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Found 10 results

  1. Prologue – Wanted: Virtuous Taking the usual paths is about as safe as a normal, unwanted person wandering into a heavily armored fortress for you all, so you strayed off path for your next mission of causing chaos while simultaneously helping to bring down the corrupt society. You were Virtuous, the infamous band known for causing trouble around the world, notably in the northern regions. You were a blight upon the world as criminals that could not be caught no matter how hard people tried, and in the minuscule amount of cases someone succeeded, they’d find themselves knocked out, or even wiped out, with Virtuous nowhere to be found. Even if someone caught a glimpse of them, no one knew the real identities of those in Virtuous; just a few people in flashy costumes and masks, and eight names. Knight. Ficus. Scarlet. Minstrel. Orchid. Dragon. Mink. And nobody could forget the name of their leader, Phoenix. However, despite everyone’s opinions of you, you were not simply criminals. Sure, you had that streak of craftiness and occasional thievery, you at least had justification for it compared to most criminals. War was afoot in Purgus, and Virtuous provided a much needed distraction from that. In the meantime, there was only one true goal for Virtuous; find out what happened to the once-peaceful continent of Purgus to make it so corrupt. Even if the answer wasn’t pretty, even if it boiled down to simple human stupidity, you had to trace it back to its roots and figure out a solution. Because if you don’t bring down the horrid corruption on the continent of Purgus, who will? Your current location was in the kingdom of Perus, a little further out from the border of Ceda. Though you are well known for your exploits, you can’t often risk going too far from Ceda too often, as Ceda is just about the only region you can comfortably show your faces without disguises… but even then, disguises are almost a necessity. You never knew what was around the corner. However, this was a blessing; getting into Perus was a cinch as the borders were relatively lax considering Ceda’s lack of interest in Perus, and Perus was often the perfect target for mischief. In Perus, you had a mission; take down a prison well-known for housing criminals from around the world due to prison overcrowding, simultaneously taking it down, taking it over and freeing the inmates inside in order to cause a scandal to hit Perus’s ego hard (a feat easy to do, considering how fragile Perus’s ego was). However, whatever your leader Kane has planned for the prison, regardless of what you knew and didn’t know, it was certainly a long while away and your feet are starting to get tired. You had a wagon a while ago, as you all wear disguises rather than your usual attire you need to cover when going through public roads, but it had to be ditched as the wheels broke off, and you had to take the scenic route. Despite this blunder, Kane, clad in his mask that covered half of his face and resembled two flaming wings going across his ears, pressed onward as if this little incident never happened. “Don’t worry, not only will I remember to not go for the cheapest option next time I get a wagon, but I haven’t planned for us to walk the whole way to our destination. We were going to be doing something up ahead here, and as a bonus, we should be coming up on our ride pretty soon. Just hang tight, okay? I don’t plan to start steering you guys wrong now.” The fields start to get more densely wooded as you progress, and up ahead, you start to see a more mountainous area, surrounded by forest… here’s hoping Kane isn’t lying to you. Ferdiad, Shin, Baldur, Lizaveta, Justine, Cecily and Lenore may post!
