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Found 1 result

  1. I finished Episode 18 and I was curious what you all thought of my team! Moving forward with speculation for Episode 19, let me know what you think of my team as well as any recommendations or tips you may have. Thanks! Aerodactyl: Lvl 93, Jolly Ability: Pressure Holding: Aerodactylite Rock Slide Fly Iron Head Thunder Fang Kingdra: Lvl 91, Bashful Ability: Swift Swim/Sniper (Depends on what's needed) Holding: Leftovers Dragon Dance Outrage Waterfall/Dive (just depends on the situation and terrain) Surf Magnezone: Lvl 90, Bold Ability: Sturdy Holding: Metal Coat Flash Cannon Metal Sound Magnet Rise Discharge Hippowdon: Lvl 90, Hardy Ability: Sand Stream Holding: Smooth Rock Stealth Rock Earthquake Fissure (Plan on removing, just don't know what I want as of yet) Crunch Salazzle: Lvl 87, Modest- NOTE: This one is kind of a floater on my team. She is awesome in a lot of ways, but definitely doesn't feel like she holds her own as much as the rest of the team. Ability: Corrosion Holding: Black Sludge Sludge Wave Flame Thrower Nasty Plot Dragon Pulse Weavile: Lvl 85, Adamant Ability: Pressure Holding: Expert Belt Ice Punch Night Slash Brick Break Knock Off As I said, any tips/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I have a good grasp of the game mechanics and competitive play as well. I have other Pokemon in rotation: Vivillon, Galvantula, Escavalier, Heracross, Hawlucha, Rapidash, Roserade, Rhyperior, Trevenant, Tentacruel, Solrock, Altaria, Exeggutor, Garchomp, Haxorus, Alakazam, Metagross, and Aromatisse to name a few. I have an entire box full dedicated to my rotation, I just did not think it necessary to add all of the descriptions for them as I have my main team. Thanks again!
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