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Found 10 results

  1. Greetings everyone. Some time after finishing Pokemon Reborn V17, I started working on my own pokemon game. Since the "Field Effect" was excellent, I used Pokemon Reborn as foundation for my first game. While Reborn introduced many interesting concept and cool-dark story while sticking to canon as close as possible, I took approach to change/rebalance many concepts in pokemon. After intense testing and bug-searching, I finished the demo. Goggle Drive Link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XDRfH55Inby8zHvHqmpEUuYWxrz4cx4w/view Megafire link - http://www.mediafire.com/file/bppnn6pcm2pedr9/Pokemon+Empire+-+Demo+V2.zip Megaupload Link - https://megaupload.nz/MdD0I2x7nb/Pokemon_Empire_-_Demo_V2_zip This game takes place in "Natarian Empire" which is located on different continent than other regions. It have its own goverment and introduce pokemon from all over the world (the closest one being Alola and Orange Islands). Together with five other trainers you'll participate in partner-choosing ceremony. You'll face masters, trials and dangers as you and your rivals will go for the top. This Empire is famous for its numerous attempt on training/improving weak pokemon, so on your journey you see old and underrated pokemon in a few light. Improved stats, new mid-evolutions and expanded move-pool. If you have a favorite pokemon which has been falling behind everyone else, you may find him better than ever in the Natarian Empire. Instead of evil team you'll face the rebellion forces who disagree with how the Empire is ruled and you just happened to be on the opposite side. Be warned, they won't hesitate to take your life if you let them. There are credits at the end of the demo, but I am currently working to make proper credits in Readme document that will be added into the game. Here is a list of features: Please give this demo a chance and give me your feedback. The success/failure of this demo will determine my motivation to turn it into a full game. Also, while I am trying to improve many weak pokemon (by buffing their base stats, rebalancing their movepool, maybe adding another type to them), it takes at least 1 day for me to come up with a well-balanced evolution line. If you have a favorite pokemon or just wish for specific pokemon to be reborn as a better pokemon, feel free to post them here, and if I'll find your suggestion to be well-balanced and fitting, I may add them into the game. (You get your favorite pokemon kick ass and I can finish the game faster, everyone wins). If you wish to suggest an improved pokemon, please submit them in this form: Name=Pichu InternalName=PICHU Type1=ELECTRIC BaseStats=45,45,25,80,25,40 (In here are pokemon base stats: Base Hp, Base Atk, Base Def, Base speed, Base Sp.Attack, Base Sp.Defense) GenderRate=Female50Percent (It can be "Alwaysmale, Alwaysfemale, Female75%Percent, Female25%Percent") GrowthRate=Erratic (Erratic level up extremely quickly, Fast is for pokemon like Charmander, Snivy, Litten and so on, Medium is for mid-evolutions, Parabolic, Slow for fully evolved pokemon) BaseEXP=70 (How much exp your pokemon gain by winning battle. Pichu is around 70, Mid-evolution would be around 140 while fully evolved pokemon would be around 230) EffortPoints=0,0,0,1,0,0 (Gain of EV after defeating this pokemon) Rareness=175 (How hard it is to catch it. The highest number, the easiest it is to catch this pokemon. Legendary pokemon have 5 value). Happiness=70 (Starting Happiness, not really important). Abilities=STATIC (Ability. Introducing different ability to specific pokemon is encouraged, as long as new ability is fitting). Moves=1,FAKEOUT,1,CHARM,1,NUZZLE,5,DOUBLESLAP,12,QUICKATTACK,13,SWEETKISS,15,AGILITY,16,SPARK,30,MQUICKATTACK,35,MEGAPUNCH,40,THUNDERPUNCH,50,WILDCHARGE EggMoves=BIDE,ENCORE,ENDURE,FLAIL,LUCKYCHANT,REVERSAL,THUNDERPUNCH,TICKLE,WISH (Level it learns this move, Name of move). Compatibility=Undiscovered StepsToHatch=2805 Height=0.3 (If you feel height is too small or too big for how pokemon look in the anime, it can be changed here). Weight=2.0 (If you feel weight is too small or too big for how heavy this pokemon is in the anime. it can be changed here). Color=Yellow Habitat=Forest Kind=Tiny Mouse Pokedex=Pichu's tiny appearance can be very misleading. Those who underestimate them often end up getting pushed back by their unexpected strength. FormNames=,Spiky-Eared WildItemCommon=ORANBERRY BattlerPlayerY=15 