  2. In the olden days of the continent of Purgus, there was peace. Everyone was unified under a single religion, a religion of seven gods. They were benevolent beings, believed to show themselves to the rulers of the seven kingdoms of old and offer them advice for how to tend to their kingdoms. These were the most peaceful days of the world. What happened afterwards was lost to history; nobody bothered to figure out what happened and why it happened. The religion split apart; instead of a religion that believed in seven benevolent gods, there became seven religions that believed in one all-powerful god. The kingdoms were driven apart, and the gods began to abandon them. In the days of the present, there was not war, yet there was not peace. There was constant, unending tension between the seven kingdoms, having stood from the start. These seven kingdoms were Gul, Ria, Ulux, Vaa, Perus, Ceda, and Vini. All seven had different problems, and all seven were in complete disarray. The only thing stopping the kingdoms from war was their own affairs that kept them tied down. However, the brink of war eventually became more than just a worry and rumor; it became a looming threat. As Perus began to build its army up to be better and stronger than ever, Vini showed equal dedication to building an army in response to Perus, with Ria’s tensions towards the kingdoms heating to a boiling point and Gul, Ulux and Vaa hoping to take some glory for themselves. Even Ceda, long believed to be the most peaceful of the kingdoms, seemed ready for a fight. Only one issue stops the seven kingdoms from starting their war, one that cropped up only a couple of months ago yet made a name for themselves; a band of pirates, thieves, bandits, rogues, the list of insults towards this band of misfits went on. They were like a buzzing fly around the close-knit continent, distracting the kingdoms from turning to war. But they were not as malevolent as many would think; on the contrary, they may be the only ones left in the world who realize how grim things truly are. This is their story; the tale of the travelling band known as Virtuous. ------ Hello and welcome to Fire Emblem On Forums: Mortal Transgressions! My name is Cole and this will be my first time GMing a FEF. I will be providing a link to the FEF handbook below, though keep an eye out afterwards for changes I will make! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any of our more experienced members! World Map Religion and Kingdoms Gameplay Changes The handbook we are using can be found here! General Skills Class Changes New Classes The Players When creating a character, when marking their name you will also come up with a codename for them to be referred to during missions to preserve secrecy of their identity. Codenames are generally short one word names, usually nouns, sometimes adjectives. They can be a word that means something special to your character, or just something they came up with out of thin air. Codenames will be marked in parenthesis next to the character’s name on their sheets. You also have the option of a biography at the bottom of your character’s sheet; as long as you PM me their backstory, you have the option of not putting in a biography, putting in one while omitting certain parts of it, or putting in everything about the character. It’s all optional, and will not have an effect on your character getting in as long as I know their full biography. We will be starting in Trainee classes. Before you post your character sheet, please DM your sheets and character backstory to me on Discord or PM me on Reborn (though I will be much faster on Discord). Art Gallery
  3. ~~~~RULES~~~~ 1. All non-IC stuff is to be posted at the OOC thread. 2. Post formatting mandatory. As such: Colored normal text for PC speech! Colored italized text for PC thinking. *Colored small text or between asterisks for PC whispering* Normal text for generic descriptive text. Bolded text for PC actions and orders! 3. Order of battle posts: Players' actions -> GM resolves -> Player's actions -> GM resolves ... until all player actions have been posted -> GM posts Enemy/Ally Phase and new turn map -> Start again If you need an action resolved before making another ask in the OOC thread or discord. 4. Don't post until your character is properly introduced! 5. Be active if you can! If you have to be warned several times your character may be automoved or removed from the game. If you can't post for personal reasons, try to warn the rest in the OOC thread. Delegating actions to other people is also allowed. This is more important in battle than RP, but activity in both is preferred.
  4. Prologue: Annatomy of a Saleswoman It's a select few that can make it in an environment as competitive and stratified as the city of Prospero, and among those it was an even more select few that were wholly unrelated to anyone already established within the city. Property values are through the roof here, and the price of rent can only be described as highway robbery for any tenants not willing to settle for the servant's house. Sure, it's a bustling town on most days, the cobblestone streets worn down every day by the ceaseless footsteps of merchants hailing from all across Leocor, and that means an assured customer base--but getting oneself established is the problem. Many have tried, and failed, to make their fortune in this city, and in so doing have ended up either a household name or forced into vagrancy--or worse, a servant's contract. Anna, of course, doesn't much want to take that risk--so, after a trip of about a day or two from their last business venture in Impericum, she's merely opened a street vendor's booth here instead. It's a much safer bet to take, and if you know what to sell and how to signal you're selling you can make just as much if not more than someone operating a storefront. The marketplace she and her company are set up in lies near the entrance to the city proper, and so is a popular place to set up for those who made the same risk-reward calculus she has. The only downside, of course, being...well, it's not as though those rich enough to afford storefronts haven't thought to set up here, either. Leeching her business, in Anna's opinion...but, what can you do? It's a sunny, clear day today, meaning that the foot traffic (and customer base) in this little market square is as busy as it's going to be. So, Anna seems to have finished setting up her booth just in time, exhaling as she wipes a bit of sweat off her brow before heading behind the counter and unpacking her wares. As she unpacks, she keeps her gaze upward at the company assembled before her, that trademark grin gracing her face. "Okay! So, lemme outline how today's gonna go...Cody, Anne, you're gonna stick around nearby and help watch the store, okay? If you catch anybody with sticky fingers near the booth then I'm gonna let you figure out how you wanna deal with them, just so long as they don't take our goods without ponying up. Andy..." "You do whatever you want, y'know? Go where the spirit takes you so long as you don't get caught." She sends a....fairly obvious wink his way. "As for the rest of you..." She gives a small little grunt of effort before producing a stack of flyers from her bag and placing them on the desk. All of them are advertisements for Anna's booth, colorful and full of bombastic language extolling the quality of her goods. "Each of you are gonna take ten of these and get 'em around town. They've got a little charm on them so they can stick to walls--thank you, Kyou--so don't worry about that. Give 'em out, put 'em up around town, plaster them on someone else's shop--I don't much care how you get the word out so long as the word is out that we're selling the best goods this side of the border. That's how you're gonna be earning your payday today. After the fliers are out, you guys can go out and have fun. But, uh..." Once more, she reaches into her bag and pulls out an assortment of rocks, seeming no different than the sort you'd pick up off the street, spreading them out on the table before pulling out and putting on a ruby necklace. "I want you all to take one of these, just in case. When I use them to contact you--and you'll know when I do--I want you to come straight back here, K?" She takes a few moments to finish up putting some items on display before clapping her hands. "Sooo, if nobody has any questions, then I'll let you all get to it! Speak now or forever hold your peace." Everyone is in!
