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Found 5 results

  1. As we all know music is an integral part of any game and a great topic of discussion, I am starting this thread so that members can give their ideas about their favourite themes from other games,or movies or tv series or etc which could be added to the next rejuvenation update.Maybe the people who are working on the next update can take a look at this add more cool music.Also it gives us a chance to share our personal favourite themes and make it a favourite of other people.So I want you guyz to submit 2 things: 1.Your suggestion for music/battle theme etc for the next Rejuvenation update(Can submit as many as you like) 2.Your favourite piece of music from Rejuvenation until date.
  2. Hello everyone, Akihito here. This is my first official forums input. Depending on how many likes I get, I will make this a forum series. Without further interruptions, I present to you the Legend of Akihito Prologue: "The child that fell into despair has left the light that was the parents... Now, it is up to you to decide, Akihito? What is real? What is fake? What is the truth? What is the lie? Can you truly see past the ever present illusion? Will you be blind to the truth that is so open in front of you? Let us see what happens.... "Akihito!" A kind and elderly mother sang through the house. "It's time for breakfast. This is your first day, getting your Pokémon. You have to start it out right!" She said in a slightly nagging voice. The young child proceeded to get up from his metaphorical death-sleep. The child was of a slender build, but possessing small amounts of baby fat, yet not chubby. His jet black hair draped across his dreary face. His eyes were red like a blood moon. His demeanor was quite....soulless in a sense. Nevertheless, the child got up, brushed his teeth and brushed his hair, and proceeded downstairs to be greeted by a plate of pancakes and some Tapu Cocoa. The child sat down and started to eat away at the delectable looking pancakes. "Are you excited?" The elderly mother started. "To get your first Pokémon, I mean." She said with a tone of curiosity. The child stopped for a moment from eating and looked straight into his mother's cheerful eyes. "I don't know why you are so happy about me receiving my first Pokémon. I know it's a coming-of-age thing, but it's really nothing to make a big fuss over." The child said with a soulless stare and a morose voice as he went back to his pancakes and cocoa. The mother's cheerfulness went away and she began to change into a more sorrowful mood. "Oh, Akihito. Ever since Riku left the family and disowned all of us, you haven't come out of your room except to go to the restroom or grab a snack. Plus, with father gone, you really haven't been doing much as you were when he was here. I know it must of been hard for yo..." She stopped as Akihito broke his wooden chopsticks at the mention of his former brother's name ignited a deep emotion of rage inside of him. He left the table with his pancakes and cocoa all done and left his mother in her state of shock. He proceeded up to his room to get his clothes on. As soon as he left, the mother broke down in tears as she knew that her words had awakened Akihito's rage. Akihito left the house, only to be greeted by the spring winds that blew through Kuro Town. It was a quiet, little place. There wasn't much of the hustle and bustle of city life. It was just right. A secluded forest town where beginnings happen. Akihito let out a depressive sigh and said, "Into the dark world.... How quaint." He walked to the Trainer's school with the predisposition that this journey was going to be a meaningless one...
