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Found 1 result

  1. A letter arrives on the bus: “Dear Dimensional Troubleshooters, An mutual acquaintance of ours has suggested you might be able to deal with a little spot of trouble that’s come up in my home universe. You see, an amateur necromancer has gotten himself some actual magic. It’s not a big problem as of yet, but if left unattended it could become so. Unfortunately, I find myself occupied dealing with an incursion by the Dread Dormammu and his Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth. I hear you have a specialist in such matters? Any assistance you might render would be greatly appreciated. I have it on good authority he will be attending the horror convention Necronomicomicon this year in New York City, and I have arranged with our mutual friend, Doctor Ebon, for some reinforcements to arrive at about the same time as you. The amulet enclosed should teleport you to the outskirts of the convention area, in a relatively low profile place. Yours, Doctor Stephan Strange, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth 42” Freya, of course, leaps onto the chance to help sway a novice necromancer from the path of evil. Aquila tags along to protect Freya, and possibly to smack some zombies around if it comes to that. Alan… Well, it’s been a while since he attended a con, and there should be plenty of chances to stock up on electronics in a modern city. The three get dropped into what Alan comfortably recognizes as a city alleyway along with his van, presumably in the Big Apple. A mix of people dressed in casual, modern clothes and people in elaborate costumes throng the streets, which are free of cars. A lot of people are dressed as some kind of undead creature or other horrifying monster, and a fair number more as other sorts of fantastical or medieval folk. However, thanks to Freya’s knowledge, it’s not hard to tell that there aren’t any actual undead out there. And as outlandish as the group appears, even with Alan’s drones, the group will fit right in, though the Sectopod and van might be a bit much. On the street outside, there’s a wide variety of stores, the highlights of which are a JC Penny’s, a Radioshack, an Apple Store, a Dick’s Sporting Goods, an Official Marvel Comics Bookstand, and the entrance to an expansive-looking mall. Over the mall entrance, a banner is hung, letters painted to be dripping green ooze: “Welcome to NECRONOMICOMICON!” ---------------------------------------------------------------- Thunderlord and Scout find themselves in a different alley on the same street, having each been given a copy of a somewhat different letter. “Dear Thunderlord/Scout Skipper, You may not have heard of me, but I’ve heard very good things about you. My name is Doctor Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme of this universe, and I have been placed in a very difficult situation. You see, there is a novice sorcerer in this area, and he will get up to some rather irreversible mischief to himself and others unless he is dealt with. And I cannot deal with it myself, as the Dread Dormammu is attempting to breach this plane, and while I might be a master of the mystic arts, I haven’t figured out how to be in two places at once yet. I apologize for the rude method of conveyance, but time is of the essence and I don’t believe you would refuse. You aren’t alone here; I have arranged for some allies to arrive at about the same time as yourself. Look for a witch, an armored knight, and a man in a clown mask. Sincerely, and with apologies, Doctor Stephan Strange, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth 42” As the pair finishes reading, a young woman peeks down the alley. She’s tall and slender, of Native American descent, with dark hair, dark eyes, and well-tanned skin. She’s wearing weathered blue jeans, a T-shirt of the classic Creature from the Black Lagoon movie poster, and a belt with a chunky buckle displaying an X inside of a circle. A lanyard with a convention pass hangs around her neck, and a hawk feather sticks out of her hair, over her left ear. “Hello in there? Pardon me for saying it, but you two seem lost. A bit out of place, even for a big, cosplay-heavy con like this one,” She steps into the alley and strides over to the pair, before continuing in a quieter voice, “I’ve seen dimensional travelers before, and you’ve both got the classic signs. Hey, you can trust me, I’m a superhero. Or I will be once I turn eighteen. Also an empath, so I know you won’t rat me out. Danielle Moonstar. Pleased to meet you.”
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