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Found 25 results

  1. [Mount Ebbot, 201X, Monday, March 2X] The Bus lands somewhere on a grassy, mountainous trail, thick with trees and humid forests in all directions. The sun has just started rising. A sharp, acrid feeling fills the air, as, those who choose to exit the bus at this point spot a cavern in the distance, embedded into a cliff. Those who remember the vision instantly recognize the mountain in question. Someone with more humor might have put up a sign saying "here be monsters", but no such people have come here. In fact, it seems almost like there's nothing alive here at all. It's roughly around this moment that the more perceptive members of the party would start noticing right around now. There aren't any birds singing.
  2. A mysterious, grey capsule, twenty feet long and eight feet in diameter, appeared in the castle during the battle against Fake Gilgamesh. After several science bros took a look at it, Edmond eventually translated the inscriptions around the rim of the device as autopilot instructions, and a plea for help, both in a computer language he’d never seen before. He asked around, and Hiroki, Jade, Cicivexa, and Dackly volunteered to come and investigate. Gozer followed Dackly into the pod, as he always does. Edmond locked the coordinates in, the pod sealed itself shut, and the six occupants found themselves dozing off… The next thing the group knew, the pod opened with a loud hiss, and hurled them out upon a beach of beautiful, white sand and clear, glassy water. A lush, dripping jungle begins where the beach ends, and over the trees a huge, snow-topped mountain peak is barely visible. But the assembled heroes could be forgiven for not focusing much on the excellent vacation destination they had found themselves in, for each of them was changed by their journey. Where flesh once was, flesh remained, yet it was no longer alone. Armored plates, mechanical components, just as responsive and sensitive as flesh alone yet far more resilient, covered the body of each of the six in gleaming armor and cybernetics. Each of the six now sports a distinct color scheme they did not before, accenting their new armored bodies; Hiroki in shades of blue, Dackly a uniform green (she was green before, of course), Edmond in white and grey, Cicivexa in red and ultramarine, Jade in brown and tan (much like he was before), Captain Forgotten Realms in silver and blue, and Gozer in black and tan. Their eyes glow brightly with their original color, from behind a sturdy, steel-grey mask, along with a sense of power not previously present… Equipment Acquired: Toa Heartlight (Untyped) – The ancient mechanisms of the Toa Canister have transformed you into a creature of Bionicle! But without a source of elemental power, only some of its features have been unlocked. Grants +2 damage reduction and +2 to a stat chosen when equipped. Cannot be unequipped at this time. Deals 5% of your MHP in nonlethal pure damage to you each round until you pass out. Self-damage can be negated if you wear a Kanohi Mask of Power. Equipment Acquired: Matoran Kanohi Mask – This artifact allows beings of Bionicle to properly control and contain their powers. Without one, even the mightiest Toa can be humbled. Some masks can also grant special powers, but these do not. They are enough to keep you alive and healthy, though. Can be knocked off by a critical hit, requiring a round to recover and put back on. The party’s old equipment seems to have been transformed into a version that their new bodies can use as comfortably as their old could, and given the same color scheme as their wielder. This could use some investigating… Or you could instead talk to pair of the small biomechanical beings staring up at you, the blue one in naked relief and the black one in suspicion. “The Toa! You’ve come!” The blue one exclaims in a surprisingly high-pitched voice, “The legends were true! We- We’d almost started to think you might not…” “They’re not the Toa, Halhi,” The black one pulls a strange contraption from his back and aims it in the party’s general direction, “That red one’s shorter than I am, and none of them look anything like the statues or carvings. They’re probably some trick from the Makuta. Mata Nui, the black and green ones look as much like Rahi beasts as people!” “But they might be able to help. They don’t have infected masks, Nuparu,” Halhi observes, though she does take a few steps back and place a hand on the machete sheathed at her waist. “If we don’t take any chances, we’ll never beat the Makuta. The Toa haven’t come. Maybe… Maybe it’s time for us to find our own heroes, instead of just waiting for them.” “Take chances, huh? Be our own heroes? That’s what Hewkii said,” Nuparu growls wearily, clearly retreading familiar arguments, “You know where he is now?” “Kitty chow for an infected Muaka,” Halhi rolls her eyes, glaring daggers into the other being’s skull. “We all miss Hewkii, but he wouldn’t want us to just sit around waiting to die like he did!” “Kitty chow for a- Hey!” The barrel of Nuparu’s weapon drifts away from the group as he turns to face Halhi. It seems they could be at this for a while…