BattlerEnemyY=22 BattlerAltitude=0 Evolutions=PIKACHU,Level,18 (In which pokemon it evolve, what level it evolve) And if you wish to have two variants of the same pokemon, each having different ability. Name=Pichu InternalName=PICHU2 Type1=ELECTRIC Type2=FAIRY BaseStats=40,25,23,80,45,47 (As you can see, this pokemon have strong special attack and weak attack since this variant focus on specal attacks) GenderRate=Female50Percent GrowthRate=Erratic BaseEXP=70 EffortPoints=0,0,0,1,0,0 Rareness=175 Happiness=70 Abilities=LIGHTNINGROD Moves=1,THUNDERSHOCK,1,CHARM,1,DISARMINGVOICE,8,SWEETKISS,14,NASTYPLOT,15,DOUBLETEAM,16,THUNDERWAVE,17,DRAININGKISS,18,SHOCKWAVE,35,DISCHARGE,40,DAZZLINGGLEAM,50,VOLTSWITCH EggMoves=BESTOW,BIDE,CHARGE,DOUBLESLAP,ELECTRICTERRAIN,ENCORE,ENDURE,LUCKYCHANT,TICKLE,WISH Compatibility=Undiscovered StepsToHatch=2805 Height=0.3 Weight=2.0 Color=Yellow Habitat=Forest Kind=Tiny Mouse Pokedex=Pichu's tiny appearance can be very misleading. Those who underestimate them often end up getting pushed back by their electric attacks or Disarming Voice. FormNames=,Spiky-Eared WildItemCommon=ORANBERRY BattlerPlayerY=15 BattlerEnemyY=22 BattlerAltitude=0 Evolutions=PIKACHU2,Level,18 I'll try my best to introduce changes to as many pokemon as possible, but if you feel creative and feel like helping out, I promise to take your suggestion into consideration. Just keep in mind that Natarian Empire is a place where pokemon grow strong and learn new moves in balanced way. TM and HM are not included (There will be move tutors and move-relearning, but no TMs). I appologise for my flawed english as it is not my main language.
  2. Recruiting Positions available: Sprite artwork Sound Mapping Scripting Character Sprites Current team members: Lead Wirter - Luxintra, Postion Open Co Writer - Monika, pkchu, MysticCharizard10 Music - Pere Sound - Luxintra, Postion Open Mapping - Luxintra, Postion Open Sprites - Wulfx, Cyber, RealTeddyRed, Luxintra, Postion Open Scripting - Luxintra, Postion Open Special Thanks to - Kymeara, Mega Wobbuffet, M1ntyfr3shd4n, Hawei,jock_butt, Nina, Mythra, Deadpola, Steven_Y Artwork- GregAndrade
  3. Q&A about a potential Beta for my game: There is no beta and there won't be a beta. If I'm going to release a game, I want it to be fully playable. So, the only time anyone will be able to play the game, is when it is 100% finished. I appreciate everyone's respect for my game, but, you will have to bide your patience, for at least another year or so, because this stuff takes time. I'm only 1 guy, and I have to pay for a lot of the stuff that's in my game. Which is up there in the 5 digit's range of money spent on this game. Greetings Pokemon fans! I am sure you are all wondering, "What is Pokemon Symphonic Horizon, and what is with the name?" Simply put: This is a game that has been in the works for a few years now, but I never really had it see the public's eye until now. As for the name, the Symphonic part of the name is to highlight the game's mystic and ominous tone, while the Horizon part symbolizes the vastness and adventure like feel to the game. Pokemon Symphonic Horizon is primarily story based, and will have you talk to characters for a good several minutes, to learn that characters backstory or just to understand their personalities. I wanted to have a game feel like a proper RPG, and capture the feeling of emotion, especially since my game's main thing is its tone. This is not a traditional Pokemon game as one would think; there are gym battles, but they are not the center piece of the story, also the game is mainly tied to a story, as I previously mentioned. I mainly wanted to create something that wasn't the same old Pokemon game that has been done a thousand times over. Instead, I wanted to portray the game with as much characterization, and personality as possible. The overarching tone of the game was meant to portray a feeling of emotion, and make the player feel what the characters are feeling. This isn't a game where you play as an avatar of yourself, but rather these characters are their own person. Which, shows at the beginning since you are not able to rename your main character or anyone else for that matter; they are ingrained into their personality, and that is what I set out to achieve. Story Anime Animation Title Screen Vice Braving Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 18 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Quotes Marissa Brennan Age: 3 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {End