhlosiontyphlosion.gif level 36 / flame charge(+), sunny day, solar beam, hidden power [ice]

Blaziken blaziken.gif level 37 / fire punch(+), double kick, bulk up, blaze kick(+)

Charizardcharizard.giflevel 37 / wing attack, fire fang(+), dragon claw, thunderpunch

Magmortarmagmortar.gif level 38 / focus blast, lava plume(+), solar beam, thunderbolt

After you beat him, he'll tell you to go let Kiki know that you beat him. He has "things to finish" up there.

So, head back to the room in which you left Kiki. It seems that she isn't doing so well, she did say that her condition is worsening... Kiki tells you to face her in an official league match.

As you begin to leave, Victoria will stop you. Once again, she'll make you battle her before she allows to proceed.

Apprentice Victoria


Scraggy scraggy.giflevel 37 / payback, chip away, brick break, hi jump kick(?)

Hariyamahariyama.giflevel 38 / force palm, knock off, smelling salts, belly drum

Heracrossheracross.giflevel 38 / close combat, night slash, aerial ace, take down

Gallade gallade.gif level 39 / leaf blade, night slash, psycho cut, ?

Emboar emboar.giflevel 40 / heat crash, rollout, assurance, arm thrust

After you beat her, Victoria will be obviously upset, but leave. You can now finally battle Kiki in the courtyard.

Gym 5: Kiki

So, as you have already probably guessed, Kiki is the fighting gym leader of reborn. You'll be battling on an ashen beach field. Flying pokemon are a bit difficult as half of her pokemon have counters. A pokemon with Psychic is great for this gym, as the move is boosted in the ashen beach field. Just be wary of her dark-move-wielding pokemon.

If you need to grind, I'd use Pyrous Mountain.

Sensei Kiki


Machampmachamp.giflevel 38 / rock slide, payback, submission, dynamic punch

Gallade gallade.gif level 39 / rock slide, zen headbutt(+), strength, night slash

Toxicroak toxicroak.giflevel 39 / cross chop, meditate(+), sucker punch, strength

Hitmonlee hitmonlee.gif level 40 / fake out, hi jump kick, meditate(+), knock off

Lucario lucario.gif level 40 / dark pulse, psychic(+), aura sphere(+), calm mind(+)

Medicham medicham.gif level 41 / drain punch, hi jump kick, ice punch, meditate(+)

After you defeat her, she'll attempt to give you the badge, but first collapse.

Later, you'll find yourself with Kiki and Victoria in the back room. Kiki is really feeling pretty terrible, as her positivity has finally worn off. Victoria can't stand it, and leaves the room. Kiki will tell you to do the same.

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After you leave, Victoria will tell you that Kiki just needs to rest alone. She says that she'll be sure to get your badge and HM from her. But, she then poses a very good question: Where is Cain? He said he was heading off to challenge Kiki pronto, and you even saw him leave on his grimer... So what happened? Victoria suggests the one place between the two land masses: Azurine Island. She suggests you stop there and see if you can find Cain.

Head back to Amaria's boat and you'll now have the option to go to Azurine Island. Go there.

Azurine Island

There's a lot of grass on Azurine. Here you can catch:


Day: foongus.gifgloom.gifpalpitoad.gifquagsire.gifshellos.gifshelmet.gifwooper.gif


Headbuttable Trees: burmy.gifexeggcute.gifpineco.gif

Fishing there you can catch:

Old Rod: grimer.gif

Good Rod*:muk.gifskrelp.gif

*currently unobtainable

Over here you can find TM88 Sleep Talk.


...Anyways, go ahead and make your way through the labyrinth of an island. You'll have to walk over lily pads(?) to get through the swamp. Be wary of pokeballs on the ground as many of them are foongus (ugh).

You can find Cain's earring in the water here, so it's clear he is on this island somewhere.


You can find a shiny stone on a rock, this is pretty much the only place in the game you can find one.

You should eventually come to this house. This is where all the action happens.