  3. Castle While others were drawn to their new missions through clear cut signs, such as capsules or books, what led Spicy HG, Lexiel, Kino, Misturugi, and Mot to a rather remote section of the Castle was… A mere tugging sensation. Something was trying to draw them somewhere, and due to the fact that they were all gathered around a small breach in the very fabric of reality, brely the The exact feeling that the breach varied from person to person, but for the divine, it was easy to understand. There was a putrid wrongness emanating from the breach, leaking out of the breach like smog, only to quickly evaporate once it left, like something was already trying to strangle them from the other side. And yet there was a small part that remained that was far softer and gentle, trying to urge them through. Sort of like a cry for help. And then, in a blink of the eye, the breach tore itself open, a sudden vacuum pulling the five in quick succession. Once they were all inside, the tear closed itself with a satisfying pop. Current Background Music Sorina Suddenly, with a loud pop, Sorina found herself floating in the air above a small dirt road, leading up to a large ornate bell shrine, and just a few feet away from that, was a large, yet bare ocean, save for a single old and practically decimated ship. It was a rather interesting sight all in all. At least until she suddenly stopped floating and feel straight to the ground. After getting up, Sorina would notice four paths. Two leading North and South of the bell, while two others moved to the east, one towards a small cave in the mountains, while another led to a walled shrine, which despite its simplicity, stood rather vibrantly next to the lands surrounding it. But before she could actually do anything about it, she was knocked back into the ground by the arrival of five other people. Note
  4. A reboot of the game Trespassers of the Multiverse on bay12. There exists an untold number of universes, each with its own friendships, wars, gods, and demons. Each one with countless stories to tell. More are generated every instant, as new possibilities unfold and new minds are born with new ideas in a fractal expansion. However, one of these many expansions went terribly, horribly wrong. Horrific monstrosities, barely having a true form and defying all common or uncommon logic in description, were born in the gap between worlds. They ached to fill the gaping void within themselves with true existence, and so they fell upon the myriad worlds, devouring all that they ran across, some assuming the forms of familiar foes turned alien and some forcing their way into the hearts and minds of the people responsible for protecting the worlds they lived in. The multiverse has held its own for eternities. These incursions are met by bands of heroes or chosen individuals with the strength of mind and arm to defeat them, wherever they appear. However, the war is turning. More and more worlds are falling to the beasts - called Trespassers for their lack of belonging - and their closest things to lords or kings have begun appearing - Pure Trespassers, raw destructive, consuming essence with a hatred for existence itself. So the multiverse is fighting back. You have been chosen, lifted from your home universe, to fight these foes wherever they appear. Are you prepared to accept this mantle of duty, strong enough to fight to save every existence? System/Character Sheet Bare Character Sheet, for convenience Rule Notes and Errata Guidelines for Characters FAQ Rules: All global forum rules apply. Respect all other players, and the GM. Try to avoid making your character a Mary Sue. The greater subforum has some guidelines for what this term means, if you do not know. Avoid "l0l so rAndUm" characters or outright evil/sociopathic ones. If they don't have a reason to work with the party to save the multiverse, they don't belong in this game. Bunnying - controlling another character without their consent - is strictly forbidden. Player killing is also generally forbidden. This isn't an arena game. Keep mentions of sex and violence within reasonable moral and legal bounds. Explicit depictions are against the rules, after all. If you must, learn the fine art of the fade-to-black. Posts should be two or three sentences minimum, with decent grammar and spelling. This isn't a hard and fast rule, but do avoid consistently terse posts. If you're having trouble, ask for help. In keeping with the above, avoid bullet-posting - making rapid, usually short, posts in a short amount of time, unless your character is