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Found 10 results

  1. Chapter One - "IN MEDIAS RES" Thank you so much for anyone who's taken the time to read this. This is the first story I've written in probably 10 years. I'd be very much interested to know any thoughts and get any feedback, criticisms, or opinions anyone could offer. I hope those who read it could find some enjoyment! Thanks!
  2. Wow, episode 9. I've read em, you've read em... maybe. Here's the 9th episode. Doing more of the dual story thing. Works nice for me since the team has been split up a bit and it gives time to build more characters outside of the main crew as well as introduce side plots villains and all that jazz. Had a lot of fun writing this episode but sadly the silliness and puns are going into hibernation as when "The battle for beryl" arc (is that a nice name lemme know) starts then it gets pretty dark and serious as veterens of the game can expect. My playthrough with this team is going hilariously awful compared to how they perform in the story but thats for another day. Here's a lovely little gem episode 9 or as its friends call it "Uninvited guests" InT. obsidia depths (night) Justin, Luxcalibur and Victoria are traversing through the murky underground of Obsidia Ward. Small groups of strong looking Pokémon give them dirty looks as they pass by. The three tread ground cautiously. Justin So... Anyone else picking up seriously murdery vibes. Luxcalibur nods in agreement as he walks. Victoria I don't feel particularly welcome here. As the three continue their journey they spot a mysterious box plopped in the center of their path. JuSTIN (mystified) I wonder if there's a car in that box. Luxcalibur's eyes begin to glow but Justin stands in front of him. JUSTIN No! Don't peak... (rubbing his hands together) I want a surprise. VICTORIA I don't believe you'll find a car. JuSTIN You just aren't dreaming big enough. Justin walks close to the box. JUSTIN I hope its a Lamdratini or a Porschegus or maybe a Gashtlyiac.... Pokémon. Justin goes to lift the box up but it growls and inches backwards. JUSTIN Cars don't usually move like that... Or growl... The box proceeds to run wildly in circles. JUSTIN I'm beginning to suspect this isn't a normal car. VICTORIA Perhaps a Pokémon is trapped under there. JUSTIN Or its- VICTORIA (without a beat) Justin I'm quite certain it isn't a car. JUSTIN Just because there isn't a single car dealership in a single city on the planet doesn't mean I can't be right. The box finally scurries outside of the depths upstairs to the first roofed section. JuSTIN (panicking) DON'T LET MY DREAMS GET AWAY! Justin fervently chases after the box leaving his companions behind. VICTORIA So. Is this standard with Justin? Luxcalibur nods and faces Victoria with a straight laced but disappointed look. VICTORIA (giggling) Lets not keep him waiting. Victoria pets Luxcalibur as she walks out. Luxcalibur sighs briefly then runs out after the two. InT. magma base North Obsidia We first see outside the arson's apparently run down headquarters which would lead us to believe it will be in the same poor condition of the other buildings. Inside the rugged building is relatively lavish. A red carpet extends from the entrance past two red suited body guards. A young caucasian man with slicked back jet black hair with a red streak sits upon a golden makeshift throne. He wears a black suit with a red tie. Two women are sitting like trophies on each arm rest. The three drink champagne while the myriad of magma soldiers walk around talking to the various women in the club like complex. Another man walks down the red carpet wearing a black shirt and red rosary, the rest of his clothes are black. He wears a red earpiece his name is Break, the magma leader's 3rd seat. Break Sir. The young man on the throne ignores him to continue flirting with the women beside him. BREAK Sir. One of the women with striking blonde hair finished with a red streak slaps the man in the back of the head. She wears a long beautiful black dress and a complimentary short temper. Her name is Ember. Maxwell The fuck was that for? Ember Maxwell, your man is trying to get your attention. MaXWELL (annoyed) So you slap me? Ember stands and scarfs down her drink. EMBER You gonna do something about it? First the young king looks at the woman furiously then begins laughing. MAXWELL God damn, bitches like you... EmBER Bitches like me what? MAXWELL Get me riled up. EMBER Thats amazing. Your man is still here.. MAXWELL (happily sighing) Sup Break? BREAK Its about Darm. Maxwell sighs and takes a hearty slurp of his drink. He then motions with his hand for Break to continue. BrEAK He attacked a garden in Opal a while back looking for the elusive Michael. After the death of his Darmanitan he decided to get revenge. Its causing quite a commotion and I'm sure he's been recognized at this point. MAXWELL (bored) So- BREAK So perhaps we should stop him before he drags the police back to our head quarters. MAXWELL Its a club Break, we've been over this. Remember... Club? BREAK Regardless. Maxwell sighs at his disinterested associate's response. EMBER Go stop him. MAXWELL Hey if he fucks up twice you know the rule. I say let Oakinism do its thing. BrEAK If you ins- Ember whispers into Maxwell's ear. He is clearly excited from her note evident from his toothy grin. Maxwell raises his glass and his soldiers stare in anticipation. MAXWELL Ya know what. A good leader knows when to assist his men and when to let them learn from their mistakes. This is the time for action. I shall see to my subordinate. Personally. Maxwell leaps from his chair and walks down the carpet exiting the club. His soldiers all clap and cheer as he passes by. He waves and bows nonchalantly. EMBER Good work. BREAK Thanks Emm. Ember follows out after Maxwell prompting the other lady to join her. ExT. seacrest's garden The fight from the prior episode has continued for a few minutes. Blaze is fighting Onix who swings his mighty tail with trained precision down on Blaze who shoots a fire ball out of his mouth at each strike to slow the impact before he is forced to catch instead of dodge the monster's attacks. Blaze is bleeding profusely on each of his forearms but isn't as strained as his damage would suggest. Behind him we see Isabella with arms outstretched and glowing in a white light healing Blaze throughout the fight. Blaze's forearms glow after every few attacks showing the damage being undone. Chris You really have no idea how bad both of you are screwing up right now. Onix HEAD SMASH! Onix stands high on his tail then proceeds to bee-line straight for Blaze. Blaze looks nervous for a moment then turns to Kirlia and caws. She nods and a blue light covers her hands then slows the rock snake's descent towards Blaze who takes the opportunity to throw an enflamed haymaker to it knocking its head into the street. While Onix is in a daze Blaze takes the chance to run down its back and grab its tail then back down its body and past Kirlia. He begins to lift the monstrosity upwards and with Kirlia's psychic power the two are able to lift and slam Onix destroying a large portion of the city block and knocking out the rock snake in the process. ChRIS (distraught) Are you fucking kidding me? Blaze is looking at the downed Onix from his and Isabella's combined efforts. He takes a moment then his arms ignite. He turns slowly clearly furious with the trainer and begins walking towards him which turns into a full blown sprint. Just as he cocks his arm back and readies another violent and potentially bloody haymaker he is teleported behind the rock wall that Darm and company busted through and he comes to a sudden stop, breaking a small piece of the wall with his burning fist. In his place in front of Chris is Isabella via her ally switch technique. ChrIS I'm gonna hurt you. You leave, then join these low lives and you even have the audacity to- Isabella curls her tiny hand into a fist and punches Chris square in the mouth. Shock overcomes the yard except Blaze who has peered over the wall and can't contain his smile. CHRIS Are you out of your god damn- She punches him again leaving him in more pain than shock. Her legs begin to wobble even though she has been employing psychic power to keep herself upright. CHRIS (smiling) I see you like those scars huh. How about we add to that- Chris prepares to kick Isabella but before the swing is finished he is tripped and lands flat on his face. CHRIS WHO HAS THE BALLS?! Chris rolls over and looks at Soldier glaring down upon him. CHRIS DARM WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?! Chris leans up a little and sees that Darm is holding Darm Jr. On his back while recalling his severely cut up and bleeding Camerupt. Darm I just keep fucking losing to this insane ass place. Seacrest walks alongside Darm with a wide grin. Seacrest At the risk of sounding hilarious... Told ya so. DARM (defeated) Fuck off. Darm walks away from a laughing Seacrest towards Chris. DARM You coming kid. I think I'm quite done with the world's worst garden. SEACREST What happened to your burning charisma boy. It was rubbing off on me. DARM Jesus christ we get it you won. ChRIS (furious) NO HE FUCKING DIDN'T! Chris throws a Pokéball releasing a Golem. When it hits the ground Blaze falls off the wall hysterically laughing while in the thorn bush. CHRIS (furious) SHUT! THE! FUCK! UP! I came here for my property and I'm not leaving without it! Chris attempts to grab Kirlia but Soldier and Blaze are cutting him off. Soldier's arm to his throat and Blaze charging up flames in his hand. Chris looks around the garden noticing everyone's concerned most noticeable is Isabella's pitying expression. His rage turns to discontent as he gives up with his next sentence.
