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Found 16 results

  1. So, I'm Ruby, 19, and I do mostly digital art in varied styles such as digital paintings, or cell shaded art, and I study art as well. OwO Links: Main Tumblr | Art Tumblr | DeviantART | Commissions info (open, paypal only) | Twitter | Instagram Reborn related art: Other art:
  2. Hey in my spare time I've been working on my own Pokemon fan-game and I just started doing some custom sprites and I would love some feedback on how to make them seem believable, add perspective, different color pallets that work, anything you can think off really. These are the sprites i've made so far. 1.Piper 2.Emi 3. Undecided (Work in Progress) Extra notes. 1. I need help figuring out how to make the back of number 3 believable as in I don't get what he/she's hair should look like from the back. 2. Also I haven't decided if 3 should be a girl or a boy what do they look like to you? 3. Is there some way that I can add some slight detail to Pipers hair or clothes without it going over the top or is it fine the way it is currently. 4. ( Something about Emi ) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 5. Also I did use Cain's sprite from Pokemon Reborn as a base for making 3. I hope this doesn't count as some type of plagiarism or something since i'm changing it into something different but if so, i'm sorry and i'll be glad to make any changes necessary. 6. If any of the characters look like too similar too any other sprite you've ever seen please tell me so I can make it more unique. Thank you for reading and giving any Feedback!!!
  3. Chapter One - "IN MEDIAS RES" Thank you so much for anyone who's taken the time to read this. This is the first story I've written in probably 10 years. I'd be very much interested to know any thoughts and get any feedback, criticisms, or opinions anyone could offer. I hope those who read it could find some enjoyment! Thanks!
  4. I've been writing this amateur sci-fi novel since late July. I'm not the best writer, so I want to learn how to get better. Unapologetic criticism is more than welcomed. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17esgMuf64NpbvaKUGAAxDTf9u7Mdx9_sxC1zBtOYavE/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Nowhere else to post this and figured I'd try and further test the waters of this community. I sometimes make random fakemon when the mood strikes me and figured I'd share some, these are all drawn by me and likely a little wonky as such. The images seem very tiny to me but I went by the dimensions that matched up best from across various pokemon pixel guides. I'm an idiot. My favorite fakemon project, based on wolves and wendigos. Puperie (Puppy + Eerie) | Dark Type Harmless Puppy Pokemon Most often found in northern regions, Puperie can be found wandering through snowy forests and tundras. Their double coat keeps them warm in harsh environments, it is ill advised to approach one in the wild as the parents can not be too far. It is a very good dog. Howlinger (Howl + Linger) | Dark/Ghost ??? Pokemon No desc ideas yet Wendigeist (Wendigo + Poltergeist) | Dark/Ghost Ravenous Spirit Pokemon Wendigeist is always ready to eat, even going so far as dine on inedible items such as plastic bags and tin cans. Above all they seek the taste of flesh, many trainers go missing in their forests each year. The ghostly flames on it's body do not give off light, allowing it to hunt easily in the dark. Weak To: Fairy (x2) Immune To: Ghost, Normal Resistant To: Fighting (0.5) and Poison (0.5) Kitling (Kit + Hatchling) | Dragon Elegant Hatchling Pokemon No desc ideas yet Ryurret (Ryu + Ferret) | Dragon/Fire Scaled Ferret Pokemon No desc ideas yet Valuryu (Valuable + Ryu) | Dragon/Fire Avaricious Pokemon Valuryu are very fond of expensive things such as jewelry, money and other valuable trinkets. Trainers are likely to find things missing if they lay shiny objects out in the open, only to find them months later in a hidden stash. The dens of wild Valuryu have piles of pilfered goods crammed into every nook and cranny. Weak To: Fairy (x3), Dragon (x2), Flying (x2) Immune To: n/a Resistant To: Bug (0.5), Grass (0.5), Fire (0.5) Galafox Celestial Fox Pokemon Being redone Evolves from Galakit (Drawn but I hate it so not sharing)
  6. This is my first satisfactory attempt at creating a mugshot/vs. sprite. Any criticisms or advice is welcome, especially if anyone notices glaring errors in it. (Also, the sprite is supposed to be Red in case anyone couldn't tell)
  7. (Author's Note: Hello! Welcome to my Feedback page for my "The Man Named Agent" series. If you liked or hated my story, please tell me here so I can improve it in any way. There isn't much else to say, so feel free to let me know what you think! Link to Original Story: http://www.pokemonreborn.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=20309)
  8. Here's the feedback booth for the story I'm writing. as well as questions I'll have for viewers since that area is going to get cluttered fast. First is I'm going up to episode 5 since real life filming is going to get in the way. I'll probably pick back up in a few months, Second to make it easier how do I make clickable parts in the first post so one can skip to a certain episode instead of sifting through. Lastly I'll condense each episode into one post to enhance ease. Leave your thoughts, I always appreciate.
