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Found 1 result

  1. Mafia Mafia Mafia Yep, that’s right! This is a mafia game about our mafia players inside a mafia game. You will never see the 4th Wall be so broken as it will be in this game! Welcome, fellow citizens of Reborn Mafia! Or for some others that might be reading this, I don't know. Anyways, finally! The game you all have been waiting for, maybe you don't know this, but I assure you, you've been waiting for, has arrived! Let's get down to business! I just found this new cool feature called "Page", so click "Next" to go to the next page, and be sure you read everything! The Plot Do you know that cliche shonen animes where the characters get teleported to another dimension/place? Oh, you find them boring? Well, too bad, because that’s what just happened to all of you, or better, that’s what will happen when you sign up. Welcome, fellow mafia players, to the Newt Island! Yes, I gave this island my name, I know, I know, I'm very creative. Well, I’ll just jump the boring parts and explain what really matters. Well, I've been wanting to host a game for a long time, but I wanted to do something more fun. So I thought “Hey, why don’t I teleport them all to a island and make them kill each other irl?!” And here we are! The Alignments Do I really need to explain this? Well, I guess if I don’t then my game won't be accepted. Town: Uninformed majority. They have to work together in order to defeat the mafia. They win when all threats are eliminated. Mafia: Informed minority. They win when they equal half of the players alive. Third, Fourth, Fifth... Party(ies): These people have their own win conditions. All of them must also be eliminated for town to win. Well, but as you know me, I don’t like easy games. ALIGNMENTS WON’T BE REVEALED UPON DEATH. This will require even bigger deduction and investigating skills from you. But don’t worry, when Day 4 starts, I’ll reveal to you how many of each alignment are still alive, and I’ll update the list at the start of each consecutive day. I know, I know. I'm such a good and kind host. The Roles Lol, did you really think I would reveal the roles to you? Nice try. Well, all I will say is that roles doesn’t exist here. You will be you, duh. But I thought that giving you some powers would make the game interesting, so yeah, your ability will be determined by me! And possibly by whoever balances this game out, if I make your abilities too much overpowered. Another thing: Anyone can be any alignment, I will ask help to the Dice God for this. So while your abilities are pre-determined, your alignment is not. Abilities are revealed upon death. The Rules 1] The Reborn Forum rules apply here. 2] Player discussion is to be kept in the thread; mandated private chats may also be utilised. Talking about the game in anywhere but the thread is not allowed. 3] The day phase lasts for 48 real hours, and players are required to make at least 2 posts and vote each day phase. Failure to meet any requirements for 2 day phases, consecutive or otherwise, will result in replacement or mod intervention. 4] Please use [Eliminate] Player Name (or any similar format) to vote for a lynch. Make my life easier and place them in bold, otherwise I may miss them. You are required to vote every day, and the person with the most votes will get lynched. 4a] In the event of a tie, no one is lynched. 4b] During day one (where the game starts), you may choose to abstain instead of lynching. If half or more of the players abstain, no one is lynched. 5] The night phase lasts for 24 real hours. The thread is considered “locked” and players cannot comment during this time. Violating this rule once results in a warning, and you will be disqualified if you do so a second time. No exceptions. 6] Sharing role PMs or any game-breaking information -- via screenshots, verbatim/copying, or any other form -- to other players is not permitted. Consequences will be given to violators. 7] If you are eliminated, either by being killed or lynched, you are allowed to have one final post. This post is not to include any game breaking information or anything that may give an unfair advantage to a faction. 8] All actions, day or night, are to be sent in your individual channels in the server, however you can also DM them to me if that is easier for you. 8a] Please let me know if you wish to abstain from using your action. If you do not submit an action, I will assume that you are abstaining - however, this will go down as inactivity. 9] Try not to edit your posts. Minor corrections are fine, however new additions should be made in a separate post. 10] Respect the host and other players. Have fun! Credits goes to Nicki or to whoever wrote them first. TO THE GAME! Please, use this link to join the game's discord: https://discord.gg/8rDE48J And let me know if it expires. Player list:
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