  3. Once more a sleepless night. I tossed and turned in darkness for what felt like an eternity, though it was truly merely the span of an hour or two. But, my mind refused to shut off. It refused to be unplugged from the thoughts that stirred from the day prior. The ones I had yet expressed. The ones I kept to myself for fear people wouldn't understand, or worse, not even care. The rattling of half-baked ideas clatter in my mind. Partially formulated plots, people, countries.. worlds. They swim within the murky deeps of my mind. The aquarium of brilliance, creativity. They beat against the tempered glass, waiting to greet the world, not knowing that they cannot yet breathe the air of the outside world. They seek to be realized before they are even finished. Their lungs not yet fully formed. Yet, they teem at the surface regardless. The sheer pressure threatens to burst out of my head, or spew forth from my mouth. But, without nary a soul to confide in... to converse with, what worth do they have? I do not know. Perhaps it is why I write them down. A way to exorcise the chittering incomplete demons. Their racket, gone for awhile until yet more pile in. To keep them tucked away for later, to give them form that I can then, mold. Clay in the hands of an artist. The many lucid dreams while I lie awake. And yet, dream I do not, least that I remember. I only know of the ideas that rattle about in my head unable to shut off the cacophony of damnable noise. Never once have I remembered a dream. I wonder if I do. I mean, of course I do. But do I? Perhaps, I dream too much while I'm awake. Maybe that is why I do not dream in the inky embrace of sleep. Perhaps, it why I sit up endless nights, as the dreams chatter in my head. Much too loud for me to sleep while I have them. Perhaps, it is because I'm always dreaming, that I never dream.
  4. Wow I've already made six of these dumb things. Time flies when you throw clocks or something. ANyway I made a new topic since I thought five episodes was enough for one. That's roughly 100 pages of reading. Thanks to everyone whose been reading and thank you person who clicked on this cause I ingeniously put "champ in the making" in the title. For every few episodes I'll put a little here's what's happened just so new comers can enjoy the spark noted version of my story without all the pesky time investment. So far in the story. It's based on reborn. Justin almost died on the train. Got a shiny blaziken because he's black. Lives in a garden with a funny old man and some friends. Kicked the crap out of Fern. Pokemon are friends not weapons. Everyone evolved. Team magma is evil. Stormed the factory and fought Sirius. Julia beat him because he was a scrub. Blaze evolved and is less of a scrub. Luxcalibur is OU tier in the story. Time for the rematch. Any questions? well I'll make a topic for that too. Without further adieu (wow a rhyme) Here is episode 6 of Justin's time here in Reborn. Hey there champ in the making... InT. seacrest's Garden (Morning) It is the morning after Justin and company's raid on the Meteor base. Justin and Blaze are laying down with their heads on Luxcalibur's back. Julia and Florinia are walking around the garden with the small Pokemon and Rebecca as their guide. Julia walks away from her group back towards Justin, Blaze and Luxcalibur. Julia Hey Justin. Justin Hey Jules, what's up. Julia (looking around) Not much. Me and Rini were talking... Justin About me? Julie Yes we- Justin About how handsome I am? Julia No its- Justin Flattering but I'm saving myself for marriage. Julia (growing annoyed) We need you- Justin Please contain yourself, Blaze still has his innocence. Julia walks over and covers Justin's mouth. Julia We would like your help in restoring the the plant infested wards. Can you listen and not talk. Justin waves his hands signaling "sort of". Julia steps back. Julia But we can't just send rookie trainers in and we can't exactly go to Beryl for potentially days on end. Justin Nancy is probably gonna send me in to deal with these issues. Julia Rini expected that. But we'd like to make sure you can handle yourself. Justin begins laughing hysterically. Luxcalibur wakes up smacks him with his tail. Blaze snickers. Julia Thank you. So before you go anywhere we need to approve you as an official intervention trainer. This allows you to perform leader duties within set parameters. Justin These parameters are determined by- Julia Gym badges. Justin (snaps his fingers) Well color me convenient! Julia So come by my gym whenever you're ready to get boomied again. Although with that Luxray- Justin He's not gym ready yet. Julia He's the strongest of your two Pokémon. No offense Blaze. Blaze crosses his arms