Upon entry, you'll find the ever-so-recurrent Meteor Grunts Aster and Eclipse. They'll tell you that they have captured Cain upon their boss's orders. They'll realize that you're outnumbered (for once) and commence battle.

Team Meteor Grunts Aster and Eclipse


Lunatone lunatone.gif level 37 / hypnosis, psywave, rock slide, cosmic power

Solrocksolrock.giflevel 37 / fire spin, cosmic power, psywave, rock slide

Rhydon rhydon.giflevel 38 / iron tail, bulldoze, chip away, rock blast

Miloticmilotic.giflevel 38 / hydro pump, twister, confuse ray, recover

Magmarmagmar.gif​ level 41 / fire punch, mach punch, confuse ray, feint attack

Electabuzzelectabuzz.gif level 41 / cross chop, thunder wave, light screen, thunderpunch

After you beat them, they'll mention that he's hidden away somewhere, and leave.

Check here to reveal a hidden door. Head through.


When you enter, you'll see a small hallway leading to a machine on your immediate right. Check that machine, called a recovery unit, to heal your pokemon.

Heading north, you'll find some Meteor Grunts congregated around Taka. There'll also be two cells, one holding Cain and the other holding a Camerupt.

Taka will say that "Camerupt is ready" (for what?) before he notices you. Cain will as well and ask you to save him. More importantly, he'll tell you that Team Meteor is planning to attack Apophyll! They plan to PULSE a camerupt atop Pyrous Mountain. Using Eruption, they hope to succeed in wiping the island off the face of Reborn. It turns out, that Taka was also ordered to capture you. You'll battle on a factory field, which as you've probably deduced by now, is associated with a short-circuit field.

Meteor Admin Taka


Klefkiklefki.giflevel 42 / spikes, mirror shot, draining kiss, foul play

Cradily cradily.gif level 42 / confuse ray, ancientpower, giga drain, recover

Floatzel floatzel.giflevel 43 / bulk up, pursuit, aqua tail, aqua jet

Chatot chatot.giflevel 45 / nasty plot, chatter, heat wave, ?

After you finish him off, Team Meteor will retreat back to Apophyll with the Camerupt. You'll release Cain from his cell. He'll tell you that he's going to head over to try to stop them. Join him.

NOTE: After you've finished with the Meteor plot on the island, you can return to the house they used. There should be a hiker there that'll be willing to trade you his Chikorita for a Chimecho. The only way to get a Chimecho at this point in the game is by training up a Chingling, available beneath the Grand Staircase.

Chikorita chikorita.gif

Anyways, when you make it back to Apophyll, go to Academy. Victoria'll be waiting for you. She'll tell you that Cain has already informed them on the situation, and she asks you to come inside and talk to Kiki.

Go to the back room. Kiki is even more feeble than before. She'll expalin to you that she believes that Meteor's motives are greater than just the destruction of Apophyll... She points out that the eruption of the volcano will not only consume Apophyll, but Reborn City as well. She percieves a balance between the city and Apophyll: a respective dichotomy of technology and the lack thereof. If the balance is broken, the power is shifted to Team Meteor's favor. In other words, they need to be stopped. She tells you to hurry and aid Cal in Meteor's termination. You team up with Cain, while Victoria hangs back to take care of Kiki.

Head to Pyrous Mountain.

There'll be a thoroughly satisfying scene of Cain's Nidoking pushing a Meteor Grunt down a ledge.

When you enter the mountain, Victoria will catch up to you. She'll tell you that Kiki forced her to leave. It looks like you'll be teaming up with her instead of Cain.

Make your way up the mountain, battling Meteor Grunts along the path. You won't have to worry about the lava plugs this time.

When you reach the summit, Victoria will note how quiet it is. She'll then start asking you questions about Cal (ugh).

By the lava you'll find Cain, Solaris, Taka, and Cal congregated. Cal will tell Victoria that he was already defeated. Victoria will stand up and say that she won't let anyone hurt Cal or anyone else in Apophyll.

