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Found 26 results

  2. I tried to get down from this hill but the character just stopped moving completely. Only action possible is quick save. I have used blizzard before.
  3. ArcaneHL


    Problem Solved. I am unsure how to close this.
  4. So I defeated Adam in the GDC tournament and got the gym badge. When the Bladestar announcement started my game crashed. I downloaded the patch and installed it. However, now the game gets stuck on the roulette spinner selection, which I don't know why it is doing that when I have already progressed past the battle. I would greatly appreciate any help possible because I'm don't understand how the patch did this. Thank you Game_4.rxdata
  5. okay. Cain is frozen inside the room after the lvl 75 Garchomp scene. he absolutely frozen. what do I do?? How do I fix Cain?? No other NPC has gone frozen except this guy... but he's like so zompletely frozen I don't know what to do.
  6. hi! I recently used the walkthrough walls mod, but immediately after my character sprite started glitching. my sprite now disappears whenever I walk, but reappears when I stop walking. I've tried many methods; uninstalling the mod, installing a fresh game, using backup saves, but none seem to work. I'm attaching my save file here if anyone needs it. Game.rxdata
  7. Okay I have a fearow with sniper and its move set is laser focus, drill peck, drill run, and roost. I have noticed that laser focus does not make the next move a critical hit. Which is a pretty important part of my strategy with my fearow.
  8. Hello, new user here! I'm currently suffering of a PermaRain bug in specific sections of the game. For instance, when exiting the underground railnet (like I'm heading to Tanzan Cove or Spinel Town) the weather was and is always Rain. Even if in other parts of the game there's no rain, that portion of the map is in raining weather, wich locks me out from getting the sticker in Spinel Town. An excellent example is the following one: after exiting the Underground Railnet the weather starts to rain. When I arrive at route 1 and stay there for some minutes (battling Tauros or trying to complete the Pinsir/Heracross puzzle) the weather becomes clear. If I try to go to Spinel Town with clear weather, the rain suddenly re-appears. This bug is bothering me enough to file a bug report
  9. I was doing the puzzles in Calcenon gym and I saved and quit the game whilst doing the third one. Then when I started the game some hours later, the character was in corridor beneath and the trainer you battle before the puzzle blocked the exit. Please someone help me, I am desperate.
  10. I was walking around the Forgotten Path, but then in a corner I was walking onto the stony/mountain edge of the area.
  11. To sum it all up, by exploring too much and participating in the tournament too early, I fast- forward to the events of the pyramid . I have no need for a fix, just wish to share this information
  12. There is a bug where anytime a cut scene involving my character it would automatically change the sprite back to the legacy one. This is pretty annoying because I have to keep going back to the old version and using debug to change it back. Does anyone else have this issue or know a fix? Edit: This has been happening since the start of chapter 13 so near the endgame
  13. I just beat Noel and talked to Saphira in Tanzan Mountain and got the ruby ring and amethyst pendant , I went the same way that she went (to South Aventirine Woods) and none of the really tall grass seem to let me pass through, I watched some youtube vids and they all seem to pass just fine, is there something I'm missing? Or is there a way form me to fix this? Edit: I've already fixed it
  14. Currently, I was working on the Skyway puzzle within the pyramid as a part of the main story. Started off completely fine, however, when I reached a certain point, I can no longer use any key to switch characters. I remain stuck as the Main Character, with nowhere to go. I've tried multiple different methods to solve this, but to no avail. Please, help me out! I love this game and would be devastated if this bug prevented me from being able to play the game. Game.rxdata
  15. I have received the 'Emotion Powder' and the moment I go down the fist set of stairs (1B) the game stops. The only thing I can do is use is the key D to save. I can't move nor open the menu. What to I do? No really, help... I tried uninstall and reinstall Pokemon Rejuvenation (and restarting the game, too) but I still remain blocked at that point
  16. I'm in the Grand Stairway and the game crashed in the middle of a cutscene, I reloaded the game and now I'm stuck and can't go anywhere or do anything, please help.. Edit :Now I can't go into the main menu too without crashing
  17. I am having this issue where I can't enter the stadium doors to start the new chap. Any help would be appreciated. Game.rxdata
  18. so I just used a ladder and got stuck... I can't use anything other than game save with the shortcut... help plz?
  19. I've been playing pokemon rejuvenation for a while now and i'm loving the game, that's why i'm sad that this has happend. I'm at the second garbodor battle and I lost because well it is a hard battle, but when I want to rematch the garbodor the game bugs. I tried too fix it but I only got more stuck. Please help me.
  20. Hello I have a problem with my rejuvenation save file. The point I'm at in my game is right when Ren, Renia, Huey, and the protagonist exit the dark cave and enter into the desert. I went to go mine the glowing rocks on a cliff south of the exit and I was talking to it and before I could click yes to mine it my game crashed. I rebooted the game several time but I am unable to move. The Mandibuzz are still flying and I'm able to soft reset, but unable to move.
  21. so i got that error message while the area transition effect was happening in pokemon rejuvenation. any help?
  22. Hey, just updated to 11.3 today from 10.0 and all of my key items are gone. Any way I can get them back?
  23. Hi, so there's something that has been bothering me so much, but I haven't seen anyone talk about it probably because a lot of people don't have the setup I have. But basically my situation is that for some strange reason, I tried to use Charm on Geara's Krookodile in Terajuma Jungle with my Prankster Meowstic, but it keeps failing. The thing is that this is not the first time this has happened. I think the last time it happened, I still used my Prankster Meowstic, but it was in a different terrain and with a different trainer (I think it might've been with Madelis in Blacksteeple Castle). I ruled out terrain since I get the same result from different fields. It couldn't have been some hidden immunity and passive move because no such thing was up. I'm wondering if this is a glitch or if this was intentional, and if it is a glitch, how do I fix this? I hope someone can help because other than grinding up my pokes to the level cap, I don't see an easy way to beat Geara with the team I have. Plus, I am recording videos of this on Youtube, and I don't have time during the week to record. I'll probably find some way to beat Geara, but I feel that this problem will come up again later on. Also, funny thing, Charm worked perfectly on his Persian, so I don't know why it didn't work for Krookodile. And again, none of this pokemon has moves that negates stats drops, nor did he ever use such a move. If he had a seed (which he didn't), I would've seen it go off, but nothing like that happened. Hoping someone can answer this. Thanks for the help!
  24. I'm on windows 10 and I don't know why I don't have the background music anymore, I only have the sound effects. Both of them are checked in the f1 settings, and I have tried redownloading the game but it doesn't work either.
  25. So I was grinding on the breeder in Gearen News Studio to go fight Erick, and once I was at a comfortable point I tried to leave the building, but a weird pop-up shows and closes my game immediately. Anyone have any idea what it is?
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