and looks away in a huff. Justin Yeah you saw him fight, he bat a three hunded fifty pound monster through four concrete walls and well over a thousand feet from the building. He can't control his strength... (under his breath) I'm pretty sure he's a legendary. Julia (disappointed) So you're going to try 6v1 again. Justin Don't quit when you're wrong! Keep going until what's wrong is right! Julia looks over at Florinia and shakes her head in disappointment. Florinia confirms with a nod. Julia Well... It was nice to meet you Justin. Justin Duh. Julia leaves and Florinia walks over to Justin. Florinia Thank you for your assistance and saving my life. Please continue to grow. Justin Duh. Florinia leaves. Shortly after Rebecca makes her way over to the over-relaxed Team Shenanigans. Rebecca I bet you're feeling pretty good. Justin I can only say duh so many times in a day. Rebecca (confused) I'm sorry. Justin Its nothing. What's up. Rebecca Just checking in on you. You've been pretty busy these last few days. Justin Yeah, now I get to relax for a little bit with the boys. Justin pats both his teammates who simply smile. Rebecca So you're not planning anything crazy. Justin Finished planning. The Obsidia and Beryl wards are in a nightmarish state, the police force is gone or being killed by the little shop of horrors monster. The Magma gang is still very much a threat. Lux perks up at the mention of Magma. Justin Relax buddy. They aren't here. Luxcalibur simmers down. Justin So yeah, I've been thinking about it a lot. Reborn is kind of the worst place on the planet. Making it an ideal training ground... Oh and I can help people... Yeah can't forget that part. Rebecca That sounds dangerous. Justin Dangerous is my middle name. Seacrest pops in. Seacrest I thought it was "that". Justin (chuckling) Hehe cute. Rebecca stares confused. Justin Justin "that" weyland. Get it? Rebecca rolls her eyes. Rebecca Please just be careful. Rebecca walks away. Seacrest So boy... Seacrest sits down in a chair across from Justin. Seacrest You really think Blaze can take 6 of them alone? Justin It will be tough, definitely but it's doable. I seriously can't bring Lux, he could potentially kill one of her teammates. Even with the bracers he's hits like a truck made out of acid and lightning.... thats on fire. Seacrest Just don't get your friend hurt because you're too stubborn to catch Pokémon. Justin That's not how I operate. If you gotta take someone from their home for them to help you then you need to find a new way to do things. Seacrest Didn't take you for a hippie. Justin Yeah I should get with the times and kidnap animals for money, I'm such a freak. Seacrest Hm... So when are you going to challenge Julia again. Justin Few hours, probably walk around the city and relax a bit before hand. Blaze you down? Blaze stands up and extends a hand out to help Justin up. Justin (to seacrest) He loves doing that... And having hands. Seacrest Spectacular. Blaze goes to help Seacrest up with a smile. Seacrest I'm fine, claws on my hand doesn't feel as nice as you might think. Blaze looks down in disappointment. Justin Don't be a jerk. Seacrest Your hand is bleeding. Justin (annoyed) HE'S TRYING! Seacrest (sighs) Help me up McNuggets. Blaze perks up and helps Seacrest to his feet, he scratches his hand a little but it doesn't bleed. Seacrest Thank you. Seacrest walks over and whispers to Justin. Seacrest If he scratches me again I'm clipping his wings. Justin But... He's only got arms. Seacrest walks away. Seacrest I know. Seacrest is gone leaving behind a very terrified Justin and a confused Blaze. ExT. afternoon Opal Ward Justin and Blaze are walking towards the main street and they see the house they first stayed in before they met Seacrest. Justin Look at that buddy. Our old home. Don't see our landlord anywhere though. Blaze walks towards the door and knocks. Justin Doubt anyone's here. It's the middle of the day, he's probably working. The duo hear a crash come from inside the house. Blaze looks at Justin in concern. Justin I mean... I've been wrong before. Blaze busts open the door to see two Pokémon flailing about. Justin Love the heroism bud but not every problem is one you jump into. Blaze yells out. Justin Yeah pot calling kettle black, I know. In the house we see a table and some broken glasses around it. Dancing on the table is an extremely energetic Togepi and a Scyther that has scars on its face body and arms. What's truly distinct is the backpack it wears as well as its dogtags. Justin So... Are we interrupting? The Scyther stops chasing the Togepi and looks at Blaze and Justin. Its mood changes from concern to serious as it glares our young heroes. It then puts up a guard.
