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Found 5 results

  1. Hello and Welcome to Dungeons & Dragons Mafia! Dungeons & Dragons, or D&D for shorts, is a roleplaying game generally set in a fantasy universe. A party of players, each controlling one character they created themselves, travels through the universe and story built by a Dungeon Master, the game’s host. The players have to face many hurdles, monsters and other NPCs as they progress, usually with the ultimate goal of defeating some great evil that threatens the land. However, player characters do not have to be benevolent; in the free world of D&D, you can pursue selfish or dark goals if you so wish! This game of mafia aims to recreate such a situation, where the chaotic players bring gloom and doom to a community of otherwise peaceful NPCs. No knowledge of the actual D&D rules and mechanics is necessary to play this game! It is first and foremost a classic mafia game, with some quirks and D&D flair to it. Most roles are inspired by actual D&D character classes. What is Mafia? (Credits to Dive) Opening Narrative Factions Roles Items Rules & Important Info Roster 1. Aldo, The Second Artificer [Killed N4] 2. Amber, The Ranger [Lynched D4] 3. Amine, The Sorcerer [Lynched D2] 4. Seal, The Druid [Killed N4] 5. Nicki, The Artificer [Shot D2] 6. Bok, The Monk [SURVIVED] 7. Astra, The Blood Hunter [Killed N1] 8. Fali, The Warlock [Lynched D5] 9. Nano, The Wizard [Lynched D6] 10. Lykos, The Cleric [Killed N3] 11. Evi, The Rogue [Killed N5] 12. Drago, The Fighter [Lynched D3] 13. Bean, The Barbarian [Executed D1] 14. Arch, The Bard [Died from his Wound N2] 15. Lía, The Vanilla NPC [Killed N2] 16. Newt, The Second Blood Hunter [SURVIVED] 17. Kiet, The Paladin [Killed N3] 18. Bazaro, The Dungeon Master [Died from his Wound N3] Juror A: L'Belle Juror B: Anti-Loser Please make sure to read everything, and mention in your sign-up post if you're signing up as player or as juror. The sign-ups will remain open until we have a minimum of 16 players. The game starts on Day 1. Link to the discord server: https://discord.gg/ZGnNdRk
  2. Welcome fellow Rebornians to my D&D campaign, Aurelian Seas! This campaign follows the basic D&D rules and uses races, backgrounds, and classes found in the basic Player’s Handbook, Volo’s Monster Guide, And the Sword Coast adventure guide. There is a max player limit of 10 players. Please don’t try to make your character too unbelievable for even D&D, although I doubt it will happen. Now for some general history of both Aurelia and general PC knowledge Simple History General Knowledge Remember to have fun and enjoy yourselves. If a background doesn’t exactly fit you, talk to me and we can work it out. I don’t bite. Also, please join the Discord before making a character https://discord.gg/Fd4bAZv thank you.
  3. The Gates of Avarice... that ancient monolith that has dominated the face of the continent since time immemorial. As constant as the path of sun and many faces of the moon. As distant as the farthest star... as foreboding as the sweet voice of death itself. Pulsing with the light of the full moon, what secrets might lay veiled beyond the sight of unworthy mortals? Man has come to take hold the very power of the stars themselves, the unbridled light of truth clasped within his very palms, and yet... yet so blind is he, that he acknowledges not his own nature. He still plays the part of the fool, oblivious to the futility of his own denial. How many more must die before he embraces the gaping abyss yawning wide in his heart? How many demons must he face, before he finally realizes they are naught more than his own creation? The time has come. May the Gates yawn wide yet again... Let the Second Reaping begin. Perfer et obdura, dolor hic tibi proderit olimBe patient and tough, my child. For someday, this pain shall be of use to you. INTRODUCTION: The Gates of Avarice. I've been working on this world for a while now. For those of you who might have read a few of my statuses many months ago, you might recall me mentioning it or bits and pieces of it's lore... especially of a man called Ryder. As you can probably guess from that bit of introduction above, this is a fantasy world, and for all intents and purposes, the spiritual successor of the long since defunct Project Sky Slayer. It takes many of the same concepts present and adds onto them it's own spin and unique view. In addition to it's unique spin, I also wanted to try something different with how I present the story of this world. Rather than outright writing a traditional chaptered narrative, revealing bits and pieces of lore and history as the plot advances and characters develop... I intend to do the same with nothing more than a collection of scattered writings in the form of poems, nursery rhymes, bard songs, historical records, rumors, and legends, passed down from one generation to the next. Rather than laying it all out nice and neat, I will instead leave it up to readers to piece everything together, with each individual story and tale serving as a puzzle piece in the bigger picture of the world. I may eventually write a chaptered narrative, though whether I actually do and whether I ever share it... that's a matter for another day. Feedback is welcome and encouraged. Even just commenting on what you like about a particular work will be enough. For now, I will post work directly into this OP. In the future though, for the sake of space, I may shift to using Google docs to store each individual work and simply provide open links. To start it off, I have two poems. More work will come soon as things expand. THE BARDS OF THE ABYSS: Woe to Old Myria Primal Sins
