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Found 7 results

  1. So in E18, when Team Meteor invaded Agate City after the whole glass factory situation.. Lin was there as well. At the end of the invasion, either Samson or Ciel gets sucked into a black hole by a Gardevoir that Lin had used. I wanted to ask if this Gardevoir is really Lin's Pokemon? Because when I first played through it, my first thought was that the Gardevoir she used was Gossip Gardevoir and since she did the whole "pull out a relic stone out of nowhere" so she might have somehow gotten Radomus's Gardevoir and used it? Oh and is there some sort of connection between Agate City in Reborn and Agate Village in Orre that was stated in the game? Both places have the relic stone and they kinda have the same names
  2. My god, is this mod tough, it makes regular Reborn look Gen 6 easy. So We all know the infamous Solaris Garchomp challenge, i read ahead AND HE USES AN ENTIRE TEAM ALONG WITH GARCHOMP? Any advice would be VERY helpful.
  3. Now that we've gotten a glimpse of Madam X's face, with a closer look, she looks like Nymiera but with red eyes. And considering Anju who was once a pious and accepting priest is now the psychotic and controlling Angie, with a curious handmaiden named Cera who REALLY looks like Cella AKA young Eldest, it stands to reason that SOMETHING happened to the Protectors of Aevium when they last confronted Vitus. We know Angie was apparently corrupted or possessed by Vitus, but what about Nymiera? I think somehow, Nymiera was corrupted and became Madam X also under some form of corruption or possession, would make her reaction to the Nymiera portrait during the bad future interesting. I should point out that Angie has red eyes too. Also i'm not too sure about this, but Nymiera's battle armor looks kinda like Madam X's armor. In regards to Nim, After checking the lore, in the dive sections, what if Nim is also an interceptor but a failed prototype? It would explain her ability to reform after dying, and the comments from Damian dehumanizing her. This would also explain her apparent disgust over having taken the name Nim, in the first place, and explain her connection to Crescent who also has a stake in this whole interceptor business.
  4. Hello, after much rewriting that has been done I've finally finished the first part of what I wanted to accomplish. I'm not promising any more of these sort of things, just something I like to write for a re-telling of what goes down in the games. I quite like how the characters in Rejuvenation, to be honest. And I especially like the dynamic of Melia and the MC, and that's what makes me ship them a lot LOL. The MC I have here is named Alice. But The Interceptor is known to take many appearances anyway. Anyway, this takes place after Blacksteeple. It's less of a romance fic? Dunno, I just really wanted to write the tragedy the MC had to face. Also, feedback is more than welcomed, I'm not proud of this piece of work in particular so if you have any suggestions or feedback, don't hesitate to post here or PMs. Off-site link.
  5. Hi Guys! wanna post my Fan-Art to Pokemon Reborn/Pokemon in General So I uhhh...had this art for awhile and finally decided to post this right about now, initially i was about to send them earlier here but the "schedule" I'm having is a bit, intertwined because of, "School" Now i'll be covering the entire details so that it won't look boring, you can check them underneath the spoiler Long Story Short: It was out of nowhere and it just chained to curiosity to another.. So because of this i decided to make this and really i don't know why i was making this until i reach the part where i decided to put lineart. I was afraid doing this cause..well satan and stuff..But here i did it and it took a week to ensure that all the details are just right, I decided to give a different look cause i don't want it being a too accurate and make it unique..and i just managed to have time to color this and do some final touches... but here's the OUTLINE! Its already too big i can't even fit the original sketch LOL XD The ridiculous thing here, Its too big for the entire Forum (but one of my sketches and lineart are fine what the?) so i gotta place a link so that you can see it there instead, It's on my Twitter account and don't worry, nothings bad there, (except my terrible tweets..) So this concludes everything about this and I'm not gonna be online that much to be updated about this post or in the Discord for awhile..again...I'll just say hello when i have time lol.... If you have concerns about it, go ahead, i try to make things detailed so no one would be asking too much but I'm open for some "Constructive Criticism" lol (If you're planning to, I recommend you to check the extra details/spoiler first. cause it was a lot of process.) Sincerely, Spooky Machine 990. P.S. how is this sprting you may ask? cause i use pixels..mostly in the outlining part but the colors are different. Another P.S. I don't know if i broke a lot of rules about adding links to the post but I state what those links are...pls tell me if its wrong its only my first time
  6. Byxbysion Ward "In memory of what this place was, so that it may never be again." a content addition mod by AiedailEclipsed In the Episode 16 release of Reborn, we see Reborn City brought up from its previously squalid conditions and into a bright and shining new era. Well. Most of Reborn City. Arguably the area most physically affected by the machinations of Team Meteor -- inadvertently at that, -- is the Byxbysion Wasteland. It is a festering pit of filth and toxic waste, unable to provide refuge or home to most city residents in a time when they need it most. And during the player's absence and subsequent return to the city, many surely thought that we might see a restored Byxbysion area. Unfortunately, no -- during the development period, Ame did contemplate giving Byxbysion a fresh coat of paint (read: completely and totally gut the place and start over) like the rest of the city, but the effort required would likely have drastically pushed back the release date even further. We can see nods towards in-game acknowledgement that the Byxbysion area is the next major project to be undertaken in restoring the city, but it likely wouldn't be something that we could ever actually get to see. Well, I decided to change that. What this mod aims to do To put it simply, I aim to add in the Byxbysion Ward mentioned within the game's files. I plan to do this very, very carefully so that it could hopefully be able to be "dropped" into any current Reborn game and picked up without noticing any in-game weirdness or conflicting with the core Reborn game information. In order to do this, I've "set aside" the last 25 maps that can be created in an RPG Maker XP game in order to avoid conflicts with the core Reborn game for as long as possible (if it may ever happen). In addition, any events that will be created will be leaps after the current Reborn switches and variables. I'm hoping to minimize my impact on the core game as much as possible, in respect for what Ame has created, while adding my own flair and creating an experience congruent with the world it inhabits. I will also only be utilizing previously existing Reborn assets (minor edits to those not withstanding). What this mod will NOT do This mod will not add encounters of any kind that would happen before the "canon" location is available to you (ie, you won't be able to find a Scyther in the tall grass or through a gifted encounter). Further along those lines, you won't be able to find or buy items that would otherwise be inaccessible to you within the limits of the current canon game. Frequently Asked Questions Screenshots Click here to follow along with development snapshots arranged by date! Progress Report Change Log
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