  5. Hello all. To build upon my writing I've decided to write a story based on my current playthrough of Reborn. Its a narrative following a fictional character interacting in place of the MC in the game. The events for the most part are the same with some being changed to better reflect the main character and his pokemon team. Any and all criticism is helpful and wanted. Please try not to just flame me since that does little in the way of improvement. Anyway here's a short intro so you know what you're getting into. (Things regarding format please also note as I'm writing this in word using a script writing format so if its confusing just say so and I'll assist.) I'm breaking Episode one into three posts to help with the size. Our main character hails all the way from Johto, born and raised in the city of dragons Blackthorn city. A mountain land where power and ability are revered. Usually beginning their journey with the town's signature dragon Dratini, our hero Justin has decided to take the road less flown by and pick up a starter of his very own. Leaving the Johto league for his own reasons he has decided that Reborn would host a far better challenge than his homeland ever could. Will he find the challenge he seeks and conquer it, will it be a trial too easy for him or will it crush him and send him home with clipped wings. This is the story of Justin Wayland. Reborn City Narrator This is the world of pokemon. A seemingly endless landscape full of wonder and adventure. For thousands of years both the human and pokemon species have shared this planet as a home. Some choosing to battle but more and more are choosing to coexist. As the societies progress, questions find themselves at the forefront of conversation “do we treat pokemon properly” or what should we expect of pokemon. One individual believes we should expect no more of our co-inhabitants than we expect of ourselves. This is his story. Tourmaline Desert It is early afternoon and a train can be seen blazing through the tourmaline desert. Playing throughout the barren wastelands are various desert pokemon but mostly cacnea fill the lands. We close in on the train and see a tall but slim young dark skinned man wearing a black tee shirt, blue jeans and black boots. Holstered at his side are three 2 foot wooden tubes loosely held by a white rope. At his side a back pack presumably filled with traveling provisions. The man is Justin Wayland a normally upbeat individual focused mainly on the moment rather than stressing the “will be’s”. Next to him is a man wearing a black trench coat and matching fedora. His face cannot be made out but a faint glow can be seen at his chest on occasion. ??? Hello Justin. Justin Hello… I’m guessing since you know my name, Ame? I hope not since I heard you were a woman. ??? Why have you come to Reborn? Justin Heard if I’m going to challenge a league that this one would be the only tough one. ??? There are more than just challenges to be considered here. I can take you home before such dangers present themselves. Justin I like to see things through to the end. Unless its dangerous then it’s a definite maybe. ??? I see potential in you. Justin (inching closer to the entity) Is that aura. Because it sounds like aura. Its aura isn’t it? ??? Yes. Justin (excited) Great. Then I’m safe. The mysterious entity stands and places a pokeball on his lap and slowly walks to the end of the train car. Justin Wow my first pokemon. Thanks but I think I’d like to challenge tall grass and find my own pal. Its how pappy taught me. ??? This is to protect you when aura cannot. The man vanishes and a Chandelure emerges from the pokeball. Justin Hello fully evolved challenge breaker. What exactly can you protect me from? Screams are heard from train cars over and the door to Justin’s cart flies across trailed by fire. The Chandelure’s lights glow brightly as the fire nears the two and everything goes black. Narrator We as people seek to affect things far greater than ourselves. This is a natural and very common desire. However should one actively seek something that can cause them so much harm? That will always be a choice whether its correct or not cannot be determined until the dust has settled. Reborn City A torn down city, riddled with destruction and homelessness. A city so wrought with depression even the water has turned almost black. In the corner of the Opal ward a train station is broken and destroyed. A few survivors have been hauled to safety. A woman on a loud speaker is broadcasted through the city. Speaker All citizens are urged to remain in their homes until the current crisis has been dealt with. A bloody arm is seen under rubble next to a Chandelure who burns it away revealing Justin. After the ghost pokemon vanishes as mysteriously as its master. After a few moments Justin coughs and wipes his face of dust and debris. He looks around to see broken bodies charred by the prior explosion. He struggles to stand but before falling a green haired woman wearing cheer-leading attire approaches with “OTS” written on it. She appears to be in her twenties and she starts carefully walking him away from the crumbling building. The woman’s name is Julia a very energetic spirit with a questionable love for destructions and explosions. Julia DID YOU SEE THE BOOMIE Justin My clothes are burnt miss, so yes. I most certainly did see the boomie. Please tell me you aren’t an EMT. Julia (shaking Justin while smiling) NOPE. I’m a gym leader! Justin That’s actually far more unsettling. Julia You got boomied bad. Justin I’m beginning to think you like explosions. Julia (grinning) YES Justin Neat so can you turn yourself over to the cops while I get medical attention. Julia (confused) You aren’t even hurt…. Justin I was literally in the middle… Justin pats himself down slowly and aside from his burnt clothes he finds that he is in fact fine. Even the blood has disappeared from his arm. Justin Did you see a Chandelure? Julia You lost your friend? Justin No. I think it took the blast for me. Some guy gave it to me before the explosion! An ashen haired woman wearing a purple and black lace up dress with a grey undershirt and black heels approaches. In her early thirties with a particularly serious look on her face. Ame Justin! Sorry you were caught up in this. Justin I’ll be okay… um… Ame Ame. The league runner who invited you here. Justin I thought you were the guy in all black with the glowing chest. Ame/Julia Shade. Ame That explains the Chandelure that passed by and the fact several carts were still in tact. Justin for now you should head to the Grand Hall. You probably need rest. Justin Yeah, catching on fire is pretty exhausting. Julia RIGHT?! Justin By the way. I think she’s the bomber. Julia NO WAY! Justin She called this a boomie which is pretty… terrifying. Ame Our leaders are among Reborn’s most respected trainers. I think we can cross them off the list of terrorists. Justin Yeah. I don’t put crime past anyone but that’s because I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Julia Ooooh a bad boy. Justin (ignoring Julia) Hospital down the road, yeah? Ame Yes. I’ll see you soon.
