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Found 35 results

  1. This will be the same format as the one ShatteredSkys took over ever since Nickaboo left. For now, there will only be a column for Gen 1, then eventually we'll get to Gen 2. I just want this to be as accurate as possible. So let's get started. Please PM @Alex if the guide needs to be updated! Full Obtainable List: Gen 1: Gen 2: Gen 3: Gen 4: Gen 5: Gen 6: Gen 7:
  2. Progress: -----------Old Content:----------------- 0% #################### | Map Cleanup (0%) #################### | Script Cleanup (0%) #################### | Misc Cleanup (0%) -----------New Content:----------------- 29% #################### | Mapping (80%) #################### | Story (35%) #################### | Eventing (0%) #################### | Sidequests (0%) ------------------------------------------- #################### | Total (15%) Dive time. Edit: Oops forgot one thing. If you're interested in seeing things posted even earlier (I post stuff there before I post here), consider supporting me on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Janichroma
  3. So the creator of the follower mod, PersonThing, for e17 of reborn and v9 of rejuvenation has been absent on the site for a few months. I think it's safe to say that @Personthing won't be finishing this up for e18 any time soon. So I'm going to take the spotlight and might start working on a follower mod for Reborn and Rejuvenation. It'll take some time (like a long time) for me to get any good ground with figuring out how to do it, but when I do e11 for Rejuv should be out (hopefully), and e19 might be closer to being done. So right now this is sort of a space holder until I get some solid work in. Look forward to something hopefully good in future.
  4. The Rejuvenation Modular Modpack is here for V11! (Rebranded from a direct SWM port because I've now aggregated mods from several sources) How to Install: Simply Make sure you have the latest version/patch of Rejuvenation instealled, download the the Modular Modpack that I've uploaded here (link below), then put the included scripts.rxdata and mods folder into the Data folder of Rejuvenation V11. Overwrite scripts.rxdata when prompted. Visual Help: Important Note: Currently causes crashes in the Safari Zone, so take the mods out of the folder when you want to go in there List of Components: @AiedailEclipsed's Mining Overhaul - Boosts some mining rates and adds new evolution stones, fossils and sellables to the mining minigame. @AironfaarMods: - EggWaitingIcon: Adds an icon in the top left when you have an egg waiting for collection in the daycare - FabulousTransformation: Shiny pokemon that transform will become a shiny version of their target - LearnPreEvolutionMoves: Move Tutor is able to teach moves normally exclusive to previous evolutions @DreamblitzX Mods (My Own): - AutoHook: Pokemon are automatically hooked when fishing - InfiniteBackups: Backups are never deleted, they'll just keep being made - CommonHeadbutt: Increases headbutt encounter chances - PartyDebug: Enables the debug menu for individual pokemon on the party screen @Waynolt Mods: - BagSortByType: Alternate Bag sorting options. some Rejuvenation-exclusive items may not sort properly - FindInPC: Allows you to search for pokemon/items in your PC from where you'd rename/wallpaper boxes - ItemRadar: Itemfinder becomes a toggleable item that makes hidden items show up in the overworld - ItemsBan: Healing Items and X Items are banned in battle for both the player and opponents - LearnEggMoves: Move Tutor is able to teach a pokemon any of their egg moves - MiningForRich: Allows you to pay money to keep mining when the wall would normally collapse - MultiSelectPC: Hold CTRL when selecting move to add pokemon to multiselect, then select an empty space to move all selected mons there - NoTMXAnimations: Skips the animation when using a field move - PickupQOL: Automatically adds items from pickup to the bag, with a notification - ShowStatBoosts: Shows stat boosts in battle - doesn't mesh perfectly with Rejuvenation UI - TypeBattleIcons: Shows the type of each pokemon in battle - UnrealTime: Disconnects game time from real time and instead progresses at 1 minute every second. Clock in top left. - WildEncounterRates: If you have an uncaught encounter in an area and your party lead has the runaway ability or is holding a smoke ball, you're guaranteed to find an encounter that you have not yet caught. Downloads: Rejuvenation V11 Patch 3 Latest Update: 6/1/19 - Small Update for Patch 3 Update Comments: Huge thanks to all of the original mod creators for their Reborn versions, they're responsible for 80-90% of the work here!
  5. kenzie

    Safari Zone Help???

