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Found 7 results

  1. This will be the same format as the one ShatteredSkys took over ever since Nickaboo left. For now, there will only be a column for Gen 1, then eventually we'll get to Gen 2. I just want this to be as accurate as possible. So let's get started. Please PM @Alex if the guide needs to be updated! Full Obtainable List: Gen 1: Gen 2: Gen 3: Gen 4: Gen 5: Gen 6: Gen 7:
  2. Hello everyone! This is an Episode 16-friendly guide for places to EV train your pokemon by stat, meant to expand upon and supplement Simon's Pokemon Reborn EV Training Guide V2 (Updated for Episode 15). If you're looking for a guide because you're thinking, "I want to EV train in Attack and Speed, if only I knew the best places to go..." then this is the place to find it. Additionally, I am not including training areas via headbutt, fishing, rock smash, etc. as they take far longer to grind than biking or surfing. And if you know of other good places, please contribute! PLEASE NOTE: IF AN AREA IS LABELED PRE-EPISODE 16, YOU DO NOT NEED A PREVIOUS EPISODE OF REBORN TO EXPLOIT IT. This simply means Reborn must be in its unrestored, pre-16 endgame state to utilize it. If you have not restored Reborn to its beautified state, ignore the following exploit and enjoy EV training as normal. If you have restored Reborn to its episode 16 beautified state, then use the following exploit to access the appropriately labeled (PRE-EPISODE 16) training areas: Simply use the Pokemon Center nearest the area you wish to EV train in (for example, if you want to train in the Pre-16 Team Aqua Hideout, first heal at the Lapis Ward Pokemon Center), then use a pokemon with TELEPORT to teleport to that pokemon center. Doing so will revert Reborn City to its broken, unrestored, PRE-16 state until you pass through a significant building. Don't worry when it reverts, Reborn will return to normal when you come back out of most buildings! (Also, this does not work for Mr. Seacrest's Garden. RIP best HP training spot.) If an area is labeled POST-EPISODE 16, that means Reborn must be restored per the events of episode 16 to access the area. HP: Attack: Defense: Sp. Attack: Sp. Defense: Speed: There are also a number of areas that predominantly yield only two EV types: HP + Attack HP + Speed HP + Defense HP + Sp. Attack Attack + Speed
  3. Good Morning everyone! Finished episode 18 for a long while now and i have had alot of time on my hands, so i decided to build a team that utilizes the Rainbow Field effect to its fullest potential (or at least what i believe to be) So im gonna post my current team here, their sets and the reasons why they are on the team and i want your honest opinions and feedback. Note: This is the best iteration of the team ive come up with after many days of testing in ep 17 sandbox mode, then breeding and ev training in episode 18 once i got the team that i felt was the best iteration. The Tank (Level 94) Aggron @Aggronite Ability: Sturdy (Filter after Mega) Nature: Careful IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 HP 252 Sp.Def 4 Atk Moves: Bulldoze, Heavy Slam, Ice Punch, Rock Slide This guy is the great wall of f****** china. Along with the support from rainbow empowered Wish (via Clefable) This thing does not die and hits like a bus. Very good for switching into poison types to protect the fairies on the team as well as tank Rock type attacks. Bulldoze is amazing coverage as well as utility for making enemy mons slower, giving my other mons the speed advantage. Ohm (Level 94) Electivire @Electrium Z Ability: Motor Drive Nature: Jolly IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 Atk 252 Spe 4 HP Moves: Wild Charge, Bulldoze, Ice Punch, Meditate This is the premier (yet unexpected) sweeper of my rainbow field team. This guy protects everyone on my team who is weak to electric type moves (and there are alot of them) while gaining a +1 boost in speed thanks to Motor Drive. Rainbow boosted Meditate makes abso-freaking-lutely no sense AT ALL, giving a +3 boost to Electivire's attack and turning him into a walking nuke. After that boost, there is nothing that this guy cannot kill in one hit and that shocked me during testing (excuse the lame pun) Gloxinia (Level 94) Togekiss @Choice Scarf Ability: Serene Grace Nature: Timid IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 SpAtk 252 Spe 4 HP Moves: Fly, Air Slash, Dazzling Gleam, Aura Sphere The rainbow field effect doubles the chances of added effects, and Togekiss' ability increases the chances of additional effects on top of that. Simply put: Air Slash = perma-flinch. As long as Togekiss is faster, then no questions asked. The enemy Pokemon WILL flinch. Aura Sphere gets boosted but the rainbow as well, so there are coverage options outside of perma-flinching. Astra (Level 94) Clefable @Magical Seed Ability: Magic Guard Nature: Bold IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 HP 252 Def 4 SpAtk Moves: Wish, Moonblast, Cosmic Power, Protect In the rainbow field, magic seed increases your SPAtk by one stage and gives you healing wish. In addition, one rainbow boosted cosmic power makes Clefable as tanky as (or even tankier than) Mega Aggron. The rainbow field also increases the healing effect of Wish to a ridiculous 75% of Max HP, combined with protect, this makes it a more effective healing method than Softboiled, since it can also heal other party members on switch-in. Moonblast gets a boost from the rainbow field as well, so in