  3. Hi, im Nhadala and this is my first ever written story! Its a story about a girl named Haruka! This story is the build-up for the main part which may or may not come depending on what kind of mood i am. But id appreciate any and all feedback, criticism and thoughts from other users! But be warned that this story is dark. http://pastebin.com/0Qt1fkyr
  4. You stroll along the once-bustling highway of dead, rusting cars and trucks with a blue-ringed Umbreon and a Houndoom, who constantly sniffs the air, tailing you closely. There is no noise; only deafening silence. Until a low, guttural sound breaks the dead air- you realize it’s Cerberus’ snarling. The empty, upturned bus beside you rattles violently. What resembles to be a rotting man with a torn coat and loose, baggy pants stumbles out. He catches sight of you. He grins maliciously from ear to ear. The world flashes black and white. A wild highway man would like to battle! Wild highway man sent out Graveler and Nidoqueen! The waste is watching... The Nidoqueen appears rather ragged and scared; it is practically quaking in fear. There appear to be bruises and lacerations all over its body. You take note of this and thank Arceus your face is completely covered by a modified airsoft mask, made so that it filtered the toxic fumes of this post-apocalyptic wonderland so absurd it often made you laugh. You have never liked to give anything away about yourself. Go, Chaos and Cerberus! The hellhound advanced without awaiting an order; he already knew what to do. Cerberus used Iron Tail! It's super effective! The Graveler reeled, but recovered to take advantage of his proximity. The foe's Graveler used Rock Tomb! Chaos intervened with Protect! The foe's Nidoqueen disobeyed orders! The man yowled at the Poison-Ground type in rage, spouting profanities and threats, something involving hot water... For a brief moment both Dark-types share eye contact with you. You swiftly draw a finger across your neck. And the meta broke. With a growl, the shiny Umbreon leapt over the Houndoom towards the four-armed golem, with an umbral ring of energy pulsating forth, radiating menace and the blackest of auras; Cerberus, using the distraction, bound toward the offending would-be attacker, baring fangs licked by flames- Only to be slammed full-force by the Nidoqueen into the ground. You nearly crack, but reason with yourself that it wasn't the Nidoqueen's fault, it was forced by its bond to its Trainer- disgusting piece of scum and undeserving as he was- to retaliate and protect him... An insane amount of flames burst forth like a gigantic flower on fire right into the Drill Pokemon; Cerberus appeared to struggle to get up, but shook himself vigorously as the Nidoqueen yelped in pain. And the ground heaved as if it hadn't heaved enough on the day Arceus quit his day job and abandoned the world, leaving the Creation Trio to rampage- You stumble, holding onto the nearest vehicle for dear life, as your Pokemon, the Nidoqueen, and the highway man fall over, struggling to keep upright- especially your Houndoom and the Nidoqueen. The car's door pops open and a definitely rotting, decaying hand, the yellowed bones showing, the meat already slopping off like slimy slugs or overgrown maggots waves as if to grab hold of you. You slam the door shut, severing the damn thing before the zombie can scratch you. You make a mental note to have Cerberus cremate the entire highway when you're through with this nonsense. Turning back to the ensuing battle, you realize that the Dark-Fire type was already nearing exhaustion, still spewing flames at the hesitantly advancing overgrown blue rabbit-monster-thing; Chaos, having regained her balance, danced around the Graveler, which appeared to be stumbling over its feet, its eyes unfocused. The man was nowhere to be found. He wasn't quiet enough, though. You turn, quickly, and stop the knife from finding its way home into your chest or head- whichever it was didn't matter, you stopped it and you're still breathing, not necessarily alive, but whatever, onto the narrative- and knee the bastard in between the gut and sternum, making him crumple to the ground. You then proceed to kick the stuffing out of him, screaming nonsense and many things at once- execrating his very existence, calling him unworthy to even have been a registered Pokemon Trainer, expressing pity for his poor Nidoqueen so obviously abused in unspeakable manners, demanding the whereabouts of his base if he even had one, and many more, never giving him a chance to reply or breathe... The Pokemon all watch you, stunned. At least until the Graveler roars- rumbles?- in rage and leaps, curling up into a ball and rolling at you at top speed. Spurred on by adrenaline, both Chaos and Cerberus intercept; the former casting a protective barrier in front of you to negate the impact; the latter exhaling noxious clouds to further discombobulate the sentient boulder. Just before it can run your only friends over, it careens to the right, swerves to the left, towards you again, but off by a mere centimeter, and a horrible scream pierces the air, followed by an unpleasant crunching sound- The Graveler conveniently finishes itself off in addition by tumbling into an open fissure, possibly a result of a terrible cataclysmic battle that took place eons ago, and more recently, a year or less ago... ... leaving only the Nidoqueen, devastated and shocked. It began to scream and weep. What could you do? No. What have you done? The wailing continues on for minutes, hours- the cliches of time stretching into yawning infinities... And you can't take it anymore, neither can either of your Pokemon, who whimper and nudge you gently, and you pull out the pistol dangling from your thigh. With a silent BANG, you end the broken Pokemon's misery. You defeated the wild highway man. The cringe-inducing quiet filled the air again, after that. You shake your head slowly. It’s been almost a year of this sort of thing happening; you’ve almost completely grown so numb to it all. You’re just... so tired. The dry snout of Cerberus touches your leg. You look down into his liquid black-brown eyes; the gradual weight on your left foot tells you that Chaos has sat down on your foot in her strangely reassuring way. You kneel and hold them both so close to you. Where would you be now, without them? The only two remaining beings in the world whom you trusted completely, without whom you would have surely succumbed to madness and insanity and the bleak pointlessness of it all already, if you haven’t. The moments fly into a space unknown and the three of you continue to embrace. When you look up, the hazy starless smoky night has stretched overhead. It’s too dark to continue on, even with Cerberus’ flame and Chaos’ lovely glowing rings that pulsed with her every heartbeat, thrumming with the power of the moon. You opt, reluctantly, to return to the Base. No point in staying outside, although inside was just as bad, really. Just a little bit safer. Unless the building collapsed on itself. You stroll along the once-bustling highway of dead, rusting cars; it was alive again, for now. Now that it was all on fire. Couldn’t be too careful, nowadays. All in a day’s work.
