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Found 35 results

  1. Hello all! Are you having a tough time with a Gym Leader? In this thread you can ask for help from your fellow Reborn players as to how to best go about getting over that hump. Please fill out the below information to the best of your ability so that we can know what you have at your disposal. (Format optional) [[Leader you are facing]] --Your current team-- [species] | [Level] [Hold Item] [Ability] [Nature] - Move 1 - Move 2 - Move 3 - Move 4 ((Do this for each of your 6 current party members)) ---- --Other Pokemon you have in your PC-- [species] | [Level] ---- Additional useful info such as money available, items you currently may have if they're relevant etc. (This is completely optional) Hopefully with the advice you get here, you can conquer your enemy and progress forward on your quest!
  2. Whenever I try to start my game, it appears as a black screen and closes in about 10 seconds. I have tried redownloading, restarting my computer, adding to the the DEP list, using other mirrors, and running as administrator. Nothing is working and it said that it has 'Incompatible programming" once when it actually gave a crash report, and I was able to open it once but when I closed it I haven't been able to open it since. Please help me!
  3. Hiya so newish player here. I've been playing Rejuvenation on my Mac using Wine for the past couple of weeks. Well, I'm an idiot and updated to OS X Catalina so now Wine isn't supported and I cannot play Rejuvenation anymore. I'm heartbroken because I don't want to lose my save data- I love all of the pokemon I've caught so far! Since I'm on Mac, there's no outside folder that holds my save data- the only related file is my LastSave.dat Earlier I tried to zip up my Rejuvenation file, send it to my Windows Bootcamp partition and play from there, but when I started up the game, there was no previous save file, I could only start a new game :( I'm at a loss here, I'm not sure what I can do. Any help is appreciated! And to any other Mac users out there- DON'T UPDATE TO CATALINA IF YOU WANT TO KEEP PLAYING. I've also attached my zipped Rejuvenation folder below on the hopes that it'll help Rejuvenation-V12.zip
  4. Yo guys, i somehow managed to lose my xp share i think it was during type null quest. Is there someone out there that wants to show me how to trade me my xp share from an old backed up file back tino my recent save file.
  5. I sold the "rare candy" from behind that mining rock near the entrance to Elias' cult on 7th street before I knew I could use it to get Piplup. Is there any way I could get another one, or is that it?
  6. So I was battling the D-Rift Garbodor for the second time (in the passageway by the security in east gearen city sewers) and I ended up blacking out, and re-spawned by the healing machine. I go back into the passageway to re-battle the Garbodor and my character automatically walks up to the wall nearby, and keeps trying to walk, and you just here the nudging noise, and its a constant action doing it by itself and I can go to the menu, or steer out of it, and now its just stuck there... HELP? I've sunk way too many hours into this game to call it quits. I'll attach an image of what it looks like, and my Game.rxdata if I can figure out how lol. Game.rxdata
  7. Hello! I'm making this in order to ask if it's possible to consider newer Shiny palettes for some Pokémons (Ditto and Unnown still have their standard ones) and, if possible, different ones for existing forms already (for instance, Flygon can be taken as an example). Either this, or if it's possible to submit some of them. I know that the next episode might be the last one, and I think some people might want to contribute a little where possible, if possible For instance, I would definitely like to submit a different artwork for Shiny Ditto. The usual palette is plain boring to me.
  8. Hello Reborn community. If this is a duplicate thread for Pokemon Full Moon, sorry then and do with this what you would like. I was just looking for fangames and I happened about this one and it looks really cool and interesting but I don't see any information about it here so i made this thread to see what others might think about the concept. http://pokemonmoonversion.webs.com/ is the link if you want to check it out. OLD LINK DEAD!! http://esteban20000.wix.com/pokemonfullmoon new link WORKS It's about a story from the perspective of Luna. Feel free to check the website for more information. Thanks for checking this thread out and can't wait to see what you think about it. EDIT: EPISODE 6 released very recently and is up to gym 8 now. Have a great night.
  9. Hello everyone! I wanted to do either a Pokemon X/Y or a Pokemon Soul Silver Random Nuzlocke but will need an emulator to do so. I would really like to be able to play the game through regularly with only slight modifications. I would like to have the option to randomize at the beginning as well as the option for trade evolutions to occur naturally for pokemon through leveling up. Does anyone have any good recommendations for this?? One that wont put a virus on my laptop? Please and thank you!
  10. I'm want to make my own trainer sprite for reborn and other fangames, but I don't know how. Would any experienced spriters please consider telling me a thing or two about spriting, or link to some tutorials about spriting for trainers?