  5. Once upon a time, it was dragonkind rather than humanity who ruled the known world. According to legend, this strange, magical, unfathomably powerful and advanced race could shapeshift between a truly draconic form that let them access their power and a more human-like form, kept watch over the humans beneath them, and did their best to rule fairly and justly over all. Technologically, their reign over the continent of Britince was a golden age, and some of the technologies and magical techniques they practiced have since been lost to time and inaccessible in all but stories. However, every age, good or bad, is eventually destined to end… The end of the Age of Dragons did not come with an uprising of humans, but abruptly with a disease known as the Drakenbane. In humanity, it amounted to little more than a bout of highly dry skin and a week-long flu. In Dragonkind, however, the disease caused a much more severe bout of illness lasting up to a month, and about half of all cases wouldn’t make it that long before expiring. And of that half who survived, a half of those were forever changed by the experience--corrupted or maddened, it mattered not to the humans as much as the resulting violent tendencies and uncontrollable bloodlust it induced in the “Baneful”, as these unfortunate cases were called. With all their advances, the Dragons could scarcely pinpoint if this illness was bacterial, viral or even magical in nature, much less concoct a cure in a timely manner--and with every one of their number that went on a rampage, resentment against the Dragons grew among humanity. Before tensions were to reach their breaking point, this ancient and powerful race simply packed up and left the continent, never to be seen or heard from again. They did not leave humanity with nothing, however. In their old cities, soon to be ruins, they left swords of impossible craftsmanship, shields that could not dent, siege weaponry capable of breaching any gate, gates capable of withstanding any siege weapon. It’s on these ruins that the power vacuum was filled, and the human nations of Leocor and Nobilisse arose from the ashes of draconic civilization. Both countries decided that, actually, they wanted the whole thing, and so they’ve been warring on and off again ever since--even after one nation underwent a dramatic upheaval and regime change, Leocor has simply used it as a pretense to invade again. And so, the meat grinder of war grinds on and on, death, destruction, creeping totalitarianism, revolutions consuming themselves, all that stuff...but, then again, what am I boring you with this history lesson for? You’re not here for that. You’re here to get paid. That’s why you’ve come to work for Anna in the first place, whether you’re a veteran of her ‘company’ or a new hire. The world may grind on in its endless cruelty around you, the man who was free today may be the next on the guillotine tomorrow, but there’s always someone willing to part with their money for the right price, and there’s always something really cool you can buy with that money if you know where to look. Whatever your reasons for joining up, Anna pays you more than well enough to stay on, and usually she’s savvy enough to stay out of trouble even in your shadier ventures. Well, usually...sometimes she slips up. And one of those slip-ups is where our little adventure begins... Hey! Welcome to my first go at running an FEF! My name is Blasbo and this is Jackass. Uhh, I guess I'll be putting a link to the handbook below--but please do pay attention for some homebrew rule changes I'll be implementing down below. Before I get to those though I'll go ahead and give you a better idea of the world you'll be playing in. Map The Continent of Britince The Kingdom of Leocor Locations of Leocor The Kingdom of Nobilisse The Republic of Paysanne Locations of Paysanne Leocor and Paysanne/Nobilisse The Island of Cape Capital The Great Ruins Anna's Company (The Players) Rule Changes First thing's first, before I introduce the changes to the rules I'll probably have to give you what exactly the base rules are to begin with. So, here you go. Now, without further ado: General Skills Class Changes New Classes