in a one-on-one situation. Doing this makes it difficult for other players to keep up; the players are scattered across numerous timezones and areas of availability. If there is an ongoing interaction between two players, please ask before inserting your character, in keeping with Rule 2 on this list. I reserve the right to add more rules as-needed. So, interested? Character sheet ended up a bit of a slog, but I wanted to be thorough. A document containing a lot of helpful guidelines and advice for chargen, Lost? Join the Discord and ask for help. Active IC Threads: The Ballroom (on-ship) The Barracks (on-ship) The Suites (on-ship) Engineering Bay (on-ship) Servant's Quarters (on-ship) Throne Hall (on-ship) Chapter 2a: Hyperdimension: Return of the Felons Chapter 2b: Seattle by Sundown: Breaking Point Chapter 2c: Okami: Stains upon the Canvas Chapter 2d: Bionicle: Tales of the Masks Chapter 2e: Touhou: Twilight of Paradise Butterfly Archived IC Threads: Chapter 1 Chapter 1: Hollow Bastion Chapter 1 Interludes Chapter 1a: Jak and Daxter: Grassweed Forest Chapter 1b: Return to Rio Chapter 1c: The Tenth God Chapter 1d: Seattle by Sundown Chapter 1e: Monster Hunter: The Terrible Tigrex Chapter 1f: Fast Food Done Eldritch Chapter 2 Chapter 2.1.0: Clash of Fate: The War Room Chapter 2.1.1: Clash of Fate: The Courtyard Chapter 2.1.2: Clash of Fate: The Barracks Chapter 2.1.3: Clash of Fate: The Armory Chapter 2.2: Clash of Fate: The Mad Dog of Ulster Chapter 2.3: Clash of Fate: The Witch of Betrayal Chapter 2.4: Clash of Fate: The Unholy Maiden Chapter 2.5: Clash of Fate: The Tyrant of Knights Chapter 2.6: Clash of Fate: Breaking the Siege Chapter 2.7: Clash of Fate: The Home Front Chapter 2.8: Clash of Fate: Breaking the Siege (again) Chapter 2.9: Clash of Fate: beginning/end (A B C D) Chapter 2.10: Clash of Fate: What Comes Next Currently Inactive Threads: None!
  5. Today probably could be going better for most of you. Not that it was a bad day necessarily, by all means, this had been the chance of a lifetime. An ad for a company that could apparently fix any problem you had with your body, and they’d set you up with a job that would leave you with a decent chunk of change when your employment with them was over. It was a no brainer really. Of course, as one by one you were called out of the waiting room, a sense of dread started to overcome you. Maybe you shouldn’t have done this… but it was too late to turn back then. You picked one of the procedures, and then they got to work on you, putting you out to begin their procedures… That would be the last thing you remembered before you woke up. Looking around you apparently were still in the facility, except there wasn’t anyone there aside from other people you saw in the waiting room. Of course that would be if you weren’t in the middle of observing the results of your procedures. Whether that means amazement at how your body is now in working order, or horror at how they’ve changed you is up to you to decide though. OOC thread:
  6. There is a certain beauty to this place, an infinite starry shower of worlds, passing into and out of existence, more stories than there are dots of light in the sky, this cycle of creation and destruction is one which contains the glory and majesty of light and life. It is here that we see the delicate balance of worlds floating along is disrupted, that they are plunged beneath the thin film of sanity upon which they reside. In this place, there were now monsters, creatures which consumed all before them, and in turn became all before them. An endless tide of hungry mouths, sapping the very essence of all that is. Tainting what they touch, destroying what lies before them, leaving nothing behind. In a Multiverse Beset by creatures beyond comprehension, there are still heroes, this is the story of one such group, a group of potentially powerful beings, each from the far corners of many worlds. They have been brought together in a lull of the action, one no less deadly, and no less important to the fate of everything. These Privileged few are not here to tear down the works of these Black Invaders, but rather, to bolster the forces that would oppose them. To bring war and peace in equal measure, to give strength to worlds that are pure, that they might survive the things that Trespass upon them. These Privileged few are indeed you. You who have been taken from your home reality, wherever that may be, with the intention of helping to preserve the world you once existed in, and in addition, every other world that exists upon the gossamer void that stretches across the endless infinity. Premise System/Character Sheet. Blank Character Sheet Rule Notes Guidelines for Characters Link to Discord Channel Link to Master Doc for Game
  7. You're on the Skyship Weatherlight as it takes you from place to place. Do ship things, you degenerate, slacker degenerates.
