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Found 26 results

  2. No longer am I in summer break, but I'll still try to update my first ever Pokemon story from time to time <- edit (02/17/19): das a lie fam It'll be loosely based on the events and characters of Black and White (later maybe Black and White 2). The story will be updated on a random schedule, whether or not I have readers - so no default risk whatsoever haha <- edit(02/17/19): dis true fam but beware of hiatuses lul Also, to keep the the threads clean, I'll post the chapters on this thread only. Chapter links (saving you the need to scroll haha): Comments, criticism and questions are always welcome, but I would appreciate it if you could PM them to me instead of posting, so that I can keep the thread clear Without further a due, let's head on to chapter 1!
  3. This is a story of how the multiverse came together. As with any massive change, some people came out better, and some people came out worse. New bonds were forged between time and space, that would remain unbreakable for eternity. Other bonds were shattered. Completely and irreparably. But the seeds of the events you see before you were sown long before these beloved heroes were brought together. In fact, you may come to find you don’t know these beloved heroes at all. You may come to find that the heroes and the villains are one and the same. They all have something to hide. And they all have everything to lose. Hi everyone! I want to just say have fun (hopefully) reading, but I should probably put a few introduction tidbits. 1. This is kind of inspired by Smash brothers. Long story short, the new game is coming out (it came out!!!), so I replayed Subspace Emissary and thought "If I were to write a crossover event, what would I want it to be?" Well here we are. Sorry if your favorite characters aren't in a spotlight at some point, but I don't want to overcrowd the story. 2. I don't claim to follow the lore, backstories, or mechanics of these games 100% at all. I've taken a few liberties in changing a few things, so don't expect things in this story to follow every bit of history from these games. THAT BEING SAID, I don't want characters to be unrecognizable. They are still the video game characters you know and love, just with a small twist. (Think Once Upon a Time but with Nintendo characters) 3. Feel free to give feedback, thoughts and discuss in this thread, no need to PM, and I don't think I'm going to make a separate thread for feedback. As you will see a few chapters in, there'll be plenty to discuss. If you're still reading, wow I'm impressed, and thank you. Without further blabber from me, here we go~ Chapter Links Prologue 1: The Sorcerer
  4. Chapter One - "IN MEDIAS RES" Thank you so much for anyone who's taken the time to read this. This is the first story I've written in probably 10 years. I'd be very much interested to know any thoughts and get any feedback, criticisms, or opinions anyone could offer. I hope those who read it could find some enjoyment! Thanks!
  5. The battle for Beryl rages on with Justin and Team Shenanigans finally entering Jasper forest to take down Team Meteor and save the plant infested wards. It seems there are more perils that lurk in the wood work besides just Meteor. The true danger behind Beryl and Jasper has yet to be discovered but the real mystery is will taking down those responsible truly bring piece to this sliver of Reborn. Only time can tell in this installment of Justin's Story. The Battle for Beryl Part 2: Administrative Duties. ExT. jasper ward The episode continues where the last left off with Justin charging towards the forest. As he approaches the entrance he is attacked by vines. They lunge at him but he grabs them and locks them down between his arm and torso. Justin LUX! Luxcalibur jumps in the air and looses a thunderbolt which burns the vines to ash. JUSTIN Where's the trail of that vine lead bud. Luxcalibur's eyes glow and he looks around the area and is startled upon looking down. Justin turns around to see Blaze breath out a flame thrower that just misses him and scorches more vines that come from the woodwork. JUSTIN What in the distortion world was that? Luxcalibur growls and Justin sees the vines are coming from the ground. JUSTIN This is bad. Officer Its worse than you think. Check out the weather right now. The group looks upwards minus Luxcalibur and Soldier who are looking at a tree next to the police station. JUSTIN A ripe sunny day. Makes it hard for surprise attacks. OFFICER And hard to fight grass types like the one hooked up to that crazy machine in the forest. JUSTIN (sighing) Yeah... Forgot about that. OFFICER It sounds dangerous but I've made significantly more progress at night. Soldier kneels next to Luxcalibur and the two whisper between each other. JUSTIN Meteor might have surveillance. If that's the case then it just might be harder to track us after dark. OFFICER I hate to think they're keeping a better eye on us than we are on them. JUSTIN Hey Lux, Soldier. Wanna take to the skies and give us a birdy eye report? Luxcalibur shakes his head. JUSTIN Ummm okay. Justin looks at his partner confused. Luxcalibur rises to his hind legs and Soldier bolts away in a flash then a man screams as he is flung from the tree by the side of the station. When he lands Luxcalibur comes down and presses his front legs on the man's chest. JUSTIN (shocked) How about that? The officer rushes over to the man now being held prisoner. Meteor Let me guess... I have the right to remain si- The police officer punches the man in the jaw. JUSTIN I think we're supposed to interrogate a certain way first. OFFICER This is one of the maniacs behind the train station bombing! JUSTIN (shocked) What? METEOR Hey nobody important got hurt. The meteor snickers and the officer punches him again. Before a third punch lands Justin pulls the officer off of him. JUSTIN If he's knocked out or dead, he can't help us. METEOR Who says I will anyway? JUSTIN I dunno. How do you feel about heights? METEOR (confused) I... Wha? In the next shot we Soldier dropping the man from several hundred feet in the air. He screams in terror as he falls at high speeds. Descending next to him is Isabella who looks worried for the man. Justin can be heard through a communicator on her wrist. JUSTIN Hey Izzy. He have a change of heart yet? The man pulls Isabella's watch closer and yells violently into it. METEOR YES FOR ARCEUS SAKE I'LL TALK! JUSTIN Beam em up Scotty. Isabella teleports them up to Soldier who then gently flies them both down. He throws the meteor to the ground hard. JUSTIN Have fun big guy? MeTEOR (furious) What do you think- Justin raises his hand about to signal a second flight. METEOR (soft spoken) About helping this sick man reform his awful ways. JUSTIN I'd love to help. Officer... Officer dean Dean. I'll take him to holding. See what we can get out of him. JUSTIN Alright. OFFICER DEAN In the mean time I suggest you kids wait till night. Fight during the day and you're just giving them the edge. JUSTIN Yeah, I'd rather catch them sleeping... and would you look at that. Everyone stares at the captive Meteor goon. JUSTIN We have their old alarm clock. The groups glares quickly change to grins. METEOR Awww slurpuff tails. Int. jasper police department Only Officer Dean, the Chief and another officer are in the precinct along with one Growlithe. Justin and company are all sitting at a table with the police chief standing a few feet away explaining the scenario. Luxcalibur stands by the door with eyes in full glow. Chief I'm certain they have surveillance but its nearly impossible to figure out where it is. Their moves don't always counter ours and every once in a while we're caught in a trap. Hence the dwindling numbers. JUSTIN Lux. The young lion turns to Justin. JUSTIN What's in the skies bud? Luxcalibur looks up and walks through the precinct. He then exits the building. CHIEF What is he- JUSTIN Give em a minute. A few crashes are heard outside. After a moment Luxcalibur walks in with several drones in his mouth. They spark and fade in and out of view. CHIEF Cloaking... JUSTIN More where that came from? Luxcalibur points to the distance. JUSTIN Figured. Take a breather bud. You've never been pushed and I'd rather not see your limit hit while we're here. Luxcalibur nods and goes to lay down. CHIEF Thank you for giving us some freedom again. I'd go further in detail but I'm told you've been briefed more than once already. JUSTIN Yeah. Can you tell me about any places people could still be hiding if they've been holding out. CHIEF That's the question of the year kid. Until you told me about the young woman in the nearby complex... I assumed the worst. JUSTIN Does anything come to mind? CHIEF Well... Its a long shot but. JUSTIN But? Officer Dean comes from the back room. His fists are bandaged and traces of blood can be seen on them. CHIEF I take it our guest wasn't as ready to talk as we hoped? OfficeR DEAN We shared choice words for each other's co-workers... Finally he told me about a small group that his friends were trying to reach. They've been holed up in the Beryl Public Library. A lone girl has been wreaking havoc on anyone who tries to break in. CHIEF That's what I had hoped people reached and stayed safe. OFFICER DEAN Luckily its 100% intact. JUSTIN So we need to reach the library and we can save? OfFICER DEAN Barring a few casualties... Everyone. The police chief yells in excitement. CHIEF Arceus be fucking praised! JUSTIN We can trust this information to not be a trap? OFFICER DEAN Can trust him as far as I can throw em CHIEF And Dean can't throw for shit. Both officers chuckle. OFFICER DEAN Thanks Chief. But seriously Justin, as much as we want it to be the case we can't rule out it being a trap. CHIEF That said however, the library has a large stockpile of food for literally this kind of scenario. Scary problem is a couple weeks ago I saw a Salamance flying and a small girl with a large bag away from the direction of the library. JUSTIN Think its the same defender? CHIEF Can't know for sure until we secure the library. JUSTIN Alright. We need to secure a route to Beryl. OffICER DEAN Yeah. If we can help just say the word. Justin raises his Pokégear on his wrist and the cops raises his gear and the two bump them and a bing is heard. JUSTIN Stay in contact Officer Dean. If either of us need backup just say it. OFFICER DEAN Dean is fine Justin. Outside the windows we see the setting sun.
  6. Here we are once again. I'm in the mind to write and nothing is gonna stop me... at the moment. So this officially begins my favorite part of this story as well as my favorite part in Reborn and one of my favorite moments in gaming. The entirety of the Beryl ward arc. Seriously seeing a familiar story go in such a different direction was just nice to see. The police force actually trying to do something instead of sitting in front of a hole confused as to where a robber went... (were you even trying gamefreak??) And of course the major twist of a gym leader turning against you and if Pokémon had game overs even killing you. So hopefully I can do this story more justice than batman v superman. Anyway I digest... Justin finishes his epic battle with Florinia and is told of the vile infestation plaguing Jasper and Beryl Wards. He calls upon his team to save the wards. Now Justin, Blaze, Luxcalibur, Soldier and Isabella venture into the mock wilderness but what awaits them inside. This is the Battle for Beryl Part 1: Team Shenanigans. InT. OTS Florinia's Gym The episode continues where it left off in Soldier and Mega-Sceptile's battle. Soldier finishes his swing cutting his forest bound opponent down the length of his torso. It staggers away a few steps and begins to camouflage with a nearby tree. Justin Soldier. Soldier dashes over and begins cutting it repeatedly until it is forced out of its Mega form. JUSTIN Making him try makes your buddy leagues ahead of most mons. You should be proud of him. Florinia Well fought Sceptile. Ret- The weakened grass Pokémon begins to whistle and upon hearing the tune everyone in the stadium grows drowsy. JUSTIN What is that... Soldier staggers a little bit. JUSTIN No no no... Soldier you need- The Sceptile stands over Soldier charging an energy attack. FLORINIA A dragon pulse attack. Well done. Sceptile proceeds to stand on Soldier's foot as it charges the attack. FLORINIA Now before you lose your chance. The tree gecko releases his energy blast at point blank engulfing his opponent in a large explosion. When the smoke clears we see Soldier's arms have embedded into the ground and he has taken some noticeable damage from the attack. JUSTIN I cannot lose another match this early. Blaze wakes from his poisoned slumber with dark bags under his already black feathered eyes. He climbs off Justin's back and caws out to Soldier. Soldier hears this and his wings begin fluttering wildly with enough force to create a blowing gust on Justin, Blaze and the forest behind him. Blaze caws and at his instruction Soldier charges forward bashing Sceptile through a myriad of trees leaving him at the edge of the forest. JUSTIN Good job Soldier. Soldier looks at his smiling partner and has a flashback of seeing his old squad captain smiling forward in the same pose. FLORINIA Sceptile... The forest Pokémon is barely able to stand and walks over to Soldier limping the whole walk and extends its arm. Soldier smiles and the two clash blades a final time before Sceptile walks off the field and nods to Florinia and is recalled. JUSTIN Wow. Someone who just appreciates a good fight. I like your gecko friend Flo. FLORINIA Me and Sceptile have trained together for some time. She is my first teammate. JUSTIN Oh wow... Soldier beat up a girl. Not cool man... Soldier looks irritated by Justin's comment. He looks over to see Blaze and Justin shaking their head in disapproval. Soldier walks off the fighting area. JuSTIN Gonna go home and beat up all the other ladies. Soldier holds up Blaze's gear and shows a crying Lucky on screen. JUSTIN Gotta take care of the kid. I get it. Soldier exits the gym. FLORINIA You expect to take down the rest of my team with Blaze alone? JUSTIN Don't have a choice. He has a son. As a parent I can relate. Florinia and Julia look on at the young man in shock. Justin throws his arm around Blaze and kisses the top of his head. JUSTIN This is my beautiful baby boy right here. He takes after his not so old man. FLORINIA I see. Victoria I expected different and I shouldn't of. JUSTIN We both know how this fight goes from here right Flo? FLORINIA You may believe that but a battle isn't decided until its conclusion. JUSTIN That right? FLORINIA And make no mistake. The conclusion is forthcoming. JUSTIN (excited) Attagirl. Justin is fired up from Florinia's challenge. She summons Ivysaur to the field. Blaze walks onto the field his every step leaving embers on the grass. JUSTIN The next move is big Blaze. You already know what she's planning right? Blaze nods. JUSTIN Alright buddy. The battle is in your hands. Three...Two...One... GO! Ivysaur bolts up a tree and Blaze rushes to the center of the field. FLORINIA Rain dance! Before Ivysaur can activate his move Blaze explodes with flames bursting from his body and in seconds the field is covered with flames. A light drizzle starts over the now raging inferno of a forest but it does nothing to quell the blaze. JUSTIN Sit back buddy,the fires will take out her teammate. Justin's call holds true as the tree Ivysaur is on collapses from the flames and Ivysaur is burned by the field and runs out of the arena and is abruptly recalled by Florinia. Blaze takes a deep breath finally feeling some comfort from the raging fires surrounding him. JUSTIN You feeling better buddy? Blaze is seen throwing a thumbs up on the monitor. JUSTIN So Flo, who is left? Florinia summons her final Pokémon Cradily. The rock flower sits outside of the forest's edge gazing upon the raging fire and looks hesitant at its trainer. FLORINIA Worry not Cradily. I will not force you into that. The final grass types gives a sigh of relief before being recalled. Justin goes into the burning forest to retrieve his friend. FLORINIA Please wait, I have built in safety measures for- After a few moments Justin is seen with partially burnt clothes carrying Blaze from the burning woodwork. After the sprinklers above take effect and douse the field. JUSTIN He doesn't care for rain. FLORINIA I see. Justin for your exemplary skill in battle and displaying strength in the face of overwhelming odds, I award you the Canopy Badge. Florinia walks over to Justin and hands him his reward. JUSTIN Two down... Sixteen to go. This is going to take some time... Look bud, new badge. Justin shows Blaze the newly acquired badge. He caws weakly before falling back to sleep. JUSTIN Thanks Flo. Its been fun. See you around. Justin begins to leave with Victoria meeting him by the door until he is called by Florinia. FLORINIA Justin. Have you any current activities to occupy your time? JUSTIN Bold asking for a date after losing but damn if I don't respect it. FLORINIA Allow me to clarify. You assistance is needed once again. JUSTIN (weakly) Yay.... FLORINIA While we were able to protect the Opal and Obsidia Wards, I'm afraid Beryl wasn't able to receive the same attention. It has blossomed from its budding state and the plant infestation has spiraled out of control. JUSTIN What are you saying? FLORINIA The Jasper and Beryl wards are the current root of our problems. The police force's base of operations resides in Jasper and Beryl houses the gym leader Corey. We lost contact with both parties the day of the train station bombing. Given the amount of time passed we can only assume the worst has come to pass. Due to my extended departure I can no longer leave the school. You'll unfortunately find Julia is not equipped for a long journey either. JUSTIN (sarcastic) Of course not. FLORINIA If you accept this mission I will make sure you are properly rewarded. JUSTIN Good to hear, I would of taken the job regardless. VICTORIA Justin, maybe you should reconsider. JUSTIN Not gonna happen. Flo, send whatever reports have been developed to Seacrest's garden. Team Shenanigans is on the case. FLORINIA Very well. I would wish you luck however luck is merely an illusory essentialization of statistics and is not inherently good or bad in any way. Florinia extends her hand. FLORINIA However I hope that you fare well. Justin shakes her hand. JUSTIN Thanks Flo. InT. seacrest's garden It is late evening and a few people are gathered in the garden around a small fire. Blaze is sleeping with his head on Luxcalibur's back, next to him is Isabella who is watching over him. Soldier is sitting with Lucky on his lap sleeping. Seacrest, Justin and Victoria are all sitting in lawn chairs close to the flame each holding a beer. Seacrest So from one dangerous job to the next huh boy? JUSTIN I like to live dangerously. SEACREST Clearly. You do realize this one may be above your pay grade? JUSTIN Honestly... This one looks really bad no matter how you paint it. The police force gone, a gym leader possibly dead and two districts totally destroyed by the plants. Nancy showed me Flo's reports. For once Team Meteor actually seems competent. SEACREST Looks like they also setup two of those machines. JUSTIN Took quite a bit to take down one but this time they're sure to have guards. SEACREST You don't have to do this. You can wait and we can gather folks and mount a real rescue. JUSTIN Its been about a month since everyone got trapped up there. If people are still holding out... VICTORIA You don't think there are survivors do you? JUSTIN Maybe. VICTORIA So you want to rush into this on the off chance some people may still be waiting for help? JUSTIN Dumb yeah. My reasoning... Absolutely. VICTORIA Well, I obviously can't- Victoria's phone begins to ring. JUSTIN I know that song... SEACREST Yeah... Its called good luck Justin. VICTORIA No its... Just a minute. Victoria walks away from the group to answer it. VICTORIA Yes... I'm a tad busy at the moment. There is an urgent mater... Can you not help... Yes... I... Understood... I'll- Victoria looks at Justin and Seacrest waving her off. VICTORIA I'll be there in a few hours. Victoria hangs up and walks over to Justin. VICTORIA Justin. I'm so sorry. If you just- Justin stands and walks away from the fire with Victoria following him to the edge of the garden. JUSTIN Vic. Its cool. You've got big responsibilities as a gym assistant. I've heard about Apophyll. You can't leave them alone with how crazy Reborn's been. They need you.