  6. Fire Emblem on Forums: The Lost Lands Once, the dragons ruled the world. They were gods made flesh, beings that could not be harmed or die except by the claws of one another - no sword could cut them, nor bow pierce their scaly hide. Humanity was beneath them, their servants and slaves. For a time none can measure, this was the way of the world. To the oppressed it seemed as if it always would be. Until the intervention of the White Dragon. The White Dragon was different from her brethren. Unlike the cruel and greedy drakes around her, she saw something in humanity. It is said that she could see the future, and her place in bringing it about. She gathered four heroes, one from each of the four kingdoms, and granted them the power to fight back - the power of magic, once known only to the draconic races, and the power of the Fire Emblem, forged from the White Dragon’s scales. Each of the heroes returned to their nation, to raise their armies and overthrow their masters. Meanwhile, the White Dragon journeyed with her followers to the Eastern peninsula of the continent, to battle her brother and the most powerful of their species - the Black Dragon. The four heroes led their armies to victory, with the powers bestowed upon them - humanity, for the first time, was free. When they quickly went after the White Dragon to assist her in her fight, they found that the peninsula was simply gone, vanished without a trace, bringing with it the last of the dragons. In the aftermath, the heroes were elevated to monarchy over their home kingdoms, and renamed after them - Opus, Emries, Kahla, and Pax. Since then, while the nations have fought and bickered, there has primarily been peace - no sovereign feels they have the right to overthrow another. But now, a millenia later, tensions brew. Pax’s ruler, after coming to power from the suspicious death of his father, has warred on Kahla. Emries has withdrawn from the world. The king of Opus is frail with age and heirless. Soon, the fragile peace may break, and the world return to violence unknown since the age of dragons. ~~~~~~~ Welcome to my attempt at a Fire Emblem On Forums game! I’ll be your host, Twinwolf. Most of you guys know how this works. The rule changes will be below, followed by the setup and nation information. Handbook 1.salt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vex1ntiw6orvp0s/Players%20Handbook%20v1.Salt.pdf?raw=1 Rule Changes. Generally nothing major - just look over the general changes, and from then you can just look at what applies to your own character. Map Nations (Note: while some nations have tendencies to certain classes, it is by no means required to be from the relevant nation to that class) Magic Lore Religion: Who's the cast? The beginning cast of the prologue will be troops of Opus on a fairly important, and covert, mission for the crown - while the reason is classified, it is in Aica, a port town near the border with Pax. This will be six individuals either of Opus or who have reason to be in such a party. Chapter one will introduce four individuals with reason to be in this town. I think I’ll have 10 players, but may decide to increase to up to 12 later. Later characters will be brought in as makes sense for the plot. Submissions. Applications should be DM’d to me before being posted here sans backstory. I’ll be taking applications until the 20th. (Please refrain from posting until I reserve two additional posts) We will be starting at trainee level 1.
  7. Prologue: Rescued by Darkness Year 1468, 27th of Nitren The sun rises once again and you are dragged out of your cells. Another day of grueling work lies ahead of you. The sun beats down on your back as you work tirelessly on the Temple. Occasionally people drop collapse onto the floor but are quickly whipped into shape. Some are dragged off, too weak to work and unfit to waste resources on, but the tower is nearing completion. Some who have been there from the beginning say that it took almost a year and a half to get it this far. Rumors fly by as you work, the inner most parts of the temple have been blocked off. Only high up commanders and mages seem to ever go in and out if that area. People can't help but wonder what will happen to them. Will the be set free once the structure is complete? Will they be sent to a new site to continue their labor? Will they all be killed as to not tarnish the kingdom's name? Either way the has set and everyone is sent back to their cells. Dinner arrives and its the same as always: a bowl of potato and bean soup, a small loaf of bread, and a cup of fresh water. However, before dinner was handed to you the guards drag you out of your prison. "You've been transferred to a new cell, you'll be having dinner with your new cellmates there." So they drag you off, your food still in their hands. Your stomach rumbles as the smell of nourishment wafts into your nose. The stars twinkle ever brighter as the new moon rises. Soon you are put into your cell with three others. It's a bit cramped as this cell is obviously smaller than the one you were in previously. If you'd bothered to look around on your way over you'd notice that all the other cells are strangely empty and the amount of guards in the area less than what they usually are. You each sit in your own corner dinner in your laps. Will you strike up conversation or just sit in silence while eating? (Feel free to chat with the guard or with eachother while the map gets its finishing touches ready.)