  6. Heyo, Hukuna Sensei here. Welcome to the Forlorn Shadow's Den! This is a place for me to write things on my mind in more more expressive fashion. It is sort of a online stress ball for me. I figure some of you may wish to see this work and I might as well share it with people if I am going to do it. While I will be providing a Feedback/Discussion Thread for you guys to discuss the works written here, I will not be utilizing any of that feedback within these exercises. That is not the point of this thread and it never will be. This is not for my improvement and it is certainly not going to be up to par all the time. It is just a place for me to express things in the way I want to. This won't be regularly updated as it is kinda a place for me to destress and unwind and not something I plan to update on a schedule. The discussion thread can be found here. Forlorn Shadow: ((Sonnet structure and rhyme but no particular meter.)) Naught, but for one Shadow sits on yonder peak He is I, and I he Into the valley underneath, his heart leaks Below, the scene his very soul wishes to see. They run about in the valley below Other spirits, full of great cheer They are ones that make the Shade's soul glow But yet, The Shadow sits as the peak's lonely amir. For ties bind his heart, keep it enticed Connected to the others by invisible bond One that is many times made of gentle ice but oft, thorns of black from the beyond. Is it worth the teen for this bond of friend? Aye, until the dark and often bloody end.
  7. When I ran some of the latter games regarding the Shadow of the Crescent D&D universe I compiled, I would often fill the time between games with little NPC dialogues and interactions for my players to read. Most often, these didn't give away any real clues, hints or unbalanced out-of-character knowledge; rather, they were used to give the flavor to the scenes they had played as well as to jog the memory of the players as to what transpired within the game itself. A few of these are rather short, and they do come from different periods of the game world. I'll try to post them as close to the order as I can. There are a lot of setting details and if anyone wants, I can add a glossary. This first one comes from right after the quiet ending of the second age, The Age of Houses and tells the story of Aldo, a nimble tailor who only wants to bring his familial house, House Laeric, back into the prominence it once experienced before being decimated by the player characters' House. It also gave them a little insight to the El-Sharan Guild of Mages which one of the players helped organize from just a bunch of pseudo-isolated wizards and scholars into a powerful watchful force separate from the ruling queen, Eska Rathagal, the Red Queen. The second is just a paragraph long. I had started it as a second vignette for the players regarding the happenings on the other side of the mainland. It involves an impetuous little mage named Cadence who has a very strange and different view on magic; he believes that magic should be given away freely for the good of all. He heads the infamous Institution for Magical Inquiry which routinely sells little 'fluff' magic items which the institution's colleagues create. Not like full-blown wands of fire or anything along that caliber, mind you, but a self-cleaning door mat, a piece of cloth which could return the shine to any metal it wiped once, a spoon that never stirred out the contents of its container, even if held upside-down. Of course, there were accidents and a lot of the items had drawbacks. Cadence, being the leader, often had his tower stationed within the walls of South City, Demarest. Towards the end of the Age of Houses, the whole of South City had removed all internal influence from various Houses which had been plaguing the city with turf-warfare, culminating in the sacking of the city just twenty years earlier. The city now elects various councilors who hold office for a limited amount of time and cannot be of any relation to their previous seat-holder. Recent events had seen rather disturbing deaths occur for some earlier councilors, such as one being whisked away of all body fluids and left in a desiccated state at the bottom of his stairs, and Cadence wanted to get what information he could from the appointed man. The players never ventured out east to even encounter the brat wizard, so I didn't develop the scene: The last group I will post is is the beginning of the third age, the Age of Anguish, where the players unknowingly are all part of the events that cause the gods and deities to come plummeting to the earth. This is when the current D&D group fell apart, unfortunately, and I have a lot of material changing the lay-out and history of the Crescent involved in these posts. The first one is right after the characters delivered, or rather almost delivered, the Blood Jade orb to