  7. So Onyx Trainer's School or OTS as the top dogs are calling it has a few challengers. J-Stunner, B-Eazy, Soldier 76 and Vicky V. On the opposing side we have bush gardens very own Fern and Florinia. Who will win this epic battle? (I'll be honest its a two parter) Who knows? Read and find out in this high stakes battle to return the school to the students. Justin, Blaze and Soldier have a lot to fend off but when battling the desert rose simplicity may be key. Welcome to Florinia's school for gifted youngsters. Int. Onyx trainer's school Justin, Blaze and Soldier are walking down a hallway full of sobbing teenagers and knocked out Pokémon. One of Fern's lackeys from earlier walks from the end of the hall he is guarding to confront Justin and company. A tall blonde pale skinned young man wearing all red. Skylar Yo Justin. Justin raises his hands to stop Skylar from talking, then quickly takes a fighting stance. SKYLAR Look, I'd rather not fight you. Justin That's because losing isn't fun. SKYLAR (sighing) Tim. Bring her out. A moment after Skylar's order a couple of men force Victoria out of one of the rooms and into the hallway. JUSTIN Where are you going with this? SKYLAR Take her, leave and come back when Fern says its okay. JUSTIN Couple things. First she can probably beat the brakes off of all of you. Second, we're in your school so this is hardly a threat. And lastly, really need you to focus here. Justin punches through the wall next to him revealing a portion of a girl's dorm. JUSTIN I really don't mind hitting any one of you guys. So you sure you want to give me a reason. All of the fighters look nervous but take a deep breath when Victoria speaks up. Victoria Skylar. SKYLAR Yeah? VICTORIA Please let me reason with him. SKYLAR I... In the room and no funny business. VICTORIA Of course not. Victoria goes into the nearby room and Justin cautiously follows. Blaze and Soldier remain outside. Blaze's watch starts ringing and we see Lucky is calling. The young foul shows Soldier his son before we cut to inside the room. InT. girl's dorm Justin and Victoria are inside the room sitting down at the community table. JUSTIN So why are you playing along? VICTORIA Originally just wanted to see my old room. Do you like? Justin looks around the dorm at pictures of Victoria, Amaria, Julia, Florinia and another red haired girl. JUSTIN Must of been a fun time. VICTORIA It was. If you can believe even Fern was occasionally enjoyable. JUSTIN I cannot. VICTORIA His sister used to be so different. She was much kinder and more open. But then Titania happened. JUSTIN I'm guessing that's red over here? Justin points at the only unfamiliar party in the photos. VICTORIA Correct. Tania always had well... A way with words. JUSTIN Hm. Why'd you leave? VICTORIA I was needed back on Apophyl. Things get out of hand from time to time. JUSTIN So then why take the league challenge? VICTORIA My sensei thought it would be good preparation. What made you take the challenge? JUSTIN My brother already beat the league by me so... VICTORIA He.. what?... Victoria stares in disbelief. JUSTIN Oh yeah I have a brother. He sucks. VICTORIA Who exactly is your brother? JUSTIN Some jerk. Justin turns away but Victoria simply walks in front of him. VICTORIA Justin? JUSTIN Lance. Victoria is shocked by the reveal. VICTORIA Wait... THE LANCE? JUSTIN Don't give him "the" hes an "a" Lance at best. VICTORIA So you came all the way to Reborn so you could one up your brother? JUSTIN Yeah. He took out the lame league, so I'll conquer the awesome one... (under his breath) Didn't think I'd be fighting my own team rocket. VICTORIA Wow Justin. You really want to beat him. JUSTIN I beat him once. VICTORIA Blaze isn't your first Pokémon? JUSTIN (changing the subject) Umm.... Sure why not. Anyway was there another reason you played along with Team Fern? Justin gives a cheeky smile hoping to distract Victoria. VICTORIA Hmmm (glaring at Justin) Fern has a surprising amount of control of the going-ons here at OTS. The students are all so obedient because it affects the funding of their clubs. So losing to you actually hurts them severely. JUSTIN So we tell Flo. She owes me one. VICTORIA That may be why he's trying so hard to keep you away. JUSTIN So you're saying I shouldn't fight these guys? VICTORIA I think you could return control to the students by fighting but more importantly Skylar and the rest of the students actually think its hilarious how much you rile up Fern. So he asked if you could take him down and record it. JUSTIN Never have I known how much I love school until this moment. Vic. Justin throws his Pokégear to Victoria. She quickly starts up a video. JUSTIN My name is Justin and welcome to Just-an-ass! Justin and Victoria leave the dorm in a Crib's styled fashion. JUSTIN Whats going on Reborn this is OTS you know we represent and this is my campus. Top dog and cat at the same time J-stunner bout to teach the whole class how to live. Justin walks by Soldier and Blaze who are now wearing sunglasses. JUSTIN This is B-Eazy and you know we got Soldier 76 doin work. The bodyguards always guarding Reborn's finest. We heard about some poser trying to take my throne and figured, lets teach em a lesson in class. Vic catch my subjects candid before the king comes in. VICTORIA Yes sir. JUSTIN She's my mental health advisor. Keeps me all feng-shui and ish. Victoria heads down the stairs. JUSTIN So Skylar right? SKYLAR Yeah? JUSTIN Any requests? SKYLAR If he pisses himself I will gladly give you my trust fund. JUSTIN Got any rare candy. For Pokémon. Apparently I have to specify that in Reborn. SKYLAR I have a few. JUSTIN Send em to Seacrest's garden by Julia's gym and we're even. SKYLAR Thank you. JUSTIN Its what I do. InT. ONYX TRAINER'S SCHOOL lower Area Justin heads down the stairs after Victoria. The students largely playing dumb to Justin's overacting in the school. Everyone goes about their business fully aware of what's to come. Finally Justin arrives at the entrance of Florinia's gym. Fern sits annoyed waiting for his only challenger. JUSTIN So this is the screw loose in the tool shed that calls himself... Uhhh. Shrub?... Bush?... Oak? Fern Fern. JUSTIN He's about to teach a master class in how to respect the top dog. Justin stares into the camera. JUSTIN That's me in case you didn't know. Fern takes a deep breath and approaches Justin. FERN I don't get you Justurd. Why do you always go out of your way to get slapped around. I tried to spare you humiliation and this is how you repay me. Fine. Just remember. I tried to help you. Fern readies Pokéballs and summons his ace Serperior and Ferroseed. JUSTIN How about that. He actually managed to evolve two whole Pokémon. A world record for the world's worst. FERN Serperior, Ferroseed. Teach this novice a lesson. Ferroseed spins wildly rushing towards Justin. He readies a kick like the previous encounter but changes at the last moment and grabs the spinning thorn Pokémon at the last moment. He then proceeds to slam it onto the ground, knocking it out. JUSTIN Oh my little grasshole. I've grown. You however have not. After I win today. You relinquish control of the student council to one of those idiots you had control the gate. Red was the only challenge so I say him. FERN Justin, if you actually manage to win, I will do just that. JUSTIN Why would you win Fern? You've literally never beaten me. FERN Because I'm the top god damn dog. Justin sighs. JUSTIN Alright. FERN Serperior. Frenzy plant! A large surge of thorned vines spike through the floor and Justin carefully dodges each one. JUSTIN WE JUST HAD A PLANT PROBLEM! FERN Serperior Iron tail. The regal snake's tail lights up and it charges Justin to attack. Justin blocks the hammer-like tail but a puff of smoke reveals a substitute had been in effect. JUSTIN What?! Justin looks around the room confused but is quickly ensnared by the powerful cobra wrapping its body around him. FERN You might think you had me all figured out but you didn't. Not using your Pokémon may have been the dumbest decision ever made. JUSTIN You missed my lecture earlier. Justin laughs coyly. JUSTIN It was for Blaze and Soldier. I wanted them to see what their leader can do. And spoiler alert. Its anything. FERN Yeah sounds great. Serperior crush him until he decides to leave my school. Serperior begins putting the squeeze on Justin whose countenance does not change.
  8. So its been quite long, this story is far from gone, I'll also prepare a song and for those who are wondering Fern is still wrong. Terrible segue but 11 is my lucky number. You're welcome. InT. Magma base Maxwell is sitting on his throne next to Momo his Magmortar. Only members of the team are in the base at the moment. Break, Darm and Chris are kneeling in front of the mad king waiting for him to speak. Maxwell Ya done fucked up. All of you. Break Apologies sir. Darm The fuck are you apologizing for? BREAK Failing to stop you. Darm sucks his teeth. DARM Kiss ass. MAXWELL So since ya done fucked up ya gotta get punished. Break you're first. BREAK Yes sir. Break stands and walks up to Maxwell. MAXWELL Your hand. Break extends his arm without hesitation. Maxwell lightly slaps it. MAXWELL Hope you learned your lesson. BrEAK One I wont soon forget. MAXWELL You're dismissed. Break leaves passing by an agitated Darm and Chris. Chris Is he literally going to spank us? Darm shakes his head. DARM You're stupid. MAXWELL Next up Darm. Darm lets out a heavy sigh and walks over to Maxwell. DARM Can we not be dramatic? Either kill me or hit me cause I got shit to do. MAXWELL Still got the fire? DARM Even after I start burning in hell. Maxwell smirks. MAXWELL Iron hide... You're up. Darm turn around. Darm turns around and takes his shirt off and bites down hard on it. As he does a pitch black Flareon walks from behind the throne. Its tail lights up in silver then catches flame before hitting Darm square in the back sending him about ten feet forward and knocking over several trash cans. He lays still in the garbage. MaXWELL Oh shit, did he die this time? Chris looks on horrified. After a few moments Darm coughs and turns around laying on his back. DARM Thanks. (he coughs a little more) May I have another? Maxwell claps and the other members of Magma team all cheer and roar for their teammates survival. MAXWELL You gonna fuck up again? DARM (scoffs) I'm busy tomorrow but there's always the weekend. MAXWELL Get outta here! Darm slowly stands and limps out of the base. MAXWELL Alright Kriz. ChRIS Its Chris. MAXWELL Yeah well I like Kriz better, doesn't sound like some prissy rich kid. This is how this works. You shut up, walk up here, get punished, shut up again and go home until the next job. Its so simple even an Aqua could get it. Member Maybe on opposite day! The sidelines chuckle. Max gestures for the crowd to settle down. ChRIS Yes sir. Chris reluctantly walks up to his new master. MAXWELL Momo... The gargantuan fire beast steps forward shaking the ground. MemBER Don't you dare move newbie. Member 2 Ohhh he's gonna piss himself. Member 3 It'll be steamed away thats for sure! Chris closes his eyes and drops his head in fear. Momo raises his arm and begins charging up a fire attack. MaXWELL Try to leave it in tact this time. I think I like this one. Chris keeps his eyes shut and even begins to cry as he feels the heat emanating from the black hole that makes the Magmortar's arm cannon. MAXWELL Fire... Chris lets out a small yelp but nothing happens. He opens his eyes to see Magmortar heating a cup of tea in Maxwell's hands. The sidelines are full of laughing members. Momo uses his free arm to raise Chris' hand and Maxwell slaps it as he did with Break. MeMBER Holy crap he didn't piss himself. MemBER 2 Maybe there is a set of balls on him Member 3 Hilarious background chatter! MAXWELL Alright, see you later Kriz. Oh yeah and don't fuck up. ChrIS Ye... Yeah... Chris begins walking towards the door. ChrIS (V.O.) I'm going to get out of this group... I'm going to get Onix.... then I'm going to kill you and take your throne.... Chris turns to see Max and the members all cheerfully laughing and playing around. ChrIS (V.O.) You wanna fuck with high society... You better be ready to get fucked BY high society. Chris leaves the Magma base. EXT. seacrest's Garden The garden is very peaceful and early in the afternoon. Blaze is reading while laying against a sleeping Luxcalibur. Isabella is cradling Lucky in another area of the garden. Justin and Soldier are standing at a table looking over what appears to be battle plans and formations. Seacrest is nervously looking around the garden and inside the main hall. Nancy is in the main pavilion talking to a few men and women dressed rather well. She says her goodbyes to the group as they leave and she makes her way to a clearly distracted Seacrest. Nancy Mr. Seacrest, you seem weary. Is something bothering you? Seacrest Too damn quiet. We've been under attack so many times I guess I'm just nervous. NANCY Perhaps you should take the day off. Rebecca said she would be coming today. Why not let her run things here. SeACREST I suppose it couldn't hurt. What about you? NANCY I figured I would join you. I've been meaning to go to the Lapis ward market. SEACREST That sounds lovely. Shall we? NANCY Don't you want to wait for Rebecca? SEACREST The boy can handle it for an hour. Seacrest holds his arm out and Nancy latches on gently. SEACREST Boy! You're in charge. This place better still be standing when I get back. Seacrest leaves. Outside we see Justin and Soldier engrossed with their work. Soldier hears the door slam and nudges Justin. Justin Yeah I'll clean it in a minute. After a few moments Victoria walks into the garden. It doesn't take her long to reach Justin. JUSTIN This all really loops back to if she's poison. I gotta admit though even though Cain hasn't said anything I'm thinking he's the poison leader. If she's grass then this strategy is safe. Blaze burns the field so that they wont ingrain meaning no setup or still defense. We keep her mobile and with her ace probably being Venasaur mobility is the last thing she'd need. Victoria Oooh Justin's battle plan. Justin turns and waves before immediately turning back. JUSTIN Hey Vic. After Julia I figure every leader is going to have a modified field. Meaning the ones that will give me the most trouble will be Poison and Fire gyms since they'd wear the team down. Grass will probably been a meadow or something she can use to build up power to cover Grass' weak offense. The damn type is so balanced though so- VICTORIA You go over this with your Pokémon. Justin raises his hand to correct her. JUSTIN My team. And yes, Everyone learns all strategies so when I can't think they can for themselves. First is type effectiveness which Luckily Luxcalibur only has one problem and Soldier was taught this during the war... Long shot but did you have Surge as a teacher? Soldier shakes his head then growls into his device. It reads back to Justin "subordinate" JUSTIN Well damn. This should actually go smoothly. VICTORIA Justin are you forgetting something? Justin ponders for a moment before his watch lights up with the word date. He jumps at the shock. JUSTIN Our date!... I mean, yeah of course I remembered. Garcon' Justin snaps and Soldier flash steps in and out bringing flowers when he returns. JUSTIN Milady. Victoria raises an eyebrow and Justin's sudden shift in demeanor. VICTORIA Thank you Soldier. If only your teammate could be as thoughtful. JUSTIN At least 2 or 3 times as thoughtful. Soldier, we'll continue later bud. Soldier nods and proceeds towards Isabella and Lucky. VICTORIA Shall we? JUSTIN After you. Justin follows Victoria out. Before he's gone he yells out. JUSTIN Lux! You're in charge. Make sure the building is in tact when I get home. Justin is gone. Luxcalibur lightly taps his tail on Blaze's head who stands up and goes to sit against a nearby tree. Luxcalibur walks to the main desk sits in front of it. He quickly bolts up with an idea and runs behind the desk. After a few moments he scurries back out and has a sign around his neck with the word "welcome" crudely drawn on it with his paw prints around the borders. A park regular walks in.