  8. Long ago when the universe, when the universe was a black sea, the Goddess, Undia, came down and started creating the universe. She began with creating a plant full of life, the planet we reside. First she created a bountiful nature and then small creatures to reside within. Next she filled the land with light, bringing forth the sun, the moon and the stars. However, as she took care of the little planet she noticed that some of the small creatures had evolved into intelligent life. She found this very amusing and intriguing, she took to calling these new creatures “Humans”. However, not all was peaceful in this universe. Looming in the background, the Goddess’ brother, Ethar, grew jealous of mankind. They took claim of all his sister’s attention. In a fit of rage he created his own type of life, monsters. He unleashed these beasts onto man and they stood no chance, but the Goddess would not stand idly by and watch this happen. She foraged the Fire Emblem to help the humans fend off the invading army as she went to go deal with her brother. The two siblings fought over the fate of the world, Undia battled with the aid of the Light spirits while Ethar with the aid of the Elder. Ultimately Undia would be victorious, however, she took mercy on her brother. Rather than kill him, she banished him from the universe forcing him back to the realm of the gods. Though she was not without wounds of her own. She did not have the power to keep a physical form, however, she linked herself up with a Human to speak through him. This man was Broxbert and he set up the Church of the sun as well as became its first pope. The Humans were successfully able to scour the planet of all monsters thanks the the Fire Emblem. This powerful relic would the the savior of mankind, but also it’s downfall. Due to its fabled power, many men sought it. Whether for their righteous good or greedful evil. Wars spanning the entire globe were fought for it. Eventually, the humans killed more of themselves than monsters ever could. So a group of master mages who called themselves the Archesages, came together to stop this madness. With the help of the pope of their time they secured the Fire Emblem and sealed it away. Now with the lust for power quelled, humans banded together to form societies. These would become the kingdoms, cities and towns the world knows today. Now a new problem faces the world. On the continent of Vona humans are disappearing and the populace is becoming restless. They fear that they or their friends and family maybe next. However, those who disappear know the truth. Everyone who has “disappeared” in actuality have been kidnapped by the kingdom of Aeyosal and forced into slave labor to create a large temple like structure. It’s name, The Temple of Respite, and it’s purpose unknown. You are one of these laborers. Whether you have worked for a day or for a year, you’ve been subjected to this line of work. You had not choice in the matter, but not for much longer. Fate has other plans for you and when it comes knocking at your cell door you best not shy away. --- Welcome one and all to Chaos 2.0 or Deceitful Turnabout. This will be will my attempt to bring my RP back from the dead. Don’t worry about if you didn’t play in the last RP and a lot has been changed/updated. So old and new folks alike will be able to enjoy this tale. I myself am excited to be hosting this and I hope everyone will be excited to play. Without further delay, let's begin get on with it! Rules: Changes: General: Skills: Class Buffs/Nerfs New/Added Classes World Map Lore/Geography Church of the Goddess/Other Religions Months Player Appearance/Chapter Recruitment: Prologue: New prison inmates are confronted by a cloaked rouge who offers to help them escape in exchange for their service. They accept and proceed to make break their way out from the Temple. (3-4 Players) Chapter 1: The escapees make their way to a safe area. However, they are greeted by guardsmen on patrol. Luckily for them, said guards want nothing more to do with protecting the Temple and want to escape as well. (2-3 Players) After this who knows? Well I do, but that’s for a later time. Sign-ups will be open for about a week. BEFORE POSTING YOUR SHEET, PLEASE PM IT ME. ONCE APPROVED YOU MAY THEN POST IT Players will make their characters as Level 1 Trainee Classes. At Trainee Class Level 5 players will automatically promote to first class on the next level up. The Cloaked Rouge however will start almost promoted and will gain a level for every two of the party until they catch up.
