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Found 12 results

  1. Hey! It's me! J-Awesome_One! It's finally here! YEA! IT'S FINALLY HERE! My Mono Type Run of Rejuvenation is here and if you all have checked the title of this thread, then I'm pretty sure you know the typing that I'm using. And if you don't, well it's gonna be on the title of the video so you will all know! Actually, I'm prob gonna just say it on here... ANYWAYS, let's not waste anymore time! The next thing I post on here will be... Episode 1... POKEMON REJUVENATION BUG TYPE MONO RUN!
  2. Hey everyone! So not much to say here other than this is where I'll be posting my videos of my playthrough of Pokemon Empyrean. Hope you all enjoy them!
  3. I'm sitting here, just finished playing Rejuvenation, all bored because I don't have any more juicy pokémon games to play. I COULD start working on a Pokémon fangame like I've been wanting to for over a year, or I could finish my backlog of JRPGs, but I'm way too lazy to do that. But suddenly, inspiration strikes. Reborn! That's a juicy pokémon fangame, right? So, I sit on my computer chair, and with a few clicks of my mouse I download Reborn and all those nice mods, make a backup of my "main" save file... but something's not quite right. I've already played Reborn 4 times, I'm surely going to get bored quickly. I think, and think again, and then some more, all while drinking a nice cup of tea. Out of pure boredom, I start making my own character to play as (spriting's hard, y'all), and right as I finish, my brain clicks. What if I made one of those text-based nuzlocke playthroughs? I mean, it could work, right? So without further ado, I present thee: FlygonFreak's Awesome Reborn Shinylocke (kinda) First things first: The Rules 1. Standard, "casual" nuzlocke rules apply, unless the rules say otherwise. 2. As this is a shinylocke, I can only use shiny pokémon. 3. I can catch any shiny pokémon I find in the wild, but will only actively hunt for shinies once per "route" (I might break the hunt rule sometimes, but only if a gym leader/boss gives me a very hard time). 4. Gifted/event pokémon must also be shiny, and won't apply to the "one per route" rule. This applies to eggs too, but I can only breed them with a (shiny) Ditto. 5. I must win every single battle, including optional ones, but I'll allow myself a "test" run before gym leaders/bosses to try out strategies and stuff. These won't count, and even if I win I'll have to re-do them. 6. The Gauntlet will be the only exception to the usual nuzlocke rules. It's too hard for me. Sorry. 7. If I lose the nuzlocke (aka get wiped out), I'll either keep going or just remove the "-locke" part of the run. I'll decide when that happens. 8. I'll use both Rare Candies and Max Revives as "resurrection tokens". If I reeeally want/need to use a mon, I'll allow myself to use one of these items. (I think it's fair, considering the price of Rare Candies and that Max revives can't be bought) I know some of these break what a nuzlocke is, but, honestly, if I'm doing this I want to have fun. and that means I don't want to be stressed out or smth. Chapter 0: A Series Of Unfortunate Events, or: Probably the only bit with actual story ((Don't worry, I won't make more stories like this one, I just wanted to stretch my writing muscles a bit and also give an "explanation" to why this weird blue boi is stuck on a gloomy place like Reborn)) Chapter 1: The Struggle Of Finding A Suitable Partner So, I've got a small surprise. This ain't gonna be one of those LAME shinylockes, NO. This is gonna be a FUN shinylocke. That means R A N D O M S T A R T E R. Originally I wanted to use a Kartana (I have a custom shiny for it and everything, my precious origami boi), but he was too stronk. There's a catch, though. Besides being shiny (which means I need to first get a shiny starter), I'll only allow pokémon that a) aren't starters b) can evolve c) aren't too op/big event pokémon I'm supposed to get in the future (Ralts, Riolu, Poipole/whatever) and d) can beat both Veronica AND Cain. This is to ensure the starter isn't too OP or weak, and that I can actually do something with it. To randomize the starter I'll use one of these bad bois. There's a mod there that allows you to randomize your starter, which imo is better than using debug. So, first thing first, the poor mon that is getting randomized is... This awesome lad! I usually choose Chimchar cuz he's a beautiful boi, so it seemed fitting. And now, time for the runner ups. These are the starters that got chosen but didn't make it through Cain and Veronica's grinder (usually due to typing or stats) Kinda sad, because they all seemed pretty cool. Specially Morelull, I've never used one. But enough sad, time for the winner... DRUM ROLL This fella! Coal the kitty, a very talented albeit kinda boring lad. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to use something more... I don't know, cool, but he's a cutie so who cares. And that's the end of the first chapter! The next one will be up to (but not including) Julia's gym, though I don't know when I'll actually make it. Hope you liked this! PS: Fuck this guy, and fuck his useless fish. If I ever get that far, trust me, I won't bother shiny hunting it.