  9. So with Murdoc bringing back up the situation of rp's being abandoned because players don't take initiative and are losing interest in the rp's, Commander brought up a good point of how the problem might be that we're not letting creative writing "grow and flourish" as much as we should because of the lack of feedback we give to one another. Let's face it, when someone compliments us on something we do that makes us want to do that more. If someone tells you that they love your jokes, your gonna want to tell more jokes. That's no different with writing. I'm sure most here have at one point or another have someone compliment something about their writing. Whether it was something small such as telling you they like the way you described a certain room in the story, to them giving you praise on how surprising the plot twist you wrote was. Now some may be thinking "What does that have to do with letting creative writing grow and flourish?!?!" Well simply put, if someone receives feedback, whether positive or negative, they're more likely to write more so they can improve their writing skills. Because they know that at least someone out there cares enough to even try to tell them what they did good and what they did bad. Commander wrote up an amazing post in the Creative Writing section on how to write good feedback and criticism (which I highly suggest you check out) but after I finished reading it I couldn't help but thinking "This can definitely help me give better criticisms...but where do I give such criticisms? Stories in the Creative Writing Sections do sometimes have a feedback thread but what about rp's? I don't want to drown OOC's with feedback posts, but where else can I put them?" So I came up with my own answer, this thread! I don't know whether someone has done something similar to this before or not but I figured I'd try it out. I made this thread so others can give feedback on ANY posts in ANY rp as well as letting others read the criticisms people had on other posts so they can improve their own writing skills as well, even if they're not the one's directly being criticized. Also, if someone criticizes a post here and you notice something as well or just want to give your own two cents, then you can go ahead and write your own thoughts about the post to add on to what has already been brought up. You can never have enough feedback after all! So how exactly do you criticize a post on here? Thankfully Hukuna has told me can easily grab a quote from elsewhere. Just hit the quote button and copy the quote from the reply box and paste that. It works just like regular text. (Preferably put it in spoilers so we can distinguish the writing from the criticisms more easily.) Make sure to tell us what RP it came from, who's the writer, and perhaps what page it's on. Maybe even give a bit of background info to the scene if you feel it will help, but it's not necessary. It doesn't matter if you want to criticize a short paragraph or an entire post, go crazy. Also, tell the writer of the post that you are criticizing their writing here so they are aware. After all, what's the reason of criticizing their writing if they don't read it? So what criticisms do we write here? Simple, any and all criticisms you'd like, good or bad. Doesn't matter how small or trivial you may think it is, just go ahead and give your thoughts on the post. Anything you want to share with the writer you can write here. But let me be clear, put some effort into the criticisms. No writing just "I liked this part because it made me laugh, this character's funny." No, none of that here. We want actual criticisms that will help us grow as writers. Tell us why that post was so funny, did the imagery just really pop out at you and make you smile? Did the writer portray the character in a humorous way successfully? How exactly did they do that? Was the dialogue just to die for and had you rolling on the floor giggling? Also, don't just write positives! We know everyone likes to hear they're doing good but they probably won't learn as much unless you also tell them what they did that wasn't as good alongside it. Maybe the amount of detail was lacking. Perhaps their word choice was atrocious. Maybe the paragraphs were formatted weirdly. Tell them what they did wrong. BUT, you should also tell them what they can do to improve their mistakes for the future. Help each other grow as writers. That being said, you should also refrain from just writing negatives OR positives all the time. A perfect criticism would be one that shows both the positives AND negatives. I can't stress this enough, you don't want to make someone feel awful by just pointing out their mistakes all the time. But you also don't want to just tell them everything they're doing is perfect because no one's writing is ever perfect, there is always more room to grow somewhere, and you won't be helping them at all by leading them to believe otherwise One last thing: Be open minded and understanding when receiving or giving criticisms!!! No one likes to be told they're doing something wrong, but we should learn how to take others criticisms to improve ourselves. Most people won't be telling you what your doing wrong because they want to hurt you. In fact, they probably want to help you grow as a writer. It's okay to feel slightly sad and disappointed if someone points out what you did wrong, but make sure to hold your head up high and take that information to improve your writing skills. Also, always try to give others some positives ALONG with the negatives. It's just the best thing to do, and everyone will appreciate it. Now, knowing all this you are prepared to go ahead and write whatever criticisms you'd like. Just remember, all of this is to better ourselves but don't forget it's about having fun too! We all write because we enjoy it after all, so let's keep on enjoying it as well as helping others enjoy it by helping them along! Quick Tip from Hukuna, if you click the quote button on a post it will quote it automatically for you in a quick reply. Copy and paste this to quickly get the text you are looking for etc. So long as you don't delete the quote box the text can also be edited and changed around to iterate what lines in specific you're looking at etc...or highlight something you liked or thought was a strong line etc. All in all quotes save a lot of time and quite a bit of headache ((since they are typically a lot cleaner than doing a straight copy paste.)) and can be edited like normal text. It also credits the person who wrote it really easily. All in all, they are super handy. ANd yes... they work across threads. So long as the Quote is on your clipboard you can copy it into a post elsewhere on the forum. Hope this helps all would be users of this thread.