  5. Okay, some readers saw me try to write a story based on Pokemon Reborn. Well after writing I did not quite like the quality of the work, as it was definitely not my best work. Though hasty, I have decided to scrap the original and create one with a bit of a darker undertone. Chapter 1: Champion Arise "Delphox, now!" a trainer barks to his companion. The Firefox answers the command of its trainer, fire spewing from the end of its wand. On the receiving end of the Mystic Fire is a colossal Emboar, who charges forward, using Flare Blitz to counter. The giant boar storms through the flames and crashes right into the magical fox. Delphox flails, unable to endure the tremendous strength of the Fire and Fighting Type Pokemon. It falls flat on its back, twitching a few times before it stops moving. Behind the owner of the fallen Fire and Psychic Type, a horn blares loudly. The siren sound signals that his Pokemon is no longer able to battle. Clenching his fist, clearly frustrated, he reaches for the Pokeball at his belt. The small round orb enlarges, allowing him to shoot a bam of red light at the unconscious Delphox. The fox's body turns into that same red light, as it is retracted into the ball. He says nothing else, but hears the sound of the crowd around him. It is all boos, followed by japes and a mixture of unfriendly curses aimed toward him. He ignores the group of angry spectators in the stadium. His eyes turn up to the large screen, seeing the blown up image of himself and the other trainer. The opponent, Derek, has all six of his Pokemon active in the battle, save for the fact that five of them are in the red after the bouts with his team. He, on the other hand, has been reduced to his last partner. Above his picture is his name, Raviel. "Oh, it looks like Raviel is down to his last Pokemon," an announcer shouts through the sound systems. "Meanwhile, Derek still has his entire team. Will Raviel's last Pokemon be able to make an amazing sweep and win him the title of Kalos League Champion?" "No way, he sucks," someone from the crowd jeers, answered soon after by laughter. With his last Pokemon in hand, he ignores all the taunts and booing that surrounds him. Unlike the normal red and white balls that most trainers carry, this one is a bit different. Strange circles of green surround a black surface, known only as a Dusk Ball. A ball that is best to capture those in caves and at night. With a subtle grin, he hurls the ball out... And in a flash of light comes his final Pokemon. The evil-looking Shadow Pokemon apppears with a wide grin, eyes glowing red as it looks unto the Emboar that towers over it. "It looks like Raviel's last Pokemon is Gengar!" the announcer shouts, "No doubt a trump card that he has used throughout the tournament, but will it be enough to win him the title of Champion?" The crowd again answers with boos, clearly hating the trainer and his partner. Again, he pays them no mind. He only nods, and Gengar attacks. The ghastly Pokemon seems to be perfectly in sync with its trainer as it floats through the air. Emboar reacts to its trainer's startled command, aiming to crush the ghostly doppelganger with a Hammer Arm. Yet when the boar's fist comes crashing down, it fazes right through Gengar. "Gengar," Raviel says, "Its time..." The hated trainer lifts his arm up in the air, showcasing a most unusual bracelet clinging to his arm. Suddenly, it begins to glow. On the field, Gengar opens its mouth, letting its long tongue to come slither out. Kept in the creature's mouth is a mysterious stone that matches the one around Raviel's wrist. It too begins to glow. "Oh no," Derek shouts, realizing what is about to happen, "Emboar stop him! Use Flare Blitz." Yet it is too late, as Gengar transforms on the field. The bright light has brought the crowd to a hush, all watching the metamorphosis. Gengar appears to sink into the ground while spiked frills