  9. So it's been forever since I posted one of these episodes but I've finally had some time to write again and why not continue the story I love to write. Thanks game for existing. That was pretty cool. So story picks up from episode 9 obviously. Refresher? Sure. Justin and co went to fight Pulse tangrowth, split into teams, Blaze is fighting team magma back at the garden episode ends on a trailer line. Here we go with the aptly named episode 10..... "What did I miss?" ExT. seacrest's garden Its night time and most of the Pokémon are sleeping. Seacrest, Blaze and Soldier are tending to the wall. Lucky is trying his best to help but isn't tall enough to assist. Soldier kneels and signals for the young egg to sleep. He pouts but ultimately follows his father's direction. Seacrest You boys can sleep, I don't mind doing this alone. Blaze caws in opposition and Soldier quietly remains focused on his task. SEACREST Didn't think you'd listen. Nancy walks over to the group. Nancy I spoke with Ame, she'll be sending over a team of workers to do some repairs and reinforce the wall. SEACREST You'd think it was made of kindling at this point. NANCY Perhaps you should get some rest. SEACREST Yeah. You going home now? NANCY I am. SEACREST Blaze come here boy. NANCY This isn't necessary. Blaze joins the two. SEACREST Walk Nancy home and come right back. NANCY I'll be alright. SEACREST Nancy its been a long day and those thugs are out there. Let's just be safe. She looks at Blaze's ready face then to Seacrest's worried expression. NANCY Very well. Blaze- Nancy gestures for Blaze to follow her. NANCY Good night Seacrest. SEACREST Goodnight Nan. Nancy and Blaze leave. Seacrest walks over to Soldier. SEACREST You can get some rest. Someone will come in the morning to take care of this. Soldier nods then goes over to his sleeping child and sits with his legs folded around him like a cradle. After a few moments Seacrest gives Soldier a blanket that he uses solely to cover Lucky. SOldier extends his arm out to shake. Seacrest does so slowly. He then sits down next to the two. SEACREST Thank you for earlier. Solider drops his head. SEACREST No... It makes sense to want to take someone like him out. But these gangs wont fall without the police coming back. For now- Cut TO: ExT. desert Soldier, Lt Surge and Soldier's partner General Daniel Rush, a tall extremely muscular man with an automatic strapped to his back and traditional military garb. Soldier has bandages drenched in blood all over his arms and torso. G.Rush Let's stick to the defensive. You got a bad habit of attacking the leader bud. Lt.Surge Kid ain't stupid. End the leader and the rest fall to pieces. Besides pipsqueak saved all of our shit. So... Rush steps close to Soldier and extends his hand. CUT TO: ExT. SEACREST'S GARDEN Soldier looks up and shakes his head as if exiting a daze. SEACREST I said thank you. Soldier looks and sees Seacrest's hand. Soldier cracks a smile. ExT. obsidia Park The action continues here from last episode's endpoint. Justin and Luxcalibur are homing on the plant and metal monstrosity that sits at the epicenter of Obsidia park. As the two get within attacking range of the monster Tangrowth they are separated by a rampant vine that propels Luxcalibur back towards the group of trainers, Justin continues forward and lands directly at the eye of the storm. Justin Hey... Justin flourishes the glass in his hand and just as he is about to lunge it at the plant's eye several tenrills all come crashing down on him but a flash of green pulls him out of the way at the last second. After a moment he realizes he's next to Florinia, Amaria, Cain, Venasaur, Muk, and Kingdra. JUSTIN Thanks Flo. Florinia You're welcome. I do wish that you'd take some form of caution when attacking opponents. JUSTIN Flo cmon where's the fun. HOLY SHIT IS THAT CAIN?! Cain Would love to banter but now's not the time for jokes. JuSTIN Ha. CaIN Muk keep the screen up on Venasaur. JUSTIN And... Uh... Who's the lady in blue. Hi, Justin Weyland Terrorist fighter. CAIN Literally couldn't of picked a worse tree to bark up. Amaria Or time. JuSTIN I mean, what's the worst that could- One of the tentacles swoops Justin up and slams him several times into the ground and throws him at the guardrail at the edge of the park. AMARIA This is the talented back-up Rini? CAIN I thought he'd be good too. Looks can be deceiving huh? Justin's head is down but one hand is on his ear and the other is shaped into a gun that points at Tangrowth. JuSTIN 3...2...1... Bang... At that moment. A bolt of lightning slams down and stuns the plan monster momentarily. JUSTIN Sorry guys figuring out if my spine still works can someone else kill it? Every directs their attention back towards the weakened Tangrowth. AmARIA Kingdra ICE BEAM! JuSTIN Yo Cain. Poison gas this place. CAIN That wont hurt- You're not bad Justin. Justin chuckles and coughs up blood. JUSTIN Oh Arceus.. it hurts to laugh. CAIN Poison gas. A smog covers the battleground. The group is all seen with gas masks covering them even the non-poison Pokémon. Luxcalibur makes his rounds to point everyone in the right direction. JUSTIN Lux HIT IT HARD! The forest Pokémon roars and the gas clears the area Luxcalibur is nowhere to be found but it is holding the young Panchams it kidnapped from their parents. Justin leaps from behind the Tangrowth dropping an empty bottle of moomoo milk and snatching the two cubs from the tendrills. JUSTIN Hey. You got about 10 seconds. Justin runs past everyone, kissing Florinia on the cheek before he plunges into the underground. Florinia turns from the group. FLORINIA Still a poor choice of trees. InT. obsidia depths Victoria, Embroar, Scrafty and the Pangoro crew are fighting in the now lit tunnel where a creepy eye covered in moss swings tendrills at the heroes. Victoria Justin. You're okay. JUSTIN Only a few broken bones. VICTORIA Are those the Pangoro children. JUSTIN Yeah so. The lead pandas take notice of their now safe children. JUSTIN Time to go all out boys. Purple fluid leaks from the ceiling. The Pangoros and Scrafty begin ruthlessly beating on the eye of the storm that is the Tangrowth's underbelly. The ceiling is broken in by vines and Justin is pulled up by Venasaur and flung towards the heavily weakened monster. JUSTIN Thanks V. YOU BOYS DOWNSTAIRS BETTER BE READY. The Pokémon underground unleash a flurry of punches and Justin follows suit and begins violently beating down on the main body of Tangrowth and eventually it is knocked out of its PULSE form. Justin crosses his arms. JUSTIN Everyone step back. The team underground exits the monster's nest and the trainers upstairs all run to the park's edge. JUSTIN Here's a real monster's technique. Several tendrills all begin to crash down on Justin mimicking the beginning of their fight. JUSTIN Thunder. Lightning strikes the field around him. JUSTIN Thunder. More lightning strikes the ground. JUSTIN THUNDER! Just before the attacks land a violent crash down of several lightning bolts all scorch the ground and burn away the violent overgrowth. Many plants around the city are destroyed. Finally the body is violently electrocuted and burns away as well. Luxcalibur falls from the sky and lands on the PULSE machine in front of Justin. JuSTIN Thunder cat..... hoooo... Luxcalibur wags his tail. Justin walks over to the trainers in time to see Victoria and company have made their way above ground. Luxcalibur sits behind Justin and stands to rest on Justin's shoulders. JUSTIN So guys, as much fun as it would of been to solo that sin against nature I am very much glad I had a team to work with. That said... WHAT THE FLORGES WAS THAT THING A stange hooded figure steps outside from a decrepit shed. Zel (Eve) PULSE is the proper designation for the creature you just witnessed fight. Cain How did that shed not get destroyed? JUSTIN Professor Oak the Science Folk says its Tangrowth. Zel (ZERO) That hasbeen fool has no idea what power we're dealing with. ZEL (Lumi) I.. ZEL (ZERO) No one cares Lumi JUSTIN This is... CAIN Unsettling. VICTORIA Who are you? Justin whispers in Luxcalibur's ear and he gets off his shoulders. JuSTIN Yeah you umm... Evildoer? FLORINIA They killed well over a dozen people in the last 6 hours alone so yes. This person is well within the boundaries of evil. JUSTIN Makes sense since that eyepatch guy is right behind them. ZEL looks behind themself, Justin takes this moment to jump up and Luxcalibur uses his tail to fling him powerfully towards the individual. Justin throws a punch but goes through a hologram and punches a hole in the PULSE machine effectively shattering his hand. ZEL looks confused at Justin's attack. ZEL (EVE) That was a wise distraction. You've given us much to think about Reborn leaders and slightly gifted trainers. JUSTIN (scoffs) Slightly? AMARIA You will never win Meteor. ZEL (ZERO) We'll see girlie. We will see. The hologram disappears. AMARIA I'm sorry Cain, didn't mean to drag you into this. CAIN No sweat. Always fun thwarting evil and what-not. AMARIA I have to report to Ame. Rini you okay?
  10. From here on, this thread will serve as the Destinium thread! Each update shall be linked in this post for all to read I hope you all enjoy the story maybe, just maybe, this can become more than what I tried for it to be. Introductions: http://pastebin.com/ECgrwJ3H Chapter/Part 1: http://pastebin.com/pEdZiFFC again, the links will be posted in THIS post in the thread once they are ready. and I am always happy with feedback and tips on how to improve the story
  11. Hello everyone, Akihito here. This is my first official forums input. Depending on how many likes I get, I will make this a forum series. Without further interruptions, I present to you the Legend of Akihito Prologue: "The child that fell into despair has left the light that was the parents... Now, it is up to you to decide, Akihito? What is real? What is fake? What is the truth? What is the lie? Can you truly see past the ever present illusion? Will you be blind to the truth that is so open in front of you? Let us see what happens.... "Akihito!" A kind and elderly mother sang through the house. "It's time for breakfast. This is your first day, getting your Pokémon. You have to start it out right!" She said in a slightly nagging voice. The young child proceeded to get up from his metaphorical death-sleep. The child was of a slender build, but possessing small amounts of baby fat, yet not chubby. His jet black hair draped across his dreary face. His eyes were red like a blood moon. His demeanor was quite....soulless in a sense. Nevertheless, the child got up, brushed his teeth and brushed his hair, and proceeded downstairs to be greeted by a plate of pancakes and some Tapu Cocoa. The child sat down and started to eat away at the delectable looking pancakes. "Are you excited?" The elderly mother started. "To get your first Pokémon, I mean." She said with a tone of curiosity. The child stopped for a moment from eating and looked straight into his mother's cheerful eyes. "I don't know why you are so happy about me receiving my first Pokémon. I know it's a coming-of-age thing, but it's really nothing to make a big fuss over." The child said with a soulless stare and a morose voice as he went back to his pancakes and cocoa. The mother's cheerfulness went away and she began to change into a more sorrowful mood. "Oh, Akihito. Ever since Riku left the family and disowned all of us, you haven't come out of your room except to go to the restroom or grab a snack. Plus, with father gone, you really haven't been doing much as you were when he was here. I know it must of been hard for yo..." She stopped as Akihito broke his wooden chopsticks at the mention of his former brother's name ignited a deep emotion of rage inside of him. He left the table with his pancakes and cocoa all done and left his mother in her state of shock. He proceeded up to his room to get his clothes on. As soon as he left, the mother broke down in tears as she knew that her words had awakened Akihito's rage. Akihito left the house, only to be greeted by the spring winds that blew through Kuro Town. It was a quiet, little place. There wasn't much of the hustle and bustle of city life. It was just right. A secluded forest town where beginnings happen. Akihito let out a depressive sigh and said, "Into the dark world.... How quaint." He walked to the Trainer's school with the predisposition that this journey was going to be a meaningless one...
  12. Episode 16 - Pro tips Hello Reborn players, this is a small guide intended mostly for the non-forum members and it's here to help you with the E16 Public Release. It's a small list of tips that can help you solve any problems you encounter by yourselves if applied. It's spoiler-free and made to help you enjoy the game and make it through without the need of making an account to ask for help: You can do it yourself! First, follow these wise words of Amethyst: Before starting: -You may not want to start E16 right right away. Once you do, the city will be permanently upgraded, and some Pokemon events will change. To grab them now and easy, you may want to go and pick some stationary event Pokemon BEFORE entering the Circus Data Room. -Same goes for items and most importantly, Department Store Stickers! New features: -Take your time to explore the new city. Many previous event Pokemon (not all!) are now found in the wild, there are lots of new events, people to talk to, everything is different. -It's neat to Fly from one Ward to another! -Btw, if you press "Alt", you can toggle the game speed between normal and x3. -If you use the Online features, follow the instructions very very closely! -The new PokeGear apps are neat, use them for information! -The X or Esc button skips dialogues. But careful with that, you may miss something important! Story tips: -To continue with the story, start from the most central place in the city, and go to the obvious places from there. You won't need to leave the city. -If you're warned about something in the story, heed to the warning and come prepared. You have been warned for a reason. -Take note of a small, unexpected text that will show halfway: the way to advance through puzzles will remain the same throughout the episode. It doesn't HAVE to hurt. -If the Gym leader troubles you, make adjustments, do your homework on the fields and maybe make team changes. We've all been there before. We'll all manage. Exploring and sidequests: -Talk to everyone, don't skim through the dialogues, go everywhere. And again, because you may have unlocked another quest. And again and again and again. Talk to everyone again and again and go everywhere many times! -If some rewards don't make any sense to you, one man's trash is another man's treasure. -Again, the quests are a chain reaction: one thing triggers another. So check on all areas and NPCs multiple times. -Especially in some places, it's important that you spam your Item Finder until you've found everything that's hidden! -If you explore new areas or revisit old ones, have a good bearing of the place that you are moving. Check the whole map, you may have missed something. Cover the whole area. -Exploring areas in E16: sponsored by Max Repels. -If you enter a place and see a text message upon entering, it propably means that you better change the field effect to something else to grab the goodies. -Sometimes you have to slip through cracks, sometimes you have to go up and under to make your way. -If there's a Strength boulder, pokemon logic says it's most likely a Strength puzzle. Your strength may lay on land, it may also lay on the water. -Reborn City is the center of the region's economic activity, but there are a few other places in the region offering opportunities too. -Don't scorn rewards that consist of extra lore. Lore is becoming more and more important in the game, as we're approaching the finish line. -Naturally, defeating the Gym leader may unlock some stuff. Do some more exploring afterwards. -In the end everything will be availiable, but for now you have to make some choices. Don't sweat it too much. General mindset: -If you feel like stuck, take a look here and see if anything from this guide is applicable to your situation. -Have fun and enjoy the story, the new polished look of the game, the quests, the rewards, the lore, everything! Useful links: -The E16 Public Release topic -The Online Information topic to be informed about this new feature -The Obtainable Pokemon list to know what you can get in the game now -The Bug Reporting subforum in case you encounter a bug Thanks to @pyrromanis, @Marcello and @Njab for reviewing this little guide :] Although this snow effect made it 30% harder to edit :[
  13. Wow, episode 9. I've read em, you've read em... maybe. Here's the 9th episode. Doing more of the dual story thing. Works nice for me since the team has been split up a bit and it gives time to build more characters outside of the main crew as well as introduce side plots villains and all that jazz. Had a lot of fun writing this episode but sadly the silliness and puns are going into hibernation as when "The battle for beryl" arc (is that a nice name lemme know) starts then it gets pretty dark and serious as veterens of the game can expect. My playthrough with this team is going hilariously awful compared to how they perform in the story but thats for another day. Here's a lovely little gem episode 9 or as its friends call it "Uninvited guests" InT. obsidia depths (night) Justin, Luxcalibur and Victoria are traversing through the murky underground of Obsidia Ward. Small groups of strong looking Pokémon give them dirty looks as they pass by. The three tread ground cautiously. Justin So... Anyone else picking up seriously murdery vibes. Luxcalibur nods in agreement as he walks. Victoria I don't feel particularly welcome here. As the three continue their journey they spot a mysterious box plopped in the center of their path. JuSTIN (mystified) I wonder if there's a car in that box. Luxcalibur's eyes begin to glow but Justin stands in front of him. JUSTIN No! Don't peak... (rubbing his hands together) I want a surprise. VICTORIA I don't believe you'll find a car. JuSTIN You just aren't dreaming big enough. Justin walks close to the box. JUSTIN I hope its a Lamdratini or a Porschegus or maybe a Gashtlyiac.... Pokémon. Justin goes to lift the box up but it growls and inches backwards. JUSTIN Cars don't usually move like that... Or growl... The box proceeds to run wildly in circles. JUSTIN I'm beginning to suspect this isn't a normal car. VICTORIA Perhaps a Pokémon is trapped under there. JUSTIN Or its- VICTORIA (without a beat) Justin I'm quite certain it isn't a car. JUSTIN Just because there isn't a single car dealership in a single city on the planet doesn't mean I can't be right. The box finally scurries outside of the depths upstairs to the first roofed section. JuSTIN (panicking) DON'T LET MY DREAMS GET AWAY! Justin fervently chases after the box leaving his companions behind. VICTORIA So. Is this standard with Justin? Luxcalibur nods and faces Victoria with a straight laced but disappointed look. VICTORIA (giggling) Lets not keep him waiting. Victoria pets Luxcalibur as she walks out. Luxcalibur sighs briefly then runs out after the two. InT. magma base North Obsidia We first see outside the arson's apparently run down headquarters which would lead us to believe it will be in the same poor condition of the other buildings. Inside the rugged building is relatively lavish. A red carpet extends from the entrance past two red suited body guards. A young caucasian man with slicked back jet black hair with a red streak sits upon a golden makeshift throne. He wears a black suit with a red tie. Two women are sitting like trophies on each arm rest. The three drink champagne while the myriad of magma soldiers walk around talking to the various women in the club like complex. Another man walks down the red carpet wearing a black shirt and red rosary, the rest of his clothes are black. He wears a red earpiece his name is Break, the magma leader's 3rd seat. Break Sir. The young man on the throne ignores him to continue flirting with the women beside him. BREAK Sir. One of the women with striking blonde hair finished with a red streak slaps the man in the back of the head. She wears a long beautiful black dress and a complimentary short temper. Her name is Ember. Maxwell The fuck was that for? Ember Maxwell, your man is trying to get your attention. MaXWELL (annoyed) So you slap me? Ember stands and scarfs down her drink. EMBER You gonna do something about it? First the young king looks at the woman furiously then begins laughing. MAXWELL God damn, bitches like you... EmBER Bitches like me what? MAXWELL Get me riled up. EMBER Thats amazing. Your man is still here.. MAXWELL (happily sighing) Sup Break? BREAK Its about Darm. Maxwell sighs and takes a hearty slurp of his drink. He then motions with his hand for Break to continue. BrEAK He attacked a garden in Opal a while back looking for the elusive Michael. After the death of his Darmanitan he decided to get revenge. Its causing quite a commotion and I'm sure he's been recognized at this point. MAXWELL (bored) So- BREAK So perhaps we should stop him before he drags the police back to our head quarters. MAXWELL Its a club Break, we've been over this. Remember... Club? BREAK Regardless. Maxwell sighs at his disinterested associate's response. EMBER Go stop him. MAXWELL Hey if he fucks up twice you know the rule. I say let Oakinism do its thing. BrEAK If you ins- Ember whispers into Maxwell's ear. He is clearly excited from her note evident from his toothy grin. Maxwell raises his glass and his soldiers stare in anticipation. MAXWELL Ya know what. A good leader knows when to assist his men and when to let them learn from their mistakes. This is the time for action. I shall see to my subordinate. Personally. Maxwell leaps from his chair and walks down the carpet exiting the club. His soldiers all clap and cheer as he passes by. He waves and bows nonchalantly. EMBER Good work. BREAK Thanks Emm. Ember follows out after Maxwell prompting the other lady to join her. ExT. seacrest's garden The fight from the prior episode has continued for a few minutes. Blaze is fighting Onix who swings his mighty tail with trained precision down on Blaze who shoots a fire ball out of his mouth at each strike to slow the impact before he is forced to catch instead of dodge the monster's attacks. Blaze is bleeding profusely on each of his forearms but isn't as strained as his damage would suggest. Behind him we see Isabella with arms outstretched and glowing in a white light healing Blaze throughout the fight. Blaze's forearms glow after every few attacks showing the damage being undone. Chris You really have no idea how bad both of you are screwing up right now. Onix HEAD SMASH! Onix stands high on his tail then proceeds to bee-line straight for Blaze. Blaze looks nervous for a moment then turns to Kirlia and caws. She nods and a blue light covers her hands then slows the rock snake's descent towards Blaze who takes the opportunity to throw an enflamed haymaker to it knocking its head into the street. While Onix is in a daze Blaze takes the chance to run down its back and grab its tail then back down its body and past Kirlia. He begins to lift the monstrosity upwards and with Kirlia's psychic power the two are able to lift and slam Onix destroying a large portion of the city block and knocking out the rock snake in the process. ChRIS (distraught) Are you fucking kidding me? Blaze is looking at the downed Onix from his and Isabella's combined efforts. He takes a moment then his arms ignite. He turns slowly clearly furious with the trainer and begins walking towards him which turns into a full blown sprint. Just as he cocks his arm back and readies another violent and potentially bloody haymaker he is teleported behind the rock wall that Darm and company busted through and he comes to a sudden stop, breaking a small piece of the wall with his burning fist. In his place in front of Chris is Isabella via her ally switch technique. ChrIS I'm gonna hurt you. You leave, then join these low lives and you even have the audacity to- Isabella curls her tiny hand into a fist and punches Chris square in the mouth. Shock overcomes the yard except Blaze who has peered over the wall and can't contain his smile. CHRIS Are you out of your god damn- She punches him again leaving him in more pain than shock. Her legs begin to wobble even though she has been employing psychic power to keep herself upright. CHRIS (smiling) I see you like those scars huh. How about we add to that- Chris prepares to kick Isabella but before the swing is finished he is tripped and lands flat on his face. CHRIS WHO HAS THE BALLS?! Chris rolls over and looks at Soldier glaring down upon him. CHRIS DARM WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! Chris leans up a little and sees that Darm is holding Darm Jr. On his back while recalling his severely cut up and bleeding Camerupt. Darm I just keep fucking losing to this insane ass place. Seacrest walks alongside Darm with a wide grin. Seacrest At the risk of sounding hilarious... Told ya so. DARM (defeated) Fuck off. Darm walks away from a laughing Seacrest towards Chris. DARM You coming kid. I think I'm quite done with the world's worst garden. SEACREST What happened to your burning charisma boy. It was rubbing off on me. DARM Jesus christ we get it you won. ChRIS (furious) NO HE FUCKING DIDN'T! Chris throws a Pokéball releasing a Golem. When it hits the ground Blaze falls off the wall hysterically laughing while in the thorn bush. CHRIS (furious) SHUT! THE! FUCK! UP! I came here for my property and I'm not leaving without it! Chris attempts to grab Kirlia but Soldier and Blaze are cutting him off. Soldier's arm to his throat and Blaze charging up flames in his hand. Chris looks around the garden noticing everyone's concerned most noticeable is Isabella's pitying expression. His rage turns to discontent as he gives up with his next sentence.