combination with the magical seed boost, Clefable can dish out ridiculous amounts of damage while receiving very little in return. Kitsune (Level 94) Ninetales @Heat Rock Ability: Drought Nature: Timid IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 SpAtk 252 Spe 4 HP Moves: Flamethrower, Solarbeam, Hypnosis, Will-o-Wisp The first part to creating the rainbow field effect. Ninetales is a great support for the rest of the team in form of Hypnosis and Will-O-Wisp. Because the rainbow field is a terrain, it means that sun and rain weather effects persist even after the field is created and can be refresh permanently as long as rain or sun is present on the field. This makes Ninetales a great offensive threat when sun is active because of a boosted Flamethrower and a first turn Solarbeam. Tefnut (Level 94) Pelipper @Damp Rock Ability: Drizzle Nature: Bold IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 HP 252 Def 4 Spe Moves: Tailwind, Surf, Icy Wind, Hurricane The final part to creating the rainbow field effect. Pelipper has great bulk and has fantastic supporting options with Tailwind and Icy Wind. For the same reasons as Ninetales, the weather effect it brings gives it offensive options in a rain boosted Surf and a 100% accurate STAB Hurricane, which gets its chance of confusion doubled in the rainbow field. Im seriously considering swapping someone out for a Primarina because of the combination of a rainbow AND rain boosted Sparkling Aria, as well as rainbow boosted Moonblast with Primarina's massive base 126 SpAtk stat...Heres the set im thinking of Primarina @Magical Seed Ability: Torrent Nature: Modest IVs: Maxed EVs: 252 SPAtk 252 Spe 4 HP Moves: Sparkling Aria, Moonblast, Icy Wind, Perish Song Tell me what you guys think and give me some feedback about changes in members, movesets etc. Have a great day
  4. Please don't post here. If you have any questions, or suggestions to improve the walkthrough, use this discussion thread. This walkthrough should include everything in the game up to Episode 17. If I missed anything, besides random items hiding on the ground, let me know in the discussion thread. I think the music plays a huge part in the enjoyment of this game. I've provided a link to the old episode's music. If you never heard it before, I strongly recommend trying it out. It makes a world of difference for me. Get the music here. ================================================================================= Table of Contents: Use Ctrl + F with the term after the dash to find what you are looking for Example: Put "Opal1" (without quotes) in the Ctrl + F box to jump to that section of the walkthrough ================================================================================= =================== Badge 1 - Peridot Ward =================== Lower Peridot Ward - Adventure Start Opal Ward - Opal1 Lower Peridot Ward - LPeri1 Peridot Ward - Peri1 Mosswater Factory - Moss1 Electric Gym - Badge01 ================== Badge 2 - Onyx Ward ================== Numel & Onix - Nunix Obsidia Ward - Obsidia1 South Obsidia Ward - SObsidia1 Obsidia Slums - OSlums1 Coral Ward - Coral1 TMX Cut - TMCut Pulse Tangrowth - Pulse1 Onyx Ward - Onyx1 Grass Gym - Badge02 ============================= Badge 3 - Beryl Ward & Lapis Ward ============================= Obsidia Park - Petilil1 Jasper Ward - Jasper1 Malchous Forest - Malch1 Beryl Ward - Beryl1 Rhodochrine Jungle - Rhodo1 Mystery Egg - Myst1 Poison Gym - Badge03 North Obsidia Ward - NObsidia1 Lapis Ward - Lapis1 Grand Stairway - GStair1 Bug Gym - Badge3.5 ======================== Badge 4 - Yureyu Power Plant ======================== Gang Leader Sidequest - GQuest1 Grand Stairway Return - GReturn1 Beryl Ward Cave - BCave1 Citrine Mountain - CMount1 Underground Railnet - URail1 Finding Scraggy - FScraggy1 Grand Hall - GHall2 Dr. Connal's Orphanage - Orphan1 Ghost Gym - Badge04 ========================== Badge 5 - Apophyll & Byxbysion ========================== Blacksteam Factory - BFact1 Apophyll Beach - ABeach1 Apophyll Cave - ACave1 Pyrous Mountain - PMount1 Fighting Gym - Badge05 Azurine Island - AIsland1 Apophyll Beach Return - AReturn1 Byxbysion Wasteland - BWaste1 Byxbysion Tunnels - BTunnels1 Poison Gym - Badge5.5 ================== Badge 6 - Spinel Town ================== Finding Misdreavus - FMisd1 Finding Squirtle - FSquirt1 Yureyu HQ - YHQ1 Underground Railnet - URail3 Tanzan Mountain - TMount1 Chrysolia Forest - CForest1 Spinel Town - STown1 Ice Gym - Badge06 =================== Badge 7 - Tanzan Cove =================== Spinel Pokemart - SPoke1 Tanzan Cove - TCove1 Team Meteor Base - TBase1 Tanzan Depths - TDepths1 Normal Gym - Badge07 ====================== Badge 8 - Vanhanen Castle ====================== Tanzan Cove - TCove2 South Aventurine Woods - SWoods1 Vanhanen Labyrinth - VLaby1 Citae Astrae - CAstrae1 Route 1 Puzzle - RPuzzle1 Celestinine Mountain B2F - CMount2 Psychic Gym - Badge08 ================= Badge 9 - Iolia Valley ================= Vanhanen Labyrinth - VLaby2 7th Street - 7Street1 Type Null - TNull1 Subseven Sanctum - SSanct1 Iolia Valley - IValley1 Dark Gym - Badge09 ============== Badge 10 - Circus ============== Point Of No Return - Warning1 Finding Solosis - FSolos1 Circus - Circus1 Route 2 - Route2 Ametrine Mountain 2F - AMount2 Celestinine Cascade - CCascade1 Fighting Badge - FBadge10 ===================== Badge 11 - Calcenon City ===================== TMX Surf - TMSurf Citrine Mountain - CMount3 Route 3 - Route3 Route 4 - Route4 Calcenon City - CCity1 Fire