  8. Outskirts of Test Site A-26 After a bit of time and work, the group taking care of the Alien piece of hardware and responding to XCOM’s call for aid would find the device calmly repeating coordinates for their world, and sure enough, when they directed the ship there, they would arrive at a place vastly resembling the planet Earth, only at nighttime, unfortunately. The entire surrounding area was a heavy forest, with several large pillars of rock scattered around. However, despite the darkness, the group could well enough see the faint red lights of… Something ahead, along with a sleek, black road not too far from where the Weatherlight dropped them off. The device that was the key that brought them here, assuming they had brought it, had its screen flash with red, before seeming to shut off completely. Nader, Alan, Aquila, Contagion, and Blue Occultist arrive in XCOM! After a bit of wait, Proditor himself had taken the device that had been dropped into the bus, recognizing the alloy used for the material before playing it, listening to the entire recording, which was likely loud enough for the rest of the party to hear. Just as it finished, the bus seemed to finally reach a destination, screeching to a halt as Proditor rose, his mind checking the area around the bus to confirm where they were. After a second of that, his voice suddenly entered in both Harry and Frigus’s mind, “Follow me. I believe there is something we must take care of” he said before heading out of the bus, straightening once he was out and floating out a bit, his head turning to look at his surroundings. Shortly after Harry and Frigus got off the bus, the vehicle would go back to life before moving on to whatever else it needed to go, leaving the three to investigate the area. Specifically, they would find themselves in front of a small gap between two pillars, with a large, sleek, black building shrouded in the dark, with small walls brimming with red energy, buzzing lightly as energy continued to go through them. Soon enough though, Proditor would speak again, his voice still only appearing in their minds, “As I suspected… Both of you, welcome to my own world” he stated, "... Unfortunately, this is likely the best greeting you will get from here." Proditor, Harry, and Frigus arrive in XCOM! Sister Rachel After a bit of time, Sister Rachel would finally be able to find the location that several shady people she met had referred to. One of the Xenos bases of operations, a key location of theirs where they conducted strange tests. Needless to say, with the heavy patrols in the area, they weren’t keen on losing this location. But, it wasn’t heavy enough so that Sister Rachel couldn’t sneak in close. But, eventually, there seemed to be a break in her stealth approach, as now there were a group of three of the Xenos troops standing in front of one of the only entrances through their clearly electrified walls, keeping an eye out for anything that didn’t belong. Specifically, two grunts, due to their armor, and one of their Captains, with their blood red armor and cape. Sister Rachel is still in XCOM
  9. A massive set of three rooms, and the scene of the party's main intrusion. An entrance hall leads to an antechamber which leads to the throne room and the controls for the castle tank; the antechamber has been converted into a Heartless manufactory, which was recently dismantled by the party. Location Sheet OOC Thread Thread Rules: Your character may only occupy one IC thread at a time. You must make a post clearly indicating that you are leaving the area this thread governs to move to another. Post clearly that you are entering this area as well; one of these posts should be made for every active character during the travel phase. During travel time IC, characters cannot move between areas. When there is a stop, characters may move. Before posting in ANY IC thread, characters must be approved by the GM.
  10. The main event center of the castle, it consists of a massive room with a dance floor and fine engraved decor about the walls, connected by side doors to the main kitchen of the place, in order to make serving food to the esteemed guests faster and more efficient. Location Sheet OOC Thread Thread Rules: Your character may only occupy one IC thread at a time. You must make a post clearly indicating that you are leaving the area this thread governs to move to another. Post clearly that you are entering this area as well; one of these posts should be made for every active character during the travel phase. During travel time IC, characters cannot move between areas. When there is a stop, characters may move. Before posting in ANY IC thread, characters must be approved by the GM.
  11. The "tank" part of the castle, this contains two offices and an extended room housing the majority of the workings that power the immense vehicle's movement. The engines are rusted and badly in need of attention, and it smells of burned grease, metal, and a bit of smoke. Location Sheet OOC Thread Thread Rules: Your character may only occupy one IC thread at a time. You must make a post clearly indicating that you are leaving the area this thread governs to move to another. Post clearly that you are entering this area as well; one of these posts should be made for every active character during the travel phase. During travel time IC, characters cannot move between areas. When there is a stop, characters may move. Before posting in ANY IC thread, characters must be approved by the GM.
  12. A few luxurious bedrooms that housed guests of high standing; they have borne the brunt of time's assault on the castle, with many of the furnishings mostly dismantled or carried off a long time ago. Still, what was left behind speaks to great wealth. Location Sheet OOC Thread Thread Rules: Your character may only occupy one IC thread at a time. You must make a post clearly indicating that you are leaving the area this thread governs to move to another. Post clearly that you are entering this area as well; one of these posts should be made for every active character during the travel phase. During travel time IC, characters cannot move between areas. When there is a stop, characters may move. Before posting in ANY IC thread, characters must be approved by the GM.