Cain will point out that you don't have much time. Solaris orders Taka, who is apparently his son, to battle Victoria. Solaris will "deal" with you.

Meteor Leader Solaris


Garchompgarchomp.giflevel 75 / stone edge, earthquake, dragon rush, fire fang

..So yeah, this is kind of a battle you're supposed to lose.

If you happen to win, it'll affect an event later on in the game, however the current plot won't change.

Afterwards, Kiki will appear, apparently having climbed the entire mountain all on her own. She tells you to stand back, and that she will take care of this. She send out her Medicham tries to have it destroy the PULSE machine. Cal will interfere. Apologizing to Victoria, Cal will order his Magmortar to throw the Medicham into the lava.

Solaris has his Garchomp use Dragon Rush... on Kiki. She is far to ill to withstand such a blow.

Cal is furious with Solaris, exclaiming that this wasn't part of the plan. She would have died either way, Solaris points out. Cal declares that "he's done" and has his Magmortar destroy the PULSE machine.

Solaris retreats.

Cal moves toward Victoria, apologizing, but Victoria doesn't want to hear it. She tells Cal to leave. You all leave.

You'll meet back in Kiki's old room. Victoria will present you with HM04 Strength (at last!). She'll tell you that you can't take the Fury Badge because it has been invalidated, as Kiki is no longer the leader of the gym. She'll tell you that she'll contact Ame and have the reserve fighting leader notified. Victoria decides the remain in Apophyll, as Kiki chose her as the new leader of the academy. She asks you and Cain to beat the Reborn League for her.

Cain says that he'll [FINALLY] go open the gate to Byxbysion for you so you can defeat Aya and save the kids.

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Alright, so go ahead and head back to the city. The gate to Byxbysion is located in South Obsidia.


You'll have to battle Cain before he'll let you through.

Pretty Boy Cain


Venomothvenomoth.giflevel 40 / psybeam, sleep powder, giga drain, signal beam

Haunterhaunter.gif level 41 / mean look, hypnosis, dream eater, shadow ball

Mukmuk.giflevel 41 / mud bomb, sludge bomb, minimize, disable

Samurottsamurott.gif level 42 / fury cutter, razor shell, revenge, night slash

Nidokingnidoking.giflevel 43 / poison tail, thrash, shadow ball, double kick

After you beat him, he'll let you through.

If you head a bit more north of the gate, you'll run into Cal. He'll tell you that he never meant to betray Victoria. He had rigged the PULSE machine so it wouldn't have gone off anyways. He plans to "make himself scarce," in other words, he runs away.

But anyways, you'll want to enter the wasteland.

The Byxbysion Wasteland

Ah, the byxbyiusdufon Wasteland. The [unpronounceable] name, the legend.

This place is some kind of hell. Basically an enormous dumping ground for random crap, there's a bunch of junk lying around to be explored.

Throughout the area you can find:

Morning: arbok.gifekans.gifmunna.gifskorupi.giftrubbish.gif


Night: cubone.gifdrapion.gifgrimer.gifkoffing.gifmuk.gifskorupi.gifweezing.gif

Headbuttable Trees: inkay.gifpineco.gifunown.gif

Rock Smash:geodude.gifgraveler.gifnincada.gif

There are also countless event pokemon throughout the area.

Venipede will jump out of trees.


There's a Squirtle event here while it's raining. Nickaboo made a fantastic guide to it (he'll say it's a mudkip, but the two were swapped as of E15).

Squirtle squirtle.gif level 5 / tackle, tail whip

Also, in Mudkip's lair, you can insert an odd keystone to the rock formation in the back and find a spiritomb.

Spiritombspiritomb.giflevel 30 / feint attack, hypnosis, dream eater, ominous wind

Available in these tunnels are:





  • dawn stone
  • leaf stone
  • black sludge

I know there are a lot here, tell me what I left out!