Ryltar's Keep, known as the Black Keep. One of their NPC party members, as he was on watch duty, was attacked by zombies and fled with the orb in his possession, out of sheer fear. The party awoke to the onslaught the Blood Jade brought their way, killed the zombies and zombie-like putrescent glob, and tracked down their 'friend' to the keep. The mage of the party traded information for supplies with the leader of the keep, Lukhan, and the group continued on their quest to help the cleric get back in touch with their god. This is the afterword between Lukhan and Easene, an envoy for the School of New Thought (created by the same mage that organized the El-Sharan guild because she felt the El-Sharan guild had too much power and wanted her own school.) The second vignette is about Loressa Coreg. The Age of Houses left the Throne of El-Sharah, or Adoran as it was called, vacant. The final queen in a long line of queens, Cetalia Nasmec, was known as The Civic Queen by those who loved her house-less approach to independence from the caste-like system. She was also known as the Mad Queen by everyone else, especially the houses who helped her gain the title of Queen. In the end, she was overturned and the five great houses, some called Royal Houses (House Coreg, House Laeric, House Rathagal, House Borren and House Waterdeep(the player characters' house) set up a Pentacracy. The Council of Five was established to basically see to the day-to-day functions of running a government and continuing rule without a single leader. Society ground to a halt, civil projects were neglected, the wealthier became wealtheir, resources were drained, crime was only kept in check by the sheer corruption of the law... not a happy place. Loressa had come into the knowledge which indicated she was a potential candidate to become the next queen, succeeding the long-abandoned throne. Her familial house, House Coreg, had not directly held the throne, though had a few Monarch Consorts (equivalent to no-power king) and many said her claim was an utter farce. Still, she had gained enough of a following to defy the rule of her own house and strike out seeking aid in confronting the Council of Five. A well-versed swordsman, her preferred blade was a bastard sword, one of the noted hallmarks of her house. This takes place the morning of the last month of the third age. The last vignette I have not finished. It involves one of the final events of the Age of Anguish, at the climax of the Godsfall. Loressa faces off against Atrimonde, a man who has gathered pieces of a fallen god. The fallen god was cast out into an alternate universe (Ravenloft) prior to the first official age, the Age of Kings. The players would be off in their own fight against with a few choice gods of various settings (Eldath, Hanali Celanil, The Red Knigth, Tempus {Forgotten Realms}, St. Cuthbert {Greyhawk}) during these events had they chose to help Ryltar's Keep. It is a little bloody. It starts from Atrimonde's perspective then shifts to Loressa's perspective with a slight jump-back in time, but not too hard to follow, I hope. Artistic license and what not. It was inspired by the 5-word story thread here on the Reborn Forum as I tried to come up with a single story within just 5 words. Atrimonde's words are the 5 I chose. The end event is still up in the air as to who ultimately wins the fight. Loressa does gain a little help the final goddess falls. In the end, the whole game was just a way to inject the Crescent with its own pantheon. It started with a box, a horn, a dwarf, an elf, and a human and ended up with a scarred land brought back from its self-imposed exile into the waking world around it. I hope you enjoy and leave any questions and comments below. I'd be happy to answer them. Maybe even dig up more such stories and vignettes or character profiles.
  8. Skullshi


    Peaking just over the horizon, the light from the sun fades away over a cold and unfamiliar landscape. An eerie silence penetrates every leaf on every tree, accentuating the sound of the wildlife... or rather the lack thereof. Even my friends are gone... Where could they have gone... As the sky dims into an array of orange and purple, the light from the sun slips away little by little. The shadows from between the trees stretch and grow with each passing second, steadily chasing the day and becoming the night. Still, not even the smallest noise. Hello...?! (echo through the empty forest) Charmander?! (echo...) Cubone?! (echo...) Hello?! (echo...) Stars barely shining through the thick blanket of branches overhead and the soft crunch of grass underfoot are all that remain of anything recognizable in the murky darkness. What is that...? It smells sweet...? A lovely aroma drifts through the trees carried on the most faint of flurry. The scent seems to weave between angst and fear; daring to entice, longing to allure...