    I'm trying to find a torkoal to help in my strategy against crawli. I know they are in the safari zone rock smash but all i find on the ashy part are binacle and nothing on the beach. Please help!
  6. Hey! It's me! J-Awesome_One! It's finally here! YEA! IT'S FINALLY HERE! My Mono Type Run of Rejuvenation is here and if you all have checked the title of this thread, then I'm pretty sure you know the typing that I'm using. And if you don't, well it's gonna be on the title of the video so you will all know! Actually, I'm prob gonna just say it on here... ANYWAYS, let's not waste anymore time! The next thing I post on here will be... Episode 1... POKEMON REJUVENATION BUG TYPE MONO RUN!
  7. Have a problem? Are you stuck? Place your save file here and we'll fix it ASAP! PLEASE PATCH YOUR GAME TO THE LATEST PATCH IF THERE'S ONE AND YOU HAVEN'T DONE SO YET! Q: How do I attach my savefile?
  8. Ulti

    Broken quests

    I've encountered a couple of problems with the current update of Rejuvenation. Firstly, and most importantly, I'm finding it impossible to complete the quest for Shadow Beldum. One of the card key shards i need is said to be in bladestar's lair. Which, after looking around seems to be now in the cave system that utilizes the darchlight mirror. Unfortunately, all the guides and videos i find pertaining to this seem to have a version of the cave prior to version 10/11. Can someone please tell me where i can locate it? Secondly, the forest reforestation quest is bugged. After accepting it and attempting to follow adrian, there are still guards blocking my way. I've reached the end point of the current update and don't really have much left to do. Help would be appreciated.
  9. Version -1 | Where Love Lies I decided this needed its own post because the original thread is already filled with main game posts, and mixing the two would make it SUPER hectic. So for neatness sake, and for better manageability, this thread exists. I already spoke about it in the original post, but this short game covers the story of Keta and how he met Taelia. I worked really hard on this project and I think it came out really well. It's not required to understand the main game and it is a completely separate thing. Just a little extra for all of you! Details: 4 Chapter short story that contains two endings. The regular ending, and the true ending All Pokemon are not obtainable. Catching Pokemon will not be a thing in this side episode. Instead, the means of getting new members is done through a new mechanic. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Mega Mediafire Patch 1 (Main download already has Patch 1 installed.) Mega How to install a patch: Go nuts. V10 patch 1 will be out tomorrow.
  10. So I was battling the D-Rift Garbodor for the second time (in the passageway by the security in east gearen city sewers) and I ended up blacking out, and re-spawned by the healing machine. I go back into the passageway to re-battle the Garbodor and my character automatically walks up to the wall nearby, and keeps trying to walk, and you just here the nudging noise, and its a constant action doing it by itself and I can go to the menu, or steer out of it, and now its just stuck there... HELP? I've sunk way too many hours into this game to call it quits. I'll attach an image of what it looks like, and my Game.rxdata if I can figure out how lol. Game.rxdata
  11. I have created a fully functioning randomizer for this game. If you replace your files with the ones you can download here, all Pokemon you find in the grass, AND all trainer Pokemon will be COMPLETELY randomized! This is for people who have already completed the game but want to play it again, but this time just a lot differently. This can also be for people who LOVE doing Randomized Nuzlockes like I do What this randomizer CAN'T do: *Randomize trainer EV's/IV's, Items, or Nature. This means that trainers that have items or EV's for a Pokemon thats supposed to be in their party, will still have those same items and EV's for the one that replaces it in the randomizer. *Randomize Gift Pokemon. This means that all Pokemon that are given from events will not be randomized, including your starter. However, I have added a solution to this which I will explain below. *Keep track of trainers randomized teams. This means if you battle someone twice, they will have different Pokemon than what they had the first time. For example, losing to Venam and then fighting her again will make her have a different team than the first battle. *Audino Trainers. Unless you get 531 out of a 1 in 802 roll 3 times in a row, Audino trainers will not be a thing. If you do manage this however... Please buy a lottery ticket and send it to me. *Randomize anything other than Trainers and Pokemon. I have no idea how to do this, nor do I know if it's even possible. maybe one day but don't count on it. Since Gift Pokemon can't be randomized when you receive them, I have added a mod that was created by Waynolt, that normally would let you change/randomize your starter into whatever you want. (It was created for Reborn, but I changed it a bit to make it work here.) I have tinkered with this a bit, and now in your Party screen there is a new option called "Randomize". Pressing Randomize will take you to a new dialogue box asking if you're sure you want to randomize, just in case you press it by accident, so you wont lose whatever mon you had. Pressing Randomize again will change that Pokemon into the 1 out of 801 Pokemon that can be chosen from it. Now you might be wondering, "but theres 802 pokemon why can it only select 