Gym - Badge11 ==================== Badge 12 - Glitch World ==================== Calcenon City - CCity2 Pulse Battle - Pulse3 Ametrine City - ACity1 Blake Battle - Blake1 Glitch World - GWorld1 Ground Gym - Badge12 ============================= Badge 13 - Water Treatment Center ============================= Optional Pokemon - OPoke1 Water Treatment Center - WTC1 Battle At Celestinine Cascade - BACC1 Flying Gym - Badge13 =================== Badge 14 - New World =================== Grand Hall Return - GHR1 New Wild Pokemon Across The Word - NWPATW Igglybuff Sidequest - Iggly1 Shiny Charm - SCharm1 Department Store - DStore1 Finding Ralts - FRalts1 New Shop Lists + New Move Tutors - NSLNMT1 Spyce Sidequest - Spyce1 Simon Sidequest - Simon1 Finding Excadrill - FDrill1 North Aventurine Woods Return - NAWR1 Chrysolia Springs Return - CSprings1 Beldum Sidequest - Beldum1 Yureyu Key Sidequest - YKey1 Shellder Sidequest - Shellder1 Pyrous Mountain Return - PMount2 Coral Ward Quiz - CQuiz1 Azurine Lake Return - ALake1 Beryl Ward Library Return - BWLR1 Klefki Sidequest - Klefki1 Dark Material - DMaterial1 Malchous Forest Return - MFR1 Rhodochrine Jungle Return - RJR1 Gang Applications - GApp1 Corey Sidequest - Corey1 Storyline Progression - Story2 Devon Corp Building - DCB1 Adrienn Sidequest - Adrienn1 Silph Scope Sidequest - Silph1 Fairy Gym - Badge14 ========================= Badge 15 - Tourmaline Desert ========================= Donation Projects - Donation1 Corin Rogue Sidequest - Corin1 Desert - Desert1 Mirage Tower - MTower1 Sugiline Cave - SCave1 Teknite Cave - TCave1 1R253 Scrapyard - TPuzzle1 Desert Town - DTown1 Steel Gym - Badge15 ========================== Badge 16 - Celestinine Cascade ========================== New Sidequests - NSide1 Mega-Z Ring - MRing1 Water Gym - Badge16 =============================== Lower Peridot Ward - Adventure Start =============================== When you have control, there is a Normal Gem directly below you (hiding in the broken rocks). Things like rocks, barrels and boxes may have a hidden item in them, so its useful to check everything. I will only point out important ones, such as Rare Candy, Heart Scales, Ability Capsules and Evolution items, until they become buyable. https://imgur.com/oesgPeq Head east. Get in the habit of talking to everyone. They offer important advice about the world and may give you an item just for speaking to them. A person on the eastern end will give you a Potion. https://imgur.com/SfBEND9 Go north and meet Victoria. After the scenes, you will have the choice of picking from all 21 starters across 7 generations of Pokemon games. Pokemon Reborn is a very difficult game. If this is your first playthrough of it, I recommend picking one of the Fire type starters. You can quicksave right before you select the Pokemon you want and reload if you don't like the stats, or it has the wrong ability. ========================= Grass Type Pokemon Starters ========================= Bulbasaur Chikorita Treecko Turtwig Snivy Chespin Rowlet ========================= ======================= Fire Type Pokemon Starters ======================= Charmander Cyndaquil Torchic Chimchar Tepig Fennekin Litten ======================= ========================= Water Type Pokemon Starters ========================= Squirtle Totodile Mudkip Piplup Oshawatt Froakie Popplio ========================= A Torchic with Speed Boost is the single best Pokemon available here. It will be useful throughout most of the game. Any of the Fire Pokemon will be the best choice. They have the majority of type advantages compared to Grass and Water. If you feel like going with a Water type, Mudkip and Froakie with the Protean ability, are probably the 2 best options here. Good Water Pokemon are rare for the majority of the game. If you want Grass type, Snivy with the Contrary ability, or Rowlet, are 2 of the best. Talk to Ame after selecting your Pokemon to continue. You will get thrown into 2 battles with Cain and Victoria. It doesn't matter if you lose, the game will still continue. After the battles, you will receive some running shoes. Toggle those on (S) or just use the Fast-Forward button (Alt) to move faster. Battles will speed up with Fast-Forward also. You now have access to a Pokedex and Pokegear. The Pokedex helps you locate Pokemon. The Pokegear does numerous things. Open it up and take a look. Online Play lets you battle other people and trade Pokemon. More features will be added to the Pokegear as you progress. =============== Grand Hall Shop 1 =============== Potion Antidote Poke Ball =============== =============== Grand Hall Shop 2 =============== Common Candy =============== Talk to the middle person behind the counter if you ever forget your objective. https://imgur.com/Nb72P68 There's a strong trainer here. The character will change depending on the day of the week. You are most likely not ready to fight them, so I advise to ignore them, or quicksave before fighting. They are very helpful for grinding your Pokemon's levels here later. They usually get stronger trainers the more gym badges you have. https://imgur.com/VvB2vJg There's a TV you can interact with here. You can get some story bits here, check out some Pokemon in the area, or check the weather. Weather will affect your battles and encountering certain Pokemon. I will list any required weather for finding Pokemon. https://imgur.com/3NXp1cb You can change the weather currently in your game by changing the date and time on your computer. You may need to enter