  9. Act 1 Begins! The Dark Descends, 'neath the Wings of Terror Prologue: The Last Quiet Night. lt was just another peaceful evening in the holdings of Padstow. The stars danced happily to the music of the crickets. Lanterns lit the small collection of buildings, a warm glow of fire that was welcoming. The embers still bright-eyed and full of life. They battled with the stars for attention, a friendly competition of sorts. Twinkling lights bathed the area in firelight and starlight in the calm of the night. A lovely evening. As it had turned out, The Lord of this Manor had so happened to call for a feast for his servants and those that lived on the lands in his Estate. The tall marble building stood lonely on the hill, overlooking the lantern-lit villa, stoic as it stood brightly against the darkness. Calmary was quite the estate, almost able to be considered a castle at its size and grandeur. lt stood guard over the small town around it just the same. The vigilant keep had always provided a sense of comfort to the few who lived here in Padstow. Though, such was easy in place like this. Nestled away in the hills and forests of Draestria, Padstow wasn't an easy target for the likes of petty crooks and highwayman. Further it's denizens rarely needed to leave. The place was self-sufficient after all, they needed nothing outside of their little villa. As such, they knew peace, comfort and quiet. Something well known throughout Draestria, but even more known in Padstow. lt was a bit intimidating, even for those that had been there before. Calmary was quite the regal fort, it felt like walking into the very gates of heaven... to the very place the Arcana sat together. Entering the threshold certainly didn't help with that. Despite it's humble decor, Calmary's halls still felt otherworldly and divine. The white stone meant to mimic marble was expertly accented with all types of soft subtle colours, a rainbow of them that met the senses directly. lt wasn't haphazardly arranged however, there was a sense of purpose to it. One that had an expert touch. Perhaps... Coel enjoyed interior decorating? Regardless, lt was beautiful... and something that by all rights could be gaudy was not. lt was a time yet until dinner was ready, quite awhile. A servant had come out and said as much. Those gathered here would have some time to get acquainted, some might know the others more than others but it never hurt to have some quiet time to relax. ((pls, intro your characters~))
  10. Howdy Folks! Hukuna here! Normally, this is where i would put my forward, however as this is a FEF… l don’t think it needs such an introduction so… let’s get into things shall we? Plot: The continent of Draestria is a quiet land, full of verdant fields of greens and tranquil forests. it is a land not truly ruled by any central government, Even cities that could have the means of such express no effort to do so. For Draestrians, they enjoy their peace and quiet. The simple life. Lords rule their fiefs, the common folk work for their wage and the peasants farm the land. Simple, easy, effective. Cities run on the merit of everyone doing their part to keep things smooth. Of course, it’s not perfect. Nothing ever truly is, but it the life they choose to live. However, a small kingdom is about to find itself in a World of Adventure. In the south lies a small fiefdom of the name, Padstow. A quaint little village if it could even be called that. Padstow, ruled by the old and wise Lord Coel, has always been thoroughly nestled in the gentle rolling hills of the southlands. Coel never had much want to be involved the the dim and droll of the larger world and sought to create a place he, and those he choose to bring into his service, could live in peace. It had worked for a time, but soon they would find themselves right in the thick of plots that threatened their beloved Draestria. Wicked Machinations that would come even to doorstep of Padstow. Players will play the as the many servants and friends of Lord Coel, and they will be tasked with unraveling the mysteries that threaten their homeland. Characters will be created at level 1 of the Trainee Classes. Draestrian Map: FEF Handbook,Version 1.Salt [Seriously important. Please read.]: Should directly download the Handbook for you. lf not, please let me know. Rule Changes: General: Skills: New Skills: Class Changes: New Classes: Performer Changes: https://pastebin.com/gB7GC2sQ Gaiden Chapters: Submissions and Submission Rules: Please submit sheets to me via pm on Discord or Reborn for approval before posting them in thread. Sheets not following this rule will be thrown out and not considered. ((even if you then submit by PM. i may also not consider new sheets you create after doing so. So please PLEASE PLEEEEEEASE don’t break this rule.)) Further, submit to me a backstory for your character via pm as well. However, >>> DO NOT <<< include this in your public sheet posted to this thread. This is meant to remain secret. I will have to disqualify sheets that do not follow this rule. Do not pick your Tarot Card until your character is accepted into the RP proper. I will be randomly choosing the order players may pick after all the characters are selected for the RP.
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