  13. A set of sparse, functional rooms meant to house squads of soldiers, connected to an armory, smithy, and mess hall. Unfortunately, the armory has largely been stripped clean, as has the mess, but the smithy still has a few miscellaneous mundane ingots and such left behind. Location Sheet OOC Thread Thread Rules: Your character may only occupy one IC thread at a time. You must make a post clearly indicating that you are leaving the area this thread governs to move to another. Post clearly that you are entering this area as well; one of these posts should be made for every active character during the travel phase. During travel time IC, characters cannot move between areas. When there is a stop, characters may move. Before posting in ANY IC thread, characters must be approved by the GM.
  14. A set of smaller chambers meant to house the staff that kept the castle maintained when it was inhabited. The bedrooms are functional, but not quite as spartan as the barracks, and unlike the former are individual; there's also a dining room that the servants likely used to take their meals when this was the seat of some feudal power. Location Sheet OOC Thread Thread Rules: Your character may only occupy one IC thread at a time. You must make a post clearly indicating that you are leaving the area this thread governs to move to another. Post clearly that you are entering this area as well; one of these posts should be made for every active character during the travel phase. During travel time IC, characters cannot move between areas. When there is a stop, characters may move. Before posting in ANY IC thread, characters must be approved by the GM.
  15. As an Orc, a Robot, and a lady IN a Robot fire high capacity weaponry into the Ammunition Manufacturing room, something happens, a flash of bright light that sends everyone sprawling back onto the ground, Even Alexandria is sent flying like a child wearing cardboard from the gravity waves. A horrible noise erupts from the room as reality itself collapses like a glass floor, the room twists, and a naked black hole begins stretching light towards itself like a greedy hand, grasping at all warmth and light, before exploding violently, sending colorful everythingness across the walls, which stretch and grow, the door is ripped off it's hinges, then it grows back, then it's ripped off again, slightly differently, then it grows back again, this repeats the entire time the room is being distorted. Anyone looking inside at this point would see the mortal eye of god collapsing in on itself into neverending one-ness. Eventually, this ends, and the door slams shut. Now, it seems, the door has transformed itself into a door of a different aesthetic, one shaped like a stylized bullet, brown on top, with a copper shell below. It smells like Ozone and Sulfur, and the smell does not seem to be ceasing any time soon.
  16. Upon pressing the button, despite the written warning, which at first nothing happens inside of the pod. After a moment, the pod jolts in several directions, causing some severe dizziness. Eventually it jerks forward, and you can feels the skin on your faces (Except for Ena) peel back to the point of hurting. After a few moments, the speed stops, and you jerk forward in your seats, stopped by the seatbelts from flying forward to the front of the pod. Below you, a barren-looking and rocky planet slowly turns. It's clearly has an atmosphere, so that's relieving, as your pods are currently bee-lining it for the surface, with no obvious controls aboard. Out in space, you spot absolutely colossal-sized 'H,' with a shining sphere in the middle of the shape. It looks menacingly upon the planet, as if plotting something. Your attention is quickly broken as the pods pierce into the atmosphere, flames quickly finding its way to the sides of the pods. Moments later, your pods strike the earth, surprisingly softly, considering you're still alive without a parachute. The doors fly off, colliding with each other in mid air. It's now, that the two groups lock eyes, appearing at the same time, presumably for the same purpose. And that purpose- Gunshots ring out in the distance, and it's now that you see a bunch of half-naked men running around with masks on, lifting axes in the air in the air screaming about gods-know-what. A few basic wooden structures and ramps are in the distance as well, with a giant bonfire ablaze amidst the structures. The figures are gathered around the fire, and on the accompanying structures. Above the fire, on a giant wooden stick going across the fire, are three figures. One massive, hairless dog looking creature with various spikes spouting out of its skin, a giant bird of some kind, and a smallish humanoid rat type individual? It's tail moves furiously as it struggles against the ropes tying it to the cooking stick.