of the Road Arc} Age: 14 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Vivian Vance Age: 2 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {Nero's Disappearance Arc} Age: 6 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {End of the Road Arc} Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 18 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Krista Harper Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 18 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Hiro Monochroma Age: 1 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {Nero's Disappearance Arc} Age: 5 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {End of the Road Arc} Age: 15 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 17 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Allan Monochroma Age: 2 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {Nero's Disappearance Arc} Age: 6 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon: Verdant Tales {End of the Road Arc} Age: 16 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon Age: 18 - Pokemon Symphonic Horizon 2: Dawn of a New World Things That Are In My Game Variable Trainer System - You are able to use all 6 of the playable main characters throughout the game. They all utilize their own team of Pokemon and MUST be trained, or else. This script is fundamentally what makes my game what it is, and is the primary aspect of my game's plot, gameplay, and everything! (Unique Script) Day/Night System - This provides a day to night function like most Pokemon fan games nowadays. Encouragement System - This script is complicated and is used in conjunction with the Variable Trainer System, and allows for your Pokemon to get a voice of encouragement from one of the other characters that can boost one of your Pokemon's stats based on unfavorable circumstances. (Unique Script) Jumping - Marissa's exclusive acrobatic abilities used to help navigate otherwise impossible terrain. Multiple Continents to explore - Not like Regions, it is all one region, but separated into four different continents, making this one of the hugest Pokemon games that spans one region! See Region map here: Unlockable Costumes - And no to anyone who thinks that this is Trainer Customization, it is not that. This basically allows for you to unlock pre-set costumes at certain points in the game, along with side quests, and change into them at any point when unlocked. SUPER HUGE SAFARI ZONE! - Basically at the Southern Continent of Lumia, half of the continent is a Safari Zone. That in itself is enormous, and totally explorable. TM Compatibility List - Just like in Gen 6 where there is a list of compatibilites that TM's will have when you are buying them from a vendor at a store. Gen 6 Moves and Abilities - It utilizes the Gen 6 Project and all it's features. Pokemon World Tournament - Just like from Gen 5 BW2 this includes the World Tournament, or as I like to call it: The Battle Colosseum, where you go up the ranks and challenge all the leaders, and Champions! However, the Champions have to be unlocked after you complete certain side-quests. Anime Style Cutscenes - I know what you are also gonna say, "OMG, BUT ISN'T THAT HARD TO DO!?" Yes, and no. If you know the right people, and have the money and want to murder your wallet, than no it is not that hard. There are scenes in the game where there are short 5-10 second long cutscenes of anime stylized animation, and trust me, a lot of them weren't cheap :L My poor wallet OTL Very Secret Thing That I Cannot Actually Mention Yet - It is a secret for the time being. *Puts on shades and casually walks away* EV/IV System - This is for the really anal-retentive people who really love to see their EV's and IV's Wonder Trade - Everybody's favorite its Wonder Tra- oh. Mega Evolution - Who honestly doesn't know what this is? JK, but there is Mega Evolution, and it is awesome. Riding Pokemon - Yup, but only specific Pokemon, i.e. Zebstrika and Gogoat Character Abilities - Yup, this time around the main Characters now have their own abilities that can be used in battle and in the overworld. I have the abilities for the characters listed up above. Vast Postgame - After the main storyline is finished, you have the choice of re-battling the final boss or exploring Lumia for more secrets, side-quests, and Legendary Pokemon that weren't capable of being caught during the main game. Custom Moves - I have created several new original moves with their own new animations, example being Mist Blades for Greninja. 