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Found 2 results

  1. Prologue – Wanted: Virtuous Taking the usual paths is about as safe as a normal, unwanted person wandering into a heavily armored fortress for you all, so you strayed off path for your next mission of causing chaos while simultaneously helping to bring down the corrupt society. You were Virtuous, the infamous band known for causing trouble around the world, notably in the northern regions. You were a blight upon the world as criminals that could not be caught no matter how hard people tried, and in the minuscule amount of cases someone succeeded, they’d find themselves knocked out, or even wiped out, with Virtuous nowhere to be found. Even if someone caught a glimpse of them, no one knew the real identities of those in Virtuous; just a few people in flashy costumes and masks, and eight names. Knight. Ficus. Scarlet. Minstrel. Orchid. Dragon. Mink. And nobody could forget the name of their leader, Phoenix. However, despite everyone’s opinions of you, you were not simply criminals. Sure, you had that streak of craftiness and occasional thievery, you at least had justification for it compared to most criminals. War was afoot in Purgus, and Virtuous provided a much needed distraction from that. In the meantime, there was only one true goal for Virtuous; find out what happened to the once-peaceful continent of Purgus to make it so corrupt. Even if the answer wasn’t pretty, even if it boiled down to simple human stupidity, you had to trace it back to its roots and figure out a solution. Because if you don’t bring down the horrid corruption on the continent of Purgus, who will? Your current location was in the kingdom of Perus, a little further out from the border of Ceda. Though you are well known for your exploits, you can’t often risk going too far from Ceda too often, as Ceda is just about the only region you can comfortably show your faces without disguises… but even then, disguises are almost a necessity. You never knew what was around the corner. However, this was a blessing; getting into Perus was a cinch as the borders were relatively lax considering Ceda’s lack of interest in Perus, and Perus was often the perfect target for mischief. In Perus, you had a mission; take down a prison well-known for housing criminals from around the world due to prison overcrowding, simultaneously taking it down, taking it over and freeing the inmates inside in order to cause a scandal to hit Perus’s ego hard (a feat easy to do, considering how fragile Perus’s ego was). However, whatever your leader Kane has planned for the prison, regardless of what you knew and didn’t know, it was certainly a long while away and your feet are starting to get tired. You had a wagon a while ago, as you all wear disguises rather than your usual attire you need to cover when going through public roads, but it had to be ditched as the wheels broke off, and you had to take the scenic route. Despite this blunder, Kane, clad in his mask that covered half of his face and resembled two flaming wings going across his ears, pressed onward as if this little incident never happened. “Don’t worry, not only will I remember to not go for the cheapest option next time I get a wagon, but I haven’t planned for us to walk the whole way to our destination. We were going to be doing something up ahead here, and as a bonus, we should be coming up on our ride pretty soon. Just hang tight, okay? I don’t plan to start steering you guys wrong now.” The fields start to get more densely wooded as you progress, and up ahead, you start to see a more mountainous area, surrounded by forest… here’s hoping Kane isn’t lying to you. Ferdiad, Shin, Baldur, Lizaveta, Justine, Cecily and Lenore may post!
  2. In the olden days of the continent of Purgus, there was peace. Everyone was unified under a single religion, a religion of seven gods. They were benevolent beings, believed to show themselves to the rulers of the seven kingdoms of old and offer them advice for how to tend to their kingdoms. These were the most peaceful days of the world. What happened afterwards was lost to history; nobody bothered to figure out what happened and why it happened. The religion split apart; instead of a religion that believed in seven benevolent gods, there became seven religions that believed in one all-powerful god. The kingdoms were driven apart, and the gods began to abandon them. In the days of the present, there was not war, yet there was not peace. There was constant, unending tension between the seven kingdoms, having stood from the start. These seven kingdoms were Gul, Ria, Ulux, Vaa, Perus, Ceda, and Vini. All seven had different problems, and all seven were in complete disarray. The only thing stopping the kingdoms from war was their own affairs that kept them tied down. However, the brink of war eventually became more than just a worry and rumor; it became a looming threat. As Perus began to build its army up to be better and stronger than ever, Vini showed equal dedication to building an army in response to Perus, with Ria’s tensions towards the kingdoms heating to a boiling point and Gul, Ulux and Vaa hoping to take some glory for themselves. Even Ceda, long believed to be the most peaceful of the kingdoms, seemed ready for a fight. Only one issue stops the seven kingdoms from starting their war, one that cropped up only a couple of months ago yet made a name for themselves; a band of pirates, thieves, bandits, rogues, the list of insults towards this band of misfits went on. They were like a buzzing fly around the close-knit continent, distracting the kingdoms from turning to war. But they were not as malevolent as many would think; on the contrary, they may be the only ones left in the world who realize how grim things truly are. This is their story; the tale of the travelling band known as Virtuous. ------ Hello and welcome to Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions! My name is Cole and this will be my first time GMing a FEF. I will be providing a link to the FEF handbook below, though keep an eye out afterwards for changes I will make! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any of our more experienced members! World Map Religion and Kingdoms Gameplay Changes The handbook we are using can be found here! General Skills Class Changes New Classes The Players When creating a character, when marking their name you will also come up with a codename for them to be referred to during missions to preserve secrecy of their identity. Codenames are generally short one word names, usually nouns, sometimes adjectives. They can be a word that means something special to your character, or just something they came up with out of thin air. Codenames will be marked in parenthesis next to the character’s name on their sheets. You also have the option of a biography at the bottom of your character’s sheet; as long as you PM me their backstory, you have the option of not putting in a biography, putting in one while omitting certain parts of it, or putting in everything about the character. It’s all optional, and will not have an effect on your character getting in as long as I know their full biography. We will be starting in Trainee classes. Before you post your character sheet, please DM your sheets and character backstory to me on Discord or PM me on Reborn (though I will be much faster on Discord). Art Gallery
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