  14. So kids, here's that 8th episode. I'm cranking them out lately and I feel pretty good about this bold attempt. So I decided to do two things I've been wanting to practice more. "B story writing" and "show don't tell" I commented on another writer needing to do this and decided my own medicine might actually be tasty. So in this episode I focused on Blaze, Justin's best friend and Combusken and Isabella, the Kirlia that Blaze rescued in the prior chapter. The two share a bit of time together in this episode showing how Blaze represents a lot of what Justin teaches. But I've avoided the talking Pokémon route so while they talk to each other (mainly Blaze talking) we are left to fill in the blanks of what he said. Not how he said it. Does it work. is it dumb? I uhhno. You tell me. And in the grand new fashion of the site changing it up I decided to do the same and start making these episodes have their own post. I originally liked seeing the post numbers hit over a hundred but I figured easier readability is a little smarter. So here is episode 8 "Underbelly" bone apple teeth everyone. Int. seacrest's garden (afternoon) Blaze has just arrived to the garden holding the very wounded Kirlia. Nancy is at the desk in the main lobby and rushes over towards the two. Nancy (concerned) What happened?! Blaze nods his head towards her legs. NaNCY Alright, we'll take care of her. Bring her to the infirmary. Blaze follows a rushing Nancy into the back room where some beds and medical equipment are setup. It isn't well setup like most Pokécenters but it has enough to make do. NANCY Please. (nancy gestures to set her down on a bed) Was it a fight? Blaze shakes his head. NaNCY It doesn't matter. We'll have her fixed up soon. You did good getting her here Blaze. Blaze nods then proceeds to walk off but is gently lifted off the ground by a psychic energy. He turns his head back to see Kirlia weakly reaching out as Nancy turns towards him. NANCY I think that means she wants you to stay. Blaze looks at his watch then out the doorway and proceeds to drop his head for a brief moment. When he raises it again he displays a cheerful smile and caws while laughing, seemingly assuring his new telekinetic friend he will stay. He turns soothing music on via his watch and holds her hand. NANCY You may want to hold tightly, there's been some severe trauma to her ankles and I can't guarantee this will be painless. Kirlia gazes upon Blaze with a worried expression. He simply pets her hand and caws gently calming her down if only slightly. Outside the doorway we see Seacrest holding Lucky, peering into the infirmary from a distance. Seacrest Would you look at that. A shred of maturity coming from one of the boys. I may even be proud of the chicken tender... If he can keep from burning my garden until the boy gets back. (tickling Lucky) What do you think are the odds on that? Lucky cheers while in Seacrest's arms SeACREST You're right it is hilariously low. I hope you stay my favorite Lucky. Lucky turns and hugs Seacrest. He sighs joyfully. SeACREST I think the odds on that are pretty high. ExT. Obsidia ward/Opal ward divide Justin and Luxcalibur are reaching the end of Opal ward where it meets with Obsidia. Luxcalibur looks at his friend every so often with concern. Justin I'm okay. Luxcalibur keeps his eyes fixated on Justin as they walk. Justin is clearly flustered but no longer angry as he was when we last saw him. JUSTIN I... (trying to think) I don't like how some people treat Pokémon... Believe me, my family hasn't been the best when it comes to em, we fight dragons virtually every day to get stronger. I've hurt a lot of people and Pokémon just to get stronger so maybe I'm a hypocrite but... (Justin stops) I decided... I don't want to get strong that way. What good is beating on someone who doesn't want to fight ya know... Luxcalibur jumps up and puts his paws on Justin's shoulders. Justin hugs his jungle cat friend. JusTIN I can't promise I wont freak out ever again if I see people like that... But I do promise next time I'll listen when I hear you yelling. Luxcalibur gets down and purrs as he smiles. JusTIN (whispering) I'd rather not have you punching me in the face to get my attention too. The two continue walking to see officers at the dividing barricade talking to a woman. Florinia Yes thank you, I believe I'll be going back alone. Julia has failed to answer and I can only assume she's run out of caffeine, regardless I have to continue my efforts in resolving the damage to these wards. Officer Yes ma'am. If you'd like for one of us to accompany you it- Justin and Luxcalibur reach the gate. JusTIN Would be unnecessary. Her high level trainer body guard is going to assist. Florinia turns to see Justin flashing his "badge" JUSTIN One "whatchamacallit" badge, showing that I Justin Weyland have been given authority by Nancy and the Reborn association to act within reason on matters that threaten this region or it's peoples safety. Everyone looks on skeptically. OfFICER Check his Pokédex. One of the officers walk over and scan it with a strong pronged device. It beeps for a moment then the color turns yellow. OFFICER 2 (surprised) Well I'll be damned. Kid's telling the truth. JuSTIN Hey Lux, "duh" as a catchphrase. Yay or nay? Luxcalibur shakes his head. JusTIN Doubly noted. OFFICER Miss Florinia, your order? FLORINIA Considering. Justin, what did you learn from your battle? JUSTIN Go hard or go home dawg. FLORINIA You do understand this to be a viral plant infestation that threatens to destroy the city literally from the inside. Justin notes of the vines tearing through the grounds and buildings. People nervously walk around them, some whipping around more violently than others causing passerbys to take extreme caution. JuSTIN Yes Flo-rini-robot. FLORINIA I can expect your total seriousness while taking care of this matter? JuSTIN I'm all serious'd out. I can promise that neither of us will die, how's that? FLORINIA Bear in mind that I take no responsibility in what you do here. That was waived when you decided to join this cause. Justin salutes and Luxcalibur follows suit. JuSTIN I'll die for my country captain. Florinia begins walking towards the Obsidia ward center. Justin awkwardly passes by the stiff upset guards who don't allow space for Justin to easily pass. JusTIN Just... Gonna... Squeeeeeeeze on in guys. Don't move or anything. FLORINIA Do your best to follow my lead and we may end this trifling matter without harm. JuSTIN The rundown? FLORINIA Observe. Justin looks further around the ward to see widespread devastation. Malignant growth occupies much of the architecture. The only building that thankfully hasn't been damaged in any way is the Pokémon center. JUSTIN Looks pretty bad Flo. FLORINIA Agreed, the current status of this ward is deplorable at best. However we need merely find the seed of this disaster and we can avert further catastrophe. JusTIN So you thinking the people that blew me up and setup the poisoned plant are behind this. FLORINIA I can arrive at no other conclusion... Florinia notices the crevice that currently divides the city in half. FLORINIA We have however arrived at an impasse. JUSTIN Its a small gap. I'm sure me and Lux can clear it. FLORINIA I feel as though gap is undervaluing its size. Its roughly thirty feet in diameter. JuSTIN Yep. Hop on Lux's back and we can get to that very ominous looking forest. Justin points to the floral outbreaks core. FLORINIA Obsidia park. A viable source as its the largest source of green in this ward. JUSTIN Neat. Let's go. Justin gets ready to take off but Florinia grabs his arm. JUSTIN (annoyed) What the floatzel? FlORINIA Perhaps something waits for anyone who would dangerously traverse across. (she pulls out a Pokéball) Venasaur. The plant dinosaur emerges from the ball with a mighty roar next to Justin. JUSTIN (covering his ears) Okay I am RIGHT next to you! FLORINIA Use your vines to bring me across the crevice. Venasaur uses its vines to gently pick up Florinia and slowly carry her across the hole in the ground. Slowly but surely she safely makes it across without harm. JUSTIN Look at that. Now its time for me to safely follow without any mishaps whatsoever. Time to jump without any fear of repercussion at all. Justin starts running and jumps above the gap. JUSTIN (mid hop) Can't imagine anything going wrong here. Several vines pop up and grab Justin by his arms and legs. JuSTIN (terrified and screaming) I'VE SEEN ENOUGH HENTAI TO KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING! LUX HELP! Luxcalibur roars and Venasaur shoots razor leaf in unison with vine whip freeing Justin and catching him in friendlier vines and reeling him to safety. JusTIN Man this journey sure does have some unexpected twists and turns huh guys? Luxcalibur looks down the abyss with his eyes in full glow. JusTIN Is there a lot bud? The lion simply nods. JuSTIN So... Flo, much like the street there's gonna be a similar dissection going on here. FLORINIA It would appear so. Take the southern route. It will lead you through the underground paths. JUSTIN Rife with danger? FLORINIA That would be the safest assumption. JUSTIN Alright, sit tight and try not to get famous on vine. FlORINIA (beat) I'll pretend as though I did not understand that. Justin chuckles as he and Luxcalibur head down the streets towards the ghetto. FlORINIA You would do well to exercise caution. A good deal of the people comment on the underground coming alive which may be tongue for dangerous Pokémon. JUSTIN I will be careful. Swearsie realsies. Florinia recalls Venasaur and ventures towards the jungle that now covers Obsidia Park. InT. SEACREST'S GARDEN (Late AFTERNOON) The garden has a few trainers in it, some are battling the local Pokémon while others are simply enjoying the nice day. Seacrest is sitting in a relaxer with Lucky, both are asleep. Soldier is sitting next to them meditating. Rebecca is monitoring a battle. We see towards the back of the garden Blaze is with Kirlia helping her walk along with Nancy. Every so often a blue aura covers her legs.