  4. Hello and welcome to Vero's ghost monotype run. I'll be running through the reborn kicking ass and taking names with the help of the dead (are ghost types dead?). Follow along with the adventure here. Can't wait to kick Lin's ass. I will be recording all the important battles and posting the videos. Please enjoy those. Rules: I will be only getting pokemon naturally available through reborn and only ghost types. However, the pokemon that are available by egg chance, I will be trading in if I don't get a ghost type. For example the mystery egg event, if I don't get a phantump or gastly, I will trade them in. I will be using the MOD pack for the quality of life changes, such as no HM slaves. Also no items in Battles items in battles, that includes healing, status healing, and revives. Held items allowed Table of Contents Chapter 1: The Haunt Begins Chapter 2: The First Ghost Chapter 3: Finding Corey Chapter 4: Gangs and Ghosts Chapter 5: Shadee Affairs Chapter 6: Empty Victories Chapter 7: Wasteland and Wastemans Chapter 8: Shattered Dreams Chapter 9: Meteor Mash Chapter 1: The Haunt Begins We are starting off the adventure after the railway accident, ya we don't give a shit about all the other passengers, we got pokemon to catch. Ame hands us our first pokemon, and captain of our team. There is only 1 ghost type available before the 1st gym, so we pick up Rowlett, who is the captain of our team, Nickname Owlit. Hes going to have to hard carry us for the first part of the journey since there aren't many ghost types available. No pressure Owlit, no pressure at all. Its not like the fate of the world depends on you or anything All right we kick off the adventure by whooping every trainers ass in opal ward. We head over to the Peridot ward and whoop every trainer here too. Owlit is a beast. He reaches Level 17 and evolves into Dartrix. We meet our arch rival Fern, and talking never solves anything so we battle him. Video below: We make short work of him and head over to meet Julia (1st gym leader). We team up with Julia, Fern and Florinia to take out a bunch of team Meteor at the mosswater factory. The battles were too easy for my boy Owlit so I wont expand on how he 1 shot everything. Big moment now. We head to the first gym and take on Julia. Owlit is now level 20, at the cap already (had to use a common candy to keep him down). Hes ready for this. Julia battle video below: Start off by spamming ominous wind on minun, hoping for a stat boost. Doesn't happen after 3 tries though. Minun faints, leaving Owlit with 80% HP. Razorleaf 1 shots voltorb. Plusle comes out and I start spamming Ominous wind again. Finally get that stat boost. Now Owlit is deezed, and massacres the rest of Julia's team. Our first Badge is dam sweet and we pick up Tm Charge beam from her too. Thats the end of Chapter 1, stay tuned for chapter 2.