and exit a building to let it properly load on the game. Another person here sells Common Candy. Use these to lower your Pokemon level when they are going over the max level requirement for the badges you have. If it goes over the allowed level, your Pokemon will stop listening to you and generally be useless in battle. https://imgur.com/g8DUbJV The other shop in the Grand Hall sells some Potions and Pokeballs if you ever want to stock up on more. https://imgur.com/NsNjoTM On the western side, next to the place to heal your Pokemon, is a PC. Use this to store/withdraw Pokemon and to store/withdraw items. If you check it now, you can take out a free Potion. https://imgur.com/KyqIQ9P Talk to the person on the right of the exit before leaving. Give him the money to start a long sidequest. https://imgur.com/aZGf67u ================ Opal Ward - Opal1 ================ Spearow (Headbutt) Pineco (Headbutt) Combee (Headbutt) Bidoof (Morning/Day) Hoothoot (Night) Spinarak (Night) Rattata Patrat Pidgey Meowth Ekans ================ This game has 3 time periods that run by your computer clock. Morning (5am-11:59am), Day (12pm-7:59pm) and Night (8pm-4:59am). Just change the date/time on your computer clock if you ever want a specific time period, or weather pattern. The grass on the sides of the Grand Hall has the first wild Pokemon you can encounter. Some Pokemon can only be caught at certain times in the day. The other ones can be caught by using the move "Headbutt" on a tree. If it doesn't have time of day, or requirement next to the Pokemon in the list, then you can catch it anytime. Catch at least 1 Pokemon here. Bidoof is useful for throwing TMX moves on and for Headbutt. I recommend to switch in lower level Pokemon during battles to get some EXP. There is no EXP Share item for several gym badges and this is the only way for them to get EXP currently. Blocking the way south will be a person and a Pokemon. The Pokemon has a random chance to be a Snubbull or Stufful. This is decided as soon as you create your save file and most events in the game are decided this way. Speak with the person for them to leave. =============== Ice Cream Vendor =============== Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry Blue Moon (Rare Chance to be available) ================================= If the weather is Sunny for you, there will be an Ice Cream vendor here. Ice cream is better than potions and cheaper. Money is rare right now, so I wouldn't buy more than 1 or 2. Vanilla is the only flavor worth buying, considering you have nowhere close to 70 HP to heal with Chocolate Ice Cream. https://imgur.com/kxChOb8 Head east up the stairs and battle the trainers around the walkway (leave the people surrounding the Pokemon for last). Heal up, quicksave and prepare for your first doubles battle with the people surrounding the Pokemon. https://imgur.com/D7qvu6s The Pokemon here will either be a Zigzagoon, or Pachirisu. The Pokemon that didn't appear will be obtainable later. Head back down the stairs and west to reach Peridot Ward. ======================= Lower Peridot Ward - LPeri1 ======================= Head up the first alleyway you see and talk to the man. Give him 150 money to make him move. Follow the path and inside the house at the end will be a Minccino or Espurr. Feed it a Pokesnax to make it come with you (if you want it). You can find Pokesnax hidden in objects, or buy it from an NPC later. https://imgur.com/8aYCpWq North of that is the first gym you will be visiting in the near future. If the weather is a thunderstorming (rain with flashes), you can find a Blitzle here. https://imgur.com/q0cmpz5 Southwest of the gym, during the day and clear weather, you can find a Teddiursa. Interacting with him will start a hide and seek event throughout Peridot Ward. During one of the encounters, you will enter into a battle, for the chance to catch it. Here are its possible locations: https://imgur.com/Evlz621 https://imgur.com/jHwJMuG https://imgur.com/qXX8Ims https://imgur.com/0bqlulh https://imgur.com/AO796LB https://imgur.com/2Cbw6p4 If you continue southwest, you will find a Pokesnax in a house. You actually have 3 choices currently to use this Pokesnax on. The Minccino/Espurr from earlier, Gulpin, or Whismur. all 3 are located close to each other. None of these Pokemon are essential right now though. Warning: Whismur will be gone after you get your first badge. If you want one, now is your only chance, until several badges later. Pokesnax: https://imgur.com/2Lj9QSt Gulpin: https://imgur.com/2zyTPhZ Whismur: https://imgur.com/A1OcvHc Go inside the house next to the home with the Pokesnax. Defeat the trainer and follow the path behind him. Pick up the Sea Incense and once you get an Old Rod (located west of this house), you can fish up some Pokemon here: https://imgur.com/xchnaHC ====================================== Lower Peridot Ward (Building with pool inside) ====================================== Goldeen (Old Rod, Good Rod) Finneon (Old Rod, Good Rod) Seaking (Good Rod) ====================================== Go west and up the train tracks to the first house you see. Enter it to receive an Old Rod you can use for fishing. Continue up and if you enter here, you can change the names of any Pokemon you have. Old Rod: https://imgur.com/DOusCqp Name Rater: https://imgur.com/Jzy9hQN Go east here for a Pokemon Center if you want to heal. There's an Elemental Seed in the rock next to the Pokecenter. Continue north and defeat this trainer. Talk to her again to receive