So, anyways, the gym is here. Thankfully, it has both a pc and healing unit, serving as the pokemon center of the wasteland.


Here you can find Cain's "family." His mother will greet you at the door and tell you that Aya is battling in the back. Go there (left).

When you enter, you'll find a very frustrated Aya and a very smug Fern [ugh]. He'll call Aya a "noob" [ugh] even though she beat him the first time around... He'll verbally bash the two of you awhile [ugh] before another person enters. He'll introduce himself as Hardy, saying he just wanted to the gym leader community. He'll call Fern sour, and this will happen:


The ultimate hypocrisy. I died a little.

Anyways, it's revealed that Hardy and Fern were in the same graduating class of the Onyx Academy. What luck.

Also, their sisters were friends. Florinia and... who? Titania? Amaria? Julia? It's not quite clear, but I'm guessing it wasn't the latter, as Hardy alluded to the relationship being something of the past.

Aya leaves to heal her pokemon and Fern decides to battle you [ugh].

This'll be on a wasteland field.

Swag Jockey Fern


Ferrothornferrothorn.giflevel 42 / power whip(+), pin missile, curse, gyro ball

Krokorok krokorok.giflevel 41 / crunch, thunder fang, fire fang, dig

Scytherscyther.giflevel 41 / x-scissor, double team, slash, wing attack

Roserade roserade.giflevel 43 / hidden power [fire], extrasensory, giga drain, sleep powder

Serperiorserperior.gif level 44 / leech seed, glare, giga drain, iron tail

Ugh. Because you really needed another battle before this gym. *sighs dramatically*

Hardy agrees that seeing Fern get beaten is totally worth it. Aya will return and you can now battle her at any time. Unfortunately, Fern will be watching (along with the waste [as if there's a difference])

Gym 5: Aya

(yeah, I realize this is the second gym five... this is for organizational purposes, as it should correspond to the badges you have on you currently)

You'll be participating in a double battle on a wasteland field.

So this battle is actually pretty rough. Aya implements her field really well, especially with entry hazards early on. I'd try to knock out her first two leads ASAP because their moves can deal a lot of damage. The biggest threat I'd say would be her Dragalge, with an all-around powerful, sweeping moveset.

Just grind for her in the wasteland.

Wasteland Punk Aya


Tentacrueltentacruel.giflevel 40 / toxic spikes(+), icy wind, muddy water, ?

Nidoqueennidoqueen.giflevel 40 / spikes(+), stealth rock(+), sludge wave(+), iron tail

Venusaurvenusaur.gif level 40 / secret power, nature power [sludge wave], leech seed, power whip(+)

Gengargengar.giflevel 41 / shadow ball, focus blast, sludge bomb(+), confuse ray

Drapiondrapion.gif level 41 / night slash, slash, confuse ray, aqua tail

Dragalgedragalge.giflevel 44 / hydro pump, shadow ball, dragon pulse, sludge wave(+)

After you beat her, you'll get the Venom Badge, so pokemon up to level 50 will obey you, and you can use strength outside of battle. She'll also give you TM Sludge Wave.

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So, you can now leave the gym, and the wasteland if you want. Though there is one more event you can access, now that you have strength.

Here's a guide to the Misdreavus event.

[they'll say Gastly, but it was replaces with Misdreavus as of E15]

You'll need strength, rock smash, and pokemon capable of defeating a level 65 Medicham.

Misdreavusmisdreavus.giflevel 38 / psybeam, pain split, payback, destiny bond

...Anyways, you can now exit the Wasteland. Now that you have strength and the ability to use it, you can rescue the kids!

Head to the Underground Railnet, where Cain's Nidoking used Earthquake.

On the way, you can battle a couple of more trainers on the Opal Bridge.

When you arrive, you'll find Cain waiting for you. He'll tell you that he ran away because his mother didn't accept him for who he was. Because of his time off on his own, he know what it's like to have to take care of yourself, so he sympathizes with Heather.