  10. I've been working on this project off and on now fro some time perhaps it's high time I really updated how I've been bookkeeping etc so that it's not all clunky and what not. Without further ado, this is the home of Dream on Another Shore, a project... I randomly started fro no other reason than that I was bored at the time. A strange way to start talking about a project for sure. Many would use this space to go on about their inspirations and what they were trying to accomplish. But, when I started this things I really didn't have anything at all. I just had the basic concept I usually have when writing things for Graterras. To write it around an unlikely protagonist in a Fantasy Setting. I never wrote about a painter before, and we barely see anything written about them, so I decided... eh why the hell not? Maybe not the most inspiring speech there, but it's my reason and it's reason enough for me. I love to play with new ideas and to see where the winds will take me. It's certainly been a journey thus far on this little project. Plot Synopsis Links ((for the story, and the Original Graterras RP OOC for reference material.)) Current Completed Chapter: 8 Chapter 9 in Progress.
  11. This is where you can give feedback and or discuss Endless Dawn, Please give feedback I wanna know how to make this better.
  12. This is a story that I intend to work into a novel. It will be a four book tale that will follow the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These chapters will be a rough draft, as I will have my editor look at them upon completion of the whole story. I hope you enjoy.
  13. Springtrap Song Welcome, welcome to Fazbear Fright Relive your fondest childhood moments As we twist them into nightmares But be warned, for at Fazbear Fright Once you join the party You may never leave! Verse 1 Once upon a time You said I was crazed I was walking around In a purple haze Killing the children One by one I’m not gonna lie It was lots of fun But the little kids Wouldn’t let me go As you can see I’m a part of the show But I’m not mad They set me free My nightmare will continue For eternity Chorus I’m in the shadows I’m drawing near Your heart is pounding You’re filled with fear I have you now So let’s play a game But you better beware Springtrap's my name Verse 2 My heart may be dead But I’m still alive My body powered By servos and wires Stalking the halls Come let me in Til 6 am You aren’t gonna win Me and the Phantoms We’ll give you a fright Just how long Will you survive the night? And after five When you think you’ve won But the nightmare's only just begun [Music Break] Souls of the children You let them go But it's not over I’m part of the show I’ll survive The fire and flames Even after you’re gone I’ll still remain Chorus I’m in the shadows I’m drawing near Your heart is pounding You’re filled with fear I have you now So let’s play a game But you better beware Springtrap's my name Chorus I’m in the shadows I’m drawing near Your heart is pounding You’re filled with fear I have you now So let’s play a game But you better beware Springtrap's...my...name! *Evil Laugh*
  14. This will be the place to discuss the works within my thread the Forlorn's Shadow's Den. Feel free to offer criticism and feedback as well, but be forewarned that I will not be using it fro the works within the thread. These observations will be useful to me in the future however, so please put them below if you see anything I can improve on. Link to Thread:
  15. ~This thread is dedicated to feedback and discussion about CHROMA. Any questions, critique, or suggestions are very much appreciated and will be answered to the best of my ability.~ CHROMA ~http://www.pokemonreborn.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=11674~
  16. Please be advised that the following story contains gifts of an adult nature. The following story is meant to be humorous, a personal collection of my own family tradition. If anyone would care to help me edit it for a writing contest due on Christmas Eve, I would appreciate it. The Great Christmas War Christmas. It is a time for family and friends. Many of us have traditions in our families, from Secret Santa to Christmas Dinner over at Uncle Bob’s house. Well, it may not be that basic, but we all have one. There is something special we do with those we care about during this time of year. And then there is my family. Do not be mistaken, I could not ask for a better family. In fact that is what makes our Christmas tradition so fantastic. Our tradition started about six years ago, and looks like it is here for the long haul. Each year, a few of us exchange gifts with the sole purpose of utterly humiliating each other. These gifts have never been tame. While other families would be mortified to see these gifts out in the open, mine simply laughs hysterically. It makes it all the better. Everything is fair game. No punches have ever been pulled. It is a battle each year to make the family doubled, gasping for air from laughing. And of course, leaving the recipient as red as a tomato. Ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment, here is the past five years of my family’s “Christmas Gag Gift War”. The names have not been changed, the gifts uncensored. My family is filled with adults, and this has adult material. The stories are not for the faint of heart. You may die of laughter. A Doll’s House It all began on a wintry day in December. My high school sweetheart, Caitlin, and I walked up the steps to my Aunt Sue’s house to celebrate Christmas. It was a tradition to go to her house to exchange gifts. It had been that way since I could remember. I had just finished my first semester college, and it was good to be home. Caitlin and I walked into the living room, and a bizarre gift caught my eye. It stood nearly as tall as me. And whoever wrapped it must have gone through about three different rolls of wrapping paper and about a thing of scotch tape. Before I could ask who did it, I got my answer by the big grin on my Cousin Ben’s face. Ben is a year younger than me, and was almost done with high school at the time. I asked him who it was for, and to my surprise it was me. A million thoughts buzzed into my brain, trying to figure out what it was. Well I figured I would find out soon enough so I put it away quickly, decided to eat and talk to my aunts and uncles. After an hour or so, we all gathered into the living room to exchange gifts. Ben immediately blocked his gift to me, saying that it had to be last. The family figured it was okay, and went about the exchange like we did every year prior. People got the usual: books, clothes, and cash. Same as always. Then it was done to that oddball gift he got me. I had to stand up in order to pull the wrapping off. The first thing that popped out was a blonde head. Pulling a bit more at my cousin’s fantastic giftwrapping, I found a doll looking back at me with a big surprised look on her face. I knew immediately what it was. So did all my aunts uncles, and my parents. Ben insisted that I kept unwrapping it. The living room began to fill with hooting and laughing. As I continued to reveal more of the doll, it only got louder. There before me stood a naked blow up doll with a little note taped to the nape of her neck. For those lonely nights at Penn State To make it worse, Ben had decided that it would be funny to write CAITLIN in big black marker across the doll’s chest. I looked over to my girlfriend, and saw that her face was buried in her hands. I could not tell if she was laughing or just embarrassed; probably both. By now my whole family was in tears. Ben had a big grin across his face while he laughed like a hyena. My Cousin Tina pushed through the crowd with something in hand. I could not tell what it was until she placed on the doll’s head. It was a brunette wig. Caitlin was a brunette, and now CAITLIN was too. My face turned another shade redder while my family was doubled over holding their sides. To be fair, though, I was laughing too. Caitlin, on the other hand, was blushing more than me. Poor girl, I think my family traumatized her. It was some sort of miracle that she did not break up with me. So once everyone settled down, CAITLIN was placed in the corner to remind I had a new friend to take up to school. The next day, I tossed that doll in the trash. Striptease Christmas Around October the following year, my Uncle Bill, Ben’s father, told me an interesting story about his son. Ben had gotten a job as a bar tender over the summer at a bar near his house. One night, a bachelorette party came in for drinks. Apparently the women liked the fact that my cousin had been working out all summer to get ready for baseball in college. One thing led to another, leaving Ben shirtless and doing pushups while the bride-to-be sat on his back. My Uncle Bill made fun of Ben for a few weeks after that, calling him a stripper. That is when it hit me, the perfect plot for revenge. I had not forgotten about that doll from last year, and this was a chance to get even with my cousin. While I was busy studying up at Penn State, I spent my downtime plotting the perfect gift to get my payback. If my cousin wanted to be a stripper, then it would be good for him to get all the proper equipment. Once again it was Christmas time. Caitlin and I walked up to the front door of my Aunt Sue’s house. She held a box while a large pole-shaped gift was tucked under my arm. We entered and quietly put the gifts by the tree. Unlike my loudmouth cousin, I decided it would be better to blindside him with this gift. After an hour of mingling, we gathered in the living room to open up the gifts. I made sure that his gift was last to be picked. Bed was not all that surprised that I got him something. I guess he anticipated I would try to get him back for the doll. He opened the box first, which I mockingly wrapped up just like the doll was last year. Opening it, he pulled out a Chip n’ Dale calendar and a G-String. My family started howling, especially my Uncle Bill. Before anyone could settle down, I handed him the second part of his gift. Tearing away the paper, a long metal pole stood in the middle of the living room. Taped across the length in blocked letters was “MY FIRST STRIPPER POLE”. The room erupted with laughter. I was in tears when I saw the look on Ben’s face. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and what better time than Christmas. A Gift for Two Another year passed and it was Christmas once again. It almost meant another year for our Christmas War to continue. Unfortunately for me, I had been slacking on the gift ideas. Final exams and term papers kept me preoccupied. I was hoping that Ben had learned his lesson, and that there would be no pranks this year. Sadly, I was wrong. Oh so horribly wrong. Like every year Caitlin and I arrived late to my aunt’s house. We had a bit of insanity at her house, but that would be better left to another story. By the time we got there, most of the gifts had already been exchanged, leaving just the grand finale of the usual trade between Ben and myself. That is when a shocking twist turned occurred in our little battle. Ben handed me a large bag, but said it was for me and Caitlin. She and I looked at each other, knowing that this could not be good. Nevertheless, we sat down in the only spot available. It just so happened to be front and center for everyone in the living room to get a good look at our gifts. My Aunt Mary Jane sat right next to us with a camera ready. Now it was not like Ben had told anyone, but he had been spending a part of the night letting everyone know it was a gift not meant to be missed. Side by side, Caitlin and I pulled a bunch of items all wrapped up from the bag. I went first, ripping the gift free from the wrapping paper. The gift that I held was a special kit used to tie up someone for…let us say adult purposes. Meanwhile Caitlin opened a package of nipple tassels. Mind you she is rather…chesty. So the gift was even more embarrassing. We were both red as a stocking, but our torment was not finished yet. There were two more gifts, we each took one. I ignored the laughing from everyone, while I opened my gift to find a festive book of Christmas Karma Sutra. It was not as bad as the first two gifts. Sadly though, neither of us knew that the grand finale was about to be opened. Caitlin pulled the colorful paper slowly away. She saw a note taped to the side of the gift that read, “For a little help”. Sitting on her lap was a pink vibrator. I thought she was going to die of embarrassment. My family was no help, most of them having trouble breathing from all the laughter. Then my Aunt Mary Jane lifted her camera and took a few pictures of our horrified faces. They are in a collage at her house to this day. Needless to say, Ben got the better of us that year. However, he made a crucial error. He dragged Caitlin into this, giving me a powerful weapon. She was mortified. Now, she wanted revenge. Rubber Tree Despite our desire for revenge, our creativity ran dry the following year. Ben had been on his best behavior, so no funny stories for us to exploit. It was turning out to be difficult to come up with a gift that would top his from the year before. I was going to give up on the whole war and call a truce. That is when fate stepped in. A week before Christmas, Caitlin and I were walking through a crafts store looking for decorations. Some of the stuff was already on clearance, so we decided to look for stuff there. Walking up and down the aisles, we looked at all the items. There was nothing out of the ordinary, until something caught my eye. Sitting on a shelf was a fake evergreen tree, about three feet tall. It was really nice looking, but surprisingly cheap. At first, I was planning on getting it for myself. That is, until a lightbulb went off in my head. Ben had always been single. He also liked to brag about that fact, telling about all the girls he got to meet at bars. With that thought running through my head, I decided to make use of the tree for a more nefarious purpose. It would be a festive gift that while not as mortifying as last year, would be a blow to his ego. That Christmas came the same old trip to my Aunt Sue’s house. I had wrapped the tree and arrived a bit late from Caitlin’s house. There was no insanity this year. Dinner just ran late. Regardless, we were late and the gifts had already been exchanged. I walked right up to Ben who was sitting on the couch, and placed the gift right in front of him. I told him to open it, despite the fact that no one was watching. He did and revealed the tree. It was covered with colorful blue ornaments with a blue star cut out of cardboard taped on top. It caught my Aunt Mary Jane’s attention, as