  4. So... if any of you are in the Fate/Reborn RP or are following it, you'll know that I'm playing a Servant named Lily Voirgaire, who seems to not come from any previous RP on this site. ...Well, for the uninitiated, the truth is that Lily was originally a Gardevoir that I created for Murdoc's old RP that stopped about a year ago. But when Murdoc mentioned the concept for Fate/Reborn to me, I felt an inexplicable urge to revive her character. Lily's character concept was "the female Ralts that wanted to be a Gallade". She was a Ralts who adored the idea of close combat and wanted to become a cool Gallade like her dad, but was restricted by the restraints of her evolution line. As a result, she ended up growing into a Gardevoir that specialised in close quarters combat, by wrapping her limbs in psychic energy and using them to throw punches and kicks. Now, Murdoc told me that he didn't want Pokemon characters in his Fate RP, so, with his permission, I revised Lily to become a human. To keep with the concept of "wanting to fight but being unable to because of natural circumstances", I decided to make her limbless, instead relying on prosthetics which I will not deny were inspired by Olivie Sagebrecht from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid. Now, if you read through that rant, hooray! You care! And I therefore love you. If not, then you aren't reading this line anyway, so I have nothing to say to you. Well. I was just going about my normal life, when suddenly a story idea struck me. And I realised I could easily fit Lily into it as the protagonist, to finally give her a proper backstory. And that's what I did. So that brings us to my newest project, Lily Ex Machina. Synopsis Link You can read the story here: http://royalroadl.com/fiction/4141 I appreciate any and all feedback, especially constructive criticism. Note that the writing is heavily influenced by the style of Japanese web novels such as Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari and Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou, and as such the differences from traditional Western writing styles may be slightly jarring.
  5. (This thread is for students in the rp only. Since this contains a small timeskip your Pokémon are around level 15-20. Pokémon that need a stone to evolve can do that once they hit level 20. Pokémon evolving because of happiness can do that once they hit the same level. Also there's a new character so to make this easy everyone should know her name by now. (Especially coordinators)) October 6; Dragon Type Class (Week 6) “That was everything we had to cover before our trip,” Devin said, closing the projector. The image of Salamence disappeared from the wall. “We still have a little time left so I’ll explain the schedule for the rest of the week. “As you all know by now we leave Wednesday morning for a three day trip into the Boulder Hills to study dragon types.” Devin took a seat at his desk and continued. “We hired some cottages almost halfway through the mountains. Throughout the Boulder Hills are a lot of different Dragon Den’s. The place we’re going to is close to every dragon type; including Dragalge which is a rare find in the Hills. Now, since we aren’t going to the very top where the strongest dragons live, there shouldn’t be too many problems.” He looked around the class and paused for a moment. “The only problem is, is that our group is too big. Therefor three dragon breeding specialists will join us. We’ll split into four groups. That way we won’t destroy their habitat and can learn in a safe environment. For the first two days every specialist will take a different group with them so you’ll learn about all of the different species. During these two days you are allowed to catch a Pokémon, but this doesn’t have to be a dragon type. On day three we’ll allow every single one of you to battle on a rocky are, which is completely different from what you’re used to here.” Devin paused a moment again to let everything sink in. “If you didn’t catch anything on day 3 and you still want to, just ask me and I’ll accompany you to find a Pokémon. I can already tell you that you should pack clothes and shoes that can survive a rocky walk and a wet, almost swampy, area. Professors Silva (Tyron) and Arlyn (Phoebe) will join us. The fourth supervisor is either Rebecca or Brendan, who assist Professor Redwood, but I’m not sure which one. Those three and I will keep an eye out just in case a dragon starts to rampage.” Devin stood up again and walked to the middle of the class. “I’ve taught you everything you need to know in order to keep this a safe trip. However nature and knowledge are two different things. Therefor we will go tomorrow to my place. I have every dragon type living in my domain and I’ve rebuild it to suit their natural tastes. This should give you all an idea of what to expect so I’ll see you all tomorrow at 9am at the front gates. Don’t forget to pack your lunch!” Devin’s timing was perfect. As soon as he finished the bell rang and the last class of the day ended.
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