a Rose Incense. Rose Incense: https://imgur.com/jW3uip6 Head West and enter this building. Inside you will find a Potion. https://imgur.com/MSRGh1y Head west and down to 3 containers. Examine this one for a Heart Scale. These are important items for giving to a Move Tutor. They will let your Pokemon learn moves that may have skipped, or even moves that can be learned later. Finding Heart Scales hidden in objects, from wild Luvdisc and from Mining, is the only way to get them. I'll be pointing out any hidden ones. https://imgur.com/CiXBaXX Enter this house (west from the Heart Scale). Defeat the trainer and you will have access to some more wild Pokemon. https://imgur.com/N1NEmSO =========================== Peridot Ward (Seacrest's Garden) =========================== Pineco (Headbutt) Burmy (Headbutt) Wurmple Caterpie Ledyba (Morning) Cherubi (Morning, Day) Trubbish (Night) Stunky (Night) Spinarak (Night) Hoothoot (Night) =========================== Now head back east past the girl that gave you the Rose Incense. Talk to the guy above her and defeat him to be able to enter the alley behind him. Inside is a Super Potion and some more wild Pokemon. ================ South Peridot Alley ================ Trubbish Stunky Poochyena ================ I recommend catching a Trubbish. Having it use Toxic Spikes during the next Gym Battle to poison their Pokemon will help a lot. If you ran out of Pokeballs, you can buy them in the Grand Hall, or there's a Pokemart to the northwest. If you buy 10 Pokeballs at a time, the shop will throw in a free Premier Ball also. https://imgur.com/4dN5YEq If the weather is thunderstorming (Rainy with flashes), you can catch a Tynamo here. https://imgur.com/eO4bnHx Leave the alleyway, continue east and enter this building. Talk to the girl with the Kricketot and choose to take it. Start leveling this Pokemon. It will be useful for the early game with Fury Cutter. Even better would be making sure it has the Run Away ability. When it evolves, it will become Technician to boost your Fury Cutter power even more. https://imgur.com/ZrvUx6p Continue east and if its raining, you will find a Pansear here. Farther east is the Underground Railnet. Inside you can encounter some new wild Pokemon. Pansear: https://imgur.com/MJAmnCH ========================== Underground Railnet ========================== Woobat (Dark Spots on ground) Noibat Stunky ========================== After that, go all the way back west and its time to progress to the north. ================= Peridot Ward - Peri1 ================= Go west when you can and behind the fence. There is an Ability Capsule hiding in the barrel. After that, you can go back to the train tracks and slightly northeast to find a house with a Pokemon trade. He wants a Bibarel for a Munna. Ability Capsule: https://imgur.com/9ohOTai Bibarel for Munna trade: https://imgur.com/paxfTAv Keep heading north and eventually there will be an alleyway you can enter on the east side. At night, when the weather is anything besides clear, you can find a Zangoose in the trash can. Interact with it to make it run to another alleyway. It can be in Peridot, Obsidia, or Lapis Alleyways. You need to find it 4 times to catch it. Grab the Heart Scale and exit. https://imgur.com/ez0In8g ================ North Peridot Alley ================ Trubbish Poochyena Purrloin ================ Go all the way to the top of the train tracks until its blocked by a gate. On the east wall, you will find a Budew walking across it. If you obtained the Rose Incense from earlier, the Budew will join you. https://imgur.com/EmqITCP Enter the western house here. Pay him another 500 to continue the sidequest. Defeat them and leave. https://imgur.com/K9hvyGS Southwest of this is a fountain. If its currently raining, you can find a Surskit by interacting with the fountain. https://imgur.com/YpWcgEF Enter the house west of the fountain. Talk to the woman with the Igglybuff. Leave, head southeast and enter this building. After the 2 people leave, return to the lady. Defeat them and take her Igglybuff. You will need to keep the Igglybuff for a sidequest later. After that, its time to head a bit south and take the western branch of the ward. https://imgur.com/y96zzcT Potion inside this house. Continue west and enter the next building. There are no lights on inside and you can find a Pokemon on the eastern side of the room. It will be a Joltik or Grubbin, only obtainable at night and before the 3rd gym. Potion: https://imgur.com/HDpb0o6 Joltik or Grubbin event: https://imgur.com/S7WTvqs Continue west and take the Common Candy in this building. Enter the Pokemart to the west, if you need to stock up on anything. Don't talk to the guy with green hair to the west yet. Continue north. Common Candy: https://imgur.com/SA3mlkX Green hair guy: https://imgur.com/t5P62Vg =============== Peridot Pokemart =============== Potion Antidote Parlyz Heal Burn Heal Escape Rope Poke Ball =============== There is a man selling Pokesnax here when the weather is clear or windy. https://imgur.com/eaxqYlB Enter the small house here for a Protein. https://imgur.com/vB3ocQQ Now to progress the storyline. I'm going to suggest a team to use throughout the walkthrough. It will have very minimal grinding (only 2 times in the entire game), minimal Pokemon switching (it only uses about 15 in the whole game), and as many boosted EXP Pokemon as possible (these Pokemon level up faster than others, due to them having original trainers that aren't you). Suggested team currently consists