100+ TM's - YUP, even more TM's for you to sink your teeth into! Things That Aren't Going To Be in My Game Multiple Regions - I am not really a huge fan of multiple regions, especially for a story driven Pokemon Game. I mainly wanted the focus to be ON the Lumia Region and the crisis that it is undergoing, having another region added into the game would only get in the way of the plot, and that is what we call in the Writing Industry as "PADDING" and you don't want that for a primarily story driven game focused on the main region of the game. The Usual Pokemon Storyline - I wanted to make a Pokemon game that made you not go through the many things that have already been done with other Pokemon game, instead I wanted mine to feel more like an RPG where you actually stop, listen to your partners talk and let the story unfold, and have a very engaging plot that isn't focused on just getting 8 badges and fighting the Elite Four. Nuzlockeability - I know I probably just alienated a lot of people by saying that, but there is no way that you can nuzlocke this game, given that you CANNOT remove the Signature Main Pokemon of each Character. For example: Vice cannot remove Eevee from his team until you finish all of the post-game content. Vivian cannot remove Shaymin from her party. Hiro cannot remove Dialga, etc. Not only that, but the structure and just the general nature of my game basically makes it impossible to nuzlocke, since my game is also VERY non-traditional. Traditional Pokemon Starter Obtaining - Yeah, basically each character starts out with their own unique Pokemon, such Vice starting out with Eevee. However, he finds the Eevee locked inside of a sealed item box near a grave, so take that for what you will. Skit Conversations! See videos below Region Map VIDEOS!! Credits (most of these people I don't even use, I just remember making a list and they ended up in the document of credits XD) Maruno - Pokemon Essentials Luka S.J. Elite Battle Script Rialynarts - Art Designer WesleyFG =zerudez UltimoSpriter 0NegaXFMP0 Heavy-Metal-Lover TyranitarDark Alucus, Alistair, Calis projects and/or Kyledove UltimoSpriter Rossay Alstair and PHO Rayquaza zetavares852 robie392 Celiana ThatsSoWitty LotusKing MoonTIK BoOmxBiG EVoLiNa chimcharsfireworkd Minorthreat0987 WilsonScarloxy 0NegaXFMP0 Dewity zetavares852 AshnixsLaw Yani-kurai Alucus spaceemotion LogiedanT-T Aigue--marine
  4. Hey, everyone! It's been a little bit since Pokemon Rehabilitation released, and now It's time for version 2! Just like last time, I'll split up all of the information. 1: General Info Many new features and stuff have arrived for v2. This includes: Vastly superior game speed (By Pia Carrot) Better Main character visuals Team Ace actually doing something Custom tiles A Pokedex that doesn't crash the game And more! 2: Precautions for playing the game Rehab has lots of flashing effects, so do not play if you have epilepsy or seizures! You may want to make a new save file. If you continue from an existing game, attempting to open the Pokedex will crash the game. 3: Known Bugs If you're not on small screen size, the flashing effects only cover a fourth of the screen. Part of the trees on one of the new maps can be walked through. I tried to fix this, but it didn't work. Hopefully this'll be corrected in v3 or beyond. The improved game speed will not activate until you have beaten the first gym. 4: Download and Screenshots Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fZNrt7mBYaYuQQNb7-HvpfGfF-IQhWhN Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/fOWmvKh 5: Parting words I hope you have fun with v2! Please report any bugs/errors/feedback as it will help improve future versions of the game. If you like this kinda stuff, here's the dev blog. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iPZe1dG4KPHkvB4z-PVhvULAyyqhlTD9dya2ih5EcXQ/edit Cheers!
  5. Pokemon Unbreakable Intro: Hello, my name is AquaMacaw but you can call me A.M. for short. I've been a longtime admirer of anyone who creates, especially when it involves a story with it's own world to accompany it. And after finding this community, that is already so accepting of people's creative projects. I feel comfortable enough to finally tell a story that will at the very least give you a sense of adventure. STORY: DEMO: Help: As of right now the most important thing I need is help with is Spriting. If you are confident in your ability to do pixel art, I would LOVE your help.
