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Found 21 results

  1. I require all the fossil pokemon or their evolutions listed here: Kabuto Omanyte Aerodactyl Anorith lileep Shieldon Tirtouga Archen Tyrunt Amaura Please contact me if you are willing to trade these pokemon
  2. Title says it all. Hopefully you don't mind that I trade over a rando mon for it. Also, my ID is Awesome_One.
  3. I spent far too much time breeding Totodiles until I got the coveted 6IV female, so I have quite a few to spare, and it seems a shame just to throw them on Wonder Trade. Just let me know if you're interested. They're all Lvl 1 and either 6IV or 5IV, with the egg moves Aqua Jet/Dragon Dance/Hydro Pump/Ice Punch and various natures. 6IV Males x6 5IV Females x2 5IV Shiny Males x3
  4. WELCOME TO YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD DRUG POKEMON DEALER - Da BReedeR!!! PS: POKEMON IS MY DRUG Hi Guya! sorry for the trouble, I will be out for a week, I will try getting to all of you as soon as possible. SO I GUESS I WILL BE OUT TILL NEXT SATURDAY Note: Please Tag me using '@eigengrau' so that I can respond to your messages faster as I will get a notification. HI MAYTES!! WELCOME TO MA PAGE!!! I Have some good IV MONS that I have bred, I generally keep only 5 normal ones and how many ever shinies I get while hatching:- I Generally do not ask anything in return unless you are generous to provide me something nice or something if I am in desperate need of it These are the Current lists of pokemon that I have with their following egg bred moves:- *NEW BUGS and WATER MONS(Shell Smashers) BRED!!!!!* ALSO I DO REQUESTS FOR ANYONE WANTING ANY PARTICULAR MON( Have to be patient for this as it might take sometime for me to breed you your particular mon with items, egg moves and shine) NEWS: Well recently I have come to know of the infamous so called hack where Simipour who can learn Thief, Fling and Recycle is able to steal items from other trainers and obtain them after the end of the battle by recycling it. Anyone who wants a simipour with those moves can ask me for one Riolu (Phy and Spl Attackers Available) and Gible (NEW) GRASS TYPE: FIRE TYPE: WATER TYPE: BUG TYPE: 2 NEW!!! ELECTRIC TYPE: FIGHTING TYPE: NORMAL TYPES: GHOST TYPE: PSYCHIC TYPE: DRAGON TYPES: DARK TYPES: STEEL TYPES: FAIRY TYPES:(NEW!!!) FOSSIL POKEMON:(*NEW!!*) // For people trying to complete the dex or for competitive battling all are perfect 6ivs NOTE: MY DM is cluttered so can you guys please try avoiding sending me DMs and request here please. ALSO if you need a particular item you can request that as well. I shall try gifting it the mon. Click the spoilers to see what type of mons I have:- Your Friendly neighborhood Da BReedeR!!! -MAKE PEACE AND LOVE, NOT WAR!!! PRAY FOR THE FALLEN SOLDIERS AND CIVILIANS WHO HAVE FALLEN PREY TO THE EVIL POLITICIANS SCHEMES
  5. I need The vulpix for luna so If someone could help that would be nice.
  6. Hey so I need an alolan vulpix for luna can someone help all i want is one with snow warning.(also how do you get online this is my first time).
  7. I Need an alolan vulpix with Snow warning and a Heracross moxie/guts please and not bad nature.
  8. Bonga

    Togepi Please!

    Hi! I'm looking for a Togepi, preferably with serene grace. I want to breed for a shiny cause Togekiss is one of my favorite pokemon.
  9. Heyyy everyone , Just got back into Reborn, and was looking to see if anyone had a spare blue moon ice cream or two, they'd be willing to trade. Currently at the point of the game, where I'm just about to go save Titania from the water facility plant. Soooo, would like to have one to get her relationship points up. Thanks to all who read this!
  10. Jon1795


    Hey guys, im getting really desperate with beating Serra. Shes soooo hard! I heard it really helps to have a Snorlax but it seems you can't get it till later in the game. So im wondering if anyone has a munchlax they'd be willing to trade me? Thank you!
  11. i know those mons are really rare in reborn so i hope there is any kind souls that will trade me any of em i would be really thankfull
  12. Im trading my Old mons to a new game to start with a team i like. i would like to Use a Larvesta. if anyone can trade with me that would be great
  13. I'm currently stuck in a gym and I'm trying to breed perfect ghost types to beat the gym lol. Please help me out!
  14. Howdy! I am steadily working towards breeding eggs of every starter Pokemon to complete the Grand Hall egg quest. I have yet to beat Hardy, and my Pokedex is only at 270 owned so no Snivy or Froakie yet, but I know what to do in order to get them... HOWEVER... Due to ignorance, I seemed to have sold my "Rare Candy" a few Episodes ago... I can't get the Piplup from the Street Rat... *Sad Trombone* So if anyone's got a Piplup they'd be willing to trade me, I'd be super grateful! If you're looking for a specific Pokemon let me know and we can do the trade (I have no idea how to trade, this'll be my first time)! Thank you for your time and consideration!
  15. Anyone able to help me get a turtwig? I hate these types of slide tile puzzles
  16. I just realized that I missed the opportunity to even get one (before 3rd gym) so I'm curious if it's possible for anyone to trade me one. It doesn't even have to be well-natured EV/IV'd, it just needs to be alive. Also if possible I'd like to somehow get that evolved since I'm currently at Randomus and it's still quite away from where I am. Thanks in advance!
  17. Hello there! So, i started a monorun recently, i'm currently at the Orphanage raid. But i wanted some more pokemons to train, every water-type is very well welcomed! But if possible, i'd like a azurill, since it wouldn't be so unfair, since we can get it in the officer mystery egg (i got the Phantump one...)
  18. I'm doing a water type mono replay run, and I'm on Tangrowth, and I literally have no idea how to beat this thing. So I guess I'll use trading to get a seel with perish song if anyone has it? I got a bronzong from an egg so if anyone can trade, that would be appreciated!
  19. I just need someone to level up my charjabug in the backroom of Shade's gym
  20. (ANYBODY THAT SEES THIS POST!!!!! Whats poppin people hows everybody doin? hope everyone is well hey, im lookin for 3 specific pokemon, Roserade, Reuniclus ( w/ trick room) and Gigalith ( w/ stealth rock) all at Lv. 70 ill trade you a shiny in return ... PLEASE HELP, i wanna go back to reborn city again PLEASE DM ME IF YOU DO!!!!!!!!!
  21. This is the topic to ask for pokemons! Ask here, and our mods and leaders will grant your wish! Occasionaly, if i have enough time, i'll grant your wish myself .
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