of: - Trubbish - Kricketune - Bidoof - Poochyena You can throw whatever starter you picked into that list. For the walkthrough, I'm going to suggest a Pokemon team freely accessible to everyone. If you level your Kricketune and Poochyena up to around 18, you will have no problems with the next gym. Quicksave and talk to the guy with green hair southwest of the Pokemart. You will get thrown into a battle with Fern. ============ Fern (No Field) ============ Budew - Level: 12 - Type: Grass + Poison - Held Item: None - Ability: Natural Cure, Poison Point, or Leaf Guard - Weakness: Flying - Fire - Psychic - Ice - Moveset: Absorb - Growth - Water Sport - Stun Spore Sandile - Level: 10 - Type: Ground + Dark - Ability: Intimidate - Held Item: None - Weakness: Fighting - Bug - Water - Grass - Ice - Fairy - Moveset: Rage - Bite - Sand Attack - Torment Rowlet - Level: 13 - Type: Grass + Flying - Ability: Overgrow - Held Item: None - Weakness: Flying - Poison - Rock - Fire - Ice - Moveset: Leafage - Growl - Peck - Astonish ==================================== After the battle, head all the way back to the southeast and try to enter the gym (big yellow building). Head back northwest to Mosswater Factory and talk to Julia. Gym: https://imgur.com/uKyshvd Mosswater Factory: https://imgur.com/3DuwfuX ====================== Mosswater Factory - Moss1 ====================== You can leave this area anytime you want, so don't worry about being stuck. Fern will accompany you here. Having a partner is a huge advantage. They help you in battle and heal your Pokemon afterwards. This is a great way to train lower level Pokemon. Start by heading west. Turn off the machine with the green display in the northwest, then continue northeast, grabbing the Parlyz Heal along the way. In the next room, active the machine in the southwest and continue east. Meet up with Julia and Florinia, then continue east. Grab the Rare Candy, then backtrack to the previous room and continue south. Grab the Explosives at the end, then leave the way you came. Talk to Julia to advance. Quicksave before you enter the next room. Rare Candy: https://imgur.com/RHFuiEk ======================== Aster & Eclipse (Factory Field) ======================== Rockruff - Level: 15 - Type: Rock - Ability: Steadfast - Held Item: None - Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, Grass - Moveset: Thunder Fang - Howl - Bite - Rock Throw Rockruff - Level: 15 - Type: Rock - Ability: Vital Spirit - Held Item: None - Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, Grass - Moveset: Fire Fang - Howl - Bite - Rock Throw ======================================== After the battle, your Pokegear will get an update: Field Notes. These give you information about the fields you will be fighting on during battles. Electric Terrain: http://pokemon-reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Electric_Terrain You can also get another field effect right now. Go back to the other factory in the northwest to find a new person on the east side of the building. Speak with him to receive the Factory Field info. https://imgur.com/y2Um1nu Factory Field: http://pokemon-reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Factory_Field When you are ready to progress, enter the electric gym back to the east. =================== Electric Gym - Badge01 =================== Machine: https://imgur.com/KPb669K Activate the machine here for some advice against Julia. The gym puzzle is just to grab the Voltorb at the end of each path, then bring it to the gates blocking your progress to blow them up. Enter the north room to find Julia. If you need to level more, go to the Grand Hall and battle the repeatable trainer there. ================== Julia (Electric Terrain) ================== Minun - Level: 12 - Type: Electric - Ability: Minus - Held Item: None - Weakness: Ground - Moveset: Nuzzle - Charge Beam - Encore - Quick Attack Voltorb - Level: 12 - Type: Electric - Ability: Aftermath - Held Item: None - Weakness: Ground - Moveset: Explosion - Rollout - Charge Beam - Sonic Boom Alolan Geodude - Level: 11 - Type: Rock + Electric - Ability: Galvanize - Held Item: None - Weakness: Fighting - Ground - Water - Grass - Moveset: Self-Destruct - Tackle - Charge - Rollout Oricorio - Pom-Pom Style - Level: 14 - Type: Electric + Flying - Ability: Dancer - Held Item: None - Weakness: Rock - Ice - Moveset: Work Up - Tailwind - Pound - Air Cutter Plusle - Level: 13 - Type: Electric - Ability: Plus - Held Item: None - Weakness: Ground - Moveset: Nuzzle - Charge Beam - Encore - Quick Attack Electrode - Level: 15 - Type: Electric - Ability: Aftermath - Held Item: None - Weakness: Ground - Moveset: Charge Beam - Sonic Boom - Rollout - Charge ============================================== Suggested Team: - Trubbish (Toxic Spikes + Acid Spray) - Kricketune (Fury Cutter) - Bibarel (Headbutt) - Mightyena (Howl + Bite) Strategy: She fights on the Electric Field, but there's not much you can do about that currently. Leading off with Trubbish and using Toxic Spikes to poison her Pokemon, is a good way to start the fight. Mightyena can sweep her team using his moveset. You can always use Potions to heal and just let the poison damage slowly kill her Pokemon. Other Options: If Mudkip was your starter and you evolved him, he will give you an easy battle here. Immune to electric damage and super effective against it. You don't have many other options that are convenient at this point in the game. Defeat her to get the Volt Badge and TM57 Charge Beam.
