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Found 5 results

  1. Left 4 Dead Mafia: You do not need to have played, nor have any knowledge of, the Left 4 Dead series to play this game. The general goal for this game is for the Survivors (Mafia faction) to eliminate/wipe out the Infected (Town faction), and vice versa for the Infected. There are no third party roles in the setup this time around, but the general player count can accommodate as little as 15 people and a maximum of 18. The Survivors need to equal or outnumber the Infected to win, and the Infected need to eliminate every Survivor. This game starts on Night 0. What is Mafia? (Credits to Dive!) Opening Narrative pls don't read this Factions Roles Rules & Server Invite Zombies1. Bok as the Jockey. [Lynched D4]2. Aldo as Ellis. [Lynched D5]3. Drago as the Tank. [Survived the Infection]4. Astra as the Charger. [Survived the Infection]5. Boat as the Boomer. [Lynched D3]6. Lía as the Witch. [Survived the Infection]7. AL as the Uncommon Infected. [Lynched D2]8. Bean as Coach. [Lynched D1]9. Amine as the Charger. [Shot D5] > Amine as Zoey. [Shot D5]10. Seal as a Common Infected. [Survived the Infection]11. Lykos as a Common Infected. [Killed N2] 12. Nick Crash as the Smoker. [Killed N1] 13: Ali as the Spitter. [Killed N2] 14. Nano as a Common Infected. [Gun backfired D1]15. Newt as Nick. [Died N5]16. Arch as ??? [Killed N4] > Arch as a Common Infected. [Killed N4]17. Fali as a Common Infected. [Killed N3] 18. Kiet as the Hunter. [Shot D1] (Juror A: L’Belle) (Juror B: Candy) Please make sure to tell me if you are signing up as a Juror or Player. Make my life easier!
  2. Hello everybody, guess what game finally got off the queue? That’s right! Mine! So the general idea behind Vendetta mafia is an uneasy coalition. It’s a staple of mafia that not everyone who works with you, and an uneasy truce might have to be formed to win. That uneasy bond is the crux of this game. Can you truly trust your allies? What is Mafia(Credits to Dive) Opening Factions Roles Players 1: Bean 2: Drago 3: Newt 4: Nano 5: Jelly 6: Anti 7: Astra 8: Arch 9: Nicki 10: Lykos 11: Aldo 12: Bok 13: Bazaro- Nurse 14: Sopheria 15: Kiet- Cop 16: Candy
  3. In a town in a place very fary away, a host prepares a mafia game but his computer is experiences weird blackouts causing vital game data to be lost The host despite the many errors puts the game in sign ups anyway, no way any important data was lost right? Hide contents Mafia is a social deduction game which requires analyzing, cooperation, and looking through lies. There are two main factions in a mafia game: the Uninformed Majority [Town], who have to find others of their kind while hunting for the mafia, and the Informed Minority [Mafia], who have a private chat and plan there on how they should trick the town and whom they should kill. At the beginning of the game, players receive a channel in the discord with their role and alignment. There are two major phases in a Mafia game: (1) The Day Phase – Typically lasting 48 hours , players use this opportunity to discuss about several things, which may include the outcome of the previous phases, behavior of players, and flow of the game; the ultimate goal in the day phase is for the Town players to find the Mafia slowly while Mafia players have to blend in carefully. Before the day ends, players must vote for a player whom they want to be eliminated on grounds of suspicion and the player receiving the most votes will be eliminated. (Or in this case, executed.) (2) The Night Phase – Typically lasting 24 hours, the thread is considered “locked” at this point and players may not comment at all. Instead, players with night actions, special abilities related to their role, may use these to aid their faction. The Mafia also discusses in the private chat on whom to dispose of. The game continues until one of the major factions attains their win condition or unless it is no longer possible.  The role list Hide contents unfortunately most of this data has been lost, but I can tell you there are 3 mafia and 1 third party The Rules Hide contents 1. You must vote every day, its majority lynch, if people are tied in votes everyone will be lynched 2. editing posts, editing is discouraged, if its a minor edit to fix your grammar that's okay, anything else you must make a new post 3. all major discussion is done here, mafia can talk in their chat at any time 4. be respectful to everyone involved 5. sharing of roles in dms or pms may result in a mod kill Exclusive Blackout Rules There are 14 people in this game 1. Anti loser 2. Bean 3. Drago 4. Kiet 5. Lykos 6. Nicki 7. Caimie 8. Corso 9. Sopheria 10. Alistair 11. Astra 12. Hanyu 13. Bok 14. Lia