  17. Soon enough, the white that surrounded the windows of the bus faded away as the bus began to slow down… Before lightly tapping a broken wall in front of it. Which seemed to be a running trend in the area… The broken part, at least. From what the group could see, they had parked next to a small cliff, which poked out to see a completely ruined city. Buildings lay shattered wherever they looked, and some had large circles in them, as if they were eaten out. Of course, that wasn’t the only sight, since in the distance, standing inside of what appeared to be a town center, was what appeared to be a showoff between man and beast. On the beast’s side, there were multiple large creatures, each larger than almost anyone in the party aside from Proditor, which seemed consist of several, two legged creatures with large tails, some… Flying women with large, eyes shells on their backs, and two, humanoid creatures with blue plated wings. On man’s side was simply two men, one wearing a large, blue, hooded jacket, and the other wearing a tattered brown jacket. In each of their hands were large swords, each bigger than their actual wielders. If one looked closely, they could also see large, red and black bracelets on each of the men’s hands. The man in blue was in a combat position, sword at his side as he scanned the creatures in front of him, waiting for one to strike. The other was more relaxed, with their sword placed on their shoulder as they seemed to enjoy a quick smoke, seemingly not caring about the beasts in front of him, even when several roared, preparing to attack. Proditor, when the bus stopped, sighed in annoyance, about to comment on the fact that he would have to ask Uber and L33t how their vehicle started up on its own, before noticing the view outside, pausing for a good bit before rising from his seat, opening the bus’s door and floating outside, looking around in… Shock, mostly. Both at the city and at the sight before him, man versus abomination. Initiative and such will be given once the encounter truly starts. Enjoy.
  18. Everyone awakens in a white room, already standing and with no groggy sense, like that one would have when awaking naturally, the room looks like some kind of a meeting chamber, marble flooring tastefully compliments an alabaster wood paneling along the walls. A set of simple plastic tables, mass produced and recognizable as such are assembled in the middle of the room, around them, in direct contrast, red velvet and ebony thrones circle them. The lights appear to be simple spheres embedded in the ceiling, while a few pens sit on the table, capped and unused. Strangely, despite the mundane nature of the room, it clearly is nothing but. There are no doors, no windows, there are not even outlets on the walls. The room is also unnaturally clean, like it has never been used before. A frazzled doctor sits in one of the thrones, putting together several papers and leafing through them quickly. The woman is muttering to herself, she does not seem angry, but appears to be stressed, like the type of stress one has as they prepare for an irritating discussion, or struggle to meet a rapidly approaching deadline. The woman is wearing a thick leather trenchcoat, colored the same shade of white as the floors and walls, a Timeclock card is clipped to one of her pockets on the breast of her coat. "You all wait a moment while I try to clear this mess up. It will take a little bit of time, we're all getting a bit rushed here." She says, kindly, but urgently. She then chuckles lightly, before going about organizing the papers. "Feel free to talk with your new Colleagues a bit." she continues after a moment.
  19. The group noticed something, something quite annoying. They were no longer inside of the castle, and were instead greeted by the sight of an alleyway, with garbage strewn around the edges, that caused the place to absolutely reek of refuse. a human arm appeared to be sticking out of a formerly green trash can, it was quite bloody, and seemed to be missing something. The relative quiet was disrupted by the distant sound of police sirens that seemed to be coming from somewhere beyond the extremely obvious looking way out, a brightly lit main road that had a suspiciously empty set of pavements. If the group had bothered to look behind they would see nothing but high walls and an oddly neat looking pile of trash. Of course you could explore the alley if you'd like to, but those sirens are approaching awfully quickly aren't they? Things you should probably ignore
  20. Suddenly, those in the castle would hear the telltale signs of it parking, gears grinding to a halt, and strange warping noises occurring in various places. It seems either someone in the cockpit, or something in the ship itself has caused this pit stop. Maybe the trip was long enough to require a recharge? In any case, the Castle is completely stopped now, and still. [Everyone hears a faint music playing. It is a bit unnerving, honestly.] Those who walk outside would find the castle parked in what seems to be an underground parking lot, to either side of the castle, equally odd vehicles seem to be parked, including a writhing rainbow colored mass of glowing paint, and a giant white rave, whose size easily dwarfs the castle. Other than that, the place seems rather empty. A sign on the wall proudly proclaims something called the "Bigger Fish Fry", now available for 130 $҉ The music seems to be coming from the upper floor, which is accessible through a door proudly resting at the top of one of several stairwells. Off in a corner of the current area, some dusty machine sits unused. It has a large hopper, and has a sign calling it a Voucher Generator. The Smell of food wafts from somewhere.