He'll then tell you that you need to get down to business. [to defeat the huns...]

So head right. When the path diverges, take the southern route and work your way north.

Cain will meet you in the next room. Head up the staircase, and you'll find yourself in the Obsidia Ward.

You can find a link stone in this rock.


Anyways, the only building you can enter is the old Yureyu Headquarters. Cain decides to team up with you as you explore the creepy old place.

Eventually, there'll be Meteor Grunts (no surprise there).

On the forth floor you'll find Shelly being cornered by two Meteors. You can't do anything, as they'll threaten to cut her throat if you try any funny business.

On the fifth floor, you'll find Charlotte in the same situation, except she seems to give fewer damns about it. Charlotte "introduces" her grunts, and it turns out she's somewhat befriended them. However, you still have to battle them to free Charlotte.

After you beat them, they'll tell you that Team Meteor is planning to "rebuild the world," and that, by joining, the grunts have been promised a good life. Any pain inflicted on the currently world will be erased in the new one, so it's like they're not doing any damage at all.

Charlotte decides to go rescue Shelly. Charlotte tricks them, and ultimately overpowers the grunts to save Shelly [like a badass]. You're then thrown into battle.

After they're defeated, you can flip the switch and unlock the gate to the upper floor.

There, you'll find Charlotte confronting more Meteors, with Noel in a cage. The grunts will reveal that it was Team Meteor that caused the destruction of Yureyu, not some freak earthquakes. You battle.

Noel will tell you that Meteor took Anna and Heather upstairs, and stole Anna's Amethyst Pendant. Okay, well it seems that Anna has one of the four keys as well. Head upstairs.

The moment you step in the room, Sigmund will notice you. It turns out that this Sirius of Team Meteor teamed up with Sigmund to remove Heather's Ruby Ring, and eventually Anna's Amethyst Pendant.

...So here you have two options. You can either fight Sigmund, or choose not to. If you opt out, then upstairs you will fight against Sirius instead.

If you battle Sigmund:

Here's Sigmund's team. This'll be a double battle with Cain on a Factory Field.

Sigmund Connal


Luxray luxray.giflevel 43 / discharge(+), thunderfang, crunch, swagger

Raichu raichu.gif level 43 / discharge(+), slam, double team, thunderwave

Rotomrotom.giflevel 44 / discharge(+), ominous wind, double team, confuse ray

Lanturnlanturn.gif level 44 / confuse ray, discharge(+), signal beam, bubblebeam

Eelektross eelektross.gif level 44 / crush claw, crunch, discharge(+), ?

Electivireelectivire.giflevel 45 / ice punch, low kick, fire punch, discharge(+)

After you beat him, he'll retreat upstairs. Heather will remain despondent. Go ahead and go upstairs after Connal.

There you'll find Dr. Sigmund and Sirius advancing on a cornered Anna. The doctor and Sirius seem to be arguing. Sirius has taken Anna's Amethyst Pendant. It seems that Sirius knew Anna's father, the one who gave the necklace to her. The doctor and Sirius leave.

If you battle Sirius:

Sigmund will tell you about a name that's been "thrown around" the Meteor officers. Apparently, the Doctor used to know her.

When you head upstairs, you'll find Anna being cornered by Sirius. He seems to have taken her Amethyst Pendant. Sirius reveals that he knew Anna's father, the one who gave the necklace to her.

Cain will step forward and tell Sirius to give Anna her necklace back.

Here's Sirius's team. This'll be a double battle with Cain on a Factory Field.

Meteor Admin Sirius


Hitmontophitmontop.giflevel 45 / mach punch, hi jump kick, sucker punch, fake out

Chandlurechandelure.giflevel 45 / confuse ray, heat wave, psychic, shadow ball(+)

Probopass probopass.gif level 46 / magnet bomb(+), rest, rock slide, thunder wave

Honchcrowhonchkrow.giflevel 46 / brave bird, roost, swagger, foul play

Manectric manectric.gif level 47 / thunder fang(+), ice fang, fire fang, crunch

Seviper seviper.giflevel 48 / aqua tail, poison fang, night slash(+), rest

After you beat him, he teleports away.