  6. [Proper banner forthcoming. Please wait warmly] "On the ancient fields of Kaiyomi, a catastrophic battle between two entities occurred, resulting in the complete change of the Zirconial Continent forever... now, far into the future, their conflict will finally reach its conclusion." ---------------- Welcome back to another round of "Derxwna Makes Games", starring The Badman himself, Derxwna Kapsyla! Today's project is one that's near and dear to my heart, something I've been planning and working and reworking on over and over, on and off, for over a decade now. A project I refer to as "Yitria Resurrection". Yitria Resurrection is a Pokemon-based Fangame built in the Pokemon Essentials engine. It plays like your traditional Pokemon game (Gym-Driven Story, Pokemon League, etc), and will be relatively easy to get into (unlike my Touhoumon projects, which have the 36 element type chart from the depths of the Abyss). The game itself tells the story of Robin Grace and their travels throughout the Yitria Region on their way to becoming strong enough to get recognized by the International Pokemon League Committee, and receive an invitation to the prestigious Grand League Tournament. To do this, they register for the Yitria League Circuit, which consists of the traditional fare of challenges for would-be Masters; the eight regional gyms, and the ever-challenging Pokemon League. The going isn't easy, as not all the Yitrian Leaders and Elite adhere to the traditional method of challenging trainers; from synthetic Pokemon to those associated with defensive strategies, going as far back as the ancient past to the far reaches of space, the Best of the Best choose to have their challengers build diverse teams, ready to take on anything. Every game has to have a list of features that makes them stand out, to really let the players know what sets this apart from the other games on the block. And, while this game may be simple, it does have its fair share of unique features! A list of them can be read below. Pokemon and game mechanics up to the 6th Generation (the 7th Generation will be added- eventually! At the very least, certain aspects will be!) A simple game, a simple plot. A goal to become the strongest trainer in the region, and an evil team to try and stop. We're really going back to our foundation here! Regional Variants! ...When I get the proper sprites and code for some of them! Two new Pokemon, one of them being the well-known MissingNo itself, the "box legendary" of this game. It'll even have a unique ability just for it! A Journal system so you can keep track of where you are in the game, as well as the sidequests you've undertaken. A "Sandbox Mode" that, when the game is finished, will allow you to have total control over how you want to play the game. In the current demo releases, it is inaccessible and incomplete. You can see examples of how this works in my mod for Pokemon Reborn, as well as the Sandbox Mode for Touhoumon Purple made by Agastya. That's it. No new types, no Shadow Pokemon, no second region, no super sprawling plot that'll take 100 hours to complete. This is me reigning myself back in, and using everything I've learned about game design, both in the philosophy and practicality, and putting it to use. Other "features" that I've probably forgot to list, but will put here when I remember them! If that's not enough to pique your interest, have some screenshots to go along with the features list! They show off some of the features in action! Everyone loves bug lists! It means they can see what bugs are known about and can be fixed, or are in the process of being fixed! That way, people don't have to report them, right? Hahaha......................... Tier 3 - Serious Game Breaking/Mechanic Altering Bugs Nothing has been listed here yet! Tier 2 - In the process of fixing You might see a Black Void around the edge of some maps. While this doesn't break the game, it does look tacky. I am in the process of rectifying these, so if you notice any in the latest build please point them out to me! Not really a bug but annoying; Some music tracks are too loud or quiet. I am in the process of adjusting the tracks so they're at a more uniform volume. Some music tracks don't loop properly. If you spot one that doesn't, hit me up. Tier 1 - Almost unnoticeable Nothing has been listed here yet! Tier 0 - I am fully aware of these and, for various reasons, cannot fix them Move animations still use the generic Type-animations as part of Essentials. Unless you want to make custom animations for each and every move, this is unlikely to be rectified. I suggest playing with animations disabled. Yes, I am aware several graphics are generic. They are placeholders until I can get some proper assets for NPCs. Please do not tell me of this, unless you are offering to rectify this issue yourself. In which case, please contact me at your leisure! Help is appreciated! It's very possible I missed some bugs in this list. If you notice any I forgot, relay them to me and I'll have throw them here and try to fix them if I can! As always, unless I specifically say otherwise on release, I suggest saving inside a house or a Pokemon Center. Changes have been, and will continue to be, made to outside maps to revise them. This section is where you can find the current build of the game, as well as the Quick Patches associated with that release. Quick Patches are little releases that fix small bugs, as these bugs usually don't warrant a total reupload and rerelease (this was done to spare my internet connection...). Detailed instructions on how to install Quick Patches will be provided alongside the download for the patch itself. Current Version: Demo 1 (Released: June 1st, 2019) Current Quick Patch: None I am not going to deny the people who's work contributed to this project their due credit. While a master list of the credits is included with the download itself, I will list everyone here and update accordingly. If you wish to contact me for any reason regarding the game, you're free to leave a message on this thread, shoot me a PM on here, contact me on the Discord Server, or find me on my various social media hangouts, such as my personal Tumblr account, or my personal Twitter account..
