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Found 2 results

  1. OOC Thread STAGE 1 - MERACUS [Music] Everyone || Meracus Express || Morning The Meracus Railroad is the oldest railroad in Gaea. The pioneering colonists poured labor and resources as they pressed into the unknown, and this railroad can perhaps stand for their symbolic footprints on the continent. Stretching across the Meracus region, it is one of the most impressive railroads in Gaea, and today you got the chance to travel on one of the busiest lines in the region. As expected from a first class cabin, your seat was cushy yet elastic enough to hold your weight. The seats were designed to be able to slide horizontally for positioning purposes, and so everyone has moved them somewhat to give themselves some arm space before the wooden table next to the windows. The flowery, yet light scent of the Meracus No. 6 Fragrance filled the air, reminding you again that Meracus is known for its exotic and exorbitant spices, highly sought after by men and women of the high society. Through the windows, you could see crop fields cutting the land into a checkered mattress. Farmers rode tractors through the fields, and the cloudy skies colored the ponds dotting the hills a clayish gray. The tawny walls of the cabin served their purpose quite well, considering that you could hardly hear anything from the neighboring rooms. The only sound that would backdrop your meeting would be the rhythmic knocking of the train wheels. -- With everyone seated, Bellos rose up from his seat and paced to the front of the table to begin the meeting. At the moment, aside from taking part in the same journey, the only thing you had in common with everyone else in the room would be your experience with Bellos Tavalri. It felt like he was looking for you - a person to help fix the state of things - than the other way around. Perhaps he had an eye for a capable person, as if he had been looking for talented people for years. Or maybe it was something even deeper, like he could see a tinge of dissatisfaction from your gaze. You were just minding your own business, and then he stood in your way. "Do you want to visit Chrysopolis? Together, we can make it happen." He said, with a friendly smile. Considering the ongoing Gaean politics, there was only one way to interpret this offer - do you want to see the Arch Monolith? And then, a few more exchanges revealed that he was rounding up an adventuring party to make the journey. And finally, he arranged with you to meet at Tarchev Train Station today. You knew he was a nobleman from the old world, and with him wearing the royal insignia, it was clear that he wasn't at all trying to hide the fact. And that fact also lead you to conclude that he was indeed rich enough to actually fund the journey. In the end, you decided to put some of your trust in him and showed up in Tarchev, where he handed you the train ticket - First Class, Tarchev to Kaagan, for a measly 50 Tis - the price of a cheap bowl of noodles prepared by a street vendor. The Meracus Express' first class tickets are notoriously cheap for a reason; the Meracus Monolith has unofficially sponsored train robbers to, in a sense, collect "extra charges" from first class passengers, which can fluctuate greatly as these robbers name their price according to each passenger's status. The rich likes to call the curve their price runs on the smile curve, because they just kill off poor fools who think they are actually rich enough to afford the full cost of a first class ticket. And they don't mind paying the robbers off anyway, with most of them having some sort of a relationship with the Monolith's colonial businesses. To make the robbers' job even easier, none of the doors in First Class cabins are equipped with locks. -- The pale-skinned noble revealed a fairly clean map of Gaea and put it on the table. He laid his index finger upon the little dot marked "Tarchev," and slid it through the Meracus region to arrive in the other dot marked "Kaagan." He then laid out the plans verbally - you'd go through the Forest of Chloropylae once you arrived in Kaagan. The forest is a key passage between the regions of Meracus and Kaleiga, after all. "We should be there in an hour. You won't be sleeping through most of it, though. If you're the kind who buys first class tickets often, you should know what's coming up next." Bellos said casually as he stowed the map away. "While we wait for the Monolith's goons to knock our doors, why not introduce yourselves? Appearances can be deceiving, after all."
  2. E X T R A = S T E L L A R -- Stories from a Planet of Machines -- Premise Intro Worldbuilding Combat Mechanics Character Sheet What you are signing up for EXTRA=STELLAR is a wuxia RP (think, Fist of the North Star but with less of the post-apocalyptic dread) with a robot race using steampunk technology. The planet on which the RP takes place is a loose adaptation of an existing planet, Ross 128 b. You'll be fighting robots, robots with parts of magical beasts, and magical beasts, on a quest to save the day. You should not be expecting serious PvP for a long while. I will be updating once per week at minimum, primarily on weekends. Similarily, I'll be reminding everyone who hasn't posted every weekend. I will be looking for 3~6 players. Guidelines 1. As this RP is mostly freeform, it is important to be aware of your character's capabilities in a given situation. When it's clear that you have the definite advantage over your enemies, you may be allowed to write how they react as they get defeated, but you won't be allowed to do so in other scenarios. 2. I'm very much a novice, in both GMing and writing in general. So, it is crucial that you actively complain. From specific details such as failing to be descriptive enough when writing a particular scene and mishandling the outcome of an action, to general ideas such as finding the way I run the RP to be lacking or boring somehow, you should keep telling me how you feel whenever possible, so that I can actively improve my abilities as the RP progresses and keep things interesting enough so that it wouldn't feel like a weekly chore to keep participating. 3. While I don't actively encourage doing so, this RP's plot progression allows for opportunities to start over with entirely new characters. If you've found yourself writing your character into a hole and/or just can't seem to enjoy writing for them anymore, and you still have an interest in the RP in general, just inform me and we'll be able to land your new character in no time. 4. This should go without saying, but, standard RP courtesy applies. Communication OOC discussion will primarily take place on the EXTRA=STELLAR discord server. You should pop in if you're considering signing up. IC Thread
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