  4. Find the Reborn Mafia Discord server at: https://discord.gg/reK2yFc Greetings everyone, and welcome to the brand new Reborn Mafia Club! This club is dedicated to play, communication and otherwise friendly interaction between the members of our little mafia community. The mafia games are typically hosted on this forum (currently in the Onyx Arcade, though discussions are still ongoing). We also have a queue system running to regulate and organize games; we may currently host 2 mafia games at the same time. Moreover, our Discord server is home to all sorts of conversations, content/information sharing, and otherwise fun shenanigans! Please feel free to follow the link right above and meet us there. Reborn Mafia welcomes everyone, from experienced players to beginners to mysterious travelers who merely wish to drop by and say hi! We are not just a mafia community; we are first and foremost a group of individuals who wish to create a nice and friendly place for everyone to feel right at home. All the forum rules obviously apply here. Other than that, we primarily follow the rules of respect, tolerance and kindness~ We are eager to meet you and embark with you on a grand journey made of friendship, surprises, deception (what?), cookies* and mysteries**! *provided our talented chefs are available to bake some **warning, the degree of mystery is not contractually guaranteed
  5. Civilian Specials: Saphira - Can pardon any lynch, Gets an all seeing investigation every 3 nights starting Night 2 Charlotte - Gets a hit every even night. Cain - Gets an Investigation every odd night Anna - Knows the identity of Noel, Gets a protection every night until successfully protecting someone. (Does not kill Anna) Noel - Knows the identity of Anna, may send a PM through me to any player they want (may not directly discuss their identity or Anna's) MAFIA - (Mafia as a whole, by default gets one hit per night) Lin - Immune to investigations (Except all-seeing), Gets one unblockable hit that can be used any night. Solaris - On odd nights he may remove one players vote from the vote count and select a player to be silenced the following day. (meaning that player may only vote, as many times as they please, but not talk) Sirius - Gets an investigation every even night Aster - Gets a roleblock each odd night Other: Shade - Wins by surviving until the end of the game, will be given an investigation each night and in odd nights will get a random power to give to ANY player of his choice. Civillians without powers: Citizens of Reborn 0. Read all the rules. 1. Stay active. Failure to vote for two consecutive days will result in death. Plain and simple. 2. No talking during Nighttime. I will give a small grace period in case you are typing something out, but just don't risk it. 3. Once you die, you are allowed to have one post. Don't post ANYTHING to do with gameplay. Bad things will happen to your team if you try to pull any shenanigans. 4. Don't edit or delete posts. Insta-death and your team will suffer. (This one can not be proven for sure on this forum but consider it the same, if concrete evidence that you have edited a post arises, you'll severely hurt your team. You can't take back what you said in real life) 5. Players cannot communicate with others through any medium other than this thread unless you are specifically allowed to. 6. In the event of a tie there will be an overtime period. If there is still a tie a coin flip will determine the lynch. 7. I will not accept any votes if they aren't in BOLD YELLOW TEXT. No exceptions. 8. Once the voting cutoff time comes, all votes are frozen. No other votes will be counted after this time. If the cutoff time ends at :00, voted marked :00 will NOT be counted. 9. If you believe I have made a mistake, or have been unfair, PM me. 10. Don't post PMs. No exceptions. Think of it as plagiarism, even if you slightly alter my words, it's still against the rules. If you aren't sure, PM me. 11. I reserve the right to change/add rules at any time I see fit. You will be notified if this happens. 12. Keeping an updated vote count will make me happy. 13. You may submit moves before night if you won't be around. ORDER OF MOVES: 1. Lynch 2. Meteor Hit 3. Meteor and Reborn Powers (Simultaneously) Sign Ups 5. Rosesong 7. Zephyr 11. Sir_Bagel 12. Azery --> ExLink 14. Secundum --> Sparky 15. Jelly DEAD: 16. Nova (Police Chief) Meteor Hit Night 1 8. Sparky (Charlotte) Lynched Day 1 6. Murdoc (Archie) Meteor Hit Night 2 3. Sheep (Lin) Lynched Day 3 2. ExLink (Saphira) Hit Night 3 9. Felix (Victoria) Lynched Day 4 4. Hukuna (Maxie) Meteor Hit Night 4 17. Chimchain (Solaris) Lynched Day 5 13. Hilda (Anna) Meteor Hit Night 5 10. Neo --> Snap Crackle Pop (Citizen of Reborn) Lynch Day 6 1. Tacos (Citizen of Reborn) Meteor Hit Night 6 Ratio is 3:2:1
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