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Found 31 results

  1. I'm trying to back track and fight members of Culvier clan. Specifically I'm trying to find Mercury who is found in the Aqua Building, but I am unable to locate it. Either I'm blind or it doesn't exist. Can someone post a screen shot and or tell me it location? Edit: Never mind I literally found it right after I posted this.
  2. So i just went to the past again and was on my way to hiyoshi city for the first time with lady anju etc when i went into the manor on the way and met the purple haired girl who had flashbacks about a doctor, who somehow took me back to the present and i cant get back to where i was supposed to be. Any help?
  3. Here's my team (I 'm new and I don't know where to find any good Pokemon so I'm stuck with the scraps): -Teddiursa lv. 25 -Noibat lv. 25 -Grotle lv. 26 -Kricketune lv. 28 -Stunky lv. 28 -Minun lv. 21 (I only used it once, and that was to get past Taka's stupid Chatot the first time, and it only BARELY worked) Is there a way to somehow beat these 2 with this terrible team or am I going to have to rethink this? I'm kind of new to reborn (I've only been playing for 2ish days irl) and this is my first playthrough so I have no idea where I could find any good TMs, and the Pokemon in my team aren't premeditated at all and are based solely on availability. What should I do to win this impossible battle? I barely got past Taka the first time (I got completely ruined by his overpowered Chatot and it took me 7 tries to beat him, and that was only after I got lucky and managed to take his Chatot out with a completely untrained Minun.) Can someone help me please?
  4. Can anyone tell me on how to get an EXP share because the one i had that i got from the women in Spinel City i gave it to my Luxray but i forgot to take it away before i used him for Type: Null, and i didn't realize it after i caught him. So can anyone tell me how to get another one or is there another way i would really appreciate it.
  5. I'm at the part where Taka talks about his family and after that I lost to the two cultists. Now the water level is up and I can't progress.here is my save data please help Game.rxdata
  6. Hello I have a problem with my rejuvenation save file. The point I'm at in my game is right when Ren, Renia, Huey, and the protagonist exit the dark cave and enter into the desert. I went to go mine the glowing rocks on a cliff south of the exit and I was talking to it and before I could click yes to mine it my game crashed. I rebooted the game several time but I am unable to move. The Mandibuzz are still flying and I'm able to soft reset, but unable to move.
  7. hello I am new here so go easy on me. I have this problem when I go into a battle my EVs go into the negative I think it because of my mods. but I move them out of my game and it still doing it. is there a way to fix this or is there a patch out there that I have not seen yet. I hope there is a way to fix this I really don't want to delete this save I am really far into the game. thank you and I hope you guys can help me.
  8. So I'm up to date with Rejuvenation v11, but facing the idea of going to a new episode, I've been thinking of improving my team, even through it has taken me to where I am with frankly not a lot of rotations. What I have now is this: Those four are relatively fixed, they've been with me a long time and I know how I can use them around. Now, the troubles are with the other two spots on the team: Now I'm using a Shiftry (Feint Attack, Aerial Ace, Leaf Blade, Nature Power) and a Frosslass (Frost Breath, Ominous Wind, Blizzard and Shadow Ball), rotating with a Golurk with a build with Dynamic Punch and EQ, but I've thought that my team is very offensive and that I would need some walling/stalling presence: The potential candidates would be: - Dual Screens or Cosmic Power Clefable (Typing, Ability, recovering option on softboiled and lore as I want to keep a magical theme) - Eviolite! Dusclops or Dusknoir for Will o'wisp, Pain Spilt and PP Stalling (they look like a solid option and PP-stalling could work, maybe?) - Walling Cofagrigus, with Mummy but a symilar strategy to Duscops-Dusknoir before, or Spiritomb with a similar idea (I'm not sure since I've got no idea if Spiritomb is available for now or its quest is still bugged I just caught Spiritomb so it's in again (?)) - Something like Jellicent to also cover the Water typing, or Mandibuzz (I always forget to take a flying mon to move around) So, yes, I'm a little lost here, so I would be grateful to any help I could get.