  5. Episode 16 - Pro tips Hello Reborn players, this is a small guide intended mostly for the non-forum members and it's here to help you with the E16 Public Release. It's a small list of tips that can help you solve any problems you encounter by yourselves if applied. It's spoiler-free and made to help you enjoy the game and make it through without the need of making an account to ask for help: You can do it yourself! First, follow these wise words of Amethyst: Before starting: -You may not want to start E16 right right away. Once you do, the city will be permanently upgraded, and some Pokemon events will change. To grab them now and easy, you may want to go and pick some stationary event Pokemon BEFORE entering the Circus Data Room. -Same goes for items and most importantly, Department Store Stickers! New features: -Take your time to explore the new city. Many previous event Pokemon (not all!) are now found in the wild, there are lots of new events, people to talk to, everything is different. -It's neat to Fly from one Ward to another! -Btw, if you press "Alt", you can toggle the game speed between normal and x3. -If you use the Online features, follow the instructions very very closely! -The new PokeGear apps are neat, use them for information! -The X or Esc button skips dialogues. But careful with that, you may miss something important! Story tips: -To continue with the story, start from the most central place in the city, and go to the obvious places from there. You won't need to leave the city. -If you're warned about something in the story, heed to the warning and come prepared. You have been warned for a reason. -Take note of a small, unexpected text that will show halfway: the way to advance through puzzles will remain the same throughout the episode. It doesn't HAVE to hurt. -If the Gym leader troubles you, make adjustments, do your homework on the fields and maybe make team changes. We've all been there before. We'll all manage. Exploring and sidequests: -Talk to everyone, don't skim through the dialogues, go everywhere. And again, because you may have unlocked another quest. And again and again and again. Talk to everyone again and again and go everywhere many times! -If some rewards don't make any sense to you, one man's trash is another man's treasure. -Again, the quests are a chain reaction: one thing triggers another. So check on all areas and NPCs multiple times. -Especially in some places, it's important that you spam your Item Finder until you've found everything that's hidden! -If you explore new areas or revisit old ones, have a good bearing of the place that you are moving. Check the whole map, you may have missed something. Cover the whole area. -Exploring areas in E16: sponsored by Max Repels. -If you enter a place and see a text message upon entering, it propably means that you better change the field effect to something else to grab the goodies. -Sometimes you have to slip through cracks, sometimes you have to go up and under to make your way. -If there's a Strength boulder, pokemon logic says it's most likely a Strength puzzle. Your strength may lay on land, it may also lay on the water. -Reborn City is the center of the region's economic activity, but there are a few other places in the region offering opportunities too. -Don't scorn rewards that consist of extra lore. Lore is becoming more and more important in the game, as we're approaching the finish line. -Naturally, defeating the Gym leader may unlock some stuff. Do some more exploring afterwards. -In the end everything will be availiable, but for now you have to make some choices. Don't sweat it too much. General mindset: -If you feel like stuck, take a look here and see if anything from this guide is applicable to your situation. -Have fun and enjoy the story, the new polished look of the game, the quests, the rewards, the lore, everything! Useful links: -The E16 Public Release topic -The Online Information topic to be informed about this new feature -The Obtainable Pokemon list to know what you can get in the game now -The Bug Reporting subforum in case you encounter a bug Thanks to @pyrromanis, @Marcello and @Njab for reviewing this little guide :] Although this snow effect made it 30% harder to edit :[
  6. Hiya! My name is slashtiki. A while back around last year, I made a guide that went more in-depth to the mechanics and game design for Pokémon games. However, as times went on, my views had changed and I learned more on game design concerning Pokémon that I hadn't before. That and I really didn't like what I have written for the guide. I felt as though I was misinforming the masses on some subjects. Being driven to a corner on the guide, I decided that because of the mistakes I made with the guide and the fact I couldn't write more of the guide, even if I wanted to… It was time to rewrite it. For the most part, it has changed, but there are a few parts that I kept the same. As per last time, I will update this guide as time passes. I hope you enjoy your lesson in Pokémon Game Design! Slash's Guide to Planning Your Awesome Pokémon Fan Game! Previous : ??? | Current: Introduction | Next: ??? Pokémon. It has become such a massive name in recent years that it's almost ridiculous. Outside of the obvious juggernauts that are the games, there's the anime, the trading card game, the merchandising, the movies, the animations, fanfictions, forums, discussions, and yes… Hacks and Fan Games. You can also state that these so-called "Hacks and Fan Games" have been showing up more and more in media, that they could be considered cult classics in their own right. And you would be right. These mediums to new experiences in Pokémon remains to be some of the most popular parts of any Pokémon-related forum. And since we're in Pokemon Reborn forums, it's obvious, isn't it? Many members joined for the sole purpose of either playing hacks and