  11. So I am thinking to put mega sharpedo in my team I have gotten to know where the mega stone is but I was wondering that I don’t have the mega ring yet and I do not know where it is can someone help me plz
  12. Hello friends, ive seen myself comming back to amarias gym countless of times and diving in there while studying as i find the theme playing very relaxing and soothing. I know the theme itself is called Ten Carat Hill Remix and is made by GlitchXCity. But the ingame version is playing at a very slowed down pace, and i cant find this version of it anywhere, in the games music i located the "mirage theme" unfortunately its playing at the same speed that glitch's version does. And im beginning to find it annoying to open up the game just for this, any ideas? Ps sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, its been some time since i used rebornevo.
  13. Hey there, this is my first post in the Forum (my first post is a help request T_T), i don't know if this thread is in the right place or there already is a help thread so i'm sorry. Anyway, as the title says i'm having difficulty at the battle with Ren at Narcissa's gym. I'm not having so much trouble with the first pokémons (actually found a bit too easy), the great problem is that DAMN FROGRADIER THAT KEEP CHANGING TYPES AT EACH ATTACK, my entire team keeps getting wiped out in a few turns after Frogadier kicks in. My current team is: Level 35 Decidueye - Synthesis | Razor Leaf | Spirit Shackle | Pluck Level 35 Lycanroc - Rock Slide | Rock Tomb | Accelerock | Bite Level 29 Vivillon (Shiny) - Light Screen | Psybeam | Supersonic | Draining Kiss Level 32 Zigzagoon (HM Slave :/) - Covet | Rock Smash | Cut | Take Down Level 30 Solrock - Psychic | Cosmic Power | Psywave | Rock Slide Level 34 Mightyena - Roar | Embargo | Assurance | Scary Face
  14. I used him 2times to easy mode once to normal mode in total 3 After defeating the ghost type gym he is gone I want to turn it back to normal help plz
  15. hey guyz kind of needed some help with my team i currently have my team as Greninja Charizard Haxorous Gengar Sylveon Magnezone i needed some suggestion what i can change ain my team to make it better i kind of wanted to use lucario instead of magnezone any views would be appreciated ..i have completed the game sooo any pokemons you wanna recommend
  16. Currently, I was working on the Skyway puzzle within the pyramid as a part of the main story. Started off completely fine, however, when I reached a certain point, I can no longer use any key to switch characters. I remain stuck as the Main Character, with nowhere to go. I've tried multiple different methods to solve this, but to no avail. Please, help me out! I love this game and would be devastated if this bug prevented me from being able to play the game. Game.rxdata
  17. So I wanna do a playthrough where I am a pokemon I chose teddiursa and was wonder if someone could make me a running,diving,biking,etc. for it if you can please reply to me!
  18. I just beat Adam for the 13th badge and right before the Bladestar intermission happens the games says as the picture shows saves my game and then I close out and I don't how to fix it?
  19. So i just went to the past again and was on my way to hiyoshi city for the first time with lady anju etc when i went into the manor on the way and met the purple haired girl who had flashbacks about a doctor, who somehow took me back to the present and i cant get back to where i was supposed to be. Any help?
  20. I'm trying to back track and fight members of Culvier clan. Specifically I'm trying to find Mercury who is found in the Aqua Building, but I am unable to locate it. Either I'm blind or it doesn't exist. Can someone post a screen shot and or tell me it location? Edit: Never mind I literally found it right after I posted this.
  21. Here's my team (I 'm new and I don't know where to find any good Pokemon so I'm stuck with the scraps): -Teddiursa lv. 25 -Noibat lv. 25 -Grotle lv. 26 -Kricketune lv. 28 -Stunky lv. 28 -Minun lv. 21 (I only used it once, and that was to get past Taka's stupid Chatot the first time, and it only BARELY worked) Is there a way to somehow beat these 2 with this terrible team or am I going to have to rethink this? I'm kind of new to reborn (I've only been playing for 2ish days irl) and this is my first playthrough so I have no idea where I could find any good TMs, and the Pokemon in my team aren't premeditated at all and are based solely on availability. What should I do to win this impossible battle? I barely got past Taka the first time (I got completely ruined by his overpowered Chatot and it took me 7 tries to beat him, and that was only after I got lucky and managed to take his Chatot out with a completely untrained Minun.) Can someone help me please?
  22. Can anyone tell me on how to get an EXP share because the one i had that i got from the women in Spinel City i gave it to my Luxray but i forgot to take it away before i used him for Type: Null, and i didn't realize it after i caught him. So can anyone tell me how to get another one or is there another way i would really appreciate it.
  23. I'm at the part where Taka talks about his family and after that I lost to the two cultists. Now the water level is up and I can't progress.here is my save data please help Game.rxdata
  24. Hello I have a problem with my rejuvenation save file. The point I'm at in my game is right when Ren, Renia, Huey, and the protagonist exit the dark cave and enter into the desert. I went to go mine the glowing rocks on a cliff south of the exit and I was talking to it and before I could click yes to mine it my game crashed. I rebooted the game several time but I am unable to move. The Mandibuzz are still flying and I'm able to soft reset, but unable to move.
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