  21. Lexiel makes the rounds of the various rooms of the castle, repeating a similar message to each group she encounters. “So, a couple old friends got in contact with me late last night. I don’t know how they managed to track down a Planeswalker, much less convince them to relay a message, but they did. They’re in trouble, big time. The message was brief, but they need help, thousands of lives are at stake, and something weird is going on. I don’t know how weird, but it’s probably worth looking into. They sent a teleporter along; it’s got eight uses, I think, and is probably one way, but it’ll get you to where you’re headed. Presumably we can fetch you in the castle once you’re done. My friends will have to fill you in on the rest. So, any volunteers?” You step through the teleporter in a flash of blue, entering a rather Spartan room of concrete and metal. Two guys are playing cards at a folding table across the room. When they notice you, one of them runs off, while the other explains that his friend has gone to fetch the boss. After a few minutes, two rather distinctive individuals walk into the room, and the other card player steps out. The first one in is a lithe, dark-skinned guy whose head is covered in a mess of black dreadlocks. He has an open, friendly expression, and wears a bizarre outfit that looks like a combination of armored skates and wearable soundstage. The second is a towering, heavily muscled blonde woman, with very fair skin, clad in a lightly armored jumpsuit and heavy combat boots. A faintly visible, crackling field of blue energy surrounds her body, and she carries a massive cannon, as long as the smaller man is tall, over one shoulder. As the man approaches the group and starts shaking hands, she grounds her weapon, making the table in the corner jump slightly, and leans on it, scowling. “Yo, yo, pleased to meetcha!" The man says cheerfully, "Name’s Lucio, and Ms. Grumpy over there is Zarya. We’re in charge of this little op. Y’all aren’t exactly who I was expecting, but Lexiel’s face is plastered all over wanted posters around here since her last visit, and I did ask for some discretion. If she trusts you, I can do the same.” “We ask for one woman army, and she send us a collection of little girly men, greenhorns, and anachronisms,” Zarya grumbles in a thick Russian accent. She sounds like she’s gargling marbles, and anyone who’s met Russians in the past might wonder if she’s exaggerating her accent for some reason. “Well, Vishkar will never tag you as threat, at least. We should send them on that mission.” “Are you sure? I mean, that’s kind of important,” Lucio frowns briefly, and it’s like a flashlight was flicked off, “I thought Genji and Ana were-” “Genji said we do not have enough men,” Zarya states, “Too much to do for only him and Ana, and no one available to back him up. They do not look like threat from our world. They may slip by security measures.” “You got a point. Alright, here’s the low-down. I’m in charge of a rebel cell here,” Lucio relates, “There’s this company called Vishkar, claims to be the shining light of hope for the downtrodden. When they got outbid on the contract to rebuild Rio de Janeiro, that’s where we are now, they firebombed the offices of the local company that beat them out, and the surrounding ten blocks of favelas. Real nasty folks. Tried to drive the rest of the undesirables out the old fashioned way, but I organized a resistance force and we pushed them out. Recently, our mole in the company sent us a warning. Vishkar’s planning to fake a gas leak and blow us all to hell! I started an evacuation, and called in Overwatch to help, but we’re spread thin, and we don’t have enough people to do what needs doing before we can get out.” “Overwatch was global peacekeeping force. Did good work in past. Less official now, run off good reputation rather than United Nations backing. I am liaison from Overwatch to resistance forces,” Zarya states, “But things get complicated. Overwatch have less authority than it did in the past. We can’t just arrest the CEO of Vishkar and investigate the company openly without proof of wrongdoing. We are not police anymore. But they are good at covering their tracks, and our mole got caught warning Lucio of the bombing. Worse luck, our team is split, because the terrorist hacker Sombra is in town, and trying to crack Vishkar’s mainframe. If she does, it will automatically delete any evidence we could use, so Winston, Athena, and I are needed to keep her out. And as Lucio say, Genji and Ana cannot penetrate Vishkar Tower for rescue alone. That is where you come in.” “We need you to rescue our mole, the architech Symmetra. We don’t abandon our own. Holding cells are on floor 13, but there’s no ways onto that floor in the building plans. You’ll have to figure something out. We also need hard evidence of Vishkar’s wrongdoing,” Lucio offers the group a flash drive, “If you can copy the contents of their mainframe in the basement onto this, we can search it for dirt. Or if you’d prefer a personal touch, the CEO herself has an office on the top floor. For additional points of interest… There’s a lab on floor thirty that’s probably full of useful goodies. I hear Vishkar’s been putting a lotta cash into weapons research recently. Also a barracks on the third floor. If you can find a way to keep Vishkar’s security teams from getting outta there, that’ll make it a lot easier for us to make a clean getaway with our people.” “Genji and Ana will give you support when able. Genji is,” Zarya sighs with warm exasperation, “A cyborg ninja. He can disable guards, locks, security systems. Ana is sniper and medic. She can heal wounds, take down guards, and look into rooms from sniper nest. But if they intervene too much, Vishkar security will wise up and drive them off. We will give you radios for co-ordination. But you must finish the mission and escape before sunrise.” “It’s not like you’ve gotta hit them today. We've got some time before things get dicey,” Lucio adds, “But Vishkar specializes in hard-light technology. It’s real power-hungry, and Rio’s grid isn’t in the greatest shape. They’ve set up solar panels to keep their tech juiced up, so during the daytime they’ve got a lot more options for containing intruders. If the sun’s up, they can move walls around to trap you, turn parts of the building into turret nests, or just teleport you off the side of the roof. Once you break in, the clock is ticking, and the sooner after sundown you breach, the more time you’ll have. So, any questions?”