fan games or making them themselves. As such, more and more members are willing to put their ideas out there. However, most of the new hackers lack a concept or idea for planning out a game, let alone Pokémon game design in general. Therefore, the amount of poorer ideas for Pokémon games are absolutely staggering. Great ideas they may be, but the lack of planning and piss poor execution creates hacks and games that are less in quality. And that's where I come in. You cannot make a game- or let me rephrase, a GOOD game, by going through the motions. A good plan is needed and oftentimes, it tends to get skimmed over. Just know that this guide will cover Pokémon Game Design as a whole, not specifically to Hacking or Game Development. Whether you're a ROM Hacker or RPG Maker XP programme, then you'll reap some enjoyment from this guide. So whip out that Microsoft Word… or LibreOffice… or Notepad… a sheet of paper, because I'm about to endow thee on the things that you need to know to make a Pokémon game that's worthwhile, fun, awesome, and fair in every way! Just to note, I am NOT teaching you how to use tools, ROMs, RPG Maker XP, Pokémon Essentials- basically anything that actually helps build the game. There are plenty of guides and tutorials that will show you the ropes. Who knows, you might learn something new. So you wanna make a Pokemon fangame ROM Hacking: Getting Started Starting Out In ROM Hacking? Click Here! Lost Heart's "Path to Being an Elite Hacker" Where to begin a Pokémon fan game for RMXP How to make a game (with emphasis in Essentials) So You Want to Make a Game... Next: Your Vision
  7. Hey everybody. This is going to be the closest thing I have to a "guide" on here right now, and it's not really even my guide. I'll be sharing some information I came across recently with you, and then I'll give you my take on it and how it can be used for roleplaying purposes and creative writing in general. Anyway, I recently read an article about Alfred Hitchcock and some of his philosophies on film making. In particular, he talks about the difference between surprise and suspense and how they come about in a movie. The primary ideas are his, which is again why I can't take credit for this, but I will give some thoughts on turning this idea from film to roleplaying. Here's the important point -- Hitchcock's "Bomb under the table" analogy. You may have read this before, or at least heard of it. Maybe not. Whatever the case, here it is in Hitchcock's words: I'm going to try to summarize what he said there and how we can utilize this to make roleplaying scenarios more effective and exciting for those involved. It all comes down to the title of this thread: Limits on information. As hosts, we have complete control over how much information we give our roleplayers. While I think most hosts do think a little bit about that, we don't really put a whole lot of thought as to what exact details we have given our readers, and that is a very important point. What Hitchcock is saying is that by keeping close control over the information you let the reader know, you can change a bland narrative into an exciting scenario of suspense or surprise. It all depends on what you let the reader know. Take surprise, for example. For our purposes in writing, we can define surprise as the moment an unexpected event occurs. It catches you off guard, gives you a few seconds of adrenaline. Surprise is a great tool to utilize when you want to quickly change the focus of a scene and generate quick energy in writing. This works especially well in an RP setting, where you have players participating. Surprise will get the players excited over the plot twist, and they will likely feel inspired to write up a good reply quickly. The best way for us as hosts to generate surprise is to LIMIT INFORMATION. For a scene to truly catch your players and readers by surprise, you want them to have no hint of what is going to happen prior. The information you give them has to be extremely limited. As the writer, we often want to reveal so many things to the players about our world and plot at once that we overlook the effectiveness of strictly limiting what we tell them. As such, or "surprise" scenes may not be as effective as we had planned them to be. This is why we should place a greater focus on the exact details we write. Suspense, on the other hand, is a little bit different. We can define suspense as the gradual buildup of tension in a scene, and potentially the buildup of anxiety in the reader. A truly suspenseful scene is one of the most effective feelings a writer can portray upon their readers. Suspense keeps the readers/players curious and focused on your writing, which is obviously going to be key to being a successful writer or host. To create a suspenseful scene, a host still needs to limit information, but you also have to allow a certain amount of information to slip through. A truly suspenseful scene is a perfect balance of limited and released information. You need to let the readers/players know that something is coming, but still restrict their knowledge of the event. You do not want them to be as all-knowing as your are; that takes all excitement and suspense away from the scene. You should release hints and information to the players and readers, while making sure that the characters know nothing of what is to come. This builds up tension in the players, as they want to warn the characters that something is going to happen, but they cannot. Anyway, that's about all I have to say. I hope some of you can find this helpful or useful in some way, as I think it's something we can all try to focus on a little bit more. I think it will help our community improve and grow as a whole. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read all of this, and I'll see your around the forums!
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