801?". Well, that's because of the way it was scripted for Reborn. There has to be an "Unavailable mons list" because of Reborns Online feature, so I had to make at least 1 Pokemon unavailable or else the game just yelled at me and told me it wouldnt work. There's probably a way to fix this, but I have no idea how because I'm not really good at scripting. As for the Pokemon that was put on this list? Skitty. Sorry if you like Skitty but I figured that it would be one of the most useless Pokemon to use in a Randomizer, sooooo... But without further ado, here it is. (You might need to be logged in in order to download it.) Rejuvenation Randomizer.rar v1.1, Big bug fixed. How to install: 1. Download the files (YOU NEED WINRAR TO OPEN THE DOWNLOAD, IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THAT THEN HERES THE LINK: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html?&L=0 the download you're looking for is the big download button near the top middle of the page.) 2. Drag those files into your Data folder for Rejuvenation 3. Click yes when it asks to replace 4. Open the game and enjoy! Also, there is no dialogue that tells you that the randomizer is on. Basically the game just turns on 2 switches right after you choose the difficulty you want to play on. Those switches turn on the randomized wild Pokemon and the randomized trainer Pokemon. But yeah that's about it. If you guys have any feedback or any issues please either PM me or say it in this thread =]. Have fun!
  12. Weeeeellp been a while, I finally woke up from that 1 year nap and I am amazed by the progress that Rejuvenation has made in the meantime, started the game from scratch again for the 8th time and I couldn't help but say: wow this is even more awesome. During the time I played It, I did think of a few features that would make it even better for example: what they did in Reborn where your eggs get directly transported in the pc and such. So in this thread I would like for everyone to add their thoughts on anything that should be added. I don't want for the dev's to spend their time to please us more then they already have so this is more of a list of suggestion's that hopefully dev's will notice and if they have the time and if they want to, they could hopefully add. By the end of the day its just a good way of getting everyone's thoughts on stuff that they would like to see come to life well urrr so to speak
  13. So, here we are again. Here, is the thing: After Y-Narcissa enters the Whispy Tower, she is nowhere to be found inside. I've waited few days and lurked the forum waiting to see if someone else would post this but since I found no trace about this. As such I started wondering if (A) is a bug in my save file or (B) I've reached the end for this episode. Which one? :D
  14. now I'm sure most of you already know this, but to all the players who have little past experience in the pokemon games, but if you care about the performance of your pokemon, and believe me you will, DO NOT fight the breeders for exp grinding unless you maxed out your EVs. Their audinos will only give hp EVs which are not that good I knew about EV training but thought I didn't need it until my crobat was getting outsped by a slow boss. I know it is slow because the base pokemon is a trick room setter in the core Pokemon games. so what you want to do is instead of rotating your team from a pool of 50 pokemon, like I used to, you want to keep your "pool" small, say around 20 or so. you can use 50 pokemon pools, but it will take years to EV train them all. and also complete the lost camps orphans quest to unlock an EV reducing berries vendor so you can reduce the unwanted EVs to make room for the ones that you want to max out.this is also a great way to evolve those pokemon requiring happiness to evolve Have fun!
  15. Hey. Finally decided to start this thing. God knows I should finish one run before I start another... But I love the game so far and am hoping to continue loving it. And I have a bit more free time for the summer so I figured I might as well. http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9482386&t=9293069 There's the link to the prologue chapter not much going on yet but there'll be more to come. Hope you enjoy!
  16. With the help of a script from the PokeCommunity, I have made a Randomizer option for Pokemon Rejuvenation V11 (Patch 1)! Instructions on how to use it are in the file named README.txt, so please actually read it. If anything happens, contact me here or on the Reborn Discord server, @HauDareYou#2922 Features: Randomized Encounters, Gift Pokemon, and Battles! Mega Pokemon will be randomized into another random Mega Pokemon. Crest Pokemon will be randomized into another random Crest Pokemon. Yveltal, Shadow Mewtwo, Giratina, Groudon, Kyogre, Rift Fights, and Pulse Musharna remain un-randomized. (This is mostly out of personally preference, however I felt that heavily story-related Pokemon should stay as is.) In the party menu, once you select a Pokemon, you now have the option to either nickname the Pokemon, or re-randomize it! The Randomizer can be enabled at any time by talking to the gate clerk at the Oceana Pier Gate. Known Bugs: Randomized Shadow Pokemon have the original Pokemon's moveset upon purification. I don't know how to change this, so it will be staying. Rift Pokemon would randomize to a random Pokemon. It is currently impossible to progress past Marianette. The second Rift Gyarados fight is impossible to start. When you play as another trainer, the movesets don't match the current Pokemon. Google Drive: Download
  17. Mr. Suplado