seem to burst about its body. Lastly a golden third eye opens up on its forehead. "Unbelievable," the announcer breaks the silence. "Raviel managed to keep this trump card hidde throughout the entire leage battles. Mega Gengar!!!" "Gengar," Raviel says coldly. "Geng?" his Pokemon cocks its head, waiting for its master's orders. "Wipe him out," is his trainer's answer. "Gengar!" ... "Oof," Raviel grunts as a fist is thrown into his stomach. He falls to his knees, overcome by the pain as a boot lands against his cheek. The league champion lays sprawled out onto the floor, his lip split. He does not move, as the barrage of kicks comes from two additional men. All that he can do is curl up and endure the pain. "Hey!" a young woman's voice barks to the trio, "What the hell are you doing?" The three see the woman to be a white haired beauty with icy blue eyes that seem to burn into their souls. A gaze alone fills them with dread, causing them to leave Raviel be, bolting down the alley from which they came. Feeling the bombardment over, Raviel gets to his knees, coughing up blots of blood. When the throbbing in his gut subsides, he looks up to his rescuer and sees the girl as well. "What are you doing?" the girl asks, offering a hand. "Getting my ass kicked," he answers. "I saw, but why?" she insists, reaching into a pack to find a cloth to wipe the blood off his face. "Did you catch my battle?" Raviel says, dabbing away the blood from his split lip. "You were good," she states. "I'm not well liked," he answers, handing her back the crimson-stained rag. "A few of my fans were thanking me for making them lose all the money they bet against me." The girl nods, "I noticed. I don't understand why." "I'd rather not get into it," he says, dusting himself off, "I don't need another enemy." He pauses a moment before realizing something, "Wait, who are you anyways?" "My name is Ame," the snow-haired woman answers. "I come from a distant region called Reborn." "I'll pass," Raviel denies her. Ame jumps at him before he wonders off, "But your such a strong trainer. The way you and your Gengar battled was mesmerizing." "I really don't want to go to a whole new place to be hated," Raviel sighs, walking past her. "It's a new start!" she shouts. He stops, "What do you mean?" "Reborn is a place of renewal," Ame answers. "You will not be the first person there with a dark past. No one will know who you were, just who you are." Such words are almost too much for Raviel to bear, as if he is about to burst into tears. He wipes his eyes on his sleeve to not show her any weakness. "I would give anything to get that chance," he looks at her. "Alright, I'll help you, to have a new start." At his belt he grabs the Dusk Ball, and tosses it in front of Ame. She watches as his faithful Gengar emerges, grinning like he always does. Yet when he turns to his master, the Shadow Pokemon finds a most disturbing sight. Raviel has the Pokeball that houses his powerhouse, and is in the process of pulling it apart. Gengar frowns as he watches the Dusk Ball that he had been captured since he was a Ghastly be ripped in half. "What are you doing?" Ame gasps. "I am starting over, that means my Pokemon too," he says. "The rest of my team will do fine with other trainers..." "Gengar?" his Pokemon looks sad. "You and I have been together too long for you to listen to another trainer," he looks at his faithful friend. "So I'm setting you free." Gengar looks confused, "Geng-" "No," Raviel shouts at the Shadow Pokemon. "You're not going with me. Get out of here!" Gengar frowns for a moment or two, but the frown flips to its usual smile. It looks to Ame, and then to its former master before it dives into the floor, disappearing among the shadows." "Are you sure about that?" Ame asks. "Yeah," Raviel answers, tossing the pieces of the Dusk Ball to the ground. "Let's go."
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