  15. Chapter One: Welcome to Reborn Seth McFarlane. 19. Youngest reigning Champion of three Leagues, brother and son to powerful gym leaders, and born in Johto, before his family moved to Hoenn. Now hiding in Reborn, contemplating his present situation in the third person. Does he move on from this lonely alleyway, in an attempt to find food and shelter that simply isn’t there, or does he stay, and catch hypothermia? ...The world may never know. I thought, bored and cold. But more than anything else, I was excruciatingly alone, as a coward should be. It had been six years since I had last held a Pokeball. Six years since I had experienced the adrenaline rush of a League Battle. Six years since I’d abandoned my family and friends to Team Prometheus. And it had been a full eight years since I had found my first teammate. Some legendary trainer I am. I can’t even find the cash to buy a meal… Although, that would probably be easy if I could find the Pokemon to battle. I sighed, deciding to move on from the Peridot Ward. Maybe I’d try the Coral Ward today. A sharp spike of pain lanced through my head, causing me to gasp in surprise. I put my hands to my temples, but the pain softened, feeling more like… a psychic. Or maybe Aura powers. But I hadn’t seen any evidence of Lucario’s in this region, and the only Gardevoir I had ever seen was a… news reporter… maybe. Wait, why did I think Gardevoir? I thought. I had originally thought psychic, but... Either way, nothing should have been probing my head like that unless it wanted something from me. This firmed my resolve to vacate the area, and I started walking faster. Perhaps it was my imagination. On my way out of the alley, I locked eyes with another homeless man, by accident. He ignored me, and I him, but as I passed him, I could have sworn I saw a blue gleam in his eyes... *** Rattle. Rattle-Clack! “Luu?” I cracked my eyes open, seeing a hazy blue and black face peering down at me. Raiden -- my Lucario -- poked me a few times before literally thumping me in the chest. Rubbing the new sore spot with a scowl, I glared at him as I got up. Cracking my neck, I looked out the window, seeing a vast desert and the slowly growing walls of a city. Reborn. Once a beautiful region, now a polluted wasteland, barely fit for habitation. Still, the League challenge here was worth taking a look at in my opinion. Well. Maybe not just mine. My cousin, Mira, walked in, saying “We’re getting close, Cory. Best make sure nothing fell out.” I nodded, looking at my reflection in the window for a moment. Brown hair, just a little too long, bright and teal eyes, one bearing a thin vertical scar. Mira, despite being a close cousin, looked nothing like me: Blue eyes, long vivid red hair that had shades of pink streaking the bangs, and smoother, slightly paler skin. Another difference was our teams--we both had two Pokemon with us, figuring that’s all we’d need for this particular vacation. I had my faithful Lucario, and my Vaporeon, Rika. Mira had a Zoroark and an Umbreon. She really, really likes Dark Types. Personally, I preferred speed and strength to a particular type. I snapped out of it, checking my bags. Pokenav, ‘Dex, and Pokeballs all there. A spare set of clothes, a few books, and some snacks. Pretty basic, but good enough to last me a while, at least until we got properly situated here. As we entered the tunnel, I slung my pack over my shoulder and put my headphones around my neck. Mira let out her Zoroark, Loki, who nodded in greeting to Raiden. When the train stopped, we waited for the train to empty a little before we got off. Leaving the station, I pulled a small, highly detailed drawing out of my pocket. It showed a face and a name, the person we were looking for: Seth Macfarlane. I handed it to Mira, and we walked towards the first alley we saw. Rule number one when looking for someone in an unfamiliar city: Follow the rats. Put simply, the penniless and less honest people in any city will undoubtedly know more than the police patrolling the area. You find a few homeless people, offer them money, food or both, and you can easily find anyone who might be trying to hide. If you paired that with Aura Sight, your odds of finding them were even better. I nodded to Raiden, and his eyes began glowing. He started scanning alleys and buildings, seeing everything in shades of blue and red. I always wondered how that would look… Mira interrupted my thought process, grabbing my sleeve. I looked at the photo, seeing it glow faintly blue and pink. As psychic energy overtook the image, the graphite and ink started to shift slightly, subtly changing details to what I had to guess was a more current visage. His hair grew longer, down to his shoulders, bags formed under his eyes, and his face grew smudged. That was one skilled Gardevoir. I would have to ask Seth about her later on, if we ever found him. Memorizing the newer face, I kept looking for someone to talk to. Everyone I saw in the immediate vicinity was dressed just a bit too well, so we moved on, heading to the alleys. Raiden pointed, speeding up. We matched his pace, surprised at how soon we were getting results. *** I stepped onto the street to see two trainers, a Lucario, and a Zoroark running at me. Probably not good. I leaned inconspicuously against the corner of the building, praying they’d pass. Then I noticed the Lucario’s eyes were glowing bright blue, and I realized it was using Aura Sight. I spun and ran, deciding to see just how badly they wanted me. Dodging around people, I left the alley to use the street. I was close to Jasper Ward, and if I just followed the train tracks a little farther… Jasper had a forest I could easily lose them in. Aura Sight would confuse me with the trees and wild Pokemon, and I’d be long gone. I reached the divider between wards, praying my plan would work. Going under the arch, I realized something… just as my pursuer voiced it. “Raiden, use Extremespeed and get him!” An instant after that, the Lucario skidded to a stop in front of me, sliding into a defensive battle stance. I hesitated, observing my situation. I studied the Lucario’s stance, noting weak points and considering the battle in my head. If done right, I could beat the Aura Pokemon in three hits, at least subduing him long enough to give me a chance to escape again. I had a mediocre understanding of martial arts, but it was enough to teach me what NOT to do in a fight. Seeing the trainers quickly approaching, I lashed out at Lucario, kicking him on the inside of the knee and breaking his stance, but not his leg. I used the recoil bounce from the attack to push my leg into an upward sweeping kick to the side of his head. He tried protecting himself from further blows by putting his spiked forarms up in front of his face, but I was already running, taking advantage of the trainers delay, as they checked the Lucario for injuries. However, they didn’t bother checking, or at least, the Aura Pokemon didn’t let them, because I saw him use Extremespeed again, putting more pressure on his viciously bruised leg. It collapsed as he ran, causing him to tumble and skid on his side. I winced inwardly, but kept sprinting, almost to the forest. I dipped into the treeline, seeing various bugs and plants surrounding me, giving me cover from eyes and aura sight alike. Seeing a tall tree with lots of good, thick branches all the way to the ground, I quickly ran to the other side of it and climbed, getting as high up and as well camouflaged as I could. The male appeared to have recalled his Lucario. They combed the woods, looking everywhere… but not up. When they passed, I would silently climb back down and head for the Byxbysion wasteland, where a few friends of mine lived. I heard them speaking below and listened closely. “We must have lost him. Why was he running in the first place?” “He must have thought we were from team Prometheus. It makes sense; He’d have to be incredibly suspicious to stay uncaptured for so long. I also want to learn where he learned to fight like that-he took down Raiden in two hits, and I’ve seen him take Fighting type moves like they were nothing.” A pause, then “Well, either way, Jade isn’t responding. They must have put her back in the Pokeball. And this picture doesn’t help much when we can’t see him.” Jade. They knew my Gardevoirs name? How was that possible? From the way they spoke and acted, they definitely weren’t Prometheans. I decided to investigate, rapidly and silently descending the tree. *** “Do you see anything? I said to Mira. She shook her head, and I kept looking. Hearing a quite scuffing noise behind me, I turned to see Seth Mcfarlane standing there, apparently having just climbed out of a tree. He was tensed, ready to run, but he said “You know Jade. How?” I gripped Rikas pokeball tightly, but didn’t press the button; instead, I said “She contacted us and told us to find you. We’re not with Team Prometheus, I swear.” This didn’t reassure him as I’d hoped. He clenched his fists, saying “Prove it. If I don’t see something very convincing I’m running, and you can’t stop me.” I nodded, having already been told what to say. “You don’t like to call her Jade, she said. You traded for her, but couldn’t change the official name, so you refer to her as Elisa.” I saw a strange expression flash on his face. It looked… pained, tired, and happy all at once. I waited, not knowing what else to say, but simply watched as he slowly relaxed and he said “She’d only tell somebody that if there was an emergency. What’s going on, did she tell you?” Nodding slowly, i said “Your team… Prometheus has put them all in Dark Balls. They’re resisting, but they can’t keep fighting forever. Eventually… they’re Shadow Pokemon, and Jade-Elisa, I mean, is already feeling the long-term affects. She seems to think you have a cure for them. I just came here to get you.” His face paled slightly, and he said “You got here by train, right?” I nodded again, flashing my station pass. He muttered to himself for a moment, then spoke up. “I’m going to see a friend, then I need you to take me back to Hoenn with you. Think you can stand stalking me a while longer?” I frowned, saying “Whatever is at your friend's house, I don’t think it’s as important as getting back as soon as possible.” “You’re right, it’s not.” He said. “But he has a Pokemon he’s been trying to sell for a while now. If I explain to him, I can probably get him to let me borrow it, and I can fight. He’s in Coral Ward, lets go.” *** If you read the whole thing, then thanks! If you liked it but thought I could improve it, please tell me, as I'm open to all ideas. Also... I don't understand why the text is highlighted in white... (maybe it's just for me?) If someone could tell me how to fix that I will edit it so it's less of a headache to read...
  16. Please keep a couple things in mind: The fangame Pokemon: Light Platinum is referenced here with the Zhery and Lauren regions. Nothing else about the game will be spoiled in later chapters, but I wanted to give a nod to what I believed was a well-made fangame. Also, this is possibly the last chapter placed in Reborn. Last but not least, I made a slight alteration to the Gym system, where they have the main leader (say, Amaria) taking challenges during the day, and at night, a substitute GL takes his/her place if they want to get some sleep, but not close the gym to challengers. Now, enough with the monologue--let's get this story posted. Chapter Two: Second Start As we walked, I felt guilt and pain. Yet again, I felt shame at my own cowardice, and wished I could take it all back. I could remember all the Pokemon in my team clearly, like they were right in front of me. My first team member was Elisa, who I’d traded my starter Pokemon, a Marshtomp, for. She was from another region, with the extremely rare fairy type. Trading a level 27 for a level 6 probably wasn’t my wisest idea to date, but it was very worth the risk. At the time, I was a casual trainer, not challenging the league but just training with my friends. My brother Eric had long outstripped me, challenging the league and winning badges. He wanted to be as strong as our father, Norman, the Normal Type gym leader. He ended up being stronger, my dad proudly handing him his badge on TV. I had watched the battle, studying them both. My brother and I had very different styles, with him wanting his Pokemon to take the hit and walk it off, while I wanted them to dodge everything. My Marshtomp had a low speed stat, and we didn’t get along. When a trader from Unova had come along, I was fascinated with the strange Pokemon he brought. Marshtomp and I said our goodbyes and I swapped him out for Jade, later to be re-named Elisa. She and I did very well in battle, as she used Double Team to dodge attacks, Draining Kiss to restore her HP when she was hit, and Confusion to push enemies away while damaging and disorienting them. When she evolved to Kirlia, and later Gardevoir, we began talking telepathically, and soon we began considering the League Challenge. I remembered that day, replaying it in my head. We were in my bedroom, Elisa sitting on my bed, me stargazing through my window. “Maybe we should challenge the League like Eric said. It couldn’t hurt, right?” I said, leaning back in my chair. She tilted her head, and I could hear her thoughts. “Perhaps this league isn’t right for us, though. You’ve shown no interest in the Hoenn gym leaders, but I’ve seen you looking through books and websites covering the Zhery and Lauren Leagues, their regions, and the native Pokemon. If you get a Pokedex, then we could use that to travel there.” It was true, I had always been more interested in foreign regions. Plus, there was little fun in taking on a league my big brother had already beaten. “It’d be fun, I think. Sure, I’d be away from home, but I have a phone so I could call every once in a while. I’d be able to make new friends, put together a good team, and we could all get stronger.” I said. Elisa stood, walking to my side. Staring out the window with me, she said “I’ll go wherever you do. We’re a team, and a good one at that. We can talk to your mom in the morning; it’s already midnight. You need to get some sleep, alright?” I nodded, already feeling sleep tugging at my eyelids. The very next day, we were on a ferry to the Zhery region. After an hour of walking we arrived at my friend’s house. Cory had been silent the whole way, while Mira had repeatedly tried to strike up conversation. I’d given her short, unhelpful responses, knowing I should talk but not in the best mood. I knocked on the door, waiting patiently. After a moment, I knocked again, thinking maybe he was asleep. After all, he did work night shifts… I tested the doorknob, finding it unlocked. Slowly walking inside, I saw a Zangoose in the adjacent room, growling at me. “Easy, Havoc. It’s me. Where’s Ionas?” I said. A voice issued from down the hall, saying “Right here. You caught me getting dressed, sorry ‘bout that.” Ionas, a substitute Water Type gym leader, came out of his bedroom and greeted us. We sat down at his table, watching as he got prepped to go to the gym. “So, Seth, how have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while, I was starting to get worried you’d gotten mugged.” my friend said. I smiled slightly, saying “Why would I be mugged? I own nothing of value, and anybody who looks at me knows it.” I paused. “I… need to ask a favor of you.” I waited for his response, and as he nodded to me to continue, I said “You’ve been wanting to sell a Water type. I don’t have any money, but I was hoping to borrow it. I’m going back to Hoenn-you know what that means, right?” A soft smile lit his face. “It’s about time you went back for them. She’s a Milotic named Undai. She’s got a defensive moveset, but she’s right up your alley. Take her-no charge. Don’t argue,” he held his hand up, making me close my mouth. “You helped me catch half my team, and you held on to them when I had to leave the region. You trained them, taught me, and I saw a side of you that made me believe in you. This is my way of repaying you. I’d even come with you, but I need to clear that with Ame.” He pulled an Ultra Ball out of a drawer, tossing it to me. “Go get your friends back. If you need me, I’ll be there.” I nodded, smiling. I should have figured he’d do this. “Thanks, Ionas. Don’t tell me you’re actually going to drink that…” I said, watching him lift a mug of what he considered ‘coffee’ to his lips. Bracing himself, he downed the whole mug as fast as he could, grimacing severely at the bitter taste. He gagged, making us laugh. Wiping his mouth, Ionas said “Yeah, keep laughing. I hate it, but it’s all that keeps me awake at work. Get out of my house, you lazy street rat.” We all left, still laughing, heading for the train station. When it came to part ways, Ionas and I shook hands, and bid each other goodbye. *** We were on the train, on an intercontinental railroad. Spanning an enormous ocean, it was a marvel of human construction. Cory had a Vaporeon in his lap who was purring contentedly as he stroked her spine. Mira was reading a book, and I was just staring at the Ultra Ball. Memories floated over my vision, threatening to strip me of my good mood. I remembered one particular day with Elisa more prominently than the others, and it sparked an idea within my mind. I was sitting on a log, and she was across from me, staring into my eyes. I was trying to use telepathy, and failing miserably. She was gently coaching me, encouraging me to keep trying. She had opened a link between us, but it was one way-from my mind to hers. I was trying to peer inside her mind, and while she swore she wasn’t resisting, I couldn’t change the direction of the link. “Can you go over it again? I think I’m missing something.” I said, trying not to wince at the headache I was developing. She broadened the link, allowing her to speak in my mind. “Focus on the link. You can already see it-the pink/blue line connecting us. Now just focus on relaxing all the various parts of your mind. Once you’ve done that, feel the link. It’s narrow, only flowing one way, much like a small river. You need only make it wider, allow the energy to head both ways, side by side, forming a circuit. If you can do that, you’ve succeeded.” I nodded, glad she was so patient. My own frustration was nearly palpable in the air, and I felt stupid. I forced myself to relax, feeling the link return to its narrowed state. When I had calmed down, I felt around for the link, found it, and ignored everything else. I tapped my finger against the log, contemplating the intrusive psychic presence. Elisa was using it to monitor my emotions, but allowed me to keep my privacy. Perhaps I could use that. I began raising memories at random, putting them in front of the link. I could feel it trying to avoid them-they were blocking it from accessing my emotions. I forced one through the link, allowing my consciousness to follow it, making a blind spot for myself. Suddenly, I could feel Elisa's mind, her surprise and confusion, then a mild sense of satisfaction. I had essentially made a Trojan Horse... hiding within a seemingly innocent object to sneak past her defenses. I smiled, pulling back into my own head and letting her speak. “Nicely done, Seth. I didn’t expect you to get through so easily; most Psychic Type trainers take months to even push an emotion through.” My smile broadening, I said “I have a good teacher. What’s next?” She laughed, saying “You rest. I can feel your headache, and that’s only going to distract you. When you’re better, you can try different methods of widening the link, and when you’ve mastered that, you’ll have to break my defenses-and create your own. I’m also hungry. Let’s get some berries.” Back in the present, I decided to try speaking to the Milotic inside the Ultra Ball. I had little else to do for a good ten hour train ride, and though I had never succeeded in breaking her defenses, I could certainly alter existing links. Perhaps I could make one of my own… Relaxing as she taught me, I focused on the ball. With my mind, I poked at it, pushing past its shell into the murky interior. I could feel a mind, pulsing with life, calmly snoozing. With surprisingly little effort, I pushed inside it, just to the edges of her consciousness. Her mind woke, and I could sense her observing me curiously. I struggled to not only maintain the link, but widen it, and after a moment, I succeeded. In my mind, I saw the two of us, floating in a vast sea of black. I spoke first. “Can you hear me? I’m Seth. Are you Undai?” She nodded, saying “Yes. It... might be nice to meet you, Seth. How are you in my mind?” “My Gardevoir, Elisa, taught me a few things. This is the first time I’ve ever made a mental link though. Apparently I’m your new trainer. I hope you don’t mind…” I said awkwardly. Undai shook her head, chuckling. "That's the first time I've had a trainer ask me for permission." Satisfied, I said “I need your help, but we’d be facing a lot of tough opponents. We won’t be alone, but it’ll still be dangerous. I don’t want to put you through anything you don’t want to do. You don’t have to choose right now; we still have ten hours on this train.” Suddenly, another link formed. It was weak, filled with what could best be described as ‘mental static.’ The static passed, the link strengthened, and for an instant, I could see Elisa. Just as I reached out to grab her, the image vanished. The link disappeared. She had been forcibly cut off. Conflicted emotions flashed through me. I knew Undai could see me breaking down, but I didn't care. I was slowly going insane from all my inner torment. When I regained control of myself, she nodded slowly at nothing in particular, then said "I'll help you. No one should go through what you have. This... Team Prometheus your thoughts are so cluttered with will not succeed in breaking us." I stood, saying "Thanks, Undai. I owe you one. I'll close the link and let you sleep. Sorry you had to see all that..." She smiled. "Sometimes it's best to show others these things. Keeping them locked away inside will only serve to make it worse." *** (Cory's POV) I watched him, curious. It felt odd to see someone capable of beating three leagues reduced to so little. I felt truly sorry for him, trying to imagine how he felt. I could tell he cared about his team; leaving them behind like he did must torture him. I knew a fair amount about Team Prometheus. They relied on brute force rather than careful strategies. A common Pokemon in their teams was either Tyranitar or Golem. They also used Poison and Dark types, but their personal favorite was, in accordance with mythology, Fire Type. They generally had a single squad assigned to each city, with six people and a squad leader. In some larger cities, they had two. It would be hard to avoid detection. I had a few trustworthy friends, as did Mira, and we could hide with them if necessary. I remembered what Ionas had said. I saw a side of you that made me believe in you. Perhaps there was more to Seth than met the eye. Leaning back in my seat, I resumed stroking Rika. It was going to be a boring train ride, but once we arrived in Hoenn, I knew things were going to get far more fast paced. I smiled, pulling out an MP3 player and putting in the earbuds. One of my favorite songs began playing, and I slowly nodded my head to the beat. Yes, when we got back, it would be dangerous... but we'd be ready. *** (Mira's POV) I was worried. We were going up against team Prometheus, who had taken over Hoenn in three days. They were powerful, dangerous, and their leader was almost certainly unhinged. And yet... Cory smiled. It was the first time I'd seen a true smile from him in a year. Since the Prometheans had taken over, he had grown increasingly introverted and callous to his surroundings. It had pained me to see this from him, since he was like a brother to me, although we were only cousins. It was good to see him smile again. Seeing Seth, practically a living legend, had given him hope. Cory wanted to fight, to take Team Prometheus down a peg. He wanted to avenge all the lives ruined by them. He was a vigilante, always fighting for those who were too weak to fight for themselves. I plucked at my sleeve, remaining silent. If Cory decided to follow Seth, then I would too. I only hoped his happiness would last... Aaaand that's the end of Chapter 2! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you see things I should change, feel free to leave a comment below. I'm currently halfway through the third chapter, so you should see that sometime soon, but after that.... I don't know for certain. I have other books I'm writing, schoolwork to keep up with, and I'd like to get out of the house at some point. That being said, I want to see this fanfiction completed and completed well, so I will be putting significant time into this. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day/noon/night. ~Decibel. IMPORTANT EDIT: I changed Gawain the Dragonair to Undai the Milotic. This is basically because it makes more sense for Ionas to have a water type on hand, and I didn't know what to do with Gawain once Seth gets his team back, and I have NEVER used Dragonair correctly. However, I do know how to use Milotic, and it is my preferred Pokemon, so I hope none of you mind.
