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Found 3 results

  1. Right, plop your squads here for signing up so the staff and leaders can keep track of your teams. I'd say something about cards but god knows I failed to deliver those last season so I might as not bother with them this season. Apologies in advance but when you're the only one working on them, all motivation gets shot down immediately. Regardless of that, all teams should be in spoiler tags as per last season. Rules and Banlist are in here. As for the start date, its October 26th, 2018.
  2. MYTH Acera

    Mythos League S2 Reveals

    Hihi everyone, it's everyone's favorite candy loving reporter, Acera d'Avignon and I'm back to do reveals and the weekly for all of the wonderful people that care to read this! It's been a while, so there's been a few changes of course, we've lost a few members and gained a few so I've got to do this from the beginning sadly. I'd be super super upsetti if it weren't for the candy I get from this :D also. But that's besides the point, so let's get started with the reveals! We're starting off with the first bracket naturally, and with a newcomer at that! and here we have Seth, with the Frostbite badge! (picture not available due to my printer being broken :[) He's an orphan boy that someone found wayyyyyyy up north. From what we've discovered, he's from some rich family that suffered from a catastrophic event called "Absolute Zero"! From what google told me, his family lost all their funds b/c the head of the family got egotistical real quick. As for how that happened? Well let's just say anyone who was an adult and had a brain somehow disappeared. It doesn't quite say who inherited it, but whoever did and managed to ruin his/her family financially like that is a moron. He excells with Ice types and is thought of to be a "prodigy". This event also turned him into an edgelord who's super pessimistic. Oh and somehow he survived in a cave for like two weeks so he's basically what you'd call an ice-man. As for how I can describe it...it's like he ate Aokiji's fruit except without the powers. You have to toss him in a freezer for him to regenerate too. Believe me I've tried to smash him to bits after he admitted to running over my dad after my mom kicked him out for some reason >:[. We really don't get how that happened either aside from being near a Kyurem for an extended amount of time. And finally, his ace is Kyurem and his wild cards are Poliwrath, Tyrantrum, Empoleon, and Clefable!
  3. It's back and it's better than ever, quite literally so considering our winrates from S1! I'm your amazingly questionable host, DW and I'm here to tell y'all that the Mythos League is back! But without further ado, here's the laydown. We have 12 single typed leaders, 3 E3, and 1 Champion. In addition to that, leaders have 4 wild cards but they must have a move of their type (ex. Araquanid with ice beam if it's the ice leader's wildcard or p2 with ice beam). You also get 8 pokemon, just in case you need that extra member on your team if you can't fit defog! Or perhaps if you'd run a monotype, for instance, you could patch up its weaknesses. Rules haven't changed much but as a reminder and out of formality: >Challengers will be allowed to choose eight Pokémon to use in battle against the Leaders >Challengers will be allowed to fight only one Leader per day. >Challengers will be restricted to two Legendaries on their team. >Challengers will be allowed to restart the League once per month but will lose all of their badges. >Silvally and Arceus are locked to one type on a challenger’s team. Unless they are in their Normal Forme, they must be equipped with their proper Memory. >Z Moves are banned. >If an illegal Pokémon, item, or move is found on a challenger’s team, that fight will be considered a loss for the challenger. >Once moves are in the sign up thread, they're final unless you change them with a move token, which are given out in tours or in normal bracket progression. Banlist Gen1 - Mew, Mewtwo, Zapdos Gen2 - Suicune, Lugia, Ho-Oh Gen3 - Luvdisc,Deoxys, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Latias, Latios, Jirachi Gen4 - Heatran, Arceus, Manaphy (with CM or Tail Glow) , Dialga, Palkia, Shaymin-Sky, Giratina, Cresselia, Darkrai Gen5 - Keldeo, Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyurem-W, Kyurem-B, Landorus, Thundurus, Tornadus, Victini, Genesect, Terrakion Gen6 - Zygarde, Volcanion, Hoopa-U, Xerneas, Yveltal Gen7 - Tapu Bulu, Tapu Koko, Tapu Fini, Tapu Lele, Solgaleo, Lunalla, Pheremosa, Magearna, Kartana, Buzzwole, Celesteela, Necrozma, Marshadow, Xurkitree, Blacephalon, Naganedal Items - Salamencite, Kangaskhanite, Gengarite, Diancite, Lucarionite, Blazikenite, Mawilite,Metagrossite Clauses - Battle Timeout, Sleep, Species, Evasion, Swagger, Baton Pass, Freeze Abilities - Shadow Tag, Battle Bond, Speed Boost on Blaziken Unbanned Legends: League Hours will run two times per league day on the Reborn Showdown server, and are as follows: Early: 12:15-2:30pm EST (5:15-7:30pm GMT) Late: 5:30-8:30pm EST (10:30pm-1:30am GMT) on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays! And finally, expect the start date and the sign up thread to be out asap as well, with the 1st reveal following it a few days later.