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Found 3 results

  1. I know this has been asked a lot, and I've read every post I've come across (and watched every vid I can find) and I'm still non the wiser. I started a new game and I've currently just beaten Shelly and am about to take on Shade. I've heard you can get Zorua this early on, but then other sources say its only post-renovation. So I'm pretty confused. I know its the Disguised Corey sidequest (I activated it on my main save which is up to Adrienn), and I also know its gotta be night and windy too? I've headed to Coreys Gym, the place where Helioptile appears, both gang hideouts and nothing. Can you actually get Zorua this early on, in episode 18 or not? And what are the conditions and location if so? EDIT: I got it to start by making it a clear night, not windy. I also found it a second time by the protein house in Peridot, but now I have no clue where it went. Okay, I found it. Took a while of searching, and more vids, but it was in the apartment next to the magma gangs hideout. Again, clear night. On another note... how do I find it post-renovation? Just curious XD
  2. Hey everyone, I was discussing the Reborn Speedrun route with @bloo123 Earlier in practice I came across a significant problem in the speedrun route. It has to do with the Stickers we collect during the run and the weather patterns. If someone could explain the weather patterns in more detail that would be great. From my understanding the weather patterns shift every 8 hours. Is this from 00:00 - 7:59, 8:00 - 15:59 and 16:00 - 23:59? I also understand that the weather patterns vary for different regions. If it's clear in Reborn City, it can be raining in Spinel Town, snowing in Ametrine and hailing in Agate City. This is where the problem arises. In the speedrun, we pick up 6 stickers in order to gain access to the 8th floor and buy X-items. The time investment to get the stickers is definitely worth it as the x items make later fights much much better. The stickers we pick up are: 1. Jasper ward girl 2. Apophyl Academy tv girl 3. Lost guy in underground railnet 4. Injured teleported woman from spinel town in Chrysolia Forest 5. Agate city ice cream/pokedoll/air ballon boy 6. Ametrine city MissingNo The issue lies with the 4th sticker: the injured woman Chrysolia Forest. She is in need of medicine, which we give her after beating Serra and collecting the medicine that's meant for Anna. Afterwards she goes back home in Spinel Town and waits outside before the pokecenter. You can talk to her later and collect the sticker. But if it's raining, she will not appear. This is a huge issue as you cannot collect the sticker and you cannot change or manipulate or influence the weather without breaking the speedrun rules. (you'd have to mod the weather using mods, cheat, set your PC time or date differently, all of which is banned) I have had this happen in practise once and now Bloo123 also had it happen. We are wondering if this could be fixed. We were thinking maybe the women can be moved to the pokecenter if it's raining or altogether so you can collect the sticker at anytime. The weather doesn't seem to play any part in this event. It is not like the windy event where the boy from the lapis ward gets lost to the beryl bridge and is attacked by the drifloom, which is an event specifically triggered by the weather so we're not asking to change that. Just the injured girl event. If this were to happen in a speedrun, it would occur like 3 hours in, which would be very sad. You'd have to either do the windy weather event, which is unlikely to be possible, or the route 1 sticker event, which means a 20 minute time loss not to mention money spent on honey and repels, or the final sticker which is only available before Hardy basically so it wouldn't be realistic. I hope a simple fix can be made to make the injured women appear at any time. either in the pokecenter or in a different house in Spinel Town. I realise that it is very likely to be not a priority whatsoever, but we wanted to bring this up anyway. Thanks for reading!
  3. Victory Road Do you play Pokémon Showdown regularly and do you consider yourself as a good battler? Then you are invited to this event. 16 players, 10 pokémon, and only 1 champion! This tournament will be based on a draft format, and will be run on https://discord.gg/ZxHVtrP. The rules of the tournament are simple: Lose once in the tournament and you'll be sent to the Loser's side where you still have a chance to win the tournament. But lose the second time, you're out of the tournament. Also known as Double Elimination. What about the 10 pokémon you draft? Each player will pick 10 pokémon, but you won't be able to pick the pokémon someone has already picked. The drafting will begin when enough people have registered for the tournament. You are allowed: 1 Mega pokémon and 1 OU pokémon 2 UU pokémon 3 RU pokémon 3 NU pokémon (or below) Requirements to enter this tournament: You are a good battler and have a decent knowledge of the art of battling. You are an active member of Reborn's discord server or have been an active member before and can be active for the duration of this tournament. How to register for the tournament: Post here or PM me on discord. If you have any questions, PM me on discord: my username is FraRPetO#2718 or simply post your questions here. The tournament is expected to last until august, but the drafting will begin when enough people have registered. Registered: Shadow Tack DW FraRPetO Fruitdealer Lord Bagel Logintomylife Bazaro Azery Swampellow Ody Hycrox alucs krim Lordofcold Guzam Schmiss
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