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Found 2 results

  1. #151: Mew ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When Arceus created the world, it is said that the very first Pokemon He created is the Dimensional trio, Palkia, Dialga and Giratina That is both false and true, as while He did created those Pokemon to create the world, the actual first Pokemon He have made is Mew. It is through the note left by the scientist on Pokemon Mansion that we managed to learn that every Pokemon, from a mere Ratata to even the old preserved DNA in the ruin of Him, Arceus, have at least one single DNA identical to that of Mew. Scientist have long tried to create Mew themselves, from extracting the little bit of DNA and mix them together, and even capture Mew by the help of the former Kanto Champion, Giovanni, learning and taking the very Cell of the Ancestor of Pokemon. The first one create the failed experiment known as Ditto, a God and Nothing on its own right, which have reside in this very world, vast of Pokemon and enjoying itself But the latter, have created another Mew, yet so twisted by its own creation, made it into something else. Its name is Mewtwo, and it have learn peace from the help of a young boy with his Pikachu, helped by the Origin of its creation. The very place of Mew is unknown for now, as the very war of both the Original and Copy have split their part Rumors have said that Mew is spotted in the Region I'm currently heading, Reborn ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Intro Hello and welcome to the OOC for Dark Destinies, I will be your host Hukuna. This RP is what I call an In-city RP. Rather than be adventurers traveling the world it is set in a central location, that being the City of Nevermore in the Land of the Shadowed Isles. This RP is more about the interaction of Player characters and their employers. They will play a side role to a conflict of Families duking it out for control of the City. Your foes are the People, rather than monsters. At anytime you could fall prey to an assassin, politics or somebody claiming to be your best friend. It isn't safe in the walls of Nevermore, some say it is even more dangerous than the outside world. Rules Families and Related Mechanics ​The families are the main shakers and movers of the City, they will be the ones mostly employing the PCs and other NPCs. They are the main focal point of the story and are important to what is going on. Players will help move along the actions, however, it is mostly the Families that will do so. Feuds and Allegiances Feuds and allegiances are things that apply to Families and anyone under their banners. Feuds are when 2 Families currently don't get along and will absolutely refuse to work together. Feuding Families target each other First out of any others, typically even over Families who threaten them more currently. There will be some Feuds in place at the beginning of the RP. Feuds can be repaired or started as well. It takes a long time to create a Feud or repair it, and even after a Feud is repaired those families will still be on edge with each other. Allegiances are the opposite of Feuds. It is when 2 Families work together, or promise to come to each other's aid. They work towards each other's goals and try not to step on each other's toes if they can help it. These Families will never attack each other intentionally or of their own violation. Similar to Feuds these take a long time to kindle. However, they are more easily broken as any attack could strain relations to the point where they break instantly. Players can influence these, but it is pretty limited to guiding the Families in the direction of ridding their Feuds or kindling new Alliances etc... Basically, it is still up to me whether or not the NPCs in the Family are ready to make a change, and it is not entirely in the Players hands. Family Descriptions The Rivenholts The Rockwells The Ironclads The Wickwickets The Runeborns The Tazmilies. Classes Classes in G:DD aren't Traditional Adventuring classes in a Fantasy Setting. They are more of Specialists and tuned to be more suited to the City rather than out in the field. Classes won't have long descriptions as they are more of guidelines for characters rather than actual classes. At most a character can have 2 Class Descriptors, and no more. These should be used sparingly, and by a case by case basis. Not every PC should have 2 Class descriptors. There should be a only One of each Class descriptor under employ for each family as there isn't need for more than one in most cases. It is a first come first served basis. Court Wizard These individuals serve as advisers of magic to the Lord or Lady they are employed by. They can also serve as financial advisers and just counsel in general for they Lords and Ladies as well. They aren't very well suited to combat in any means, typically employing spells that help their Research or assist in Daily tasks. They may keep some Offesive spells in times of tension between 2 families however. Assassin Assassins are contracted Killers. they tend to be hired to eliminate certain targets of interest to Families at the time, but keep it on the downlow. They use all manner of poisons, tricks, and underhanded tactics to take down their targets for the Family they are currently Employed by. Assassins aren't in the constant Employ of Families, but they will have ones they prefer to work with. Hitmen Hitman are like assassins, but kill their targets to make a statement. They are always in the employ in a certain family, and only work for one. Hitman also function as bodyguards and somewhat as advisers for families on their downtime as well. Hitmen cannot take another Class Descriptor, if playing a Hitman it can be your only one. Silvertongue (Swindler) Silvertongues are the Snake Oil salesmen of the world. They trick people with words and lure them into false security. Whether it is too get someone of your back, too buy something at an inflated price or flat out sell them junk, these are the SIlvertongues specialties. Silvertongues are also good spies, and are commonly sent into Enemy Families to scout out their secrets. Though A SIlvertongue can only go undercover once in an enemy family. SIlvertongue pairs well with the Politician Class descriptor as well if playing a corrupt Politician. Politician Politicians are members of the Nevermore COngress under the Leadership of the Raven's Council. politicians pull for bills and laws for Families they are in the pocket of and try to get whatever small advantages for them that they can. Politcian PCs can choose to be Neutral Parties, or they can choose a family they are in the pocket of, through bribes, mutual goals etc it is up to the player to make up why they are in this relationship with the Family. Diviner (Information Mage.) Diviners are Mages who employ magic to get info no one else could easily. They can use magic to spy on conversations, See into rooms they normally couldn't and many other tricks. They are invaluable to families looking to stay one step ahead of the game. Diviners can also be Court Mages, and can pair with many other descriptors. Smuggler Smugglers carry contraband and move slaves through the City. They also can have outside adventures unlike other classes. These adventures take place outside of the city, and possibly in other regions than the Shadowed Isle. They are small set pieces to give the Smugglers some peril when acquiring their ill-gotten goods. Manor Guard The head of the guards in the manner the player can manage the guards of the household, and even sometimes be an advisers to the Lord of the Household. If paired with any other Class descriptor however, the Guard thing is a front and used to hide their true identity. Thief Thieves thrive in the big city having no shortage of things to steal. They are often deployed by Families to steal important trinkets or secret documents. Thieves can choose to be aligned with the Thieves Guild, or be a Thief of a Family. They will typically be hired under some other title if such is the case. Create a Class Is there a Class descriptor here Good 'ole Hukuna forgot about? Maybe you want to break the mold and choose something a little different. All Classes must however be approved by me. Give a description of your class, tell em what it does and why it does it. Since you can tailor these to be more to your liking you may only take a CAC and no other descriptors Current Feuds and Allegiances Current Feuds Wickwickets and the Ironclads Wickwickets and the Rivenholts Tazmilies and the Rivenholts Current Allegiances Wickwickets and the Rockwells Rivenholts and the Runeborns Sign-up Template Looking forward to this RP guys, it is like nothing I ever did before, so please note I may derp it up at some points as this is new territory for me. Hukuna Sensei out~. Accepted PCs and their Sign-up Forms. Celestine Taugerroth(Rosesong's PC) Runeborn's Court Wizard/Diviner Gilwyn Belachi (Stratos's PC) Hitman for the Rivenholts Magnus Darkbrand(Flux's PC) Diviner/SIlvertongue for the Wickwickets Firo Baldur (Typh's PC), Manor Guard for the Ironclads. Also, a smuggler. Slade (Exlink's PC) Shadow (Assassin with minor access to Illusions.) for the Runeborns. Relos Tedosian (Murdoc's PC) Artificer (check character description.) for the Ironclads Ryger (Chimchain's PC), Potential recruit for Thieves Guild. Apprentice to Relos.
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