  9. All my pokemon fainted after losing to d-rift garbador in the distorted path. I was having a character sprite issue before my game just kept freezing after the script forced me to run into a wall and not start the re-battle with d-rift garbador. Help would really be appreciated but I can probably wait and see if the error is fixed in v12. I'm stuck at this spot and only auto save and quick save will work. I can't bring up the main menu or move from this spot. Before I got permanently stuck I re-battled a few times and this happened every time. ( I never saved before the fight like a fool so I had to keep retrying, getting stuck, reloading the game, the list repeats here ) In addition to this my pokemon's sprites keep disappearing every now and then and my character sprite keeps changing if I go back to Gearan and then back to West Gearan and heal at the pokemon center. This is V11.3 and before I was able to see my character's cute outfit change but I'm stuck with the default outfit now because it keeps bugging out.
  10. So I was battling the D-Rift Garbodor for the second time (in the passageway by the security in east gearen city sewers) and I ended up blacking out, and re-spawned by the healing machine. I go back into the passageway to re-battle the Garbodor and my character automatically walks up to the wall nearby, and keeps trying to walk, and you just here the nudging noise, and its a constant action doing it by itself and I can go to the menu, or steer out of it, and now its just stuck there... HELP? I've sunk way too many hours into this game to call it quits. I'll attach an image of what it looks like, and my Game.rxdata if I can figure out how lol. Game.rxdata
  11. Hello! Does anybody know were to get Aquamarine Ore?
  12. so i got that error message while the area transition effect was happening in pokemon rejuvenation. any help?
  13. Can someone help me I'm at the Fire Gym and it glitch out on me. Because someone walked to the side. I saved the game but when I turned it back on the person was in front of me and I can't get through someone please help me.
  14. I just finished copying the contents of the e18 sandbox into my data folder of episode 18 however when i start the game.exe folder the message shows me that this mod is made for ep18 and no longer available for the older versions. Is it happening because i still have the episode 17 reborn in my comp? maybe the saved file paths are the same soo its causing this error? please help
  15. So i can not give back lodred to lilit i not sure but maybe the problemi is becouse now loudred is became explode . So if this is the problem what can i do?!
  16. Hi, so there's something that has been bothering me so much, but I haven't seen anyone talk about it probably because a lot of people don't have the setup I have. But basically my situation is that for some strange reason, I tried to use Charm on Geara's Krookodile in Terajuma Jungle with my Prankster Meowstic, but it keeps failing. The thing is that this is not the first time this has happened. I think the last time it happened, I still used my Prankster Meowstic, but it was in a different terrain and with a different trainer (I think it might've been with Madelis in Blacksteeple Castle). I ruled out terrain since I get the same result from different fields. It couldn't have been some hidden immunity and passive move because no such thing was up. I'm wondering if this is a glitch or if this was intentional, and if it is a glitch, how do I fix this? I hope someone can help because other than grinding up my pokes to the level cap, I don't see an easy way to beat Geara with the team I have. Plus, I am recording videos of this on Youtube, and I don't have time during the week to record. I'll probably find some way to beat Geara, but I feel that this problem will come up again later on. Also, funny thing, Charm worked perfectly on his Persian, so I don't know why it didn't work for Krookodile. And again, none of this pokemon has moves that negates stats drops, nor did he ever use such a move. If he had a seed (which he didn't), I would've seen it go off, but nothing like that happened. Hoping someone can answer this. Thanks for the help!