  17. Wow I've already made six of these dumb things. Time flies when you throw clocks or something. ANyway I made a new topic since I thought five episodes was enough for one. That's roughly 100 pages of reading. Thanks to everyone whose been reading and thank you person who clicked on this cause I ingeniously put "champ in the making" in the title. For every few episodes I'll put a little here's what's happened just so new comers can enjoy the spark noted version of my story without all the pesky time investment. So far in the story. It's based on reborn. Justin almost died on the train. Got a shiny blaziken because he's black. Lives in a garden with a funny old man and some friends. Kicked the crap out of Fern. Pokemon are friends not weapons. Everyone evolved. Team magma is evil. Stormed the factory and fought Sirius. Julia beat him because he was a scrub. Blaze evolved and is less of a scrub. Luxcalibur is OU tier in the story. Time for the rematch. Any questions? well I'll make a topic for that too. Without further adieu (wow a rhyme) Here is episode 6 of Justin's time here in Reborn. Hey there champ in the making... InT. seacrest's Garden (Morning) It is the morning after Justin and company's raid on the Meteor base. Justin and Blaze are laying down with their heads on Luxcalibur's back. Julia and Florinia are walking around the garden with the small Pokemon and Rebecca as their guide. Julia walks away from her group back towards Justin, Blaze and Luxcalibur. Julia Hey Justin. Justin Hey Jules, what's up. Julia (looking around) Not much. Me and Rini were talking... Justin About me? Julie Yes we- Justin About how handsome I am? Julia No its- Justin Flattering but I'm saving myself for marriage. Julia (growing annoyed) We need you- Justin Please contain yourself, Blaze still has his innocence. Julia walks over and covers Justin's mouth. Julia We would like your help in restoring the the plant infested wards. Can you listen and not talk. Justin waves his hands signaling "sort of". Julia steps back. Julia But we can't just send rookie trainers in and we can't exactly go to Beryl for potentially days on end. Justin Nancy is probably gonna send me in to deal with these issues. Julia Rini expected that. But we'd like to make sure you can handle yourself. Justin begins laughing hysterically. Luxcalibur wakes up smacks him with his tail. Blaze snickers. Julia Thank you. So before you go anywhere we need to approve you as an official intervention trainer. This allows you to perform leader duties within set parameters. Justin These parameters are determined by- Julia Gym badges. Justin (snaps his fingers) Well color me convenient! Julia So come by my gym whenever you're ready to get boomied again. Although with that Luxray- Justin He's not gym ready yet. Julia He's the strongest of your two Pokémon. No offense Blaze. Blaze crosses his arms and looks away in a huff. Justin Yeah you saw him fight, he bat a three hunded fifty pound monster through four concrete walls and well over a thousand feet from the building. He can't control his strength... (under his breath) I'm pretty sure he's a legendary. Julia (disappointed) So you're going to try 6v1 again. Justin Don't quit when you're wrong! Keep going until what's wrong is right! Julia looks over at Florinia and shakes her head in disappointment. Florinia confirms with a nod. Julia Well... It was nice to meet you Justin. Justin Duh. Julia leaves and Florinia walks over to Justin. Florinia Thank you for your assistance and saving my life. Please continue to grow. Justin Duh. Florinia leaves. Shortly after Rebecca makes her way over to the over-relaxed Team Shenanigans. Rebecca I bet you're feeling pretty good. Justin I can only say duh so many times in a day. Rebecca (confused) I'm sorry. Justin Its nothing. What's up. Rebecca Just checking in on you. You've been pretty busy these last few days. Justin Yeah, now I get to relax for a little bit with the boys. Justin pats both his teammates who simply smile. Rebecca So you're not planning anything crazy. Justin Finished planning. The Obsidia and Beryl wards are in a nightmarish state, the police force is gone or being killed by the little shop of horrors monster. The Magma gang is still very much a threat. Lux perks up at the mention of Magma. Justin Relax buddy. They aren't here. Luxcalibur simmers down. Justin So yeah, I've been thinking about it a lot. Reborn is kind of the worst place on the planet. Making it an ideal training ground... Oh and I can help people... Yeah can't forget that part. Rebecca That sounds dangerous. Justin Dangerous is my middle name. Seacrest pops in. Seacrest I thought it was "that". Justin (chuckling) Hehe cute. Rebecca stares confused. Justin Justin "that" weyland. Get it? Rebecca rolls her eyes. Rebecca Please just be careful. Rebecca walks away. Seacrest So boy... Seacrest sits down in a chair across from Justin. Seacrest You really think Blaze can take 6 of them alone? Justin It will be tough, definitely but it's doable. I seriously can't bring Lux, he could potentially kill one of her teammates. Even with the bracers he's hits like a truck made out of acid and lightning.... thats on fire. Seacrest Just don't get your friend hurt because you're too stubborn to catch Pokémon. Justin That's not how I operate. If you gotta take someone from their home for them to help you then you need to find a new way to do things. Seacrest Didn't take you for a hippie. Justin Yeah I should get with the times and kidnap animals for money, I'm such a freak. Seacrest Hm... So when are you going to challenge Julia again. Justin Few hours, probably walk around the city and relax a bit before hand. Blaze you down? Blaze stands up and extends a hand out to help Justin up. Justin (to seacrest) He loves doing that... And having hands. Seacrest Spectacular. Blaze goes to help Seacrest up with a smile. Seacrest I'm fine, claws on my hand doesn't feel as nice as you might think. Blaze looks down in disappointment. Justin Don't be a jerk. Seacrest Your hand is bleeding. Justin (annoyed) HE'S TRYING! Seacrest (sighs) Help me up McNuggets. Blaze perks up and helps Seacrest to his feet, he scratches his hand a little but it doesn't bleed. Seacrest Thank you. Seacrest walks over and whispers to Justin. Seacrest If he scratches me again I'm clipping his wings. Justin But... He's only got arms. Seacrest walks away. Seacrest I know. Seacrest is gone leaving behind a very terrified Justin and a confused Blaze. ExT. afternoon Opal Ward Justin and Blaze are walking towards the main street and they see the house they first stayed in before they met Seacrest. Justin Look at that buddy. Our old home. Don't see our landlord anywhere though. Blaze walks towards the door and knocks. Justin Doubt anyone's here. It's the middle of the day, he's probably working. The duo hear a crash come from inside the house. Blaze looks at Justin in concern. Justin I mean... I've been wrong before. Blaze busts open the door to see two Pokémon flailing about. Justin Love the heroism bud but not every problem is one you jump into. Blaze yells out. Justin Yeah pot calling kettle black, I know. In the house we see a table and some broken glasses around it. Dancing on the table is an extremely energetic Togepi and a Scyther that has scars on its face body and arms. What's truly distinct is the backpack it wears as well as its dogtags. Justin So... Are we interrupting? The Scyther stops chasing the Togepi and looks at Blaze and Justin. Its mood changes from concern to serious as it glares our young heroes. It then puts up a guard.
  18. Hello all. To build upon my writing I've decided to write a story based on my current playthrough of Reborn. Its a narrative following a fictional character interacting in place of the MC in the game. The events for the most part are the same with some being changed to better reflect the main character and his pokemon team. Any and all criticism is helpful and wanted. Please try not to just flame me since that does little in the way of improvement. Anyway here's a short intro so you know what you're getting into. (Things regarding format please also note as I'm writing this in word using a script writing format so if its confusing just say so and I'll assist.) I'm breaking Episode one into three posts to help with the size. Our main character hails all the way from Johto, born and raised in the city of dragons Blackthorn city. A mountain land where power and ability are revered. Usually beginning their journey with the town's signature dragon Dratini, our hero Justin has decided to take the road less flown by and pick up a starter of his very own. Leaving the Johto league for his own reasons he has decided that Reborn would host a far better challenge than his homeland ever could. Will he find the challenge he seeks and conquer it, will it be a trial too easy for him or will it crush him and send him home with clipped wings. This is the story of Justin Wayland. Reborn City Narrator This is the world of pokemon. A seemingly endless landscape full of wonder and adventure. For thousands of years both the human and pokemon species have shared this planet as a home. Some choosing to battle but more and more are choosing to coexist. As the societies progress, questions find themselves at the forefront of conversation “do we treat pokemon properly” or what should we expect of pokemon. One individual believes we should expect no more of our co-inhabitants than we expect of ourselves. This is his story. Tourmaline Desert It is early afternoon and a train can be seen blazing through the tourmaline desert. Playing throughout the barren wastelands are various desert pokemon but mostly cacnea fill the lands. We close in on the train and see a tall but slim young dark skinned man wearing a black tee shirt, blue jeans and black boots. Holstered at his side are three 2 foot wooden tubes loosely held by a white rope. At his side a back pack presumably filled with traveling provisions. The man is Justin Wayland a normally upbeat individual focused mainly on the moment rather than stressing the “will be’s”. Next to him is a man wearing a black trench coat and matching fedora. His face cannot be made out but a faint glow can be seen at his chest on occasion. ??? Hello Justin. Justin Hello… I’m guessing since you know my name, Ame? I hope not since I heard you were a woman. ??? Why have you come to Reborn? Justin Heard if I’m going to challenge a league that this one would be the only tough one. ??? There are more than just challenges to be considered here. I can take you home before such dangers present themselves. Justin I like to see things through to the end. Unless its dangerous then it’s a definite maybe. ??? I see potential in you. Justin (inching closer to the entity) Is that aura. Because it sounds like aura. Its aura isn’t it? ??? Yes. Justin (excited) Great. Then I’m safe. The mysterious entity stands and places a pokeball on his lap and slowly walks to the end of the train car. Justin Wow my first pokemon. Thanks but I think I’d like to challenge tall grass and find my own pal. Its how pappy taught me. ??? This is to protect you when aura cannot. The man vanishes and a Chandelure emerges from the pokeball. Justin Hello fully evolved challenge breaker. What exactly can you protect me from? Screams are heard from train cars over and the door to Justin’s cart flies across trailed by fire. The Chandelure’s lights glow brightly as the fire nears the two and everything goes black. Narrator We as people seek to affect things far greater than ourselves. This is a natural and very common desire. However should one actively seek something that can cause them so much harm? That will always be a choice whether its correct or not cannot be determined until the dust has settled. Reborn City A torn down city, riddled with destruction and homelessness. A city so wrought with depression even the water has turned almost black. In the corner of the Opal ward a train station is broken and destroyed. A few survivors have been hauled to safety. A woman on a loud speaker is broadcasted through the city. Speaker All citizens are urged to remain in their homes until the current crisis has been dealt with. A bloody arm is seen under rubble next to a Chandelure who burns it away revealing Justin. After the ghost pokemon vanishes as mysteriously as its master. After a few moments Justin coughs and wipes his face of dust and debris. He looks around to see broken bodies charred by the prior explosion. He struggles to stand but before falling a green haired woman wearing cheer-leading attire approaches with “OTS” written on it. She appears to be in her twenties and she starts carefully walking him away from the crumbling building. The woman’s name is Julia a very energetic spirit with a questionable love for destructions and explosions. Julia DID YOU SEE THE BOOMIE Justin My clothes are burnt miss, so yes. I most certainly did see the boomie. Please tell me you aren’t an EMT. Julia (shaking Justin while smiling) NOPE. I’m a gym leader! Justin That’s actually far more unsettling. Julia You got boomied bad. Justin I’m beginning to think you like explosions. Julia (grinning) YES Justin Neat so can you turn yourself over to the cops while I get medical attention. Julia (confused) You aren’t even hurt…. Justin I was literally in the middle… Justin pats himself down slowly and aside from his burnt clothes he finds that he is in fact fine. Even the blood has disappeared from his arm. Justin Did you see a Chandelure? Julia You lost your friend? Justin No. I think it took the blast for me. Some guy gave it to me before the explosion! An ashen haired woman wearing a purple and black lace up dress with a grey undershirt and black heels approaches. In her early thirties with a particularly serious look on her face. Ame Justin! Sorry you were caught up in this. Justin I’ll be okay… um… Ame Ame. The league runner who invited you here. Justin I thought you were the guy in all black with the glowing chest. Ame/Julia Shade. Ame That explains the Chandelure that passed by and the fact several carts were still in tact. Justin for now you should head to the Grand Hall. You probably need rest. Justin Yeah, catching on fire is pretty exhausting. Julia RIGHT?! Justin By the way. I think she’s the bomber. Julia NO WAY! Justin She called this a boomie which is pretty… terrifying. Ame Our leaders are among Reborn’s most respected trainers. I think we can cross them off the list of terrorists. Justin Yeah. I don’t put crime past anyone but that’s because I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Julia Ooooh a bad boy. Justin (ignoring Julia) Hospital down the road, yeah? Ame Yes. I’ll see you soon.