    Pokemon Rejuvenation

    Where can I download Pokemon Rejuvenation V11?
  18. I have no idea how to get back into the game,but I was playing and I guess I forgot to set the screen size back to medium and I quick saved,but as soon as I tried to access the menu to check my starter,the game crashed and now when I try to load the game it gives me a "sprite resize" line 151 error.I don't have any other save files and I have already tried to re-download the game,but it still gives me the exact same error when I try to load the game.
  19. i've been waiting on my friend so we can do a walkthrough together but he's been busy i like the addition of having another save file but i wanna know how to do it
  20. So shortly before V11's release, I decided that it might be a better idea to make a thread with a full collection of all of Rejuvenation's artwork that I've done in the past. Figured it might be useful for those who might be looking for some of the older art, to use for themselves, as a wallpaper, or maybe even a video. This thread will be updated with each version to include the new artwork made for said version, as well as other miscellaneous artwork that's been created for the game! I'm currently planning to eventually create new artwork for the protagonists' designs as well, but those will remain a thing for the future. For now, my present from me to you is two different wallpapers in multiple sizes -- One of the cover art for V11, as well as a bonus wallpaper of Angie, everyone's favourite ice queen! Enjoy! *NEW* V11 COVER ART - CONFLICTING RENUNION Wallpaper downloads: 2400x1350 1920x1080 1280x720 BONUS V11 WALLPAPER - ANGIE Wallpaper downloads: 2400x1350 1920x1080 1280x720 Previous Cover artwork Other artwork used in Rejuvenation Protagonists (Legacy designs)
  21. Version 10 - Remember, I love you Cover art, by @Zumi ===================== So, If you were here around this time last year, you'd know that my computer died and I had no way of replacing it (Due to school bills, irl responsibilities, yada yada). But thanks to this wonderful community, I was able to gather funds to buy a new desktop! I thought about what I could do as a reward for those who donated, but then I told myself... Why not do something everyone would enjoy? Because there were people who could not donate, but helped gather others to help me out. What happens to them? So... I began working on a super secret project. A project only Zumi and I knew about at the time, and then later being my new formed Dev Team(tm). A secret project that seemed to cause a lot of discussi- *cough* not online *cough* Anyway, it's definitely not online, because that being the secret project would, in fact, be lame as hell. This time around ya boi brought in not one episode, but two. WAIT. Before you get ahead of yourself. The second episode does not continue the story line of the main game. It's a completely separate side episode that involves a certain leader we all know and forget about. Version -1 | Where Love Lies This side episode is a 4 chapter story that tells the tale of young Keta, and how he fell in love with Taelia. Playing this is completely optional and is not required to understand the main game's story. It does give a lot of juicy lore and info if you're into that stuff, I guess. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to give one final jab and tell you that this game won't be available to download until Friday, March 23rd. I planned on doing a dual release, but doing it this way will get certain people to shhhh about having nothing to do after completing the new main episode. Plus, understanding the side episode requires you to play the main episode first, so. Yeah, it all checks out. Finally a shout out to my Dev Team(tm). @Zumi @Winter @Alex @whomst'd've'n't @Ramiru @Azeria @Sir Wafflesand our new member @Ice Cream Sand Witch ! And thank you to my Beta Testers! We worked really hard to bring this episode to you, so I hope you enjoy it! It's an interesting episode that answers a lot of your burning questions. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE PLAYING. SERIOUSLY, READ IT. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Pokemon Rejuvenation Version 10: Mega Mediafire PBS ----------------------------------------------------------- Pokemon Rejuvenation | Where Love Lies: Mega Mediafire Special Thanks to @Polaris and @Katastrophickid as usual. The og's~
  22. Tpick2211


    Complete noob question about Rejuvenation, but what HMs are required in this game? trying to plan which team members to use going forward!
  23. ArtificeOtaku

    Where's Amber?

    So i have been walking around the whole of Terajuma searching for the Amber and found nothing. she's not in the Cave, the jungle, Kakori town or telia villa. last thing i remember was Venam saying she was going to go find her after she fell through the floor into the secret spring thing. does anyone have any clue where i'm supposed to go?
  24. Lspaceship

    Side Quests

    Hello there! So, I'm trying to do a 100% run in Rejuvenation, but I'm certain that I've missed a couple things in the past. So, if you guys wouldn't mind letting me know what side quests (NOT HELP CENTER) stuff that I've missed before each new town, I would appreciate it! Currently going to start from the beginning, with East Gaeryn. Feel free to help with special item locations and sidequest start locations!