  17. I was doing the Type: Null sidequest and I accidentally left my EXP share on the unfeazant and now it's gone. I'm not trying to grind the lottery for hours on end either. Can somebody edit me in an EXP share? (I also would like eviolite but if you don't want to edit that in I get it ) Game.rxdata
  18. Originally posted on Reborn City and then realized that wasn’t the place for this.
  19. I was trading with a friend to evolve his phantump and my Ampharos just straight up disappeared! My friend and I were screen sharing so I know he's not messing with me. If someone could like code my ampharos back that would be great, He was level 32 (training for shelly) with Mild Nature Thunder Wave Thunder Punch Electric Terrain Confuse Ray Please and thanks! game.rxdata
  20. 1. During a couple of events, I use the Screen Flash effect and it works just fine when the game window is small or medium size, the problem comes up when I switch to a large screen size and then the flash effect only appears in the top left of the screen. Its distracting and I need to know if there is a way to make it scale to proper size. 2. This one is simpler, I want to know how to make an item do the same thing as an Ice gem in the scripts. The Item is defined in the PBS files, but I don't know where in the scripts the Gems are all defined. Thanks for any help and if you need clarification just ask ( first time trying to explain a problem like this. )
  21. So my team keep dying over and over, and it's driving me nuts! I'd like some help swapping some pokemon to make the team more balanced. I've got: Lycanroc - opener/stealth rock setter Greninja - physical sweeper Nidoking - special sweeper Noivern - special sweeper Accelgor - revenge killer Talonflame - revenge killer Any help is appreciated!
  22. So I'm so pissed at fucking Neved with his overleveled pokemon is kicking my ass right now. (I am at where you fight alongside Aelita vs Neved in Blacksteeple Castle.) I get that Jan (or whoever setup this battle on dev team) balanced it to make him this strong because he's using less mons, but really Aelita is hit or miss with her underleveled mons that almost always get 1 shotted by everything, so really she isn't all that helpful. And I fully EV trained plenty of mons yet all of them seem seriously underpowered compared to his team. I've gotten him down to his Barbaracle (last mon) a few times, but by that time it's just me (Aelita's mons are all dead) and I get whatever mons I have left deleted by that fucking thing. The whole thing feels ridiculously controlled by luck. A stray high roll on damage or crit for Neved can easily fuck me over...and it's time to reset and DAMMIT I HAVE TO FIX IT BACK TO FULL SCREEN EVERY FUCKING TIME BECAUSE THAT RESETS TO SMALL SCREEN WHEN I DO THAT FOR WHATEVER REASON. *sigh of annoyance and exasperation* I didn't want to have to do this, but I've come to the internet for help. So please, I would really appreciate if anyone would be willing to help me figure out a way to get past this practically cheating fuck. Maybe I'm trying to beat him from the wrong angle, or maybe I am using bad mons, or maybe I just suck I don't know. But I've got this far without help so I'd like to believe I have some idea of what I'm doing. I am on the Reborn (Normal) Difficulty BTW, not Easy or Intense.
  23. For some reason, I'm unable to move up or down in the menus. By using the up/down keys on my laptop, it will instead page up/down, allowing me to only get into the Pokedex or exit the game entirely. This doesn't happen when I'm doing other things like selecting a new pokemon during battle and doing puzzles. I'm currently stuck in Obsidia as I can't reach my bag to teach a pokemon the TMX Cut to progress. This also disallows me from reaching the controls panel (let alone navigating it). Is there any way to fix this? Side note: I used this forum prior to this post and found someone in a similar situation. The advice was to restart the computer/laptop, and it worked for that individual, but the problem persists for me.
  24. Hi I am supposed to fight Angie in Kristiline town, but I left the town before I upgraded to v11 and now I can't find my way back to the town. Teila Resort looks completely different now and I have looked all over but I haven't been able to find a way which leads to Kristiline town. Does anyone know where I need to go?
  25. Alright guyz so I have defeated the Psychic gym in Grand Dream City and am readying to leave the city.Was thinking of doing some side quests and stuff.I had heard you get a tynamo in judicial area of grand dream city so I switched on thunderstorm in the area but no Tynamo in sight?Is tynamo removed or switched to some other area or do I have to reach further ahead in story?Also when do we unlock the Grand dream city Help centre??
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