  22. A flicker, the groaning of engines, and possibly a fair amount of screaming announce the castle's arrival in yet another new world. It skids across a landscape of shifting sand, insofar as a full-sized castle on tank treads can skid, and worryingly one tread comes slightly off the ground before thundering back down to the ground. Even more concerning, as it slows, it seems to be sinking into the sand. The craft finishes careening toward the set of docks it'd been pointed at, more or less, with just the gentlest touch, before sinking another good foot or so into the sand. Fortunately, this is where its descent stops, the bottom of the drawbridge about half an inch below the surface. A lever is pulled inside - thankfully the correct one - and the wayward occupants come stumbling out onto the dock. They come out to a bustling caravan town, covered with the colors and smells that being a center of trade entail, all of them enticingly pleasant. Well, most of them. Some of the food seems a bit suspicious, but that's not too abnormal.
  23. As the ship zooms through space, a message hailing the ship is sent to it, upon accepting the message, a hologram of a lady in coppery goggles and a cloak like lab coat appears on screen in the cockpit. "Greetings travelers, my name is Lua Da, I am currently seeking assistance in an archeological assessment of Precursor Technology, any who accept will be rewarded handsomely on completion of the mission, via access to technological components, materials, and blueprints derived from this expedition, the best to you, Professor Lua Da." Those in the cockpit would end up parking the ship in the world the signal came from, landing the castle in a sparsely wooded forest, mostly tall grasses and large trees, rustling, chirping, and other such animal noises saturate the wood, and a path seems roughly worn into the ground nearby, the message gives coordinates as well, granting the useful power of navigation in this strange new world. Those who seemed interested followed along, coming to a town in a clearing, trees and grass thinning until they arrived, a small sign labels the location as "Grassweed Village", and another clue is the massive brick manor on the outskirts of town. This is where the heroes find themselves after their trek through the forest, chopping through vine and grass to fight to this patch of civilization. The Large Brick manor looks a bit like if someone with a copper fetish had had a falling out with the substance, strange artifacts are stattered around, some smaller than a fist, others as large as an engine block, all of them burnt black and scarred. Similarly, the grand door leading in has seen better days. it's knocker lightly rusted, and it's wood dry and apparent in this dryness. A noble sign grants even more knowledge to the travelers, "Archeological Society of Grassweed Village" Checking around town, you get an idea of what is there. People move about on their usual daily routines. Places of interest include: Map
  24. You awaken on cold, flat ground - rock? Yes, it's rock, of a somewhat odd bluish tone, but rock nonetheless. Around you, sheer cliff faces rise up jaggedly, choking the amount of sunlight that reaches you. The place you're in seems roughly circular; there's two breaks in the natural walls around you. One of them seems to lead up some sort of path; you can't tell whether it's natural or not. The other is the main source of the light that does reach you; there's a strange, ominous castle in the distance, but you can tell even from this distance that it's crumbling as time grinds at it. You vaguely remember going about your life - whether it was mundane or heroic - before something spoke to you; something about it needing help, and then you woke up here. Looking around, there are several others in this place; maybe they know more?
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