  19. (Authors Notice: Hello, welcome to my newest short story, specifically written for Reborn. This is the first legitimate story of written for a non-academic audience that isn't for family. If this first story is well received, I would like to expand on expand on it by writing more stories taking place in the same universe, Also, I would like any sort of feedback, even if it rips my story apart and spits on it's grave, since it may help me improve my skills as a writer. If you have a few moments, writing anything can really help me in the long run. I will be posting a separate thread for the series for any feedback you may have, so for the sake of keeping everything together, please post it there. Also know, that this story uses dark humor, so if you aren't into that kind of thing, I suggest you leave. I would call this PG-13 if you are concerned. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my story. -Combat Medic Link To Feedback: http://www.pokemonreborn.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=20311) The Man Named Agent Chapter One In the far off distance, a bell rung, striking eleven to announce the time to the world. People, bundled up to avoid the cold night air, walked briskly by a dimly lit bar, eager to get underneath some blankets and to drift off into the realms of sleep. The bar stood there, with a dimly lit lightbulb illuminating the stained “Open” sign, waiting for customers of any sort to enter it, though all of the locals knew that the bar was shady on even the best days. Inside it, ancient lamps tried their best to keep the bar bright, though for better or worse, the stains that it had been given over the years were unnoticeable in the shadow. Two figures could be seen in the bar, the bartender, who had distracted himself by cleaning a glass, and Mike, who was sitting alone at a sticky booth. Mike was in his early thirties, though anyone who would have given him a glance would have guessed he was in his forties. His skin was barely pink, since he rarely got to work outside, and was covered with scratches and scars. His eyes had large shadows under them, and his face was unshaven. If one would have spotted him on a street corner, one could have assumed that he was a bum, though he was anything but. Mike wore a light blue windbreaker over his uniform, as he was required to never show his uniform in public, that did not complement his unkempt hazel hair. Mike, taking a huff from his cigarette, taped his foot impatiently, waiting for his contact to show up. Mike didn't have to wait long, as the dulled ring of a bell brought him back to reality as the door to the bar opened. Wiping his face, Mike narrowed his eyes to look at the new comer, trying to confirm the identity of the stranger. The stranger was notably tall, standing a head and a half taller than Mike, and was covered head to toe in winter clothing. Signaling the stranger to his booth, Mike said "Jeramy, over here." Jeramy quickly shuffled over to the booth, carrying a small gust of cold wind with him as he did. Quickly taking his place across from Mike, Jeramy removed the scarf that was covering the majority of his face and asked "What the hell do you want Mike?" Mike stared at his companion for a moment, before grumbling out "Yeah, well it's good to see you too sunshine. I need your help." Jeramy let off a dry laugh, and most likely stared daggers into Mike, though Mike couldn't tell since he hadn't taken off the googles that he had worn to protect him from the cold. "Six years Mike... It's been six years, and now you call me... To ask for help... God man, you are unbelievable." Mike starred at Jeramy, remaining silent, daring him to continue. "I've been trying to put my life back together Mike. We both know..." Jeramy trailed off, before checking to see if the bartender was listening. The barkeep had begun to occupy himself far across from them, wiping down the record machine that appeared to be long broken. Hushing his voice, Jeramy said "We both know I'm a wanted man... Working for bio-terrorists is generally frowned upon, and yet, you call me here, to help you. What the hell is so important that the big bad Mike can't handle by himself?" Mike stared at the man he once saved, before he revealed his right arm, which had been hiding underneath the table. Placing it roughly upon the table, Jeramy flinched at the sight of it, or what was left of it at least. Mike's arm had been sliced in half, ranging from where his hand should have been, all the way to where the joint that would have connect the humerus to the rest of his arm would have been. The stump was warned in snow white bandages, which clashed against the dirty interior of the bar. Mike stared at the remains of one of his limbs, before saying "This, is why I called you." Jeramy blinked a few times, awe struck by his comrade's change, before saying "Christ Mike, what hell is the agency working on now. I know you guys work on some freaky stuff, but damn... What the type of creature ripped your arm off?" Shaking his head, Mike muttered "This wasn't one of the subjects, if it were, I wouldn't have called you. No, this was one of my ex co-workers." Jeramy blinked a few times, whispering "And I thought the occasional "experiment lotteries" we're bad... What happened?" Mike gestured to the bartender, and yelled out "Two of the strongest things you've got." Waiting, the bartender approached them, holding a platter with two mugs of booze in one hand, and an instructional booklet for a record player in another, which had taken his full attention to the point that Mike couldn't even make eye contact with him. Taking a large chug from his drink, Mike said "It had started like any normal day." "My shift had been going well for the first few hours, escort a few subjects to a chamber, escort them back, make sure no egg heads get ripped apart, the usual. About twenty minutes before lunch break, and everything went to hell. One of the entities broke out of its cage, and was ending scientists left and right. So, I grabbed my gun, and went to find it. It was then, when I met HIM..." Mike took a large drink from his mug, and Jeramy quickly followed suit, before asking "Who?" Mike laughed, before shaking his bad arm and saying "The guy who took my arm, that's who. He was a guard too, and was probably following the sane orders to terminate the subject that escaped. So, we teamed up, two guns were better than one after all. In hindsight, I should have just shot him, right then and there... Anyways, we ran off to find the subject, but it ended up finding us." Mike looked at Jeramy for a moment, before saying "I should mention this is classified information, but the entity we were after looks like it was made entirely out of meat. Anyways, meat man got the drop on us. Somehow the thing snuck behind us, and was planning on doing... Something to us, the higher up wouldn't tell us what it does to its victims. Anyways, the thing is behind me, and my fellow agent spins around and... Well, that bastard starts blind firing. No duck, no get out of the way, nothing. He starts to unload his shot gun on us." Jeramy furrowed his brow, and signaled for his comrade to stop. "Wait... You came to me, because you got hit by some friendly fire? Man, what?" Mike slammed his fist upon the table, before saying "Well yeah, but there more! That guy shot my arm off, but face it, it's the fact that he kept firing! After the first burst, meat man started to run away, but he kept shooting! My arm might have survived the first round, but four rounds later, and now I'm Captain Hook!" Jeramy could see the veins on Mike's forehead were close to popping, though he still asked "And then?" Mike, taking another swig of his drink, said "I cussed him out before I got taken to the medical sector. Because of him, I'm missing an arm, and he only got fired! He should fry for that!" Jeramy could tell that Mike's emotions had taken ahold of him, and with a shrug, said "God Mike... You called be to help you get revenge? Do you even know his name?" "Agent." "What?" "The guy just goes by Agent. He thinks he's so cool with a nickname or something." Jeramy looked at Mike, before shaking his head. "So, a man named Agent shot of your hand, and now you want revenge. The problem is, you don't even know where to find him since he left the foundation. And you want me to help you?" Mike nodded his head, taking another drink as he finished up his beverage. "If I don't get him Jeramy, he'll get me... I'm sure of it! So come on, help me out... Please..." Jeramy looked at the wreck that was the man he had once called his friend, reduced to three fourths of the man he once was. "Fine, I'll help. You saved my ass back in the day, I guess I owe you one." Mike cheered, before saying "Bartender! Another round of drinks on mehh..." before is speech suddenly became slurred. Blood began to pour out of his mouth as Jeramy began to cry out Mike's name, though he too began to sputter in a similar manner after a quarter of a minute. The two men fell to the floor, which was not unusual for this bar in particular, though it usually wasn't liquid humanity that was pouring from their mouths. After a few moments, both men lay upon the filthy ground, still, one covered in clothing, the other missing his arm. At thus posit, the bartender exclaimed "Got it! We just have to plug the record player in!" With a click, the plug to it clicked into the outlet, and the voice of Elvis Presley began to fill the bar. Looking over at the two dead men, the bartender shook his head and muttered "And I thought drunks were bad." Walking to the door, the bartender quickly flipped a switch that, snuffing out the light bulb that kept the open sign illuminated. Walking over to the still warm corpses, the bartender sat there for a moment, before addressing them. Looking at Mike, the bartender said "You really shouldn't have called my mother those terrible things. How rude." Turning to what remained of Jeramy, he said "Black really doesn't suit you." The man stood there for a moment, before reaching into Mike's pockets. After a few moments of rummaging, the man pulled out Mike's wallet. Pulling out a twenty-dollar bill, the man threw the piece of paper on the table, before tucking the wallet back in. Turning around, the man flicked the nearby light switch off, remarking "It's always nice to tip about twenty percent." Pushing his way through the door, the man briskly made his way towards a nearby parking lot. As he paced forward, the man began to untie is tie and remove the bartender jacket he had been wearing, revealing a dark black suit underneath. After a brief search, the man found his car, and quickly entered in and started up the heat. As the engine began to purr, the man sat back and smiled, before pulling a clip board out from behind him. On it, a large list of names was written out in pencil, with several names crossed out. Thumbing down, the man paused at the name "That dude who called mom those unflattering names" and with one brisk stroke, crossed it out. The other names on the list ranged from gang leaders, to know war lords, to someone only referred to as "Her Majesty." Putting the clipboard back, the man then pulled out his phone, which was flashing with a notification. "Go to the PTA meeting. Also, make up some kids for the PTA meeting." Sighing, the man knew he had to put this behind him, and began to rummage through his glove compartment. In it, was a name tag. Grabbing a pen, the man quickly scribbled on it, before attaching it to his suit. Backing out of the parking lot, the man used the rear view mirror to check how he looked. His suit was clean, and the name tag fit on him perfectly, reading out loud... "Hello, my name is Agent."
  20. Here's the feedback booth for the story I'm writing. as well as questions I'll have for viewers since that area is going to get cluttered fast. First is I'm going up to episode 5 since real life filming is going to get in the way. I'll probably pick back up in a few months, Second to make it easier how do I make clickable parts in the first post so one can skip to a certain episode instead of sifting through. Lastly I'll condense each episode into one post to enhance ease. Leave your thoughts, I always appreciate.
  21. (Before we begin, I suppose it would be good to throw some information out there for you. This story was written by me for my Creative Writing class, and as such was limited to a certain number of pages. This story is not what I would consider to be the product of my full use of my abilities, though I will not say that this is a lazy attempt to finish my assignment. As such, I would appreciate any and all critiques and feedback that you can give me, as it will only serve to strengthen my ability as a writer. Chances are, there will be spelling and grammatical errors in this. Please point them out to me, as it will allow me to grow. I also will mention that there may be some uncensored adult language in this story. Before posting this, I attempted to partially censor it, though once again, it is possible I missed it. Thank you for your time, and do hope you enjoy this. Also, this isn't about Pokemon, so if your looking for some fan fiction, you may wish to look elsewhere.) A Silly Story About Regicide 1 Denmark had never been a very warm place, and on this fateful night in particular the breath of old man winter had once again taken hold. The year really didn’t matter in all honesty; no one had indoor plumbing, leeches were a miracle cure, and the king had just recently died. It was this night in particular where a group of three friends set into motion one of the most famous series of events to ever be told on the stage. It’s worth mentioning, that none of these men had any idea of where their shenanigans would take them, or how many people would die because of their caper. It was a cold winter’s night, and sitting atop of the north eastern rampart, sat two men garbed in guard’s armor. These two men had been comrades for many years now, and sat atop of their perch searching for an enemy that would probably never come. Both men, standing stoically in their armor, were virtually indistinguishable, as their full body armor covered their faces. The man on the right shifted uneasily, clearly bored from his guard shift, while the guard on the left stared over the edge of the castle, looking intently at something that was not there. “I miss Italy.” The guard on the right muttered, shivering from the cold. The guard on the left glared at his comrade, annoyed by his complaining, saying “How many times are you going to say that? It’s because of you and Wallace that we’re stuck here.” “You’re the one who didn’t deliver the letter on time.” Whined Dis. “Well, it was your fault you didn’t stop Wallace from getting drunk the night before.” Both guards fell silent once more, not wanting to argue. The two of them, or three of them if you counted Wallace, often got into fights, sometimes verbal and sometimes physical. Their conflicting ideas and personalities were quite grating on each other, but they were inseparable. Minutes dragged on before the guard on the left began to smile. His comrade didn’t notice it at first, until the guard said “Hey, Gerf, come check this out.” Gerf sighed with annoyance before hobbling on over to his friend, saying “What is it now Dis.” Dis was smiling like a fool, which Gerf could only see because Dis had removed his helmet. Gerf had chosen to keep his helmet on for some protection from the cold, and narrowed his eyes at his friend’s actions. “Dis… You haven’t smiled like that in a while. What the hell are you doing?” Gerf hobbled on over to Dis, his leg still hurting from the hunting accident they had caused a few weeks back. Dis continued to smile, his dirty long blond hair blowing in the wind as he pointed downwards onto a lower part of the castle wall. “You remember how the old king died a while back, right Gerf?” Gerf nodded, saying “Yeah, that [Censored] tried to fire us like, six times…” Dis continued to smile, nodding to Gerf’s answer. “The king’s son has been devastated since his dad died, and he has only gotten worse since his uncle married his mother, right? Well, look down there…” Gerf obeyed Dis, looking down to see a group of men, staring at a pale being. “Dis, what the hell is that…” Dis began to laugh, slapping his knee and shaking his head, saying “That down there, is the prince.” Gerf’s eyes widened, and once again, Gerf looked over the side of the rampart, eyeing the figures up. There were four figures standing below the. Three were closely clustered together, two of whom bore the same armor as him, marking them as guards. The third man however, was much more identifiable, wearing a small, golden crown upon his head. “What the hell is the prince doing on the ramparts, and who is that pale guy?” Gerf was quite confused at the commotion going on below him, and gave Dis an inquisitive look in the hopes of getting an answer. “It appears” Dis said in a mocking voice “that the prince is meeting his dead father for the first time since he died…” Dis once again blew up into a fit of laughter, which made Gerf look over once more, trying to figure out what was going on. The forth figure was very pale, and looked a bit like the old king, wearing armor and a large crown… “Wait! Dis, is that the old king’s ghost!?!” The cold wind blew away the next fit of Dis’s laughter, though Gerf was starting to get annoyed by his friend’s attitude at this point. Dis continued to laugh and snort before he wheezed out “No, that’s not the king… That’s Wallace…” Gerf’s head spasmed back to the scene below him, where he looked at the pale figure once more. The figure had lost some of its paleness and upon closer inspection Gerf could spot Wallace’s typical drunken stooped position, his sunken eyes, and his dirty black hair. Gerf looked back to Dis, saying “What the hell is Wallace doing? And why is he so pale?” Dis snorted, saying “Easy, I told him to dress up as the old king. With a little flour, now he looks like a ghost! I told him that if he told the prince some farfetched story, the kid would quite moping around so much and we’d get some laughs.” Gerf wasn’t sure what to say, and once more he looked over the side of the tower. Wallace had begun to walk away from the group, waving his arms about in a drunken manor. The two guards with the prince had begun to discuss something, though the howling wind and the sizable distance between them prevented him from hearing. Gerf looked back at Dis once more, asking “Dis… Are you sure this is such a good idea…” Dis waved his hand at Gerf in a dismissive manor, before saying “Relax man. What’s the worst that could happen?” 2 The barracks were empty, save for Dis, Gerf, and Wallace, who had pulled three chairs together to form a closely knit circle. Dis was sweating, cool beads of perspiration rolling down his forehead as Gerf glared at him. Wallace had his head in his hands, rubbing his temple with his fingers as his friends sat there, not saying anything. It was Dis who broke the silence, saying with a hoarse voice “I’m sorry, ok?” Gerf stood up in a flurry, knocking his chair backwards and his face flushed read in rage. “You idiot! I told you to lay low, but no! Look what you’ve done! The Chamberlain is dead because of you!” Gerf’s knuckles had gone white, and his fingers were twitching, almost indicating that he might draw his sword on his friend. Wallace interjected, croaking out “Both of you shut up. Someone might hear us if you keep squabbling like hens… I can’t handle anymore shouting; my head hurts to high hell…” Both Dis and Gerf turned to their normally quiet friend, who was recovering from a usual night’s revelries. Gerf returned his chair to a proper position and looked at Dis, and then Wallace, before saying “So, let me recap. You decided that it would be funny to prank the emotionally unstable prince… right?” Dis nodded, biting his lower lip. “So, you and Wallace made some clothes and dressed Wallace up as the ghost of the king, right?” More nodding came from Dis. “And you decided to lie to the prince, telling him that his uncle murdered the old king, which led to the prince snapping and murdering the Chamberlain.” Dis sighed, before saying “It was funny at the time…” Gerf shook his head, his anger spent, looking forlornly at the floor. “If anyone finds out about this, we’re all dead. You know that right?” Dis flinched, looking down at the ground like his friends, shivering at the prospect. Gerf looked up, a worried look in his eye, before saying “Where is the costume? We need to destroy it or something…” Dis shakily got to his feet, hobbled over to his bunk, and pulled out a large sack from underneath it. Gingerly dragging it back to his friends, he dropped it in the middle of them. Inside, was the regalia Wallace had worn a few days earlier, an imitation of the previous kings clothing that was shedding flour. “Let’s just dump the dammed thing in the river.” Wallace said, getting up from his chair and staggering to his bunk, where he began to collect his armor. “If we can ditch the evidence, we’ll be home free. And if any peasants see us when we ditch the stuff, we can spook them if we’re wearing our armor.” Gerf and Dis gave each other an inquisitive glance, surprised to see Wallace taking charge for once. With a synchronized shrug, both men began to follow his lead, putting their armor over their casual clothing. “By the way, I have a meeting tonight with one of the chamber maids, so I’m just putting on some chainmail over my good tunic.” Dis bragged to his friends, who muttered out an affirmative to him. Dis had a habit of trying to woo chambermaids to ladies so often that he never actually used anyone’s first names. It did bug Gerf, since he had to cover for Dis when the two of them were scheduled to guard together, though the look on Dis’s face when he returned with a red slap mark over his face was priceless. 3 With a hefty grunt, Gerf flung the sack, which held the costume and a few large river rocks, into the river, which made a satisfying splash as it claimed the costume as its own. The three men watched it sink to the silty bottom, being dragged away from them at a rapid pace. Gerf, who was wearing a set of heavy armor, saluted the sack, before saying “Long live the king.” His friend’s mockery resounding in his ears, Dis followed suit, adding “Goodbye, and good riddance.” Wallace was lying in the grass, gargling and crying, clearly not happy to be sobering up. It had been several hours after Dis’s initial prank, so by now morning had broken and the sun had begun to shine on the cold earth. Dis turned to Gerf, smiling. The cold river had taken the only thing that could link them to the Chamberlain’s murder, and with any luck, the mad prince would take the fall. “Come on Gerf, smile! We’re home free! We don’t need to escape the country this time!” Dis said, clapping his friend on the back in a joyful manner. Gerf nodded, not happy, but no longer angry at his friend’s incompetence. “You’re right… but please promise me you won’t be pulling any more practical jokes, ok?” Dis frowned, sighed, and opened his mouth, ready to make a promise both men knew he couldn’t keep before a small sound interrupted him. A small voice was coming down the center river, which caught both the sober men’s attention. Following the flow of the water was a young woman being buoyed upwards with her puffy dress, and singing with her face to the sky. Both Gerf and Dis’s eyes widened and first because of the strange sight, and then even more when they realized who they were looking at. “Shit! That’s the prince’s girlfriend, isn’t it?” Dis yelled waving his arms about. Gerf solemnly nodded, thinking back to the news he had received about her breakdown after her father’s death. It was clear that she had snapped and was in no position to be in any sort of peril, which made both men look at each other. “Get her!” “No, you get her!” “I’m wearing forty pounds of armor!” “I can’t get these pants wet, I need them for my date!” “Seriously! That’s what you’re concerned about!” “These pants were expensive, take off your armor!” “No, you take of your pants!” “I’m not taking off my pants in front of you!” The two men continued to argue for several minutes, allowing the poor woman to drift past them and out of sight. It was Wallace who brought them back to reality with a heavy fit of coughing, twenty minutes after she had disappeared. 