  7. Hey, everyone! How's it going? A long time ago, I announced Pokemon Rehabilitation to the public. It's been over a year since then, and I am deeply sorry. I procrastinated a lot and didn't give Rehab the attention it deserved. This past week, I decided to just get it out the door. And now we're here. There's a lot to say, so here we go! 1: What is Pokemon Rehabilitation? Pokemon Rehab is a Fangame made by me using Maruno's Pokemon Essentials. It's pretty so-so right now, but don't worry! There will be many more updates and therefore many more improvements. The whole idea is that you, the player, are hired by the Safari Zone warden. A certain event (that I won't say for spoilers) happens at the start of the game, and all the Pokemon escape from the Safari Zone! A key theme is getting those Pokemon back to where they belong. Of course, no Pokemon game could exist without gyms, and Rehab has 24 of them! (18 for types and 6 for stats) In this first release, you can challenge the first gym and save one Safari Zone Pokemon. There are also some other things, but the overall experience is rather linear. The game will be like this for a little while to establish a foundation. Also, Rehab is hard. Maybe not Reborn-level hard, but It's not easy. That's the goal, in case you were wondering. 2: Bugs and other junk As this is my first game, there are many issues. I've combated these to my best efforts, but that doesn't mean everything is spick and span. Please report any bugs, imperfections, and glitches you find. Below are some known problems: -The title screen is kinda bad (Not a bug, just a warning for quality title screen seekers) -Screen flashes and the intro only cover a fourth of the screen on Large or full screen size -The male and female ace trainers don't have an overworld sprite to match their battle sprite. 3: The Mystery Gift For the first week of release, you can receive a special Mystery Gift! Upon being picked up from the Pokemart, take the gift to a hiker on Route 1. He will give you a special Squirtle. If anyone wants info about this blue fool (Don't worry, you'll see why I called him a fool once you have him), please tell me and I'll update this post. 4: The Download --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING: Do not play Pokemon Rehabilitation if you have epilepsy, seizures, or something else triggered by flashing lights. Rehab has many flashing light sequences. Also, It's recommended to play on Small or Medium screen size due to the screen flash/intro bug. v2 is out now! You can find the download here: (Sorry It's only on Google Drive. I don't like MediaFire or Mega because you can randomly pick up viruses from them.) Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/fOWmvKh Pro Tip: Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need WinZip to play the game. If you right click on the file and click "Extract files", then you should be able to access the Game file without any hassle. One more thing: Please tell me If there are download-related problems. I've never posted a game for anyone to download before, so I'm not entirely sure what people may experience. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5: You can help! There are some future things I'd like to add to the game. If you have any knowledge on how to do any of the stuff listed below, that'd be great! -Fixing the Screen Flash/Intro bug -Converting HMs into items (Or at least making it possible to replace HMs with regular moves like in Reborn) And that's It! I hope you enjoy Rehab! Again, if there's any issues or ideas, please tell me. I want the game to be the best it can be! Stay cool, friends!
  8. Pokemon Unbreakable Intro: Hello, my name is AquaMacaw but you can call me A.M. for short. I've been a longtime admirer of anyone who creates, especially when it involves a story with it's own world to accompany it. And after finding this community, that is already so accepting of people's creative projects. I feel comfortable enough to finally tell a story that will at the very least give you a sense of adventure. STORY: Main Character: Features: A DEMO can be found here: Help: As of right now the most important thing I need is help with is Spriting. If you are confident in your ability to do pixel art, I would LOVE your help.
  9. Hey Guys ! it's really been a while since i've posted here ! and now i present you my newest creation : Prof.Rebirth Name : Nash Age : 27 Codename : Prof.Rebirth( duh..) Occupation : Professor/Mechanic Engineer. Backstory : Nash was raised in the Reborn Region, by the scientific division of Team Meteor..mostly because of his aptitude in reverse-engineering and mechanics. Nash created one powerful artifact that was named the "Rebirth Gauntlet" for the benefit of The Meteor Leader, infusing it with the fragments of four jewels .. (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Amethyst), the user could bend Time,Space,Reality and Matter to his/her will...potentially endangering the entire multiverse. Realizing his big mistake, Nash fled the region, taking the gauntlet and the original fragments with him, not to risk his invention to fall in the wrong..power-hungry hands of Lyn...but after some time, he returned home..intending to end Lyn's plans and Schemes once and for all. what you think of this one @Amethyst ?