she called over my other aunts and uncles. Everyone started to compliment the colorful tree and the creativity. Meanwhile, Ben was absolutely confused by the gift, until he realized what the blue ornaments were. They were condoms. The tree was filled with them. And that beautiful star that was being admired had the name TROJAN written across it. I used the box to make it. Suddenly, a hush fell over the room. Everyone began to realize what the tree actually was. My Aunt Mary Jane, who had been taking pictures of it, lowered the camera. She just stared at it. My other cousins were laughing hysterically, but not from Ben’s reaction or the gift. It was from the reaction of all our aunts and uncles. Unintentionally, I had pranked every one of them. Though Caitlin and I did not get our revenge, we did manage to blindside my entire family. So I guess I will calk that up as a win. Their First Time I thought the condom tree would be the last year of the wars. After that, Ben and I decide to call a ceasefire on the pranking gifts. To be honest, neither of us had any more good ideas for gifts. The ones we did come up with were already used, just a tad different. It worked out. This way we could work on just getting gifts for loved ones. Sure it was not going to be same anymore, but hey, what are you gonna do? Well I suppose that some deity enjoyed our gifts, because fate intervened one again. An opportunity presented itself to me that I could not pass up. While Christmas shopping, I took a stop by the mall, and swung into a place called Spencer’s. For those who do not know what that is, it would be best described as a college student’s paradise. Among the shot glasses and funny t-shirts, there are the adult items in the back. Walking through the store, a few of these items made me laugh. One in particular jumped out as an amazingly funny gift for another cousin of mine. My Cousin Abby, Ben’s younger sister, would be a perfect target. And the fact that she had a boyfriend would make it a fair game. Once more it was Christmas. At my Aunt Sue’s house we gathered and exchanged gifts like usual. Toward the end of it, I turned to Abby and Nate with a wrapped box in hand. Thinking that it was just a simple gift from a nice cousin, they opened it. Abby pulled out her gift and the room burst with laughter. In her hand was a riding crop. Now what makes this gift especially titillating is that Abby has always been fond of horses and horseback riding. Of course, this crop was meant to be used on Nate. Speaking of which, it was now his turn for him to open his gift. I decided to go with the classics, as he held a pair of handcuffs in one hand and a ball gag in the other. For a nice twist, though, I added a message saying, “These are meant for you”. Nate smiled weakly while Abby laughed. Everyone enjoyed the tradition continuing. The look on their faces was priceless. I do hope that it does not come back to bite me. Sneak Peak For five years now, we have been doing this crazy tradition. Completely humiliating, but still a lot of fun. Well it is Christmas again, meaning for the tradition to continue. Sadly, I will not able to share what happens this year, but I will be nice and share with you what I have in store. First, I need to mention that there have been some developments over the past year. Caitlin and I are now engaged, meaning that there are tons of new ways we can be attacked. Ben finally has a girlfriend, a nice girl named Megan. Unfortunately for him, and for her, this means that our ceasefire is officially over. Caitlin and I have been waiting for this to happen. Revenge will be ours. I am sure he is aware of it, because he has hinted of getting us something too. With Abby and Nate on the other side, we have a war on two fronts. It is going to be exciting! Now it is onto this year’s gifts. Caitlin and I have decided not to go out and spend a lot on these gifts, taking the old fashioned approach of making them instead. A new story about Ben has inspired his gift. As it was told, Ben had yet another bachelorette party. One thing led to another, and he ended up wearing nothing but a red solo cup. I do not know how it happened, nor do I want to know. However, it does present a wonderful opportunity. We have made him a red solo cup thong for him. And to make sure Megan does not feel left out, we have a matching bikini top. Abby and Nate’s gift needs a bit of explaining. Both of them are fans of the Game of Thrones series. She even got me reading the books. Another thing worth mentioning is that Abby has a sword collection, and Nate is a flat out nerd. For their gift I made them a wooden sword. Ordinarily that is not a gag gift. But after you make a few modifications, the sword ends up looking like a giant wooden penis. I have appropriately dubbed the phallic weapon “Morning Wood!” I do hope my family enjoys the gifts.
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