Cain stops Anna from running after them. The team resolves to get out of there.

There's a railnet key down to your right. Go ahead and pick that up before you leave.

Go down all the levels of the place and exit the building. Return to the Underground Railnet.

You can now unlock the door to your right.

So the plan is to flee to Charlotte's sister, in the Chrysolia Region.

Anna will tell you that "Nostra" isn't feeling well; it is assumed that it is actually Anna herself that feels ill. Anyways, the group heads forward to hopefully make it to Charlotte's sister's place.

So here's a new section of the Underground Railnet. Here you can catch:


There are a couple of chambers you can access through rock smash.

In this chamber, you can find the house key to the move relearner in Onyx.


In this one you can find an Iron Ball.


In this chamber you can find a corrupted pokeball.


If you bring this to the pokeball shop in Obsidia, the man will offer to open it for you. Give him blast powder and you'll get a Ralts!

Ralts ralts.gif level 10 / growl, confusion, double team, teleport

To find the rest of the group head straight right then south. So when you catch up with everybody, you'll find that the gate is locked. Talk to Shelly and she'll tell you that you need to switch the little levers to make a clear path for a railway.

oh boy.

Honestly, this is one of the hardest challenges in the entirety of the game, in my opinion. You can use this video as a guide as you make your way through it.

If you want, you can make a path to another gate on the left as well. In here you can find numerous items/pokemon.

If you use headbutt on this pole, you can catch an Aron.


Aron aron.gif

In this chamber (again, you need rock smash) you can find the holy credence in which common man regards as TM70 Flash.


...But anyways, back to the main plot. Once you've solved the puzzle and gotten through the east gate, you can head forth.

You'll exit to a forest like area. Heather will immediately fly away on her Salamence... Good lord. You're welcome?

Anyways, Cain decides to go after her. He says he'll catch up with you guys later.

Anna's looking pretty bad. Charlotte tells you to follow her northward.

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I'm going to just start a new save file. This means many things.

1. I'm not going to be posting a new section to the guide for awhile

2. I should be able to get in all of the changes for ep 15!

3. I will actually be smart enough to create save files of my progress as I go, so I don't have to restart again.

So yeah, it may seem like you won't be hearing from me for awhile, but I'll be here, and I'll be updating my earlier posts!

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Hey! The old man in Lapis Ward who wants a Sunkern gives you a Mime Jr. You can get Sunkern from breeding a Sunflora from the garden in Onyxia.

Mine had a random nature and no egg moves, and was the same level as the Sunkern I traded.

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Hey! The old man in Lapis Ward who wants a Sunkern gives you a Mime Jr. You can get Sunkern from breeding a Sunflora from the garden in Onyxia.

Mine had a random nature and no egg moves, and was the same level as the Sunkern I traded.

A comment like that fits in the discussion section of this guide. Click here.

@Spasyle-0 - Will remove these comments when you continue the guide.

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Sooo is this walkthrough going to continue or?

Sophia is somewhat busy at the moment. In addition, you really aren't supposed to post in this thread.

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As of 8/28/15, the Shade team is off. I'm not sure which one was replaced, the he now has a Trevenant.

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Heey there :) I'm new to Reborn and I was wandering if we'll get mega-evolution for the starters (I picked fennekin and I don't know about him having a mega evolution) Thx in advance ^^

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Unfortunately, Fennekin line or any Gen six starters dont have mega evolution in main game or in Reborn as well, but dont let it stop you from having it by your side, it's a great support mon with light screen and will-o-wisp~

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Here's a reminder that this topic is NOT FOR ASKING questions.

I won't delete the comments here now, but I'll be locking this topic for the time being. When Sparsyle comes back (if she comes back), I'll unlock it again.


But it's still your best option at a guide for the start of the game.

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