  10. UPDATE August 11, 2016 - Team Darkness is looking for an experienced GFX Artist so if you are interested in joining this awesome project, please PM me or BlueMoonIceCream thanks. I am doing a game called Pokemon Darkness which I wanted to strongly do because I have had a love of fan-games ever since Reborn, Rejuvenation and Insurgence were made. Through working on Revolution and gaining development experience, it made me a much better person and I learned a lot through that experience and game’s development. What makes my game great and the reason you should join Darkness is because it combines the two different playstyles and worlds of Mystery Dungeon games and usual Pokemon gameplay into one giving players a wide variety to experience throughout the game. I have completed the episode 1 story for the most part, thought of the general plot, worlds, characters, have bios for characters in episode 1 for the game, etc and I have come to the point where I would need a motivated and patient team to help me make the game the best it can be. Just as an addition, I would like to let all potential applicants know that they will always be able to give their feedback/opinions on everything within the project and will be vital to making the game the best possible. I might have most of episode 1’s story done but if the new team has criticisms and suggestions for improvements, I’m willing to take them into thought when doing the story for example. I will make sure to keep a positive environment for the team as much as possible and to be communicative and supportive of what the team does. Features Level caps 2 different evil teams in the game 12 badges and Elite Six Personalized TMs as in each gym leader will have their own TMs Different movesets, typings and stats as necessary for Pokemon who need them or deserve them - example: Luxray is electric mono but it should have been dark too. Multiple Difficulties (Normal and Hard) Different types of Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Darkness - Darkened and Delta Pokemon like Deltas from the TCG Characters seen in the game will be in side plots (side plots for episode 1 are known) Sidequests present in the two worlds of the game and as the player progresses through the game and pathways for storyline are present Different ways to evolve Pokemon will be implemented - special circumstances such as the partner gotten from MD evolves at set points in the game Plot: Pokemon Darkness takes place in 2 worlds which are very different from each other but that will be connected through something happening in the MD world which opens the connection with Gaia (the human world). Throughout Darkness, the player will battle the rising threat in both worlds and will see different sides to the evil organization and the two worlds they will explore. Elements of Darkness that separate it from other fan-games out there include that the game will have an interesting and attention grabbing plot that players would love to experience through playing the game. I am not afraid to deviate from the Pokemon formula if I feel it’s necessary such as having 12 leaders (instead of 8 or 18) and Elite Six instead of the usual 4. Another attribute that makes my game great is that not only will you see and experience characters in the game but at the end of current plots, you will be able to experience what they have in what I call side plots and I haven’t seen another fan-game yet with this feature. What We Need: Currently, Pokemon Darkness is looking for an experienced GFX artist for making cutscenes and support banners for Pokemon Darkness. If you are interested, please contact me, Micky or JakeLong through PM or by posting on this thread and we appreciate all the help we can get. Thanks. Screenshots: (More will be added as progress is made and every 2 weeks on Saturdays) Music BEING WORKED ON CURRENTLY SO PLEASE BE PATIENT. Thanks for your interest and checking this out and have a great day/night. P.S. I would just like to thank my good friends Trevo, Commander, Jacobliterator, Amethyst, Arkhidon, Micky33000000 and the Se7en team for helping make this thread the best it can be and I greatly appreciated all their help for this game so far. If I have forgotten anyone who helped, I'm sorry and know your help was also appreciated. Pokemon Darkness NOW HAS A TWITTER which you can follow for game development and updates and some of the team will be tweeting along with me over time. We hope you are hyped as we work on this because we promise it will be amazing. The Twitter is @@PokemonXDrkness if you're interested in seeing the twitter. July 15th, 2016 - Pokemon Darkness Twitter is back and running so follow if you want to see some updates and information over time. From now on, Pokemon Darkness as suggested by Trevore will be doing a Corocoro leak kind of thing but every two weeks on Saturday, I will show more aspects of Darkness. One hint coming in the next leak is the layout for the game's releases. I hope you're excited for everything to come. Progress:
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