  5. Don't know if this is against the forum rules if so tell me and I will delte the thread (or it will get delted XD), so I am old reborn player and began to record my gym fights in my newest run. Just wanted to post the link here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9Hg2ovXh-EmoZPNw4nDOgw3-HFyalV4R The run is pretty normal with 2 little chances, I am not allowed to use items midfight for example potions or revives and the second is that I have a cap of different mons I can get, but ind the end I just use the same 8 mons for now XD. Again if this is against the forum rules just take the thread down and I will take my punishment OFC if others have simillar vides I would love to wacht them
  6. As the title says this thread will detail my adventures in Ground Types Only. The rules are simple enough: Only Ground types and Pokémon that will evolve into Ground Types are allowed for any and all Trainer or Boss Pokémon Battles. Pokémon of other types may be used for breeding, capturing or getting items. I'll mostly cover the important battles and skip over all the moving from point A to B-stuff. Screencaps will mostly be put in Spoilers to cut down on length. With that out of the was let's get right to it! Chapter I: One Mon Army First things first: protagonist and name This time I decided to go with one of the female protags and since I majorly suck at creativeness she gets stuck with her default name. And more importantly: our starter! Damp isn't a particularly useful ability, but that's easy to take care of. Those measly 8 HP IV are bothering me a lot more, but oh well. Though I've got a feeling Speed will be the greatest issue in this run. Moving right on to our first two Rival battles: Cain's Nidoran misses two times with Scratch thanks to Hustle. Meanwhile Mudkip already knows Water Gun thanks to Gen VI, so this is an easy battle. Victoria... she has a Tepig, so that battle went pretty much exactly like you would expect. With that done and after getting our Pokémon Trainer Starter Kit ™ it's about time to move out and beat up a bunch of random trainers for their lunch money experience. It's Raining outside, which helps in quickly getting rid of enemies. After a number of battles and LevelUps we soon reach our first destination, as well as our first obstacle: a Grass Type Trainer - cue battle VS Swag Jockey Fern All in all, that battle took only about a dozen tries, a fair bit of luck and all four of the potions I had collected so far; and I still almost lost. Yaaayyy... Off to a great start! (There would've only really been two other strategies to get through this: 1. Using the power boost from Evolution to get an advantage against his unevolved team, but the resulting double weakness to Grass probably would've turned Budew into an even greater issue. 2. Cathing a Burmy - the at this point only other available Pokémon that (potentially) evolves to a Ground Type - and training it to Lv. 15 so it learns Bug Bite. ´But to even get one I would've first needed to capture and grind a Pokémon that learns Headbutt and then baby Burmy until it learns Tackle at Lv. 10. And then probably baby it some more.) Anyway, this first (somewhat) major victory has also resulted in this run's first Evolution and therefore first actual Ground type, hooray for that! It also immediately learns Mud Shot. Now it's time to go kick some Meteor butts! Yaaay! Unfortunately that means having to team up with Fern... Marshtomp easily rips through the Grunts while Budew just kind of flails around. Soon enough we reach the control room which means... cue Battle VS Meteor Grunts Aster & Eclipse Question Marks-Man agrees that this was a poor performance and the three of them hightail it out of there through the Secret Villain Teleporter Exit ™ . Julia then blows the whole place up for no reason whatsoever. Could've at least tried to check if those Computers still hold some valuable information. With that done, the party splits up. Fern buggers off back to somewhere, Florinia has something to attend to in Obsidia Ward and Julia goes back to her Gym so guess where we're heading next. Unfortunately Marshtomp is already very close Lv. 21 and thus the point where it stops obeying. I decide to ignore that because I loathe wasting experience, so it'll have to work out. Cue Gym Battle VS Cheer Captain Julia Beating her nets us our first badge, raising the level cap to 25, as well as the TM for Charge Beam, which I suspect will be supremely useless throughout this entire run. Outside the Gym Victoria is already waiting for us and delivers some notable news: Apparentally Obsidia Ward is getting attacked by plants! We all know what that means. Next Destination: Obsidia Ward But before that there's some new stuff still to do in Peridot Ward. Namely getting some Additional Team Members! First up is this Numel just chilling in the rain. Feeding it causes it to decide to join our team; that was easy! This girl will actually be a quite important party member since it's one of the very few available Ground Types with a usable SpAtk. stat. It's also super effective against Grass and Ice Types and only takes neutral damage from them, making the (not yet present) other team members less vulnerable against those types. Next Up: This hiker is stuck in Reborn City due to the train station being destroyed and is now looking for a house to rent. Helping him out rewards us with an Onix: Not much to say about this one. Onix's only good stat is Defense so I'm for now mostly using it as a placeholder to have a less empty team. And that concludes Chapter I. No major happenings so far, but there's still plenty of game left. Current Play Time: 1:05h Expect the next Chapter sometime tomorrow. See ya!