4 “Those pants cost me eighteen silver pieces…” Dis said, his head down in shame. Gerf wanted to slap his friend right then and there, though he couldn’t at the present moment. Both men wore their armor proudly, standing side by side, as they laid the prince’s beloved in the cold earth. “That’s two members of the royal court dead due to your prank.” Gerf hissed, though Dis was too sad to hear him. His date with the chambermaid had gone horribly, and in the end she had poured mead all over his pants, ruining them. 5 “Gentlemen. We are fucked.” Gerf said, clapping his hands together and rubbing them together for warmth, as the three men stood atop of the rampart where the series of events had begun. “Not only have we caused the murder of the chamberlain, we’ve also managed to get his daughter killed. The prince has gone crazy and has been playing with the skull of his poor dead jester, and we’re the ones to blame.” Dis and Wallace were silent, as Dis tried to act like he had something in his eye, and Wallace tried his best to stay standing, leaning on his spear like a makeshift crutch “We could always try to escape Scotland. We could try to hide out during that war they’re fighting…” muttered Dis, though a sharp glare from Gerf silenced him. None of the men wanted to run away again as this was their most stable job they’ve held in a while, and none of them wanted to end up with their dismembered head in the mud in the case they got caught. The wind had picked up once more, howling as if to shame the men, though each of them had lost all of their dignity long, long ago. Each man knew that the other could reveal their secret at any time, whether it be to a priest, a servant girl, or a bartender. They needed a way to defuse the situation. “Guys… Do you guys know what water hemlock is?” Wallace said, eyes tired and weary. Both Dis and Gerf looked at him with an inquisitive look, before Gerf said “Well, it’s a poisonous flower… Why do you ask?” Wallace seemingly dozed off for a moment, before snapping awake and saying “I heard the king saying that he was going to poison that meddling kid with it… During that duel we’re going to be guarding at. I think that might be the prince…” Gerf and Dis looked at each other, than back at Wallace, then back at each other in a comical manner. “If the prince gets killed…” Dis muttered. “Everyone will forget about the murders, figuring that the case was closed…” Gerf continued. Each of the men fell silent, knowing they may have just stumbled upon the answer to their problem. It took very little time for them to begin reveling, until Dis thought of a very logical question. “What happens if the nightshade doesn’t kill the prince? We’ll be back to square one…” Gerf went silent once more, nodding his head and adding “True… Nightshade might not be enough to kill him… Wait!” Looking at Wallace with an urgent expression, Gerf said “Wallace! Do you still have that poison from Italy? The one those kids used to poison themselves?” Wallace, with a dopey look in his eye, said “Yeah… I’ve been planning on using it on you two.” Gerf and Dis’s eyes bulged out at Wallace’s comment, though never man knew how to respond. It was usually hard for them to tell when Wallace was joking or be serious, so both men made a mental note to buy Wallace a drink next time they went to an alehouse. It was Gerf who tried to pull the conversation back in order by saying “Well, anyways… If we can poison the prince’s opponent’s sword, he’ll be sure to die. Right?” Wallace nodded, adding “The king also plans on using a poisoned wine on him, which would be another good choice to toxify.” Dis smiled, happy to have some sort of plan. “Perfect! We’ll poison the sword, and add our poison to the wine. I have a really good feeling about this!” 6 “Oops…” Gerf croaked, looking at the scene before him as he shifted his weight about to vent off some of his anxiety. The throne room was empty, save for three guards who had been tasked with guarding the four corpses that lay within it. Gerf, Dis, and Wallace stood in silence as they stared at the corpse of their king and queen, both poisoned. Nearby, lay the chamberlain’s other child, dead from the same toxin. Finally, slumped upon the throne, was the prince, the very one they had planned on killing. Moments ago, the prince had given the entire kingdom to his best friend, Horatio before passing on. The new king had made a short speech about the princes passing before taking the entire court out of the throne room, unintentionally leaving the trio to stew over their choices. Now, the entire royal family had been wiped out, because of a practical joke. “Well, this sucks.” Dis said with a shrug, not really sure what to say. Wallace turned to Gerf, who was oddly alright with the situation. Sighing, Gerf said “I’m in hell, aren’t I? My eternal punishment is having to deal with you two, isn’t it?” Dis readied an answer, though Gerf lifted his hand up to stop him. Wallace, grabbing a nearby, un-poisoned goblet, slurped away at the mead within, standing stoically over the queen’s body. “They’re going to be able to trace this back to us, aren’t they?” Dis said, his solders slumped back in a sorrowful way. Dis really didn’t care if he got an answer or not. The three of them needed to get out of the country as soon as they humanly could. Gerf shook his head and let out a dry laugh, saying “Maybe that’s why the old king wanted to use nightshade… Then at least they would know what they were dealing with. By the way Wallace, what poison did we even use?” Wallace, had already finished three goblets of mead, and was moving for his fourth, managed to say “It’s called Locaine. Really nasty stuff.” Gerf nodded, and looked back to Dis who had begun to loot whatever was in the dead king’s pockets. Gerf followed suit, asking “So, what was that about Scotland, Dis? Do you really think we might able to hide out there?” Dis nodded, saying “Yeah, I hear some sort of war is going on, so we should be able to slip in during the confusion.” Gerf sighed, knowing that Dis was right in that regard. The three of them needed to be gone by sun down, since the new king was probably more competent than his predecessors and didn’t need to deal with the family squabble that had taken place. A few minutes past, with the three men grabbing whatever they could off of the bodies and stuffing their faces with cold chicken. With their pockets and mouths full, Dis began to lead the group out of the castle, saying “Let’s try not to cause any trouble in Scotland, ok?” Gerf smiled slyly, glad to see Dis acting semi competent for once. Wallace was taking up the rear of the group, less inebriated than normal, but still a little tipsy. “I vote we dress up as old women, Hell, let’s dress up like witches. People never mess with witches, right?” Wallace said to his friends. The three men quickly made their way from the castle, where they had caused the deaths of six people, and towards Scotland, where they would unintentionally cause a good man to murder his king, his wife to commune with a demon, many murders, and start a war. The End
  22. Have a brilliant story in your head but unable to express or tell it to anyone? Lack of skills to tell a story and you really want to train it? Fret not...because this post is dedicated to test everyone's mettle in their story-telling and capability...in ONLY 5 words! So here is where the fun started. "Just simply continue the story from where the last person left off and try to stay on the route." *P.S: please don't multi post the thread, that's the same as you creating your OWN story . Easy right? [Remember Twitch play Pokemon? This is similar like that but this one is like the novel version] *P.S: Please do not absolutely posted A B A B B or ANARCHY ANARCHY DEMOCRACY ANARCHY ANARCHY But wait...there's more! Just a few regulations here before you reeeealllllyyy get started! 1st off, please please please do not change someone else made-up character name (For example: someone captured a Pidgeot and called it Bird Jesus, do not simply change it to lord helix or Battery Jesus). Appreciate someone's creativity in telling or making up great names (basically you need to read the story from the beginning until so far to get close to someone's else imaginative thinking). 2nd thing, please limit the number of pokemon that you catch, we should appreciate the story more like in the Pokemon: Anime version (Ash Ketchum story? perhaps?) 3rd and *phew* finally, play fun and be respective of others. Let's make the greatest Pokemon story adventure ever! A story basically need some plot before we start off right? So here's the plot! We'll use up Vero or Alice from Pokemon Reborn [Credit to Ame for creating him and her] or First person who posted in this thread (except me obviously) will get to choose the character (name locked). *please mention the name* Here's where the plot began! When the player character was about to challenge and confront the reborn league champion, a sudden inter-dimensional quake occurred, throwing off the player character into some unknown region, never seen before in any Pokemon Region map. Supposedly, this region also contains vast number of different species of Pokemon and people who have yet known what exist outside this region. The inter-dimensional quake has thrown all of the player character's powerful Pokemon. With nothing left behind what fate awaits our player character? What kind of new adventure will our player character experience? What will be his first friend in this unknown region? The story begins here... [Pokemon: 5word] <--- it looks like Sword, but believe me...it isn't. Player character woke up on... then all you have to do is continue from where I just left off. Have fun guys!
  23. “The sky looks really blue” thinking of such obvious thing, I finally managed to drag my head away from the window, the soft noise of ongoing train on its rail still in my ear. It probably have been around two hour since I board this train from my home region “Ya new or sumthin’ kid?” the man that sit beside me said, looking at me while doing so “calm ya sel’ kid, d’is far from amazin’” now that I’ve look closely, this man seems to be around his twenty, with a tan skin, half-closed eyes and the huge pack that’s the form of his bag. “A Hiker” I think of the obvious answer of the way he dressed before I reply “Really? I never leave Johto before, so this is quite new for me” That answer seems to give the Hiker a good laugh “I see, I see” doing some nodding, he then raise his hand and give me quite a HARD. “Then ya didn’ choose a wron’ one kid! Reborn’s one of de best Region!” flinching a bit at the powerful hit of the Hiker, I tried my best to remain civil and nod at his statement “of course, this is one of the Region that have every Pokemon known, even rare Pokemon that is said to never appear together could be found on this land” The Hiker’s smile become even brighter “Ya right on dat one kid! In fac’, I hav’ sumthing ta show ya!” the big man then start to rummage his bag, which is really messy from the sound of colliding items “Look at dis!” the man then take out a piece of paper, which almost looks useless. Almost is the key word Wonder plaster itself on my face, as what I just see on the piece of paper this man have show me. I quickly snatch the paper to look at it. The paper is nothing but a picture, a picture that shown a small pink being, a small pink being that is known as the one which create what Pokemon is. A picture that shown a Pink Pokemon known as Mew, in a city that is filled with tree “I managed to get a quick snatch of that Pokemon” the man said, this time grinning wide “And which I don’t know where it is now, it is there” this time, he point toward the region ahead of us, the region that I will travel, the region known as Reborn This will be a long journey, and I know, deep inside my mind “I won’t regret this” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First off, hey, nice to meet you all, my (user)name is Twin Judge of Gemini, and welcome to this small topic where I post my small story on. Thank you for wasting your time to read this short and new story I managed to rack my brain to write full of grammatical error as well, and I hope whoever reading this can either give me their support and critic for me to make this story better Moving on, I don't own Pokemon Reborn, Ame own them(I know that everyone know this, but disclaimer is a must), and I thank Dobby for his support. The fact that he is the one that inspire me to write this story is even more, so thank you again Dobby for supporting me and giving me this idea Also, this story take place around decade before Pokemon Reborn start, so Reborn is not as messed up as it is currently, and it will be lighter than the generally dark story of Reborn(until it goes downhill anyway). Some Gym Leader(sadly) need to be an OC, so forgive me from doing this as this is the only road I can go beside ass pulling myself so hard I make something crazy like Noel being the gym leader before he is born For whoever that interested, I am in need of someone to correct my grammar(which is like the worst thing you'll probably ever read, brain bleach yourself if you think your eye's scarred), so please PM me Again, if you were so kind, please give me your review and critic, that will help me out a lot Thank you, Twin Judge of Gemini P.S: this message is almost as long as the fic, great job me :v
  24. Chapter 1 Average life for a white, American, brown haired, brown eyed woman on earth, is so average. Oh so average and I want that goddamn promotion. Seriously, I work way more many days than almost all of my other coworkers, the only ones that work more are well other moms. For as long I have worked there I have never taken a sick day or a vacation. The only exceptions were going on the honey moon, giving birth and getting divorced. I know every in and out of this stupid company from what is covered on the company’s insurance to how my boss spends his Sundays. God I wanna take over this stupid company already, I don’t have to worry about getting screwed over if I take a vacation or the off chance I decide to get pregnant again via sperm donner and I can arrange for a paid maternity, and paternity, leave. My girlfriend could finally stop working at Starbucks, I could afford to get out of our shitty apartment and into an actual house. Bills, alimony wouldn’t be such a worry. Or that would be the case if we were considered working class. In all actuality I’m pretty well off. Though in all seriousness I would kill to have complete and total control of the company. I really want to find out where I stand on the corporate ladder so I can kill off everyone that is ahead of me and the CEO’s connections so I can sit on his god damn throne. But if I did that then my girlfriend would break up with me and I would feel empty because the reason I even murdered for my position is gone. “Honey, are you getting worked up over trying to take over your company?” My girlfriend asks looking over my shoulder as I am repeatedly pressing the space bar while looking through Google pages on CEOs. “Yes …” I said. “Lavi, we’re at a good position right now, neither of us are in debt, we’re paying our bills on time and we can afford people to take care of our kids when we’re at work.” “Those people are my ex-husband, his new spouse, your brother, and his husband we’re not even paying them.” I point out “Okay, those details aside, you should be happy right now.” She assured rubbing my back. “Chrys, I’ve been working there for fourteen years.” I said. “I know, you’ve told me several times.” “Let me finish, during those fourteen years I only took twelve days off. Twelve days Chrys! Do you know how much time my boss is off per year? At least ten times more than that!” “Yes, I know. But aren’t you actually the head of some department?” She asks. “ … yes …” I mutter. “And isn’t that enough?” “No, I’m in charge of some insignificant part of the company that nobody cares about and I still have a boss. I’d rather be in charge of something like sales or the whole damn company!” “Honey … do you honestly have to be in charge of everything?” “Ugh … You’ve asked this several times before and the answer is the same, yes.” “Well I think you should probably step back and look at the bigger picture.” “If you’re trying to make me more humble, it’s not working honey.” “Oh Lavi, I may constantly underestimate how ridiculously ambitious you are but you constantly keep forgetting how stubborn I am. I’m pretty sure that one day that you’ll see that you don’t need to be in charge of your work, even if I have to bug you about it.” “Good luck honey, seriously, good luck.” I said. Just then the twins came running in, shrieking. My little boy had was waving a stuffed bunny over his head while my little girl was running from him holding a princess doll. She then fell on her face and she started crying while Chrys picked up my boy. “No no no no no no no no no!” He cried flailing in Chrys’ arms. I took my girl in my arms. “Shhh sh sh sh shhh, it’s okay, I’m here, don’t cry, it’s okay.” I cooed, I bounced her a little while I comforted her. “Adam, what were you doing?” Chrys asked. “Adam …” Knowing that tone Adam’s giving her a ‘You’re not my daddy I don’t have to tell you’ cold shoulder. “Adam.” She repeated. “Tell me Adam.” “Don’ wanna.” He said. “Let him be Chrys.” I sigh. “They were just playing some game and it escalated to chasing each other.” “But Luna-“ She began. “Luna’s okay, she just fell, she doesn’t have any broken bones nor is she bleeding.” I said picking up my still crying daughter. “Besides I think these two should go to bed.” “No!” Adam protested. “C’mon, sleep is good for you.” I said. “No!” Adam protested again. “You know there are kids much older than you who don’t get to go to bed as early as you because they’re stressed out with homework.” Said Chrys. “Weawy?” He asked. “Yes, in fact we’re jealous of the time you get to go to bed because we love sleep so much.” I said playing along with Chrys. “C’mon let’s go to bed!” He said enthusiastically. “I never thought I’d hear him say that.” Chrys laughed after the twins had fallen asleep. “That’s cute that you had Adam think that he’s doing a grown up thing.” “Well it sort of is.” I said, “Don’t get me wrong I love staying up until five on my days off but I like my sleep, if I could I could spend the day sleeping.” Chrys started laughing. “What?” “Nothing, nothing.” She said. “To be fair you do stress yourself out over your job very often, you could use the sleep.” “Yeah I know.” I said. “Though that’s not the only reason.” I muttered. “What was that?” She asked. “Nothing.” I said.
  25. Welcome to the future. A dystopian world, ruled by power. A land of darkness, ruled over by a flawed Goddess. A group of fighters, working against her. Are you willing to join them? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- First off, let me begin by welcoming you to this RP. It is the first one I am hosting, and I hope to live up to whatever expectations you may hold. So. This RP takes place in a Dystopian world where one woman has seized ultimate power. Please read the following mission brief. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Things to note about this RP: 1) I will not be participating. I will be playing the role of the NPC, that is, all characters not controlled by RPers. I will provide mission briefs and I will outline story events. 2) This is not a wholly freeform RP. I will dictate what events occur and what goals must be accomplish, and these goals must be accomplished. What you do to achieve the goals, though, is entirely up to you. 3) This is not a solo RP. You will be expected to interact with your fellow RPers to achieve results. 4) This RP will be run by 2 mods: Myself as well as Kaito. 5) For the purpose of this RP, you will be allowed only one Pokemon until the storyteller (AKA me) indicates otherwise. That said, the Pokemon can be any Pokemon you choose, barring legendaries or pseudo-legendaries. Furthermore, if another person has indicated his or her desired Pokemon before you, you may not choose that Pokemon. This is on a First come, First Served basis. 6) While there is no time limit for the events, if an event is taking too long, I will step in and intervene by imposing a "posts left" counter. Should the counter tick down to zero before the events are resolved, a bad end will be triggered. Following that, the option to retry the mission will be available; all RPers will edit their posts which relate to the mission to become blank posts, and the mission will restart from time zero. 7) This RP is rated 16+. Swearing is fine so long as you keep a certain 4-letter word out of it. Sexual implications or allusions are fine so long as you make them subtle and not overt. Gore and Violence is expected and encouraged. Homosexual overtones will be present later on, so if you're homophobic, don't come anywhere near this one. 8) Your character must like Whimsicotts. This is a requirement and is non-negotiable. (Okay not really. But Still. Whimsicotts <3) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RECRUITMENT Joining the fight is simple. Leave the name of your OC in a reply here, along with a Pokemon you wish to use. RPers who join after the initial sign-up stage will enter the story as reinforcements. Roster: Name: Josh Elders. Partner: Bruiser - Venusaur Name: Daniel Lemmel. Partner: Lenna - Gardevoir Name: Color. Partner: Leafeon Name: Zeke "Lupus" Valentine. Partner: Lobo - Houndoom Name: Aeon. Partner: Sedona - Scizor Name: Rin Etsuki. Partner: Furcht - Drapion Name: Kael Nox. Partner: Kaine - Luxray Name: Devon "Bereft" McElveen. Partner: Pearl - Espeon Name: Camilla Valerie Mathilda Elinor von Schwartzer AKA Aruma. Partner: Fluffy - Tyranitar Name: Jory. Partner: Shredder - Zangoose Name: Odin Totsuya. Partner: Twilight - Mismagius ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Misc. Things: Credits to DeviantArt's shapesfactory for the image used. A great Thank You to Kaito for agreeing to help mod this admittedly ambitious RP.
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