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Found 1 result

  1. credit to @Hycrox for this quality img post When it's starting to get cold outside and the bitter wind chills you to the bone ... that's how you know it's time to warm up at the Reborn Winter Party! In spite of the disappointing news of the FCC's decision earlier today, we've decided to hold the Winter Party this upcoming weekend. As one bright star imparted upon us: "But being cheerful when it's least appropriate is when it's most necessary!" With that in mind, let's take a break from the looming internet doomsday comments to relax and enjoy the company of friends. When Party date is this upcoming Sunday, December 17th starting at 12p EST It is planned to continue until 12a Monday to accommodate the global nature of the community! Location This party is going to take place on its own server over on discord. Join us now over at https://discord.gg/wYtqV5 !! Scheduled Events This year we're trying a different approach! Instead of setting the schedule in stone, we've planned time for a new event and a few mainstays but left the rest of the schedule open. this should enable us to be flexible and adjust on the fly for activities people would enjoy rather than being stuck to a set list. We'll likely post the times for these events on Sunday. Reborn Royalty A staple event to end another year on reborn is electing three new members to the ranks of reborn's royalty! Jack Frost, Snow Queen and the Polar Monarch are vacant positions once more. As before, anyone may be nominated per any role though they may win only one position. Be sure to make your nominations in the thread and it'll be updated accordingly. New! [Yankee Egg Swap] With the community release of the new episode arriving recently, it might incidentally be the best time to try this new event format out! For those unfamiliar with the term, Yankee Swap is a kind of holiday gift giving event where people bring gifts meant for exchange. The pool of gifts is picked from in a randomized order, with each participant being able to trade his selected gift with someone who picked a gift before him. The person who chose the first gift is allowed their trade after all the gifts have been claimed. Some versions then allow people to trade amongst themselves afterwards too. We're going to try a version of this that works like so: Participants will be assigned a number and their trading partner will be selected at random. After each pair has done their trade, everyone will be free to trade amongst themselves for the eggs at their leisure! So get out your Magcargo and your Ponyta and make some rad eggs for some egg swap action! Returning Events A flexible schedule allows for us to be able to run or not run games or events based on what the audience is interested in, but the recurring events are on the table - queen's and king's game, story time, cah, reborn hunger games, and more. Who knows what we'll end up running .. it is a mystery! ^^; Feel free to comment with feedback or suggestions for events you'd like to see return to the party. Keep an eye out for this thread as more details and updates as the party fast approaches! ... because I'm tired and need to sleep now goodnight.
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