  9. ~~Greetings everyone. As most of you know I am apparently Ame's adopted little sister now, and I wasn't satisfied with that statement just being said. This is the story behind why and how I became Ame's little sister. I was bored and so in my spare time I wrote chapter 1 of this whole mess of a story that I will continue to work on whenever I am free. I'll update this topic when the next chapter is ready, and so on. I fully welcome critique and anyone's opinion about this, because this is the first story I am actually sharing other than short stories I had to write for projects ~~ Chapter 1
  10. "Help, someone help!" A woman screams, only to be drowned out by the howling of beasts with black fur. Hordes of Mightyena ransack the village as it is set in flames. One of the Dark Types tackles her to the ground. It then proceeds to rip out her throat. On the other side of the small village in Kalos, a man stands off against three of the hell hounds. "W-what's going on?" he demands to know. "W-Why are you attacking us?" The beast's only snarl, having no words of their own to answer for the man's questions. Instead, a single man steps behind the three Pokemon. His attire is tattered, but not from the Mightyena attack. They are clothes of a well known group of brigands that live in the mountains just north of the village. The Banette Bandits, as they are called. Moving in the night to attack, much like the Ghost Pokemon that is their namesake. "Things are going to be different round here," the bandit jeers. "We control these Pokemon." The villager looks at the three snarling dogs with disbelief, "T-That's impossible. You can't control a Pokemon!" "That's where you're wrong," the bandit says, "Mightyena, take him out. Crunch!" Like well trained attack dogs, the Dark Types pounce on the man, ripping him to shreds. Much is the same in the rest of the village. The men are killed on the spot, either mauled by the Mightyena, or burned to death by the lone Arcanine. The Legendary Pokemon of the forest leads the pack, as does its "owner" the boss of the bandits. Together, they root the village to ash, leaving only a few women and children alive. In the center of town, the Bandit Boss rounds up the captives, taking a good look at them. The man is a gargantuan, standing a foot over the fiery dog that obediently walks beside him. His body is rippled with muscles from life in the mountains. Scars of his hardships show on his exposed chest, wearing them like battle trophies. He looks to one of the women, his eyes blazing red. A young girl shrieks at his hideous sight and flees. Her mother calls to the girl, but is ultimately ignored. The Bandit Boss does not take this disobedience, as he barks, "Arcanine, Fire Fang. Make a lesson out of her!" His beast listens and attacks. It chases the girl down, swatting her to the ground as if she were a Bug Type. The girl cowers, watching the Fire Type rear back, its fangs ignited in searing flames. It lunges at her...she shrieks as the end comes. "Honedge," a strong voice becons, "Iron Defense." The fangs are stopped before they can reach the girl. Standing between her and the Arcanine is another. It is a young man dressed in plates of violet armor. His hair is Murkrow black. Eyes of steel gray look at the beast that bears down on him, while his sword blocks the attack. Not any ordinary sword, though, as it floats in the air. It remains sheathed as it intercepts the bite. Realizing the attack is doing nothing, Arcanine falls back to its master's side. "Who the hell are you?" the Bandit Boss asks. "Honedge, lend me your strength," the knight ignores the question. The ghostly sword listens, as it unsheathes itself. A long blue cloth reaches out to the young man, snaking its way up his arm. It binds itself tightly, but he bears it no mind. He grabs a hold of the sword. The women and other bandits gasp as the jewel on the guard opens, revealing an eye. "Ignoring me, eh?" the boss growls. "Men, take this wannabe knight and rip him apart!" Fearful of their bloodthirsty leader, the other bandits and their Mightyenas attack the mysterious violet warrior. They come at all sides, to make sure he has no chance of stopping them all. "Sacred Sword," the knight requests. A flash of light bursts through the air. An instant later the humans and Pokemon alike are all on the ground, defeated. While the Mightyena are unharmed, merely knocked out, the bandits suffer a worse fate. Their insides are open up, leaving the village soaked in crimson. Women shriek while the boss mouth hangs agape. "Wait a minute," the boss actually uses his brain. "Violet armor...floating sword...oh no. You're that Shadow Knight!" "I am..." the young man says. "Of all the rotten luck," the boss grits his teeth. "No matter, I'll make sure to bury you, even if I have to burn this whole place to the ground. Arcanine, use Fire Bl-" "Shadow Sneak." The Shadow Knight vanishes, leaving only a trace of black veil. The Bandit Boss stands utterly still, while another black fog opens up; ripped through space and time. Behind him, the warrior in violet steps out, his weapon ready. Before the boss realizes what is happening, the Honedge rips through the gargantuan. Blood spurts from his mouth, as he is cleaved in two. All the while, Arcanine stand and watches. He sees his master fall, and then looks to the Shadow Knight. "You..." The Shadow Knight speaks calmly, "With me." Not another word is spoken as he sheathes the mysterious ghost sword. It floats beside him. The knight turns and walks away, leaving the women free. For a moment, the fiery dog looks through the burnt houses to the forest he once called home. Then he turns to the knight, following him as they both travel down the path.
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