  7. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: An explosively lucky start! (Current chapter) [vs Julia] Chapter 2: Rivals, Vines and Deserts [vs Florinia] Chapter 3: Forests, Jungles and Revelations... Chapter 4: Release your soul from Poison... [vs Corey] Chapter 5: Gang wars and kidnappings Chapter 6: Insect Wars [vs Shelly] Chapter 7: Chasing the pretty boy Chapter 8: Straightjacket jam and ghastly encounters [vs Shade] Chapter 9: Buzzing on Ice, ft. Deliverance Chapter 10: Through Fire and Water [Fight vs Cal] Chapter 11: Try punching Skydancing bugs... [vs Kiki] Chapter 12: Forbidden allies and death by Dragon [vs Solaris' Garchomp] Chapter 13: (Still) chasing the pretty boy... and other grassy problems Chapter 14: Cleanse the Poison with Steel [vs Aya] Chapter 15: Rescue time and Yureyu raid! Chapter 16: Now you see me... now you don't... through the mirror [vs Serra] Chapter 17: Establishing... Shocking defences! Chapter 18: From chasms to peaks.... and off to sweeps! [vs Noel] Chapter 19: Endless grass and rivalries... Chapter 20: Lies and truth... among the fake gods [vs Dittoceus] Chapter 21: Entomophobia [vs Radomus] Chapter 22: Heretics, Lepidopterists and... the Twilight Zone [vs Luna] Chapter 23: Post the gate to Agate... Circuses, Strongmen and Quiver Dancers... [vs Samson] Chapter 24: Revelations, desperation and flames that burn souls. Chapter 25: Bugs vs Firebug! [vs Charlotte] Chapter 26: Winter Olympics, Reborn Style! Chapter 27: Ice Age, the Meltdown! [vs Blake] Chapter 28: "How to eliminate your brain cells", a best seller by M3G4T3RR4 [vs Terra] Chapter 29: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall Chapter 30: Maginot Line [Fiore Mansion Battles] Chapter 31: Waltzing through the Clouds [vs Ciel] Chapter 32: Claustrophobia Chapter 33: Another one bites the dust: Guilt and Desperation Chapter 34: Here comes your Angel... ft. the Pixies! [vs Adrienn] Chapter 35: Teamwork and iron will! [vs Titania] Chapter 36: Never get drowned in sorrow [vs Amaria] CHAPTER 1: An explosively lucky start! About three months ago, I was discussing with a friend about pokemon, so chat went to our most hated typings, to which (ofc) I chose bug, which I absolutely hated with a passion, apart from a couple exceptions (looking at you Butterfree <3). So, he wanted to make a bet that I wouldn't be able to beat Current episode of Pokemon Reborn by using only Bug types. Of course, I couldn't say no to such a challenge, and I accepted (bracing my heart to use pokemon I didn't like at all till then...). So, I began my playthrough, after running some research on Bulbapedia to not be a complete noob... Character name: Angel Sex: Non-binary Since I don't have the know-how to hack a bug-type starter for me, I decided to pick one based on breeding purposes. And since bug types lack (till gen VI) a good water type, I decided to pick Squirtle in order to breed Hydro Pump on a Surskit! My squirtle had great IVs, which was a great start for the game. I named her Respect (cause I'll eventually store her in box, but I'll always respect her) and she defeated easily Cain's Nidoran and Victoria's Tepig, before heading outside to get my first little bug... And, oh, the joy! It was a shiny Spinarak. And it has a 30 Attack IV, god damn! I caught her and named her Happiness. This run honestly couldn't have started any better! By wandering around I saved the Zigzagoon from the Bridge, it learned headbutt, so I managed to get a Combee (took ages of Headbutting a tree, I even found a shiny male Combee, fml, I know) and a Pineco as well. I also got a couple Burmy's but I never liked the idea of using Wormadam, so I boxed them. I also picked Kelly's Kricketot and a couple more catches, in the form of shiny Caterpie and Wurmple. Soon, I had a team consisting of: Valor, the Pineco (Male) Careful/Sturdy Protect Bug Bite Take Down Self-Destruct Valiant, the Kricketune (Male) Bold/Swarm Growl Bide Struggle Bug Fury Cutter Braveheart, the Butterfree (Male) Timid/Tinted Lens Confusion Sleep Powder Stun Spore Gust Patience, the Dustox (Male) Calm/Compound Eyes Gust Confusion Poison Powder Moonlight Happiness, the Spinarak (Female) Hardy/Sniper Poison Sting Leech Life Night Shade Scary Face Royalty, the Combee (Female) Bold/Honey Gather Sweet Scent Gust Bug Bite The evolutions were the result of grinding, destroying Fern's ass outside one of the two factories (the wrong one, idiot was waiting at the wrong place, then blaming others for his incompetence) and struggling through double battles in the correct factory... I don't know which was worse, having to survive Rock Tombs of Arons and Roggenrollas or admit that Fern carried me through that hell. At least I made it up to him by managing to handle the Magby while he was using Growth for 27 times in a row and getting annihilated. Bless the Lord for Night Shade, Spinarak saved the day, as well as Dustox with Poison Powder/Moonlight Stall. So, after that and with the aforementioned team, I went happily to fight Julia... VS JULIA Happily before the fight... I swear, this fight gets harder every time I replay Reborn. She leads with Helioptile and proceeds to Glare at my Valor, who is the slowest thing on Earth anyways! My Pinecone... errr Pineco, escapes through Paralysis and takes down Helioptile with a Bug Bite spam. Then, Julia sends in her first (small) ball of doom, and I consider it a good time to stack up Fury Cutter with Valiant. My Kricketune takes down Voltorb and wastes Julia's first potion with 3 Fury Cutters, but is in the red, so I swap him with Braveheart, who has to face the second Voltorb. Voltorb and Butterfree exchange Charge Beams and Confusions, but thank God, it gets zero Sp.Atk. boosts, and Julia has to waste a potion to take down my Braveheart. I send in Happiness, happy that I will just Night Shade and kill it... NOPE! This round m***fucker decides to explode, killing my spider and itself in the process.... There goes my easy fixed damage on Electrode plan! Julia sends in Emolga, so I say "Fuck this shit" to myself, and send in Combee to take a shot, as I heal Valor to full HP. Combee dies to 1 Acrobatics and my Pineco lives another Acrobatics with Sturdy, to perform the sequel of the previous round. It Self-Destructs in the face of the flying ele squirrel, killing himself, and its opponent! Dustox single-handedly kills Blitzle by an alteration of Poison Powder, Confusion and Moonlight, while I wonder why the Flame Charge isn't even taking half of Dustox's HP... This thing is a legit God! Finally, Electrode comes in. It is my third attempt, so I know that I need some luck. I leave Dustox in, and Poison Powder it, getting the damage going. At least, Julia has used her 2 potions already. Electrode Decides to go for Charge Beam, but fails to get the stat boost, as I start using Confusion/Moonlight in turns. However, it begins to Rollout (please miss, ffs) and in 3 turns, my Dustox is murdered from full HP... I send in my Kricketune, who has about 8 HP. AND YES, ROLLOUT MISSES! Knowing that if I attack it with Fury Cutter, Aftermath will probably cost me the win, I had selected Struggle Bug in advance. It leaves the Electrode with 7 HP and Poison Powder damage secures the kill, granting me my first badge (highly useful), my first TM (Charge Beam, highly useless) and a sleepy ex-cheerleader. I scream YES-YES like a maniac though, since it was my 3rd attempt to beat her and I start to get hopes that mono-Bug might be possible actually! Hugely surprised by Dustox's resillience and by Pineco's and Combee's sacrifices! Bugs gaining my respect! Now I shall go take care of weird plants that wreak havoc, as Victoria informs me... Good luck myself! PS. Stay tuned, and feel free to provide any feedback guys and girls! Hope you enjoy!
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